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  2. The main question remaining in this season is Can Brendan Rodgers get his team to show tremendous character and win the title for Liverpool?
  3. Heartofice

    Avengers Endgame- SPOILERS

    Hmm, maybe its not that I found Thanos less threatening, but that by reintroducing him after killing him off, and then having him pursue the stones again, it narratively became less interesting because I've already seen him get them before and use them. It was like there was a 50% drop off in interest from me every time Thanos has to go and try and get the stones again. Just because he is now threatening to wipe everyone out instead of half of everyone doesn't make him twice as scary, i've already seen it sorta. I think they kind of dug themselves a hole by killing Thanos off so early. What seemed like a brilliant twist at first seemed to leave the whole movie bereft of a motivational opposing force.
  4. Jeor

    Avengers Endgame- SPOILERS

    I agree, I found this Thanos quite scary. Armed with the knowledge of what had happened, he was more dangerous (albeit without the growing collection of Infinity Stones). Only one quibble, if Stormbreaker was powerful enough to negate a full Infinity Gauntlet energy blast, surely Thor should have been able to kill a non-gauntleted Thanos (or Stormbreaker would have cleaved through his oversized letter opener of a sword).
  5. Rhaenys_Targaryen

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    Not a mistake, but something that will eventually be revealed in Fire and Blood (volume 2). The question and confirming answere can be found here.
  6. Jeor

    Avengers Endgame- SPOILERS

    I loved Endgame but I have to agree (and mentioned this in one of my first posts) that I did feel Infinity War was a stronger movie in terms of narrative. IW has the benefit of having a simple, strong linear storyline. You didn't have to think too much, you just enjoyed the ride. Thanos as the unifying thread, a real sense of danger, lots of characters get their moments in the sun. Through no fault of its own, Endgame has to be a bit more complicated with emotional snap fallout, time travel etc. I personally didn't like the first hour and thought the buildup was too slow. The pacing of IW I felt was fairly even, but this seemed a slow burner with a sudden final buildup.
  7. Kajjo

    A theory about the Night King

    Dragon fire as Lightbringer is really, really far-fetched. How should the White Walkers know of any secret passages? This is not reasonable and will not happen. Raised corpses of the Starks could be a problem inside the crypts, and of course raised dead of people that died during this fight. Your own people turn against you as soon as they are dead.
  8. Naah, from the wiki: There mist be a reason for them to hate fire. Most likely because it is one of the few things that can harm then, like valerian steel and dragon glass.
  9. No, I don't think so. The dragons are fine to destroy the wights, they don't need dragon glass for that. The main problem ist that they cannot use dragon fire in close combat. As soon as the enemy gets near Winterfell, dragon fire would destroy the castle and their own people as well. They need dragon glass to have proper weapons. But dragon fire will be very useful on open ground. The other central problem ist that the enemy has their ice dragon, too.
  10. karaddin

    Avengers Endgame- SPOILERS

    Cap takes Mjolnir when he goes to return the stones and doesn't have it with him when he gives Sam the shield at the end so I'm assuming he returned it at the same time as the ether. All he has to do is drop it somewhere in the timeline and it will get to Thor eventually lol. I'm not sure if Thor was going to return the ether himself if Cap hadn't been able to lift Mjolnir though! ETA - HOI - I actually found this Thanos more threatening not less. IW Thanos did have the inevitability this Thanos was claiming, but he also had this supreme arrogance that led to him not killing people when he had the opportunity. This Thanos knows that they come up with a genuine threat to his plan and has taken the gloves off, if he gets an opening someone will die. And unlike IW which I only saw knowing a decent amount of it would be undone, anyone that died in this one was going to stay dead.
  11. Haskelltier

    So, if Jaime can be forgiven . . .?

    Right. In the books Varys and Illyrio were grooming (fake) Aegon. And in the show, they weren't pushing for Viserys or Daenerys at the beginning either. Because Viserys was an incompentent brute who took after his father and Daenerys was a child, who knew next to nothing and showed little promise. Its likely that this changed only after Daenerys hatched her dragons. You can see that when Robert commanded the death of Daenerys and Varys did next to nothing to prevent the wineseller from being successful (it was pure luck for Daenerys that Jorah had a change of heart and did no longer want a royal pardon or otherwise she would be dead).
  12. Heartofice

    Netflix's The OA: Part II

    Also there was a guy running around the hospital at one point, which was surely Homer even if we never saw him. That made me think there must be two Homers there at once?
  13. Cersei's a major character, her fate will be the same as the books. So whoever kills her in the show, will do the deed in the books too. As for Arya and the FM. The show wrapped it up quickly, but there has never been any indication that the FM kill failed trainees, or trainees that quit. They went after her in the show due to what she did (or rather didn't do) and she owed them a life (a death), which she fulfilled by killing the waif.
  14. Well, I think its safe to say, that fire doesn't harm them, because otherwise Jon wouldn't need so much dragonglass and valyrian steel swords to fight them. A well placed attack from the dragons or burning pitch could kill enough White Walkers (and the wights they reanimated) otherwise.
  15. Heartofice

    Avengers Endgame- SPOILERS

    Argh I'm conflicted on this movie. It was so great in so many ways, and yet I came out feeling pretty deflated and maybe even disappointed. Maybe I had built this thing up in my head too much over the past year, maybe the reviews had hyped me even more, maybe I just wanted it to be sooo good. I could talk about all the good things but I'm guessing that has all been covered. It was full of emotion and gut wrenching moments, some fine acting and it managed to tie a knot in everything that has occurred in the MCU since the movies began. But it wasn't perfect. Something about it left me underwhelmed and I'm trying to work out what it is. I feel like the structure of the story is not as compelling as Infinity War and that was a bit of a problem. IW was all build up and dread, Thanos was an enormous threat that drew a shadow on every scene and it kept me on the edge of my seat up until the end, when the final click happened I was exhausted. Endgame can't really follow that in many ways, but in some ways it tries to by reintergrating Thanos back into the storyline. The problem however is that Endgame Thanos doesn't feel as threatening, he feels like the younger weaker cousin of the Thanos we already saw die. Introducing him into the story again didn't work for me. There is also something less compelling about trying to get something back you already lost, than that fear of losing something you already have.. maybe that is a deep human urge that means that it didn't feel as intense as IW. Time Travel is always a tricky thing to pull off, and not just because of the plothole issue. I just think its less interesting to revisit things I've already seen. I call it the Back to the Future 2 problem. BTTF2 is a movie with issues, I always used to love the future moments, and then found myself bored when Marty goes back to 1955 again, maybe because it feels like a plot roadblock, where the plot gets kind of bogged down and doesn't seem to move forward, instead goes round and round in the past. Endgame suffered a little from this I think. It was great seeing those moments from Avengers 1 and Thor 2 from different angles and it allowed some cool character moments, but somehow narratively it seemed to bog the plot down. It also had this feeling of more mcguffin collection. So even though those were some of my favourite scenes from the movie, I felt like overall they might have caused problems in the overall plot structure. I feel terrible for saying it, but there wasn't enough action. When I heard reviews mention the movie was 'slow' and character focussed I cheered, thats exactly what I thought I wanted. But I love the action in these movies, and the Russos are just so damn good at action scenes, but there were very few and nothing was especially memorable, not like the fights in IW which I thought were top quality. It shouldn't be something I judge the movie on, but it seems that it is. I still loved it and the first hour and those last few moments were just incredible. Its just that there is something quite 'messy' about the structure of this movie. Was it too long, maybe. But it didn't feel streamlined. I always think its a problem if I can't tell you the rough order of events, because it was so complex.
  16. Haskelltier

    Chekhov's Deepwood Motte/Iron Islands?

    I think that's suicidal. The Glovers don't have a lot of men, they sided with the Starks after the Battle of the Bastards. Turning against them now would call the wrath of all other Northern Houses onto them and that would likely be their end (in the short or long run) because even an escaping army can be easily bigger than all men Glover can put against them, not including one or two living dragons. Secondly, there is nothing House Glover would gain from slaying a retreating army. If the combined forces at Winterfell can't defeat the White Walkers, the White Walkers will easily kill everyone at Deepwood Motte and that would be the end of House Glovers too. So the only reasonable alternativ is fleeing with them. And I don't think that the showrunners want to establish a conspiracy of a relatively unimportant Northern House this late in the show. We have only four episodes left, one of which will be the Battle at Winterfell, so we effectively have 3 episodes left after the big battle to deal with the remaining White Walker threat (if there is any) and Cersei in the south. I don't see an additional conspiracy fitting into this small timeframe or the showrunners have to rush the show even more than they do now.
  17. Rude? You claimed something, you have to provide evidence to back up that claim, that's kinda how a discussion works. I don't have to take your word for it. So, I'll ask again, where's your evidence?
  18. Xemi

    Who is Jon Snow?

    How could he know one would die? The other Aegon is clearly Strickland, isn't he buddy?
  19. Now that Newcastle are safe I have no problem with us rolling over for Brighton. Chris Hughton is a top bloke, Warnock is a wanker, and the non payment of the transfer fee stinks of a lack of class. Fuck Cardiff.
  20. kingoftheamericas

    Overlaps, Based on True Events, and Historical Fictions

    Well, it was a History thesis, based on the original Rectangle Survey System findings...my primary sources also included treaty texts that speak to "lands" and acknowledging their "divisions". One of my advisors didn't even read my prospectus before telling me it was an unacceptable topic. I didn't stop however, and instead tried for an Archaeology program, rejected there too. Then I found the Coronado quote, and "Eureka!"...Middle Earth! My Bachelor's is in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies. I wanted to go to Law School, and open up non-profit legal clinic...I am well out of my depth with these finds, and I can't afford to do anything about it... Getting people to take a serious look at my research is terribly difficult.
  21. Xemi

    What is the role of Gendry?

    No, he isn't. Right now, he is nothing, not even an acknowledged bastard. And Sansa is not ending up with Tyrion, either.
  22. Ser Gareth

    Bad Romance

    She did? I thought it was Dany that pointed out that Jon was the one who had got what he wanted?
  23. Ser Gareth

    Who is Jon Snow?

    He may well have had. It depends if he believed, from prophecy, that the AA was named Aegon. I personally think Jon's real name won't be Aegon, and Aegon is a nod to the books, but I wouldn't be surprised if his name did turn out to be Aegon.
  24. Ser Walter of AShwood

    Aegon, Warden of the North

    You mean the girl he used to love, and who he thought also loved him, but instead betrayed him, lied about him in court, and afterwards banged the hypocritical man, who explicitly forbade Tyrion to bring a whore to kingslanding.
  25. Ser Gareth

    Who is Jon Snow?

    I'd bet money that Rhaegar and Lyanna did marry in the books. There was precedent for the Targs to have polygamous marriages. I don't think Rhaegar cast Elia aside. I think, with her blessing, he also married Lyanna.
  26. kingoftheamericas

    Overlaps, Based on True Events, and Historical Fictions

    I am more concerned about protecting the sites from looters.
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