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  2. Adam Targaryen

    funny or annoying translation mistakes

    In one of the Swedish translations, the Reach is translated as "Ödemarkerna", which means "the desolation", "the wastelands" or "the deserted grounds". That's an extremely inappropriate name for the most fertile region in all of Westeros. I'm guessing that the translator thought that something which is a "reach" of land is very outstretched and that it therefore has to be a desert, since it sounds like it is only a vast, outstretched land without anything on it (such as forests, rivers or lakes). (But there is a good translation of it too, where it's translated as "Vidderna", which means "the wide expanses" or something similar, and therefore does not carry the meaning that the land is empty or deserted).
  3. kissdbyfire

    Book Winterfell in 3D by Shadiversity

    It's totally amazing. Just watched it again, and loved it even more the 2nd time.
  4. Tywin et al.

    NFL 2019: After A Quarter, Are They Who We Thought They Were?

    Yeah, that whole trading Diggs thing….we can forget about that. The Vikings might be the most complete team when Cousins is just average.
  5. The Wolves

    What if elia and children survive

    The only ones who prayed for Aerys reign to end was the rebels. The realm prospered with Aerys as King and that was because he had a Hand like Tywin and only bothered the nobility. The small folk were good with Aerys reign. Yes a real discussion was needed. If you’re going to throw a country into chaos and disposing their 300 year old dynasty and put someone else there than yes a discussion is needed. Having discussions about someone ruling millions of people prevents shit like The War of the Five Kings. I would like someone to sit and talk about the best possible person who should rule over me and mine. And I’m glad someone else agrees that the rebels were stupid. I don’t think the rebels thought that Rhaegar was mad at all. I don’t remember the book having anything like that. Anyways Westeros deserved a better king than what the Rebels gave them. And I’ll die on this hill.
  6. Littlefinger is meant to be a dangerous man, highly intelligent and amoral. The one flaw he has is his obsession with Catelyn Stark. He will do the illogical, recorrect his plans, all for Catelyn or her daughter, Sansa. It’s going to be his undoing.
  7. IheartIheartTesla

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    Who cares? We should stop giving oxygen to the right wing machine by by going on their turf and endlessly debating the smears they come out with. The best way to defend this is to ignore it. The strategy from the right is quite clear and has been for many election cycles, take 1 issue and keep plugging away at it until it defines the opposing candidate. Flip-flopping for Kerry, birth certificate for Obama, Benghazi for Hillary and now 'Pocahontas' + pregnancy for Warren. The left has never been able to do this in turn....but the best way to tackle it is to not define you by playing defense all the time.
  8. Since the show already talked about annulment rather than either a 2nd marriage or lawfully putting a wife aside without removing the children from succession I didn’t expect Dany to back Jon. I just expected her to question his legitimacy, then offer it once she’s queen. His children would be heir to their house since she’s convinced she can’t have children anyway, and once Sansa or other pushed for him to be king or at the very least pushed for a marriage knowing their relationship (fine for a Targaryen but in the show it’s outright said “is it normal for the north to marry an aunt”) I expected it to go badly. It still could have had Dany saying she was Queen. burning Kind's landing, and Jon being pulled between two names. I even expected some kind of mad plan about how she would “break the wheel” that would have hurt Jon’s siblings. What we got though was her being unwilling to even talk about it, burning down King’s landing, and then she offers to build a new world with him. I’m not even sure what they were going for, and everyone who thinks they did seems to have a different view on it. On who is the better leader... Jon he didn’t really lead. He got stabbed in the night’s watch but the main plot was left out from the book so it seems like that was far more random. Just for letting the wildling past? I feel like they should have killed him before he went to get them. He failed to get the north on side against Ramsay Bolton, and then left quickly returning having given up his crown. Sansa didn’t either though. She basically let Jon go to battle with an army way too small knowing the Vale was a call away. We see some “leading” from her later as she lets the lord’s vent their frustration at Jon but that was just for the silly plot where her an Arya are set against each other. Bran bails them out of that apparently but it’s a deleted scene. Dany does terrible ruling meereen, Tyrion somewhat fixes it and she turns up and kills things with dragons at the end. I guess she has less failures but no successes at all. The cities other than meereen are retaken before this so I assume she said "do as I say I have dragons" and then left.
  9. The Wolves

    What if elia and children survive

    I’m sure that surrounded by thousands of men who just declared you king and surrounded by the likes of Jon Arryn(no matter if he was dumb as fuck) and Ned Stark(who we saw immediately think of Cersei’s children when he was about to expose her)someone would have thought to say “oh yeah, there is still a Mad King, the newly crown Prince who is a baby, his sister and their 8 yr old uncle, what do we do with them?” Robert was just crowned king, there was definite talk about Rhaegar’s heirs and the rest of the royal family. Even the Rebels aren’t that dumb. I don’t know why people constantly try to argue the idea that Aegon would have punished the rebels in later years for someone he wouldn’t have remembered. Why would you throw your kingdom in chaos for something or someone you wouldn’t remember? This is a stupid ass argument used to excuse the evil actions of monsters who had no business taking the throne. Rhaegar took a girl and even than a war didn’t start. It was Aerys who started it and Jon Arryn lit it aflame when he declared war and bought war and destruction to the realm along with the rebels. Rhaegar played his part and I will never deny that. But he had a few men at his call while the rebels and king had thousands. It was their fault. The idea that the rebels had no choice but to crown Robert is bullshit and just that. Like I said many monarchs throughout history has been disposed and their heirs and descendants were put on the throne and the world kept spinning. Plus if children need to die for you to have something than maybe you shouldn’t have it in the first place. Like I said having Targ blood is a plus. Robert was named because men saw him kill the better man and they got as wet as the females concerning Robert. If having Targaryen blood was such a requirement than maybe they should have used the fully alive Targaryens like Aegon or Viserys.
  10. Corvinus

    Upcoming TV Series of 2019/2020 - Your most anticipated shows

    Can't believe HBO passed on this.
  11. Caligula_K3

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    I haven't downloaded Epic yet, but it's probably only a matter of time. There are a few exclusives there I really want to play, like The Outer Wilds and The Outer Worlds (though if the latter gets a good Switch port, I'll probably just buy it there). I can't say I'm a big fan of the way they've been aggressively pursuing exclusives, but I also can't say I'm outraged about it, and the idea of giving more of a cut to developers is a good one. Coming close to the end of my replay of Mass Effect 2, with just a couple more loyalty missions to go. It's such a phenomenal game and definitely has one of the best Bioware casts... minus Jacob. Ugh, Jacob. I like Mass Effect 3 a lot more than many other people, ending aside, but the series definitely lost something by having you work for the Alliance again, turning Shepherd into a more military hero, and making Cerberus into generic baddies.
  12. Alexis-something-Rose

    Harrenhal's tourney, then what?

    I wonder though if Aerys's presence at Harrenhal was really meant to ruin Rhaegar's plans. Aerys did not leave the Red Keep since the Defiance of Duskendale. This was the first time people got to actually see him in the flesh. In the World book, it says that people were appalled by his appearance and he was not behaving like a sane man. So whatever rumors there were about him, the lords that were present there got to see first hand not just what Aerys looked like now, but also the madness. By contrast, you have Rhaegar who is completely unlike his father, entering the joust and winning. If push comes to shove, who will the lords throw their weight behind? The king who has lost his mind or his son? I think that's the purpose Aerys's presence at Harrenhal served. Maybe that's what Rhaegar wanted all along, or maybe Varys took it upon himself to make sure Aerys was at Harrenhal so that everyone could get a could look at him.
  13. The Young Maester

    What if elia and children survive

    Nah they just thought that The targaryen dynasty had run its course. No doubt many in the realm (including the rebels) were praying for the mad king to die and Rhaegar to take over. But once the whole thing about kidnapping and burning lords alive happened, It seemed that both the king and crown prince were not a choice. A real discussion wasn’t needed. The only reasonable choice was to crown Robert at this point. To the Rebels it seemed crowning another Targaryen would be suicide and might lead to another mad king. Dont forget many of the rebels thought Rhaegar had the same madness Aerys had.
  14. Today
  15. A Horse Named Stranger

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    I saw some EU politician suggesting this could lead to NATO getting drawn into this. I don't think it will go that far. I don't think NATO covers wars of aggressions/invasions (first person to not say Yugoslavia gets a cookie, you ahve to go to the shop and treat yourself but you deserved it). And I think as soon as Russia backed Syria starts to flex its muscles there a bit, things will calm down. As for the Kurds it's a shame, but that's how this story was always going to end. They should have striked a deal with Assad and Iran (the real players in this region) a year ago from a position of relative strength. They kinda missed that opportunity.
  16. DarkLord

    Shouldn’t Robb have been betrothed at least?

    I think Ned had a few problems with being a Lord and the fact after the rebellion his whole family had died (he had Robb from a wife he had known for two weeks and was supposed to marry his brother, Jon and then ben who joined the night's watch suspiciously quickly). He didn't have any plans for any of his kids and even Jon goes to the wall(or gets an "Ok" anyway) because he doesn't know what else to do with him. He's had 14 years to consider something and he doesn't consider anything past the first suggestion. Sansa being married to joffrey was just because Robert said so. The whole "promise me" thing haunts him. If it was "protect X" then you can bet he went over the top and sheltered his children way too much. He could do so though because not everyone expects a betrothal that young. Not with someone like Robb who would have been the prize anyway. We see lots of people married off young, but a lot of the more powerful family heir's like edmure, arianne, renly etc who are older and nobody is asking why they aren't married.
  17. A Horse Named Stranger

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    It wasn't a pointless QS if it layed the groundwork for May's WA to pass. As the Bercow ruling said, the Goverment should not spam parliament with the same piece of legislature in the same session. I still think/hope that was the entire point of htis excercise, and not just pissing away some time. As for the other news link. That was presumably not the tiny British dick waving around the world from the other thread anti targ meant. I know horrible joke, about a horrible person, but it was too tempting to no make it, given that the last post of the previous thread ventured into that imagery.
  18. BigFatCoward

    Upcoming TV Series of 2019/2020 - Your most anticipated shows

    It could be more like Pacific and less like BoB.
  19. The Young Maester

    Harrenhal's tourney, then what?

    Aerys arrival at the tourney ruined Rhaegars plans. No doubt Varys was whispering about plots and betrayal at Harrenhal. I think Rhaegar was going to call a great council of sorts. In this great council the great lords would vote on whether to depose the mad king. Rhaegar probably knew that Aerys wasn’t going to go down without a fight, so it’s likely that a civil war to put Rhaegar on the throne would’ve happened.
  20. Paladin of Ice

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    I'm inclined to agree with True Kaniggit. Even if there is some clash where a few Syrian and Turks shoot each other or blow each other up, a full scale war is pretty unlikely. I remember in 2016 people whining about how Clinton's "hawkishness" was going to WWIII between Russia and the U.S. once a Russian plane got shot down by accident or something in a potential no fly zone. That ignored all the times during the Cold War that Soviet and American planes got shot down or once side got caught spying or <insert provocative action here> and the missiles didn't fly, because both sides knew there was nothing to gain and the provocation wasn't worth the cost of war. Hell, December 2016 a Turkish police officer assassinated a Russian ambassador on like TV. Russia and Turkey didn't go to war, they both shrugged and moved on, even though a lot of Turks were furious about what Russians and Russian supported Syria were doing in Aleppo. Same way we didn't hear shit from Russia after wiping out a group of their soldiers and Syrian patsies in 2018. Russia made up an excuse and some propaganda to save face and moved on. To a dictator like Erdogan, Putin, and Assad, a few deaths, especially among soldiers, are just the cost of doing business and staying in power, which is more than worth it. You make up a story, you spin it to look good, and you move on. The only X-factors are what happens if one side can't put a good spin on things, and exactly how determined Erdogan is to wipe out the Kurds and make sure that they're dealt with for good.
  21. ljkeane

    Fourth Quarter 2019 Reading

    I'm a bit slow with my reading at the moment but I finished Miles Cameron's Bright Steel which was a good end to the series. Cameron's fantasy books are consistently good reads so far. Next up I'm going to read A Little Hatred which seems to have caught the attention of the board more than most new books do nowadays.
  22. ummester

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    Time is relative - even GRRM said he doesn't want people to stress about whether the time and distances are accurate to the expense of the narrative. If we had to speed Hitler up into 60 mins, righteous would fairly adequately cover it. no? Between the world order and anti German Jewish sentiment in the 30s, he saw himself as the righteous Savior of Germany and at least half of Germany saw him the same way, at that time. NB, as always, I am not trying to say D&D are good story tellers, just that the story as a whole, as presented in season 8, does make an overarching (though poorly told) sense and that I think it is more modern politics than any kind of narrative appreciation that stops us seeing this.
  23. Lord Patrek

    Amazing Book Deals: The Third

    The Legends of Camber of Culdi trilogy by Katherine Kurtz is 2.99$ on Kindle.
  24. Danelle

    Saddest chapters in ASOIAF

    Barristan, Eddard and Cersei have their sad Rhaegar related moments as well. Only Dany thinks of Rhaegar without feeling sad but then again she had never met him.
  25. Bittersweet Distractor

    TTTNE 476 - the ghost of series past

    In my mind not saying goodbye is very rude of her. The board games thing I can understand maybe she just isn’t that into but she should make an effort, or just say she’s not into it and suggest something else rather than complaining to your son about it imo. I may well be needing your advice about how to deal with teenagers in another 11 years or so!.
  26. matt b

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hunting Minds

    FABULOUS parenting decision.
  27. aceluby

    Exercise & Fitness: Summer Bodies (TBD)

    Total # of reps. I'm doing a German Volume Training program for the next 6 weeks, which means a superset of two 10x10 compound movements (chest/back, quads/glutes, shoulders/arms) and then a 3x15 superset of two isolated movements - with 90 seconds of rest between each superset. Monday is chest/back, but last week the pushups were a bit too easy so I went with a 10x12 with pushups and 10x10 reverse fly's. Isolations were 3x15 chest fly and 3x15 bent row. 10 weeks into my 12 week program and am down 10 lbs, but have increased in strength significantly, so I'd guess 15 lbs of fat lost and ~5 lbs of muscle gained. Starting to actually see some results now.
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