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  2. Mikael

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    Ive also hurt my elbows (they were fatigued i guess) alternating hot and cold felt really good, but it didnt really help. Hope yours work out better because mine took months of rest to get better.
  3. Black Crow

    Heresy 222 vindication

    Confused?... Moi? Seriously though, I think that this is good example of what I was talking about. The Mummers ask what happens to cute little Bran in the end. GRRM tells them, but they have no idea how on earth he gets there...
  4. Aldarion

    Varys motives to return a Targarian to the Throne

    That is the books. fAegon doesn't exist in the show. As for why masquerade, remember that Viserys and Daenerys were still alive, and both would have better claim to the throne than a Blackfyre.
  5. I think we've stumbled on the main driver of Trumps trade wars.He's just trying to stop the universe being over run by goldfish. What a hero!!
  6. Ser Scot A Ellison

    Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn/The Heart of what was Lost/The Last King of Osten Ard

    We are definitely beyond the “introduction” phase that can take a while in William’s books.
  7. It_spelt_Magalhaes

    Independent North

    My mind just went to the actual, matter of fact gutter. Brings a whole new dimension to Master of Whispers: Silent but deadly.
  8. Mikael

    European Parliament Elections 2019

    Voted green, had a hard time deciding because i wanted to vote further to the left. But the climate is our biggest challange so even though im very disappointed in them here in Sweden and dont support the "green tax reform" which basically means lowering taxes for the rich and spreading the cost on everyone, im hoping they will do better in the EU..
  9. It_spelt_Magalhaes

    Independent North

    Old gods, sux meanness, such brutality.
  10. Matthew.

    Heresy 222 vindication

    Yes, and I don't question that Dany ends as a villain (I don't even think its unlikely that she violently sacks King's Landing), I only wonder how her "madness," if it exists at all, is to be portrayed. For example, Rhaegar might not exhibit Aerys' emotional paranoia, but he abruptly decided he must become a warrior based on something he read in a scroll, and was speaking confidently to his wife about the idea that his son is the PtwP, and they need a third head--even in a world where magic and prophesy exist, this doesn't strike me as mentally healthy behavior. I'd always assumed Dany would be a 'villain' in the sense that she's going to become the Khal-of-Khals - a conqueror - but it may be that she was more profoundly impacted by her time in the Dothraki Sea, and the events that preceded it. Particularly, being burned again: Thereafter, as she wanders the Dothraki Sea, her behavior seems a little... off: Really, there's almost too much from that chapter to go over without just posting a wall of quotes, but taking all of the above, and especially the trend of her 'conversations' with Quaithe/Jorah/Viserys about embracing "Fire and Blood," she might already have begun to go mad in earnest.
  11. The Weirwoods Eyes

    New Zealand

    This is why I am glad I am a stay at home Mum. It has nothing to do with how much time I can spend with the kids or how clean I can manage to keep my house and is ALL about being able to spend two and a half days continuously reading when TWOW comes out.
  12. Areisius

    All who were vying for the Throne died

    Because he can see the fucking future.
  13. They called me Mr. Glass.. Muahahaha
  14. Raksha 2014

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 806?

    The episode gets a 7 from me. It was probably my favorite of this season, which isn't saying all that much; since the season as a whole disappointed me. I loved the cinematography and the performances of Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke, and Kit Harington. Drogon didn't die; and Jon was reunited with Ghost and embraced both his wolf and the North. Arya pursues the adventures she's always craved, under a Stark-bannered ship. Sansa will rule an independent North. Bran says a few words; and I'm glad Tyrion isn't dead. Pod and Brienne survived. But there are sooo many plotholes! The Council/Kingsmoot was a joke. Since it's implied that at least a few weeks have passed since Daenerys' death, there was surely time to summon more lords to the table. There still should be some more noble houses left standing. A Council consisting of: Bran Stark the weird teenaged wizard, Arya Stark, his Night King-slaying sister, Sansa Stark, Lady of Winterfell, Robin Arryn who is Sansa's first cousin and Robin's minder Regent Whasisname Royce, Gendry the upjumped Bastard of Flea Bottom new Lord Baratheon who is definitely a Stark loyalist, Edmure Tully who's finally been released from a Frey or Lannister dungeon and who is the young Starks' uncle, plus a quiet Dornish prince, Yara Greyjoy and Tyrion Lannister who's just been let out of jail - this Council is mostly composed of Starks and their friends and relatives, with Yara the only dissenting voice. I don't count Grey Worm as a member of the Council; he's a foreign invader there by virtue of his army and the fact that he apparently has the key to Jon Snow's cell. How is this Council's ruling, that a crippled teenaged wizard who hardly ever talks would make a suitable King of Westeros, going to stand? What armies are going to enforce it when various nobles start to rebel? Grey Worm is taking the Unsullied to Naath; there are no more Lannister or Highgarden troops of which we know. Is Robin Arryn going to hang around King's Landing with the Vale-Knights for awhile and help out Cousin Bran? Where did the Dothraki go? Are they merrily pillaging other parts of Westeros, or have they shipped out back to Essos? As for the rule of the Six Kingdoms: How is this new ruling Council going to fund their projects, especially, I assume, the rebuilding of King's Landing? There's no more Lannister Gold, the Crown was in debt to the Iron Bank, Didn't the Lannisters take all of Highgarden's wealth/supplies? Is it still Winter in the South of Westeros at the end? And who's ruling the Twins? Why would any remaining nobles in the Six Kingdoms trust Tyrion, the Kinslaying Imp who was convicted of his nephew's murder and who returned to Westeros with the invading Dragon Queen, to be the Hand of this weird Stark boy? And the ambiguity of the final scene was odd - is Jon Snow condemned to the Night's Watch or is he 'paroled' to the Free Folk as the Night's Watch's representative? Are there more than two other guys in the Night's Watch now? Presumably, the books' ending (if it is ever published) will flesh out these details a bit more. I personally think that with over a year to prepare for this last season, and HBO's apparent go-ahead on more episodes, we could have had a bit more texture and less sloppy-shocky plotting in both Season 8 and the series' final episode.
  15. Raja

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    Not sure if this has been linked here before, but a bit of an inside look at Liverpool's data analysis team - I think the article oversells it a bit, but still a decent read How data ( and some breathtaking soccer) brought Liverpool to the cusp of glory
  16. I completely disagree with OP: 1 Dany never knew about Jon until she came to Westeros and 2 after she met him she didn't know they were related until Jon told her. She was on a mission to claim the IT and he was not so there is none of this "she is trying to steal Jon's right to the throne" nonsense. Oh, and the history of the Targayens as far as who sit on the throne was one of who had the most power (Dany) and fighting among themselves for the throne.
  17. Lion of the West

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    Could well be. I don't think its an impossibility. But I think that after Tommen departs the Iron Throne no man will sit on it until "Bran", which can be argued if its a "he" or an "it" I suppose, takes it. But anyway I think that Cersei will indeed make it to the last and be the one to burn in King's Landing. What I think about Aegon's plotline is that he will march into the Reach next to gather various allies, like the Hightowers and probably the Tarlys (I think that Tarly will do to the Tyrells what Bolton did to Stark, they've both got a red man on their coat of arms and I think that means something) before he turns towards the capital, and is destroyed by Danaerys. Instead of the Lannister army with the food getting destroyed, it will be Aegon that has his dreams shattered by dragon fire. I could of course be wrong and the presence of the Golden Company at King's Landing in the end hints that its Aegon who holds the city, yet somehow I think that Cersei will make it to the end, and she will never give up the throne or capital while there's life in her.
  18. He took another one of the Maker's swords off Waerdinur in Red Country.
  19. The Weirwoods Eyes

    Gendry King's Landing King

    I'm pretty sure they don't. I certainly don't.
  20. I think ADOS is season 7 and 8. Winds covers Dany and the dothrkai, Battle of Mereen, Stannis, Jon resurrection and possibly retake North. Sansa in the Vale. Honestly I don’t know how he intends to do it in two books. We’re incredibly far from the endgame and I would have thought he would need at least a whole novel for the endgame. I don’t know how he intends to sell the Jon/Dany love story in one novel.
  21. CrypticWeirwood

    Independent North

    Exactly! Allbran may help to regulate various messy alimentary matters best left unmentioned and unsmelt. Who among us could on our own ever have dreamt up the unlikely team-up of Arya the serial killer with Bran the cereal killer? Genius, Mr Martin, sheer genius.
  22. The Weirwoods Eyes

    Who is the great other?

    No many readers have not. And GRRM already told the person who made that theory No. He asked him at a dinner at Balticon a few years ago and was directly told no.
  23. as usually is with bad writing, nothing is clear but that would have made an interesting ending if they actually went with that plot twist, clearly turning Sansa and Bran into the bad guys with Jon only realizing he was manipulated at the end I don't know if it's just Kit Harington's bad acting combined with the writing, but idk what they were trying to convey if anything at all
  24. WeDoNotKneel_HailMance

    How would you have ended it?

    Agreed. S7 was extremely problematic, so re-writing the last 2 episodes can only go so far. IMO nearly all of S7 was a waste of time. Winterfell did the pointless meddling kids catch Baelish thing when they could've used this time for Bran+Sam to learn/tell us lore, background, motivations of NK/WW. And Dany should've been able to easily take KL & IT at beginning of S7. Then you could've had her character go down her dark path for 2 full seasons, in S7 she takes over major houses from all kingdoms and conquers with fire and blood (this would advance her dark path while also tying up loose ends w/ major houses). Then you'd have S8 be all about WW and Dany being ruthless and ruling/succession/future. Show Jon & Tyrion & Sansa struggling re: Dany because they know she's turning to darkness & death, but they also need her to defeat WW. To me, if you'd set this all up, then you could go 20 different ways with the ending that could be satisfying...Dany rules ruthlessly, or Jon kills Dany after WW defeat, or Bran is King because he defeated NK, or Jon gets elected by a great council, or any of these other ideas on here (all of which seem better than the ending we got).
  25. Which Tyler

    UK Politics: The End of May

    Not really, different cou tries have always voted on different days. Is it "telling" that the Netherlands votednin Thursday too?
  26. Iskaral Pust

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    Tuchel got a (surprise?) contract extension from PSG.
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