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  2. Victor Newman

    Why did Stannis marry Selyse Florent?

    I would not call Stannis a fine catch either. He's bald in the books. His prospects in life were pretty low and Dragonstone is not a happening place unless you happen to have dragons, which Selyse doesn't. It's not too far from marrying a Jorah Mormont.
  3. Victor Newman

    The Perfumed Seneschal (spoilers for ACOK,ASOS,AFFC)

    Reznak Mo Reznak is the seneschal. He's the one with ties to the old slavers in Ghis.
  4. Victor Newman

    Why Lord Walder is great for the story

    George RR Martin is not the most creative of the fantasy authors. His characters are not going to be creative nor witty as a result. Tyrion is more of a sarcastic smart ass than a man of verbal wit. GRRM is not going to be able to create a villain like Kurgan. It's not in his bag of tricks to have the talent to do that.
  5. EccentricHorse11

    So where would you live ?

    I will be an average citizen of Oldtown. The Hightowers seem quite rich, so the people of Oldtown must earn a lot to afford high taxes
  6. Dreadscythe95

    Euron's Plan after Oldtown

    What bold part? xD
  7. A Horse Named Stranger

    Football: A New Hope

    Coutinho to Bayern now officially confirmed. Loan Fee 8.5m €, with an option to make the move permanent for 120m €.
  8. The Marquis de Leech

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    Around here (and in England and Wales), you'd be guilty of manslaughter, not murder. Intent does matter. (Counter-example: is there a difference between someone who steals a loaf of bread from the shop, and someone who forgets to pay for it? Hint - there is).
  9. The Marquis de Leech

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    Well, this is a new one. Not only getting my politics completely wrong, but somehow managing to invoke Godwin's Law too. Please see the 1948 Genocide Convention for more details on the term genocide. It's a term coined in the 1940s, precisely to cover what the Nazis were doing - and, no, disabled people or homosexuals don't count as a protected category. (You may dispute as to whether this distinction is useful, but attempted extermination of particular groups - and only those groups - is what the word means. Note that it is possible to kill ten million people without being genocidal, while possible to be genocidal without killing anyone. I'll leave the latter as an exercise for the reader).
  10. Mystical

    The problem with Bran being king narrative wise

    It's such a simple concept that you would think it wouldn't need to be said. But apparently it does. Even then I can't see it. Because lets say that in the books the Others make it past The North, everyone still alive flees south and then they devastate everything there as well before they are stopped. The status in the books is that a lot of Kingdoms are currently having their own problems of power. The War of the 5 Kings had previously ravaged several Kingdoms. You have Targ 1 invading, probably soon to be followed by Targ 2. Most of the continent will be depleted in both manpower and food once all these conflicts/wars/invasions and a mythical ice threat are over. After all that why in God's name would people chose to follow a crippled 12 year old who has no experience in governing? Sure Bran did a few weeks (with advisors) while Robb went to war but what people will know about that time is that the Ironborn invaded and won while he was 'ruling'. After so much devastation people will want someone who is a people person who can inspire them to rally around, Bran spend the last few years with a handful of people away from society. And lets not forget that he is freaking 12 years old, people would want an adult to shoulder so much responsibility. And even if Bran was instrumental in defeating the Others with his magical abilities, this is still a continent full of religious people. Most of them would be fearful of Bran because he got his powers from the Old Gods. Other than The North, the rest of the continent worships the Faith of the 7 who would see any other religion as evil. I just can't see any believable way in the books for Bran to be King of the entire continent. And if GRRM still forces this endgame somehow, what does that say about the moral of his story? In the end there is still only one King, the same as in the beginning of the story. That humans are too corrupt, immoral, imperfect, selfish and stupid to be allowed to rule? They need a literal God (with all the knowledge from thousands of years of previous governments) to preside over them to show them how to do it right. That's downright infantilizing.
  11. A Horse Named Stranger

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    Let's assume Corbyn steps in, asks for an extension and calls a GE. Then what? This is the bit that really puzzles me with this scenario. Chances are you get back with another hung parliament. Tories losing some seats to their right to Frogface's NUKIP, and Labour losing seats to the remain Alliance (LibDems, Plaid Cymru, Greens, and presumably the SNP). Personally, I think with the FPTP system in the UK this actually might tilt the scales in favour of no-deal. Then Britain will have emulated the US electorally. A majority of the electorate being pro-Remain by now, being presented with no-deal, similar to Twitler winning the US Presidential election, while losing the popular vote. The (presumably) Tory lead goverment, would need to form a coalition with the DUP and Frogface. If you felt like mocking May's election with her strong and stable goverment catchphrase, then you really have seen nothing yet. On the other hand, if we get again a return of a majority of remain MPs, we are roughly in the same spot we are now. Corbyn proclaiming to be the only real person to lead such a goverment, while the LibDems and SNP do not particularly like him. The SNP is willing to cooperate with him for now to stop No-Deal, but they are hardly in it for their love for Corbyn. Having that said, I don't think neither side is looking too good with that circus. Let's face it, both sides are playing a game of chicken with no-deal. Both sides calculating that the other will given in to avoid no-deal. Swinson said, even with all the LibDems voting for Corbyn, he would still lack votes to get elected, as in CHUK (without Chuka, or the Soubry bunch) will not vote for him, Grieve and the other Tory rebells will not vote for him, and that's not even accounting for the few brain dead Labour Leavers like the Red Kipper Kate Hoey not voting for Corbyn, because they really want Brexit to happen. FWIW, I think this game of chicken has a high probability to end with a head-on colission. For Corbyn Brexit is that inconvenience that stops him from talking about austerity, and he is at best indifferent to the whole thing, so will he blink? No, idea. On the other side we have the group of MPs who flat out despise Corbyn for one reason or another and are not willing to vote him in, will they be willing to hold their noses and vote for him? Again, no idea. Also, I have no idea how many Long-Baileys (which is Labour's answer to McVey in terms of stupid, I believe) there are, but I hope there are not enough to insist that Corbyn is bigger than Jesus, or Brexit. FWIW, I believe caretaker PM should be whoever commands a majority in parliament. I don't really care whether that's Corbyn, Clarke, Harman, or Caroline Lucas for all I care. Corbyn can stomp with his feet all day long and insist he is heading the biggest opposition party, it doesn't matter if he can't command a majority in the HoC. This would be a temporary goverment of unity, and Corbyn is obviously not a unifying figure. On an unrelated note, I see people are still taking time off from their well paid goverment position at the Mail to engage into troll feeding.
  12. Firstly I am not sure if this possibility has been discussed elsewhere, but I hope you enjoy reading. I have done a search for Perfumed Seneschal in the forum and nothing related to my theory has come up, so here we go. Also, if you don’t already know the Perfumed Seneschal was a cryptic warning given to Daenerys Targaryen by Quaithe, a shadowbinder from Asshai. Quaithe tells her to ‘beware the perfumed seneschal’, and my theory is about the identity of said seneschal. seneschal /ˈsɛnɪʃ(ə)l/ noun 1. HISTORICAL the steward or major-domo of a medieval great house. 2. HISTORICAL a governor or other administrative or judicial officer. In AFFC Chapter 2 (The Captain Of Guards) in the scene where Doran arrives at his court in Sunspear there are people there to greet him. He is greeted by, among others, Seneschal Ricasso and Maester Myles. “Princess Arianne was waiting in the outer ward to greet her father, with half the court about her: the old blind seneschal Ricasso, Ser Manfrey Martell the castellan, young Maester Myles with his grey robes and silky perfumed beard, twoscore of Dornish knights in flowing linen of half a hundred hues.” Ricasso being a ‘seneschal’ immediately sent alarm bells ringing in my head, but there is no indication of him being ‘perfumed’ in any way, he js only old and blind. However Myles, the young maester, is described as having a perfumed beard. I see three possibilities here. ONE: Ricasso and Myles are working together, thus creating the perfumed seneschal. This theory states that Myles and Ricasso are working together, to harm Daenerys and/or her dragons in some way. Due to their high-ranking positions at Sunspear the two may well know about Doran’s plan to get Daenerys to come to Westeros. I don’t have a motive for Ricasso as we don’t know enough about him, but I could make some guesses about Myles. Myles is a maester, and may be part of the Citadel’s conspiracy to eradicate magic from the world (if Archmaester Marwyn is right and it exists). If we also believe that the Citadel killed off the last dragons, then they would be pretty eager to polish off Daenerys and her three as well, because she and her dragons are threatening to undo all the work the conspirators have done to rid the world of magic. Furthermore, Marwyn tells Samwell Tarly that Aemon Targaryen was allowed “to waste his life upon the wall” because the archmaesters did not trust dragon’s (Targaryen’s) blood. If Myles is indeed part of the conspiracy then he would certainly be at odds with Doran’s plan to bring Dany to Westeros. TWO: Myles is the perfumed seneschal by himself. Using all the evidence above for Myles being against Daenerys and her dragons we could assume that he is indeed plotting against her, but we have no evidence for Ricasso beyond his title. However, what if Myles is already the perfumed seneschal? Ricasso is old and blind, so unless he is as awesome as Maester Aemon someone else undoubtedly takes over most or all of his job for him. A likely candidate for this? Maester Myles. If Myles is helping Ricasso with his job or straight out doing it for him then he could fulfill the requirement of a perfumed seneschal. THREE: Myles will become the perfumed seneschal in AWOW or ADOS Again, using the evidence from above, let us say Myles is treacherous. But we could also say Myles cannot be the perfumed seneschal as Ricasso is officially seneschal no matter what. But if Ricasso is somehow bumped off by a Sand Snake (he could have been trying to stop them orchestrating violence) or Myles himself, or just dies naturally (he is described as old and blind so could be in poor health), then his duties may well fall to Maester Myles, making him the perfumed seneschal.
  13. I don't watch much of anything these days but Succession is a can't miss for me. Fucking love this show and am a bit surprised by the lack of accolades for it here. I once worked for the Murdochs, back in the day, and am absolutely fascinated by the fictional depiction of them on Succession. If there is a better show around someone needs to tell me about it.
  14. Today
  15. It will be interesting to see whether the prices stay high when Disney launches at a more competitive rate. I could see Netflix trying annual discounted membership if they find people are dipping in and out according to releases. Seems crazy you can't get prime originals on prime! I'm hoping WOT, expanse and LOTR don't wind up on some sly SFF prime channel we have to separately pay for.
  16. This makes a lot of sense to me. If you look at Doran Martell's investment in marriage contracts to Targs; I keep wondering if the snippet we get from Barristan Selmy about The Prince is really referring to the Prince of Dorne. A slightly different syntax from 'the prince that was promised'. I'm guessing that the pact signed in secret has something to do with the marriage contract between Viserys and Arianne witnessed by the Sealord of Braavos. When presented to Dany by Quentin, she accepts it's validity even though she is not specifically mentioned. (according to Selmy). As I've mentioned before Doran Martell, seems to have all his bases covered: Rhaegar and Elia, Viserys and Arianne; then Quentyn and Dany and finally, Arianne and Aegon. So we don't have the whole prophecy from the woods witch. The question is why is the Prince of Dorne covering all the bases unless it has something to do with a prophecy. He dared not marry Arianne to anyone, other than offspring of the line of Aerys and Rhaella. Perhaps because the marriage between Rhaegar and Elia was supposed to produce the promised one and then they died. So he now has Sarella following in Oberyn's footsteps at the Citadel, looking for something. But it seems to me that Martel thinks that offspring from the line of Martell and Targaryen are key to something. Perhaps Rhaegar thinks the same thing since he claims that Aegon is the outcome of that prophecy. Perhaps he was told as much by the GoHH/Woods Witch when he went on his solo visits to Summerhall. That might explain why he was happiest visiting a place that is connected to tragedy. So I do see how TPWIP could be a Rhoynish prophecy connected in some way to a messianic prophecy. So if Mel is right and the pwip is also the one who wakes dragons from stone; that leaves Aegon out. It also leaves Dany out since she is not the offspring of Dorne/Valyria. But how can that be if she is the one who wakes dragons from stone? It would mean that she is the offspring of those two bloodlines. That brings ups House Dayne. Perhaps it isn't a comet that shows up on the day of birth, but rather someone born to the falling star of House Dayne.
  17. dbunting

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Midsommar Night Blues

    Currently watching S1 of Mindhunter, not sure why I waited so long to see this. It's a little slow for an episode or two but then the pacing felt better to me. Will be into S2 tomorrow. I like the detailed insight about what they do and how much resistance they faced when starting something new like this.
  18. dbunting

    Best Sitcom Episodes Ever

    No, no, no, that wasn't meant as a "get off my lawn" old man comment. More about what can and can't be made fun of anymore.
  19. Bittersweet Distractor

    TTTNE 475 - for the Honour of Greyskull!

    I can’t say I blame you there, I married a complete sweetheart, she is not feeling good this morning though so I let her have a nice sleep while I got up to deal with mini Sith.
  20. Soylent Brown

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    Amusing how Safiya chunters away endlessly about how popular and amazing Corbyn is whilst simultaneously calling everyone in the thread a Tory. You'd think there'd at least be a couple of Labour voters in here, eh?
  21. Heartofice

    Best Sitcom Episodes Ever

    How did Millenial comedy get so surreal? If its this then well I don't know if I agree with. The article talks about Adult Swim, which is possibly my favourite channel and mentions some of my absolute best comedies (I love Tim and Eric).. but is it really all that representative of millenial humour?
  22. BigFatCoward

    Best Sitcom Episodes Ever

    Just search, guardian, millennial sense of humour, I found it straight away, but can't copy it for some reason.
  23. BigFatCoward

    What's for Dinner part 8.

    I've nearly fallen out with my Mother in Law over this many times. She now understands i'll have a pissy face all day if I don't get a Yorkie, so has sorted herself out.
  24. Watched Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children last night as it was on telly. I must say I didn't recall it being quite so dark when I read the book. It's quite a nice little film actually. Worth watching whether you have read the book or not. But the most valuable player is definitely Eva Green's eye make up, which echoes that of the bird she is named for. I liked the way they made her peregrine and human form blue-tinged. Very cool.
  25. Conflicting Thought

    Best Sitcom Episodes Ever

    Care to share?
  26. The Sunland Lord

    Jon Snow and Julius Caesar

    So can we expect an epic speech by Tormund like that of Antonius? "Friends, freefolk, countrymen, lend me ye ears". Btw I always thought that Robb had more in common with Caesar than Jon.
  27. It seems to me that Rhllor and the Old Gods are the only ones who seem to actually be real. The Drowned God just seems to be some made up concept to justify and encourage the raiding and pillaging lifestyle of the Ironborn. The Seven so far has done absolutely nothing to prove their existence
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