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  2. Aldarion

    Book characters lookalikes

    Who in real life would come closest to how you imagined characters from the books? Personally, I only have a few examples here, as all-and-all I feel GoT, for all its flaws, did casting very well. Stannis in particular was spot-on. So I will only list characters that were either a) not included or b) too far from how I imagined them. (Young) Robert Baratheon - Geoff Capes Rhaegar Targaryen - Devin Oliver or Emil Andersson Young Jon Connington - Chris Martin Robert Baratheon - Robbie Coltrane (as Hagrid) Tommen Baratheon - Jeff Cohen from Goonies Davos Seaworth - Stephen Merchant Jon Snow - Ben Whishaw, minus 20 years Illyrio Mopatis - Mike Myers as Fat Bastard (sorry, too few obese actors in Hollywood) Jon Connington - Damian Lewis (in a decade?) Aegon Targaryen / Young Griff - Jake Love
  3. IheartIheartTesla

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    Thats even worse, she cast aspersions on 5 (or is it 6?) candidates without showing any evidence.
  4. Corvinus

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    It's like most of us when we play a grand strategy game on the PC, except they have the means and lack of consciousness to do it in the real world.
  5. Paladin of Ice

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    Technically she didn’t name Gabbard. Tulsi was the one who jumped and said it was about her.
  6. The Young Maester

    Gender relations in Westeros

    The men would be mainly killed by someone else. For the Middle Ages men being killed in battle or executed is quite a gendered thing. If a man dies at a young age it would mostly be because they were killed, or they got some disease. From a medieval point of view it makes sense but from our own point of view, it never will. Since nowadays you have both genders doing the same sort of things.
  7. Seams

    The Stranger has three heads?

    @By Odin's Beard pointed out the probable wordplay on "stranger" and "strangler." In the past, I have wondered whether GRRM intended us to compare "strangers" and "rangers." Pondering your idea of the "6 + missing 1," I decided to check Benjen, to see if the First Ranger (Fur stranger?) fit the 6+1 pattern. Three days after their arrival, Jon had heard that Benjen Stark was to lead a half-dozen men on a ranging into the haunted forest. . . . "...You're no ranger, Jon, only a green boy with the smell of summer still on you." AGoT, Chap. 19, Jon III Seems like a perfect fit! So the six Others attack Ser Waymar Royce (who wears a notable fur). Then six rangers accompany Ranger Benjen into the Haunted Forest on a mission to find Ser Waymar. Immediately after Benjen's departure, Jon Snow "buried his face" in Ghost's "thick white fur," says he will "make solitude his honor" and "could not find it in him to pray to any gods, old or new. If they were real, he thought, they were as cruel and implacable as winter." (AGoT, Chap. 19, Jon III) Is Jon trying to make himself into a ranger/stranger in this scene? Burying his face would be consistent with the faceless, hooded image of The Stranger. If the "fur stranger" pun is correct as a play on "first ranger," burying his face in Ghost's fur might be especially appropriate. There could be an interesting in-depth exploration of characters who find themselves unable to pray. I have noticed in the Dunk & Egg stories that Ser Duncan the Tall is unable to pray. (He instead recites a rhyme asking his shield to guard him.) Renouncing religion might be a necessary stage for becoming a demigod? Getting back to the Stranger / strangler wordplay, the next action in this chapter is Grenn and his henchmen coming after Jon to pay him back for humiliating them during sword training. Jon knocks over and starts strangling and head-bashing Toad, whose name I believe to be wordplay on Der Tod, the German word for death. He is stopped by Donal Noye who breaks up the fight (and maybe "forges" Jon Snow into a new weapon). Essentially, Jon nearly defeats death and then Donal Noye instructs Jon to stop trying to defeat these weaker Night's Watch recruits and to instead join them and help them become stronger. A note on fur and The Stranger / First Ranger Ser Waymar Royce's sable fur cloak was quite a topic among his Night's Watch brothers. He was a junior man in the Night's Watch, but Jeor Mormont allowed him to lead a ranging party, which might make him a symbolic "first ranger." He and his body are not recovered, but the sable-trimmed cloak reappears as a bit of a motif among would-be First Rangers: Jaremy Rykker has a sable-trimmed cloak that is inherited by Thoren Smallwood. Jaremy was a sort of "acting" first ranger after Benjen's disappearance, and Jeor Mormont tells Thoren that he is NOT the First Ranger but then gives him all of Jaremy's clothes after Jaremy is killed by a wight. Maybe the sable cloak is a motif that tells us when a character represents a Stranger / God of Death character. There is an old thread that lists a lot of cases of sable cloaks in the books. Many of them are consistent with characters I see as would-be "Angels of Death," if that is the right term. If there is wordplay on sable, it may be related to the Bael characters - Bael, Baelor, Baelish. Since the direwolf Ghost's fur is white, this might mean that the notion is incorrect of Jon burying his face in Ghost's fur in an attempt to become a stranger. This does start to give me the beginning of a toehold on the "white vs. black" symbolism in the books, though. If black fur is associated with the Stranger, white fur may be its opposite. Time to revisit Val and Dalla?
  8. IheartIheartTesla

    US Politics: A Mickey Mouse Operation

    By the way, not sure what Clinton was thinking talking about Gabbard being "favored by the Russians" (paraphrasing obviously). Didn't mind her parody of the Trump-Ergodan letter at all, but she should have known better than interfering in the Democratic primary. There are already enough criticisms about its unfairness without someone punching down at a candidate.
  9. RhaenysBee

    TTTNE 476 - the ghost of series past

    I know, it’s disgusting I’m getting my hair done on Friday, but no cutting shall be involved. I’m trying to savor all the growth my hair can get after the disastrous cutting it suffered in the summer.
  10. AncalagonTheBlack

    Football: dropping clangers and scoring bangers

    Summary of the match.Lead up to Lallana's goal
  11. argonak

    Game: You are Littlefinger, what do you do?

    I think Petyr's big error is going to come because of Sansa. And she'll manage to one-up him and prove she's no longer just a piece, but a player. I think it'll probably tie into him messing with his allies own desires, which Littlefinger's normally too smart to do. He's working hard to push her on harry, but at the same time can't keep his eyes off her. Not smart, Petryr. Not smart. You can't have your cake and let your friend eat it too.
  12. A Horse Named Stranger

    Football: dropping clangers and scoring bangers

    Nope, he is not the same player. He has won a CL winners medal, and he even did it without ever playing a minute.
  13. A Horse Named Stranger

    Chess - the world in black and white

    Top two boards drawn (as was to be expected). So Naka and Lev are out of the running. From the relevant boards. Howell produced a Howeller. I know I am bad at those word games. Anyway 18...Bd5?? is just horrible, as it runs into the fairly obvious 19.Rd1! dropping material - pinned piece is pinned.
  14. Rippounet

    What shouldn't be done...about climate change

    Yes. And it's even possible to wonder whether some measures taken officially against "terrorism" (with very broad definitions in the texts) could not easily be applied to pretty much any form of radical environmentalism. Which is why a group like XR that emphatically wants to be non-violent and law-abiding will find its actions severely limited - to the point where it will sometimes resort to stupid forms of action. Of course at this point, any violent or illegal action could be unproductive since it could turn public opinion against it, not to mention the fact that it could give law enforcement a solid reason to crack down on the organization itself. But in the face of global inaction, how long will that be the case? I cannot bring myself to condone violence, but the threat of violence against certain corporate interests could go a long way toward corporations actually changing some of their worst practices.
  15. rocksniffer

    More Acrophobia Leftovers!

    well i thought we should bump this...since sometimes it helps me know how y'all think... for myself i did not really get into this theme for the first few rounds littlefinger... Pimping girls kills! eddard... The selfish Bastard's Justice called me. varys... Aggressively getting Tyrion safe! Determining incest birds mentioned. Notify Targaryen progeny! tyrion... Imbibing wine...exploring neighborhood. Whetstoning mind observing environmental novelties. dany... Downright knackered - Taking unsullied home! arya... Faceless homecoming next moonrise. Leave prayers. Faceless happening next moon. Leave payments. oops...
  16. Aegon would have no reason to support Bronn, and every reason to strip him of his wife's title so he can reward one of own allies. Aegon's biggest weakness is he's going to need to make a lot of new loyal lords and enrich his supporters. Dany won't be in Essos forever. Assuming GRRM ever writes another book anyway.
  17. No need to apologise! I can see how flipping back to the Conservatives after they were in already in power for nearly ten years would hurt. A similar thing happened back in Aus when the centre-right party returned to power in 2013 after they had already been in power from 1996-2007. Now we are stuck with them until at least 2022.
  18. Today
  19. The Way of the Dragon

    Do you think we will ever see Valyria?

    The warlocks? Ice will have its equivalent to a greenseer.
  20. mormont

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    Some grumbling, but the ruling appears pretty solid. It would make no sense to have Parliament say on Saturday that they want the bill passed before they grant approval, and then vote on Monday on whether to grant approval. This was never going to work, but the Department of Clever Wheezes clearly wanted to try it so they could blame the evil Speaker for not allowing the vote. Expect plenty more from that department in the days to come - government by Clever Wheezes is clearly Johnson's MO.
  21. As I said I checked the shoes I'm wearing at the moment. Those are Adidas EUR 43 1/3, US 9 1/2, UK 9.
  22. The Way of the Dragon

    An Evil Name

    Bael's son would have been called Jon Stark. He would not have inherited Winterfell if his surname was Snow. The Starks hid that scandal from the public. Imagine the north accepting the son of a wildling as their leader. It won't go over well. The wildlings have been harassing the north for millennia and as we know, those ice heads don't forget something so minor as a slight. The connection between the old night's king and jon snow is their betrayal of the wall. They accepted and were tasked with a duty to dedicate themselves but they fell off the wagon because of their emotions. The "love is the death of duty" that was talked about so early on in the story. The night's king brought the enemy to the wall and adopted their ways, but there was never any evidence that he let them cross to harass the people. Jon lets the wildlings through, betrayed the wall for Arya, and planned to attack the people he was supposed to protect. Something will happen to Jon Snow that will push him over the edge and bring the white walkers across the wall.
  23. Karneol

    International Thread 3

    In the Western Media the topic is like Ecuador sadly more or less ignored
  24. John Suburbs

    A New Husband for the Lady Donella Hornwood

    I still don't see why Rodrick was so hesitant. I would think being Lord of Hornwood is a step up from castellan of Winterfell, while his daughter would become the next lady, married to the son of another noble house, and his grandson would be the next lord. Seemed like a win-win to me.
  25. Well that’s just the thing. We need the right GM and HC, and at the moment we have neither... and they’re both likely not going anywhere anytime soon. They’ll both be excused for this season as it’s a QB transition year. Not hitting on any of their O-line picks and acquisitions for like the past 5 years has just killed this already weak team. The law of averages has to kick in sooner or later.
  26. The Ghost Beyond the Wall

    Do you think we will ever see Valyria?

    Hmm good point, but is there some other way perhaps for him to show us that part? Besides the weir woods I mean?
  27. Sorry, didn't mean to seem dismissive, Pax. I've had anxiety about this vote for a several months, I see it as a possible turning point should the Cons form Gov, however unlikely that looks right now. A gateway election, if you will. :p
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