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  2. Liffguard

    DCEU: Killer Clowns from Gotham City

    He's a moody-looking white dude with a strong chin. What else is there to playing Batman?
  3. Relic

    Succession Season 2 - Full Spoilers

    you're welcome =)
  4. Relic

    DCEU: Killer Clowns from Gotham City

    ONE of many "boogeymen". What's actually asinine to to completely discount the possibility of these adverse effects because you spend half your waking time playing video games.
  5. Arthur Peres

    Jaime as the Golden Lion

    Does not change the fact, Jaime is running away from rulling and responsability at any chance he gets. Several other characters had faced similar situations and were forced to take matters on their on hands. Jaime is always refusing it. He then refused to go back to KL later on when summoned and burned Cersei's letter. Jaime does not care about oaths, duty or Tommen, his main concern is Cersei, before finding out about being "cheated" he made everything in his power to pleasure her without any thoughts, judgement or regreats. After that he made everything possible to piss her off. All his thoughts always go back to Cersei. Threat of violence, already is violence and a crime in itself, and he did not just throw words at play here, he cast out the Tullys out of Riverrun and tried to kill the Blackfish. He broke the oath the moment he took control of the siege. The sword he gave her, was a heirdoom of the house his father sacked, so returning stolen goods that were violeted does little favor on my opinion, (but that's me). I had forgotten about the letter, so I give you that. What else he could have done? Look for her himself Shrik his other duties? he never acted on any of them Lol. Refused any chance to rule, being Casterly rock or Hand of the king, when called back he burned the letter and has now disapeared for months.
  6. frenin

    Harrenhal's tourney, then what?

    The prove is that those ties in the end did end the Targ dynasty. We know that thet Targs use to foment the marriages between houses of differents Kingdoms and those marriages just as Rickard's (and by Rickard i mean only him), Cregans kids married Royces and his grandkids married Blackwoods again and why you mean so much occured you mean that three houses intermarried?? Robert match was for love and Brandon was marrying within a neighbour kingdom, that's all what Rickard was doing. Why didn't he bethroth both Benjen and Ned then?? Why wouldn't Jon Arryn bethroth Elbert?? The Targs didn't interfere in those matches willingly, there is nothing that tell us that Aerys was against those matches, not a single hint, and no Aerys took Jaime because he was mad at Tywin, not because he didn't like his bethroth. Who says that those matches should have with royal approval?? Where is stated that?? We don't know that's what Waldeer wants and it's rather odd he actually wants that, given that wards in war are hostages, it's far more likely that Cat asked for wards to assure Walder's good faith, we know that before anything went wrong, Walder wanted to foster his grandgrand kid t the Eyrie and Jon Arryn refused. And why weren't Stannis and Benjen fostered in their respectives lands?? Why was one of Walders grandkids fostered with Jaime with Lord Crakehall?? Why was Harmund Hoare fostered in Casterly Rock?? Most of the Great Lords don't know each others, so there is no point in sending your blood to someone you just don't know with the ability of brainwash your kid against you and your land, to a Lord and even more a Great Lord to foster his blood, there must exist trust or friendship, which is the reason why Jon Arryn wanted his kid with Stannis rather than Tywin or Cersei. No, neither Rhaegar nor Aerys showed not even once displeasure with those marriages, so it's impossible to say they were upset and we're told several times that Aerys wanted to fuck with Tywin and he did it whenever he had the chancem Tywin would have never brought Hoster to the Red Keep andVarys to discuss the bethrothal if so. This is the thing, you're filling a void you yourself have made, the Targs forced those marriages so the Realm could be more united, so Rickard following the example can't hardly be seen as a negative thing, but we have to believe that not only the Targs did something to stop the bethrothals, Lyanna bethrothal did not stop there. Her bitternes means she's an unreliable narrator, we know that the bethrothal was not for love just as we know that Brandon was gallant and Cat loved her when she met him, why it can't be harvest?? Rickard had to suffer a rather severe winter in which Egg had to send food to the North, by marrying his heir to Lysa he's making sure of counting with som extra food to feed his people, just as everon would give whatever LF ask for a share of the Vale harvest. Hoster's grandkid will be the Lord of Winterfell, that's is a very handsome reward from Dorne to the Wall, there are very few Lords that would not want their daughters to marry the heir of Winterfell, Again, Ned, Robert and the others have to suffer a rather cognitive dissonance, if they knew about the things that were going on but they don't give it even a thought, Lady Dustin says that Rickard had ambitions, she never even hinted the man shared his views withhis kids, so we don't have a reason to believe they knew about it. That's why Ned and the others have to suffer a rather severe cognitive dissonace, or some selective amnesia, to recall those events but not even hint Rickard was up to no good and the Targs knew it. And no, Martin wouldn't have Ned saying what his father was doing, but he'd drop clues that Ned knew that there was some foul play going on there but neither Ned nor Robert, Jaime, Barri B, Mace, Tarly, Tywin, Kevan, Hoster, Aemon (via Rhaegar), Doran or Oberyn ever even hinted that Rickard was up to no good. Barbrey seemed to be the only one with the truth, yet again only her, not every other northern lord even hinted it. The only one Barri B and Jaime had every reason to suspect and so their thoughts and memories tell us is Rhaegar. Why Rickard's alliance?? He wasn't the one offerig his daughter and we know that Tywin was indeed waiting for Aerys to change his mind, that's why he keep refusing every request for her and one has to thing that Tywin can't have two alliances can't he?? If that suppose alliance knew that Tywin was aiming for a royal marriage too, sending Lysa to Casterly Rock might be counterproductive to say the least. Another one with cognitive dissonance, why Cersei has absolutely no memories of that ever happening?? How so?? The Riverlands would not back Hoster, even after Aerys pulled what he pulled half the Riverlands fought for him, in the Stormlands at least 4 houses would not back Robert and we don't know how many more if Robert just decide to secede in the Eyrie at least the Graftons and the Corbrays would back their King, the only ones that have enough hold of their people are both Tywin and Rickard and they can't defeat the power of the Reach, Dorne and the Crownlands, that's just a recipe for a disastrous civil war, pne that the rebels are not likely to win. Where have ever seen that the Tullys and the Baratheons ever wanted to be Kings??
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  8. DireWolfSpirit

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    Frida Ghitas Opinion: We need the real story of why Trump sold out the Kurds https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/14/opinions/why-did-trump-abandon-kurds-after-call-with-erdogan-ghitis/index.html
  9. Rajinder Bibra

    Thought For Today

    A very small minority is born in normal state of mind or body. Their journey in life is very smooth. They can attain any heights, in any sphere of life. But they can also fall down, by excessive involvement with the senses!
  10. Aldarion

    George Martin and scale

    OK, GRRM made the Wall 700 feet tall. Problem is, it is way too tall for either attacker's or defender's arrows to be truly effective (but especially the attacker's). More egregiously, castles in ASOIAF are enormous. Winterfell and Storm's End have some excuse, as they were apparently built by the omnipotent Bran the Builder. But what excuses Casterly Rock and other "normal" castles? Storm's End has a wall 100 ft tall, while Winterfell's outer wall is 80 ft tall and inner wall is 100 ft tall. Castles usually had walls cca 40 ft high, and 7 ft thick. Extreme was 80 ft tall and 20-40 ft thick. As for cities, variance was greater. Writing down notes for my own fantasy setting I am developing, wall heights ranged from 4 m (12 ft) in York to 25 m (82 ft) in Dubrovnik (though latter likely refers to Minčeta, as I did not get impression walls were that tall - even seaside wall is likely no more than 20 meters tall. Been a while since I've been there, though). Thickness ranged from 1,8 m (6 ft) in York to 6 m (18 ft) in Dubrovnik and Constantinople. Constantinople also had towers with height of up to 20 meters. Regarding ground size, Casterly Rock is about 11,2 km in length. Assuming an extremely elongated shape, similar to Klis fortress, which is 300 m long and 50 meters wide at maximum (with average width closer to 30 meters), this would give Casterly Rock 11 200 m length and 1 120 m average width, for area of 12 544 000 m2 (12,5 square kilometers; for reference, Constantinople - the largest medieval city - was 15 square kilometers, not all of which was always occupied by inhabitants - so population of Casterly Rock shouldbe between 200 000 and 400 000). Thus its area would be 1 394 times that of Klis fortress. Now, defenders of Klis fortress seem to have varied between 300 and 1 500. Sisak fortress, with cca 350 m2 area and multiple (3?) levels, was defended by 300 men. Thus Klis fortress (9 000 m2, 300 - 1 500 men) has density of 0,03 to 0,17 men per square meter, while Sisak fortress has density of 0,29 men per square meter. This means that total manpower of Casterly Rock would have been 376 000 to 3 639 000 men. Just manning the circuit of walls, assuming one line of men and one meter per solider, would require 24 640 men. Of course, this assumes that dimensions are for the castle; but more likely is that 11,2 km refers to its base. Even so, slope can be assumed to be rather steep. And that seems to indicate the reason why there are so few cities in Westeros. Every major castle is a city. But here we run into a different problem. Cities tended to be situated in accessible locations to facilitate food supply: sea shore, rivers etc., unless they were small enough to live off the immediate countryside. But most castles in Westeros are logistical nightmares. Not because they have no countryside, necessarily, but because simply getting food there would be a nightmare. Pyke? You have to get food across rather unstable bridges. Eyrie? Up the bloody mountain. Casterly Rock? Up the even larger bloody mountain. Dragonstone? Storm's End? Here we go again. And before you say "there were castles positioned on tops of cliffs / hills / mountains" - yes, they were. But not of this size. We are talking actual cities here in terms of logistical situation, not your run-of-the-mill (or even large mill) castle. (You have a bit on castles here).
  11. It wouldn't have been difficult for them to hire someone like Bernard Cornwell as a consultant, who could have told them how medieval warfare worked, once George Martin was no longer involved.
  12. Which Tyler

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    So Garage has never accepted Russian money, and has never even met the Russian ambassador. In unrelated news, here's a press release from the Russian ambassador following his meeting with Garage: https://rusemb.org.uk/press/1286
  13. BigFatCoward

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    This tournament has been going on way way too long to only now have arrived at some meaningful matches. I don't know how to solve that, smaller nations absolutely need to be involved, but the number of absolute hidings they have taken can't be helpful.
  14. Ser Kafka

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Congratulations Derfel on the birth of your daughter! Any Boarders taking part in NaNoWriMo next month? Just started on a rough plan. Character names, who they are etc. I don't really want to do much more beyond that really. I have a rough idea of what the story will be, but I'd like the characters to sort of get there on their own, if possible.
  15. Buckwheat

    TTTNE 476 - the ghost of series past

    Maybe you are right. In any case, I spend most of the time with much younger people now here, which feels weird to me. And I keep thinking about my ex (the supernatural entity) more and more, which is very dangerous. We haven't talked in a year. I need to get him out of my head. I was completely ready to move on to something new with the inappropriate crush a few months ago. But then I was ghosted by that one and now I am often lonely and start thinking about when I was the happiest and it was obviously when I was with the supernatural entity and I start regretting breaking up with him and thinking I want to contact him again ... nope, nope, nope. Dangerous thoughts. He has probably moved on by now, and I should too. I am so ready to start something serious with somebody new. But where are the people who would want me? Do they even exist? /This was your weekly Bucky TMI. You are not in the wrong to expect this. If somebody visits your house, the minimum courtesy you can expect is that they greet you when coming and going and some smalltalk. I think Rhae's idea is a good one, maybe try joining their activities if they actually don't like board games, so you will have something else to spend time around. Pretty as always.
  16. Jez Bell

    Acrophobia 36 - Gone Fishin' - ROUND 8!!

    ROUND 8 - HOWLAND REED Oh so mysterious. There are many stories about Howland; how he had a thing for magic, how is is possibly the Knight of the Laughing Tree, how he killed Ser Aurthur Dayne... He may also be the only living soul who can confirm Jon's ancestry. Yet, after the rebellion, he vanished from sight, retreating back to his mobile castle in the swamps of the neck. So my question is, where the fuck is Howland Reed? B J C P A M N C S E D N Y E R S C F O S L L Deadline: Friday, October 18th, noonish (BST)
  17. frenin

    Jaime as the Golden Lion

    So, you are ignoring that he was about to kill Tullys had they not given him what he wanted?? That he indeed had an army outside the Tully's ancestral seat?? No, because the Blackfish spate him in the face. Indeed. How do you explain then, him banging his sister and at the same time saying to his father that he can't leave the KG?? You can love your sister without banging her, you know that right?? This is not a lose-lose situation, so there is no point in keep trying to find loopholes that justifies his amorality in your mind, Jaime does not have to bang Cersei, he wanted to, he joined the KG to bang her, he stayed to bang her and had she not horned, he'd still be ready to bang her. And he don't know what to believe about her because he was horned, i could cherry pick too but Jaime repeating the she might fucked moon boy too for all i care all his chapters speks better for me,
  18. cyberdirectorfreedom

    Jaime as the Golden Lion

    Yes, and he meant it. His oath to serve his King dictated that he must take Riverrun. His oath to Catelyn dictated that he must not take up arms against Stark nor Tully. Taking Riverrun without bloodshed fulfilled both oaths as best he could. Wanted to, but didn't. Because of his oath, perhaps. Indeed? Jaime also swore some things to his sister: His sister flinched. "You swore that you would always love me. It is not loving to make me beg." He wants to be true to the Kingsguard, he wants to be true to his sister. Once again, he's doing the best he can. Which, admittedly, is rather poor, but a lose-lose situation tends to be. Charming. Regardless, I disagree. He's turning away from Cersei because he no longer thinks she's the person he believed her to be. Cersei's cheating is part of that, but no the whole issue. "You great golden fool. He's lied to you a thousand times, and so have I." The day his sister had come to White Sword Tower to beg him to renounce his vows, she had laughed after he refused her and boasted of having lied to him a thousand times. Jaime had taken that for a clumsy attempt to hurt him as he'd hurt her. It may have been the only true thing that she ever said to me. He no longer knows what to believe about her. Once, maybe. It's worth considering that this is the morning after he lost his father (which he completely blames himself for), lost his brother, and lost the image of his sister. His level of grief is pretty high, and he obviously wasn't thinking clearly, else he wouldn't have rebuffed her so crassly so publicly. Did he? "I will make a bargain with you. Relieve me of this duty, and my razor is yours to command." Her mouth tightened. She had been drinking hot spiced wine and smelled of nutmeg. "You presume to dicker with me? Need I remind you, you are sworn to obey." "I am sworn to protect the king. My place is at his side." "Your place is wherever he sends you." "Tommen puts his seal on every paper that you put in front of him. This is your doing, and it's folly. Why name Daven your Warden of the West if you have no faith in him?" Yes, he clearly jumped at the opportunity to leave King's Landing. He didn't want to, but he did his duty. He built his life around Cersei. It's not exactly surprising that it revolves around her. She'll always be his main concern. He loves her. He's angry with her and he loves her, not instead of. Edmure was already a hostage, it wasn't anything to blame on Jaime. As to the rest, he made the threats to avoid breaking the oath. Was the threat genuine? Yes. Would it have broken the oath? Yes. Does the threat itself break the oath? No. Jaime never swore to uphold Tully interests, or to protect the Tullys. He swore to not take up arms against them, and he kept that oath. That's understating things, isn't it? To help her in her task, Jaime gave Brienne a Valyrian Steel sword, a letter demanding assistance from the King's loyal subjects, and money for all else. He did all he could to assist her. What more could be done? He could order Lannister soldiers to find her, but Cersei would tell them "no". He could order the Kingsguard to find her, but that's not their duty. He could travel the land in search of her himself, but doing so would shirk his other duties. How could he keep his oath to Catelyn without breaking his oath to his King? You can't expect someone to not be themselves. He was always him. He is fundamentally the same person, and always will be, I agree. He was always someone who wanted to be decent, and now he's someone who is acting on that. He's trying to be the best version of himself, not a good version of somebody else. Once again, I find that admirable.
  19. ithanos

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    Looking at the quarter-final match ups, I got to say this is easily the closest race to a final in decades. Not that there aren't favourites for the weekend games, but that the opponents are not overwhelming underdogs. Japan exemplifies this, I can imagine any of the 'underdogs' engineering a win. It will be an upset yes, but not a shocking one. My 2 cents on the Quarters (I reserve the right to be completely wrong in every prediction - and that would still produce a tantalising set of semis): England vs Australia Never been a fan of Chieka's selections in the past, and he really should have produced more wins from the pool of talent Australia could draw from. He's been chafing for redemption since the 2015 finals loss. And now that the Aussie front row & scrum is very good, there's a decent platform for possession and position. Hmm, I wrote that and its not a mistake. England though have been building steadily and they look confident. Who doesn't love a barnstorming run from Tuilangi (with exception to anyone in front of him). A confident England will have the edge I think. Wales vs France Of the cancelled games last weekend I think France not getting a run will have the most impact. They looked assured & dangerous in long passages against Argentina but were then sporadic against Tonga and the USA. I think they're a match short to be able to overwhelm the Welsh defences, though if anyone can effect an All Blacks like blitz on the scoreboard, its France. Half the joy of any encounter against les Blues is anticipating which France turns up. My head says Wales, but I'm gonna call it - France to go through (and then lose the semi or final). Japan vs South Africa Thoroughly deserving their place in the final 8, I can't see Japan not continuing the style of play that got them here. Their half, Nagare, has been outstanding. Best clearing pass in the tournament, helped by never being short of keen runners. However I expect SA to pepper their back three with kicks and make them earn every metre back. And if they turnover ball at the back then I think SA's attacking prowess of De Klerk, and later on Jantjies, at half and Cheslin Kolbe on the wing will prove too good in the end. SA to go through but this Japan will die hard! Ireland vs New Zealand We (NZ) seldom lose ugly - by this I mean the matches where we've been beaten have been from teams playing sublime rugby. The most recent losses to Australia, Ireland and South Africa bear that out. Fantastic games but painful as a NZder. Although we can also win ugly, the challenge given to the ABs from their coaches seems to be to win by adventure. For NZ the Mo'Unga/Barrett crux must be deployed again, but you can't do much without the ball so the linkmen at 6, 7 & 8 will be crucial. In this I'm expecting Ardie Savea to have a beast of a game. Either way I think it will be a great clash of styles and determination. My only requirement from Ireland, should they win, is they better go on and win the final! I've lived through too many occasions where we've been knocked out by the eventual runner up (looking at you France ). Ireland to lead at half time with NZ to run them down after the gong.
  20. SFDanny

    Harrenhal's tourney, then what?

    I'm not sure I understand your point here. Perhaps you could rephrase it, please? But, no, we don't see a lot of betrothals or marriages between houses of different kingdoms. It is exceedingly rare. In the case of the Great Houses we have 91+ marriages we know about after the Conquest. Of these only three are known to have occurred before Robert's Rebellion and be between the Great Houses themselves. The two in the tome Ned reads from in A Game of Thrones, and the forced marriage between the Starks and Arryns engineered by Rhaenys Targaryen. One forced by the Targaryens, and two that seem inconsequential to either House Lannister or Baratheon. By which I mean it looks like these latter are lesser branches of both houses who at most stand well back in line to inherit the Lordship. They then a very different from the Stark, Tully, Arryn, Baratheon, and Lannister ties during Rickard's day. But what is unique here is not that it can't happen, but that so much of it occurs during this one period of time under one Targaryen king. We have zero evidence such a thing happened before this in the the 281 years before the tourney. All evidence (hints, clues) point to this being unique. So the attentive reader has to ask why? As I've pointed out the expected marriage of a High Lord's children is to his vassal lord's children or cousins in the High Lord's own family. There are occasional marriages of the members of the Great Houses with vassals of other Hight Lords. These too are rare and are often understandable if they are either with houses that share some religious affinity (the Starks and the Royces for example) or are marriages of children far down in the line of succession (here the Arryn's niece that is carried off by the tribes of the Mountains of the Moon on her way to marry a Bracken is an example. But none of these fit Rickard's alliances. Rickard's alliances fit the pattern of the marriages of Robert's rebellion and those of the War of the Five Kings. They clearly are not love matches. Only Robert professes some love for his betrothed. If they are, as all clues point to, political alliances then one has to ask to what end are they intended. The fact that the Targaryens interfere in two of the betrothals at Harrenhal should tell us something about their aim. Why does House Targaryen object to these ties if they are normal run of the mill things? Because they are not normal, and because they build ties where none should be without royal approval. Do I need to remind you that Lord Walder's demands to have Big and Little Walder fostered at Winterfell was part of a rebellion against the Lannister hold on the Iron Throne? What we would expect in peaceful times is that the High Lord would have favored vassals's children fostered with the High Lord's family (Littlefinger) or the children of the High Lord would be fostered at the favored vassals residence (Brandon, or Quentyn.) This shores up the oaths of fealty between vassal and High Lord. That both the second son of the North and the heir to Storm's End are fostered with House Arryn is unusual to say the least. But here you don't ask the right follow up question. What does each Great House get in return for the marriage pacts and the fostering? Is it just friendship? If so why don't we see it happening before this? At Harrenhal we see two Targaryens being upset and doing something to interfere in the marriage pacts being formed between the Great Houses. That is a clue. It is a hint. It is evidence. Evidence that much more is going on at the tourney and in the political struggles in Westeros than you let on. As I've already pointed out, this case was forced by House Targaryen themselves for their own purposes. In the case of Rickard's web of alliances the Targaryens take move to stop the marriages. Not by a outright declaration saying no such marriages could occur, but by honoring Jaime and Lyanna to stop on marriage and declare royal displeasure with the other. Very different. And her bitterness means she isn't telling the truth? Yet we know Brandon and Catelyn's betrothal was not one of love. They hardly knew each other. So what was the aim of the marriage? Ask yourself what does each side get out of it? Hoster sees his beloved Catelyn move to the far North and what tangible thing does Rickard get for marrying his heir to a Tully? It can't be a pledge of swords or a share of the harvest because those are pledged to each High Lord and to the king. It can't be submitting to another lord's justice. Only the king can do that. What then is the bargain made for? Lady Dustin is bitter, but Lady Dustin is pointing us to the truth. We just don't have it all spelled out. We see things through Ned's eyes and read things through his thoughts and speeches, but we get very little from Ned about what Rickard planned in the time before the rebellion with his alliances. Dare I say the author doesn't want us to know too much, but occasionally drops some clues. Such as Lady Dustin remarks to Theon. If you're expecting Martin to have laid out the backstory for the reader already, then I think you may be reading the wrong author. He doesn't write that way. That Tywin might have plots to move Cersei back into possible line to marry the next Targaryen king I don't doubt. I also don't doubt that by this time he knew he had more to gain from Rickard's alliances than waiting on Aerys to change his mind. I'm not sure what the last half of this has to do with this discussion, but, yes, the success of Aerys's/Varys's scheme to get Jaime in the Kingsguard depends on the young Jaime accepting the post. They enroll his sister to help him be convinced to do so. Jaime's fifteen year old head is besotted with dreams of knightly honor and his sister's body. It takes one night to convince him to give up Casterly Rock. Not exactly a hard sale. Or did you think that Cersei really masterminded this on her own? If the five High Lords, or six if one counts the attempt to marry into the powerful families of the Reach, all reject their fealty to the Targaryens and pledge to support each others claim to kingships, then who is to stop them. Not Dorne. Not the focus allied with Dragonstone. Only the vassal lords of the High Lords themselves, if there are enough of them could do so. I would think that an alliance of six kingdoms would likely stop that before it started. But for my guess to be true, I think the main evidence is the character of the men. I just can't see men as different as Rickard Stark and Tywin Lannister would accept one of their equals to be elevated to the Iron Throne. In the case of the Tullys and the Baratheons it doesn't make them kings again, but it does fulfill a dream of kingship that both likely share. Why accept the Targaryens? The dragons are dead, and the king is mad.
  21. I did think it was funny the libertarian wanted to change the trolleys course. Felt almost like the hand of government deciding what was best for everyone.....
  22. Buckwheat

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    Booooooo. In the first round, no less! Who are we lynching? Shame on you!
  23. Which Tyler

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/uk-turkey-arms-sales-syria-kurds-germany-france-netherlands-eu-embargo-a9155536.html UK refuses to join France, Germany and Netherlands in halting arms sales to Turkey EU leaders ‘condemn’ Turkey action against Kurds in strong terms The British government has refused to join its allies in halting arms sales to Turkey over the country’s military operation against Kurdish forces in Syria. EU foreign ministers unanimously agreed on Monday to “condemn” Turkey’s military action, arguing that it “seriously undermines the stability and the security of the whole region” and was harming civilians. But the bloc stopped short of agreeing to an EU-wide arms embargo against Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government, instead issuing a relatively toothless pledge for “strong” arms export control on a country-by-country basis. Article Continues...
  24. Ran

    The Deuce

    What a stunning performance from Maggie Gyllenhaal. What a monologue. Wow. Also, Big Mike. And RIP to ...
  25. BigFatCoward

    Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3

    i could just sit and watch her mam and dad chatting for an hour a week and be happy.
  26. Jez Bell

    Acrophobia 36 - Gone Fishin' - ROUND 8!!

    ROUND 7 (ARYA STARK) - VOTING Faceless.Homeless.Nameless.Merciless.List pruning. Faceless hiatus. Needing man-sized lamprey pie. "Defacing" expedition. Gathering necessary restocks. Dude, engagement? Gendry, no. ~Regards Fashion? Hateful! No mannered lady paraphernalia. Yours, achieving revenge incrementally, Facing hostilities needing management? Leave particulars! Finding her needle - Mercy (little partner) Fulfilling human-neutralisation murther-list programme. Forget her. Nameless many-faced life's preferable. Please vote for your top 3 in the thread.
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