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  2. Triskele

    Upcoming TV Series of 2019/2020 - Your most anticipated shows

    The Mystics were scarier than the Skeksis. Excited that Mindhunter season 2 is finally coming in August.
  3. Areisius

    All who were vying for the Throne died

    Thank you. He was a spectator in every sense of the word on the show. After he turned into the 3 eyed raven he has been just watching everybody kill each other for Winterfell and Kings Landing. D&D have the nerve to make him say "what do you think I came all this way for?" WTF?!
  4. So Bran has seen the future where Tyrion asks him to be the king, how is that vying and not just accepting an offer?
  5. Areisius

    All who were vying for the Throne died

    Everyone knew he wasn't vying for the throne because he was never in the race.
  6. Vanadis

    How would you have ended it?

    I like your version very much. I've read other versions too, and come up with several of my own. The one change I'd really like to see, because it feels like more in line with Dany's character, is whether she murders unscrupulously or whether changed to only kill innocents locked up in the Red Keep, she still feels remorse afterwards. In her vision, she doesn't touch the Iron Throne, instead she turns her back on it. I would like her to do this in the end. She gives no speech to her troops about conquering the world. When Jon enters the room, she is emotional. She tells him that she intends to leave. He hugs her, and she orders her dragon to burn the iron throne. To get the same ending, she could then walk out on the top of the stairs to give her final orders to her troops. But someone throws a knife into her back, and she falls over. The assassin runs away, and is later revealed to be Arya. (Earlier in the season, Jon would have had to be the one to kill the night king to give Jon something to do this season.) Drogon picks up Dany's body and flies away, enabling a Revan-type of story like you mention. Jon goes north willingly after naming Bran his successor.
  7. The books mention that Targaryens had to marry sisters because they could not find any other pure-blooded Valyrians. But surely, when the Doom came, there must have been some Valyrians in the Valyrian colonies, to run the colonies (and perhaps some of the family's dragons with them),? And another member of this forum wrote that at the Doom some Valyrian dragon-riders may have been riding and well away from Valyria. In that case, Valyrians including the Targaryens could have found wives in the usual way from those other families, and thus be free from effects of inbreeding?
  8. WeDoNotKneel_HailMance

    All who were vying for the Throne died

    We know nothing, Jon Snow. We don't know if he was vying or if he wasn't. If he was, that'd be a pretty interesting plotline...that was completely off screen and never explained. That's why I tend to agree with OP that it feels like a spectator won the great game of thrones.
  9. Don't have any experience of Akira, so am just happy to hear that Waititi is involved in another big project. I'd go to a film called "A expansive view of extremely long alpha-numerical lists" if he was directing. Re: tone. I tend to think that comedy can be the best vehicle for serious drama. The moment when the laughter freezes and the carpet is pulled out from beneath the feet of audience and characters is one of my favourite film/theatre tropes. The darkness at the edge of a smile. Thor: Ragnarok certainly veered mostly towards pure comedy, but I think that worked very well in a Marvel context. What We Do In The Shadows similarly was on the surface largely black comedy. Hunt for the Wilderpeople had a lot more serious notes in the mix. Waititi isn't incapable of seriousness - whether he chooses to go down that path is more the question. Especially since he's been praised so much for his comic work - hopefully he hasn't decided that comedy is the only thing he does based on the reception of Thor and WWDitS.
  10. RYShh


    I thought it was the Children of the Forest used spells not Brandon the Builder?
  11. If that is so, you're a two legged version of a jack russell terrier -- so cute and doggedly single-track.
  12. A Horse Named Stranger

    UK Politics: The End of May

    First (votes) in, first out.
  13. Bittersweet Distractor

    Elimination Game #??: Who Comes Out of GOT S.8 the Best

    -The Hound.
  14. I'm not sure about that. Such a quality shows up brilliantly in Paul Giamatti's Chuck Rhoades in Billions. It takes writers though, who know the time the characters inhabit, and what they would know well -- and know it well themselves. But the thing is, when it comes to period and action films, the spectacle and action eventually push out the psychology, character, plot and history, because, oddly enough, the spectacle and action are easier to do -- duh, it is moving pictures after all. It even happens in visualization of books by Jane Austen. More ball rooms! less story!
  15. To me, the choice of Jon’s costume symbolized that he was back where he started, in the Nights Watch. He is wearing his old black uniform that he hasn’t worn in several seasons, and it distinctly set him apart from the Wildlings he was riding with. As for his final look over his shoulder, I thought that served to give the audience a last look at Jon’s face, and the gate closing coincided with the end of the story - like shutting a book. The scene can certainly be interpreted both ways though. This is just how it came across to me.
  16. JNR

    Heresy 222 vindication

    Well, it is, though, IMO. Every episode in season eight developed that idea. If Jon had not been Rhaegar's son, Dany would never have cared how beloved he was, or would have feared being replaced by him. He would just have been a nice guy she was banging. It was only when she learned he had a superior claim to the throne that her paranoia got control of her mind, and she saw her own team might try to ditch her and replace her with Jon. That's why she begged him to keep his mouth shut and tell no one about his true parents. But he didn't, and the people he told didn't either. Soon her whole team knew. When Tyrion came to her saying there was a traitor, she assumed it was Jon for this very reason. Already the Targ insanity was gaining control of her. So when finally, after the whole season was built up this way, she morphed into her post-Trident Aerys and burned down King's Landing and fried thousands of innocents, I wasn't at all surprised. Maybe. But I think Barristan will prove correct, and there is no taint of madness in her. He spent quite some time looking for the signs, and God knows he was a qualified authority in knowing what to look for. But if she does go mad, it's not going to be because Jon is the son of Rhaegar. I'm as sure of this today as I was after season two, in saying Dany was going to die at the end of the show.
  17. Triskele

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    I've tried just holding an ice pack up to the inner elbow joint for 5 minute stints the last few days, and I'm encouraged to say it feels like it's doing something. I also did a pull day yesterday and was able to get through a few lifts like lat pulldowns where I was able to focus on using the back as much as possible and the forearm as little as possible. I did feel the elbow a bit doing inverted rows in the normal hand position just a bit to the point where I think I can do the exercise to the full extent where it's just a question of how much do I want to mess with the elbow or not. But I did pick up some lighter dumb bells to try hammer bicep curls, and to those the elbow just said hell no. Not a big problem for me if I can't do biceps...that would be one of the lifts I could most easily give up.
  18. Toth

    UK Politics: The End of May

    Ah, yes, sorry. That's rather telling, isn't it?. Just looked it up and saw that it is just the results that will be announced today.
  19. Pebble

    UK Politics: The End of May

    na we voted on Thursday. :p
  20. It_spelt_Magalhaes

    The Wheel is still unbroken at the Wall

    Penal colony. The beauty of it was the Southron lords shitting on the Northern traditions by manning their Shield to Protect the Realms of Man with rapers, murderers and thieves. Imo, any magic of protection it was built with would've wilted like hydrangeas in 50 degrees centigrade. Ah, love thy neighbour. Respect your fellow man. At least now it's just a penal colony.
  21. TheNecromancerofMirkwood

    Was Sansa aiming for Jon?

    Speaking as someone from the southeastern United States, you hit the nail on the head. Moral or immoral, Southerners in the US feel put upon (butt of too many jokes for far too long) because we're kinda insular and backward (but are oddly welcoming to people). Tradition and family tend to be big deals (even if you family throws you under the bus). But yes, the descendants of those who prevailed over the Confederate States cannot fathom why "we can't just get over it" since its been 150 years since the issue was decided. The recent spate of "maybe we should burn/occupy the South again" from those outside the region hasn't helped one iota. The North certainly had every right to demand its independence. In all honesty, I thought the Iron Throne would be abolished and each of the 7 Kingdoms would go back to being independent or at least semi-independent of one another. At the very least, the North, the Iron Islands and Dorne would all either be completely independent of the crown, or at the very least semi-independent Grand Duchies or Principalities (ala The Holy Roman Empire). The writers simply lack of the kind of attention to detail that Martin brings (being a fan of the historical eras where The Holy Roman Empire was a thing) and the ending makes no sense because its muddled in trying to simply wrap up everything with a garishly colored bow simply because "muh subverted expectashuns!"
  22. Apoplexy


    Would be interesting indeed. I mean, I don't subscribe to families with power always holding on to it even through elections by virtue of that power. but westeros is a monarchy, I can't expect better.
  23. Huh? You mean the hostile warlike group who kidnapped and raped his wife? There’s a reason why there’s basically 2 versions of Khan told, the Mongolian version and the one told by everyone else.
  24. St Daga

    Heresy 222 vindication

    All these same people who said that RLJ "must be true" because they would not change something that important in the show from the books, are now facing the fact that the show gave them the reveal that they wanted but that reveal really served no purpose. Oh, people can argue that knowledge of Jon Snow's parentage was the impetus that drove Dany to her final act of "madness" but that really isn't the truth either. I mean, the seeds have been laid for Dany since the first book, just like they are there for Bran or Tyrion or Jon, perhaps, to become the ultimate but complicated villain. But I would go so far as to argue that RLJ did nothing in the show, because they could have driven Dany to "madness" without it, by only using the losses she suffered (friends, dragons, esteem) and the fact that the people of Westeros did not embrace her like she thought they should. Yes, there is certainly some vindication for the heretic's...
  25. elanmorin


    Can't be done actually. It was built by Brandon the Builder using magic and with the aid of giants. Westeros does not have that kind of magic anymore and all giants are now extinct.
  26. ummester


    Only seems to be depopulation of the West though - not making a dent on population elsewhere which is going absolutely bonkers. Also, the way Dany was an obvious subversion of global elitism. I'm not sure D&D really delivered an elitist message with GoTs. Perhaps the reason the ending is so fucked up and all over the place is because GRRMs plot points did not lead the way the studios pulling D&Ds chains wanted them to? I dunno.
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