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  2. Gendarrion

    The War in the South (TWOW spoilers)

    While it's likely, I doubt this, Garlan and others is probably smart enough to knock down Ironborn ships first, before the landing and retaking the Shields, they needed to win the Redwyne vs Ironborn battle first, Oldtown is the only port that could handle such a large fleet and army, Arbor is closer to Oldtown than to the Shields. 1st - Ironborn and Euron are not stupid to land in the most populous region in westeros and take some random castle, they are no match in land that's why they got to rely on sea and ships, 2nd - Euron wouldn't spend his resources, time and men to pissing of Garlan, taking Brightwater keep is pretty stupid as well, they'll just gonna be retaken in no time if they do manage to take it, the moment he lands on the reach, he will lose, they can field 10x as many men as him. 3rd - they don't need to riot, reach is pretty much under total control and too loyal to their lords to riot while the Ironborns are around, and you underestimate Reach capability to feeding their people, they are also pretty much untouched by war so their harvest is plenty. we all expect this battle to happen, if you read the "the forsaken" chapter script from winds of winter. I'm not certain about this, Stannis needed an army on land while another on sea to take King's Landing, I believe taking Oldtown will be pretty much the same, they will will need another Army on land, but where will it come from? everybody hates Ironborn.
  3. King Jon Snow Stark

    Dany Fleeing After Jon Reveal

    His siblings/cousins and best friend encouraging him to the take throne would make him a problem for her. I don’t see how “I’m totally loyal to you but your future in laws want me to stab you in the back and take your crown” leads to happy marriage.
  4. Mooncalf

    Rickon is destined to be new Lord of Winterfell

    Like every story for the next book, I have no idea where Martin is gonna take it. But secret heir living in a reclusive area until his destiny is unraveled is just too perfect for these novels. kinda like the Aegon story. plus I kinda don't like the idea of a bunch of armies rallying behind a child. Not that I don't like Rickon but the time for figureheads is over (if it ever existed) and the time has come for an actual leader to lead people. His future also teeters heavily on Davos and Skagos. I get the vibe Skagosi have disdain for Starks and other mainlanders that might border on hostile. more info will probably be spread on their rebellion in this arc. Osha might have to keep Rickon hidden or disguised, and even if Davos recognizes the Direwolf, revealing Rickon would put him in danger. Another factor I think will play into this arc is Hardhome. Davos will probably know of this by now (Nightswatchmen driven aground on Skane may have made it to Skagos) and want to help them because he's Davos. think I read something about the Starks denying Skagos sea travel after the rebellion. As hand of a king, Davos can cancel that and they could be building ships as of the end of ADWD to take to Hardhome to save the Wildlings. Also we gotta think on if Davos would really bring Rickon into this game where children get murdered all the time. he's definitely not safe on Skagos, but depending on how well Osha is to him and if the natives there don't want to kill him, he's safer there than he is as the top threat to the Boltons. I could see Davos just leaving Rickon there rather than make him an even bigger target to psycopaths.
  5. Consigliere

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    I'd say roughly 4 years. Elsa Singh was close to two years old in PR and Teresa descibed her as being about six years old in TW.
  6. Gala

    [Spoilers] E801 Discussion

    I bet they would, since they are not used to question her decision. That's what I was trying to say: it is easy to free the slaves, who are just becoming free people with free will, and rule them, the other thing is to rule those who were free and whom you are not freeing, but rather otherwise- conquering. She does not understand that...I mean at all.
  7. Bran Snow

    The white walkers want Jon Snow alive???

    I'm not sure they really want him alive for anything. I think it was simply a way to prolong the fight scene and to show that normal weapons can't stand against their ice weapons. This plays into Jon using Longclaw to block the ice blade before killing the WW. As far as the Intrigue look? I would stay the NK sees Jon as a worthy opponent. They have just plowed through everyone they've come across but here you have Jon leading a fight against them.
  8. polishgenius

    By Everam’s will; a re-read of the Demon cycle:

    Yeah, but even setting aside whether the BG was simply unleashing his tendencies (the first rape we see is distinctly personal) my problem isn't with the motivation but with the way it's used narratively, and that's precisely the problem, that rape is Stover's tool for showing this person is now Xtra Xtra Bad). Man, Long Price is soooooooo goooooooooooood as well. In many ways those two quartets are in totally different sometimes quite opposite ways the pinnacle of modern fantasy for me.
  9. Gala

    [Spoilers] E801 Discussion

    So...it was you who brought up Jaime to this discussion. I still do not understand what Jaime and his history with Bran have anything to do with this discussion. Yes, I am speculating and that's why I wrote "personally" at least few time, if you haven't noticed. Let's just wait and see who is right. I am not discussing Jaime's heinous crimes (among them one which is actually heroic - slaying the Mad King) and certainly not comparing them to Dany's, that's absurd. One thing Jaime lacks - hunger to power, which both Dany and Cersei have, so comparing them would be more logical and appropriate. Additionally, Dany has no history with Bran at all. I definitely didn't use words like "condemn" when I talked about Bran and Dany. Once again...Sansa was not obliged to do more than curtesy requires and she wasn't obliged "to fell blindly in love" with Dany on the spot, while Dany was actually expecting her to. Yes, after Dany's reaction - sort of "wtf" look on Dany's face after Sansa's cold curtesy- he broke the conversation and addressed directly Dany, because that was she who should have heard about dead dragon. And by the way, it was you who "said something about Sansa" and I just addressed your post, go and re-read.
  10. Bran Snow

    Dany Fleeing After Jon Reveal

    I can see Sansa using it as a power move. The North doesn't want to follow Dany but Sansa will push Jon to claim the throne with the north might support, leaving her as Ward of the North. As far as friction between Dany and Jon, I don't see that happening. Jon doesn't want the throne and will stay Dany can have. It will just encourage them to get married.
  11. Krishtotter

    Remorseful Jaime, Unrepentant Dany

    I'm not a Jonsa shipper myself either but I can understand why some people are. If there are any subconscious romantic stirrings or mutual attraction, they would obviously be deeply subdued by both on account of the cultural aversion for incest. This could change when Jon discovers that Dany is in fact his aunt, an aunt who is more akin to a sister genetically as a result of Targaryen inbreeding, whereas Sansa is actually his first cousin - which is normal marriage material in Westeros. I've always thought that there is a certain 'tension' both characters when acting that makes me very interested in their relationship. Whilst Jon and Arya have a quite clearly 'big brother, little sister' bond - the Jon - Sansa dynamic is different, even to the extent of hugging each other in a different manner. That said, Jon was raised with Sansa as his sister - which would make it very strange for him, I imagine, to ever see her in romantic way. I know Dany-fans will proverbially stone me for saying this, but I really do like Sansa and how she has developed from a naive, spoilt 'posh' girl into a shrewd, charismatic woman (made steely on account of the horrors she has had to bear) who commands the love of her people in the North courtesy of her effective leadership skills. She doesn't rule by the threat of fear like Dany.
  12. SeanF

    Samwell Tarly stole the spotlight.

    OTOH, in TWOIAF, Aerys comes over as a jerk, even before Duskendale.
  13. There’s that time skip again! Speaking of, do we have any idea how long it was between PR and TW? Year? Two years?
  14. Astromech

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Endgame

    I watched the first episode of BBC1's Les Miserables. Dominic West has been great as Jean Valjean and Lily Collins as Fantine. I was wondering why everything looks so familiar in certain scenes until discovering much of it was filmed in Brussels and other locations in Belgium. Yeah, that definitely wasn't St. Sulpice.
  15. Is Brussels a more believable option to be the de facto seat of the EU besides having cities like Paris, Berlin, Rome, etc.? Yet it is. And Winterfell is not some random place, it's glorious, magical and once a royal castle. As for Sansa or Arya: Sansa is more unlikely than Arya, but Arya is possible IMO. Stranger things happened than that.
  16. maiden of tarth

    Samwell Tarly stole the spotlight.

    Set Barristan recounts in one of his chapters that Aerys started off as a good king. He believes it was the capture and imprisonment at Duskendale that changed Aerys. Barristan even mentions that he regrets rescuing Aerys and with hindsight should have let Aerys die at Duskendale.
  17. Today
  18. Roux

    Cersei's "everything that you hold dear"

    Both of those are farther ahead than the books. If you ignore everything that's not in the books yet then tyrells and tommen are alive and myrcella and viserion.
  19. Sir Cheese

    Did Tyrion have feelings for Sansa?

    He does sympathize and cares for her though. Love? Not really...
  20. Presumably David Silva’s not ok to play 2 games in quick succession. The obvious thing to do though would be to drop Bernardo Silva into midfield and play one of Sané or Mahrez. That Foden plays suggests he might be moving ahead of them in the pecking order.
  21. How so? According to Guardiola he is always pretty close to breaking into their starting XI. So he rates him quite highly, So him coming in rested is not that surprising imho. I mean, what'S the point of a deep squad if you don't use it? I am more surprised Sane didn't get a start today, too. As he didn't play that many minutes Wednesday and should be rested.
  22. Sir Cheese

    So who would you bend the knee to?

    To be fair, my choice would be Joffrey. I don't know how cartonishly evil he is. Stannis pushes his religion from Essos, and I would statisticaly be southerner who worshipes the Faith of the Seven. Renly (my first choice) is dead. I have no idea who Daenerys is, and dragons are just fairy tale to me. Stark is a Northerner, and I have no common things with him.
  23. SeanF

    UK Politics: The Edge of Destruction

    Most countries with PR have some method of excluding tiny parties (Israel and Holland are exceptions). Germany has a 5% national threshold (or you have to win 3 constituencies); . Denmark has a 2% threshold, Austria and Sweden 4%. Most others have regional lists, which require a party to win 6-10% in any given region (so, a party like the South Tyrol Peoples' Party wins enough votes at regional level to get a couple of MP's, despite winning a minute share of the Italian vote). STV would usually require you to win about 12% in any one multi-member seat to be sure of winning a seat, although it can throw up quirky results.
  24. Winterfell as the capital city of the continent doesn't make sense; it'd be like setting up the EU institutions in Laponia or Cyprus. As for Arya or Sansa, no way: The Westermarck effect would be even stronger between Jon and Arya.
  25. Love cats and knitting! 

  26. maiden of tarth

    Cersei's "everything that you hold dear"

    It was never in the books so doesn’t count. Just like my refusal to acknowledge Stannis and Barristans deaths!!!
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