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  2. nyser1

    King or Queen?

    How? By their laws she does not. Only by right of conquest (Aegon I, Robert I) would this be true (again going by their laws).
  3. Lord Varys

    [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.4

    Still don't believe that Jon will become the King in the North in the books, by the way.
  4. Ser Drewy

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    I mean, there was bad writing when they had the books. The show might have cohered better, but I expect many of the same problems would have arisen even if Martin had gotten TWOW out on time. And, keep in mind, we know he strongly suggested to them to keep stuff like Stoneheart and te Tyrell brothers, but they chose to ignore him.
  5. cirah1712

    Outcome of the Great War

    No I agree. The living have to win this battle at least, I mean if the dead won and wiped out all of humanity what exactly would the last 3 episodes consist of? A lot of people will die, and its anyones guess who, I learned a long time ago not to try predict anything with this show, because its impossible.
  6. Lord Varys

    [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.4

    My contributions to the Jon thing usually revolve around internal motivation and justification of legal aspects (polygamous marriage, state of birth, strength of legal claims, etc.). I never had any issue with Jon being Rhaegar's son. I was on board with that idea long before I started discussing things on line. I was never much into those show-book discussions, but I never agreed that the idea that these people have info from George we don't have must mean they actually use it or that new scenes and story lines that pop up in the show have any relevance in connection to the books. Such thinking was very tempting during the first season due to the wish to learn what happened in the absence of the few POVs we get in the books, but ultimately I'd think everybody must have known since season 1 that they were telling their story, not George's. After all, the man sold the rights. It is HBOs property now, they can do whatever the hell they want in the show. And they do. The deviations were small at first, but there are a lot of those back then for which there was never any need - the changed Cersei actually loving Robert once, Cat the wailing mother, Drogo raping Dany in the wedding night, Ros, etc. If you see that one really is mistaken when one thinks one can determine when they just did something because they wanted to, and when they were actually referencing something from George. Not to mention that they usually actually told us when they were drawing things from George later on (like with Shireen or HOLD THE DOOR). It would have always been stupid to go look at the show to confirm a 'book theory'. I mean, honestly, does anybody actually believe the show confirmed that Jon's name is Aegon, that Rhaegar annulled his marriage to Elia Martell, and that Sam is going to find out about that in diary of some High Septon hidden somewhere in the Citadel of Oldtown?
  7. red snow

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    I just read the section today and that was his reason - he couldn't kill the kid. Whether that was just a way of him justifying not killing Holden or because he saw a way of maybe rescuing Holden via Teresa is up for debate. It's been well established throughout the series that Amos has a weak spot for kids (probably because of his own shitty childhood) and while he knew there must have been hundreds of kids who'd die in a nuke the way his mind works he probably saw it as too abstract until he came face to face with one of the kids. I also wonder whether he knew the repair drones were capable of bringing humans back? It seemed a bit of a coincidence he was living with them. It was good to see the kids from "strange dogs" although I can't remember how the older sister died? Also what happened to the "catalyst"? I guess it died in the attack? Also the fact the two kids didn't die means they are either less protomolecule than has been claimed or Cortasa actually put Duarte in the vegetative state. That or the other aliens have "hacked"Duarte which would be a good move when he was emperor.
  8. kissdbyfire

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    I couldn’t possibly disagree more, especially w/ the bolded. The problem w/ the show isn’t the lack of material for the Ds to use, but rather that they are bad writers. A good writer, or a team of good writers, could have done a lot w/ what they had, that being all the published material + what Martin told them.
  9. Roux

    Arya Losin' It

    Arya needs to understand everything. She is cold when she has to be but watch the beginning of her Braavosi training, she doesn't care what's happening she just NEEDS to know. How many times ive been called rude or a b**** because of asking questions. She knows she can trust Gendry- that's what's with the questions making sure theres no surprises choosing him. She's been surrounded by Sansa, who as a child only wants to marry and produce babies, to her road with men where she sees and hears of and is threatened by guys only caring about sex. In KL she knows about the brothels, she knows in Braavos first hand... Sex is important. Maybe her thoughts in the after are connecting her to Gendry- or they're still. so. curious. Shes trying to understand something she thought she'd always 'have time for later' but now she thinks she might not. She just needs to know what all the fuss is about.
  10. polishgenius

    Board games!

    I got the chance to crack into my recent impulse purchase Solenia recently. Sort of a card managing/resource collection-and-delivery thing based on the premise of gathering and dropping off resources via airship on a planet with permanent day and night sides, it's great fun. Simple (though we didn't get onto the harder ruleset) but strategic with where and when you play what cards, and flows terrifically. Great presentation too, gorgeous art on solid components- good card, nice wood for the resources, smart design of the cards, and if you like a gimmick to reference Inigma's previous post there's a definite wow-factor with the board itself, a double-sided modular effort which flips piece-by-piece as you progress the airship and turn day into night. Really the only tiny downside is that what with all the effort clearly put into everything else, it's a bit odd that the main airship itself is relatively cheap plastic on an equally flimsy stand. Overall it's not a major issue but something solid in bakelite or wood would not have gone amiss. But overall that's a tiny issue in an overal great package. Most of the games me and my sister have picked up since we started tentatively building a shared-ish collection (tricky since we live in separate countries) have been either abstract strategy or in some way exploration or quest based, so this was a different and welcome addition to the pile. Also: I never replied to this coz for various reasons I've not been together enough to go to anything like this the last few months, but I definitely will at some point so thanks for the help.
  11. lakin1013

    Why avoid a reunion between Sansa and Sandor?

    They didn't avoid it, they just didn't do it. They didn't do a Jon - Ghost reunion that we could see. I think we have to assume that such reunions did happen, off screen. Since we have had 2 eps, out of the last six, on reunions, did you really want more?
  12. Nightwish

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    I was watching series 4 tonight and it wasn’t that bad. It still had long scenes and dialogues, mostly based on the original material, even with twists, so I get your point. If the author had managed to finish the story or at least a bigger part of it, the show wouldn’t have degraded so much. Now all the scenes seem shorter and shrinked. Hardly enough lines to cover a topic.
  13. red snow

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    I agree it was because Teresa warned him of what would happen. Although I also wondered durig the build-up to that scene whether there was the possibility that his condition wasn't entirely due to the protomolecule killers and that Cortasa may have had a direct influence and was doing so under the pretense of the black-out? I think he will play a part again but possibly moreso as a communicative bridge between protomolecule and humanity. I thought Duarte was an excellent villain. Loved how his weakness was his daughter because trying to set her up as his heir completely undermined his logic for why only he should be an immortal emperor. Even without the blackout he'd pretty much sown his downfall by creating a competitor in his daughter. I've just finished the book and I think it may well be the best in the series. It managed to progress the overall plot substantially while giving us a really satisfying story in the sense it had a beginning middle and end. Naomi had an excellent arc going from isolation to leader of the whole resistance in a way that felt organic. Holden somehow managed to steal the show for me despite it being the first book where he wasn't a central POV. He's passive planning and resistance showed a different aspect to the character and when it was revealed that he orchestrated Teresa's vivisection just so he could get Elvi in the right place- that was something else. With this more sinister Holden and a far more confident naomi they are going to be a force to be reckoned with. Teresa, I have no idea where she'll wind up - she could end up being the villain in 10 years time but I'm hoping she warms to the crew and benefits from their family. I almost threw my phone down in disgust when "Timothy" was killed but then I realised the drones were still there but it helped me appreciate just how much the core cast have grown on me. Bobbie was a gut punch put like Alex said she got to go out like a Valkyrie and it was a hell of a way to go. Hopefully not too long a wait for the final book. I also can't wait for the opportunity of the TV show adapting from book 4 onwards. I still need to start season 3 but I'm going to be keeping an eye out for characters that have bigger roles later.
  14. Squall

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    I do wonder how D&D managed to stay on the team. Are 95% of people happy with them and the others just "pesky book fanatics" that always whine? GRRM is also no reference for series length. He recently exclaimed he wanted it to go on for up to ten seasons. The man just doesn't know to trim all the dead end subplots and subsubplots. I'm glad we're away from the endless descriptions of banquets he liked to do. The Frey pie one was at least a memorable and... different take on it, but sometimes GRRM likes to go in circles to add pages.
  15. SeanF

    Dany’s denial

    The succession is very much like the Roman Empire or Tsarist Russia. So long as you have some kind of connection to the royal family, you can make a bid for the IT.
  16. TwiceBorn

    Who is Going to Die

    Dolorous Edd will be the last man standing and burn them all. I think the ppl who will be heads of the houses of Spring and their significant others will survive.
  17. Lord Varys

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Oh, sure, no issue with continuing the show after it had been started. That was clear. The problem is just that these morons were never up to the task. I mean, they couldn't even properly adapt their own stories the way they do it. They seem to be deliberately trying to destroy the story the way they are doing it. They don't use dialogue, they want the actors do be themselves and do whatever they can do best with their faces. This is an utter disgrace. I have no issue with a rushed ending that tries its best to do justice to the book, nor do I have any issue with a completely changed ending for good reason which sort follows the books 'in spirit'. But we are truly light years away from that.
  18. I'm pretty sure she convinced Stannis and his wife to sacrifice her to break the weather, not to please her god. Don't forget, she didn't make the decision, mom and dear old dad ultimately made that choice. Oh and BTW, the weather did break.
  19. David Chen (A Clash of Kings Podcast) said something that really clicked with me. He liked this episode because for the first time in seasons we were actually seeing a a second act. Something they have been skipping for years.
  20. I have absolutely zero problem believing you've always maintained you've known better than the show. Hell, oftentimes you adopt a prose that sounds like you think you know better than Martin. That being said, it's still hilarious and ridicule-worthy to watch you get the case of "nos" like a child in your cute denying. My long-term memory isn't the best, but I'm fairly positive I recall when I argued on these threads (4-5?) years back most of the rest of us agreed if it wasn't on the show - in terms at least of him riding a dragon - then it'd be unlikely to affect the books.
  21. kissdbyfire

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Do they forget stuff? Or is it a case of just not giving two fucks because they know, especially after s3, that the audience doesn’t really care about silly things like themes or character development? That the audience is more than happy to hand-wave stuff, as long as there are enough OMG moments... How many times over the years have we heard that plot hole X would be explained, or that some idiotic detail would be super duper relevant further down the line, and it never happened, not once. They started creating their inane fanfic as early as s1, but timidly at first. Series 2 and 3 were already filled w/ silly changes and inventions; I didn’t really like either, but it was still an enjoyable tv show for the most part. But not even the worse moments from previous series come anywhere near the level of atrociously bad the show reached in s5. And it never recovered in 6 or 7, nor will it now. ETA: and this, too, so very much. “Post-season 4 they faced many, many difficulties, foremost among them hating Stannis for no reason. So the show fell back on characters (chiefly Tyrion) babbling endlessly; long, dialogue-free action sequences; and the dark world of genital merchantry.”
  22. Anthony Pirtle

    Dany’s denial

    My thoughts exactly. The last rightful ruler was murdered by a usurper. Then the usurper died without a true-born heir, and his brothers killed each other fighting over the crown. The kids who've been sitting on the throne since the usurper's death had no legitimate claim, and they're dead now, too. Currently his unfaithful wife, who conspired to arrange his death, rules by virtue of the fact that there's no one left in the capital with the guts to challenge her. So yeah, the right of succession seems pretty much out the window.
  23. HelenaExMachina

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Endgame

    Boo, you are bad people. Anecdotally though, i actually found the Favourite was one if those rare awards darlings that people generally discussed and enjoyed, it wasnt a niche/movie snob only film. But again, just anecdotal. Tell me you didnt love the dance scene though and I’ll call you a liar
  24. Frey family reunion

    Names for new Targaryens

    I’d go with Daario if it’s a boy (chances are it might be his kid anyway) and Samantha if it’s a girl (or maybe Satina).
  25. Damitol

    Dany’s denial

    Fan service? There is so little time to build up to anything this season with two major battles and only six episodes. It may also play into the climax. After Winterfell we have to move straight to King's Landing, so there is not really any other convenient time for a dragon riding lesson, and we would all be whining "how did he learn to ride a dragon before burning down the Red Keep?" if they had not had that scene.
  26. Jabar of House Titan

    Jon faction VS Daenerys faction

    She would have to consummate the marriage at some point. How long before a child is expected? Even if Daenerys believes/thinks that she is barren, she will still need to make Hizdahr feel that "one more go" will do it. Still...she married Hizdahr because she wanted to make a home in Meereen no matter how temporary. If she didn't care about Meereen or Slaver's Bay or Hizdahr, she would not have even bothered with any of them. Why would Daenerys name one of her precious beloved dragons after someone she hated and had no respect for? Viserys was cruel and weak but he was not always like that; Daenerys knows and remembers that. He still took care of her and looked after her for her entire life. His death was his own fault. He broke an ancient, sacred law was nothing that She could not have intervened if she even wanted to and it would have been INCREDIBLY stupid for her to intervene on his behalf anyways. While I wouldn't say that Daenerys was brainwashed by Viserys, she has spent her entire life living as his heir. With him gone, she is the last Targaryen. To be the last of anything entails a sense of responsibility and duty to not only perform but to perform well. Daenerys developed a new deeper respect and understanding of Viserys based on her adventures in Clash and Storm because her personal experience with the frustration he had. I really don't think people actually know what kind of person and king Aerys II. Aerys would not bathe nor would he cut his nails or his hair. He would burn people alive in his court (or if you were luckily, you were simply banished) on a REGULAR basis. Part of the reason he would do it is that watching, smelling and hearing people be burned and reduced to a charred pile of ash and bones was sexually arousing. He would get so aroused that he would go to Maegor's Holdfast and brutalize his sister and queen....right after cooking people in open court. Jaime remembers that the last he saw Rhaella she had bite marks and scratches over her body. Aerys also could not make up his mind and stick to a decision. It was all in one ear and out the other. Aerys was a basket case and a nightmare on his best days. Daenerys is nothing like her father. She's actually a lot more like Aegon the Conqueror or Jaehaerys the Conciliator.
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