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  2. The Bard of Banefort

    Tyrion and Sansa...

    Since the showrunners love Tyrion so much, I half-expected him to end up re-married to Sansa at the end as a "reward" for his awesomeness. Thank God they didn't reach for that fruit. I assume Sansa will get married and have children in order to secure the succession, but I think it will probably be to a northerner, as a way of solidifying herself as a northern queen, through and through. Assuming she has more than one child, though, I'm guessing she'll probably try to create alliances with the Six Kingdoms and the Iron Islands by means of betrothal. On a side note, I do wonder if there were ever plans to have Sansa give birth to Ramsay's child, which was scrapped after receiving such a negative reception from viewers. That seems to have been the case with Jon and Dany--all that foreshadowing about her conceiving a child in season seven, only for it to be abandoned (presumably to make Jon killing Daenerys more sympathetic)--so I'm curious if that was ever in the cards.
  3. Megorova

    Small Questions v. 10106

    @Ran Did George himself writes appendixes in ASOIAF books, or is it done by some else? Are there appendixes in all versions of the books (paper, in Apple Books/digital books, etc.), and are they the same in all versions, or in some formats there's no appendixes?
  4. Kaapstad


    Also depends on whether Sansa is capable of producing an heir. She tells Baelish, he brutalised the inside of her body and she never gets pregnant from Ramsay.
  5. Wolfbynature

    The "Val" Option, Jon´s alternative to the Iron Throne?

    A very good statement! But not because it is utterly right, but because it delivers so much to think of. First, I too think that Jon could save his mind of the harms involved with the type of ressuraction the red god offers. But, but he will be traumatized. Part of it is the loss of confidence that young people have like "nothing can harm me." Then to experience that everthing slipped out of his hands even when he thougt that everything runs fine. This must lead to a feeling of distrust und insecurity. And last not least, to experience a ressuraction, this alone must be hard. So I think he will come back different, but in an other way than Catelyn Stark/Lady Stoneheart. Maybe this affects the way he sees the world, including Val.
  6. Techmaester

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    It ended being presented like a bad soap opera, not the gritty realism we use to see in the show. A bunch of moral platitudes targeting modern viewers revulsion for violence which didn't represent how things would actually operate. Realism would have been Jon marrying Dany and starting a new empire. Realism would have been the north immediately giving Dany their loyalty after the long night. The destruction of KL would be irrelevant to everyone in power.
  7. Kaapstad

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    What did she do which showed you that she was going mad in Meereen? I genuinely can’t find a single example. Her breaking the wheel speech wasn’t madness. She was going to do it without resorting to violence.
  8. Zuzu Bolin

    Horses in Training

    There's a few GOT themed horses in training at the moment in the UK. I'll try and get a full list together. 1450 at Haydock today we have Barristan the Bold and Drogon in the line-up
  9. St Daga

    Heresy 222 vindication

    I have suspected that as a child, Euron was contacted and an attempt was made to train him in the same was as we see with Bran. But I think that might have been Bloodraven reaching out to Euron and then things went wrong, and Euron becomes almost a polar opposite or enemy to Bloodraven. This seems to be set up on the Shade of the Evening vs the Weirwood (paste), which are both linked to visions, but perhaps in a different way. This might turn out to be very far from correct, but it's still my running theory. So, I think currently in Bran, there is a tug of war between sides, although he doesn't realize it. I think we are seeing in Euron the monster that Bran has the potential to become. This might also be happening with Dany, the tug of war within!
  10. Bloodraven has a half-sister, who was also his lover - Shiera Seastar. She's one of characters present in ASOIAF. Now she's using an aliase - Quaithe. In the books the Three-Eyed Crow has nothing to do with the Weirwood, or green dreams, and it's not a title or a set of abilities that passes from one person to his/her successor (how it was depicted by D&D). In GRRM's version of ASOIAF's universe, the Three-Eyed Crow is what Shiera Seastar looks like in a spiritual realm (while Bran there looks like a boy with wolf's face, and a winged wolf; and Bloodraven looks like a heart tree (in Bran's coma-dream), and a man with thousands eyes, that Melisandre saw in her vision; and Jon looks like a winged beast and a blue flower - in Dany's visions from the House of the Undying, the third vision in a set slayer of lies, and the third vision in a bride of fire). The 3EC is Shiera, not Bloodraven. They are GRRM's parallel to Arturian wizard Merlin and his lovers - Morgana le Fay and water fairy Nimue (the Lady of the Lake that gave Excalibur-sword to King Arthur); Shiera is also a parallel to a deity from Irish legends - Morrigan the Queen of Phantoms, because, besides being the 3EC, Shiera is also a shadowbinder Quaithe, and shadows are phantoms; also Shiera is a parallel to Irish war goddess Badb Catha, from Old Irish translates as Battle Crow. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Morrígan https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Badb In Westeros there's House Morrigen, whose castle is called the Crow's Nest, and there's a crow on their banner. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/House_Morrigen House Morrigen is a clue, a nod towards goddess Morrigan (she had an ability to transform into a crow). In ASOIAF's universe Bloodraven and Shiera are also parallels to the Lion of Night and his wife the Maiden-made-of-Light from legends of Yi Ti; and a Sun-and-Stars husband and his wife the Moon from Dothraki legends; and the Night's King who was Lord Commander at Nightfort, and his lover Corpse Queen. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Lion_of_Night https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Maiden-Made-of-Light https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Night's_King https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Night's_King's_corpse_queen In ADWD Melisandre was using ruby bracelet, with stored in it magical illusion, to make Mance Rayder to look like Rattleshirt. In The Mystery Knight novel Shiera Seastar used moonstone brooch, to make Bloodraven to look like Ser Maynard Plumm. From the very beginning of that story, Maynard was actually Bloodraven in a shadow-glamour. In The Sworn Sword novel it was said (by Aegon V) that Shiera Seastar is a sorceress, and that she bathes in blood. She's still alive in 300 AC, even though she's approximately 115 years old, because making blood sacrifices, gives her nearly eternal youth, so she looks much younger than her actual age. Also, it was hinted in that book, that Shiera is a shadowbinder, and that she's able to prepare love potions. I doubt, that prior coming to the Children's cave, Bloodraven was a skinchanger, able to warg into birds, or any other creatures. Also it's highly likely, that it was Shiera Seastar, who lured Bloodraven to go beyond The Wall (like Corpse Queen did to the 13th Lord Commander), into that cave, and made him to eat a weirwood seed paste, so the Weirwood tree grew out of those seeds, from inside of Bloodravens body, and binded him with roots to that cave. It's a parallel to Merlin's death - he was lured in a cave by his lover Nimue, and she used magic to bind him to a tree, and left him there. So, my guess, is that, before Bloodraven came into that cave, and was "wedded to a tree" he had no magic abilities (prior the Children made Bran to eat a weirwood seed paste, they told him that it will wed him to a tree, so when Bran will wake up, the tree will be growing from inside of his body, thru his internal organs, muscles and bones, binding him with roots to that cave). Bloodraven was a very sucessful Master of Whispers, but only because he was assisted by Shiera Seastar, and she was a highly skilled sorceress, so she was using various forms of magic, to find out whatever she wanted. So, Bloodraven is the Brynden in the cave, and the Brynden in the cave is the Three-eyed Crow. Is it known, who wrote those appendixes? Because if it wasn't written by GRRM, then whoever else was writing them, made a mistake, by writing that Brynden is The Three-Eyed Crow. So that appendix is not an evidence. Furthermore, it seems to me, that those appendixes are written based on what characters in the books know. If Bran thinks that Brynden is the Three-Eyed Crow, then that's what got written in appendix. For example in appendix of AGOT it is written: "EDDARD STARK, Lord of Winterfell, Warden of the North, .... his bastard son, JON SNOW, a boy of fourteen," So, if Bloodraven is the Three-Eyed Crow, then Jon Snow is a son of Ned Stark. And we know that that's not true.
  11. A Horse Named Stranger

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    Nope. Football (or sports in general) is part of the entertainment industry. If you want to make comparissions compare it to a movie studio, and the players to actors if you will. The analogy works surprisingly well btw. As much as some nvestment banker in the City in his fifties likes to picture himself as star athelete who scores big wins for his team, the fact of the matter is, he still is a balding little man with a belly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88yuVTtjFTs What's the difference, right? No, idea why I had to think of that movie scene.
  12. Consigliere

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    Honestly I don't see how a salary cap alone would be a step in the right direction - just implementing a wage cap alone is a waste of time as the midlevel clubs will still be left in the dust when it comes to transfer fees, agent and other intermediary fees and signing bonuses. In order for midlevel clubs to at least compete on wages the cap would need to be around £130m to £150m (based on EPL wage bill estimates) - outside the top 6, Everton have the highest wage bill at £145m. Everyone else is below £120m. Realistically though, the big clubs + players and agents + players union would never allow the cap to be that low. At £200m or more only the top 10 wealthiest clubs in the world carry wage bills of that size or greater so the status quo remains. In fact clubs with very high wage bills would benefit even more. Barca for instance have an eye watering wage bill of £431m. If a cap of say £230m to £250m were to be put into place, they'd have an additional 180-200 million annually to add to a transfer budget, upgrading infrastructure and scouting networks or greasing the palms of agents and inflated signing bonuses to attract players.
  13. Wolfbynature

    ASoIaF and LotR commentary, comparison and parallels

    I again have to disagree. In LOTR it´s not grey against black. It is wite against black or light against darkness. That the actual fighting on the wite side is carried out by not so wite, more or less grey protagonists, is not so important. But light and darkness exists. They have substance, at least magical substance and are not depending on the perspective of someone. In ASOIAF there ist nothing like that. As I mentioned, even The Others could be considered good, depending on the perspective. And please, stay with LOTR. Otherwise, the thread grows uncontrollable.
  14. Hope they didn't pull a muscle with all this reaching.
  15. RFL

    Moral of each characters story?

    Astapor and the Children of the Forest: If you are going to create remarkable weapons you REALLY need to have a "self destruct" system installed that you control
  16. A compilation of memes mostly summing up stuff that was never adressed in the last season, and a couple others
  17. Cas Stark

    Moral of each characters story?

    Honor is dumb and gets you killed: Ned, Robb, Jon Revenge is sweet: Arya, Hound, Cersei People don't change their circumstances or selves: Jamie, Cersei, Jon, Dany, Arya Become like your enemy: Sansa, Dany Obsession is bad: Dany, Hound, Tywin, Cersei There is no justice: everyone Falling up works if you're already up there: Tyrion
  18. I don't think that is the intent. But we cannot argue that the signs that Dany would end up destroying King's Landing were never given us. At this point I am left wondering if it really SHOULD have surprised any of us Ignoring the concept of abuse and its role in perceived mental illness (the flip of a coin in regards to Targaryen's going mad) Dany grew up in a world where might makes right and she had a tremendous amount of might. She also grew up in a time were mercy was seen as a sign of weakness and her showing mercy had brought tremendously bad consequences - one could argue Drogo, the Stockholm Syndrome love of her life, died because of her mercy. Her negotiations that allowed the fighting pits created an attempt on her life. Meanwhile history, as it is remembered in Westeros, notes Aegon the conqueror brought in relative stability through conquest and destruction. The only thing that seems "out of place" is the entire breaking the wheel speech she gave which was supposed to show us how far her descent into madness had gone. In her world the destruction of Kings Landing was simply an effective means of showing Westeros what would happen if they did not rise up and support her.
  19. A Horse Named Stranger

    UK Politics: The End of May

    I bet you wish.
  20. Ultimately it comes down to belief in the person, to be an effective ruler and revolutionary you need to be convinced your actions are correct. I believe Danys actions were mostly correct and worth following(not to mention the other obvious reasons to follow her). Every form of government has the flaw that who ever is running it could be wrong. You could argue the lesser each persons power the more limited in scope their influence and thus averaging out across the population. But this isn't the case in the show, the peasants are still mostly irrelevant and power limited to a few. It also supposes the majority is right which is not always the case. By the way, she only stopped listening to counsel after it consistently failed her ending in their outright betrayal. So it's dishonest to say she won't consider input....
  21. Ser Scot A Ellison

    Rothfuss XV: Move along, nothing to see here

    That’s interesting. So, are you saying that Kote isn’t fully Kvothe hence he seems kinder and more grounded. More thoughtful about consequences and potential fallout?
  22. Apoplexy

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    And there are people who aren't abused, have power and don't misuse it (or do). Looking at a person's actions through the prism of their abuse reduces them to mere victims. We will look at everything in the show through modern eyes because the show is meant for a modern audience and not a medieval audience. And as for Jon being distraught about the destruction of KL, well yes. He killed Dany after seeing it. And people with power not caring about those that don't have power, it's not a surprise as it happens till date.
  23. The Marquis de Leech

    Scott Lynch's Thorn of Emberlain is Completed

    Lynch deserves special credit here for the fact that he's produced the work in the teeth of depression. I will be certainly buying it when it comes out. I hated Republic of Thieves. So many opportunities for real political shenanigans, gone to waste...
  24. RFL

    Moral of each characters story?

    The main character of the story, told from the POV of many characters, is the wheel itself. The moral: The wheel never fully stops turning.
  25. But isn't that the danger of what Tyrion warned about. The most dangerous people are those who are convinced they are correct. Self assurance of knowing what is best for everyone and incredible power are dangerous things. I think that is why, for instance, Brann was the worst possible choice. Not only is he incredibly self assured in his abilities apparently (and without evidence it seems) so is everyone else. Brann: We must destroy Dorne, root and stem, or war will overtake the seven kingdoms again. The small council: My Lord, Dorne is a large area and inaccessible. Even with our armies that would be nearly impossible Brann: I have found a way to raise an army of undead zombies AND I can control Drogon. We must destroy it The council: Wonderful. We are blessed to have you as our ruler. We made a great choice naming you king.
  26. CrypticWeirwood

    Moral of each characters story?

    The story of Walder Frey was really that of the Rat Cook, who because of the Red Wedding was guilty of violating guest right, the sacred laws of hospitality. The gods, angry with this terrible crime, turned him into a rat and forced him to eat his own young. If you look at how the Freys were portrayed visually, you'll see how much like rodents their faces were meant to appear. That's why this all happened.
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