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  3. Free Northman Reborn

    Why does Balon Greyjoy want to attack the North?

    Guess your aim was to summon me and dutifully, here I am. There are many Northern soldiers yet to be shown, ready to emerge and unite behind a Stark leader. About 20k have died in total - both in the North and on Robb’s southron campaign. There are another 20k or so available at this point, if the right leader arrives to call them forth. 4k with Stannis, about 5k with Roose, maybe 5k with Manderly, maybe 3k Skagosi, a few thousand more Ryswells and Dustins, and assorted others scattered across the Northern lordships. Actually, looking at the above, it might even be more than 20k.
  4. ...And then really want a hit of weed.
  5. Nah, the Saints season is destined to end with a horribly obvious pass interference that isn't called, is subsequently challenged, and then the refs uphold the call on the field. I don't see any other way it can happen.
  6. I imagine a lot of people will hit up that wikipedia page in the next few hours. Also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulsa_race_riot
  7. I understand I have to wiki that. Never read the comics, did see the Snyder movie. It's apparently what happened at the end of the comic with Ozy, whereas the movie had him just drop a nuke. I agree with the movie's decision. Yep, this is why I'm headed to the wiki. Also, why/how did the giant squid kill all those people in the first place? Really strange.
  8. Why? Is that really necessary? The show's description was that Moiraine knows one of the youths is very important, and at least the threat of being brutally murdered by Trollocs should be sufficient to get the characters going.
  9. I'm wondering the same thing as I never read the comic, only saw the movie where they changed the ending. I know in the comic Veidt (Jeremy Irons) fakes an alien/interdemensional squid attack on new york to end the cold war. But I have no idea why they would still be raining down all this time later. Plus the first instance killed like 3 million people but these ones seem to just be a nuisance.
  10. Indeed, these are the reasons - was being rhetorical/tongue-in-cheek. But I don't think Trump likes Mick personally. In fact I'd say the opposite - Mick is more just one of the very few halfway (quarterway?) competent people left who's willing to work for him.
  11. Fragile Bird

    'Watchmen' TV Series From Damon Lindelof in the Works at HBO

    What's with the squid?
  12. Ser Scot A Ellison

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    Nah, Trump isn’t “stupid”. He’s deeply ignorant and seems bizarrely proud of his ignorance. His fans are proud of his ignorance as well. It’s incredibly sad.
  13. Very intriguing premiere, and King is as good as advertised. While it became obvious pretty early, didn't know we'd only get Don Johnson for one episode, kinda sucks. Coulda done without naked Jeremy Irons, that will haunt my dreams. Also, have to ask since they're hitting the viewer over the head with the black v. white thing - uh, what happened to all the hispanics? As a social scientist, loved how "the pod" was essentially an IAT.
  14. Nictarion

    'Watchmen' TV Series From Damon Lindelof in the Works at HBO

    Yep, this is a Damon Lindelof show all right. Enjoyed the first episode in all its crazy glory. Like the cast so far. Regina King will be good lead. Irons was a nice choice for Ozzy. I’m intrigued.
  15. Woebegone, Arbiter, Indomitable
  16. Yeah, I'm much more on board with the addition if she's not fridged. So hopefully if the rumour is true that's where they're going with it.
  17. Honestly among all the heroes from the two rivers who embark on this epic journey someone has to have a love interest who is murdered by the baddies at the very start. That can only be Perrin. Mat is a playboy. Rand is betrothed to Egwene, and Nynaeve is basically a spinster in Two rivers culture. I'm fine with that. Might be better as a fiance, since that way Perrin's still a green virgin when he gets with Faile, but whatever.
  18. Today
  19. To quote a line from the episode: "What the Eff?!"
  20. Nagini's Neville

    How I imagined the Hound

    Dunno why, but I always imagined the Hound looking like this. Only his burnt side of course. At 4:25 you can see the finished face. Always made sense to me why Sansa was afraid to look at him...
  21. Narsil4

    Queries for GRRM

    There is info from the RPG, which may not be completely accurate, but might be good enough for generalizations. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Currency There only seems to be 6 hours. So it might be something like this. Eel 1-4 Nightingale 5-8 Bat 9-12 Ghost 13-16 Owl 17-20 Wolf 21-24 The Wall is supposedly 300 miles across, so that is the scale usually used to determine distances. Though there is the possibility that the Wall has already been partially destroyed in the past, similar to what we see in the show. Making it not 300 miles anymore as everyone assumes. If for instance it once extended all the way to Skagos the Wall might now be closer to 175 miles in length. I'd probably want to know if the moon was actually a hole in the sky, perhaps covered in ice. A direct answer would fuel a lot of other tinfoil or keep me from wasting time on it.
  22. Lord Varys

    Why does Balon Greyjoy want to attack the North?

    They neither had the time nor the opportunity to properly prepare for winter warfare in the North. The Ironborn do have both time and opportunity. They effectively are threatened by their presence, are they not? Them sitting on their asses gives the Ironborn the time and opportunity to attack them first, preventing the Northmen from throwing them back into the sea. The Northmen don't have the resources to feed a sizable army for a longer period of time - Barrowton and the Ryswell could not marshal an army at the right time to prevent an Ironborn attack on them... But if they already had called their banners back in ACoK when the Ironborn first attacked - then why didn't they carry the war to Torrhen's Square or Moat Cailin and the Fever? The fact that they did not act on the own before Roose came back strongly suggests they were not willing to act on their own. The Barrowlands are pretty big, and she would have her men at the ready to beat back an attack on the town. If Balon threw the bulk of his force on them - the amount of men Euron later used to subdue the Shields and is going to use soon to crush the Redwyne fleet and then take the Arbor - then he certainly could have destroyed one not particularly large wooden town. The Ironborn would definitely evade pitched battles - they would sneak around, use deception, make hit-and-run attacks, and only strike at as formidable a target as Barrowton when they were pretty sure they could at least destroy it. They would not need more than a token force as garrisons to keep the castles they have taken - especially if they butcher the Northmen living and in the surrounding villages by the hundreds or thousands. The latter is just a guess on your part, considering that we don't really know how many men Vic had with him at the Moat before he left - and it ignores the fact that Balon definitely had the resources to send much more men to the Moat to secure the place. But again - there is no indication whatsoever that the Dustins and Ryswells would ever make common cause with the Manderlys against the Ironborn. Even if they had technically a numerical advantage, chances are that they would be unable to use that because they would not work together. In fact, in the wake of the Red Wedding one could see the Manderlys joining forces with the Ironborn to prevent the Boltons from coming back North. Lord Wyman does know that Theon did not kill Bran and Rickon, no, and the Ironborn could help for the time being to keep the Freys and Boltons out of the North and get his revenge. If Robb took only half his strength then it is very odd that Stannis and Roose have only as few men at Winterfell as they have. Stannis' men are for the most part fresh Northern troops (clansmen and some Bear Islanders and Glover men who weren't part of any fighting before, but there are also veterans from Rodrik's host in his army), but Roose's strength are mostly Bolton and Karstark veterans and men raised by Ramsay back in ACoK. The Dustin/Ryswell men are fresh troops as are the Manderlys and the Umbers - but many of the other houses are also veterans from Winterfell battle. If there were another 20,000 men in the North then those men would have been mentioned by this time - both Roose and Stannis and their allies would have started to raise them to have an advantage at Winterfell. Instead the fate of the North will be decided by about 10,000 men in total, about 5,000+ on each sides, 2,000+ of who happen to be Freys (i.e. not Northmen). And the amount of really fresh troops - i.e. such that were raised after Robb left - might be lower than 5,000. There may still be some reserves left at White Harbor - perhaps the potential for another 5,000 men army, with many knights among them, and there would be still men on Skagos, of course, but they are stuck on their island for the time being, lacking ships. That would indicate that the total number of men we can reasonably expect to be raised after Robb left would be another 10,000. And it might never be necessary to really do this, considering that not all men at Winterfell will die and - ideally - many of the men right now fighting for the Boltons will defect to the good guys in time to help put the Boltons down or at least be pardoned after the war so they can redeem themselves in the fight against the Others. If things went really well most casualties in the Winterfell battles will be the core Frey and Bolton men (many of them will have to go). That could mean that 7,000+ men be still around after the coming battles.
  23. Arthur Peres

    Why does Balon Greyjoy want to attack the North?

    They are never mentioned by name, I just think that this show how badly the defense of the Westerlands were. Agree, but a lot of it, was because of Balon decision. Otherwise the clock would be on Tywin since he has to defend both the Westerlands from Robb and KL from Stannis or Renly. About the Chinese idiom, the guy that made it cleary never heard of Alexander the Great.
  24. Nagini's Neville

    Why did the Freys torture Cat before her death, but not Robb?

    But do you love Catlyn that much, that you can't fall asleep without her, like Tywin Manderly ?
  25. Fragile Bird

    'Watchmen' TV Series From Damon Lindelof in the Works at HBO

    Wow. I don’t know The Watchmen at all. This is one helluva world.
  26. Nagini's Neville

    Gender relations in Westeros

    Robert and Cersei: 4. I wouldn't define "giving in to some of the things she wants sometimes" as valuing her opinion. Because she can never know, if he is going to through her a bone, beat her or just tell her to shut up. That means uttering your opinion/demands always includes being afraid of his reaction. Him being afraid of her and her family does not equal "valuing her opinion" and make it also more likely, that he might became aggressive. Ned and Cat: 10. deserves more minus points imo in general and especially in this case. We have to consider, what that means for Cat as a woman of her time. This is not the time of patchwork families, it's a huge insult and threat to her in this time period and she is just expected to take it and is not even allowed to ask questions. Ned becomes aggressive and reproves her, when she does. While if she had a child from another man, who know what would happen to her? Ned probably wouldn't execute her, but the punishment would be severe and their marriage would be over.
  27. I've made a couple of new levels after a bit of a hiatus, both collaborations with my wife: Cave of Wonders - B6C-52L-91H Not very hard, themed level that's part auto-scroll. Rise & Fall of the Roman Empire - 2DV-V09-6LF Much harder than most of what I've made, but not kaizo levels or anything insane like that. Castle level with two very different sections, both with rising and falling lava. I'm hoping more of y'all will come back to SMM2, the quality of what's come out of here has been excellent IMO.
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