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  2. Brad Stark

    Heresy 217 Dreams and Dust

    I think we are dealing with 3 different things entirely. 1) Sacrifice, such as the faceless men, where the value received is based on the value of the thing given up to the person giving it up. Killing another person you don't otherwise don't value isn't much of a sacrifice by this definition. Sacrifice doesn't need to involve a person or living thing at all, material possessions can be sacrificed. 2) Genetics. The Targaryens have prophetic dreams, silver/gold hair, blue/purple eyes, and are obeyed by dragons. The less Targaryen blood the less chance of inheriting these, and whether you are a know bastard, unknown bastard or heir or second son doesn't matter. 3) Right of inheritance. This goes both for claims to a throne or titles, as well as possibly the Stark's direwolves. How much or how little actual genetic material is passed down is irrelevant. We don't know for certain about the wolves, but I suspect at least some of the Stark children are not naturally Wargs, but their wolves have the warging ability, and the wolves were gifts to the descendants of the Warg King. This also goes for fate (or GRRM writing characters a certain way), such as Brienne, following a certain arc because she is a descendant of Dunk. As far as 2) - my theory has always been there are only 2 magic bloodlines, Ice and Fire, and they were created in Asshai in an event that threw off the seasons. The Baratheon blood is significant for carrying both strength and dark hair - the Gardner blood, Arryn blood and blood of the other Houses, especially Great Houses, may be the same way. But this is no different from our world, where Tutsi are tall and Pygmies are short and no magic is involved. An exception might be those with Blood of the Children of the Forest, such as the Ghost of High Heart. This isn't so much a magic bloodline as it is blood of a creature which is inherently magical (or at least appears magical by human standards).
  3. HungLikeHodor

    Battlefield Commands/Assignments

    Forgive me if someone mentioned this already, BUT there was one big, roaring omission from the battle plans!! They did not even mention the fact that the Night King has his own dragon! They made a point in episode 1 for Bran to tell Dany, but there has not been mention of it ever since. That should be your #1 concern. That tips the scale a bit because they don't necessarily know what will kill a wight dragon.
  4. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Why Brans plan can work

    Maybe it is Bran's last resort and hopes he will not have to do it but when all is about to be lost he is left with no choice but to endure the pain of being trapped in the NK's human body as he is turned into the NK for eternity.
  5. I didn't see that as a romantic sequence at all. I saw that sequence with that specific song playing as a nod to who dies. That song is about a girl dancing with ghosts of people she loved. Ghosts of people she loved. I think it was a direct nod that someone in each of the "couples" they showed while that song was playing is going to next next episode. If you notice the song ends and then they show Dany and Jon. Of course, I'm jaded and probably reading too much into it. The one couple I struggle with is Gilley, Little Sam, and Sam in bed. If I'm right and at least one person from each couple dies I am thinking it's Gilley in the crypts protecting lil Sam.
  6. Wik

    What end of the story will satisfy you

    How have you come to that final conclusion? Yes, its A Song of Ice and Fire, but why does the ice and fire need to go out for the story to end? Why wouldn't mankind being in peril and coming out of it, short a few hundred thousand souls, with fire and ice being the "hero" and re-igniting the future of Westeros?
  7. Exactly. It's certainly what I would do if I was the NK. Like what you said. KL has defenses prapred for Dany's living dragons. I highly doubt those scorpions would do much against undead viserion.
  8. dbunting

    Why Brans plan can work

    Biggest hole is that if that's the case why hasn't Bran already done it? He could have tapped into the wierwood wifi network and have done this last season and this season. Why would he wait for thousands more people to die?
  9. If Jon gets resurrected again it will be by the NK, not Mel.
  10. Triskele

    Jeopardy! A salute to Alex Trebek

    I jumped on board after hearing about it like so many others and started DVR'ing it every night and have seen the last few. It's mind-blowing, and it's hard to even envision how he could lose a contest. What's to stop him from winning $5 million? Surely not the normal rules of Jeopardy.
  11. dbunting

    Episode Titles

    Ep 4 A Dance of Dragons? The initial battle is over, Jon / Dany have to sort out their issues. Or something related to KL since at this point we wouldn't have seen it since Ep 1?
  12. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Dany’s denial

    They are still considered their own house. So unless there are no actual Targaryens left, they wouldn't inherit it. They would certainly have a strong claim but not as strong as any actual member of House Targaryen man or woman. Ex. Sansa would still inherit Winterfell over any Karstark unless that Karstark member had enough supporters in the North to press their claim.
  13. dbunting

    The Living Undead

    Yes, Jon was there all alone after his scuba diving trip and they swarmed him until Undead BenJen saved him.
  14. longest night

    Dany’s denial

    The Blackfyres are a legitimized branch. A legitimized bastard is no different than a true born. Jon being legitimized as example, would put him ahead of Bran and Rickon in succession. The Targaryen agnatic primogeniture puts any male descendants ahead of her, even if they were distant cousins and uncles.
  15. Syl of Syl

    Names for new Targaryens

    I don't see Jon or Dany picking traditional Targaryen names. Dany didn't know her parents at all. Her only connection to the Targaryens was through Viserys. We see how she named her kid by Drogo. She chose to honor her eldest brother about whom she had heard stories, but she chose a Dothraki sounding name. I don't know what that means for her future children but we could get more outside the box names. As for Jon, he has no idea of his Targaryen heritage. He's not going to suddenly grasp for Targaryen names for his kids. I don't see him losing his connection to the North if he were to find out he's actually a secret son of Rhaegar. He'll choose Northern names I should think - we'll have a Brandon Targaryen. Or maybe he'll name a son for Benjen. The thing is Aegon also seems like he was raised without strong connections to the Targaryen traditions and without knowing his father at all. We see that the last time an Aegon spent significant time away from home, he named his first son Duncan. So I think for Aegon, we're as likely to get a son named Rolly as one named Rhaegar.
  16. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    Dany’s denial

    Ehhhhh the Blackfyres are a bastard cadet branch and Dany is a trueborn member of House Targaryen so she would still be above them, but they would no doubt be right behind her.
  17. Who's to say the NK doesn't use his dragon(s) to fly across the narrow sea and do the same thing there?
  18. SansaJonRule

    Overlaps, Based on True Events, and Historical Fictions

    No, Isildur, his ancestor of 2,500 years, was the original ring holder. I was messing with you about Jon, I knew what you meant. Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth? Yes. It has an historical basis, but it is told in a story format with the intention of entertaining and what isn't known as fact is fictionalized. No, I do not think the presence of errors necessarily discounts a work as history. At the time it was written, it might have been accurate to the best of general knowledge, and then later discovered to have errors. But the intention was to be historically accurate without the addition of any fictional characters or events. It's purpose is to educate, not entertain. On the other hand, I can guarantee there have been works published as history, but are so knowingly biased (so as to change people's perception of a historical event, for instance) or in-adequately researched that they just need to be tossed. They contain history and a type of literature (Bible does anyway), but I think holy books are really in a classification all their own. What would you call textbooks? Journalistic writing?
  19. dbunting

    Who is Going to Die

    The whole show sucks and is just fan service. It's not like they needed a smith at Winterfell to help forge thousands of weapons that they were at that time mining dragon glass for. It's not like it was foreshadowed in the books and show, (King Bob) "you have a daughter, I have a son, let's join our houses"....(Arya) I could be your family, (Gendry)...I wouldn't be your family, you'd be m'lady... And yep, Clegane bowl would only happen because show fans want it. Oh wait, it comes from book foreshadowing, so it must be great then right? All of that IS GRRM's content with the exception of Davos getting Gendry to the North.
  20. Wik

    So Now We Know...

    I have trash short term memory but I didn't think they killed all the CotF in the previous seasons.... I hadn't considered a "council" type of ruling.....if for no other reason that there are some that CLEARLY have stronger claims to the throne. I had always assumed that post NK War would have Westeros in some similar setup, a king, several powerful houses with sub houses, but that there would be a serious trimming down. But I have always felt that Jon would be king at the end.... As time has passed it seems like the show has paralleled Bran and the 3ER with the NK but if Jon is supposed to be the hero and one that kills him, other than the "history of man" Bran is somehow less important...and I agree with a previous post.....people are so focused on Westeros they forget the world is march larger. All of the Free Cities are on the other side and they all have memories and history and books, regardless of what happens in Westeros, so that makes Bran and the 3ER even more anti climatic for me.
  21. Rhom

    Jeopardy! A salute to Alex Trebek

    He has learned to just double it every time it comes up and he always starts from the bottom of the board and works up. I love that he also hasn’t won as much as he could either. He makes his final Jeopardy wager to result in winnings that are numbers like his daughter’s birthday. Just absolutely crazy. I saw an interview with him where he is worried that his notoriety may hurt his ability to continue gambling as a career. He speculates that sports books won’t take his action now that they know him. Probably a valid point.
  22. Sansa gave up a lot to get the North Back, whether she knew what she was doing or not and Jon bent the knee and gave all of that away to a Despot who is obsessed with everyone submitting to her. One cannot blame Sansa for acting this way to Dany and to Jon for that matter. Theon is more of a brother to her at this point, nothing romance there. Very obvious they are keeping her and the hound apart when there is so much history with them Season one and Two. More is coming, dramatic moment, He will save her again in this battle or the one to come in King's Landing. One or the Other.
  23. OldGimletEye

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Ultimately, he loses. We can argue back and forth about what purpose it serves, but ultimately he's a goner.
  24. The Dragon Demands

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    It's not even that "Book Davos" disappeared...."TV Davos", distinct from book Davos, disappeared. From trying to write up coherent wiki articles on things like "TV Cersei" - there IS NO "TV Cersei", as a coherent fictional character. Otherwise we wouldn't also have TV-only viewers turning on the show. She randomly does stuff from one episode to the next to show off the actor. For a while, I thought it was that simple: "wow, Cersei can make a worried face" etc. And that is true, but it's a bit more than that...as we know from Bryan Cogman's repeated rants about The Faces on video. The nonsense Benioff filled his head with is that "We should try to write scenes with no dialogue to show off the actors, but they can convey all this "subtext" through their eyes and facial expressions". If you guys haven't seen my more recent video on the script reports that recently came out, please go over them: their scripts are filled with bizarre...paragraph long descriptions of the characters internal thought monologues. Much like a book. They're filled with book prose. Benioff never "learned" screenwriting, which he has no training or experience in. Instead his scripts are filled with this....beautifully written internal thought monologues. Which Cogman has repeatedly said "the actors can convey with their eyes!"....when it's...INFORMATIONAL CONTENT. So much from prior seasons I'm seeing in a new light now. It's not purely "camera lingers on Sophie Turner's face while she makes a sad face"....that it part of it, and the core of it, but the.....way they mentally process or rationalize this, is that the scripts actually have like a paragraph long description of "this is what Sansa is thinking now". Like a book. But this isn't a valid "ideology" - it's specifically why the first pilot failed. They forgot to mention in spoken dialogue that Cersei is Jaime's sister! It says it repeatedly in the scene descriptions. Because it's like writing a book to them. Thus a lot of scene which seemed to be lacking basic exposition....they felt this was conveyed through facial expressions. Which comes around to the core issue, though: "Wow, actors can emote with their faces!" - "So let's play favorites with the actors and randomly give ones we like more big emotive scenes!" Cogman just a few days ago gave a podcast with Vanity Fair, I'm going over it now, and he....he repeats ALL of that silly stuff he said in that writer's school video interview from Season 7! He....he quotes off Arya's internal monologue during her sex scene. Some even wondered if it was consensual sex (only a few, but given her age, they wondered how she got into it)…..and he's saying her thoughts are "this is me embracing being a woman, embracing life" or something like that - actually fine but....he's insisting, word for word, "I am capable of writing a scene in which the actors don't talk, and all of this paragraph-long 'subtext' is conveyed through the actor's eyes because they're so amazing". Vanity Fair's podcast hosts HAVE criticized the Sansa rape, and other stuff, in the past. Why the heck doesn't anyone challenge when Cogman says these absurdities in live interviews? Not even accusingly, just "uh, Bryan....I don't understand how the actor could convey that much specific info with just their facial expressions, please explain more". They're just too stunned. This isn't going to fade, the end result will be making a special wiki writeup page just gathering together all of their quotes on this to explain their...mentality, towards "writing": Cogman has laid it out very consistently. 1 - we're showing off the actors' nonverbal emoting 2 - We can convey a paragraph of informational "subtext" from the script through a look from the actor's face (directly stated this in as many words) my god...Emilia Clarke DOES NOT BLINK during her confrontation scene with Sansa in episode 2. It's FOUR MINUTES LONG. She never blinks. Wide-eyed, well-lit face, showing off Emilia Clarke emoting "messiah face" (even though there's actual dialogue in this) I'm still going over info.
  25. Anthony Pirtle

    Raising the dead

    Yeah, but most of them are either dust or dirt by now. It's only the last several hundred years they realistically have to worry about. ...not that this is a big consolation...
  26. I don't disagree with you regarding the value of education, but what does that have to do with my question? The vast majority of the people with college loans have already gotten the education that the loans paid for. If you wanted to help students, the only reasonable way forward in the US at this point is to force colleges to lower costs. There's a variety of ways to do this, but handing out more money is most certainly not one of them -- that's a large part of how we got into this high tuition mess in the first place.
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