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  2. Which would make their deaths by Dany even more tragic.
  3. Gendelsdottir

    How is it fantasy?

    Arthur C. Clarke's Third Law: " Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Fantastical elements need not consist of stereotypical fairytale creatures. They can consist of anything that varies from mundane reality. If our show creators had really wanted to subvert expectation, they could have thrown everything at the "What's the deep connection between magic and weather patterns in this world?" question rather than going for the cheaper (and to me far less interesting) "Is Character X a rational actor or a nutcase?" question. Excellent post, @Demetri.
  4. Apoplexy

    The Book of The Kingsguard - Help Me Decide

    Because up until now, the White Book records stories of members in context to their work as members of the KG. If the book records Barristan Selmy's exploits in Essos, then you have a point.
  5. She didn't change her clothes between episode 5 and episode 6
  6. As much as I loved the scene, I will probably remember it as the moment when the world started feeling... less rich. Emptier. Not only was there nobody to take Margery's place as a scheming wild card, but it was more than a little weird that the people of King's Landing just accepted what had happened and never became an obstacle for Cersei ever again.
  7. Demetri

    HBO president speaks about the final season

    Is perhaps as much candor as the President of HBO is ever gonna give you. I believe it roughly translates to "I didn't like the decision and their justifications didn't make sense to me so, no, I cannot make up logic to justify a decision that was made without employing logic Hold on, is that even true? I guess it depends on how long ago "a long time ago" is. But didn't the number of episodes anticipated for Season 7 change (maybe even as being reported differently on more than one occasion)? You can't really say that they had the path plotted out ages ago and were simply executing their vision if they didn't even know what shape season 7 would take, episode wise. Someone please tell me I'm wrong and D&D and HBO aren't ALREADY trying to create a revisionist history.
  8. Kajjo

    Arya the Explorer

    And so many people enjoy exactly that scene. I believe it to be great and perfect. To show us the horrors of war through the eyes of one of our beloved characters, is simply great. No focus on heroes, not even on her as heroine, but on the suffering of the common people. This is great and deeply appreciated. The extreme power of the Dragon is also shown nicely from the smaller perspectives. The horrors caused by destruction. There is absolutely nothing "silly" about this scenes of horror.
  9. Alexis-something-Rose

    Varys Blackfyre hint?

    Varys has been in King's Landing for 20 years. He's had plenty time to go exploring.
  10. Lord Varys

    Aegon VI

    Sure. But he could have just as well have written 'Young Griff' or 'Prince Aegon', no? That he did not do this could be a hint that he is a point in the books where calling 'the lad' 'Aegon VI' comes naturally to him because he is already sitting the Iron Throne.
  11. Jon Snow would have been a terrible king. Honestly, I think Danaerys would have made a better ruler than Cersei, Robert or any of their children...and Stanis for that matter. She would be terrifying in the short-term but I could see her legitimately restructuring the flawed system in the long tern. the standards of the throne are pretty low as is. Not the kind of job a stoic, moralistic, slow-thinker like Jon would excel at.
  12. Nerevanin

    So once again...the writers forgot about Gendry

    Well, I forgot about him too. But yeah, they should have at least considered him for the role of the king, after all Westeros loves all this bloodlines thing and Gendry is Robert's son.
  13. Davidlopan

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    Too true. If Lord of the Rings, Friends and Dynasty had a messy threesome it would look something like Season 8
  14. Where did they show "longing for family" in the show ever after the death of Khal Drogo? They didn't. This was not part of her character. Well, they showed us how lonesome she feels when everyone hails Jon and all ignored her. Her longing might have been there, but she just does not fit in. After all, she was born on Dragonstone, but that doesn't make Westeros her home in the emotional sense. She doesn't feel home in Westeros. "Her people" was always a selection and who wouldn't bend the knee was not protected but killed. From S2 onwards. She was brainwashed as a child into believing, Westerosi would wait for her, hail her as queen, be happy about her. Then she arrives in Westeros and realises this is simply not the case. Why did she expect something like that? Her father was the Mad King. Why should the people wish for his daugther? For a Targaryen in the first place? She never was a woman of compromises. Her advisors talked her out of some drastic measures again and again, but her own nature was "burn and destroy" or crucify, let be killed, feed to dragon, burn by dragon. She always had a violent streak and no tendency to compromise at all. She was always a megalomaniac. Not liberating one slavery city, but then all. Not having one Dothraki tribe but all. Thousands ships. Huge armies. Whole of Westeros. To threaten "Winterfell to Dorne" fits to her wanting the whole of Westeros, from S2 onwards. You might not have seen it, but it was there. She always wanted all Seven Kingdoms, wanted to keep the Slavery Bay and so on.
  15. kissdbyfire

    HBO president speaks about the final season

    I could say a thing or two about “unqualified people”, but I won’t. I’ll just leave a question here for you: did you read what I wrote? Because from your reply seems you didn’t.
  16. RFL

    Destiny of Jon Snow

    Are you certain Sansa was not willing to allow them to execute Jon if it meant an independent north and/or Bran on the throne? It was Arya who moved the option "off the table" not Sansa. Jon is as much a threat to Sansa's claim on the North as the last of the Starks as he a threat to claim the throne as a Targaryen in the south. Probably more so as people actually know him as Ned Starks son in the north.
  17. Lord Varys

    Varys Blackfyre hint?

    It could also be just a hint that some misguided Targaryen trusted him too much. Because it is rather ridiculous now to assume that the Targaryens knew crap about the secrets of the Red Keep. If that were the case Alicent and Helaena had disappeared with Aegon II and the children, not to mention that nobody would have surprised Alicent and Helaena in the Tower of the Hand.
  18. It_spelt_Magalhaes

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    Diana Rigg stole it whenever she was present. Season 7 high. Not that it was hard. Actually Olenna Tyrell and Tywin Lannister, all hail Dance, are the most realistic characters. I could read about them in real history books.
  19. Liffguard

    UK Politics: Awaiting MV3

    Decision made then. I'll be voting Green when I finish work.
  20. Techmaester

    A season of Jons betrayal

    - Jon told his extended family his parentage in spite of Dany explaining the implications. It showed a total lack of caring from the beginning for someone who saved you. - Jon failed to really challenge or disagree with Dany except at the end when he killed her. His entire conversation up to that point was baiting her into justifying his actions. It's an extreme case of saying you want a divorce before going to a marriage counselor and was fundamentally cowardly. Nothing Jon did was consistent with someone who loved Dany, even the invasion of Kings Landing was beneficial to the North and the northerners were more than happy to slaughter a city which had consistently waged war on them for 7 seasons prior. The statement about the pack surviving was true but Jon's pack was Dany as much as the Starks though he failed to accept it.
  21. To put it more simply, if they were able to tell the story properly, then they wouldn't need her to fly back to Dragonstone between episodes to change into all black, wash the smoke off her face, fly back to KL and have the whole 'dragon wings unfold on either side of her kitsch scene while walking to address her troops. With good writing, we would already have known clearly she had crossed the Rubicon for all the Westerosi at that point, instead we were confused if she had just gone temporarily mad, or if what she had done was completely out of context that made her worse than Tywin (who exterminated two noble houses down to the children, sacked and pillaged KL, and later the Riverlands), even a Joffrey/Cersei with Dragons. Some of Tyrion's dialogue tries to make that point to some extent, that the scale of her devastation was/(or had the potential for) something on a different level but I don't think that exposition by itself swayed the show watchers. The reactions seem to be based on the gruesome visuals, or the readers/watchers focused on evidence of her violence from Essos (directed against oppressors, but sometimes a little bit indiscriminately) Basically, the show runners had to work backwards from the end point they wanted to achieve and in 1.5 seasons tried to throw various things at a character they had been happy to build into a strong (if flawed) heroine taking on the slaving class in Essos. 1. They got her to torch noble prisoners 2. They got her to do the idiotic smirk routine to show contempt to Westerosi smallfolk (sullen Northeners who fought against her family less than 20 years ago, if she had gone to Dorne or the Reach it should have been completely different) 3. They got her to get wound up by Sandra Snark 4. They got her to go megalomaniac upon hearing R+L=J. It's a pity R+L=J was used this way, but this was probably more convincing than the other stuff 5. A bit of paranoia from above 6. Grief-driven anger, but still restrained at first 7. She goes postal - and stated as such by the showrunners in Inside the Episode 8. She suddenly becomes a fascist dictator, something she could have done in Mereen, but didn't. Why now? Not saying she couldn't have drawn the wrong conclusion from her attempts to make peace in Mereen, but that evolution is not shown, could have been attempted with some meaningful dialogue. 8. She shows no remorse in private with Jon for having gone postal "It was necessary". Hmmm covering up the lapse, or genuinely don't care anymore? Or even 100% intentional hatred of Westerosi? If the latter two, we want to see why she doesn't care about children and women any more. Never got to see the evolution from saviour to pure megalomaniac who does not care until the first signs in E4. 9. And finally the showrunners appear again retconning everything that happened before and twisting the story, "She let her brother (who himself was trying to kill her) be killed, so she's bad" If you told the story well, you don't retconning. You don't need to explain what happened in Inside the Epidode. And you don't need to throw so many different things at the character to see what sticks. You just suck as show runners/writers period. Looking forward to George's tale. I'm sure that's going to be a fascinating tragic story arc.
  22. sifth

    Arya the Explorer

    Arya running threw the streets was possibly the silliest thing this show has done and that's saying something. They basically turned Arya into Nathan Drake, who's basically one of videos games biggest Mary Sue's. The cherry on top was the random horse showing up for no reason.
  23. It didn't come true because even the "good guys" can be wrong. Prophecies might be for later generations. In a world with fortune tellers not all people who claim to be fortune tellers are going to be more than con artists.
  24. Demetri

    How to improve the north economically?

    Weird timing as I just digressed into a rant about the lack of discussion of the seasons in the show. The short (and not extremely helpful) answer is to end Winter. It would kind of destroy the purpose of Winterfell itself, but the area as a whole could easily become more powerful than any of the individual Kingdoms if Winter was on a usual cycle. Spending tremendous energy time and resources into planning for impossible to survive winters tremendously detracts from the ability to do much beyond basic survival. If we're really looking into it (while suspending our disbelief regarding the cycle system as a whole) the North should probably be centuries (if not millennia) behind every other region of Westeros economically, technologically and socially. If you look historically at cultures facing harsh living conditions they show a pattern of having independent developments (those not adopted from cultural diffusion with other regions) limited or specialized. And those specialized innovations are almost always focused on addressing problems that derive from the harsh conditions (the dog sled jumps to mind, but examples abound.) The idea that a region in which huge amounts of people travel great distances just to huddle near civilization because surviving in small or medium sized communities is a survival risk would somehow be on the same page as The Reach, the West or uber-advanced Oldtown is laughable. Considering these conditions have been a fact of life for around 10,000 years, they would be MUCH more culturally distinct than the books show them to be (though, to GRRM's credit, he does highlight that the North is still relatively isolated that separates it from the 7 Kingdoms which are generally on the same level). But even the normalization of winter presents Northern problems. What do you do when the strategy used for time immemorial ceases to be relevant? Of course they would experience tremendous boom, but also a tremendous amount of dissonance and confusion. The differences purely in building and farming should easily outweigh that, but it is kind of a miracle that the North even speaks the same language as everyone else. A really easy comparison is the Neanderthal population (given some weight by GRRM suggesting the North has much, MUCH more blood of the First Men than anywhere else) vs modern humans when regions began to overlap. The problem, though, is that that analogy suggests that Northmen as a genetically distinguishable group maybe shouldn't exist anymore or is approaching relative balance with other populations due to interbreeding.
  25. It's indeed possible that AA refers to Dany. She killed Kal Drogo to hatch the Dragons. Jon is the PtwP, and that prophecy definitely wasn't fulfilled on the show. As for Cersei, yeah, the children die, but they were all supposed to have worn crowns. Myrcella never got there. Instead, they made Cersei queen.
  26. Tinker

    NBA Playoffs 2019 - Kawhi So Serious?!

    Denver, Portland and Spurs have no one to guard Giannis or Kawhi. They would likely be swept by the Bucks or Raptors.
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