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  2. Runaway Penguin

    Arya the Explorer

    North had naval force. White Harbor, House Manderly. In books this is even emphasized with Lord Wyman building more warships in secrecy. Moreover Arya does not really need a serious warship for exploration. Good long range trading ship would serve her better (GRRM has an unhealthy obsession with galleys, the ship she had was far better suited for the task :))
  3. I agree. It was the sudden heavy-handed moralism that I found surprising
  4. Nerevanin

    Meereen: any theories?

    Yeah. I also think that there is no chance the "Dany's Meereen" is still a thing in S8 (or even S7).
  5. You mean a kid who joined a military order and committed treason? Are you trying to justify treason?
  6. It was the terrible storytelling, and the sudden attempt to make this a morality tale, that I found insulting (and surprising!). I'm a huge fan of rug-pulling and revelation, if handled competently in a story and built into the fabric of the drama, but the need to use Tyrion to awkwardly point out why we need to revise our opinion of Dany was pretty cheap
  7. Ser Yorick Ampersand

    The Ending Was very conventional

    Bloodraven is 125 years old. The Weirwood tree prolongued his life. They sort of fused together but he is very weak and has little time left (sleeps a lot). The Hive Mind that is the 3EyedRaven has lasted thousands of years. But it needs a vessel (body) probably only greenseers can be that vessel. So no. Bran wont live a thousand years. His life span will be normal. But he could try to pass his "mind" to another body.
  8. The Coconut God

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    I agree that he has to lose, but not to the Boltons. The Boltons are much weaker end game material than Stannis. I understand that the show focused an entire season on Ramsay vs the Starks, but I'd call that a side quest more than story progression, and they had to deviate quite a lot from the books in order to have it happen anyway. Keep in mind Jon doesn't need to prove himself in battle to become KitN because Robb's will exists in the books. The pack absolutely has to pay off, but we've clearly seen that Arya can serve as a PoV for them and maybe even control Nymeria regardless of where she is. Arya doesn't need to come to the Riverlands for the gun to be fired.
  9. It can also be not Bran's plan but D&D's plan. Tyrion is GRRM's favorite, fan favorite and probably also D&D favorite. I myself predicted years ago that it would be Tyrion who ends on the throne when all is set and done. Making Bran the king may be a way to avoid this predictability (similar to "we made Arya kill the NK 'cause Jon would be too predictable") but still get the "right" end because Tyrion ends up being the Hand and we can assume that it will be he who makes the most decisions. This is exactly the line why I made this thread. If Bran didn't say it, there wouldn't be a problem. Yeah. That line "Why do you think I came here?" completely changed the perspective of Bran. Or has the potential to change it based on how you interpret it. If you interpret it as that Bran, the emotionless robot-tree, suddenly throws arond jokes (there is another one when he leaves the small council and says "I'm sure the way you cheer for me will get better."), it's straight up bad writing. But you can also interpret it as that Bran is evil to an extent and a schemer and he manipulated all the characters to be "where they are supposed to be" so he becomes the king. The question is why? Because he was denied the chance to be a knight as he always wanted, so now takes the crown as a consolation prize? Or because the NK mark infected him with evil and he is on the way to be transformed into the next NK? Or does he know that all the other candidates for king / queen would do a much worse job than him? I think that it would be a cool plottwist if we found out at the end that Bran is in fact evil, he played everyone and he plans something bad. I admit that all this time stuff is a bit too complicated for my brain but I remember that when I was asking about how it is possible that the Bran in S1 knows Hodor saying "hodor" when it is Bran's future self who goes to the past and causes Hodor to become Hodor, I was told that the time is like a river. The way the river flows is set and cannot be changed and Bran is just allowed to walk on the banks of the river and watch the flow. The fact that Bran saw in his vision in S4 Drogon flying over KL, Cersei burning the Sept and Jon fighting with WW (iirc) seems to support this theory. If this is true, the crucial decisions wouldn't play any role because everything is already predetermined. I'm not saying I believe or not believe it, I just wanted to share it.
  10. Ser Glendon Fireball

    Now that is Over - Let's rank best and worst!

    Top Pretty much everyone's acting, esp. Alfie, Peter, Lena, Emilia, Sophie, Charles, Nicolaj, Jack. Seasons 3 & 4: Thrones in the sheer way: schemes, battles, character developments, fights, drama, treason, love, duty, friendship Secondary book characters that turned out to really light up the screen in the show: Oberyn, Tywin, Jorah, Joffrey, Varys, and others. CGI Ed Sheeran Flop almost everything since S5EP1 these plots in particular: Meereen, Dorne, the "Long Night", R+L=J Jaime's arc -NCW was so good though! some characters were more relevant in the books: Baelish, Mance, Catelyn... Euron deserved better!
  11. Here's my annual column on the top baby names in the U.S.A. of the previous year. As you can see I am a stubborn person about the correct pronunciation of Arya. https://www.omaha.com/living/cleveland-evans-jackson-sophia-were-most-popular-baby-names-in/article_42538506-0384-5823-94e8-6343c5ebe0d2.html
  12. Kajjo

    So...what was the final WTF moment ?

    For me it is Daenerys turning berserk in E5. That is a real twist and turning point. Jon killing Daenerys was expected at that moment.
  13. Yes, I expect so, too. The books will be subtle as well, surprises are valid, but he will build up better to it.
  14. Gorn

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    After watching the GoT finale, I have a strong urge to reinstall Crusader Kings II. The last expansion I played was Monks and Mystics, which was meh. Did anyone play Jade Dragon and Holy Fury, and are they any good? Minor spoilers for the GoT finale, but I'll tag them just in case. I saw a bunch of total conversion modes based on Elder Scrolls, Middle Earth, Witcher, etc. - are any of them as good as the Game of Thrones mod, or at least near it?
  15. We will have to agree to disagree To me, it seems like we started watching a complex GRR Martin story and finished watching a fairytale for kids... And in the shift, all the characters suffered. I'm so grateful to the actors though who truly stuck with it to the end and gave excellent performances.
  16. Yeah :-) Yes, unfortunately, it own success caused the dumbing down, the turning towards mainstream. Not so daring anymore, not provocative, less sexually attractive scenes. Yes, they had other priorities then. CGI-dragons sold the story, not the most clever intrigue. Yes, that's a valid summary.
  17. The thing is, probably you or I would talk about razing our enemies' cities to the ground if we were hiding from incendiary bombs that they were lobbing all around us (as in Season 6, Episode 9). We might not mean it literally. They should have shown her doing it, while looking on impassively as civilians burn. As it happens, I think Daenerys will take a very dark turn in TWOW, if it's ever published, but it will take place over the course of the novel.
  18. Winterfella

    Amazing Book Deals: The Third

    The Tooth Fairy by Graham Joyce is currently $2.99 on US Kindle
  19. Pacala

    So...what was the final WTF moment ?

    they gave 3+ WTF moments. they subverted that too.
  20. Agreed. Yes. I can see how people have better ideas of telling, but that does not make the story bad or the character unpredictable.
  21. divica

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    At the moment I think it would be more interesting if she ends stealing whatever the faceless in the citadel is after. It would conect the faceless to the major story and giver her something important to do.
  22. Feather Crystal

    Heresy 221 and the Children of Winterfell

    GRRM has fleshed out the Targaryen family tree, not because he has a passion for them over the Starks, but because he safely can. There are no secrets there, which makes the mysterious Stark family tree look more suspect. GRRM has positioned the Starks as the heroes. We identify with them more, because we're privy to their internal dialogue. We understand them, so even when they do questionable things, we don't judge their behavior as "bad" or "evil".
  23. I agree with that main principle quite a lot. They did show Daenerys' character well enough. Sometimes dialogue is a way to show it, like someone talking out of outrageous intentions. Concerning season 8 I agree that it was very rushed. But that does not make the storyline bad, just the telling.
  24. Killed Olly. I don't think it subverted expectations, it just felt cheap. I think the problem is with how they tell stories, at least in the last few seasons. They try to hide who characters are, or give us reason to believe that other character traits are stronger, so that they can reveal the true nature of the character in a surprise moment. I feel the last seasons are full of that type of storytelling. An example of this: Jon says he wants to support Dany even after the horrors she has brought. Tyrion has a long speech about why killing her is the right thing to do. When Jon leaves, he says something about how she is the queen or some such thing. Why? To attempt to hide his intention from the viewer. When he goes to meet Daenerys, we are supposed to think that he will not kill her after all, since she is his queen. Then he takes her in his arms and repeats that she is is queen. And only then does he stab her. I would have preferred that they didn't try to hide his intention. Don't hide who he is until the very last moment. It would have been much better if he had walked into Tyrion's cell and started the conversation saying "Tyrion, I know what I have to do but I don't know if I can do it." We don't need surprises. Gods, it's as if surprises is the only tool in the storytellers' toolbox.
  25. Hm, I recommend not to feel insulted, but educated and entertained. It is nice to suddenly comprehend what might feel good or sound good is not good after all. Such a moral of a fairy tale is awesome. If they succeeded, then enjoy it. You are not alone. You learned from it. Everything's fine. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Daenerys is a prime example for it. She actually has warm-hearted feelings sometimes, but she obviously from the beginning on showed traits of violence, brutality and ruthlessness. That's it. Very good summary. GRRM did well. Yes, I see it that way.
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