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  2. aFeastForDragons

    Book & Show

    I've no idea how people still take what happens on the show as what will happen in the books. If we didn't have AFFC/ADWD would people honestly believe Littlefinger marries Sansa off to Ramsey Bolton, Jon would fight the WW at Hardhome, Jamie and Broon would go to Dorne and Asha + Theon would sail off to Mereen to collect countless characters most notably Varys? None of those characters except Ramsey are even in those places. Sure its the rough plot line for some like WInterfell bu the story is heavily twisted for the show.
  3. BadAssRobinArryn

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Gilly arrived in Winterfell at the end of Season 7 with Sam.
  4. Black Arya

    What’s going to go down in the crypts?

    I was about to say the same. It is like the wall. There is magic inside but against the dead
  5. 2-2, we got ourselves a cup tie.
  6. Haskelltier

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    To be fair, even his daughter and heir didn't know of his plans. So the chances are very small that any other person in Westeros, who has a POV chapter in A Song of Ice and Fire, will know of any of Doran's secret, hidden actions to support Viserys directly or indirectly. I mean, all things we know about the story are told through the eyes of persons, who aren't omniscient. So when these people don't know of a secret action supporting Viserys, the reader won't know either. Perhaps there is a secret connection between him and Varys/Illyrio Mopatis, who can easily protect Viserys from any real danger while playing the loyal spymaster for Robert. I mean, Viserys in the books and show wasn't really the most competent person when it comes to hiding from possible murderers. So why where all of "Robert's hired knives" (so there were people who wanted Viserys and Daenerys dead, wheather they were Robert's or anybody elses) unable to kill him? I mean, the wineseller, who tried to poison Daenerys, was almost successful and Daenerys position as a khaleesi gave her far more protection (at least from direct attacks) than they had before when they were travelling through Essos on their own. So it's very likely, that they had a hidden protector and it is not out of question that Doran had a hand in this directly or indirectly. The reader simply doesn't know because almost everyone else doesn't know.
  7. Kajjo

    The Living Undead

    I am sure this is how it is. We see wights fighting only the living and they fight Beric and Jon. That is conclusive for me.
  8. That's lazy writing by the producers. In reality, Lannisport is the the third largest city in Westeros, and the West is fertile. An army would have no difficulty feeding itself. She probably does have allies in the Vale and Riverlands, but the series has lost interest in them. And, the books make plain that for a great house to lose its principal citadel is a huge blow
  9. loverofcats

    Best lines of E02

    I have liked many lines, but I practically jumped out of my seat when Tormund "attacked" Jon; "My little crow"
  10. OK, thanks. I was afraid I had missed something. Have your dreams... "Seeing the privates" is easily possible with pubic hair anyway.
  11. Raksha 2014

    Who is Going to Die

    Sure to die in Episode 3: Theon. I believe he's come back to Winterfell to fight as a Stark man in defense of the home and family he betrayed. Pretty sure he'll die defending Bran, and I think that he has the idea that he would rather die in battle, fighting for and alongside Starks and their allies, then go back to the Iron Islands and eventually die of old age. In the end, he is both Ironborn, and wants to die as a man in his full force and strength as a warrior; and as a Stark, defending Winterfell and its people. Probably will die in Episode 3: Grey Worm (or Missandei; I doubt that both will die, and I'd give greater priority to Grey Worm's likelihood to be killed off). Jorah or Lyanna; it would be an interesting twist that Lyanna dies and Jorah decides to take up the lordship of House Mormont (with a pardon from whoever's ruling the North) to honor her. Then again, young Lyanna is a fan favorite; and Jorah seems to have regained his honor to some extent, so maybe (in terms of the ideas of the show writers) it's his time to be killed. Brienne; goes out as a knight. Tormund (though I'd like him to survive, if only to remind the viewers that there are Wildlings still alive in the North). Beric, because he's not crucial to future plot episodes and the writers want to trim the fat in terms of characters. Might die in Episode 3: Gilly and/or Little Sam (I really, really, really don't want this to happen). Gendry - though it might be a bit obvious and over-melodramatic, since he and Arya only just acted on their yearnings. Ghost. (I'd rather he survive and join his sister's pack if/when Jon dies) Podrick; though I think they might spare him for future interaction with Bronn. Alys Karstark. Edd (I hope they keep him around as the token Night's Watch representative). Bran. Viserion (again) and the Night's King. Safe until the last two episodes: Jaime (he has to have a reunion with Cersei, and I think he will be the one to kill her). Sandor (must live long enough to kill Gregor, or at least die in the attempt; though I want him to be the one to kill him; it just wouldn't be believable if Arya does it). Varys, Melisandre, Davos. Jon and Daenerys (they both have more to do, in terms of romance and action). Sansa, Arya, Tyrion - and I think they have a good chance of surviving the series, especially Arya. Not sure: Drogon and Rhaegal. Will definitely survive the entire series: Sam.
  12. AllOfTheHours

    What if the Mad Mouse is actually Howland Reed?

    Interesting! I started rereading AFFC Monday night, and when we came to Ser Shadrich in Brienne's chapter, I was like, "Wait, was his shield always a white mouse with red eyes (which is used for weirwoods/Ghost/the North)?" Then, the next chapter was Sam fending off a little mouse eating the books at Castle Black, but this mouse was black and gray. I was thinking, isn't that weird? Shouldn't the description be reversed? If anything, the mice along the Wall relate to the mythos of the Rat King punished by the Old Gods (so weirwood references would be warranted), but Ser Shadrich is a random sellsword...? I'm not sure if he's 100% Howland Reed himself, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was someone sent by Howland to subtly investigate the area around Duskendale. Shadrich himself noted how obvious Brienne was making her search ("You're not the only hunter in the woods"), so he might just be better at camouflaging his true purpose.
  13. That's part of my "head canon," partly because she cuts his hair and partly because Tormund talked about seeing his privates.
  14. a girl knows nothing

    Who can be gendry's mother? a targaryen?

    I don't think his mother is anyone notable. The important part of Gendry's parentage is that he is Robert's son. There doesn't seem to be enough time left in the series for another parentage mystery to be revealed, and it would diminish the impact of Jon's revelation.
  15. Wik

    What end of the story will satisfy you

    Fair enough. I'm never the type to try to dissuade someone from their ideas/beliefs, but I still don't think that the above things mentioned REQUIRE the outcome you are expecting. Guess we will know for sure in a few weeks!
  16. Currently reading Infomocracy, since I'm familiar with enough of the Series finalists to fairly evaluate the category this year. Took a while to get into; while the worldbuilding was interesting, it wasn't initially clear why I should care about the characters or their affiliations. The present tense prose probably didn't help. But I'm finding it quite compelling now.
  17. Meh 2-0. And looks like Müller found his mojo again after getting axed by Löw.
  18. He went bananas in a friendly between us, last summer or the one before. Seemed to get upset every time anyone even looked at him funny, and he did the same after a mild Dave Silva challenge after a couple of minutes, so it didn't look good. He's been fine since, mind. United have been pretty good. Well organised, but a little sloppy in possession. Hopefully Woofs have used up all of tonight's allotted goals.
  19. That's true, but I ascribe that to Sansa being full of emotions towards Brienne and her vouching, not towards Jamie and forgiveness. Did she? I haven't seen it.
  20. Tywin et al.

    US Politics: It’s Not A Crime If Your Feelings Got Hurt

    “Major power” is more vague than one might think, and it is often conflated with “super power.” I picked those three because they’re the only ones that impact the world in a serious way on multiple fronts, and then within that construct ranked them from super to just major.
  21. Werthead

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    A Brightness Long Ago is a fine book. About halfway through now, and it's very strongly reminiscent of The Lions of Al-Rassan more than anything else. Probably his best book since at least Under Heaven.
  22. loverofcats

    Dany’s denial

    Not knowing Rhaegal's intentions I bet he would be scared.
  23. Book Tyrion is probably going to be a bad guy at this point in the series (i.e. the final book) who cares about nothing and no one outside of himself and his possessions. So, instead of being stupid and making eunuch jokes, he'll just be playing Daenerys and Aegon against each other so he can take what he wants, rape and kill Cersei and still be on the winning side once the dust settles. Granted, he might still be cracking eunuch jokes, but at least he'll have a purpose and an arc. Then again, none of this stuff is new. The TV show version of Tyrion has been whitewashed for a long time now.
  24. This seems weird. He's never stood out to me as unusually stroppy. Anyway he's played quite well and City have clearly been confused by the fact that we started with two playmakers. Obviously they're dominating play but we've defended well and created a few chances so can't complain. Arsenal, meanwhile, are getting smashed up by Wolves.
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