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  2. The funniest part about the ancestry of Jon being completely irrelevant is that this was, allegedly, what landed them the job. That they figured it out. I'm actually laughing IRL right now while typing.
  3. Darksnider05

    Why didn't Lyanna write to Eddard?

    Most likely Ashara Dayne told him, which led to the death of her brother and she may have killed herself afterwards along with her miscarriage. Or she snuck off to be Septa Lemore.
  4. In fire and blood, they mention that Saera was dead to Jaehaerys, but at the end it was said that he thought that she returned to him from the narrow seas. Did Jaehaerys want her back too despite what he said to Alysanne? .
  5. Bear Claw

    The Wall

    How did Sam get out of the Night's Watch?
  6. CrypticWeirwood

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    What's the connection between Bran the Breaker and Bran the Broken?
  7. OK, let's all calm down... Let's look at how bad it could have been. An emergency broadcast that a death-meteor was imminent and the world was going to end (excepting cockroaches, of course). The happy ending we all craved (secretly) where all the stars settle into a bourgeois life, punctuated with some spice, like life-partners Jamie and Briene occasionally having Tormund over for a threesome - and if Dany is feeling especially frisky, a foursome... I mean, the North Koreans could have hacked the broadcast substituting Thai adult-diaper advertisements. Oh wait, this one actually would have been good...
  8. hallam

    Purpose of the wall now ?

    The purpose of the wall is to protect the free folk in the North from the feudal warlords to the South.
  9. Lady Sandra's Arc Start as a lying bitch Finish as a lying bitch I hope Ramsay gave her life long DST's
  10. LOL Seems the name of the episode is The Iron Throne? I can't imagine what to name the meandering mess, but......ok.
  11. CrypticWeirwood

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Not Darkstar?
  12. Higgins86

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    “ i mostly live in the past now” said Bran the broken king of the seven kingdoms. Sad sad thing is that this screams GRRM. Genuinely don’t know if I’ll bother with the books if they ever come out.
  13. I mean sure that's probably the idea but it's still stupid because it never works like that, what fail safe can you possibly put in when someone gets rich and powerful enough to just make people vote for them. Elective monarchies are just monarchies with more steps at the end of the day, like I said I get what they're going for but they're still just putting elective monarchies up on a pedestal that they don't deserve.
  14. Yeah, but if D&D write it, the main victims will be us the viewers.
  15. I found the finale to be horribly unsatisfying. I am watching nice costumes, lovely music, great scenery with Dany saying that she did it all for the men, women, and children that still need to be saved. WHAT? Then why did you JUST kill all the men. women, and children in KL? WHY? I have more to rave but it is like watching a show where everything in place, but the words have no vowels and somebody is hoping we don't notice.
  16. jon killing danny and drogon burning them together with jon holding her dead body close to him would have been much better. I JUST NOTICED ONE THING! THE 7 KINGDOMS CHOSE A STARK AS KING even though the north separates from the 7 kingdoms! WHY IS A NORTHERN ABLE TO BE KING OF THE 6 KINGDOMS IF THE NORTH DOESN T MAKE PART OF THE 6 KINGDOMS?
  17. Yeah, the Unsullied sail off, and Jon sails to Eastwatch I guess or White Harbor, and Sansa, Queen of the North who wants her brother back doesn't welcome him because? I mean she saw the Unsullied sail off, so why the hell would she care about what GW would think... He'll NEVER EVER know. Though I like that Jon got with Ghost and is "free". The NW closed the door on him anyway.
  18. Maybe they'll write a sequel in which undead Dany is resurrected to wreak vengeance on Westeros.
  19. That's the main character they forgot to cast.
  20. CrypticWeirwood

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    You've asked a very important question. That was no accident. They've left it open for a reason. But far be it from me to say what the answer to your question is. I can't say, and can only conjecture wildly.
  21. of man and wolf

    Praise without Repercussion, Final Edition

    I like what happened with the Starks for the most part. I mean, I liked the way it was ending it's just it wasnt maybe developed as best as it could have been(obviously) Ghost was the best part. Glad to see Dany killed off. Brienne filling in Jaime's deeds in the book of the Kingsguard.
  22. NonoNono

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    It was all what it was supposed to be so that the BR could be king.
  23. How in the fuck did Tyrion, in shackles, and about to be executed, nominate Bran for king, get to vote and then proclaim him King of mother fucking Westeros?!?!
  24. Tom8983

    The Wall

    Because only a small section of it was destroyed, at Eastwatch. There's a few hundred miles of it that wasn't destroyed.
  25. I know, all put together, the ruling and governing arrangements just seems off, weird.
  26. Here is what happened in a nutshell... D&D messed up and made it seem as if Jaime raped Cersei so to wash their hands of that they gave her human emotions and a few bricks as the valonqar D&D messed up and had Sansa raped and tortured as her primary arc, to make up for that she is the Queen in the North D&D had no fucking clue what Bran's entire arc was as well as the whole other existential threat, so to make up for that he is the King of everything. D&D thought "It's always Jon, it didn't feel right" so they left him with nothing The End hope you enjoyed wasting 8 years of your life for this shite
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