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  2. darmody

    Why so serious?

    There could be a million zombies, bro. We don't know. Every human they kill joins their ranks. We don't know what kills zombie dragons. Dragonglass falls apart easily. I dunno if everyone is armed with dragonglass. It's a large army, and Gendry seems to think you can forge rocks. The Knight King is indeed an unknown variable. But he's not the only one. Unless you think you know what Bran is all about. He could be a double-agent for all I know.
  3. dbunting

    Jorah Mormont is Azor Ahai?

    Not bad connections to the prophecy. Also the name Heartsbane would fit for what the prophecy has it doing. I don't see it though unless we were misled. In the S8 previews there is a scene where Dany and Jon are at Dragonstone, people dissected the video frame by frame. We haven't seen them there yet this season and there is no way they fly there right now. So unless that was a false scene in the preview...
  4. dbunting

    Why so serious?

    They have 100,000 plus men and horses (Dothraki alone) in their army, they can't all fit in Winterfell so they have to start on the outside. I assume the NK army has picked up more soldiers along the way, every home and castle in the path between the wall and Winterfell is now theirs, not to mention graveyards.
  5. Kalbear

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    I think the drones are related to - or activated by - protomolecules in the area, just like the artifacts were in Cibola Burn, just like the antimatter forges and the shipyards were on Laconia, and just like the catalyst does with the diamond. They are listening on the same frequency that the protomolecule uses for nonlocal communication, but they don't have active protomolecule tech in them. They're just incredibly useful machines. Ah, there we go. Sorry, it's not the protomolecule that matters - it's whatever that allows for nonlocal communication and interaction. So the gates are 'run' by nonlocal behavior, the drones aren't. The shipyards and even the ships sans the magnetar beam are all not. They have self-healing construction and whatnot, but that isn't nonlocal, so it doesn't count as being affected. Cara and Xan got fixed up to the molecule, but they don't have any nonlocal interaction in them. They have knowledge, but not communication. But Duarte? Duarte, unfortunately, is entirely wired with it. He didn't have to be - he could have in theory been upgraded like Cara and Amos and Xan were - but because Cortazar didn't know any better and didn't have the drone tech, just the drone results, he used what he had to ape the results - but also added in this nonlocal element.
  6. DMC

    MCUniverse: Cat Scratch Fever edition.

    See, right there in your second sentence, you're breaking things up. I don't want it like that. At least keep some semblance of what Martin did. Yeah all shows were procedurals for a very long time. Well, except for Back To The Future:
  7. longest night

    Arya Losin' It

    Probably only the hope they won't change the end game too much for GRRM's main characters. GRRM says he gave them all the relevant information for the endings of the main characters to not be too dissimilar. Yet from his language, even he uses words like "should", so he doesn't actually know what they are planning. For all we know, they jump the most massive shark in the history of sharks and we won't know until GRRM says something or the books come out. I already have my suspicions they changed the Jon/Daenerys relationship.
  8. Kalbear

    MCUniverse: Cat Scratch Fever edition.

    Maybe? I think you'd have to have more movies around specific characters and their area and less about, say, Naath. So you might have 4 or 5 movies with the Wall and the North, 4-5 movies about KL and whatnot, 4-5 movies about Dany. The challenge is that you'd need a lot more big-ass setpieces, and I'm not sure GoT has those ready to go. Still, it's remarkable to me how incredibly popular serialized shows are now. When I grew up, the order of the day was TV shows where almost nothing changed from ep to ep and you could jump in at any time, and movies that were largely self-contained or were sequels but not particularly evolving ones. Now, with streaming and instant on demand, we have massive serialized TV shows that are brilliant AND movies are becoming more and more serialized. It's great.
  9. dbunting

    Giants’ bane and other fun predictions

    1. Arya hasn't died that we know of. She did however get carved up pretty good by the Waif. She was recovering in the actresses apartment when the Waif came after her again. 4. That's an interesting thing, them coming for lil Sam as well as Bran.
  10. Gendelsdottir

    Arya Losin' It

    Is there a reason to believe that show & book will have the same endpoint? Will the Arya/Gendry pairing (or any other, for that matter) unfold the same way? I don't look at fan goss, apart from what I've encountered on this site, and I'm not a shipper, so I've got no dog in the fight.
  11. red snow

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    That theory actually fits well with the convergent evolution theme which is incredibly strong throughout the book. Are the repair drones even protomolecule related? Until this book i thought it was just a planet with lifeforms that could do really useful things. I've been trying to fit things from the story into that theme. I guess the obvious one was elvi's realisation that our consciousness was different from the ringbuilders acquisition of consciousness. If elvi concludes the kids are largely still "human" would she consider using the repair drones on duarte? Pretty scary that the other aliens are actively working on a way to end humanity with a new bullet. It was almost funny that in duarte's attempts to communicate/teach the aliens he never considered they had been doing the same thing trying to tell us not to use the gates.
  12. DMC

    MCUniverse: Cat Scratch Fever edition.

    First, I do think it's weird in terms of the coincidence, you're not the first person to observe that. Second, let's say that's possible - 20 movies on ASOIF? Some of those are gonna be pretty boring ass movies. LIke, I'd know way more about Naath than I've ever wanted to. I think the TV show is the right way to go. We're at episode 70 now. Would it be nice if the showrunners didn't bail early and make this, like, a 10 season thing. Yeah, of course. But that's if wishes were horses.
  13. dbunting

    Why Brans plan can work

    Newhart show is all that comes to mind for me, at least for a series ender. Bobby being dead on Dallas was like that but not as a finale
  14. The Dragon has three heads

    So Now We Know...

    Har. This is the tv show we’re talking about here.
  15. The Marquis de Leech

    Overlaps, Based on True Events, and Historical Fictions

    Assuming you are saying that as part of a literary work, meaning is derived from context within the work. Wider social context is irrelevant (who cares about social slang meanings if you are a chemist with an eccentric habit of referring to elements in abbreviated terms? You might be talking about radium).
  16. SeanF

    Jon faction VS Daenerys faction

    Tyrion's mouth has always got him into trouble. Book Tyrion would have made a succession of lewd jokes at Dany's expense which would finally cause her to roast him.
  17. The Mother of The Others

    MCUniverse: Cat Scratch Fever edition.

    Oooh! And instead of post credits scenes Game of Thrones movies could start off with short Dunk & Egg adventures for 10- 15 minutes like the old movies used to have cartoons or shorts. Here's hoping Endgame isn't all moping for the first 90 minutes. Heroes should limit their mope time to half an hour.
  18. Well, maybe that's because you phrase it in that incredibly stupid way that demonstrates you have no idea about history. If you want to have a serious conversation about this, let me know. Warren's proposal. I kinda went off the rails there, I'll give you that, but I always was referring to Warren's proposal. Well, I don't think why you think I would ever agree to this. I'm directly opposed to this. I literally just voted because I'm opposed to this, even though it will not affect me either way. Government funded universities are totally fine, I don't know what you're bitching about there. But we grad students that do most of the work should be unionized and paid better. You entered a Thunderdome you didn't even mean to.
  19. longest night

    Will Melisandre appear?

    I don't see the army of the dead being vanquished in episode 3. I also don't see a repeat of a major battle with the army of the dead later, it would be redundant.
  20. I'm not aware of any pre-WWII large scale intervention by the US government to help students with paying their college tuition. Which program are you thinking of? Wrong in what? Other than Warren's proposal not going anywhere (which I think you agree on), the only statement I've made is that if the federal government provides more money to the university system (whether as additional loans or simply cash), the universities will raise prices some more. This is what happened in the past and I'm fairly confident that this is what will happen if we do it again... but there's no way to prove it because the government isn't likely to pony up the funds.
  21. Today
  22. KingintheNorth4

    NBA Playoffs 2019 - Raging Harden

    Dame is a cold motherfucker. Westbrook's shot selection is such a glaring weakness, I'm starting to see why KD left OKC.
  23. I am just a poor boy Though my story's seldom told I have squandered my resistance For a pocket full of mumbles, such are promises All lies and jests Still a man hears what he wants to hear And disregards the rest When I left my home and my family I was no more than a boy In the company of strangers In the quiet of the railway station Running scared, Laying low, seeking out the poorer quarters Where the ragged people go Looking for the places Only they would know... Asking only workman's wages I come looking for a job But I get no offers Just a come-on from the whores On Seventh Avenue I do declare There were times when I was so lonesome I took some comfort there, le le le Then I'm laying out my winter clothes And wishing I was gone Going home Where the New York City winters Aren't bleeding me Leading me Going home In the clearing stands a boxer And a fighter by his trade And he carries the reminders Of ev'ry glove that laid him down Or cut him till he cried out In his anger and his shame "I am leaving, I am leaving" But the fighter still remains.
  24. SansaJonRule

    Saying Goodbye

    Even though I enjoy sentimental moments like that, the more I think about it, the more I think the way it was written is better. Jon was busy in the crypt dealing with his stuff, and the way Bran has been, for him to suddenly be feeling nostalgic would have really seemed out of place. He doesn't consider himself Bran Stark anymore. What I would have liked to see though, at the end of the episode was the four Starks standing together on the battlement, ready to face their enemy together, as a pack. No words, just glances between them, like "Father always promised Winter was coming". I gave this episode a 10 also. People have gotten too used to fast moving plots, lots of action and flashy CGI, and we often lose out on the personal aspects of the characters, IMO. Sansa being so "smart" might not feel so forced to many people if D&D had taken time to develop that more, but then a lot of people would have felt that was boring.
  25. Kalbear

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    It was hinted in Strange Dogs, but confirmed in this book that Cara died while eating some of the local flora, which doesn't agree with terran life at all. My wife wondered what the hell happened to the catalyst. It got dropped like a rock after the slow space incident. My theory on Cara and Xan (and Amos) is that they weren't affected by the protomolecule killer attack that scrambled Duarte because unlike Duarte, they have zero protomolecule bits in them. They were repaired by effectively really, really advanced autodocs, their organs and brains and eyes were enhanced mechanically and improved upon, but this wasn't done by the protomolecule in any way. Whereas Duarte specifically had organs modified and brain functions changed similar to Cara and Xan, it was done not with advanced devices but instead with actual Protomolecule bits inside him. It's the difference between the code that runs a printer and the paper that the printer prints on. If you hack the printer's code, everything that uses it will be hosed - but the artifacts that it creates aren't going to have any problems at all.
  26. longest night

    Arya Losin' It

    GRRM quote on his story from the link I already posted: Another quote from the same interview Another quote: (Source) What I said, and not what you claim I said:
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