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  2. Maybe not the same but the books are clear her brother was abusive to her. “Don’t wake the dragon”. We also know she complains Drogo “treats her like a dog”. If Sansa is the measuring stick for what abuse is it’s an incredibly tall bar. I only offered Sansa as a counter example to the implication that rich and abused are somehow mutually exclusive.
  3. Soylent Brown

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    The trouble with a salary cap is I just can't see anyway to implement a reasonable one (one that the smaller teams could make the most of) that doesn't completely kill the bigger clubs. I mean, what would big teams have to do, sack half of their squads to meet the cap? I'm not against the idea of it, I just don't see how it could ever come to be.
  4. Jon Mark Selmy

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    No. It's about the nature of power and a study on how to deal with it and what it causes. The "apocalyptic once in a millenia invasion" is just the text. Politics is the actual subtext. (But I don't see why more houses need to fall, specially considering the show does not presents many of them either way.)
  5. RYShh

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    You know very well Dany never get the same treatment that Sansa suffered from Ramsay.
  6. I don't see how Jon betrayed her, If anything Jon let her to be the Queen of S7 Kingdoms even when he had the better claim to the IT than Dany had, as Samwell says ''she shouldn't be'', but Jon still didn't ''betray'' her, and called Dany his Queen, did he need to do that? He was the Rhaegar's only living son, but still he said he didn't want it. To ask from Jon to lie to his family was just too much. And Dany only asked that from Jon, because she knew; A- Jon had better claim than hers B- People don't like a foreigner such as Dany who never lived in Westeros before, while Jon was a war hero and raised by honorable Ned Stark in Westeros. Also, they already said everyone would die if they didn't fight against the army of the dead, it's not something they could choose. It was so serious that even Jaime betrayed Cersei and went to the North. Yes Cersei didn't fight, it was an evil and terrible act, but strategically she could do that. The North would never obey her rule, so she thought it's best to not send her armies to help them, and she had the KL, Dany didn't have KL and she just lost the Olenna Tyrell, the Highgarden, the Dorne and Yara Greyjoy. She was in a terrible position, and she needed allies, to help North was the only thing she could do to earn allies, and she did. It was poltical as well as realistic, since she couldn't defeat the Night King alone as well, we've seen her Dragons can't harm the White Walkers.
  7. Kaapstad

    Tyrion and Sansa...

    Probably she forgot about the disease. The books make it as clear as day. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Butterfly_fever The so-called butterfly fever is a disease native to the isle of Naath. It is believed to be transmitted by the local butterflies, particularly a large black-and-white variety with wings as big as a man's hand, according to Archmaester Ebrose. Even though the Naathi themselves are immune to this sickness, all outsiders who remain too long on Naath fall prey to it.[1]
  8. Lady Rhodes

    The Pact of Versailles

    Those are my thoughts as well
  9. Nevis


    I doubt that Gendry thinks like a feudal lord.
  10. Rich does not imply lack of abuse. Especially women in Westeros with lord husbands or brothers. Ask Sansa.
  11. Rose of Red Lake

    People's reaction to Dany turning Mad Queen says something about us as humans

    She is fine profiting off the slave trade. You see how she has no moral center here, she is not ideologically opposed to slavery, she is opposed to losing to her enemies. So now folks wonder if she's just like the masters she displaced. And maybe she is - as we saw in Meereen she simply inverted the hierarchy, forcing former masters to plow her fields without a wage. She makes the same decisions as the tyrants before her. She uses the same violence, the same economic policies they inflict. That said I do think she did a lot of good in Meereen and she made the best decisions of her career when she didn't rely on her dragons.
  12. If the only thing that makes you negotiate is the threat of losing you power entirely you are a tyrant. She only negotiated when given no choice. Vaes Dothrak, while extreme on both sides, shows an unwillingness to compromise. Either her demands are met or she uses overwhelming force. Only when that force is ineffective at getting 100% of what she wants does she compromise. It’s not evidence of not being a tyrant. Look the bread crumbs were there. Not served up on a platter but we were “played” by the story. Blinded by our expectations of stories and heroes perhaps but the story is there.
  13. House Cambodia

    The Pact of Versailles

    I think there were definitely strong echoes of Animal Farm in Dany's arc - messed up by the rushed scripting, but it will come out in the books.
  14. We are discussing show here. She wasn't a kid in the show; she was significantly aged up. Which is another reason why her actions don't really fit; she acts like a kid yet she isn't one.
  15. She did when she was yet a kid, but then she matured with the help of her advisors and friends/lovers. Doesn't mean she isn't a dragon anymore.
  16. Majority of population of these cities were slaves, so it is rather questionable that they deserved to be burnt. Yes, she did order restraint at Astapor and Meereen. I believe I have mentioned how she has constructed the entire narrative / worldview / idea of herself as a Saviour, Messiah. So she did try to rein in her impulses, but my point is, those impulses, that Targaryen "burn them all" side was always there. If anything, show runners made her more saintly than she was in the books, which is why her turn to Dark Daenerys came out of left field (just like they made Stannis into hypocritical tyrant, Davos into atheist, etc.). But indications were always there.
  17. ummester


    Good call - perhaps I have underestimated some of D&Ds dialogue. But yes, I do feel that general idea of looking less to the future was played upon as the story progressed. At the start Robert, Ned, Tywin, Stannis - even Jamie and Cersie and Jon (by joining the Nights Watch) - were very worried about the future. But as they were killed, or their children were killed, motivations around abstract future ideals like legacy fell away. I guess it presents as a chicken/egg thing - does the next generation lose hope for the future when the world turns to shit or does failing to think about the future turn the world to shit? I guess it shows also, that overall, the series biggest villain was Little Finger - because he generated the chaos that collapsed the standing social order at the start of the story.
  18. Theda Baratheon

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    Got a summer job and gonna juggle that alongside my weekend job, my uni work and podcast and ...uhhh...social life? Gonna be exhausting for a few months but I NEED the money & it’s as a tour guide on a historic property so that should be fun. And hoping to pay off rest of my uni stuff and then save up a few hundred quid rent for a month and just MOVE to some city and get a crappy job for a bit. I need to leave Cornwall
  19. She's trying to compromise between her own views, and the views of her subjects who think differently. One may think it was a poor compromise, that she should have stuck rigidly to her anti-slavery stance, or else just accepted slavery as being one of the facts of life in Meereen, but it's not the act of a tyrant.
  20. Lady Rhodes

    The Pact of Versailles

    Something that I just recently started thinking about at the conclusion of watching the show is the Russian Revolution and reading Animal Farm. I wonder if we are going to have another parable as well - that even the most just rulers and most just causes can be corrupted. The animals really thought they were building a better world on the farm and they became more and more corrupted.
  21. Rose of Red Lake

    People's reaction to Dany turning Mad Queen says something about us as humans

    I'm not sure where you are going with this post, but my point was that if she wanted to be seen as an abolitionist who makes a clear moral choice to stand against a great evil, instead of a wishy washy one, she would have never said this: "Any man who wishes to sell himself into slavery may do so. She raised a hand. "But they may not sell their children, nor a man his wife." "In Astapor the city took a tenth part of the price, each time a slave changed hands," Missandei said. "We'll do the same," Dany decided. Wars were won with gold as much as swords. If some of my points are unfair I suggest reading Dany's chapters again knowing that she'll be a future mass murdering tyrant, like I always knew she was. These things stand out. She is a mess.
  22. House Volton

    Aegon VI

    Aegon may marry Myrcella instead of Arriane Remember the Cersei's prophecy stated that all her children would be crowned
  23. darmody


    So that his children might be royalty? You must think like a feudal lord.
  24. ljkeane

    Cricket 34: Bring Your Own Sandpaper

    This might be the most low key England - Australia game I've ever seen. England have bowled ok but Wood pulled up mid over and went off which isn't ideal. He didn't look too worried though so hopefully it isn't too bad. Good win for Afghanistan against Pakistan yesterday as well. ETA: England have got Paul Collingwood out there as a substitute fielder. That’s a blast from the past.
  25. darmody


    They made this point explicitly, as I recall. Only because it's them it was in terms of dick. Bronn says to Tyrion and Jaime that status is built upon piles of bodies accrued by cutthroats like him. Eventually their grandsons squander it by being "cocksuckers." Which I interpreted broadly (though of course cocksucking itself is not fruitful) to mean children given to immediate pleasure and no concern for the future.
  26. The Baelish Mockingbird

    The Iron Bank of Braavos

    That's not my point. My point is that they can always take a gamble with any new invading force which would like to try their hands at Westeros should they ever crop up. The Dothraki point, sure but I thought I saw them getting back on ships. Probably to go back to Essos and start pillaging all over again. Also is slavery over in Braavos? Sure Dany burned down all of the Masters and decided to change the name of Slaver's Bay to Dragon's Bay but does that really mean slavery is just going to die out in Essos?
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