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  2. Guy Kilmore

    US Politics: It’s Not A Crime If Your Feelings Got Hurt

    I largely agree, but just inserting that someone with NPD could be diagnosed with depression, they just end up expressing it as blaming others, being angery, and getting outright hostile with others. It is actually very dangerous when depression and NPD start to commingle because the reactions can be quite violent.
  3. Here's a good thread about it too: https://twitter.com/HoarseWisperer/status/1120363098899140611
  4. Squall

    Battlefield Commands/Assignments

    Are the WW supposed to surround Winterfel as the preparations show or is it just a full scale frontal attack? I guess we won't have a double wall Battle of Alesia there. Many viewers suggest a wait and starve approach but that's not really palatable for television.
  5. The series will end up being 9 books anyway. A trilogy for each of the trilogies that were planned at first (Game of Thrones, Dance with Dragons, Winds of Winter). The first 5 books were honestly mostly political based (Game of Thrones). So we are still in the Game of Thrones stage of this series, imo. Let's hope he doesn't make 5 books for the others. We still haven't got the invasion of Dany and her army. GRRM can probably sum up that story in 2 books. But let's say 3 to be safe. Then you got the Others (Winds of Winter), which I think will being another 3. So I think he will eventually run out of titles, and he should opt to go with "Part 1/Part 2".
  6. The Great Unwashed

    US Politics: It’s Not A Crime If Your Feelings Got Hurt

    Case in point:
  7. sweetsunray

    Dany’s denial

    Nope. There was a marriage pact once to marry a Targ princess to a Lord Stark. But with only one princess surviving the civil war she was married to her cousin Aegon the Unlucky to ensure peace between the green and black Targ factions. She died as a child nevertheless (likely murdered by Peake who wanted his own daughter to wed the then minor-king). The widowed Lord Stark fell in love with a Blackwood and took her for his second wife.
  8. Roux

    Arya & Moon Tea

    This is where the books having younger kids than the show changes my thoughts here... Momma or septa in the show would've given her "the talk" but in the book she's only.. 9? She's 11 in the show when she starts living among men, so she should know a thing or two before being 'released into the wild' I think it's just a last night on this Earth thing and that'll be that. Eventually she can give us some Starkatheon babies. They were always meant to happen one way or another.
  9. Johnston

    Theory: Bran Told Tyrion About Jon

    He'll tell Tyrion some stuff that leaves Tyrion in no doubt the 3ER is the real deal not just a weirdo emo kid in a wheelchair that stares at people. Think 'Chaos is a Laddah' Or 'The things we do for love' . If it wasn't for the fact DD have seemingly forgotten about it I'd maybe think it would be something like where whores actually go. That in turn will help Tyrion convince Danny that it wasn't some Northern Conspiracy to put Jon on the throne.
  10. Squall

    Kingslayer - Jaime kills the Night King

    It would be nice if the writers could surprise us but I guess Jon's the big contender for the title. There's no NK in the books so I wonder if GRRM intended Azor Ahai to be the best swordsman or rather the best military leader. And having Sam as the almost accidental killer of NK is not very satisfying though I guess it's a more likely happy ending than Jaime fighting NK. And the NK will die (or at least driven away), so we won't have someone who's competent to do a big exodus towards Essos. Personally I like the scenario where Jaime stabs Cersei in the womb and afterwards a flaming sword into the NK but that's not what's in store for us.
  11. Nowy Tends

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I think I disagree. I know this thread is about the show, but in the books he attaches great importance to legitimation through a Stark wife, but that does not prevent him from torturing her in the presence of northern lords, and probably causing her damage to the point that she can never have children....
  12. kingoftheamericas

    Overlaps, Based on True Events, and Historical Fictions

    Wait, WHAT? If History were interested in context, it would be combined with Literature or Sociology. So, literature isn't interested in context??? You've totally lost me...
  13. State Trooper

    Theory: Bran Told Tyrion About Jon

    No way. Why would Bran break Jon's trust? He hasn't even told Sansa and Arya about it, (as far as we know), so there's no way he'd tell Tyrion.
  14. Roux

    Dany’s denial

    That would be ideal. Targaryens did more than build KL and the throne though, they opened up trade and built the king's road etc etc. They're United and dependent on one another though so some form of central government should exist. ALSO I think Dany has experienced a ton of piss poor leadership on her journey and now she's seeing Jon and Sansa, Yara and a bunch of the others will show themselves valid good kind fair leaders also which is what she wants to be. She was the best leader, the only one to give a crap about the slaves BUT now she's in westeros and it's a different sort of world. Shell need to accept that other people can do a good job too. Even if Robert and Cersei (and her mad papa) did a crap job. **And they developed the law systems. Outlawed some nasty stuff and set precedents for the different lands
  15. Corvinus

    Battlefield Commands/Assignments

    OK, took another look at the battle map. Left flank shows the Vale, with a Stark reserve. The right flank show Stark forces. The center shows Targaryen forces, that means Unsullied, and the Dothraki are forming the vanguard in the center. The Mormont bear is shown inside the castle, so Lyanna may have command of a reserve force? We know Davos will be on the battlements. I love that the wight army is basically shown end to end on the map.
  16. sweetsunray

    Arya Losin' It

    It's not exactly how we expect normal people who haven't lived through so much trauma to respond to one another. We sort of know how Arya feels about the Hound, because she mimicked him at the Crossroads Inn with Hot Pie and because she didn't want to go with Brienne and took him of her list. And we know from last season when Brienne tells him that people better should not stand between her and what she wants (the Hound was actually standing in between Gendry and her for a moment) and how he softly answers her, "Won't be me standing in her way," how the Hound feels about Arya. And so it's normal for us to expect a much warmer reunion between them. But they are severely traumatised, mellowing with time and years somewhat. So, they revert to the communication pattern they already established, with a new twist that Arya has indeed become a woman of little words and icy commanding stares. And agreed. Their scene in E2 was a relaxed one, fellow combat comrades... Arya showing she's not really cold inside or ungrateful for what he did for her, by just sitting with him, and he admitting that he fought for her once. Any more show of affection would just be wrong between those two.
  17. Larger than Average Finger

    Will Melisandre appear?

    If she doesn't I don't know when she will. He role would certainly seem to be in defeating the others.
  18. Again, NPD comes to the rescue here. Trump is not going to suffer depression because of losses or slights against him - he's going to blame others and be angry and attack others. It will make him even more unhinged, but it won't manifest as any kind of inward looking value, because Trump is incapable of self-reflection in that way.
  19. Lyanna was Brandon's little baby sister, good, pure, saint, like all baby sisters are for their big brothers. Even if Lyanna left a letter saying: "I am running away with Rhaegar because he is cute and lovely!!!111oneoneone" Brandon would think adult married Rhaegar brainwashed her and abducted her, forsed his saint baby sister to write this lying letter. He would never believe his smart, noble, faithful baby sister would run away with married father of two. So, no. Brandon didn't need any lying Littlefingers to believe Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna. Littlefinger, lord Whent, Rickard Stark or even Holy Mother Above herself might say to Brandon it was Lyanna who took away Rhaegar on swordpoint, Brandon would think it was married adult rapist Rhaegar who kidnapped her.
  20. Deminelle

    Jon faction VS Daenerys faction

    lol @ bonus dad It would make sense to kill off all Targaryens because of their incest relationships, Dany and Jon. Wasn't there a theory that Cersei and Jaime would be Targaryens as well? It would make sense that Cersei is a child of Mad King. I don't think there's such moral to the story anyhow.
  21. The Red Queen

    The Golden Company!

    So how does everyone feel about them? Besides they didn't bring their elephants LOL How big of a role do you think they will play? Jorah used to be a member of them, do you think that will help Dany and Jon?
  22. Roux

    Why avoid a reunion between Sansa and Sandor?

    I wrote it off just as now that Jon's home and she's got a houseful of Lady Stark business she's not very likely to cross paths with him- he's likely staying in a camp or out of the castle somewhere. Arya likes to prowl around and keep up on things happening down low, Sansas dealing with the ruling sit at tables and hound has no business inside.
  23. So I assume Jon will be an expert Dragon rider in the next episode? He will ya know, know how to make the dragon spit fire and take out armies already right? because he flew one time pretty unsuccessfully he will now be just as lethal as Dany/Drogon right? Also problems I am forseeing, why wouldn't the King WW just blast Bran with ice dragon fire? just light up the entire godswood instead of trying to kill bran by hand? this is the dumbest plan I have ever heard, just wanted to throw that out there.
  24. hewman

    [Spoilers] E802 Discussion

    Are you still hoping for more books? I think if GRRM doesn’t meet his Annie Wilkes there’s not much chance of that happening. I hope the cast enjoyed shooting all those scenes with so many of them together. Beats the crap out of talking to a melon on a stick in front of a green background.
  25. Ferrum Aeternum

    Why avoid a reunion between Sansa and Sandor?

    Yeah, the buildup in KL, as well as "that scene" between them during the Blackwater, were both kind of underwhelming on the show. Nothing like their ongoing dialogue in the books. I thought it made a lot more sense for he and Arya to have some closure after having spent so much time on the road together and having gotten into a bunch of memorable adventures.
  26. Suzanna Stormborn

    [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.4

    Idk what's going on with him. His character has dwindled down to nothing except Dany's punching bag. I am at least hopeful that he learned something in his talk with Bran ans will have some kind of helpful plan at some point. Although anyone on the show would have to be very dumb to listen to any plan of his now considering his track record recently.
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