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  2. Aegon would have no reason to support Bronn, and every reason to strip him of his wife's title so he can reward one of own allies. Aegon's biggest weakness is he's going to need to make a lot of new loyal lords and enrich his supporters. Dany won't be in Essos forever. Assuming GRRM ever writes another book anyway.
  3. No need to apologise! I can see how flipping back to the Conservatives after they were in already in power for nearly ten years would hurt. A similar thing happened back in Aus when the centre-right party returned to power in 2013 after they had already been in power from 1996-2007. Now we are stuck with them until at least 2022.
  4. The Way of the Dragon

    Do you think we will ever see Valyria?

    The warlocks? Ice will have its equivalent to a greenseer.
  5. mormont

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    Some grumbling, but the ruling appears pretty solid. It would make no sense to have Parliament say on Saturday that they want the bill passed before they grant approval, and then vote on Monday on whether to grant approval. This was never going to work, but the Department of Clever Wheezes clearly wanted to try it so they could blame the evil Speaker for not allowing the vote. Expect plenty more from that department in the days to come - government by Clever Wheezes is clearly Johnson's MO.
  6. As I said I checked the shoes I'm wearing at the moment. Those are Adidas EUR 43 1/3, US 9 1/2, UK 9.
  7. The Way of the Dragon

    An Evil Name

    Bael's son would have been called Jon Stark. He would not have inherited Winterfell if his surname was Snow. The Starks hid that scandal from the public. Imagine the north accepting the son of a wildling as their leader. It won't go over well. The wildlings have been harassing the north for millennia and as we know, those ice heads don't forget something so minor as a slight. The connection between the old night's king and jon snow is their betrayal of the wall. They accepted and were tasked with a duty to dedicate themselves but they fell off the wagon because of their emotions. The "love is the death of duty" that was talked about so early on in the story. The night's king brought the enemy to the wall and adopted their ways, but there was never any evidence that he let them cross to harass the people. Jon lets the wildlings through, betrayed the wall for Arya, and planned to attack the people he was supposed to protect. Something will happen to Jon Snow that will push him over the edge and bring the white walkers across the wall.
  8. Karneol

    International Thread 3

    In the Western Media the topic is like Ecuador sadly more or less ignored
  9. John Suburbs

    A New Husband for the Lady Donella Hornwood

    I still don't see why Rodrick was so hesitant. I would think being Lord of Hornwood is a step up from castellan of Winterfell, while his daughter would become the next lady, married to the son of another noble house, and his grandson would be the next lord. Seemed like a win-win to me.
  10. Well that’s just the thing. We need the right GM and HC, and at the moment we have neither... and they’re both likely not going anywhere anytime soon. They’ll both be excused for this season as it’s a QB transition year. Not hitting on any of their O-line picks and acquisitions for like the past 5 years has just killed this already weak team. The law of averages has to kick in sooner or later.
  11. The Ghost Beyond the Wall

    Do you think we will ever see Valyria?

    Hmm good point, but is there some other way perhaps for him to show us that part? Besides the weir woods I mean?
  12. Sorry, didn't mean to seem dismissive, Pax. I've had anxiety about this vote for a several months, I see it as a possible turning point should the Cons form Gov, however unlikely that looks right now. A gateway election, if you will. :p
  13. argonak

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    I find it amazing anyone is ever willing to work for or with Trump. He consistently betrays, abandons, or sabotages his own employees and allies. He's willing to throw anyone and everyone under the bus at the slightest provocation. Do all these swamp creatures expect anything different?
  14. The Way of the Dragon

    Is it likely for Bronn to return later on?

    Bronn is a sellsword. He is most likely to sell his services to the Golden Company and die in their service. He really has nowhere else to go except sell his services to Aegon or Doran. Families who hate the Lannisters. Daenerys Targaryen is too far for him to serve.
  15. The Way of the Dragon

    Do you think we will ever see Valyria?

    The lack of trees to record the events will prevent Bran from seeing that corner of the world.
  16. I think Bronn mostly benefited from having a good tv actor and a lot of good lines. Book Bronn isn't quite as exciting, and I don't expect was meant to be as long term of a character. Right now he's a jump upped sellsword who's married into nobility, but is sharp enough to keep himself safe. For him to go any higher he's going to need to have other skills. Cersei doesnt' seem to hold a huge grudge against him, but if she manages some sort of power grab he might need to head for the hills. If it turns out he's a good battle commander, I could see him making a come back leading troops for Dany and Tyrion. But she's not really short for hanger ons at this point.
  17. @Jace, Basilissa Figured you'd like this.
  18. Yes. I'm talking about the kinslaying curse, and the story consequences of actually doing so. The gods know the truth. Jorah does, too. Viserys is the true potential kinslayer in that case. I agree that could be a story point, notably with fAegon, but he's got an uphill battle convincing everyone he's not an impostor, and at some point it will become known that he is.
  19. I think there were a lot more identity/culture politics at play in that one. It seems to me that there was also more at stake on that front in the 2015 Harper v Justin contest. This year's battle is still important on policy grounds as you say, but I don't see it as having as many ramifications from an overall social standpoint. As an example, Scheer isn't proposing the kind of immigration overhaul that we have seen under Trump. Anyway you can all discount my views by a factor of 100% as a newcomer and non-Canadian!
  20. Mlle. Zabzie

    Swimming pools in Florida

    Yeti >>>>alligator.
  21. Myself, calling back to Sister Night's class presentation [et the dissolving squidlings] I'm going for cohesively cellular, interdimensional constructs and/or our world interpretations of [proverbial] Them, but it's very difficult to predict where the show is going. At least at this point, which is another thing I really like. edited for belting that one out way too fast
  22. The Way of the Dragon

    How could Edmure prepare riverlands

    That is tough when your lands and peasants are under attack. Retreating and defending the castle is fine for the lord's family but sucks for the smallfolk. A conscientious lord of the land would protect the smallfolk and their farms. In the end, the Lannisters are too strong and too organized for the Tullys.
  23. Arch-MaesterPhilip

    MLB Postseason: Bat Fight!

    Bumgarner and Ryu are out there too. I also expect them to look into Wheeler. It wouldn't shock me if Andujar gets converted to first base. Betances I see them keeping, with his injury they can get him cheap.
  24. We know she's innocent, but Arianne thinks she's guilty, and people love to believe the worst.
  25. Anyone downplaying how important this election is for Canada is lost in the warren of privilege, imo. Ford in Ontario, Kenney in Alberta, these were just trailers. Deregulation, cancelling the carbon tax, relaxed gun laws, near-criminal underfunding [ie: infrastructure, family planning-- sure we won't make abortion illegal, but we'll make it next to impossible to get one] the regression goes on and on. US 2016, HRC vs Trump didn't seem existential either, and there they are. --- Anywho, at least we have paper ballots. Going to be a crazy night.
  26. AncalagonTheBlack

    His Dark Materials Series

    His Dark Marterials | Final Trailer | BBC
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