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  2. GallowKnight

    Trailer Thread V

    Isn’t that what almost every Terminator movie is at this point?
  3. The comical aspect of this is, the show made it canon that Grey Worm and the Unsullied all die. Outsiders on Naath catch a special disease which kills them all. Grey Worm is heading to his imminent death. So there is no punishment to enforce. D&D kinda forgot that outsiders can’t survive on Naath.
  4. Gendelsdottir

    Miss Sandy the Hostage

    Nice catch.
  5. Kaapstad

    Tyrion and Sansa...

    The North is an independent kingdom and Sansa can pardon Jon. Yara doesn’t have the faintest inkling what goes on up there in the North. And the Unsullied have all sailed away. Even assuming they survive, you think they are going up all that way to punish Jon because he entered an independent kingdom? Besides all they have to do is tell Yara his identity and she would shut up.
  6. Kaapstad

    Tyrion and Sansa...

    He dies on Naath. The show confirms the Unsullied all die.
  7. I'm just still pissed off at Michael Sheen's significant others. Dude started a family with Kate Beckinsale, one of those insanely attractive people most everybody never gets to even come close to having the opportunity to hit on. And then that ends. Years later, he becomes involved with Sarah Silverman, a comedian I've had a crush on since, I don't know, I was 12 probably. It's just not fair, that guy. Mumbles. Uh, yeah, actually you potentially could, depending on the question/breakdown. Particularly if you included reelections in the sample. Are you familiar with statistical power?
  8. Gendelsdottir

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6027920/fullcredits?ref_=tt_cl_sm#cast (And it's a pain that it's necessary to look it up, since the show didn't explain.)
  9. I really wouldn’t put much stock into why Sansa and Arya didn’t reveal his identity and get him freed. THe moment Yara knows his identity she would accept his freedom. Instead of a betrayal, I think the show writers are just plain incompetent and don’t read the books or just don’t care enough to be consistent. I mean they wrote the Unsullied were sailing to Naath but this means they are going to die as in the books, outsiders who land on Naath catch a disease which kills them in a very brutal manner. Jon just has to wait 3 days till the Unsullied land on Naath and he can return home without any worry as with their death, the agreement stands to be void anyway.
  10. Tommen already discontinued Trial by Combat. So he can’t resort to that That’s partly because the Starks are honourable people. They wouldn’t backstab someone. The Unsullied were loyal to their queen and they respect that. When Jon kills their leader, it’s natural they want punishment. They would not resort to what you posted as it doesn’t strike me as a sort of thing the Starks would do. I also don’t think Jon would appreciate being freed in this manner. I agree, he should have been given a choice. I think he should have been pardoned and stay in the North as it’s king. When he tells Dany "I am a king and I don’t need your permission" or when he tells Sansa "The North is yours until ai come back", there is a hint of pride in his voice. He did like it. Him finding a girl and just like Eddard and Catelyn Stark, ruling the North in Winterfell away from the plots and murders just like Eddard but without being banished to the middle of nowhere with a small community of a 100 plus free folk( that’s all that’s left of the free folk?) was the best ending.
  11. Deminelle


    Yara, I thought, was more interested in women. Tyrion did suggest Jon and Dany marry. Tyrion is someone I can see fixing marriages, one for himself as well, in the future. Does Gendry still wait for Arya? I don't think so. He'll marry soon.
  12. But then if they wanted to commit to an ending where he stays forever with the wildlings, why have him wear the Lord Commander uniform? He would have worn Wildling uniforms like the others. He has worn Wildling clothes when he was with them for a brief period. A king beyond the wall with a NW Lord commander uniform doesn’t make sense. They wouldn’t make a mistake like that. The costume designer for Season 8 has said the costumes do show hidden meanings about the characters. Its possible the Nights Watch now has a new purpose. Help them establish a kingdom beyond the wall and act like intermediaries between them and the North. The reason he gave that look is because he is going to stay with them for a long period but they don’t confirm if it’s permanent or if he returns after a long time. They are friends and he has nothing to do in the castle so might as well go with them. They could have given him wildlings gear if they wanted to confirm it. Jon doesn’t strike me as the type of person who would misuse the NW uniform to stay among the wildlings. If they show him watching the wildlings leave, they commit to an ending for him staying at the wall. If they show him leave with wildlings clothes or have a dialogue with Tormund about him joining them permanently, that also commits an ending. They purposely left it ambiguous and confusing. I mean the symbolism does make it seem permanent but it could still be interpreted in another way. He could be returning after 5 years and he would still, make that face. I think the books would end with him staying at the Nights Watch permanently with a commitment as that does sound like Martin to me. Him going out with the wildlings sounds like something the show took liberties with so his fan base would not be pissed. But they didn’t change it too much which is why he still wears the NW uniform.
  13. Tywin Tytosson

    Was Sansa aiming for Jon?

    I think the 3ER orchestrated things for the betterment of the Realm, if not humanity. The cost for that is what it is. But let's stay on topic. the thread is about sansa aiming for jon.
  14. Very interesting article, thanks for sharing! Well, I'm going to show my ignorance now. First of all, what does jump the shark mean? A friend told me just recently, but I don't remember. So, I understand the concepts and differences of sociological and psychological story telling. I agree that a story told from strictly a psychological method would be uninteresting and stupid. What I'm wondering is, after the NK is destroyed, we're essentially down to Who's going to kill Cersei, and is Dany going to become ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. When the story line is narrowed down to that degree, it seems to me you have to rely more on psychological story telling than sociological. It came down to Dany's feeling unloved and unrespected (hmmm, apparently that's not a word--oh well) while she believes she is entitled to that love and respect, coupled with a genetic predisposition for madness. How could that part of the story be better told using sociological story telling when we already know all the pertinent sociological aspects? It seems to me all that's left is psychological story telling. I have always loved to read, but I hated studying literature when I was in school. Now it interests me, but I am feeling kind of dumb at the moment. I do have to say though, that the author of that article pointing out the convenience of Euron and Jaime arriving at the same small cove at the same time as cheap story telling was cheap criticism. Show me a story with a hero in it that doesn't have those kinds of cheesy scenes! It happens ALL THE TIME.
  15. alienarea

    Strangest Possible Ending

    The Others make it to Winterfell and unite with their bones in the crypts as they are the Starks of Old who served their time in a cold hell. The threat resolves peacefully.
  16. Tywin Tytosson

    Why Did the Show Turn on Jon?

    You did see the Unsullied that lined the entrance to the Dragon Pit, didn't you?
  17. Today
  18. Not necessarily. There have been instances of foreign-born kings being elected. For example, Poland elected a Saxon duke as their King. The King of France came very close to being elected the Holy Roman Emperor. The Hapsburgs held the titles of King of Hungary and King of Bohemia (maybe those were combined), yet were routinely elected Holy Roman Emperor. Emperor Karl V was also King of Aragon and King of Castille. I didnt think that the Starks voted. So they had 0 votes. Sam is from the Reach. He could also represent the Citadel and the NW. He might be Jon's friend, but is not a Stark lackey. Brienne is from Tarth, which is in the Stormlands. Davos did say that he wasn't sure that he got a vote. He has land in the Stormlands.
  19. you (mistakenly) assume those doing the arresting and prosecuting have any interest in legal norms. Thus far, we've been saved by two things: 1 - Trump is lazy 2 - Team Trump is monumentally incompetent, and those with a measure of competence are too much into self preservation to break the norms.
  20. You know, I think they kinda wanted to go this route in the show as well since there are multiple hints about it in s7. I think they ended up changing the plot in thise 2yrs - not much of a surprise since it wouldn't be the first time they changed something at the last minute without taking into consideration the consistency of the narrative. In the book I do believe there is a big chance Jon will be her betrayal by love too. And after being resurected, I don't see Jon going head over heels over a girl he barely met. That wouldn't be in character since even when he was attracted to someone he was never blind to their faults.
  21. Gendelsdottir

    How is it fantasy?

    If magic is presented as an unequivocal "bad" that must be wiped out in the name of progress, this should be supported in the narrative! There are ways this could be done well. Various pressure groups could maneuver, form alliances, and fight against each other, either to advance magic or bring it down. They might be acting out of pure self-interest, or in service to a greater good. Magic itself can be shown to help some, harm others, or a combination thereof. If magic is bad, what are the alternatives? What benefits do they bring? For whom? This could make for one hell of a story. Aaaaannd there are ways it can be done badly. In the show, various bits & pieces of magic were introduced, then simply dropped without explanation. Our gaze was directed elsewhere - "Okay, forget about warging & visions & blood magic; they were never the point - this is what's important." And we were given a power struggle divorced from most of its original context. It's been a long time since I've read the Dragonriders of Pern books, but it's my impression that they've held up very well since 1967 when the first two novellas appeared in print. Such entities as Warner Brothers and Ronald D. Moore have shown interest in making screen adaptations. (Oh gods, here we go again! ) I enjoyed those books immensely, and recommend them without hesitation.
  22. I agree that he got the best ending considering, that's not me pouting he didn't get the throne. I never wanted him in the south - it was never what he wanted. The excuse with the Unsullied doesn't stand for me since there were multiple alternatives to this problem: - Arya kills Greyworm, takes his face and leads the Unsullied away. - Bran wargs Greyworm and leads the Unsullied away. - trial by combat was a thing in this show. - lie to Greyworm about sending Jon to the NW and once gone taking Jon in the North and protect him like Ned did it before. - again, lie to Greyworm and once gone, Arya can leave together with Jon. He said in s6 that he wanted to leave south to feel warm after he was resurected. I mean Greyworm wanted Tyrion punished as well and yet he ended up Hand of the King, really? Don't get me wrong, I do think that if they succeded in getting him free he would've still refused the crown in the south and in the north and would've left beyond the Wall with the wildlings. This is not about where Jon ended up it is about choice. He never had a choice when he was younger and he didn't have a choice here as well. I expected more from the Starks but for me it just looks like they grabbed the first opportunity there without making an effort and help Jon. It just feels like Jon's devotion to his family is misplaced at the end.
  23. ummester


    It's possible that all of the noble linage characters who survived have a self interested edge, wish to live their lives entirely for themselves and do not care about reproduction. Bran can't. I suspect Sansa is over the concept of marriage entirely. Arya does not seem interested at all. Brienne is not allowed to as a member of the Kings Guard. I don't think Yara is interested in settling down or mothering, she is presented as too much of a free spirit. Jon might find a new kissed by fire mate north of the wall, I guess. Gendry was keen to marry Arya - his affections might find someone new eventually. Long live Houses Baratheon and Tarly? There could be a meta point about societal devolution at play - which may play out in the books - but I doubt D&D thought about it that much.
  24. When I was young And scared of the world My mother would sing me a song A tune that I keep in a sacred place Because I know that my life won't be long It tells of the place where you go When your time here on earth is through A beautiful place we call heaven Is it true Please God I pray that it's true 'Cause once this land was heaven on earth Green hills were all you could see But now it's soot and steel and brick So it looks more like hell to me And each day brings more and more suffering And each night is silence and fear And I wake to the sound of your voice But you're not here Why aren't you here? So now I lay me down to sleep I pray the lord My soul to keep Please let me die before I wake So the lord my soul, can take Then maybe I'll finally find you 'Midst the beauty of paradise And you'll sing not of dying But living Wouldn't that be nice? Wouldn't that be nice?
  25. RedEyedGhost

    Scott Lynch's Thorn of Emberlain is Completed

    I was all prepared to reread it, following a reread of books 1 and 2, a couple of years ago when it was "all set" to release in September. Then it didn't happen, but I did reread Lies, and I loved it just as much as I did the first time way back in 2006.
  26. Proudfeet

    Rothfuss XV: Move along, nothing to see here

    Kote seems pretty alright to me. Kvothe on the other hand, is arrogant and self serving. I don't think his ideas of "right and wrong" is skewed, rather it is the "right and wrong" in relation to him personally that is skewed. Basically he is Ambrose with morals more decent morals. Still a massive jack ass and would likely do similar things as Ambrose if he were in a position to do so.
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