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  2. I'm relieved it's over, really. This season was a clusterfuck.
  3. Never before have i seen a tv series deteriorate so much. Every season was a little bit worse until this horrible and ridiculous finale. Everyone has mentioned the numerous plot and logic holes, i just want to say that the writers had a solid 5 books to work with and knew the key ending storylines and all they could produce was this joke and parody. Its a disgrace for he books, for the asoiaf universe and for the fans. I wont ever again hear, read or watch anything about game of thrones. I only hope martin gives us the last two books, to make us feel good again about ASOIAF. If not (for whatever reason) it would be tragic
  4. drawkcabi

    Heard about this Game of Chairs...

    I am very satisfied with how it ended.
  5. The Red Waste

    The Ending Was very conventional

    Exactly 21 hours ago, C.T. Phipps said: Short version: * Creepy, crippled nerd King instead of the obvious, popular options. * Revolution for the people fails * Victims reject their salvation and war heroes do nothing heroic. * Political unity begins to disolve * Rejected outsider's ending is to uphold the traditionalist system
  6. Ser Drewy

    GRRM's (Brief) Thoughts on the Final Episode

    Some endpoints may be the same, but the journey and context will be radically different. Sansa ruling the North might come to pass. But King Bran's smallcouncil is absurd as is the whole election thing. Jon having to kill Dany would reflect the Azor Ahai prophecy where he has to kill Nissa Nissa, his wife, so I could see this being in there somewhere. It actually has some connection to Martin's short story In the Lost Lands, where Grey Alys must slay a man-werewolf she falls in love with. I feel that likely Dany may have to sacrifice herself, or be sacrificed, to help defeat the Others, who I strongly suspect will be a greater and more prolonged threat in the books. There'll be no east out with the Night King, I suspect if there is a way to stop them in totality, it'll reflect Tolkien more: in LOTR dropping the ring into the fires of Orodruin is no easy feat, it is a long arduous journey, that injures Frodo several times, and which he ultimately fails. Frodo is psychologically traumatized by his task; Show Arya is just BADASS and fine: all those murders, cruelty and what not are just fine, apparently. In any case, I imagine they'll make it down to the Harrenhal-area at least, with King's Landing having already been destroyed, or badly damaged up, in the war with Aegon and Dany. Cersei and Jaime will die, but I suspect Cersei at Jaime's hands.
  7. Bittersweet Distractor

    Elimination Game #??: Who Comes Out of GOT S.8 the Best

  8. Bittersweet Distractor

    TTTNE 475 - for the Honour of Greyskull!

    Yes it certainly will be an adventure for them both, I think my gran will be teaching Mini Sith some basics in the garden as she loves gardening and hopefully the weather will be nice!.
  9. I saw an interesting comment on YT which basically said that even Cersei on a dragon may not torch innocents for no particular reason. Since she was more about inflicting pain on her ‘enemies’, they highlighted that a Cersei on a dragon would just go after Daenerys. Is there any truth to this?
  10. Thinking back over the show... in particular the last few seasons, I thought the writing was often really juvenile with a strong taste for meme-ing up characters, relying on swear words and repetitive jokes (Tyrion drinks, Varys is a ennuch, Jon's 5'7"). Everything that was layered and subtle about the books, the well-thoughout plots and characters dealing with political situations alongside their inner turmoils, everything that had that undercurrent of romanticism and mysticism, was excised in favour of banal grimdark. It was depressing to watch at times, and became hilariously attached to 'shock' and sudden deaths that often made no contextual sense (Roose, Doran, Littlefinger). Established world building, such as kinslaying being a major crime, was dropped for convenience and characters suddenly did 180s on their established natures for Plot. It felt like they took the most base interpretation of the books and ran with it. Shock and gore and nihilistic cruelty, with some empty spectacle tossed in. By the end, there was no heart. The characters felt inconsistent and flat. The plot full of holes. The strengths of those stories were excised in the translation. And now it's over... thank god.
  11. Unfortunately there was a bit of a mix-up of The Windscale Incident. Paul agreed to write a series of novellas for an upcoming video game and they publicised it as a novel. They're straightening that out. The game seems to have been delayed as well, so the timescale for anything appearing related to that project is currently up in the air.
  12. Haus Berlin

    Why was Bran looking for Drogon?

    Dear @Cas Stark and @Kyll.Ing., that was exactly my thought when they stated that the dragon was seen flying east. It might carry eggs and bring Deanerys to a Red Priest so that she can be resurrected. Together with Jon as an undead king in the North I don't feel like we got a sweet ending but a very troubling one.
  13. All of this. Also, WTF with the Nazi symbolism in Dany's speech (acclaimed only by evil dark skinned foreigners, of course). D&D crossed a line there. Also in their effort to kill Dany's character they also killed the Starks', who now come across as assholes.
  14. There was no retcon at all. Everything was there from the point that she burned Mirri Maz Duur alive. Remember that Mirri Maz Duur thought that she was pre-emptively saving the world from death and destruction at the hands of Dany's child. In her mind, she believed that an evil act was necessary to make the world a better place. And as fans, most cheered Dany for taking her revenge. It's been the same at every point. Nothing Dany did in the past 7 seasons has had to be re-interpreted to fit with the ending so there's not retcon. On the other hand, I agree that the full on descent to city-slaughtering mad queen was too quick. Sadly, I think that die was cast when they decided to end the series in 13 episodes rather than 20. Even though some of them were feature-length, the pacing that exists when a season was strung out for 10 weeks felt better. It gave time for viewers to absorb plot points. And in the end, I don't think anyone is pleased that she's dead, it's a tragic death. Even Tyrion understands that. Both he and Jon are unsure if they've done the right thing and it's good that the show was equivocal about that. There's no sense that Westeros is going to be a better place now that the wars of ice and fire are over.
  15. Buckwheat

    Heard about this Game of Chairs...

    I mean, they sure look like they are having fun.
  16. Arguably they got the happiest endings. They both got what they wanted when they were little. I understand Arya had her struggles throughout the series but I think they were the lightest of all the characters.
  17. Several real world kingdoms elected and invited someone to be their king who was related to an already long established royal family of other kingdoms and ultimately became hereditary. Belgium chose a German Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha as King Leopold I, the first King of the Belgians. And that family actually managed to marry into a lot of European royal lines, a type of pre-cursor to establishing kingdoms that were more or less at peace, once empires imploded and before some tried to be an empire again. Seems to me that the Starks in the finale sort of take after that family (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha), which sortof make sense if you end up with Dany being like Robespierre and Napoleon Bonaparte in one, while Aegon the Conquerer was more like the Spanish emperor Charles I. Even though you lack a renaissance and middle class formation in Westeros. That said, I do agree that neither Dorne nor IB ever have shown themselves to rationally prefer being part of the 6 kingdoms, but instead preferred independence. And for both cultural and religious reasons respectively it makes sense. I think the real issue for them is that are far more dependent on food supply from the rest of Westeros, with Dorne being a desert and the Iron Islands barren, nor are they anywhere near the size of the North. And that scene was quite ridiculous.
  18. BigFatCoward

    UK Politics: Awaiting MV3

    That's not entirely true, we do have some discretion, though i'd imagine we would absolutely have to prosecute such a high profile attack, no matter how funny. If you milkshake Farage and are arrested, they will only prosecute if frog face agrees to assist, which will mean going to court and giving evidence (do not admit it in interview). If everyone milkshakes him then he faces the option of not going to court, or going to multiple courts all around the country (make sure you are not on camera, or witnessed by a police officer when you do it though, otherwise they could get you for a public order offence rather than offences against the person, and that wouldn't require a court attendance necessarily).
  19. That speech was spot on. I hated Dany's character throughout the show and was concerned she was always going to be the character that does as she pleases with no repercussions following the birth of the dragons.
  20. The thread title has SPOILERS on it.
  21. Rorshach

    Heard about this Game of Chairs...

    Nah. Chairs are generally too comfy.
  22. I know I’m probably asking for it in this thread, but can we spoiler tag GoT stuff please?
  23. But, this assumes that the takeaway is that we should have questioned Dany's use of violence, and only hers. I think that if we are to follow Tyrion's advice, we should question not only Dany's arc but every single act of violence in the show that we ever felt the urge to accept or cheer. We should question accepting Ned beheading that "traitor" in the first episode. We should question killing Jeoffrey. We should question killing Ramsey. We should question killing the Freys. We should question Arya killing that man who tried to buy an under-aged whore. We should question Tyrion killing his father and lover and threatening that if he could, he would have killed everyone present at the trial. Everything. All of it. We should have looked back and asked: Did these acts of violence in the end make the characters so insensitive to power that they turned into monsters? And in all other cases, the answer is no. In every single other case, the dealer of violence either was mad to begin with, or they stayed sane. Now if what Tyrion describes really was the moral of the story, we should have seen evidence of it everywhere. We should have seen people breaking under the burden of the violence they committed. But in the end, Dany was the only one to carry this theme. The only one out of how big a cast...? No - you can say that isolated perhaps that there was some sense to be made from Dany's story, and you could be generous about how much information you think it is fair that the show provided about her character before her fall. But, even if you accept that this is the moral of her story, it in no way fits in with the rest of the GOT world as a whole.
  24. I'm on board with that. But, turning that hero into the devil in next to no time, simply so everyone else can be pleased that she's dead, and then retconning her previous actions which were largely portrayed as good as being bad is rotten writing.
  25. King Roberts beard

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    Drogon kinda forgot he was carrying Dany and dropped her in the sea on his way to Valaryia.
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