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  2. Werthead

    Avengers Endgame- SPOILERS

    In Winter Soldier, Peggy says in 1953 that it's thanks to Captain America that she ended up with her husband...who of course we know now is Captain America (I think I predicted this a long time ago). I have a strong suspicion the Russo Brothers knew that was going down back then. On that basis, I don't think Cap returned to Peggy in 1945, but returned to her before 1953, but after Agent Carter and maybe after SHIELD's founding in 1949. Sorry, Sousa. Maybe there's a story there about how he ended up as a cop in 2012 New York? (cough) I mean, they did otherwise actually canonise Agent Carter by - for the first time ever - using one of the TV actors reprising a TV-only role in a Marvel film. The Netflix shows and Agents of SHIELD can feel a bit pissed off being left out, though. Oh yeah, what's the significance of the after-the-credits sound effect of something being forged? That was weird but felt familiar.
  3. umm, I don't know about that. They really seem to struggle in finding the net, no matter their opponent. Even when a player gets behind the defense, he either receives a bad pass, or fails to do something of worth with the ball. And Hazard will likely have the opportunity to shred the United defense a couple of times, at least.
  4. jthurman14

    What if the Mad Mouse is actually Howland Reed?

    Excuse me? Don't accuse me of making shit up when it is in the text. She sided against her sister, when it was clearly Joff in the wrong and she knew it. Are you contending she did nothing wrong by saying nothing? You want to split hairs go for it, but a lie of omission is still a lie imo.
  5. Greenmonsterff

    Undead Viserion

    Ice and fire is literally Viserion.
  6. Tywin et al.

    US Politics: It’s Not A Crime If Your Feelings Got Hurt

    The emails had to do it because the mastermind of the plan suddenly had crippling bone spurs.
  7. SuperMario

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    He'll be the size he was in S1 E1 by the end of this season.
  8. LadyBlackwater

    Who is Jon Snow?

    YES!! That's what I'm saying:) I really don't think Lyanna would name her son the same name. I am SO excited to see further down Jon Snows path!
  9. Tywin et al.

    NFL Offseason 2019: Gettleman Browns all over the Giants

    To be clear, I don’t think he’s as good of a prospect as the three guys you listed, but I do think he’s the best QB in this draft class. I don’t expect him to be elite at the next level, but I do think he can be Jameis Winston like without the interceptions. That’s worth a top five pick in my book if you don’t have a QB.
  10. sweetsunray

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Oh, I do... We're just using it to empahise the paradox: that it takes longer to take the shortest route apparently than take the long way around, especially when there is no actual way around, or there's an enormous sprawling army of dead guys that can move faster than a running wolf when the show-effects require it with Others scouting the lands and wights screeching the alarm if they come across someone warm blooded.
  11. john

    Going to Weddings

    Anyone ever seen any GoT homage at a wedding? If my brother in law ever gets married i’ll definitely get Raines of Castermere played. Other more extreme stuff springs to mind - cutting the uterus shaped cake? Wolves heads for the bridal party?
  12. I agree with most of what you wrote, but here I think you use the wrong test. What we are talking about is if the Starks can trust the Whents to keep her from contact with Rhaegar, not with which side of a future rebellion the House may fight, or even which side the House would ultimately side with in a possible conflict Aerys and Rhaegar. That Lord Walter is willing to play the role he did in bringing the tourney together for Rhaegar should make the Starks wary of leaving their daughter in Harrenhal under Lord Walter's protection. I see Rhaegar's naming of Lyanna as he Queen of Love and Beauty as a political move as well as a declaration of personal interest in Lyanna's fate. Rhaegar stands before the realm and proclaims through this action of honoring Lyanna that he places himself between Lyanna and the marriage to Robert. Brandon has to be restrained, not because he thinks the crown prince is a little too forward in his compliment of Lyanna, but because he is interfering in a marriage pact already pledged and negotiated by Lord Rickard and Robert. This has the potential of the breaking of the marriage pact of Prince Duncan with House Baratheon all over again. In fact, it turns out to be worse. So, when the Starks leave Harrenhal they have to be worried that their right to make such contracts and have them honored are being called into question by both Rhaegar, and by Aerys in the naming of Jaime to the Kingsguard. After all the first blow lands on House Tully and Lannister at the start of the tourney. With that as the background, I don't see how the Starks can take a chance on Lord Whent's loyalty to House Tully meaning he will choose the Stark interest in keeping Lyanna away from Rhaegar as paramount. After all, how would he turn away Rhaegar if he came visiting? Would he place Lyanna under lock and key for the duration of royal visit? And foremost, I take Brandon's reaction at Harrenhal as an indication he wouldn't allow his sister anywhere near Rhaegar or anyone who supports Rhaegar in any way. That, of course, doesn't mean Lyanna would willingly go along with what Brandon told her to do, but Brandon as the eldest and the heir would make the call in his father's absence.
  13. Dragon in the North

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I don’t think you know what a shortcut is.
  14. john

    MCUniverse: Cat Scratch Fever edition.

    Anyone seen, or going to, in 4D and if so what did that entail? Personally, I hate 3D in the first place, so I wouldn’t like it but I wonder what kind of effects they do (or is it always the same? I’ve never been to one). I’m going to a laser ultra showing, which afaik is a 2D showing in a room fitted out for 3D. They just have to get those extra bucks in opening week.
  15. Silly -- it was her emails ....
  16. Tywin et al.

    US Politics: It’s Not A Crime If Your Feelings Got Hurt

    And Ted Cruz’s dad was in on it!!! Lies! It was LBJ, Nixon, and the CIA!!! And Ted Cruz’s dad!
  17. Lady Fevre Dream

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    hehehehehehehehe, you're welcome!!
  18. Zorral

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Endgame

    Bosch, season 5 -- terrific. Glad there is already confirmation there will be a season 6. First episode of Gentleman Jack (HBO) -- loved it. But then the actor Suranne Jones I've always liked since Scott & Baily; also, of course the show runner, Sally Wainwright. Many familiar Brit tv faces. Peterloo, Mike Leigh's latest film. Painting the screen with human bodies this time, instead of sky and light as in Turner
  19. And incidentally effected one of castle-destroying waves. Quite some castles of France were destroyed or slighted actively on orders of Louis XIV or his governors. Others were allowed to fall into ruin because the lord could not afford both repairing the castle and living high at Versailles. And yet others were allowed to fall into ruin because the lord spent his money on building an indefensible baroque palace and garden instead. Agreed. Not really. Look at 17th century England. Yes, Cromwell did slighting of castles. But before that... Charles I before Great Rebellion ordered English gentry to go home and not stay in London and build houses in West End. The gentry disobeyed. They went to London because they wanted to - and could. Once the Tudors enforced law and order on England, a gentleman no longer needed to expand or maintain his ability to fight with his neighbours - he could just sue his neighbour in courts of London and rely on the government to enforce court judgments. It was cheaper than actual fighting ability. And the gentlemen who lived high life in London´s West End, Dublin, Bath, Brighton, Grand Tour to Riviera and Italy and relied on middle class status estate managers to remit pounds to owner who never showed up wanted it that way. Nor were they actually and directly involved in trade. Illyrio is called a cheesemonger, but are all, or most, magisters of Pentos such? In Flatlands, we hear of tillers and toilers bound to land - Illyrio owns some. How much of Pentosi magisters are people whose income comes mostly from absentee landowning in Flatlands?
  20. larrytheimp

    Going to Weddings

    Cannabis edibles, a hipflask, maybe a bullet and some nicotine gum and you are 100% set all the way through the dumb shit. And grandma will be impressed you came prepared.
  21. sweetsunray

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    OMG I just spouted my soda all over my laptop.
  22. Frances Bean Corbray

    What’s going to go down in the crypts?

    We'll get rampaging wolfhead zombie Robb because It Will Look Cool
  23. Maithanet

    NFL Offseason 2019: Gettleman Browns all over the Giants

    I expect NFL QB prospects to elevate their team, even if they're on a talented team like Ohio State. That is what I saw in guys like Watson and Mayfield and Tua. Haskins never really did that (at least in the 3-4 Ohio State games I saw of him). He looks to me like a good college qb who executed at the level of his teammates, and that sounds like a guy who is going to get swallowed up by NFL defenses.
  24. Lady Fevre Dream

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I do keep wondering if somehow........a last battle will wind up around the Trident, considering Dany's book dream and even the stupid promo teaser that seemed to have fire and ice meet there. But then I remember, that would require a lot of peeps, living and dead(?) trying to do the Moat Cailin bypass and go around, LOL That might even lead to some sort of transporter traffic jam.
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