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  2. Ilissa

    Unpopular Opinion: Support Daenerys

    "There never was a good war, or a bad peace." "A good conqueror cannot be a good person." "There is no good war even with a good leader." I think this is an overall anti-war message from Martin.
  3. Black Crow

    Heresy 221 and the Children of Winterfell

    Not convinced. Remember that this is Yandel talking. Pregnancy can be, and indeed has to be inferred, if Danaerys is to be recognised as Aerys' daughter since he never saw Rhaella again, but it doesn't follow that she was visibly pregnant and indeed given the red door rabbit hole it might even be worth considering whether she might not have been pregnant at all.
  4. felice

    WHEEL OF TIME tv show: Go on,tug my braid!

    Some varieties of feminist, perhaps, but I think they'd be a small minority these days, and certainly not the only "true" kind.
  5. Potsk

    Title of the last episode

    Season 1 Episode 10....
  6. MinscS2

    Unpopular Opinion: Support Daenerys

    What's the moral of the story if she dies? "Power corrupts"? "You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain"? "The road to hell is paved with good intentions"? "We are who we are born to be, and no agency can change that"? All seems kinda depressing and trope:y don't they?
  7. Johan Wehtje

    Foreshadowing is not character development

    The way this show went you have to laugh or cry. Here have a laugh:
  8. JagLover

    This is all Jon’s fault

    I think you have perhaps overstated the power level, Egwene for example would have been needing to hold the Choedan kal to destroy an entire city in one hit. Nynaeve was a lot stronger (on a level with some male forsaken from what I remember) but even she would have needed a decent Angreal to destroy a city the size of KL in one strike. They were also not bound by the oaths for most of the book series and just didn't kill lots of people most of the time because they were trying to avoid it (hardly a crime). I think the issue with WOT is that Robert Jordan didn't really know how to finish the story properly so we tread water with McGuffins and the girls are often off seeking them out. During this time Rand himself often doesn't have that much to do so he treads water just while not seeking out a McGuffin. Not that much materially different. Egwene and Aviendha take part in the battle of Cairhein as well, which is one of the last major battles before the plot goes into stasis. Yes you could say that the female characters are subordinate to Rand and often important due to their connection to him, but then so are all the male characters. He is the chosen one after all, the dragon riding again on the winds of time. That doesn't mean that say Egwene, is any less concerned with winning the final battle than he is. Nynaeve was one of my favourites as well but in terms of bitchiness I was talking more of all the countless scenes where large groups of women act like strange cats being brought together when they interact with one another. Nynaeve just had a bit of a temper on her.
  9. MinscS2

    Who's hyped for Episode 6 for unintended reasons?

    Guess that depends on your definition of Dany apologist: Is it someone who a) Dislikes how they portrayed her going all mass psycho-murderer in the spawn of one episode, right before she show ends or b) Someone who tries to justify her killing potentially hundreds of thousands of innocents? Because I'm most definitely a Dany apologist in the a)-sense. I won't defend what she did, but I most certainly think that her portrayal of going from "Mhysa, protector of the downtrodden" to "Queen of Ashes, slaughterer of the downtrodden" is very poorly written, forced, contrived and lacks proper buildup. Especially since it happened a mere 2 episodes after she had just helped the other characters on the show to save the world. To quote the sentence of the week: Foreshadowing is not character development.
  10. Paxter

    Aussie Thread: Democracy Sausage

    I guess I just don’t buy this “the pollsters are so wrong!” hysteria. The Coalition is going to have a majority by, at most, two seats. That’s not highly inconsistent with even money polling on a two party basis, plus a clear preference for Morrison as PM, as well as the late movement factor. A similar thing happened in the 2016 US election - most models I saw gave Trump a decent shot, but people were assuming the polls were grossly wrong just because they have Hillary the edge. ETA: I feel a bit sorry for Phelps. Gave it a red hot go in Wentworth but no cigar this time. Sharma seems like he would be a good MP anyway, but will be less influential than Phelps would have been as a key cross-bencher.
  11. Those are good points. The behaviour of her army suggests that most of her followers consider it entirely justified to murder, pillage, and burn their way through the city. She did what many medieval commanders would have done to a city that executed that commander's best friend, when called upon to surrender. But that, in turn, would make it hard to justify using the massacre as a pretext for killing her.
  12. AncalagonTheBlack

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Getting Sneaky

    Been binging The Rain S2 and Catch-22 (miniseries) since yesterday.Only breaks for food and the loo.
  13. Johan Wehtje

    Foreshadowing is not character development

    This is an important point. Many people who have said that this turn was foreshadowed by past examples of ruthlessness seem to forget that Dany has always used violence very deliberitavely. Whether killing Khals or executing the Tarlys or suspected harpies etc she has always been chillingly calm. In battle astride Drogon she is generally concentrating or exultant. Although brillinatly acted by Emilia Clark the crazy rage is something completely new. Micheal Walsh over at AV Club's mailbag of Thrones has a really good take: https://www.avclub.com/the-mailbag-of-thrones-answers-what-the-hell-just-happe-1834774885
  14. Lord_Ravenstone

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Nah. It's really obvious that the Last Hero is Brandon the Builder. Brandon pre-dates the Long Night while the Night's King comes into the story after the Wall goes up. He is at most a descendant of Brandon the Builder (potentially even his grandson). That's if the Night's King even existed at all. The one from the books. We're even getting a prequel Spinoff with Brandon the Builder as the protagonist.
  15. Peadar

    Second Quarter 2019 Reading

    I just finished the sequel too. I liked that even better, although I'd be amazed if you can still hack a linux system in exactly the same way twenty years from now The sequel is called No Way. After this, it's on to the Hugo Voter Packet with me...
  16. In terms of the paranoia and suspicion, as well as the Dance parallel, yes. But Rhaenyra also became (or was all along) very indecisive and was probably a coward as well. When the Dragonpit was attacked, she did nothing, when flying out on Syrax was the only thing that could have saved the Dragons. Yes, Syrax was downed by the mob in the end, but that was because being riderless the dragon was taking the wrong decisions attacking the mob with tooth and claw rather than breathing down fire from above. To me, her failing to do anything about the Dragons in the Dragonpit was the moment she should have effectively lost the war. It was just a strong sense of northern and riverlands honour that had the lads and Cregan continue the struggle on behalf of her son. If Aegon II had not been crippled and in constant pain, and just half-way competent he would not have been assasinated and should have held on with the support of the Baratheon and Hightower forces. Anyway, can't see Show. Dany watch dragons bring slaughtered when she has Drogon by her side. Of course, left to our venerable showrunners, she will fly from the Red Keep towards the Dragonpit on Rhaenys' hill, but in the next shot will be burning Baelor's Sept on Visenya's hill while the Dragonpit slaughter continues
  17. Ilissa

    Foreshadowing is not character development

    This is ruthlessness to the enemies. It has nothing to do with the mass murder of civilians.
  18. Vanadis

    Unpopular Opinion: Support Daenerys

    When it comes to Daenerys, I think she will die in the last episode. But I also think her story in the show cannot be reviewed without taking the writing in itself into account. Let's say that after Daenerys' descent into darkness and her following death, there were still three more seasons to go. Would these have been three seasons of peace and calm? No - we would see one after the other of the main characters become more and more cruel. Why? Because the plot would have demanded it. And because it has been foreshadowed. Arya - the killing of the Freys with no regard whether one among them was innocent. Sansa - the killing of Ramsey by torture, and a clear sign of joy when completing the deed. Tyrion - threatening everyone during his trial. His tendency to anger. Bran - the same emotionless stare that Dany has. Three more seasons, and the power he has aquired would have become too much for him. Tormund - give him a season and watch him go back to his wildling ways... Davos and Brienne - they have been portrayed as overall good people, but if the show continued sooner or later they would be faced with a dark choice by their lieges. My point is, foreshadowing is nothing. If the showrunners told the story in this particular way in order for Dany's burning of King's Landing not only to be a justification to kill her off, but also to turn the shock meter to the highest setting, then there's a certain randomness to it that in the end really doesn't tell about her character at all. Given this randomness, she might never attack anyone again. Because the only reason for doing evil acts in this season is because the plot demands it, and who knows what the plot would have demanded had it continued another season or two. Because no matter who tidies up the place after Daenerys has been removed, they can turn as evil as her in the blink of the eye, because that too has been foreshadowed, and the only reason they don't will be that there are no more episodes left to tell that story. Edit: How could I forget dear Jon? Coming back from the dead. How is that not a foreshadowing that he brought something evil with him. Killing Olly and the traitors who just wanted to stop Jon from bringing wildlings into the realm, barbarians who in their mind would bring a lot of destruction with them. Naturally Jon had to kill his brothers or risk being killed, but that is precisely the dilemma of any ruler. Jon is certainly no better, so I consider this a foreshadowing of him turning evil if his story continues past this season. (And foreshadowing does in no way mean that this is something that is likely to happen. Foreshadowing means that if the character goes against their core values for no apparent reason, we can point to that moment in time and say, "but he did this... we should always have known he would turn evil!")
  19. Lord of Rhinos

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    You'll remember that my first comment was questioning whether the op-ed writer was stupid or just dishonest.
  20. Springwatch

    So how/will that go down in the books?

    The books will more Song of Ice and Fire - we can get to see gods and destiny and elemental forces, all that. It will be easy to show what drives the main characters; it could be something like this: Dany drinks too deep from the cup of fire - too many wars, too much blood, too many dragons - and finally her god reaches her. She becomes full-on AA, the puppet of Rhllor, his fiery hand. Not mad, but possessed. Not plot-armoured, but protected. Something similar with a Stark or two, and problem solved: we have our grand finale, with both the human-heart-in-conflict-with itself, and the ultimate ice/fire showdown. (Nearly everybody dies. Jon and Arya save the day. )
  21. Ilissa

    Unpopular Opinion: Support Daenerys

    I don't think this is such a big problem. Dany is very young and her reign could last for many decades. Over the years you can find the right person as heir. It would have been a good bittersweet ending: Jon and Dany were married, the Golden Era had begun, but we knew that they would have no heirs. But now all this is not important. All this has become impossible after the bells and the dragonfire.
  22. Today
  23. As a kid/teenager I must have read all Sherlock Holmes, a few Father Brown, most of Agatha Christie's and lots of Edgar Wallace. A few months ago I found a bunch of AC and first thought, I would not care for them anymore. I read a handful and was mostly pleasantly surprised. Several were actually new to me or I had completely forgotten them, so I didn't know the solution. (I remembered one main twist of the ABC murders, but not the whole thing). Sure, some things are conceited but overall they hold up well. I admit that I also like the glimpses into the rather different society of the 1930s-50s. Then I did not read much of the genre for years before I somehow got back around the age of 30 and read all of Sayers, quite few others "golden age" (without any completeness) Charlie Chan, Dickson Carr, Ellery Queen, Ngaio March, etc. Sayers are much more than mysteries, of course, sometimes a bit much. Also the 10 Sjöwall/Wahlöö (Martin Beck) which are a mixed bag and heavy-handed politically sometimes (both were dedicated Euro commies) but they are the founding series of the "Scandinavian mystery" and worth a try (cannot remember which one's are the best, certainly not the first one but maybe one has to start at the beginning). Another European classic that is worthwhile but mixed (I liked the first one that is somewhat untypical best) is the Grijpstra/De Gier series by Janwillem van de Weetering. I guess both Sjöwall/Wahlöö and van de Weetering are very "1970s" at their core which might spark more interest or repulse some people (actually, half of the Sjöwall/Wahlöö are still 60s). - Of Donna Leon's I read a handful or so of the earlier ones and even then I had the impression that they always centered around very similar themes. Not a fan. - The Cormoran Strike series is not very good, IMO. I don't think it would have got of the ground without Rowling's name. I read the first three because my sister gets them anyway, so I can borrow them. - Fred Vargas. This was highly recommended to me by my brother and it's worth a try because it contains brilliance without a doubt. But I quit after about three, though because I found them a bit too implausible, extremely "constructed" and I also don't like the characters (that are supposed to be excentric and likeable, I guess). Anyway, I will mention a few that are special favs of mine or some that I consider classics have not been mentioned at all so far. - Judge Dee: This is the only historical series I read and while I have not re-read any since I read them ca. 2005-7 I absolutely loved them. And all I know about Medieval China I learned there, highly recommended. - Rex Stout, i.e. Nero Wolfe and Archie (I read only one of his others which is also quite good, basically a single sidequel with a "female dick" (i.e. woman detective)). Sure, there are a few weaker ones but if one loves the general style, the mystery is not even that important - Friedrich Glauser: Sergeant (Wachtmeister) Studer. Glauser was a somewhat tragic figure, a brilliant drug addict. This is unusual because a) the main detective is an elderly officer of low rank and b) 1930s rural Switzerland is rather different from the typical "classic" (or most modern, although by now everything has been explored as crime mystery setting). It's only 4? novels, though - Leo Malet: Nestor Burma. (about two dozen, I have not read all) This is Paris in the 1940s/50s, basically Marlowe or Spade in France. Atmospheric, noir, and quite different from the usual fare, I'd say, although it's been a while I read them, so I cannot be more specific. I see "The Moonstone" has been mentioned already, so I'll add two more unsual ones: E.T.A. Hoffmann Mademoiselle de Scuderi (1820) which must be one of the first mysteries in the history of literature (and it is also historical, taking place during the reign of Louis XIV.). And Leo Perutz The master of the day of judgment (1921) a brilliant piece (although it pivots around one main twist, so not great for re-reading) taking place in pre-WW I Vienna.
  24. PrinceHenryris

    Boltons vs Manderlys'

    Manderly has the money, men, ships and trade. The Boltons have the Dredfort. Apparently, it took a two year siege for the Starks to take the Dredfort the last time the Boltons rebelled. I don't know if the Manderly fortifications are as strong. If it were one on one, I'd go with Manderly. They can resupply by sea, hire sellswords and are generally better equipped. Depending on who picks up more allies, it can go either way.
  25. DMC

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    Well then it seems an entirely farcical way to present evidence then, or at best just wholly incompetent.
  26. Ilissa

    Unpopular Opinion: Support Daenerys

    Daenerys is one of my favorite characters. But I think she must die. Otherwise, what will be the moral of this story? The best way to get power is to shed as much blood as possible? I don't think Martin wants to tell us that.
  27. T and A

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    To adapt something you need the adapting material. That is basic logic. If someone doesn't get that GRRM has fucked it really up, by letting people adapt his books before he was finished, then those people should actually be able to enjoy Season 8, because they seem to lack any logic or intelligence whatsoever.
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