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  2. A couple of points I'd make: Totally agree that "winning" the popular vote is a lot less meaningful from a moral/democratic standpoint than in a two-party system. You could argue, for example, that left-leaning parties (rather than the Cons) actually "won" the popular vote with a majority of about 2/3 and therefore have a much better mandate to form government. CBC analysts were saying last night that the popular vote is a factor that has always been looked at to some extent in Canadian politics (e.g. no party has ever won a majority without at least 38% of the popular vote.) So when the Libs were coming up only in the mid-30s early on in the count, we knew or at least suspected it was going to be a minority. It's a useful number from that perspective.
  3. Which Tyler

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    And rampant self interest... I'm starting to feel like I'm in a Monty Python skit...
  4. Hugorfonics

    Why does Balon Greyjoy want to attack the North?

    So they said. Im pretty sure someone was pulling the strings Its a historical fact that some old dudes died along time ago fighting for a queen who lived far away, sure. What's not is this old nan business of committing suicide, maybe its true that some folk did that but its never been in this kamikaze style you described Gotcha, but still its not a fight for the smallfolks liberty against an opressor, or hyena tactics or whatever, but Dustin playing agot with the lives of smallfolk No. Stannis did, thats mostly Florent men with a few clans. Big houses like Umber and Mormont have done nothing True. But their children have it better then smallfolk of the greenlands Im not in favor of polygamy, it usually reinforces the idea that the husband is the superior in the marriage. (Though Im curious what would happen if Dany took a second husband) However in a world of political marriages its somewhat understandable. Especially since almost everyone has an affair, which cant be good for the couple thats actually in love
  5. I think the key here is New Orleans. His weight might be an issue, but as Tywin noted, New Orleans has a bad reputation for injuries. Dante posted an article awhile back about how their owner is cheap and shares medical staff with their NFL team. That isn't a problem in itself, but if you are also consistently one of most injured teams in the league, that could be a/the cause. It can't just be bad luck.
  6. The Young Maester

    Why does Balon Greyjoy want to attack the North?

    Balon no doubt wanted to take as much as he could hold onto. He thought Winterfell wasn't strong enough to defy the iron born (which we clearly see he was wrong). But he never expected he could take the castle. No doubt even the iron born have heard of winterfells impregnable defences. He probably just though Winterfell only had a garrison force. Actually by taking Winterfell theon pretty much saved balons campaign. Because he was responsible for toppling the temporary leaders of the north (Rodriks death and stark kids). He probably never dreamed of taking lands in the east. Thats just too much land to patrol, conquer, and hold. You'd need around 30k men in order to hold onto the entire north. We can see the rivers it has, and it ain't much. If the north had an abundance of rivers, it wouldn't be so piss poor. Dosent matter Lords will always have riders patrolling their lands. The distance is bad for the attacker but not the defender. Moat Cailin is bordering the barrowlands, so it's natural for riders to be patrolling the lands. Don't forget Lord stout is much closer to moat Cailin than barrowton, which means extra care would have to be taken. The way I see it the iron born can only challenge the ryswells, dustins, mormonts, and moutnain clans. Mormonts are obviously going to lose and wont receive any assistance. If the Iron born land anywhere in the rills or barrowlands, theyd be facing an army whether they like it or not. The Northern mountain clans would be suicide and useless to attack. First things first. They need to meet the dustin-ryswell army in order to even take barrowton. I somehow dont see two powerful houses leaving their villagers at the mercy of the iron born. If lady dustin and lord ryswell marshalled an army at barrowton, and the iron born instead decided to attack the rills. How fast would you think they'd be able to respond? Id say pretty damn fast seeing as how they can clearly see the iron born landing on the ryswell shores. And if they decide to instead go for the stony shore, then good for them since you've got nothing left on that shore. What other castles are there to take on the western shore? 45k-19k= 26k. If George said the North still has more to give, than ill trust his words. You are using the Norths vastness and emptiness as it was a disadvantage for the defender. I see it as a big disadvantage for the iron born since they arent that big of a force and theyd have to look for the villages they want to raid, whilst the defenders know exactly where every crucial village is. Torhhens square and deepwood motte are masterly houses that no doubt went all in to satisfy their stark overlords. Didnt you hear what Tywin said. Balon already did the dirty work for the lannisters, why should tywin strike an alliance with balon when the damage has been done. Tywin was no doubt going to send the redwyne fleet towards the iron islands as quickly as possible. Get rid of the last rebel king. When Balon declared independence he cut any ties he could've had with the lannisters. No Robb learned Balon was dead when he arrived at the twins. The moat is weak from the west and the north. Robb was planning on sending a strong force to attack the moat from both the west and the north. Whilst the Greatjon attacked the moat from the causeway in order to distract the iron born from the true threat. I dont see any issues with this plan. If the assault failed than all they had to do was sit their armys both north and south of moat cailin, and starve the iron born out. Whislt also burning the iron born ship at the fever river. If Balon offered to deal with Stannis, he still would've lost since Stannis would've had the help of the northmen, and he has southron veterans that fight like a proper 13th-century army. I would never see Tywin make such a deal with Balon since he declared independence and allowing balon to keep his crown would damage the reputation of the iron throne. And Balon was never going to give up his crown, he is too stubborn for that. If it was up to Cersei or Mace, then yes I would easily see these two accepting such a deal. Stony shore is already desolated. It has a small population and I don't think starks raise levies from there. Iron born have done quite a few raids but its clearly only been done on the lands near the wolfswood and the stony shore. Everything else like northern mountains, barrowlands, rills havent been touched. If they had we would've heard from this.
  7. Buckwheat

    TTTNE 476 - the ghost of series past

    Was locked out of my room yesterday. That was a productive start of the week. We have these chips to open the doors in the dorm. The mechanism on our door broke down when I was in the kitchen. Luckily, one of the roommates was in there and could let me in, and they fixed it by now. Still, I am wondering what would be wrong with just a normal old-fashioned key and keylock. Way less danger of it stopping working. But why make it simple when you can make it complicatedly hi-tech, right? Anyway, had a quite productive day. Am tired now.
  8. Nagini's Neville

    Is the hound Sansa's 'new direwolf'?

    I agree with @Lyanna<3Rhaegar's answer to this. And I also think you very much pick and choose, when it comes to foreshadowing
  9. It’s an indescribable feeling to finally word my own out of office reply.
  10. Yah -- "Collecting Enormous Revenue From Lying Political Ads That Aid and Assist the Russians With Getting the Election Results They Want" is much more accurate -- at least when it comes to Zuckerberg and FB! https://www.vox.com/recode/2019/10/21/20925872/facebook-political-ads-russia-iran-zuckerberg-press-conference And now the Big $uck is backing, big time, Buttigiege, which explains a lot about how his rhetoric changed in the last couple of weeks. That's some really endless supply of $$$$$$$$ plus endless platform for throwing him into consciousness of voters as they read obsessively the posting on their exs' walls . . . . https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-10-21/zuckerberg-offered-advice-in-hiring-to-buttigieg-in-rare-move I keep thinking that Netflix documentary, The Great Hack, which is about all this, has new parts coming . . . . @argonak Don't leave out that the teachers are now also supposed to take bullets for our kids as well, carry guns, have gun training, etc. But we don't want to pay them, o no! It will give them ideas way above their station. After all, I don't get summers off, and cushy days of teaching and working only 4 hours a day.
  11. Tywin et al.

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    I mean, there was that murder charge though…I’ve maintained that the founding fathers would have a heart attack if you teleported them to our time. That goes double for Biggy and Pac if they saw Snoop today.
  12. TrueMetis

    Canadian Politics: Revenge of the small minds

    I mean what you're saying here, ultimately this is a stable minority, because neither the Bloc nor NDP can, or want to, fuck things up. The Liberals can easily go to either the NDP or Bloc to get what they want done, so the NDP and Bloc have a lot less power to dictate terms in exchange for support. If it was just the NDP or Bloc that had the seats to give the Libs a majority they would hold all the power, since either Both the Bloc and NDP have enough seats they both have much less power. Hell, if the conservatives weren't bullshiting about their desire to institute a free vote, or if that wasn't just a cover for anti-abortion votes, the Liberals may even be able to get some of the sane conservatives onside occasionally. Side note, when did talking about the "popular vote" in Canada become a thing? Or did I just miss that the last couple of elections? It's just bizarre to me, so many people talking about the cons winning the "popular vote" When 2/3rds of people didn't vote for them. Talking about a popular vote in a multiparty system, especially when the majority of parties lean one way, seems silly to me. This just seems like a continuing attempt to Americanize Canadian politics to me.
  13. Nagini's Neville

    Is the hound Sansa's 'new direwolf'?

    Even though it is a fantasy story the society is heavily based on a medieval society. There are "plenty of female rulers, either actively in power or the power behind the throne" throughout medieval history, I'm really surprised, that you think there weren't, there are so may examples. And the Targaryens are partly based on Ancient Egyptian rulers- they lasted long enough, even though they mostly married their siblings or other relatives. And lastly it is based on medieval history, because GRRM has repeatedly said it is. And most men are very abusive towards women in one way or another (because the society and belief system allows for it) or do other very immoral things in asoiaf. It just depends on your personal opinion, what weighs heavier to you . Just think about Ned killing the deserter, a man just running for his life. Demanding his 7 year old child to watch the execution. Ned coming home with a baby from another woman and not only demanding of his wife, who also just had a newborn, to just accept it, but downright forbids her to ask questions and gets angry if she does. When if the tables were turned this would mean severe punishment for Cat and probably the end of their marriage. And what about Robb, who doesn't get his sisters back, even though he has the means to and knows this could likely mean their deaths or at least heavy abuse for them? What about all the innocent ppl, who are being killed and abused and raped or having their livelihoods destroyed, because he refuses to give up on his war? Ask Gilly, if she doesn't feel like Jon was severely abusive towards her, when he took away her baby (likely to be killed) ? So much pain and danger she took upon herself to be able to save her son, just for him to be taken away from her by Jon anyway. He took deliberately advantage of her situation. And those are just the "good men" with honor. But you don't have to hold a knife to someone's throat to be abusive. Even though the Hound was abusive, at least he did save Ayra's and Sansa's lives, which is more than can be said about Robb.
  14. Heartofice

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    Yeah I kinda wish I was a kid again and maybe I could enjoy this sort of thing. But I’m too removed from the franchise now after so many burn outs. All I see in these trailers are numerous cynical corporate decisions, one after the other. Some might get chills hearing Luke or Leia, all I hear is tills ringing and people in suits high fiving each other. I got chills at the force awakens trailer and even at the last Jedi, but I’ve learnt my lesson. I got nothing from this.
  15. Angel Eyes

    A tactical analysis of The Long Night and improvements

    He could have killed Bran by lining up a shot with an ice spear and throwing; he took out Viserion at 1,000 meters.
  16. Iskaral Pust

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    As an Irish supporter, I’ve always like the ABs as my first foreign option, mainly because they played such incredible rugby and succeeded as a much smaller nation than Australia or South Africa. And the Wallabies and Boks would have followed next. But that AB affinity has waned over the years as they seemed to rely more and more on constantly pushing the boundary of dirty play, just daring the referees to rein them in. It was ugly to watch their revenge on Ireland after losing in Chicago— such a dirty, cynical game. England were always too familiar and too close of a competitor to root for them, plus their rugby usually relied on a bigger, bruising pack against Ireland to grind away in the scrum and maul, which was far less appealing than the open style from the Southern Hemisphere. It was the 1991, 1995 and 1999 RWCs that I grew up on before moving to the US (and losing broadcast access for a long time), so my loyalties were set in amber from that period. It’s not an old-fashioned nationalist objection to England, more that they didn’t have the exotic style of the trinations. It’s like having Brazil or Argentina as your second team at the football World Cup.
  17. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    Is the hound Sansa's 'new direwolf'?

    I don't think this will offend anyone, why would it? I've been wrong before though. I was unaware GRRM was deadset on keeping ASOIAF as historically accurate as possible. Which kingdom's history is he attempting to stay accurate to? There is something to be said about her not ending up with someone so far below her station but I think that would depend on who is brokering the marriage for her. Who will be left to do that other than Sansa herself? Maybe Petyr - he most certainly wouldn't betroth her to someone of a lower station. If Sansa is deciding for her self I think it would fit for her to decide she no longer cares about status & is going to marry a man of her own choosing, for love, or for political reasons, whichever she wishes. I think to say since Sandor can't meet these requirements means it is impossible for them be together is ignoring a lot of things. First & foremost that Sansa not marrying below her station & also marrying for love are your assumptions & not canon. Secondly that Sandor can't meet both those requirements is also your assumption, Sandor could be a love match for Sansa & while he doesn't give her any political edge currently we have no idea where he will sit at the end of the story. In short, Sansa may marry any number of people for any number of reasons but marrying Sandor is definitely not impossible.
  18. I really enjoyed the book - the return to this world was certainly worth it! Like all the new characters and also how the old ones are being handled, despite the strong feeling that those who managed to peacefully die are the lucky ones, heh. I have to say that after some reflection, I can't agree that the Valbeck uprising can be compared with the French Revolution, because the latter was aimed at the first 2 Estates and their many privileges, but particularly those concerning taxation and land ownership. It was by no means a "workers revolution", nor was it aimed at industrialists or the wealthy in general. Enclosures didn't play a role in it - they were more of a British thing, which the crown actually tried to oppose, but the Parliament and the more allfluent farmers supported, as well as the noble landholders. And then, there is the big question when stuff like that comes up in SF - is something like a French Revolution (or an American one, for that matter) really feasible in a world where Ancient Athens and Ancient Rome weren't such deeply embedded cultural touchstones and inextricable part of education? Is the Weaver Bayaz? Because if he wanted to get rid of the nobility, but retain and boost the industry, this wasn't the route to take. It certainly seems like he killed Jezal too. I disagree that Bayaz would profit from establishment of a republic in the Union, since it is much easier to be the puppeteer behind a few key figures, than behind an ever shifiting and fairly chaotic political landscape of an elective government. And besides, see above. Where would Bayaz even get an idea of a republic/democracy from? It does seem odd how the Union has jumped into Industrial Age without Enlightment or even adoption of firearms. Though that last seems to be imminent. In fact, I fully expect to see the floundering of northern warrior culture in this trilogy, in some doomed last war against a "modern" army, like in "The Last Samurai" movie. And what better folks to preside over it than Stour and Leo, who are totally going to team up and attack the Union? Poor Finree... I am a bit confused by Glokta's governance, though. Were those 3 disastrous wars with Styria ordered by Bayaz? Because otherwise, why? And surely he is too intelligent to think that just keeping a tight lid on things is enough to prevent an eventual explosion? What is more, I really don't understand his handling of his family, which he seems reasonably fond of. He is the most hated man of the Union, which could easily make his wife and daughter the targets of revenge once he is gone. You'd think that he would have prepared them for it and provided some exit strategies. Instead, he allowed Savine to ruffle enough feathers to also become hated and acquire a number of enemies in her own right. She even is prancing around without any bodyguards! Now, I did think that "Zuri" who returned with her brothers was an Eater, but maybe there is something to the idea that Zuri wasn one to begin with and that's why Glokta introduced her to his daughter and also didn't insist on bodyguards. Because if anyone in the Union knows how to detect an Eater it is him. He still goofed when he didn't prevent Savine from going to Valbeck without Zuri and bodyguards) in this case. to be continued.
  19. Zorral

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hunting Minds

    The first episode of HBO's Catherine the Great went up last night. Beyond Helen Mirren as the empress, clothes and candles, splendiferous halls and ceilings, and sex, not a whole lot going on, alas. But then Helen Mirren in 18th century silks and satins, playing 40 - 50 year old Catherine, and the beefy Russian young men who serve her reign, might be enough?
  20. John Suburbs

    Is Ramsay, Brandon Stark's bastard?

    I'd say there is more evidence of Domeric being Brandon's son than Ramsay.
  21. Today
  22. Maithanet

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    Incorrect. According to Wikipedia:
  23. Mindwalker

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    Fascinating. If this was the 1996 incident, then... well, I think it must have been between 1993 and 1994 (first two seasons) of B5, when a similar story was told about Ivanova. So maybe he stole the more or less witty riposte from the show.
  24. Rhom

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    It does look great. Part of me wonders if Palpatine is a stand in for JJ originally planned I gotta to have Snoke there until Rian killed him off?
  25. aceluby

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    Only one of those two has ever been to prison, IIRC.
  26. Tywin et al.

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    Charles Barkley, aka The Round Mound of Rebound, once chased a man down because he threw a drink in his face and threw him through a bar window. At trial he said his only regret was that they were on the first floor. Barkley is a retired HoF basketball player who stands 6’7 and has a very large frame. The guy he threw through the window was 5’2. It’s worth noting that Barkley was once one of the most hated guys in sports, but now is a lovable figure. The only heel turn to baby face more shocking than his in main stream white America is that of Snoop Dogg, who went from most feared rapper in America to hosting shows with Martha Stewart, a fellow criminal.
  27. No, their sovereign had actually given up and bent the knee. That's a historical fact and in the series Winter hadnt come yet and the moment Winter comes, you have the Mountain clans rather dying fighting the Boltons than freezing their asses to death. Roderick Dustin of House Stark?? And i'm saying Starks bannermen have and will take the field if they feel threatened, or didn't the Northern Lords send levies to take Winterfell again?? And their family are slave. Thralls don't decide their own destiny, their lives are worst than simple smallfolk. Salto wives... I mean...
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