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  2. LokisRaider

    Bronn the Bought?

    Got to agree with everyone here, this was their way of getting him to head North and get involved with the majority of the remaining characters. I don't know if we the viewer are supposed to be thinking "Oh my god Bronn is in a dilemma now. Does he kill Tyrion and Jamie or betray Cersei?" Because the only thing I thought was "this is just to get him to the action" Add to it that Cersei had Jamie dead to rights in last seasons finale where she said she would kill him if he chose to leave and the mountain was standing right next to him just awaiting the command, and he chose to leave and she let him. Now it's time to kill him for leaving?
  3. storm.131

    Rant and Rave Thread

    Agreed, they should have had more distinct colours throughout the show. In Viserion's death scene, he looked greenish and as it's been ages since I read the books, I actually thought Viserion was the green dragon because of how he looked on the show.
  4. Ser Gareth

    somebody clear a few things up for me ?

    She's always been self entitled and lacked humility. Those traits clearly exist within her as she still exhibits them on a regular basis. Her education from Littlefinger and Cersei will be invaluable and she's definitely going to be playing the game of thrones IMO. Sansa was instantly suspicious and cold to Dany, before she knew anything about her. Dany complimented her and Sansa looked at her like she was something she'd just scrapped off her boot. I've always flip flopped between the more beautiful Queen that will bring Cersei low. Dany is the obvious choice. So much so that I don't think it will be her. Then there was the talk of Arya being beautiful (in the books at least it is clear she is an "ugly duckling" who will blossom into someone as beautiful as her aunt) and the foreshadowing from her conversation with Eddard, that could also foreshadow..... Sansa. With the way the show has turned, combined with Bran's vision of the UnGregor fighting the Hound, and probably Jaime, with Sansa being involved, I am now swayed towards Sansa will be the more beautiful one that brings Cersei low.
  5. Prince of the North

    somebody clear a few things up for me ?

    Or, conversely, they (white walkers) would instantly freeze any water around them and, in effect, trap themselves. But then, why wouldn't they simply be able to freeze and walk across any water they encounter? Must be some sort of "magical" answer that we simply don't know yet
  6. Suzanna Stormborn

    [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.4

    I could not be more disappointed with the whole lack of magic in the dragon riding. Dany's lack of knowledge, mixed with an apparent disregard for Jon's life. His cheesy line after "you've ruined horses forever for me". all were awful, just so bad. I am thinking Jon and Dany will both die now on the show. But I was also thinking that maybe GRRM will at least use the show as a test for what happens at the end of the books. At this point he HAS to want to make it different than the show. so I am still very hopeful that the broad strokes of the ending of the show dont actually align with the books (which is what we have all been saying all this time, that the ending outcome will be basically the same even if the journey is different) I no longer believe the journey or the outcome will be the same. the ONLY similarity I think is that the WW's will be defeated show and books, nothing else will be the same.
  7. This is a good point. They cut out the in between things, and that's the best part. It's always been clear things were going to end badly for most of them. What's missing is meaning, and that's found in the in between things. As the storytelling speeds toward the show’s conclusion, it increasingly doesn’t tell stories. It sets stories up and pays them off, and hopes that you don’t notice it didn’t do anything in between... Increasingly, Game of Thrones just shows us the beginnings and endings of things, like Theon’s rescue of Yara, or Daenerys’s decision to go to Westeros, or Cersei’s decision to raise an army of her own. Often, we’ll see a character declare they’re going to do something, and the next time we see them, they’ll have done it. https://www.vox.com/culture/2019/4/17/18411022/game-of-thrones-season-8-premiere-recap-winterfell-second-act-bad
  8. Nope. The case was about presidents, not the hoi poloi. You are casting doubt in my mind now, it might be in the current regulations and the lawyers were saying they meant no grand jury material without impeachment. And I grew up believing the US was the greatest shining light of democracy in the world, and constantly bragged about being the greatest light of democracy in the world, and that every country in the world should follow US example. As Nordic countries brought in enlightened laws, you people laughed at how ludicrous those laws were. Nothing matches the US, rah, rah, rah! Instead there is corruption at the community level against huge portions of your population, corruption at state levels, corruption at the highest levels. I honestly thought things were getting better and better, but they just get worse and worse. And because the US has always held itself out as the shining star, the reality of the lie makes the US the most corrupt.
  9. RenlyIsNotRight

    Bad shows and movies you enjoy watching.

    The Room is obviously the trash cinema GOAT - incompetent auteur bad movies are the best bad movies. Since I've seen a few people in here namedrop Masters of the Universe, I'm curious if any Dolph Lundgren enthusiasts are familiar with Silent Trigger? It was directed by Russell Mulachy (Highlander), released in the mid 90s, pretty sure it went direct to VHS at the time and was filmed in Bulgaria (like most of Dolph Lundgrens filmography post 1995ish) at some half constructed skyscraper. I've watched a fuckton of direct to video action films in my time and enjoyed quite a few of them but this one has always been singular to me as its chalked full of atmospheric footage and existential themes atypical of the genre, but its execution of course still puts it firmly in the camp category. It's really unlike anything else I've ever seen and for my money its probably the most underrated bad movie out there. I also don't hear a lot people talking about Rage (originally titled Tokarev), one of many direct to DVD/Netflix titles Nicolas Cage as churned out in the past decade. As an ironic turned post ironic turned unironic Cage fan I'm hopeful the relative success of Mandy will lead to a Cageaissance akin to Matthew McConaugheys early 10s career revival but Rage is a real diamond in the rough waiting to be picked. It's the logical conclusion of the Taken formula and has some amazing Nouveau Shamanic moments from Cage to rival his best work. Sort of circling back to mid 90s movies with Dolph Lundgren, I recently rewatched Johnny Mnemonic as well and man I'd forgotten how great it is.
  10. Robin Of House Hill

    US Politics: It’s Not A Crime If You’re Feelings Got Hurt

    I'm so tired of everyone saying what pieces of shit that Trump and the Republicans are, but coming up with no practical way to get them out of the government. And I'm not talking about the 2020 election. There are enough frightened white folks in this country, fearful of what will happen in a couple of decades, when they cease to be a majority, that Trump may be re-elected.
  11. Fez

    Trailer Thread V

    Oh my god. I was already on board for this movie, but I'm just beyond excited now. Between this, John Wick 3, and (to a lesser extent) Endgame, there's one hell of a trio of movies coming out this year.
  12. sweetsunray

    somebody clear a few things up for me ?

    They'd melt? They're made of ice after all.
  13. House Cambodia

    The Night King and King's Landing

    Or a naughty mercenary with Checkov's crossbow ;-)
  14. Fez

    International thread 2

    There is at least one silver lining from the Notre Dame fire, it raised awareness about three black churches in Louisiana that were burned down by an arsonist last month. More specifically, it kicked their fundraising drive to rebuild into overgear... A couple reporters raised the point that Notre Dame was getting so much money so quickly from billionaires and corporations that ordinary folk seeking to donate would have a much bigger impact donating to these churches instead. They each donated $1,000 of their own money and that got the ball rolling quickly.
  15. House Cambodia

    The Night King and King's Landing

    People are getting confused re number of Unsullied - 10K or 100K. However, the whole of the Northern peasantry, as refugees, are crowded into Winterfell. That's at least 100K - more like 500K to swell the numbers of the undead!
  16. Ice Queen

    The Night King and King's Landing

    I don't think the opposition has enough dragonglass to take them out. They need a weapon of mass destruction. Where does this 100,000 number come from? I think that's an order of magnitude too many.
  17. Varysblackfyre321

    By Everam’s will; a re-read of the Demon cycle:

    Meh, I don’t particularly think he handles it worse than a lot of his writing peers. This isn’t to say he handles it excellently. Or really that this should be taken as compliment. Writers tend to handle this topic poorly imo. Even ASOIF I find Martin’s depiction of sexual assault in story to leave much to be desired. There are clearly some massive problems in the Demon cycle in this.But I don’t think to the level of it making women into PTSD-suffering sociopaths or meni nto badasses.
  18. RenlyIsNotRight

    What are you listening to Ventiquattro - Dont let Life pass you by.

    Early-mid 70s Tangerine Dream, Sunn O))), Locrian, Neu!, Berlin era Bowie, Oren Ambarchi, Growing, Can, Boris, Windy & Carl, Faust, Melvins, Lil B, Young Thug, Future, and Stars of the Lid who just never leave my rotation so they almost go without saying
  19. Ice Queen

    Rant and Rave Thread

    Sam told Jon the whole story. Sam is the eldest son and should have been the heir, but he wasn't manly enough for Randyll, so he was given a choice: go to the Wall or Randyll would have him killed. Randyll says that Sam has given him no cause to be disowned, but he isn't fit to wield Heartsbane. Sam makes the comment that after Dickon was born, Randyll didn't care if Sam attended meetings or not, as long as Dickon did.
  20. Well, those people on CNN are just wrong then. Here's a good write up on it, perhaps the CNN people are referring to this: Uh, that's a big no.
  21. Artamartar

    Bronn the Bought?

    Agree. Bronn will be loyal to Jaime and Tyrion. He has a golden heart anyway.
  22. LynnS

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I'm not sure that Tyrion or Jaime will end up the valonqar (bookwise) anyway. I think we're in for a surprise there. I think it's possible that Marwyn is the 'little brother' of valyrian fame. Since his travels may have taken him to a place where he would be so named and maesters belong to a brotherhood. Do they not? Some of Cersei's dreams could be manipulation by glass candle. In one of her dreams, the hands stand out specifically. It's Sam who tells us that Marwyn has the biggest hands he's ever seen. Cersei certainly fits the description of a treacherous woman:
  23. Also a guitarist and a Fender fanboy, but I wouldn't buy one of those for more than $100, and even then I'd leave it at home because graphic finishes on guitars are only cool if you're 14 or younger. Nevermind the fact that I wouldn't be interested even if I was 14 or younger because of course there was no Baratheon guitar. As far as the episode goes though...anyone else kind of just wish the entire show was just the subplot with Tormund, Edd and Beric at this point? I'd be stoked about the fact that the show seems to be setting up conflict between Jon and Dany too via Sansa and Sams apprehension towards her, but I'm not holding my breath because D$D have seemingly set up and failed to fall through on Dark Dany so many fucking times now only to just go back to glorifying her.
  24. The Scabbard Of the Morning

    Rant and Rave Thread

    He also didn't know Sam was a POV, starting to wonder how much of the books he actually read.
  25. House Cambodia

    US Politics: It’s Not A Crime If You’re Feelings Got Hurt

    Is your world limited to USA and Canada? Asia says 'hi'.
  26. Tyrion is the Most Moral Man in the Universe, Arya is Wolverine (a monster!), Sandra is not smart times a million (but Wolverine thinks she's smarter than Maester Luwin!), the Branbot 9000, etc. The dragons are usually the best actors, but even they can't work with a bad script. As he says in the video, is the dragon watching Jon and Dany cockblocking or does he want in on the action. (Oh and Shade of the Lamp made an appearance, too! He has a starring role on the show.)
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