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  2. Risto

    Best line of E01

    One has to notice how shorter these threads are getting with each new episode
  3. Risto

    Aren't Sansa & Tryion still legally married?

    In book canon, they are. In show canon, as ludicrous as it may sound, no. Simply put, Littlefinger said "by the law of state, she's no man's wife". That is why she could have married Ramsay. So, that marriage is, for all purposes, annulled.
  4. MinscS2

    Remorseful Jaime, Unrepentant Dany

    No, but you think you're being clever when comparing Daenerys to some of the most evil mass-murderers that have walked the real earth. You think you're bringing her down to their level, but the fact is that these evil men would be thrilled to being compared to her, because the truth is that you're glorifying them and their actions. Unless of course, I missed the historylessons when Stalin/Mao/Pol Pot/Hitler all: - Abolished all forms of slavery in the areas they controlled. - Freed thousands of slave soldiers. - Freed hundred of thousands of slaves. - Struck a deal which prevented a nation of reavers and pillagers from ever reaving and pillaging again. - Peacefully (relatively speaking) conquered a second nation of rapists, slavers, pillagers and looters, preventing them from ever doing it again. Yeah I just can't see how they are similar. For all Daenerys flaws, her intentions are good, and while they say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, I really wouldn't ever claim that Stalin ruled with good intentions.
  5. Roux

    Sansa's desire to be Queen

    And the mountain was frankensteined. He has brain function but (easiest rendition) no soul. He's a soldier just a shell of a human without wants needs or independence. Not the same as the jon comeback. Also different from the undead. Jons soul stayed with him.
  6. Buckwheat

    TTTNE 475 - for the Honour of Greyskull!

    Yes, it is funny. It has a distinct lacm of lightsaber fights though, I'm afraid.
  7. Roux

    Sansa's desire to be Queen

    I think Sansa is perfect to be Warden (ess?) of the North. Lady of Winterfell but gets to go to Kings Landing and other seats socially and politically. She may have once been content to grow up in Catelyns shoes but the role of women is changing in Westrosi politics and she wants more. She is capable of being in charge, given she has a proper council- including a master at arms and someone to remind her to be humble. If Dany would (without the chip) acknowledge her natural political ability she might respect her as a fellow rather than a threat. BUT I'm gonna be a bitch to anyone on the planet who dates my brother at first. Gotta know what she's about. Protective.
  8. Vaith

    Hidden Houses of Westeros

    House Weatherwax is presently ruled by an elderly lady called Esmerelda. It is known.
  9. Hammers1895

    Hidden Houses of Westeros

    But yea overall, I would say 90% of the sigils we encounter that we do not, as readers, recognize are probably small landed knights/freeriders who have made their own sigils. I am more intrigued by houses whose home region we do not know, or houses we've been introduced to in the past that do not factor into ASOIAF series and we do not know their current status. Those being: Belgrave, Sweet, Goode, Leek, Blackberry, Cupps, Farrow, Greenhill, Penny, Potter, Rankenfell, Ruskyn, Sawyer, Suggs, Waeatherwax, Mandrake, Strickland, etc., etc.
  10. Hammers1895

    Hidden Houses of Westeros

    Also not quite accurate I think? There is a Parren and a Perryn, both extinct, one from Riverlands, one from Westerlands.
  11. RenlyIsNotRight

    Bad shows and movies you enjoy watching.

    Nah. John Wick is definitely not high brow by any stretch, but the fact that it doesn't have any illusions about being so and just excels at being what it is disqualifies it from being "bad". Dune doesn't even really register as a Lynch film in my mind tbh.
  12. Hammers1895

    Targaryen fleet destroyed...

    One way to gauge the ascendancy and nadirs of powerful houses is their frequency of marrying into the royal family. Between the Targaryen's making Dragonstone their home and the Dance of Dragons, House Velaryon was probably the most frequently paired house to House Targaryen. Blood ties, common Valyrian ancestry, geography and the sheer wealth and power of the Velaryon's were the cause for this. It seems obviously they lost some "stature"points along the way as their wealth and influence diminished and they were no longer favored by the Targaryen's. From everything I have read, the "Royal Navy" had always been the Velaryons, or a combination of them and the other Narrow Sea houses, but never a directly administered fleet controlled only by the Iron Throne and not belong in whole or in part to any individual house (or borrowed from the ironborn depending on the relationship with them at the time). Stannis' building of the "new" royal fleet to assault Dragonstone was the first true "Iron Throne" fleet. This was the same fleet used to put down the first Greyjoy Rebellion. And when Stannis took his ships home after Robert's death in GoT, the Lannister/Baratheon royal family again had no fleet except those few ships Stannis did not take with him, which were presumably the ones he ended up fighting against on the Blackwater. Post-Blackwater, Cersei began building a new royal fleet, which Aurane Waters then absconded with. Iron Throne really has no luck with warships haha.
  13. Jaxom 1974

    Star Wars Thread: Don't Get Cocky

    Yes. Tosa. And...? And I think my complaint? concern? betwwen 6 and 7 isn't that there is new stuff, it's that the sometimes feels like something is lacking without that jedi "framework"... you can tell good stories without them, but their presence in the background just does something to the general environment of the story universe. At least for me. I realize Luke is supposed to be training some, but it's something that isn't even given a thought beyond Kylo Ren turning on him and destroying the school... it feels...off... Again. Rambling.
  14. Huh that is something to ponder. I wonder if Shenkt will use Styria to wage war on his former Master in a more direct manner. So far he’s settled for making Styria just resist Bayaz dominion, but I can’t help but think that’s mainly because Monza’s around now and she’s no interest in seeking war(without any great gain) if it could be avoided. Once Monza dies whose to say his spymaster wife(and perhaps their children if given seats in power), won’t try to make Styria more subservient to Shenkt? I mean the guy planned on murdering Monza just to prevent Duke Orso from taking control of the country-even if it prolonged a bloody civil war for years-just to spite his former master. Ardree described Glocka pretty aptly “you’re a ruthless, plotting, bitter, twisted, self-pitying villain” I could see this description could apply to Jaimie to a degree but more to Tyrion. But yeah I do see the similarities between Jamie and Glocka. Both were great, and arrogant swordsmen, whose bravery/reckless nature got them eventually captured by their enemies in a battle, and eventually got mutilated as a result. Both struggle to assimilate to their society.
  15. Zorral

    Sansa's desire to be Queen

    Is the Mountain alive? Are the WWs alive? The wights? All those dead who are back up on their feet are -- what? Sort of like Lady Mormont saying she doesn't know what Jon Snow is now ....
  16. You assume Tywin was with his forces inside the city. It is more likely that he was outside the city with the reserves in the event the situation went bad.
  17. Bittersweet Distractor

    Remorseful Jaime, Unrepentant Dany

    I think you're right about Jon and the hair gel!, also I'm calling it, Spike is a Targaryen .
  18. Krishtotter

    Remorseful Jaime, Unrepentant Dany

    Everything is still open and the scriptwriters have licence to either redeem or damn Dany's character, depending upon what side of the Targaryen 'coin flip' she ultimately falls down on (and she has exhibited both sides throughout the show). I don't think its by coincidence that the last episode gave us a scene in front of a waterfall between Jon and Dany awfully reminiscent of the 'cave' scene between Jon and Ygritte. And just like Ygritte, who told Jon "we should have stayed in that cave", Dany tells Jon, "we could stay here for a thousand years" and basically forget about the Throne and the Night King. I don't think that is a good omen or portent for their romance and certainly not for Dany's survival as a character. They seem fated to love each other but come to mortal blows, with Dany as Ygritte 2.0. Dany is essentially, like most of her ancestors, 'schizophrenic' with two contradictory inclinations and personas at war within her. On the one side, we have the well-meaning, idealistic and vulnerable (yet ambitious) young girl at the beginning of the books, at the mercy of her abusive elder brother who longs for nothing more than the "house with the red door", her childhood home, somewhere to belong and someone to belong with, which she thought she had found with Drogo and her unborn child, and now has found anew with Jon. "I want to go home", was her key phrase. Not take the Iron Throne like Viserys wanted, just to go back to her childhood place of safety and stability. On the other hand, we have the cruel, arrogant and cold-hearted Dragon Queen who first came to the fore in the scene where Dany watches her asshole brother having his face melted off with boiling hot gold, and looks on without emotion or pity, save for a twinkle of sadistic delight in her eyes. This is the 'mad' and tyrannical side of the Targaryen equation, and as she has become more and more feared as a conqueror, Dany has more and more oriented this way in her lust for the Iron Throne she is convinced is hers by right, and her heartless deeds - justified with noble ends - have steadily piled up. And her phrase is, "bend the knee and join me, or resist and die (by fire)" or "live in my new world, or die in your old one". My suspicion, which may turn out to be entirely wrong (we will soon find out), has long been that Jon Snow is the "ice and fire" of the song as his real father Rhaegar foresaw in prophetically eloping with Lyanna - the son of the Starks and the Targaryens - who can restore 'balance' to a world where the seasons have become unbalanced, and which is threatened by the advent of two great supernatural evils that we have watched gradually rise in power since season 1 - the Night King in his icy north behind the Wall, and the Dragon Queen in her fiery East beyond the Sea, both converging on the poor people of Westeros whose fate is to be either turned into a heap of freezing undead wights or a heap of ash from dragon-fire. Jon, as the 'balance' between the heat and cold, must like Azor Azhai forge light-bringer by sacrificing the person he loves, "Nissa Nissa" redux Dany - including, with her, that vulnerable girl longing for the 'house with the red door' that he has fallen for - to save Westeros from both the Ice and the Fire. A bittersweet ending. Now, that could be a load of codswallop but we'll see.
  19. Kajjo

    Sansa's desire to be Queen

    That's the concept of resurrection. He was dead. No he is alive again. Whether he has changed or not, we do not know. We know what Beric reported about coming back and losing some.
  20. Headless Wolf

    Rickon is destined to be new Lord of Winterfell

    I don't think Cat would actually mind. It may even give her some comfort to see Robb's will being carried out, she knows how much Robb loved Jon and wanted him to be his heir. She's not mindless, she is now and has always been driven by love for her children, and the pain at seeing them taken away from her. As long as she knows her children are alive I don't think she cares if they become lords or ladies, and when she hears that her favorite son (Bran) is still alive I think she may end her life, but I could very well be mistaken.
  21. Zorral

    Sansa's desire to be Queen

    He died. He was dead. As what's his name says, who has been resurrected so often, each time one comes back from the nothingness that is death -- one is less. He's not the Jon Snow of before. He died.
  22. Dragons Are Real

    Rant and Rave Thread

    And every expression seems to be a variation on the proverbial perverted teenager discovering a new way to make inappropriate comments or gestures.
  23. Kajjo

    Sansa's desire to be Queen

    Jon is alive. He has been resurrected. It makes no sense at all to call him dead.
  24. Chris Mormont

    the honeyed locusts...

    It was definitely poisoned. Perhaps the poison was supposed to act slowly but because Belwas ate the whole bowl quickly, it made him vomit most of it
  25. I posted a version of this in another forum but thought I'd get more responses here. So with all we know from the Forsaken and Arianne II I've grown pretty skeptical of the idea that Euron is going to be taken down quite so soon, or simply serve as a means for bringing some powerful players to Aegon's cause when he rides in to save the day at Oldtown. To me it seems that Euron has been set up to be a serious antagonist much like Ramsay, and if so this means he's in the market for some serious victories. Take these statements from Sam and JonCon; "If King's Landing loses Oldtown and the Arbor, the realm will fall to pieces." and "Take that (Storm's End) and the realm will shake." Storm's End falling shakes the realm and brings men to Aegon's banners, and Euron taking Oldtown, or at least the Arbor, leaves the Lannisters and Tyrells in utter disarray, and enables Euron to get his hands on magical artifacts housed in the Citadel. It also sets up a pretty damn epic and memorable campaign in the south, with Dornishmen and stormlanders flocking to Aegon and pirates like Salladhor Saan coming to Euron's banners (Stannis never paid him, but we know Euron gives his men most of his plunder to win their loyalty). So the way I see Euron's campaign going in the Reach is: 1. Garlan Tyrell retakes the Shields: Euron gave the Shields to his rivals from the kingsmoot and Victarion's own men, weakening his brother while strengthening his own position. He has no intention of holding them, as he has said himself. When Garlan assembles his ragtag fleet of fishing boats and pleasure barges to land Tyrell men on the Shields, most of the ironborn longships defending them, or raiding up the Mander, will sail west, leaving the islands undefended, only to return to sink Garlan's ships once he's retaken the islands and leave him stranded and blockaded by Ironborn longships on Oakenshield. This would likely leave his host split among all four islands with no way of getting off, making him helpless to defend Oldtown or Highgarden. 2. Brightwater Keep is sacked and torched: Garlan was made Lord of Brightwater after the Battle of the Blackwater, and was going to take the castle from the Florents when Euron started raiding in the Reach. He then abandoned his mission and started raising men and ships to retake the Shields, so Brightwater is defended only by a token Florent garrison, most of their men having died at the Blackwater or gone north with Stannis. As has been noted before, the ironborn will likely carry their longships overland, and sail down the Honeywine, taking Brightwater and putting it to the torch, a nice middle finger to Garlan, stranded on the Shields and unable to defend his keep, and it serves a dual purpose of forcing Leyton Hightower's son to stay in Oldtown to defend against attacks from the Honeywine rather than going to attack Euron himself in the Redwyne Straits. As people living along the banks of the Honeywine flee the ironborn, they will send their own men with those refugees to infiltrate Oldtown and start riots when Euron comes to take the city, or at the very least the influx of more mouths to feed with strain Oldtown's larders and make the Hightowers more likely to go out and give battle to break the siege. 3. The Battle of the Redwyne Straits: Moqorro's vision of a "twisted thing with one black eye and ten long arms, sailing on a sea of blood" seems to be an obvious reference to Euron. His captains mention that they have sacrificed thousands of people to the Drowned God, and all the blood in the water is likely to bring krakens up to harass Redwyne and sink some of his best ships. Euron could also likely use magic to make this happen, we know he has warlocks from Qarth with him. Also, Victarion's thought of "what would the Crow's Eye do?" before giving a command to "sail the straits" is, I believe, foreshadowing that Euron will battle Paxter Redwyne in the Redwyne straits, possibly splitting the ships he has with him into two forces, one sailing right down the Straits and the other sailing around the Arbor to take Redwyne in the rear, just like Stannis did to Victarion at Fair Isle. With Redwyne dealt with, Euron would be free to continue sacking the Arbor. 4. Sacking Oldtown: If Euron wins his battle in the Straits, he'll likely feign defeat, sending ravens to Oldtown and King's Landing telling them Paxter Redwyne defeated him, then use ships taken from Redwyne's fleet to infiltrate Oldtown, as the ironborn have already tried to do, and this time succeed because they fly Redwyne banners when sailing up the Whispering Sound. Oldtown is at least partially sacked, but the Hightower proves too strong for them, though I imagine Euron will taunt Leyton Hightower with the smiling head of his son Baelor. He will also despoil the Starry Sept, bringing the Warrior's Sons and Poor Fellows down from King's Landing to fight these godless raiders. Ultimately they are forced to abandon the city and return to the sea, while the realm falls to pieces and Mace loses the support of his bannermen for failing to defend the Reach, leaving the Tyrells open for tragedy and further losses, such as the Dornish host in the Prince's pass taking Highgarden, or someone like Darkstar sneaking into the castle and murdering Willas, who was a friend of Prince Oberyn, who hated Darkstar and wanted to kill him. Euron likely wants the obsidian candles from the Citadel, he's fascinated with magic and as far as we know those are the mot significant magical artifacts in Oldtown. I also imagine Alleras (Sarella) will join Euron to get close to him, likely offering him the glass candles, and ultimately try to kill him. We know from the example of Maester Kerwin that Euron at least tolerates maesters and finds them useful, so it's possible he'll spare the Citadel if the Sphinx offers him the candles in exchange. I see a protracted war between Aegon and Euron, while Cersei sets about consolidating her power in King's Landing, and Mace Tyrell flounders in the field, and then Dany will land at Dragonstone and the Dance will be on. Thoughts?
  26. Kajjo

    Samwell Tarly stole the spotlight.

    I haven't rewatched, but I believe you. However, there is no indication that Cersei is sadistic. They have normal sex together. Cersei ist probably just enthrilled to have solved this issue. The revels in getting her revenge.
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