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  2. Also sorry to double post but yeah, someone ass made some comment that went viral about how there were no female SFF authors before JKR and pretty much what you said. Hell Kurtz was 70s and I think Kerr was early 80s.
  3. Oh, I was just naming authors that had big colorful SFF books in the 90s(so when I was in high school) not that they debuted then or have died. Damn, was Michelle West really writing that long ago? I’m like 4 books behind anyway. I will be super sad when Brooks passes. Met him when I was (does math) 13.
  4. RIP Terry, and best wishes for his family. I enjoyed his first few books but the series went a little silly and I dropped it. I admit, I initially read the title of this thread initially as Terry Brooks, and was going oh no. Then I read the replies. Then I double checked and realised my mistake. For a moment there I thought you were saying Weiss/Hickman had died! And Brooks! Made me sad before I checked. The other's I think are from the 90's would be Michelle West (my favourite), Wurts, S. Douglass, Tad Williams, Tanya Huff, Rawn, Katherine Kerr, Kate Elliott, Anne McCaffery, Modesitt, CS Friedman, J.V. Jones, Jane Welch, and Robin Hobb. Actually, I just looked up some of those publishing dates. A few in the late eighties, and boy, I had no idea that Dragonriders of Pern started in the 1960s!!!! Also, looking at that list, I'm once again gobsmacked that anyone doesn't think there were plenty of good female authors in fantasy to grow up with....
  5. Newton looked excellent as well. Hard to be outplayed when a QB plays that well, but Russell was unreal, and that pick 6 was all on the tight end.
  6. No. Directly from the Florida Supreme Court. Still, same principle.
  7. Did Bush v. Gore go to a circuit court?
  8. Whatever whatever that specific circuit court had decided would stand. But that's assuming Roberts would side with the libs.
  9. We wait until Pelosi is sworn in come January for a two week stint as POTUS...the perfect coda to 2020...
  10. If the election gets to SCOTUS but it's a 4-4 vote wtf happens?
  11. I think I would have heard about it if that had stopped being the case.
  12. I know my moral line. If they abuse power to commit mass murder and think its for "the best." I'm not too worried about that though because they dont have much power. Second worst is if they enable and excuse someone else doing it. I think Jon is going to annoy me the most after resurrection because his flaws are going to be heightened. So not only will he probably be impulsive, arrogant, and cruel he might also be an easily fooled sycophant.
  13. Today
  14. At least at the time of the following post, he hasn't. Adding - also based on the earlier characterization of Dany, I'm not sure how much processing happened there either. Dany has massive self-esteem issues from Viserys. Reread her last chapter in ADWD. The whole fire-and-blood-dragons-plant-no-trees thing comes from her bashing herself for not ruling well. Hot-blooded. Sure, sometimes like most people. But a lot of times, she's just a girl, docile, wanting comfort. She wants the house with the red door. She wanted Drago and a family. She feels obligated to go for power and birthright because she has dragons and is the last one left. Also has a deep, unprocessed guilt over Viserys and very complex feelings towards him.
  15. Today I spoke to a business colleague who expressed his trials to due Covid thusly, "all the shows got cancelled, we finally got a nice, lucrative job and then the riots broke out." What I wish I had said, "Rephrase that: you got a nice, lucrative job and then the police executed a man for a misdemeanor in broad daylight on a public street." There ya go. Presuming that they are not actually selling them at a loss, that's the markup on those slippers.
  16. Interesting. Not a single second of that was in the book.
  17. My red line is becoming boring and poorly written characters. All of the Stark kids are playing with some dark elements but I don't want some dull-ass plastic cartoon hero types. I also don't want all of the Starks to fall on the good side team because it undermines the theme of the whole series and I don't expect this at all. I admit I'm frustrated with superfans who go all-in with one family (playing the Game of Thrones - heh), but it's just as off to respond with all of this hate stuff (which is also falling into the Game of Thrones btw). There's a reason chapter titles aren't numbered and are first name only with no family name. Jon - his repressed anger is severe. Also his inferiority complex and ambition. So far he's kept it in check but after the stabbing, the time in Ghost (becoming more wolf than man), kill the boy let the man be born, and how Kings of Winter are hard men for hard times, I expect Jon to be a character who is trying to do the right thing throughout the series, but I expect he will make readers very uncomfortable in the process and struggle navigating what he should do against his personal demons. Sansa - has a pattern of going with the ends justify the means. Think she'll be focused on the right goals, but her means have been learned from Ned (as in don't do this), Cersei, LF, Marg. Arya - she's in a very dark place and it may or may not turn out ok. Bran - his curiosity is all. He can't stop himself from climbing - he falls. He gets bad vibes from what BR is selling (BR comes off as a victim himself) but his curiosity overrides his questions. He knows Hodor is being traumatized but can't help himself. Some pretty awful things have been done in history when curiosity comes before people. Rickon - super dark stuff surrounding him. See nothing good here beyond Osha's influence. The older three kids have a hard split from the younger three in terms of upbringing. When everything falls apart, we see Robb, Jon and Sansa moving into their adult roles. They're further from their instincts and take longer to warg. At the beginning of the story, Bran is only just beginning to get Ned's lessons, something the older three have had more time with. Arya is kept out of this. Rickon was too young and Ned was only beginning to notice he needed help keeping his emotions in check. The younger three kids who never started on their adult roles all took to warging much faster and more naturally. The older three are going to rely on the tradition of their upbringing more and this will be a moral anchor. But they won't see as well outside the box. Bran, Arya and Rickon are more free-spirited but lack the moral anchor the older ones had the opportunity to learn. But they also won't be bound by the learned rules of Westeros and may be the link to really putting things together. Weirdly, seems like all of the Stark kids are set up to have big problems with identity issues. Jon/Ghost confusion which is already happening. Also learning his parents. Sansa is method-acting as Alayne and had to act the whole time she was captive in KL to save her life. Arya is going through the FM thing which is an evil thing to do to a developing child. Same with exposing Bran to all of the stuff in the trees at his age. Rickon is so tied to Shaggy at 3/4- that's so not healthy.
  18. lol! Chafing? I find a bit of medical (strapping) tape over each solves that problem. But good work on the run. Just realised I don't think I've run for more than 10k at a time in over a year now.... Do kinda miss it.
  19. Donald Trump is still alive.
  20. So, I've missed the last two threads. Apart from RBG dying, anything else of particular note happen?
  21. Today should have been a legs day for me but a few hours of gardening left my hamstrings feeling a bit tight from holding a bent-over posture for too long. So I decided to defer for a day and hopefully avoid an injury. I’ll see how they’re feeling tomorrow.
  22. Good run, but is the temperature really that onerous? I know marathon runners prefer something like 10-15C, but a 10K wouldn’t be so bad. 23C is only 73F, and 25C is 77F. Those are warm days for sure, but any summer running will be in hotter temps than that (in the US at least). I’ve played soccer tournaments at 110F, with four games over two days (easily 5k+ per game). And that was an official temperature of 110F: which means it was 110F in the shade, except there was no shade. And I’ve played plenty of games in weather that was 90F plus 90% relative humidity.
  23. Abandoning Maester Aemon while dying makes him worse, not more excusable. Mance devoted himself to saving people and working against the Others which is actually the main purpose the NW. It can be argued that Mance is one of the few NW actually keeping his oath, or at least the oldest and most important part of it. Daeron was whoring. Given singers in this series are rather questionable and highly associated with liars though some are better than others (Mance is also a singer and a trickster figure) and we see Daeron go to whoring at the first chance, this clues us in that Daeron probably did what he was accused of and apparently learned nothing from it.
  24. Great game by Wilson. A couple of years ago he seemed to really lack receiving options and had to keep going back to Doug Baldwin, but now he’s slinging the ball to anyone they put on the field. Not a great day for the Seattle secondary though. One safety ejected, and then his replacement got injured. The other safety was huge at blitzing late week but he got destroyed in coverage this week. It’s a work in progress.
  25. Arya - If she goes all in with the Faceless Men or starts killing innocents, then I'm booting her off my favorites list. Fortunately I don't see that happening. Yes, she is on a dark path, but I'm confident something will cause her to veer off before the end. Sansa - I have trouble seeing her crossing red lines. She's too nice. If she turns into LF 2.0 and ceases to care about others on her way upwards, I will be seriously worried. But I don't see that happening, or lasting long if it does. I think the likelihood of her murdering Sweetrobin is essentially nil. It's not really in her nature. Jon and Bran I can imagine going bad, but I'm not sure exactly how. I can see an UnJon being a problem though.
  26. A change from their normal irrational hatred of the Starks at least.
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