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  2. Veltigar

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Getting Sneaky

    I saw the first episode of Catch 22. Great stuff, I hope I will be able to return to it soon.
  3. Robert7707

    Your biggest what if?

    I agree, It would have changed the entire series.
  4. LynnS

    Heresy 222 vindication

    The eye he covers with a patch is actually black. I'm looking for the quote where I think Theon, Aeron or Victarion says that he wants to remove the patch to make sure there is still a black eye beneath it. His personal sigil as seen by Sam is a black eye with two crows and a crown. The name Euron Croweye also suggests that the eye is black like a crow. I've always thought that both his eyes were blue and after the fall, a head injury caused one pupil to permanently dilate; hence the need for a patch. I'm not sure why he is later called Bloodeye and whether this is given to him because of his bloody nature or because the eye has hoemmorhaged and he now leaves the eye uncovered.
  5. Lady Valicious

    Poll: Is Jon Snow the son of a Dayne?

    No, the book would not be called ASoIaF if he were.
  6. T and A

    5 wackiest Crackpot "theories"

    1. R+L=/=J 2. Rhaegar is still alive and is [Add here a living character name] in disguise 3. [Add here character name] is Howland Reed in disguise 4. The 3EC is secretely working for the Others 5. Rhaego is still alive and is doing... 6. Literally any theory about Sheira Seastar 7. Tyrion/Jamie/Cersei is a secret Targaryen 8. Hotpie is not the PtwP
  7. divica

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    To be fair, she traveled within the riverlands in the worse possible time. It isn t really fair to compare her interaction with the people of the riverlands with the people in braavos. And I agree that arya won t be taking a ship to make a travel nobody has returned from so far… She isn t a sailor lol… And if one of her familly members ends up in a position of power she will have entertainment for the rest of her life acting as his/her spy wherever she wants.
  8. St Daga

    Heresy 222 vindication

    Also, why does Euron have a blue eye? The majority of the Greyjoy's we meet have black eyes. I don't think Theon's eye color is ever named, which I find suspicious and have for years felt like they might be grey, but blue eyes don't really fit the Greyjoy's. It does fit the Other's, however. What if Euron is connected to more than one type of power?
  9. HelenaExMachina

    Your biggest what if?

    Would also have freed up the Tyrell forces and Redwyne fleet besieging Storms End. I suspect Robert’s Rebellion would have had an alternative outcome had this happened
  10. The Weirwoods Eyes

    How do you think Tommen and Myrcella will die?

    I think Tommen will be killed by Tyene Sand who is on her way to KL masquerading as a Septa. Tyene though has an excellent knowledge of poisons. This is not my theory but rather one from a lady on a different forum and to my mind she is genius here. Cersei has been demanding that the high Septon perform the crowning ceremony for Tommen in the Great Sept where he will anoint the new King with the seven sacred oils. I've snipped out the parts that are not pertinent during this chapter where Cersei travels to the Great Sept of Baelor to demand that the new High Septon perform the ceremony. But he tells her the time is not yet right and that he must pray on it. She is of course eventually imprisoned herself and made to walk back to the RK naked. And still Tommen has not been anointed. But after she wins her trail I imagine the High Septon will acquiesce . After all a trial of the seven proves the seven's judgement. So once Tyene is in Kl and has access to the sept as a septa she can slip a contact poison into the hold oils. Which will cause the death of Tommen and also the High Sparrow. That ends the part of this which is someone else's theory and this last bit is my own. This opens the IT for Myrcella who Tyrstane is the betrothed of. The Sand snakes will push for the wedding to take place and for Myrcella to ascend with Tyrstane as her husband, and co ruler. As a means to appease those who reject the right of women to rule. Cersei will agree as Myrcella is her last means by which to cling to power. And with fAegon in the Stormlands causing trouble she will see that if she wishes to keep Dorne she has no choice. But of course Dorne has a hand in each basket with Arianne having gone to fAegon and able to make semi autonomous choices in regards to him and Dorne's support. I think that once Doran is satisfied by Arianne's assessment of fAegon as truly Elia's son he will agree to a plan to assassinate Myrcella. Varys will then use the secret tunnels to sneak into her chambers in the RK in the same way Blood & Cheese did in F&B. And smother Myrcella with a silken pillow; the fate Tywin pretended he had in mind for Rhaenys. This removes all Cersei's children from her and removes her means of holding the IT. Leaving it wide open for fAegon and Dorne to take KL.
  11. St Daga

    Heresy 222 vindication

    I think the aspect of youth might be important in all of this. Young children would not be able to fight such a possession off, as perhaps an adult would. It's usually easier to train people and animals when they are young. There are hints that something is happening with Sweetrobin in this way, although it seems to take a tole on him. And what about Varys' children? Why children? And why have their tongues cut out, which is a nod to Euron's crew on the Silence!
  12. HelenaExMachina

    Your biggest what if?

    I don’t think that would ever have been possible. Even if the wound itself wasn’t fatal, i’m sure either Cersei herself or GM Pycelle would have quietly ensure it killed him. Or perhaps he would tragically choke on a chicken bone while feasting with his poor wife. Can’t you just see the tragic widow sobbing over her loss...
  13. Let me ask you this, Why illyrio mopatis gave 3 stone dragon eggs to Daenerys? Because Daenerys was the member of House Targaryen right? Yes no one expected them to return to life, but they were still valuable and precious objects. Why do they find a Khal to marry her? Because she was a member of House Targaryen right? Why Ser Jorrah, later Ser Barristan joined Daenerys? Because she was a member of House Targaryen right? Why Tyrion and Varys joined her too? The answer is the same. Yes, she accomplished things, like reviving those dragon eggs, and leading a Khalasar, and she fought for it. But we can't say she didn't use the things that come to her because she was a member of House Targaryen. If she wasn't a Targaryen, she couldn't accomplish anything, so people could expect from her to honor her own House and honor the line of succession, especially when she knew that and proven that she had no love in Westeros, and only fear, and even her own adviser betrayed her for choosing Rhaegar's son, and sincerely believed that Jon would be a better ruler than Daenerys.
  14. St Daga

    Heresy 222 vindication

    A hinge is strongly associated in these memories of Aeron, and hinges, as you have pointed out, are strongly associated with magic in this world, so to me, the hinge that Aeron hear's is related to magic more than rusty iron, although Aeron might not fully understand that. So, a rape of the mind, the action of stealing a body, or at least the attempt to, makes a lot of sense for what was going on with Euron and his brothers.
  15. MaesterSam

    Heresy 222 vindication

    Yes, and the gods mark the greenseers with different eye colors. Euron's "smiling eye" is blue, but his "blood eye" is presumably red (otherwise the name makes no sense, and his new sigil is notably a red eye). So he is clearly marked by the gods - unlike Bran, who has neither red nor green eyes. While I like the idea of Euron taking over his brothers' bodies, Varamyr's experience suggests that taking over a person is extremely difficult to do, even for a powerful and experienced skinchanger. Bran only succeeds because Hodor is mentally disabled. Then again, if Euron started when Aeron and Urri were very young, they similarly couldn't have fought him off.... I'll have to think on this some more.
  16. Well, it’ll always be Jenny.
  17. honeyed chicken

    Elimination Game #??: Who Comes Out of GOT S.8 the Best

    - the Hound 4 hits on Tyrion and 3 on the Hound 9. Drogon 25  25. Sandor "the Hound" Clegane 8 29. Tyrion Lannister 14 Eliminated List Final Five: Jaime Lannister, Arya Stark  First 25 (so one can see who was on the list at the start of the game without having to go back): Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Nymeria, Gendry, Brienne of Tarth, Jorah Mormont, Podrick Payne, Gilly, Melisandre, Bran Stark, Rhaegal, Yara Greyjoy, Samwell Tarly, Tormund Giantsbane, Missandei, the Night's King, Davos Seaworth, Lord Varys, Bronn, Lyanna Mormont, Sansa Stark, Daario Naharis, Euron Greyjoy, Cersei Lannister, and Theon Greyjoy
  18. St Daga

    Heresy 222 vindication

    Many interesting things in the Bran the Blessed tale, perhaps the most interesting to me is that Bran's head lives on much longer than his body, and it speaks and gives advice. Later, it is buried (reportedly at the location of the Tower of London) as a way to keep Britain safe. This connects the ravens imagery of Bran the Blessed to the tower, and we certainly have Bran, ravens and tower imagery connected in ASOIAF. But the head was said to have been dug up by King Arthur who said his own strength could protect Britain, and they didn't need to rely on the head of Bran. Something in this idea of powerful skulls makes me think of Bittersteel, and his skull dipped in gold that is said to travel with the Golden Company, which surprises me a little bit, because it seems like it is Bloodraven, Bittersteel's bro-enemy, who is associated with the ravens in this story.
  19. Tommen will die during the sack of King's Landing by Golden Company. Myrcella is probably dead already as someone mentioned already.
  20. Varys actions are quite confusing indeed. Think we could agree that he didn't want to put on the throne neither Viserys nor Daenerys but fAegon. His identity is speculative and I wouldn't be sure if he is or isn't a Targaryen. It would be more surprising for fAegon to be real so thn Varys' motivations would be even more mysterious.
  21. Alexis-something-Rose

    How destructive should the Others Invasion be?

    I think the Trident will be one of the battles, but that the Others and their wights will go farther south than that. And I wonder what the mechanics for raising wights will be and if Catelyn rising after been dead for three days isn't some ominous foreshadowing. And Dany's dream is great and all, but after reading FaB, I think the dragons will have a really difficult time in whatever battles they might participate in.
  22. LynnS

    Heresy 222 vindication

    I'm completely on board with the Urragon Nightwalker alias for Euron. Also recall, that Bran knows that he shouldn't take Hodor's body and that it must be kept a secret.
  23. Robert7707

    Your biggest what if?

    What If Stannis had chosen to Stay loyal to the Targs during the rebellion? He DID say it was the hardest decision of his life,,,his brother or his King. Imagine if his own brother hadn't supported Robert. it would have given the Storm lords someone to rally around.
  24. Loge

    Why didn't Lyanna write to Eddard?

    Can't answer for SFDanny, but Lyanna wasn't particularly thrilled with the prospect of marrying Robert, and Ned at least knew it. Then Rhaegar crowns her queen of love and beauty at Harrenhal instead of his wife. Not exactly making his affection a secret. A bit later Lyanna goes missing, abducted by Rhaegar. We are never told the circumstances but the Starks obviously know. How else could they know it was Rhaegar? She wasn't travelling alone and there is no mention of her entourage being slaughtered or even a fight. So, they stayed behind and told what happened. What the Starks told Robert is another thing. And it can't be repeated often enough, it legally is abduction and rape either way.
  25. Charles Stuart

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    In hindsight, attempting to kill Daeny is a pretty shrewd move on Robert’s behalf. Failing to actually do the deed can be considered one of Robert’s major failings.
  26. Lord Varys

    Varys motives to return a Targarian to the Throne

    Varys makes no sense in the show. He never even tried to put a Targaryen on the throne there considering he actually wanted to poison Dany back in season 1.
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