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  2. @Tucu gave you a nice list of hidden truths. I simply want to add the fact of Jon's birth and parentage to that list.
  3. I second the recommendation for Return of a King. An impressive argument for the cock-up rather than conspiracy view of the world.
  4. @DMC scared us away I have seen the report of Duchess of Cornwall's charity page being swamped by negative comments. It is sad when people simply can't understand that this is, after all, a TV series.
  5. Yep yep. Most are accounted for, and there are pleeeeenty of bastards or people from bastard lines walking about. Saera Targaryen had a number of children for example.
  6. So he's Yoda's homonculus? It makes sense now lol.
  7. Sorry, I am behind the topic--too much feasting! I am sort of thinking about this reversed. Your oily black stones being the "seeds" of magical trees puts me in a mind of perhaps the heart of the meteor that Dawn and Starfall are made from could be perhaps the seeds of the weirwood. Of course I'm trying to see where this fits with swords that could be super powered. Dawn is obviously a wonder, but Starfall is often overlooked. Starfall has been in place for as long as 10,000 years and remains milkglass white. Hrm.
  8. It is soooooooo good to see you!
  9. The ST breaks down because there is really no movie-spanning concept, no plan into which direction the story is going - that wasn't the case with the OT either - and even in the PT many details were made up as they went along (although it was clear that Anakin would become Darth Vader, Palpatine the Emperor, and the Jedi would die ... which are significant plot points). TFA was just a derivative remake of ANH, working with a completely stupid setting, in my opinion, and wasting an entire movie on a stupid question: Where is Luke Skywalker? But the next movie made things much worse by ignoring most of the established characters and their relationships with each other in favor of introducing new characters and changing the established ones (at times completely around) while still drawing heavily on TESB and ROTJ. Then there is the fact that the movies look like the OT. I don't want movies in the 2010s look like movies from the 1970s or 1980s. Especially not Star Wars movies. But the worst thing is just the obviousness of them having new plan. Luke wasn't running away from responsibility in TFA - just as he wasn't later, with the TROS retcon - back in TFA it was clear we had another Emperor-enforcer-like relationship among the villains, which was then turned on its head with TLJ ... only to return back to Emperor-enforcer in TROS. On a personal level Rey and Finn had a thing in TFA ... which they sort of lose in TFJ in favor of that ridiculous Ren-evil guy thing ... and then completely drop anything on that front for both Finn and Rey in the last movie. That is all just shit. And, of course, the fact that the Star Wars villain had to return for the last movie shows how shitty their conception is. I mean, I didn't like babyface would-be Vader at all - I find the character and his motivation completely ridiculous - but to replace this guy as the big villain with fucking Palpatine of all people really hammers home the fact.
  10. Did American Democracy Really Hold? Maybe Not. Donald Trump didn’t manage to overthrow the electoral system. But he’s drawn a clear road map for breaking it. https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2020/11/25/did-american-democracy-really-hold-maybe-not-440595
  11. I never said that Penny, Groat and their father are the ones who were supposed to hatch those eggs, or were able to do something like that. What I meant by saying that the Sealord thought that if he will give those eggs to those dwarfs, then those eggs will eventually hatch, will be hatched by someone else, who will get those eggs from those dwarfs, or the dwarfs will give the eggs to someone else and that someone else will give them to whoever will eventually hatch them. It's not a direct path, like 1. give dragon eggs to dwarfs -> 2. eggs hatched; more like - 1. give dragon eggs to dwarfs -> 2., 3., 4., 5., whatever, ... ..... .... X. eggs hatched. Probably the Sealord or his seer saw in a vision a desired outcome (the hatching of those eggs) and saw from what poin will begin a path that will eventually lead to that desired outcome. They didn't knew what will happen to those eggs, who will own them between the time when they will be given to dwarfs and the time when they will hatch. Similar case with Azor Ahai - he knew that to defeat the Others he has to kill his wife. Sacrificing his wife was the starting point, winning the war against the Others was the desired outcome. AA knew that if he will kill Nissa Nissa then he will defeat the Others, though he didn't knew what will happen to him between those points. And the Sealord (or his seer) didn't knew everything that will happen later, in case if they will chose this path, will chose to give those eggs to those dwarfs, they only knew that if they do this then eventually this action will lead to the return of the dragons. The first Bellegere was the Sealord's granddaughter. That Sealord was ruler of Braavos in period of time prior, during and after the Dance of the Dragons. Bellegere was approximately Aegon's age, so her grandparents were approximately similar in age to Aegon's grandparents. Aegon's grandparents were Rhaenyra (born in 97 AC) and Daemon (born in 81 AC). King Baelor sent Aegon to Braavos in 161. If Rhaenyra or Daemon were still alive at that point in time, then they would have been 64 and 80 years old. (Hoster Tully was 59-61 years old when he died. Jon Arryn was 78-80. Walder Frey will turn 92 in 300, and he's still an active schemer.) When Aegon hooked up with the first Bellegere Otherys, her grandfather was the acting Sealord of Braavos, and he was the same guy who bought three dragon eggs from Alissa Farman. It's likely that in certain point in time those eggs were given to Bellegere's children - Bellenora, Narha and Balerion. Later, when they didn't managed to hatch those eggs, eventually they were passed to one of their descendants. From then on in each generation of their family one of the girls remained unwed, kept last name Otherys, and became a courtesan - the Black Pearl of Braavos. It's likely that the eggs were passed on to one of her siblings. Those of them that were females, married and changed their last name. That's why the current Sealord, who is a direct descendant of the Sealord, who was Bellegere's gradfather, is not an Otherys but instead an Antaryon (because either his mother or grandmother married with an Antaryon), and he is bloodrelated to the current Black Pearl, even though they have different last names. The Sealord's title is not hereditary, so the next Sealord is not a son or grandson of the previous Sealord. Even though the Sealord can't pass his title to his children, it doesn't mean that he can't pass his incomes and his private property to them. What he aquired during his service as the Sealord, he can pass to his children. So the eggs were passed on to that Sealord's great grandchildren (Bellenora, Narha and Balerion), and so on, and eventually ended up as property of Ferrego Antaryon, who is, probably grandson of Balerion Otherys and some sort of cousin of the current Bellegere Otherys. Something like this: Bellegere Otherys + Aegon IV Targaryen Bellenora (2nd Black Pearl), Narha, Balerion + wife 3rdBP Bellenora's daughter; Balerion's daughter + husband from House Antaryon 4BP Bellonara Otherys Ferrego Antaryon (the current Sealord) 5thBP Bellegere Otherys So the current Sealord, probably, was a second cousin of Bellegere's mother, so he is Bellegere's second cousin once removed, or some sort of uncle. Those three dragon eggs were owned by the Sealord who was Bellegere's grandfather, and then they were for several generations owned by people who weren't Sealords, and then they again were owned by a person who was/is the Sealord of Braavos, Ferrego Antaryon, who is a descendant of the Sealord who owned those eggs in the past. According to what information is there in the books, those eggs weren't owned by all the Sealords who ruled Braavos starting from prior the Dance of the Dragons and untill now, they were owned only by two of the Sealords - the one who was grandfather of the first Bellegere Otherys, and by the current one. If those eggs belonged to Braavos, to the city and its acting ruler, then Ferrego Antaryon wouldn't have been able to give them away. They were his private property, not municipal property. In the distant past they belonged to the grandfather of the first Bellegere Otherys, who was the Sealord of Braavos, and until several years ago they were owned by Ferrego Antaryon. So isn't it obvious that Ferrego Antaryon is a direct descendant of the first Bellegere's grandfather, and thus he is bloodrelated to the current Bellegere, who is also a descendant of the first Bellegere's grandfather? The Mystery Knight - ""There have always been Targaryens who dreamed of things to come, since long before the Conquest," Bloodraven said, "so we should not be surprised if from time to time a Blackfyre displays the gift as well. Daemon dreamed that a dragon would be born at Whitewalls, and it was. The fool just got the color wrong."" Targaryens, Blackfyres, Otheryses, Baratheons, etc., basically all of them are carriers of the same dragonseed genes. Thus any of them can inherit an ability to foresee the future. How are dragon eggs tied to foresight? They had dragon eggs (sold to them by Alissa Farman). They knew (based on information that they found out about dragonlords, when they were studing their targets, those Valyrian masters whom they were planning to kill) that the bond between a dragon and its master is blood-based. Thus, whoever has dragonseed genes, theoretically can be able to create a blood-bond with a dragon. To create a bond with a Targaryen dragon, you need to have Targaryen genes. People with Targaryen genes are able to create a bond with Targaryen dragons. Thus, to create an viable dragonseed, those FM needed two things - Targaryen genes and an egg/eggs of Targaryen dragons. Thus, it's likely that Alissa Farman didn't just decided on her own to steal dragon eggs. It's likely that an agent of FM or an agent of the Sealord approached her and gave her this suggestion, and promised her a ship in exchange for those eggs. Thru Alissa they acquired one of the two necessary "ingredients" - 1. dragon eggs. Then thru Bellegere Otherys they acquired a second ingredient - 2. dragon genes (Bellegere's children, fathered by Aegon IV Targaryen, were carriers of those genes). So they added 1 + 2 and were expecting that those eggs will hatch. Though they failed. But in the process of what they did, they found out that being able to bond with a dragon is not the only ability carried by dragon-genes, the gift of foresight is also one of traits characteristic for dragonseeds. Obviously that not all dragonseeds are seers, same as not all dragonseeds have purple eyes. Some dragonseeds have lilac eyes, or blue, or indigo. And some dragonseeds were unable to create a blood-bond with a dragon. And some dragonseeds were unable to hatch dragon eggs. Like Aegon V, who owned a dragon egg since his birth, and that egg didn't hatched even though Egg's parents placed it into Aegon's cradle, when he was born. Dragon eggs are not tied to foresight. I never said that they did. You just misunderstood everything. Why not? Targaryens had a gift of foresight. Blackfyres had a gift of foresight. And Otheryses are carriers of THE SAME genes. So why the heck not? And how is she a historical figure? What heroic deed has she done to gain herself a place in the history? She was a captain of a trading ship, she was one of the Sealord's many grandchildren, and she was fucking with one of Princes from 7K, and with dozens of other men. None of that makes her important enough to be known and still remembered amongst people of Braavos who live now 100+ years after Bellegere's time. She had one short mentioning in the World Book, writen by 7K's maester, in 7K. But so was Cassella Vaith, who also was one of Aegon's mistresses. I doubt that anyone in Braavos has ever read that book. We'll see about that. If they are not the same person, it's likely that they are at least bloodrelated. And if they are the same person, then it's highly questionable whether the Sealord is really dying, or is he faking his state, to later fake his death, and to leave his post as the Sealord, to completely dedicate all of his reamining life-time to his service to the Many-Faced God. If Jaqen and Syrio is the same person, then it heightens the possibility that Ferrego Antaryon and the Kindly Man is also the same person. Because the Kindly Man is Jaqen's boss, and Ferrego was/is Syrio's boss. Or Bellegere is his niece, while Bellonara was his sister. Or, based on how old is he, he could be Bellonara's father and Bellegere's grandfather. The option with a ex-lover and a daughter is also a possibility.
  12. Tywin was lucky to die from the crossbolt as opposed to the poison eating his guts
  13. Tywin was lucky to die without seeing this,,, imagine if he had stayed in a situation like Hoster Tully, incapable to rule, forced to watch their sucessor f#ck everything that he worked for.
  14. I had a Sith Sorcerer in TOR named Darth Anasurimbor. Think it’s a fine name.
  15. Oh yeah, that episode definitely did not show off the character at his best. But what I appreciate about that episode is that it didn't let Bashir's behaviour off the hook; he was clearly in the wrong and this was shown (whereas early in the episode, I was afraid they were going to try to romanticize it). But you're right that the skeevy elements of his character never quite go away.. Still, what a performance in this scene:
  16. Today
  17. No wonder Baby Yoda kept his name quiet. Embarrassing to be named after Roger's homunculus. It's always good to see Michael Biehn in stuff, and I liked how his part panned out.
  18. He believes in magic, he has witnessed it and been tircked by it too, he just doesn't agree on an ethical level with R'hlor.
  19. It still involved violently taking the lands away from people and it had economic exploitation, called the king's taxes.
  20. To be fair, the Hellcat doesn’t on its own just attract scantily clad women. These were rap music videos, so the ladies were being paid. As was the car
  21. Yeah I think the above is valid and represents the thoughts of a huge swathe of fans. Buuuuuut I would still argue that the main problem is TROS, which really is a steaming pile. TFA and TLJ are not great movies and so different that they are hard to discuss together, but I find them more watchable than the prequels other than maybe Sith.
  22. John Delaney, one of the Democratic candidates for the presidential nomination, was just interviewed on CNN. I jcaught him by chance. He made a very interesting suggestion - pay people $1,500 for getting the Covid-19 vaccine. I really think that could work. You get the vaccine out and you get stimulus out at the same time, and I sure bet you encourage more people to get vaccinated.
  23. So I recall Aegon the Vth having 2 sisters, there were several off branches from Daeron the Good, one through his 3rd son I think, Aerion the little shit too had a son if I recall, and I think there were more. So what happened to all of them? Given how important dragon's blood is it's not something irrelevant either
  24. I think you jinxed us, Ontario just reported 1855 cases, about 266 more cases than the previous high. Actually no. I was shocked to see we tested 58,037 people yesterday. I don’t check every day, I think the highest I’d seen before was 45,000 or 46,000.
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