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  2. CrypticWeirwood

    Dany Fleeing After Jon Reveal

    She couldn't care less about boning her same-aged nephew. Why would she? Why would anyone?
  3. House Cambodia

    Dorne? Highgarden? Riverlands?

    Not in the TV show - it completely wasted Dorne. It never even appeared for 3 series, and the only thing that ever happened was Myrcella's botched rescue. We'll have to wait for the books to enjoy Dorne again.
  4. Absolutely bonkers! I'd never..
  5. Tywin Tytosson

    What are the odds . . .

    Perhaps Hodor could be a WW. (Though I believe that he was torn to pieces)
  6. SFDanny

    Targaryen fleet destroyed...

    There is no doubt that the loyalist houses control the sea lanes, but I don't think we should conclude that there is no royal fleet. In fact the evidence states clearly it is the "Targaryen" fleet that was smashed at Dragonstone., Not the Velaryon fleet; not the Redwyne fleet that was blockading Storm's End, but the Targaryen fleet that likely escorts Rhaella, Viserys, and Ser Willem to Dragonstone. It would be surprising if the Targaryens had not built a fleet controlled by the Master of Ships of the small council, regardless of who occupied that post. That Lucerys Velaryon is Master of Ships during Aerys reign doesn't imply there is no Targaryen fleet, or that the ships that are destroyed on the night of Dany's birth were Velaryon.
  7. A True Kaniggit

    US Politics: It’s Not A Crime If Your Feelings Got Hurt

    Yo, these eggs aren't going to color themselves. It's almost as if people spend their work hours on a book website. And then have other things to do on their leisure time. Nah, that's impossible.
  8. Tywin Tytosson

    The Night King and King's Landing

    Agree regarding the dagger. It has to have some important use. Like taking down the NK. Or Frankengregor. Or somehow Viserion. In the books, it could be used to KO Euron, who has Valyrian steel armor.
  9. Rhom

    LOTR prequel TV series 2.0

    So Tolkien was the original Lord Grimdark?!!?
  10. Raksha 2014

    Dorne? Highgarden? Riverlands?

    Didn't Oberyn mention that he had eight daughters? So, presumably, five of them are still in Dorne; perhaps the oldest of the five has been declared Princess of Dorne. Hopefully Dorne will remain untouched by war; and, now that Ellaria is imprisoned and possibly dead, and the obnoxious three oldest Sand Snakes dead, peace will reign in Sunspear.
  11. Tywin Tytosson

    The Night King and King's Landing

    The spear has a dragonglass (obsidian) blade on the detachable part. The drawing that Arya gave Gendry shows this. The word 'dragonglass' is on the drawing, pointing at the blade on the detachable end.
  12. SansaJonRule

    Symbol at the Last Hearth

    Could be. The symbol predates the creation of the Night King, but were did the seasons last for years before his creation? That would explain their longing for the sun. But we know there is some correlation between exceptionally long winters and the NK because the last Long Night was the last time the NK came south right?
  13. Raksha 2014

    dany and sansa

    I thought that the maester whose diary was found by Gilly just recorded the annulment of the marriage of Rhaegar and Elia. When Sam first discussed Jon's true parentage with Bran, Sam believed that Jon was a bastard with the surname "Sand" instead of "Snow" since Jon was born in Dorne; Sam had not seen any written proof of the marriage of Rhaegar and Lyanna.
  14. Raksha 2014

    dany and sansa

    A secret marriage may or may not be legal, but if it's secret, and there is no proof, and the bride and groom are dead, and no one knows who performed the marriage, the marriage may not be recognized. I sincerely doubt that Daenerys and her tens of thousands of supporters are going to believe that Jon is the legitimate Targaryen heir because that strange Stark boy says he saw a Rhaegar-Lyanna marriage in a vision. I could see even the Northerners who have supported Jon's leadership scratching their heads over Bran's testimony.
  15. SansaJonRule

    Symbol at the Last Hearth

    There are 2 possible meanings that I see for the symbol (and I definitely don't think there couldn't be others). One is because of it's resemblance to a wheel, which doesn't have a beginning or ending and just keeps going round and round, in other words, history keeps repeating itself, like the seasons. (I know this isn't original, it's like "The Wheel of Time".) Another is that small events can have huge repercussions, like the ripples a stone makes when throne into the water, because you have a small center and lines radiating out from the center, making a larger and larger design. Considering the first one, we all seem to assume that the NK will be defeated permanently and the Night's Watch will no longer be needed. But what if he isn't? Viseryion could be killed, and between Dany's dragons, the obsidian weapons and the "last hero" (Azor Ahai?), the humans could take out a tremendous portion of the AotD and he could cut his losses and retreat back to wherever he's been all these thousands of years. It would maintain the "balance" that someone mentioned earlier. The wall would need to be rebuilt (the magic would have to be rediscovered, perhaps by Bran) and the Night's Watch reinstated, Azor Ahai destined to be born again, etc. GRRM doesn't like to make things too happy, so just how happy of an ending will he give us?
  16. briantw

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Endgame

    I feel like a Larry David / Sesame Street crossover could be the stuff of legends.
  17. Today
  18. Lollygag

    Song of Ice and Fire

    GRRM said Dany/dragons are fire and the Others are ice, and these bookend AGOT. Wouldn't be surprised to see variations on this as that seems to be the case with other things. In rereading TWOIAF's Rhoynar sections, the roles of fire and ice/water are reversed in Valyrian slavers (fire) destroying the watery hippie wonderland of the Rhoynar. North of the Wall where it's icy, being kissed by fire is lucky. In a hot place, anything cold is valued. Rather than absolutist views of fire and ice being bad, or good (both fire and ice can burn), I think the problem is imbalances and extremes. One of the most prominent places we see this is in the erratic seasons.
  19. D2procon

    Episode 2 preview

    Now that I think about it, I wonder if Umber Boy's scream was a message to send to the white walkers
  20. D2procon

    The white walkers want Jon Snow alive???

    Seriously??? Start at 1:50. Clearly all the white walker had to do was walk up to him and stab him in the back or just swing at him. But he pulled him away????? - Skip to 2:20. HE breaks Jon snow's sword and then hits him with the back of his weapon
  21. SansaJonRule

    Cersei using Euron as a cover?

    I think that is a very good assessment of the situation and I tend to agree, based on the way it played out.
  22. SansaJonRule

    The Night King and King's Landing

    Yeah, they keep drawing attention to the dagger, aside from the fact that it was LF's and used to by the would be assassin to kill Bran.
  23. SansaJonRule

    The Night King and King's Landing

    I don't think so. The picture is hard to see, but I paused it and I was able to out the word dragonglass next to the tip of the weapon. It is in 2 pieces, so it could be very well be a projectile of some sort.
  24. SansaJonRule

    Cersei using Euron as a cover?

    If she's actually pregnant. Oh, I believe she believes she is, but it could be a phantom pregnancy or early menopause onset.
  25. SansaJonRule

    Dorne? Highgarden? Riverlands?

    Oh yeah, I remember now. And I just watched the whole series for like the 4th time a few months ago so I would remember stuff like that. A lot of good it did!
  26. SansaJonRule

    Remorseful Jaime, Unrepentant Dany

    I'm not crazy about Targaryens in general. They are a mixed bag. Maybe if they quit with the incest that makes them go crazy.
  27. Tywin Tytosson

    The Night King and King's Landing

    Firing arrows (or bolts) tipped with Checkov's dragonglass arrowheads that were made by a pretty good smith.
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