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  2. I really don't think that Jon would go on and sleep with Sansa. He refused to sleep with a girl who he knew for like 6 months or so after he found out that they are relative. He's always seen Sansa, whom he knew all his life, as his sister. Also not sure if Jon would cheat on Dany just like this with a second wife. Even if Jon stopped loving Dany and he fell in love with another girl, he is imo too honourable to do it. Interesting idea. She and Gendry are in fact relatives so it would make a bit of sense. I think that although Dany planned to conquer the whole world, she wouldn't give up the Iron Throne just like that so her nephew can sit on it, given how hard she fought for the throne and how paranoid she was that Jon might steal her throne. To me it seemed more like that Westeros would be her base from which she'd go on campaigns around the world. In the show not so much but in the books one of the things that are adamant about Jon's personality is that he will never father a bastard so that the bastard won't have to experience the same things he did. I agree about the last sentence of your post though.
  3. Chaircat Meow

    UK Politics: The End of May

    Yes you are. Brexit is probably going to die by repeated extensions. Parliament won't allow no deal nor will it pass the withdrawal agreement. Unless PM Boris really wants to try to use executive powers to circumvent Parliament the UK will just have to stay in the EU until Parliament eventually formalises the reality by repealing article.50, possibly through a second referendum. The one great hope of the Brexiteers, these sterling patriots, is Macron. If he convinces the EU to refuse an extension Parliament will have to repeal the article.50 notification and it might baulk at doing so or lack the time. Otherwise I don't see Brexit passing.
  4. Thoughts about this Season 8 poster of Daenerys in a white dress appearing sad before the Iron Throne. [link below] White has an equal amount of all colors in the spectrum, so it contains both their positive & negative aspects (good & evil).... and in many Eastern cultures white symbolically represents death, especially for those who believe in the afterlife (Dany’s vision of visiting Drogo & Rhaego). https://thephins.com/attachments/upload_2019-5-15_23-20-55-jpeg.2896/
  5. Werthead

    Scott Lynch's Thorn of Emberlain is Completed

    The Republic of Thieves was a fine novel, but it was dramatically different to the first two (and the second was quite a bit different to the first) and I think there's a lot of people who wanted every book to be just more and more heist hijinks and got annoyed when Scott changed things up. I rate it higher than Red Skies, which was good but also very badly rushed and you can tell. The series is really about the rise of a master spymaster in a time of war and chaos, but when Scott wrote that book he realised he needed the spymaster's backstory, hence the first three books which were written as prequels to the main event, which begins in Book 4. That's why The Thorn of Emberlain is really exciting, because this is the book that Scott has been planning for twenty years, and it's where the main story really begins.
  6. I agree with you that her identities as conqueror and saviour are huge source of conflict for her, and may well lead to her going 'mad' in the books. The show doesn't take it to this level, though. It's hard to make racial assessments in the books as Martin has mentioned race based slavery is not practiced in Mereen. Many of the unsullied are supposedly white in the books. In the show, she is certainly a white saviour, but her leading 'foreigners' to conquer the west is definitely a spin on traditonal European imperialism. She is white but she's bringing her eastern troops to bend the west to her 'enlightened' way of thinking, which has been shaped by her adventures in Essos. She may have regarded the dothraki as barbaric to begin with but by the shows end she seems to hold them in much higher esteem than the people of westeros, whom she seems to regard as vermin to be snuffed out in a blaze of dragon fire...
  7. I think that's a rather harsh and selective assessment.
  8. Rose of Red Lake

    People's reaction to Dany turning Mad Queen says something about us as humans

    That's why I call it race-coding. The author is using it symbolically, not literally.
  9. Dany does not buy into racial superiority she buys into genetic superiority. The Targaryens intermarried to protect the Targaryen blood. Its not a racial thing in that it is much more narrow than that.
  10. Hence why I said his family and friends betrayed him and used him as a skapegoat to get their hands on the 7k. If you think about it, at that moment Jon was the rightful heir of 7k, Khal to the dothraki and kind of the king beyond the wall. Like, WTF? The excuse that they were afraid of the Unsullied doesn't fly with me, pals. Of course, the real reason is because D&D are morons, but if ppl are going to analyze what happened in story then yes, everyone stabbed him in the back after he kinda saved their bacon from ice and fire. The only ppl who stayed loyal to him till the end were the wildlings. How ironic -the barbarians, rapists and raiders had more loyalty in their pinky finger than the kneelers. Ha.
  11. A Horse Named Stranger

    Game of Thrones spin off series ideas

    Sequel? Just turn Arya on her ship into some Kung Fu remake. Kwai Chang Stark give her a villain of the week and done.
  12. RYShh

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    You think Dany would accept otherwise? If Jon said ''I want it'' she would help Jon to win the IT? I guess we all know that's not true, Jon was only saying that so Dany can have it, he knew Dany would never give up and since he love her he didn't want to upset her. Both Tyrion and Arya warned Jon about Dany, they said Jon has the better claim and she would kill Jon for it, Jon also knew that. She is basically a kinslayer and a usurper according to both Tyrion and Arya, can you say that they are wrong?
  13. St Daga

    Heresy 222 vindication

    It makes more sense to me that it was something else. Even if Tyrion figured out or thinks he figured out Aegon's identity, that doesn't really change anything with Aegon/Young Griff. The turtle/Shrouded Lord would always have known, or that's how it seems to me. So, what other event might have happened? And could it be on a river in Westeros, to serve as a type of inverted parallel of a river in Essos?
  14. Rose of Red Lake

    People's reaction to Dany turning Mad Queen says something about us as humans

    I'm going to bring in some book knowledge here just to illustrate why this is a misguided view: - She viewed the the Dothraki as savages in Book 1, deciding that being the wife of a khal wasn't enough for the blood of the dragon. - She treats Irri and Jiqui like stupid girls who know nothing. She uses Irri as a sex slave. - She starts to see the Lhazareen as an inferior people based on appearance, the way the Dothraki look down on them. - She forces them to break their sacred custom of crossing the poisoned water, just for her. She says she had to adapt to their customs, so an entire culture will have to adapt to HERS. - She takes them to a foreign land and does nothing to help them integrate into it. It's just war, war war. - She "presides" over the Easterners is an interesting way to put it. I would call it "dictating" them. - The books indicate that she profits off the slave trade by taking taxes to sell themselves back into slavery. - She has race-coded thinking about the former masters, noting that their hair texture looks wiry and thinks they look better with shaved heads. - She calls Brown Ben a "mongrel" - The only reason she decides to "free" the Unsullied in the first place is because she couldn't afford them. Lucky for her they can't read or write and are already brainwashed. She does nothing to help them integrate or transition out of slavery. She also doesnt pay them a wage, just pays them in food and clothing. She is written as a white savior. A conqueror who is a savior. These two identities are at odds and that was the lesson Mirri was trying to teach her. It is impossible to maintain.
  15. Hodor's Dragon

    Why Did the Show Turn on Jon?

    No, we've seen GW slaughter multiple opponents in 1 vs 2 or 3 combat repeatedly. You're right, there's no reason at all for him to be able to do that, he was selected as the Unsullied leader almost randomly, but there it is.
  16. Black Crow

    Heresy 222 vindication

    Its something the Holy Inquisition was prone to do.
  17. Lady Rhodes

    Heresy 222 vindication

    Very interesting! I have wondered if the Others were somehow connected with "death" as described by the Faceless Men, but this is an interesting take on that. Ah, yes, I think I am conflating the two. From the text, I have always taken them all to be the same thing, a different telling of the same tale.
  18. Kaapstad

    Was Sansa aiming for Jon?

    No I don't think she was after becoming Queen of the North and killing Jon all this time. 1. She didn't speak for herself as the North's Queen when she told Bran she wanted it to be independent. This was before Jon's sentencing. Its possible she is envisioning a future where Jon returns to be the King of the North. This is reinforced when she tells Jon in a morose tone "The North lost its king". That's the first thing she tells him and apologises for after she meets him. She seeks validation from Jon on whether she should be queen or not. She becomes Queen in the North when Jon is unable to return, but that outcome was still up in the air when she told Bran the North would stay free. That would imply she cared more about the North’s freedom than merely being a queen, any queen. Another instance being when Jon was leaving to meet Dany for the first time she comments that he is abandoning his home and people and when Jon says he is leaving it in safe hands she exclaims "Whose?" and then when Jon says "Yours" she is surprised. Had she been after the throne, she could have celebrated in silence and taken control the moment he left. To be honest, Jon showed zero emotion at Winterfell(the place where he grew up) being taken over and decides to do nothing but run away down south. He only fights after Sansa eggs him to. He became King of the North because of her insistence. She tells him that if he doesn't help her she would do it herself and she could have with the Knights of the Vale anyway. The probable reasons why she doesn't tell Jon about Vale (apart from the theory that she wanted him dead)---- She thinks Jon is not taking Ramsay seriously while making his plans and is adopting a straightforward approach and she knows how Ramsay likes to trap and play with people and Jon is the worst possible opponent for such a guy. Of course even with a naïve battle commander, the battle would have gone very differently with the Knights of the Vale. The Knights of the Vale however are under Littlefinger's command and its in his best interest to let the Bolton and Jon's armies finish each other off and he takes control at the end. There is also no guarantee he would even show up to help and even if he did show up to help, there was still a chance Ramsay could have tricked them by keeping reserves till the very end. Besides its also possible that if Ramsay knows the Knights of the Vale are there from the outset, he could just stay in Winterfell and a long siege is not what Littlefinger wants. At the council meeting in KL, she does threaten the Unsullied with War but when he reciprocates the reason she doesn't push further is because the Unsullied have the edge as they have Jon and could behead him at any time. She can't be too aggressive here. Arya is aggressive because unlike Sansa she isn't aware of politics and doesn't really realise the danger Jon is in. 2. As for why she leaked the secret, as bad as the show portrays it, she suspected Dany was a tyrant and was manipulating Jon-She plays a trick on Jon. She tells him Daenerys is pretty and Jon looks down blushing and when she asks him whether he bent the knee because he loves her, he doesn't respond. That gets her thinking whether Dany is using Jon's emotions to control him and via him the North. The subsidiary reasons are The only beneficiary of this secret is Daenerys. No one else Tyrion is shown to be afraid of Daenerys confirming her worst fears. She gives this information to show him that a better alternative may exist or at least a legal way to stop Daenerys from getting the throne. Dany is not going to make the North independant. Thats the main thing Sansa is after Because she thinks Dany is a tyrant and manipulating Jon, there is a possibility she could arrange an accident for Jon and get him out of the way permanenetly. Leaking the secret actually protects Jon as the more people know about him, she would have to kill him publically and suffer repurcussions for it. And if she tries to kill Jon because of the secret being leaked, well Jon has proof about why Sansa doesnt like her. If a simple factual truth causes Dany to go mad she doesnt deserve to be queen anyway. Not to mention the fact that Dany specifically tells Jon that Sansa would tell everyone and asks him not to tell her and he does it anyway. So he shouldnt be surprised. So to answer your question, yeah she wanted a free North but nothing suggests she wanted Jon killed or the crown for herself. She herself is smiling when Jon is named KiTN but stops smiling when she sees LF's smirk implying he is about to undermine Jon. She probably suspects her as a conqueror and not a just queen as she doesnt seem to take certain basic concepts of being a queen seriously. Dany doesn't seem to take the food issue for the army seriously. She doesn't understand that the army is fatigued. She seems too obsessed with the throne and that's despite her having an inferior claim. She doesnt seem to like taking "No" for answer. She immediately implies the Northerners are oathbreakers when she suggests the idea of resting.
  19. Cas Stark

    Why Did the Show Turn on Jon?

    Okay I hate the idea of Jon and GW having a duel, we didn't need anymore Hollywood cliche's in there and why should Jon have to kill GW or vice versa. It would have been better if they hadn't made him a total failure so much so that viewers, critics, even themselves started calling him stupid and too stupid to rule Westeros or the North. He's not stupid in the books, pragmatic and fails to understand the need to sell his vision, but his judgment and his plans are always solid. In the show, he's just a total idiot since his resurrection. I can see that the showrunners would always dislike the traditional heroic figure, I guess they allowed Ned and Robb to be heroic and tragic because they died early, but they chose to turn Jon into a stooge instead. Which, given that they always knew Dany was going to break bad, ruining the other main lead was nonsensical.
  20. St Daga

    Heresy 222 vindication

    Poor Shireen, if this is the case. That her mother and Mel think she needs to be cleansed in such as way as fire, no matter the eventual spiritual outcome. The other people we have seen burned by Mel or her followers so far have been burned as a form of punishment, even if she says this is the purest form of death. But what you are saying does fit what Ser Godry seems to be stating in The Sacrifice chapter. A death by fire that leads to a pure ascension to the light!
  21. Black Crow

    Heresy 222 vindication

    No, it can not. There is certainly a popular fan theory that they are one and the same, but I would dispute that vigorously. If there is a connection it is more likely to lie in the mirroring of east and west suggested by Feather
  22. RFL

    Tyrion and Sansa...

    The lords of the north, excepting those that went south with Robb and a few exceptions, are more figuratively neutered than the unsullied. They have been unable to stand up in objection to anyone - look how hard of a time Jon had trying to take back Winterfell or how easily young Lady Mormont commands them. I had this thought and will confess that my original thought was "no way the lords of the north would stand for this" but then I tried to recall when any of them managed to stand up for themselves.
  23. Jo498

    What binds people together (?)

    I am as wary of evolutionary psychology as of cultural constructivism (or whatever). But there are actually cultural differences in ultimatum game style experiments. https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=286428
  24. Winterfell is Burning

    Comics XIII

    That's Moira, and a big retcon coming, Which might not necessarily be a bad thing.
  25. BalerionTheCat

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    Sweenrobin? This boy? Husband to Sansa and father of the Starks to come?
  26. Ferocious Veldt Roarer

    Miss Sandy the Hostage

    I didn't immediately made the connection (obviously), but the scene of the execution had a rare gem in it. No-one else, but Sarah Connor engaged in a staring contest with Sarah Connor. That's classic Terminator stuff.
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