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  2. Martell Spy

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    Sean Hannity Breaks Out His Most Orwellian Defense Of Trump Yet The Fox News host has a bonkers new claim about the president’s request for a “favor” from Ukraine.https://www.huffpost.com/entry/sean-hannity-trump-favor_n_5dafd60fe4b0422422cdcced
  3. R2D

    Gender relations in Westeros

    Can a woman really refuse though? Lyanna couldn't get out of her betrothal with Robert even though she didn't want to marry him, Lysa was forcibly married off to Jon Arryn, later we even see Tywin trying to override Cersei and marry her off to Willas even though she was Regent. And sooner or later she will have to be married and will not be able to get out of having sex with her husband. And I think Ygritte genuinely wanted to save Jon, not lead him into a trap. She steps in to save Jon from Mance by telling him they were sleeping together.
  4. karaddin

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    Fair point, my brain was in awe of the beauty and didn't parse it properly
  5. Lord Varys

    Gender relations in Westeros

    Well, unlike the average noble daughter/woman Jon could not refuse. A woman can technically refuse to be married and does not risk being killed if she does - Jon very much was in this situation. Recasting this thing as 'a love story' when it was essentially rape certainly shows a weird romantic understanding on part of both the author and the readers who see this as a love story. If one takes a step back then Ygritte is, in the end, just a honey trap, possibly even used by Mance, to ensure Jon gets corrupted enough to join the wildlings. She puts him in a moral dilemma by essentially making him love her by, you know, means of them having sex - which causes you to bond on via hormones and all even if you do not really want it (especially in as young an age as Jon was).
  6. R2D

    Gender relations in Westeros

    Yeah people make a big deal about Jon/Ygritte, and him having little choice in sleeping with her or to risk being exposed, but marriage in Westeros is basically sex slavery where the woman has no options to get out of save killing herself. Jon at least didn't seem to have any lasting material suffering and enjoyed it.
  7. Lord Varys

    Gender relations in Westeros

    Sorry, that's just wrong, no matter what your opinion on the matter is. Queen Rhaella turned out to be nothing but an impotent queen-consort who was even blamed for 'her inability to produce healthy children'. George could have taken a dozen or more roads with her, some of which could have involved her actually taking charge or stepping in for her mad brother-husband during his more mad episodes (not to mention her getting a voice during the Duskendale crisis). Instead, Queen Rhaella - who is essentially a character that was only flashed out as late as TWoIaF - is one of the worst female characters in the series. Another thing is that George clearly uses most background female characters just as baby machines. They must have been there - like Lyarra Stark - to produce the characters, but that's it. They play no role aside from that. The best way to illustrate this is that, unlike in the real world, many of the Targaryen queens as well as many of the wives and mothers of the characters in the main series predeceased their husbands. In reality there were dowager queens who remarried multiple times after their husbands' deaths, who grew old enough to see their grandsons or great-grandsons ascend the throne. And it gets even worse in the later Targaryen era. Myriah Martell seems to have predeceased Daeron II, too. Dyanna Dayne is already dead by 209 AC, Betha Blackwood apparently did not outlive Aegon V, Shaera Targaryen apparently did not live into the reign of her son, Aerys II, despite her being younger than Jaehaerys II and her surviving Summerhall. Naerys Targaryen predeceased her brother-husband, Larra Rogare, too, etc. As I said somewhere above - a realistic depiction of the birthing bed issues would mean that we would have a much larger percentage of children dying in infancy and childhood with some more - especially royal and noble - mothers living through the ordeal. If you check on royal mothers dying in childbirth then the issues killing them more often than not also caused the deaths of the children - something that's not the case with the most prominent mothers dying in childbirth in the story - Rhaella Targaryen, Joanna Lannister, and Lyanna Stark. It is also quite clear that women who happen to be still around - like Alannys Harlaw Greyjoy - essentially are reduced to non-existing characters.
  8. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    Is the hound Sansa's 'new direwolf'?

    Just because it's in Jon's nature to not mistreat women doesn't mean he & Sansa are compatible. He probably wouldn't try to skip over her inheritance & they may work together to revive WF but again nothing to suggest he would value her opinion or even listen to it. He didn't listen to Ygritte. I understand why he didn't listen to her but he still didn't. Besides the fact that it's incest. Sansa & Jon barely know each other & don't particularly like each other. Don't get me wrong, I would like to see that change & hopefully it will now that Sansa has changed but there is still nothing indicating a romantic relationship between them. I'm not arguing Sandor is a good match for Sansa, I'm arguing Jon isn't. Also that there are signs pointing to a potential relationship between Sandor & Sansa (romantic or platonic) while we don't really have that with Jon
  9. Corvinus

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    Is it a reflection? The ice below, even distorted, still looks way different from the ice above. I've seen a theory that the structure in the ice is really a super star destroyer.
  10. R2D

    A closer look at Roslin Frey

    The wiki gives the earliest date of his birth at 274 AC.
  11. Consigliere

    Football: dropping clangers and scoring bangers

    Yeah, I'd say it was probably a foul but once the on field ref didn't give it, there was no chance of VAR overturning that decision based on what we've seen in the EPL this season. The bar for "clear and obvious" is set so high that we've seen numerous incidents far more obvious than this one where the VAR upheld the original decision by the ref. Thus far in the EPL, VAR has only been useful for offsides. In all other incidents the VAR has just deferred to the refs original decision.
  12. R2D

    Saddest chapters in ASOIAF

    Jeez, Sansa stans always take the slightest offence at anything. I'm saying that homophobia has multiple layers and assuming everyone is straight is another way in which it impacts gay people. (Yeah, I know, Sansa probably doesn't even know gay people exist, I get it). I'm not calling Sansa homophobic. And don't say someone is "a homosexual", it has negative connotations.
  13. Alexis-something-Rose

    Spotted Sylva did it

    something weird happened. I will post it when it's done.
  14. Inkdaub

    Small unworthy things - as you were

    I tried to explain Petman to the grocery clerk but she wasn't having it. I tried to warn her about Big Dog and Little Dog and the mechanical cheetah and the one that climbs walls. I told her to enjoy today because it's not looking good. She said we were on a trajectory for love to win out. Love will win out. We're on that trajectory. Those were her words. Also I can't go to that store anymore because it looks like they stopped stocking my favorite soda.
  15. IheartIheartTesla

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    It is quite likely there is a Biden gaffe for every occasion, but as a matter of strategy someone should look at what kind of censure he got for those remarks (for instance, did the head of the NAACP condemn the remarks then). Regardless of strategy, Democrats should also have their feet held to the fire when they make racially insensitive remarks. Still remember 2008 when Biden made quite a few of them but it didnt matter as much then. Good god, I dont look forward to 2020 if he becomes the nominee. I cant bring myself to defend him more than half-heartedly.
  16. Today
  17. Red Tiger

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    Dayumn, Kitty is brutal in this issue. Awesome, but vicious use of her powers.
  18. Elegant Woes

    Is the hound Sansa's 'new direwolf'?

    Yes Sandor and Sansa did interact a lot but in all of their interactions the Hound is always calling her stupid and mocking her interest and/or beliefs. Intelligence being questioned has always been a sore spot for Sansa and by the look at her crippling self-esteem in AFFC it's clear that Sandor's verbal abuse affected her deeply. Based on this no one can say in good faith that Sansa and Sandor are compatible. I admit I made a huge assumption in my last reply, but based on Jon's personality it's fair to assume that he would not treat Sansa so awfully like Sandor does. Based on the trajectory of Sansa's narrative, the foreshadowing in her chapters, the basic outline we got from the show, and the complimentary skills of both of them it's highly likely that Jon and Sansa will work together to reclaim Winterfell in TWOW. Since Jon would never ever overstep his boundaries when it comes to the inheritance of the Starks, he would of course value the input of Sansa and listen to her. To assume otherwise is to disregard who Jon is.
  19. Springwatch

    Is the hound Sansa's 'new direwolf'?

    Um. Jon told Ygritte her name was pretty because Sansa had told him that was the way to talk to girls. Sorry. Couldn't resist.
  20. The Young Maester

    Why does Balon Greyjoy want to attack the North?

    Asha would probably accept it. Seeing as she has more brain cells than balon. Allying yourself with the other kingdom trying to break free, and you might be more successful. Quellon well I’m not sure since he wanted to be more integrated with the mainland, not separated. Euron is a bloody wildcard. He’ll probably take the offer and than betray Robb later down the road. Victorian is also a wildcard for me, he is as dumb as Balon (probably dumber). Both Victorian and balon make the dumb and dumber duo (but I still love Victorian).
  21. Mark Antony

    Football: dropping clangers and scoring bangers

    I think it’s a foul but once the ref doesn’t call it I don’t think it’s clear and obvious enough to overturn the refs decision imo
  22. Loge


    What map are you looking at? The US has withdrawn.
  23. Springwatch

    Is the hound Sansa's 'new direwolf'?

    Dontos fails the test too, unfortunately. Even though, as well said earlier, he is also pretty terrific - taking huge risks for her, giving good advice, boosting her confidence and so on. The downside is he does grope her a bit, and wants kisses in return for his help. Worse he betrays her greatest hope, escape with the Tyrells. And he never asks her if she wants to trust her life to Littlefinger. Which leaves Garlan. I don't know what to think. Doesn't seem possible that this one guy in the whole sorry list of suitors could be just nice. What does it mean to be a Lannister with thorns anyway? Sansa takes a lot of defending, I know. Stick around.
  24. Raja

    Football: dropping clangers and scoring bangers

    As I said, it's close enough that I can see it going either way. To me, it is not at all as black & white as you make it out to be.
  25. ants

    Football: dropping clangers and scoring bangers

    Harsh during open play? No. But for a goal? Hell yes. You can’t kick players. Full stop. It’s as black and white as Mane touching the ball. You can’t kick players. Doesn’t matter if Origi goes down or not. Should have been treated the same as the Mane goal.
  26. Ran

    The Deuce

    I really don't think so. Vinnie is going to be the guy that got away, the guy who thirty years later tells a couple of screenwriters about him and his twin brother working for the mob around Times Square in the 70s and 80s.
  27. iberiandirewolf

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    The first time I read ADwD, I had Bylar by Dead Can Dance playing during Jon's last chapter. I was so shocked and my hands were sweaty whilst reading it, the built up tension that led to the final scene... And somehow every time I hear this song it reminds me of that. I love it/makes me feel edgy at the same time.
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