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  2. Megorova

    Faceless Men and Iron Bank

    I found a picture of iron coin in the World Book, and it has a different symbol on it. Though two elements from which that symbol is made, are also interlocked with each other, forming a shared area inbetween. That other symbol with triangles is from The thing that should not be mentioned. Absolutely impossible. From the sea-side Braavos is protected by a mountain-wall 200 feet high. The only passage thru that wall is undernear the Titan, between his legs. "Despite its humble origins, Braavos has not only become the wealthiest of the Free Cities, but also one of the most impregnable. Volantis may have its Black Walls, but Braavos has a wall of ships such as no other city in the world possesses. Lomas Longstrider marveled at the Titan of Braavos—the great fortress of stone and bronze in the shape of a warrior that bestrides the main entrance into the lagoon—but the true wonder is the Arsenal. There, one of the purple-hulled war galleys of Braavos can be built in a day." "Within his bronze body are halls and chambers, murder holes and arrow slits, such that any vessel that dared to force the passage would surely be destroyed. Enemy ships can easily be steered onto the rocks by the watchmen inside the Titan, and stones and pots of burning pitch can be dropped onto the decks of any that attempt to pass between the Titan’s legs without leave. This has seldom been necessary, however; not since the Century of Blood has any enemy been so rash as to attempt to provoke the Titan’s wrath."
  3. Janneyc1

    Heresy 220 and the nature of magic

    I can't really weigh in on Mors, but I've long thought that if Euron had an obsidian eye, he would be using it to spy on people. Most notably, I think he is using it on Victarion.
  4. Frey family reunion

    R+L=J v.166

    So you’re saying a single dream can’t encapsulate two different events?
  5. kissdbyfire

    I made a visual timeline of events

    @Rhaenys_Targaryen and @Nittanian will probably know if there are any...
  6. Adam_Up_Bxtch

    The Night King's Possible other destination?

    Well I'm sure part of what Bran said was true that the Night King does want him dead and can track him so he knows he's there. Maybe if Bran wasn't at Winterfell he wouldn't even bother with it at all.
  7. Frey family reunion

    R+L=J v.166

    Actually even the dream doesn’t place Lyanna in the tower of joy as far as we know. The dream starts at the Battle at the tower of joy, and then the dream shifts to Lyanna’s bed of blood. We don’t know if the two events take place in the same location.
  8. Spockydog

    International thread 2

    I wasn't aware of this outrageous insult to Christians until I read your post. I just had to investigate. Personally, I'm glad Jesus died. If he hadn't used his angel-magic to roll the giant boulder away from the entrance to his tomb, we wouldn't be able to gorge on chocolate eggs for four days every Spring.
  9. Anthony Appleyard

    Queries about dragons

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Game_of_Thrones_episodes If the story extends to a Series 9, a means will have to be provided of getting replacement dragons. I read that Westeros is as big as South America. If so, and it remains pre-industrial, to keep its kingdom together it will need dragons, for fast long-range patrolling, and to move important people and large bulks of mail and communications around quickly (there is likely a limit to what a raven can carry), if for nothing else > It's a stretch to argue a land animal could reach these dimensions/proportions, > but there's just no way a flying animal could do so. Unless magic helps out here.
  10. LokisRaider


    I personally don't think we are seeing Nymeria again. I think what we got last season was them getting her out of the story.
  11. Kajjo

    So, if Jaime can be forgiven . . .?

    Melisandre was wrong even more often. She is not good in prophecies. She is able of this blood magic, though, from shadow-birth over leeched Gendry to burning Shireen. We will see how true her words are this time. Somehow, I believe she will return and die. And Varys, too.
  12. Heartofice

    International thread 2

    Why would you even inhabit such places.
  13. Kajjo

    Saying Goodbye

    This! Yes, it was about witty dialogues, about provovative sexual content, violence, about being as close to reality as a phantasy series can get. The decisive aspect is the complexity of the characters. Almost no back-and-white, very complex, deep, fine details. So many characters you really want to see again, whether you like or despise them, they feel real.
  14. Kajjo

    Arya Losin' It

    Yes, I was a bit surprised, too, about the reunion in E1. A little bit too cold. The scene in E2 made up for this, though, I feel. That was fine for me back then. Taking the silver was sensible, because she expected him to die anyway. She just mentioned it now to stab at him emotionally. The reunion was a bit too cold.
  15. Spockydog

    International thread 2

    The victims were in a church, at Easter. By definition, that makes them Easter worshippers. Here's a nice take on the 'issue'. The only places I've seen complaints about the use of that phrase are on God twitter, sites that yearn for the End Times whilst describing Obama as a demon and/or abortion extremist, and here, by you. Get over yourself.
  16. LadyNoOne

    Arya Losin' It

    I was surprised a bit at the way she and the Hound interacted back at Winterfell since Arya had taken him off her list... Yes, I know she stole from him and "left him to die". Still she knew he was a big guy and tough to kill. She also knew it wouldn't be hard for him, given his lack of morality, to get more silver elsewhere.
  17. Kajjo

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Arya is 18 now. Gendry is five years older than Arya. Little Sam is around 4. The baby boy was not the best cast choice, but not completely off. This is about not missing out on life. Arya wants to experience sex before her last day might come. This is not really about romance or love. However, Arya and Gendry have a bond, she was flirting with him, she feels attracted to his muscular body. This is believable. They didn't try to make it sweet romance. They made it about curiosity, last night, affection and desire. That fits. Well, 8 years have passed. Teenager grow. It is amazing and wonderful that this series does in-show and real-time parallel, so all the characters age accordingly. Maisie Williams was a small cute girl in S1, she grew up while the show and will have had sex now, too. Why shouldn't Arya have sex with 18?! It's even late for Westeros terms. There are a lot of other soap operas in TV where you see actors growing up to sexual activity. It's not so special.
  18. sweetsunray

    Arya Losin' It

    My point was that yes, Arya has empathy and doesn't kill innocents, though show-HoBaW wanted her to kill innocents. (And on the side I also imply that Book-Arya does kill the insurance guy, but kindly man makes quite clear to Arya that he put people onto the streets with fraud, and actually rewards her for her killing her private killing of the NW guy, since her blind girl training actually is the next step in her training, rather than a punishment)
  19. kissdbyfire

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Jeez. Why would Cersei send the GC to Winterfell though? But as you said, seems like it could be a typical D&D asspull, so who knows. Also, I thought there was gonna be two big battle episodes? If the GC gets nuked now, what’s the other battle going to be?
  20. The Marquis de Leech

    Overlaps, Based on True Events, and Historical Fictions

    History is interested in context. Literature is not. Death of the Author and all that.
  21. Proficiency

    Elimination Game #??: Who Comes Out of GOT S.8 the Best

    Hurt Rhaegal / Heal Sandor
  22. Greenmonsterff

    Saying Goodbye

    Dinners, conversations, plotting, planning, basically playing the Game of Thrones. Yes! That was what made this show such a hit. The dragons and White Walkers are cool. But, really, it always comes back to the characters.
  23. The Marquis de Leech

    Overlaps, Based on True Events, and Historical Fictions

    Such a thing is still different from Literature. A historical approach is analysing this primary source - generally for potential bias, but also reliability in this case - comparing it with other primary sources, and fitting the whole thing within a wider context. Literature does not concern itself with such things. Shakespeare's Richard III is only accidentally concerned with history (mostly the fact that the author was writing for Henry Tudor's granddaughter) - and it would be a mistake to approach it as history. Shakespeare's Richard III, like the Beowulf poem, must be analysed first and foremost as a work of art. This Edward II story - true or not - is not Literature, because one does not approach it via a literary method. It's simply false History.
  24. joaozinm

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    The ww have become a legend for thousand years. After a while they reappear from nowhere turning everyone into zombies. Thats the very first scene. They are back! Why? How? We have prophecies and stories about how they can be defeated, azor ahai, rhollor, old nan' s Tales, the last hero story, the three heads of the dragon, the song of Ice and fire.... And i think we are not getting any explanation. They are Just there, they are just death, they want Bran and they will prabably just end with a heroic cutting night's king Head. Also, why not take bran to essos instead of putting him on a wheelchair as a bait for the zombie army with a dragon that can blow the wall? We are going tô get nothing except Cersei dying and someone sitting the iron throne
  25. Kajjo

    Raising the dead

    Yeah, that's too silly. I agree.
  26. Pebble

    Going to Weddings

    With my Wedding, we had the ceremony itself which being non-religious with no readings, just the vows means its over fairly quickly. the longest part is posing for the signing of the registers for family photos (at which point people are semi mingling) Then it was outside for drinks and Photo's everyone mingles, people smoke and you only have to attend when your required for formal photos. Bouquet throwing - I guess unless you are a catcher then most people watch. throwing of the confetti you don't have to be involved and everyone is mingling. then its dinner, if your top table you are normally in the line up and shake everyone’s hand as they go in. then it was the dinner itself, You'd be excepted to sit there for that. After dinner there was a short break where people went to the loo had a smoke, mingled a little bit / maybe said hi to other tables before the speeches. when the speeches start you are expected back at the table. Sorry you have to sit though that and pretend to pay attention. Afterwards everyone was back out while some tables where removed, the Top table moved back a bit and turned in the Evening buffet table. after reset, everyone back in, Cake cutting and first dance. you are kinda expected to be in attendance in a crowd, but as bride I would not notice your absence. Your attentive Nan probably would. After that is just party time.
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