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  2. corbon

    Septa Lemore

    Yes, she's someone important. Tyrion thinks she has secrets, he's just distractedly horny and dismisses her secrets because of that. She's not just a Septa, a teacher, a hired hand, she's sworn to protect fAegon. She also needs to hide her identity. Once we are in his head, Griff the nobleman calls her Lady Lemore. She's senior enough and important enough to argue back to Jon Connington. Not once or briefly either. She's in on the plan. Not just a hireling, but part of the planning team. Griff calls her Lady Lemore again, and again. So yes, she's someone, important, more than she appears. Tyene's visited her mother in Westeros years ago. Lemore was already in Essos then. Plus, Lemore is dark haired, and so is Oberyn. Tyene is blonde, which is usually a recessive colour and its very unusual for 2 dark haired parents (Lemore and Oberyn) to have a blonde child. I think she is Ashara Dayne as well. About the right age (Tyrions guess is above 40, Ashara is likely late 30s), has stretchmarks but no apparent kids, seems to be a Westerosi noble, swims daily and Ashara lived by the sea and supposedly commited suicide by diving from a tower into the sea but no body was found, dark haired as Ashara was, connected to fAegon/Elia/Rhaegar, would be one of very very few people who could possibly truly provide a convincing 'witness' to fAegon's identity to Westerosi noblemen like Doran Martell. And Ashara disappeared at almost the exact time fAegon was sent to Essos, and would have needed a nurse/maid/pretend mother/teacher.
  3. Thanks, man. My training has been all over the place for the last few months, mostly easy/tempo short runs during the week (varying pace) and a long run at the weekend. I've thrown intervals in a few times but it's not been consistent. Since my last message work has only become more full on. I'm away which has it's upsides (much more strength work done than I would usually do), as well as being a fairly interesting new location to explore (this is partly why my times are slower though - busy city centres that you are unfamiliar with are not great for running fast in). The main drawback is the eating though. I'm not really eating till 9 or later, and at that point any motivation I would have to eat healthily is gone, all I want is to sit down with a pint and a book and let my imagination run wild on Deliveroo. Fortunately I think it's winding down now in time for me to get a grip before Christmas.
  4. corbon

    Just Another R+L=D (and J) Theory - detailed

    I think it is very clear if you actually examine the text closely and look at what it says. Not only to Ashara. To every young woman of Barristan's experience. Ashara just happens to be one of them (the only other one we really know about to be honest). The quote is clearly, yes clearly, talking about the type of man chosen by young girls. Between a nourishing, supporting (boring) man - which is exactly how Ned is, or an exciting, firey, ultimately destructive man - like Brandon. Now, we don't really know much about Barristan's general experience with young girls. Just Dany. But there must be others before her for him to have this general opinion. The only other we actually know about for sure, is Ashara. The young woman who was at court and he was secretly in love with. The young woman who was dishonoured and disgraced, who bore a stillborn daughter (he thinks). Who apparently was so destroyed she committed suicide. Who, for his observation to make any sense at all, must have chosen fire (and been burned - hey, what do you know, she was burned!) rather than mud. Sure. And his experience is that the young ones ALWAYS choose fire instead of mud. Ashara's just the only other one we actually know about. He can't possibly thing young girls ALWAYS choose fire if Ashara didn't choose fire. And she did get burned. I said he may have. It may be a clue. He even provided himself with an excuse - Tyrion was ogling Lemore's naked body when he described her for us, so not remarking on her eye colour is kind of forgivable, or unsurprising at least. Ommitting Ashara, if she is Jon;s mother and Ned loved her, is a much bigger deal over a much longer and more involved and connected period. Not the same thing. As already discussed, not ignored. Assessed, found wanting, worked into the narrative as best fits. The rebellion was perhaps not without honour. Nor choice really. Given Barristan's acceptance of Robert's pardon, its not really a surprise he holds no grudges for that. Possibly, but I think not. There is no indication that Ashara was at court much after Harrenhal. Its likely her pregnancy became apparent well before the war as the best timelines have Harrenhal 6 months to a year before the war. And that assumes that her disgrace was only from the pregnancy and not known earlier. I don;t think thats accurate at all. Ashara had time to "look to Stark", whatever exactly that means. An honourable civil war against a mad king who murdered your family and called for your innocent head is one thing. Utterly destroying the life of the woman Barristan loved, for no reason, with all the capability in the word to avoid that, is another thing entirely She "looked to Stark". She was dishonoured at Harrenhal. She was disgraced from her position at court. She committed suicide. Yes, her life was destroyed. No, there's a much longer period between Harraenhal and Ned's marriage. But regardless, Ashara was dishonoured at Harrenhal and had time to look to Stark, so if it was Ned he could have done something about it then, but didn't. No. Robert complains Ned was never like that and Robert thinks that Ned slipping up with Jon's mother (whom he never met and therefore doesn't actually know whether Ned really did slip up with her or not) was a one time thing for Ned. In Ned's own thoughts he's not a man who takes his pleasures - which include casual sex with willing women. And whether it was Ned or not, for Ashara, there was dishonour and disgrace at Harrenhal, and eventually, as far as Barristan knows, suicide. Barristan flatly tells us she was dishonoured. She had a position at court and then wasn't at court any more. And finally she committed suicide. You are free to think that she was not besmirched. Robert thinks so. Ned thinks so. Its not exactly hard for a man with some character. Frankly, I rather think Ned tends to overdo that side of things as a natural reaction to his older brother's excesses.
  5. Sophelia

    Laptop Advice

    I love my Microsoft Surface Pro laptop (like you I decided against the 2-in-1 and have not regretted that), which I've had nearly 2 years now. I haven't got such a high spec as what you are looking for but despite that I have had no problem doing complex data analysis or processing photographs on it. It's delightfully light and portable, and feels and looks good, a pleasure to use. The face-recognition log-in makes it very fast to get going. Oddly I really haven't found myself using the touch-screen capabilities much.
  6. Eltharion21

    Can the Iron Bank be with financial problems?

    Who do they need to support to abolish slavery?
  7. dbunting

    The Boys (Amazon)

    I was thinking the same exact thing, was even gonna post like, hello, he was in S1
  8. Today
  9. dbunting

    The Irishman (I Hear You Tag Spoilers)

    The only part of the de-aging that was distracting to me was Deniros' eyes, seemed strangely blue sometimes. And the one laughable deli beat down scene. I don't know how anyone can watch his feeble attempt to kick the guy and say it isn't horrible. There is a you tube clip of three old men fighting outside a senior citizen home and they looked / moved better than him and he is supposed to be in late 30's in that scene. Other than that I thought it was fine and didn't take away anything from the movie, for me. I didn't have a problem with Pesci at all, maybe because it's been so long since I have seen him that I remember him younger?
  10. Toth

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    When it comes to Black Friday buys, I must admit that I for once fell into the trap. In order to satisfy my need for a space sim I bought Elite: Dangerous for six bucks last week. I haven't been able to play it, just accidentally entered the tutorial one night and found myself surprised that it actually runs smoothly on my laptop. Yay for that, I guess! I guess I now have something to relax to during the Christmas holidays, given that I heard that it's quite a slow game.
  11. BigFatCoward

    The Irishman (I Hear You Tag Spoilers)

    Attacking the poster rather than the post here people. There have been a great many people, not just HOI, who have said that the de aging was poorly done and that De Niro was clearly not in the right shape for the role. Just because someone talks shit about politics doesn't mean they can have legit criticism about something else. P.s. I havent seen the film, I dont have 210 spare mins to play with at the minute.
  12. They've cast Marco Inaros, but I'm assuming that's to introduce him early like they did with Avasarala and Bobbie.
  13. Raja

    Fourth Quarter 2019 Reading

    I'm 3/4 of the way through 'A Little Life' by Hanya Yanagihara and holy shit this book is sad as fuck. It is very good though.
  14. Toth


    I'm a bit stumped at the realization that the next Psycho-Pass 3 episode is the last one of the season. I'm used to shows raising the stakes at this point, but the last one ended quite anticlimactically by resolving the current case. I'm a bit afraid that next week we see them pulling the rug under us for a cliffhanger...
  15. Toth

    The Mandalorian (Spoiler Thread)

    Why is it feeling like a 90s/2000s serial a bad thing again? I really liked Stargate back in the day, despite its obvious missed opportunities (and a garbage last season for Atlantis). So I took a lot of enjoyment out of all these episodes, including the 5th one.
  16. szbszig

    New POVS?

    Littlefinger's and Varys' POV would interest me very much, but even at this point it would obviously be a huge spoiler for the rest of the book, if they suddenly revealed their ultimate goal along with all of their schemes. So I go with Euron and Ramsey, because I would love to see the mind and thoughts of a psychopath.
  17. That was a joke about coming back to post sober btw. I will be back, but I never post entirely sober.
  18. RhaenysBee

    TTTNE 476 - the ghost of series past

    Ah that sounds good. Hope you’ll keep improving. Meanwhile, I’ve gone on antibiotics too, as I’ve conducted some sort of glandular infection. My face is no longer swollen so much, but it’s still quite sensitive and hurts to the touch. Oh well. And, happy birthday to @Buckwheat! It is today, am I correct?
  19. Inkdaub

    How did you pick your screen name?

    It's the name of a carrier pigeon in a Tad Williams book. I think it was a pigeon. I never really connected with the book but the name stuck. I used to name my mix tapes and other such things Inkdaub1...Inkdaub2...etc. Inkdaub was the first user name I used the first time I needed one on the computer. That may have been the first time I logged in to the internet. One of the first anyway.
  20. I'll come back to specifically how and why you're all wrong in the morning when I'm more sober(ish), but for the moment I will just say this. Hillary Clinton was not only the sort of centrist that the rust belt should have LURVED, but she was also one of the most experienced and qualified non-incumbents EVER to run for the office. In this system "experience" only comes to more time to accumulate baggage and compromise your values. Liberal candidates win when they're young, and fresh, and appeal to hope. And BULL SHIT the Robert's court would take that case before the election came down. And that's if somone raised a challenge which, again, I doubt they would.
  21. There are a ton of questions about the other characters, too, but since they are all just pod people, we could start there, why did they make them aliens.
  22. SpaceChampion

    (Spoilers) Mr. Robot final season

    Yeah, the 4th is the wholly integrated Elliot. There is no other possibility given this plot structure is like a perfect example of a Heroine's Journey (I prefer to call it a Seeker's Journey, because it is about seeking authenticity, integration, connection and meaning, and nothing about that structure needs the character to be a female). The classic Heroine's / Seeker's Journey is about a princess or goddess going into the underworld representing their unconscious and coming back home integrated and whole. The heroine meets three representatives of her psyche, the Preserver, the Destroyer and the Creator. I' m the only one to recognize that the heroine herself represents a 4th persona, the Transformer. I should get a PhD for this! This show fooled me. I was confused about which character represented which of Eliot's personas, and it led me to believe that this was going to end in tragedy, because it seemed structured in a negative change arc. But now I see the persona didn't actually have to be on screen for each season to be about that aspect of Eliot. That persona just had to be in control. The first season was all about Elliot's kid persona. That kid was mostly in control of Elliot throughout the season, in the Preserver role. The Preserver is an aggressive, instinctual force most associated with memory. I think every time Elliot is speaking in that slow way he does, that's the Preserver. The goal in the show of the Preserver is to maintain an equilibrium, to avoid change and truth. The other personas are still in play though, operating in opposition to the Preserver's wishes. The 5/9 hack is due to the opposite persona, the Transformer, as represented by Mr. Robot. The Preserver operates in the unconscious, but the Transformer operates in the subconscious, as a liminal space between the conscious and unconscious. The Transformer is half-way asleep, half-way awake. That allows the Transformer to speak the truth of the unconscious to the conscious aspect of Elliot. Speaking truth has been Mr. Robot's role throughout the series. The second season was in control by Elliot's Destroyer persona, as represented by his mom. The Destroyer is a chameleon. She masked from him where Elliot even was when he was in jail. The Destroyer desperately wants to deny the truth, and avoids integrating the unconscious with the conscious. Mother must have denied Eliot's father was a child abuser. The Destroyer is most associated with repression of self, and represents an alienated and chameleonic nature where switching between the two sides is needed, while denying any truth between the two. In the larger story, the Phase 2 of the 5/9 hack was conducted by the Destroyer. The third season was in control by Mr. Robot, Elliot's Transformer. Truth was finally being addressed. Mr. Robot worked with Elliot, instead of against him, because Elliot didn't want the Destroyer to lead anymore. The Transformer is liminal, but vulnerable, which is why being this persona is so risky. It's most associated with seeing and visualizing the future, or the path forward. The fourth season was in control by the Creator persona. That's Elliot, working together with himself. He need to go back to the unconscious with his psychiatrist in order to find the truth about what really happened to him as a kid. He needed connection with other people to develop a change in his Creator persona so that he's not so much of asshole to people like Darlene. The fourth season was about growing finally into the fully integrated, authentic, connected self. The Creator is most associated with expressing the self, so I figure before the end there will be one final grand gesture by Elliot. I think he might reveal himself to the world. Perhaps a final broadcast of fsociety without the mask. The other characters probably represent secondary versions of Elliot's personas. Whiterose the chameleonic Destroyer for sure. I think Angela might have been a broken version of his Creator archetype, because he was connected to her most of all. Tyrell Wellick the Preserver (aggressive, instinctual). And Darlene must be the Transformer, she helps Elliot see and act. Given no one teaches the Seeker's Journey to the extent I've been developing my understanding of it, I am very impressed by the writers of shows like this one, and others like Twin Peaks the Return, and Orphan Black, that somehow manage to get it right without help of theory. Sam Esmail is a genius, or it's just an very instinctively obvious structure once the writer sets down this path to writing it.
  23. The Map Guy

    Mel & Shireen

    This needs it own thread - Stannis, Winterfell, and GRRM's Chekhov's Gun (Alternative Title: Why the contents of the PL was all false, and why a stupid battle between Jon & Ramsay/Roose won't happen)
  24. The Map Guy

    Mel & Shireen

    Stannis, Mance, Ramsey ... these 3 dudes? Cmon guys, don't be sexist! ... there is another that you haven't mentioned to the newbie! MEL! And its sooo simple ... but its taboo to talk about because it is too simple: Mel wrote the PL to stop Jon from going to Hardhome I know some of you guys are stubborn about opinions you have had for years ... but it is totally acceptable to change your opinions when you receive new information .... like the Paper Curl Theory ... which suggests the Pink Letter was written locally at Castle Black
  25. That may be more relevant, I don't know. GRRM's an American and I know from references that he knows a fair amount about Jefferson specifically (RLJ is heavily based on Jefferson) but his primary interest is definitely European history. But all the same even with the Roman Empire, there were still lots of non-slavers. Yeah, he does have some info sometimes when he needs to for plot reasons. My point was that the details are neglected. For example, compare what we're told about Essos' slave economy with a fair overview of the slave economy of the US or the Roman Empire. They just don't compare. A lot of this has always sounded like billionaire tears talk to me especially as ASOIAF is so focused on the POVs of the upper classes. The big BS red flag for me is "For some men to be great, others must be enslaved." The middle class of Westeros is nearly invisible to the reader though we know it's there. We don't really have enough detail of these economies to judge the impact to the middle or lower classes. Varys has made a reference to the common man not caring about the Game of Thrones raising the question of just how dependent the lower classes are on Planetos' "billionaires". Would they need to do just a few tweeks to adjust to no more billionaires or would they be devastated? We also don't have enough info about how the IB determines the slaviness factor of their loans. Was it requirement that the borrower not do business with slavers too, both upline and downline? No idea. GRRM hasn't addressed any of it. I don't think he cares. If GRRM decides to raise the issue of a chain reaction hitting the IB like a general recession or depression because he needs them to be taken down a few notches, he's definitely laid the ground work for it. But I can see where he wouldn't go there at all too. As it stands without more to flesh it out and connect the dots, it doesn't make sense to hammer home that the IB doesn't work with slavers and then to have them take a big hit from damage to the slave trade. Another thing to consider. I see the IB as a branch of the Braavosi government and the FM though to what extent they're integrated, I don't know. The end of slavery would put put them all on cloud 9 and that the IB refuses to deal with slavers means the IB isn't just a bank, but also an organization with a very serious mission. They're prepared for major disruptions to the slave trade. They've hoped for it and worked for it for a long time though they no doubt have very mixed feelings about it coming from a Valyrian with a dragon. I think the IB is a funding tool to ensure the continued freedom of Braavos and to at the very least limit the spread of slavery if not reducing it rather than a true bank where its sole goal is profit.
  26. But the problem is if at present the IB doesn t have enough Money and might be in risk of bankrupt. If now some people can t pay their loans and others want to withdraw their Money to pay debts then bank may be in trouble...
  27. The assets and the resources were slowly diminishing over time. King Viserys 3 was slowly losing his chances until he met up with Illyrio and the marriage between Princess Daenerys and Khal Drogo was brokered. All of that is just water under the bridge now. Khaleesi Daenerys hatched her three dragons and she now has more resources than her glorious ancestors who conquered the west. To directly answer the question from Mario Seddy: No, quite the opposite. The Targaryen (Daenerys) has built herself a very, very strong power base. That's perhaps not the answer Mario Seddy was expecting nor hoping to receive but it is the truth. I would love to see Khaleesi-Queen Daenerys succeed and rule over Westeros.
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