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    Will Tommen and Myrcella die?

    They'll definitely die. Impossible to say when and how, though. As they're both to wear crowns, either Tommen dies first or Dorne secedes from the Seven Kingdoms. Doran Martell is too cautious, though. Maybe he dies and there's an alliance with fAegon.
  3. Rory Snow

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    I too think the show has earned some legitimate criticism which is why I come here and comment here. But I try to also have a degree of realistic understanding. Game of Thrones is a massive undertaking, something that expansive is going to have ups and downs, good stuff and bad. Not many viewers are going to like every moment of every episode. Coming to forums like this to discuss our likes and dislikes can be informative and entertaining which is why we do it. But what I'm not going to do is stomp my feet, hold my breath and go on a hunger strike until the writers do things the way that "Rory Snow" thinks they should be done. I accept that not every bit is going to suit my personal tastes. It's their show, it's their story. I can watch it or I can watch something else. I don't tell McDonalds how to flip their burgers either, if I don't like them I just go to a different restaurant. Do fans have "the right" to file a petition? Sure they do. But once again they have to accept the good with the bad. The good is by filing a petition they get heard and people like us give them the attention they crave, the bad is they have to act like petulant children screaming "I want, I want" in order to be heard. Maybe it isn't an act, maybe they actually have such a sense of entitlement that they expect the world to cater to them, in which case I doubt this is their 1st petition or their last.
  4. Hodor's Dragon

    Two Questions about this Episode

    War is inevitable with only 2 large kingdoms on the continent. Maybe things are different on Westeros, but on Earth it has never been a positive for a large nation to break up into smaller nations. There is always recrimination and blame, it endures, and trouble follows. And you've seen how greedy and opportunistic these Westerosi lords are. If there's not a power balance--and there probably would not be a power balance--the stronger side will make its move. Peace might last for the rest of Bran's rule, but if the Three-Eyed Raven is supposed to live for 1000 years or whatever you may sure that Bran's reign won't make it past the first 50. This place is naturally unstable and this artificial condition of a northern king ruling the south is not something that seems built to last. Unless Bran has some kind of weird magic, but if he does nobody has bothered to tell us so.
  5. And there needs to be more. I don't expect HBO to actually go ahead and remake it, I just want them - and especially Disney - to see how terribly D&D fucked up. Which is why I signed. Very much true, though a bit of preaching to the choir on my part :-) I sure hope so, and if that PR team exists, they should talk to the actors, as well. The likes of the below have the potential of going The Last Jedi on the fans, and that worked oh-so-well for Disney, right? Kit should quickly move onto another role, that "you know nothing" part seems to be rubbing on him. The petition never criticised the actors, solely the writing. Dany the Mad Queen could have been a wonderful tragic arc that made us bawling like babies, just like Ned's execution or the Red Wedding.
  6. ARYa_Nym

    Arya the Explorer

    She is still true to her house as the boat had Stark banners. At sea, she can still have relationships with people as we see with Asha and Qarl. She could also end up in some eastern country and meet people there.
  7. Proudfeet

    NBA Playoffs 2019 - Kawhi So Serious?!

    I do. I mean sure, they swept the Blazers, but as you said, it was closer than it looked.
  8. That was never the story that GRRM was writing. That was the Disney fairytale ending.
  9. Jaime the Goldenhand

    The Ending Was very conventional

    Ok, so I think the show was trying to get at the idea that Kings are human, they are guided by their own fears (mad king), desires (Bobby b), motives (Dany), lust (Euron), etc. By putting Bran, the least human character, on the Throne, you kind of circumvent this problem. However, this is only possible if someone like Bran exists. But, like I said. The show is TRYING to say that. But, having Tyrion talk about 'stories' and having Bran's small council populated by his buddies and giving the North to Sansa without question REALLY nullifies this point. The books very effectively make the above point. I'm sure that the ending will reflect the benefits, and also problems, of having an inhuman king. I wouldn't be surprised if Bran is portrayed as a sort of Dr.Mahattan character, who is too dissociated from humanity to feel a close emotional connection to anyone. There are a lot of interesting elements to explore with Bran as ruler. Will he instituted more environmental policies? How will he manage relations with the North? Is he truly impartial? Will the common folk fear him? The show inevitably just TELLS us, that Bran will be good, because he is a 'keeper of stories' and holds the realms memory...wtf does that mean? That's what I mean when they don't have anything to say about politics, because they never attempt to SHOW us any of the implications of the new royal order. We are simply TOLD that it will be good.
  10. Hodor's Dragon

    The heartless subtext thread...

    I know they film most of this stuff years in advance, but it IS a TV show, they can easily make a change at the very end, and the Ghost scene felt more like that than may easily be expressed. It was a brief 5-second shot, Ghost against a simple background, a simple greeting, a short little pet.
  11. Jaime the Goldenhand

    West of Westeros: The Voyages of A. Stark

    I get it. You like Arya. She is very bad-ass. Personally, I don't like the way she is portrayed in the show, while she is one of my favorites in the books. The ethos of the first 3-4 seasons, which is very consistent with the books is that: ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES Of course many characters would all like to cathartically murder everyone who has wronged us in the past. However, there are issues with this kind of reactionary brutality. We have to live with ourselves, we have to accept that someone else will be coming to take their vengeance on us, we have to dedicate time and resources to enacting out revenge. Arya's story is devoid of these critical aspects. That's why it is best classed as revenge porn. Frey pie is poetic justice, but it comes at no cost. None of this callousness you mention comes across in the performance of the character. No one watching the show would ever question whether they would like to be like Arya. Hell yeah! Why not?! Super bad-ass, powerful, unflinching, loyal. Where is there any dimension to her character? I get that the flawless heroine is a popular trope these days. But it just doesn't do a thing for me. Boring character, undeserved non-ending to her non-arc.
  12. Impmk2

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    Had a great workout today. 4x1600m (mile) repeats with a 3min rest between. Hit up the first couple in ~6:30 (4:05/km), the third was uphill, usually the slow one but still managed a 6:24 (right on 4/km), and the last at 6:12 (3:53/km). Felt better doing that workout than I have since late last year, and could've pushed it and done another repeat if needed. Really happy with how the fitness is coming on. I really do hate it when the legs don't respond. Had a long run like that a few weeks ago that was just painful. Felt like I was doing 4:30s, turned out it was closer to 5:30s, which then turned into near 6min/kms... So <5min/km for a long run is pretty bloody fast in my books! I'm a big proponent of just plodding through the miles and not worrying about the pace for long (and tbh most shorter) runs.
  13. Being "unloved" wasn't the issue that made here less 'fit'. The Targaryens were always 'foreign invaders'. Dany was raised in Essos and returned at the head of 2 armies comprised of Essosi. Dany's 'revolutionary rhetoric' would have alienated most of the Westerosi nobility. As would (and did) her hardline stance re. bending the knee.
  14. Hodor's Dragon

    Did Bran know all the time he is the future king?

    The real answer to the OP's question is that we have no idea, because the show didn't even give us enough information for meaningful speculation on the answer. Bran remains a complete cipher to the end, except now he is His Grace King Cipher. I suspect the writers just put that line in his dialogue because it sounded cute and had the extra added bonus that it might lead people to infer some meaning of their own onto Bran's arc. Which is the only way that arc will ever be even halfway explained.
  15. The Baelish Mockingbird

    Dany should have been Queen for a season

    This is kind of an add on to a post I wrote about the Iron Bank but Dany really should have formally become the Queen of Westeros. The problem with Dany being the Mad Queen is that we don't actually see her being a Mad Queen. She uses very unconventional methods to get the throne but really this can all be excused as the necessary evils of war. Here's how I think the show should have been handled. Season 8 should have ended with Dany becoming Queen in mostly the same way as she did in the last few episodes. The only real difference being that she goes straight for the Red Keep instead and inflicts many unintended casualties against innocent people. In this version of events, Varys would be completely loyal to Dany whereas Tyrion would question her methods (role reversal). Dany would be empathetic over the loss of life but mostly shrug it off as the casualties of war against a tyrant. Jon would view it as an impulsive act which had negative consequences but a positive result. Tyrion would start to wonder about her mental state and whether she is properly fit to rule but wouldn't find it to be terribly concerning yet. The next series (season 9) would focus entirely on Dany as Queen and would show her slow descent into becoming the Mad Queen. She would give a speech about how her enemies will show her no mercy so why should she show them any mercy. Throughout the season, Dany will justify herself more and more as she starts to torch everyone who goes against her, as she begins to burn them all. She will go back on her promise to give the Iron Islands independence causing Yara to start conspiring against her. After finding out from Varys, Dany will fly off to Pyke and destroy the castle with Yara inside. Dany will justify this with Jon and Tyrion by stating that they were conspiring against her and they needed to be stopped before they could launch any form of attack against her. This will cause the other lords to become restless at the idea of Dany remaining Queen. The smallfolk in King's Landing would also start growing restless due to fear of the dragon which is free to fly around above them and eat their cattle. This will cause riots in King's Landing. Dany will feel betrayed by the people of King's Landing whom she thinks she liberated from a tyrant and will order the Unsullied to deal with the riots (ending in many deaths of smallfolk). She will then have the ringleaders of the riots rallied up and executed by Drogon much to Tyrion's dismay. This will cause Tyrion to talk to Varys about the possibility of her going mad and whether Jon may be better suited for the throne. Varys warns Tyrion never to speak of it again but doesn't tell Danaerys yet because he thinks Tyrion could still be useful. Sansa (using her Littlefinger skills) could then reach out to the Iron Bank who are mutually interested in seeing Dany being taken off the throne. Sansa because Dany will not let the North become an independent country, and the Iron Bank because Dany refuses to pay back the debt the crown owes (as it is not a debt she acquired). Varys will discover this and tell Dany. Dany will then order a parlay and asks Jon to act as her envoy. Jon and Sansa will meet on an open field with an army of Northmen behind Sansa and an army of Unsullied behind Jon. Jon will tell Sansa that Dany is truly doing what she thinks is right for the Kingdoms and that he doesn't want to see anymore bloodshed to which Sansa will tell him that he is being blinded for the love of his Queen and that all she has ever done is in service of herself becoming Queen. Jon will reply asking Sansa if the same could be said for her. This is interrupted by a loud cry in the distance as Dothraki soldiers flank the Northmen and Sansa is captured and taken to the capital. Meanwhile Dany attacks Bravoos with a platoon of Unsullied and destroys the Iron Bank and kills all of the Bankers inside. Jon becomes irrate and realises that Dany betrayed his confidence and demands that she releases Sansa. She refuses and Jon storms off to Tyrion. Dany becomes suspicious of Jon and asks Varys to keep tabs on him. Jon and Tyrion talk about his inheritance and start to talk about Jon taking over as King. Jon agrees that Dany is constantly going back on her word in favour of keeping her throne and is becoming more unyielding by the day so he agrees to take up his birthright. Meanwhile Daario returns from Essos and informs Dany that Meereen has fallen back to the control of the masters. Dany doesn't understand what masters as she thought that she had killed them all. Daario tells her that new masters had risen in the city, former slaves who revolted and drove Daario out the city taking control of it and repeating the wheel. Varys also tells Dany that Jon and Tyrion were conspiring behind her back to replace her as Queen and that the North, the Vale, The Riverlands and the Stormlands are all demanding Sansa be set free. Dany snaps, orders Vary to arrest Jon and Tyrion and flies to Meereen and destroys the city figuring that it is a city beyond redemption which has betrayed her trust. When she comes back to King's Landing, she summons Tyrion and Jon. Tyrion confesses to conspiring against Dany and confesses to manipulating Jon into doing the same knowing that Dany has a softer spot for Jon and will leave him alive so that he can end it once and for all. Tyrion is then executed on the spot by Dany who also arrests Daario for failing to keep peace for her in Meereen. The Northmen, Men of the Vale and Men of the Riverlands have also rallied outside of King's Landing demanding that Sansa be freed. Dany orders the execution of Daario and Sansa and gets ready to go burn the Northmen at the gate. This is when Jon decides that enough is enough and kills Dany. Drogon can fly away with Dany the same way he did in the show I suppose. Jon will then order the gates be opened and the Northmen will come in and battle the Unsullied and the Dothraki leading to the end of the war. Jon will then take the throne and tie up loose ends. He will give the North their independence, execute Varys (personally, like Ned Stark would do), implement a Government of some kind to help the monarchy, abdicate the throne in order for an elected King to take it and then willingly choose to go beyond the wall and live his life there away from the guilt. So what do you think of this idea? Would you have done the series the same way or would you have done it differently.
  16. The purpose was to destroy Fire, just as Ice had been destroyed at Winterfell. After that, rebuilding could be done.
  17. You can't make this shit up.
  18. JagLover

    Arya the Explorer

    Well exactly, she had decided to return to being a Stark, and part of that is duty to the people of the north. Would her father's daughter just head off and leave her sister unsupported when they are all that is left of their house?. The suffering she had seen could be her motivation to spend her life trying to improve the lives of the common people and therefore be pay off for her character's journey, not just dreams she had as a nine/ten year old.
  19. Jaime the Goldenhand

    West of Westeros: The Voyages of A. Stark

    Yes! I completely agree. Arya needs to have a moment of reckoning. She never had this in the show. I think they were going for this with confronting Nymeria, but it just didn't have any weightI. It is a very forgettable scene. Sometimes I wonder if they excluded this because Maisie isn't capable of giving a layered performance. But, at least she could try and confess something to Sansa instead of keeping everything hidden. The whole concept of the pack survives, to me, entails supporting one another, not just being on screen at the same time.
  20. Mel wrote the Pink Letter to stop Jon from going to Hardhome - Extended Version I thought having the first two assumptions is enough to make my case for Team Mel. But I also have a third assumption which I can prove and it would help Team Mel out even more. I just didn't want to write it in the OP because it was so long already. Anyways enjoy the extended version: Assumption # 3 - Melisandre sends out Devan Seaworth to falsely fetch food ... but her main intentions for Devan is to stalk & spy on Jon Snow for information Off topic theory: Melisandre is a fire wight just like Beric Dondarrion and Lady Stoneheart. She doesn't really eat, doesn't really sleep, doesn't feel cold, may be older than she appears and chugs poison like a champ. Mel was probably resurrected by R'hllor in the past, and that is why she became a devoted red priestess. Back to topic: Mel doesn't need to eat, but she send Devan to fetch food to conceal this glamour. "Does my lady wish to break her fast?" asked Devan. Food. Yes, I should eat. Some days she forgot. R'hllor provided her with all the nourishment her body needed, but that was something best concealed from mortal men. It was Jon Snow she needed, not fried bread and bacon, but it was no use sending Devan to the lord commander. He would not come to her summons. [...] [...] "I will have nettle tea, a boiled egg, and bread with butter. Fresh bread, if you please, not fried. You may find the wildling as well. Tell him that I must speak with him." [Devan:] "Rattleshirt, my lady?" "And quickly." {Melisandre I ADWD} When Mel send Devan to fetch food, she occasionally sends him to summon people, or to spy on them. "The bones protect you," she reminded [f-Rattleshirt]. "The black brothers do not love you. Devan tells me that only yesterday you had words with some of them over supper." "A few. I was eating bean-and-bacon soup whilst Bowen Marsh was going on about the high ground. The Old Pomegranate thought that I was SPYING on him and announced that he would not suffer murderers listening to their councils. I told him that if that was true, maybe they shouldn't have them by the fire. Bowen turned red and made some choking sounds, but that was as far as it went." The wildling sat on the edge of the window, slid his dagger from its sheath. "If some crow wants to slip a knife between my ribs whilst I'm spooning up some supper, he's welcome to try. Hobb's gruel would taste better with a drop of blood to spice it." {Melisandre I ADWD} I like how Mel admitted that Devan was observing f-Rattleshirt without being noticed. I also like how in the next paragraph, GRRM used the word "spying". Why would Devan be a good spy for Mel? These are her thoughts about Devan: "Yes, my lady." The boy poured her a cup of water from the stone jug by the window and brought it to her. "Thank you." Melisandre took a sip, swallowed, and gave the boy a smile. That made him blush. The boy was half in love with her, she knew. He fears me, he wants me, and he worships me. [...] Devan was quick and smart and able too, which was more than could be said about most of her attendants. [...] {Melisandre I ADWD} As spy for Mel, Ghost sniffed out something odd about Devan By the time they returned to the surface, the shadows of the afternoon were growing long. Clouds streaked the sky like tattered banners, grey and white and torn. The yard outside the armory was empty, but inside Jon found the king's squire awaiting him. Devan was a skinny lad of some twelve years, brown of hair and eye. They found him frozen by the forge, hardly daring to move as Ghost sniffed him up and down. "He won't hurt you," Jon said, but the boy flinched at the sound of his voice, and that sudden motion made the direwolf bare his teeth. "No!" Jon said. "Ghost, leave him be. Away." The wolf slunk back to his ox bone, silence on four feet. Devan looked as pale as Ghost, his face damp with perspiration. "M-my lord. His Grace c-commands your presence." The boy was clad in Baratheon gold and black, with the flaming heart of a queen's man sewn above his own. {Jon IV ADWD} But what does this all mean? Well let's review the contents of the Pink Letter again: Theses are the things that Jon said aloud or someone talking to Jon aloud, surrounded by food or drinks ... with Devan hearing and observing: The men will love that. "If we must. We'll cut each man's portion by a quarter." If my brothers are complaining of me now, what will they say when they're eating snow and acorn paste? {Jon IV ADWD, in the food storeroom, just before Ghost sniffs up Devan} Keep them from me, and I will cut out your bastard's heart and eat it. --------------------- "He did. Lightbringer was brighter than I'd ever seen it. As bright as the sun." Jon raised his cup. "To Stannis Baratheon and his magic sword." The wine was bitter in his mouth. {Jon III ADWD, drinking wine with Clydas in the rookery} I have his magic sword. --------------------- He broke his fast in the cellar with his officers. Fried bread, fried eggs, blood sausages, and barley porridge made up the meal, washed down with thin yellow beer. As they ate they went over the preparations yet again. "All is in readiness," Bowen Marsh assured him. "If the wildlings uphold the terms of the bargain, all will go as you've commanded." And if not, it may turn to blood and carnage. "Remember," Jon said, "Tormund's people are hungry, cold, and fearful. Some of them hate us as much as some of you hate them. We are dancing on rotten ice here, them and us. One crack, and we all drown. If blood should be shed today, it had best not be one of us who strikes the first blow, or I swear by the old gods and the new that I will have the head of the man who strikes it." {Jon XII ADWD, at the cellar} Your false king's friends are dead. Their heads upon the walls of Winterfell. --------------------- Nearer the door, the Queen's Hand was attacking a brace of capons, sucking the meat off the bones and washing down each bite with ale. When he espied Jon Snow, Axell Florent tossed a bone aside, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and sauntered over. With his bowed legs, barrel chest, and prominent ears, he presented a comical appearance, but Jon knew better than to laugh at him. He was an uncle to Queen Selyse and had been among the first to follow her in accepting Melisandre's red god. If he is not a kinslayer, he is the next best thing. Axell Florent's brother had been burned by Melisandre, Maester Aemon had informed him, yet Ser Axell had done little and less to stop it. What sort of man can stand by idly and watch his own brother being burned alive? "Nestoris," said Ser Axell, "and the lord commander. Might I join you?" He lowered himself to the bench before they could reply. "Lord Snow, if I may ask … this wildling princess His Grace King Stannis wrote of … where might she be, my lord?" Long leagues from here, Jon thought. If the gods are good, by now she has found Tormund Giantsbane. "Val is the younger sister of Dalla, who was Mance Rayder's wife and mother to his son. King Stannis took Val and the child captive after Dalla died in childbed, but she is no princess, not as you mean it." {Jon IX ADWD, at the feasthall} I want his wildling princess. --------------------- "Be wary o' that lot, Jon Snow," Tormund warned him. "A savage folk. The men are bad, the women worse." He took a SKIN off his saddle and offered it up to Jon. "Here. This will make them seem less fearsome, might be. And warm you for the night. No, go on, it's yours to keep. Drink deep." {Jon XII} The cage is cold, but I have made him a warm cloak from the skins of the six whores who came with him to Winterfell. --------------------- When Mel & Jon are in the same room ... note what was said aloud & what can be observed: "Not me. I'm done with those bloody fools." Rattleshirt tapped the ruby on his wrist. "Ask your red witch, bastard." Melisandre spoke softly in a strange tongue. The ruby at her throat throbbed slowly, and Jon saw that the smaller stone on Rattleshirt's wrist was brightening and darkening as well. "So long as he wears the gem he is bound to me, blood and soul," the red priestess said. "This man will serve you faithfully. The flames do not lie, Lord Snow." {Jon IV} I want his daughter and his red witch. --------------------- "Our false king has a prickly manner," Melisandre told Jon Snow, "but he will not betray you. We hold his son, remember. And he owes you his very life." {Melisandre I ADWD, talking about Mance} Your false king is dead, bastard. (Stannis) --------------------- "Castle Black needs no useless mouths," Jon agreed. "I am sending Gilly south on the next ship out of Eastwatch." Melisandre touched the ruby at her neck. "Gilly is giving suck to Dalla's son as well as her own. It seems cruel of you to part our little prince from his milk brother, my lord." {Jon I ADWD} I want his little prince. --------------------- And finally the easy one: Ser Godry gave a pull on the rope. The King-Beyond-the-Wall had no choice but to stumble after him, the rope choking off his words. When he lost his feet, Godry dragged him the rest of the way. Mance was bloody when the queen's men half-shoved, half-carried him to the CAGE. A dozen men-at-arms heaved together to hoist him into the air. Lady Melisandre watched him rise. "FREE FOLK! Here stands your king of lies. And here is the horn he promised would bring down the Wall." Two queen's men brought forth the Horn of Joramun, black and banded with old gold, eight feet long from end to end. Runes were carved into the golden bands, the writing of the First Men. Joramun had died thousands of years ago, but Mance had found his grave beneath a glacier, high up in the Frostfangs. And Joramun blew the Horn of Winter, and woke giants from the earth. Ygritte had told Jon that Mance never found the horn. She lied, or else Mance kept it secret even from his own. {Jon III ADWD} I have him in a cage for all the north to see, proof of your lies. --------------------- Melisandre's thoughts: Melisandre took that as a sign and dismissed her own guard as well. They crossed the yard together, just the two of them. The snow fell all around them. She walked as close to Jon Snow as she dared, close enough to feel the mistrust pouring off him like a black fog. He does not love me, will never love me, but he will make use of me. Well and good. Melisandre had danced the same dance with Stannis Baratheon, back in the beginning. In truth, the young lord commander and her king had more in common than either one would ever be willing to admit. Stannis had been a younger son living in the shadow of his elder brother, just as Jon Snow, bastard-born, had always been eclipsed by his TRUEBORN sibling, the fallen hero men had called the Young Wolf. Both men were unbelievers by nature, mistrustful, suspicious. The only gods they truly worshiped were honor and duty. {Melisandre I ADWD} Trueborn Lord of Winterfell. --------------------- Sorry that took so long. So in conclusion, the vocabulary of the Pink Letter can be found in Melisandre's thoughts, when Melisandre & Jon are in the same room, or when Devan is spying on Jon (surrounded by food or drinks) for Melisandre. Team Mel!! Off topic: I love the very last quote of the similarity between Jon and Stannis.
  21. That could just be the 3ER talking in a general sense, not Bloodraven personally. The 3ER definitely predates Bloodraven. The birthmark and eye I write off as the show deciding not to alter Sydow's appearance.
  22. JagLover

    Arya the Explorer

    What little we saw of young Lyanna reminded me far more of Arya to be honest. Do you really see Sansa defending Reed?, or taking part in a tournament?. The difference to Arya is that we saw her in a more conventional setting at a later age. Arya herself is described as pretty later on in the books. A satisfying outcome for her would not have been to marry Gendry no, to simply be his lady with little power. How about though if Sansa had given her one of the many now vacant castles in the North and she could have supported her sister as her bannerwoman and also started her own family. Is that truly a betrayal of her character?. Yes she saw many horrible things which changed her, but the war is over now, and just as men return and start families after going through the horror of war, then so could she.
  23. Tywin Tytosson

    Did Bran know all the time he is the future king?

    Yep. Some of memories would be Bloodraven's memories.
  24. Tywin Tytosson

    Did Bran know all the time he is the future king?

    And? Why does it matter being original? Nothing is really 'original'.
  25. The Bard of Banefort

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    Something that stuck out to me when I re-read ACOK was when Maester Luwin told Bran he "truly was his father's son" as he lay dying. Even as a little kid, there was something impressive about how Bran was holding his own at Winterfell. For a long time, I thought it was very likely that Bran would be king at the end. Once he became robotic on the show, I started to change my mind. Turns out I should I have just listened to my gut.
  26. Tywin Tytosson

    Did Bran know all the time he is the future king?

    But Bran has the 10,000 year view, from being the 3ER. A perspective Dany could never have. To turn it around a bit, maybe the 3ER needed to break some eggs to make that omelette Very long-term gain and paradise. How many died for Dany's vision of the uncertain future? One that would never have outlasted her life?
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