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  2. majgat

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    Renly would be absolutely a terrible king. He's plotting to plunge Westeros into war. Trying to get Margeary into Robert's bed in order to establish Tyrels, who bought his ass. When the timing's right tell Robert about Jaime and Cersei, have them executed with the children on the spot, with Tywin marching into field. After the Stannis parley, instructs his commanders to kill him - I think Stannis would die shortly after Robert following this coup, if he stayed in KL. Also his idea of a strong candidate (son, brother) is rather dangerous precedent going forward. Every younger son or brother can claim anything by show of force.
  3. Erkan12

    No one really cares about KL massacre

    Is that any different than what I said?
  4. I didn't put it in my Rant post, but by golly that was some of the nicest-looking rubble I've ever seen!
  5. the Other Wolf

    Will Tommen and Myrcella die?

    Read the forum rules!!!!
  6. Erkan12

    Dany should have been Queen for a season

    That would damage Dany's story even more. They stopped her before she goes too far, then people would even hate her not feel sorry for her. She was just a tragic figure, who desperately wanted the IT for right reasons, and then lost her control in the end and died for it. If she lasted another season as mad queen, then the goal would be how to defeat that enemy, like they tried to defeat Aerys and then Joffrey, and then Cersei, she has become one of these tyrants, but it didn't last long, and it shouldn't last long imo.
  7. You focus too much on the "mad". Tune it down to "Daenerys showed streaks of ruthlessness, brutality and wanting to burn down cities" in almost all seasons. That's the point. Destroying and burning down cities is something she mentions quite a lot. It's in her all the time. It's not about changing 180° but about what is in her all the time.
  8. Aldarion

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    That, I think, is the most likely outcome. Maybe we could get a sequel series of people trying to unseat Bran?
  9. I am also amazed that they think to have a return from this, I wonder how many people will buy last season's DVD, I surely won't. I still cannot believe to what amount of disrespect they were capable of. HBO should at least give some kind of explanations, apologies even...
  10. King Jon Snow Stark

    No one really cares about KL massacre

    Jon Snow killed Dany because ultimately he will always be the shield that guards the realm of men. He was not going to let her do what she did to the rest of the world.
  11. I really don't understand how a showpologist can even call this a happy ending. This is the most cronyism-afflicted small council in fucking history, and no-one in Westeros seems to care.
  12. RFL

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    Why is there this sudden belief that Brann is suddenly going to be active? Did he warn anyone about the impending destruction of King's Landing. Or you know, where the Night King was so that Arya might go do her thing BEFORE the attack on Winterfell? Or maybe you know use his ravens to keep the ice spear from hitting the dragon that destroyed the wall. Maybe he could have kept Rickon from running in a straight line? Either Brann is a neutral observer to the events of man OR he set things up so that he was named king because he "knows what best for everyone" which Tyrion just talked to Jon about being a problem with rulers.
  13. You can ask, but all we have is the assumption that she assumed.
  14. Kajjo

    No one really cares about KL massacre

    Well, it is a big city but NOT the world. So why should it be world shattering. They are devastated and shocked by the destruction and human suffering, but it's war and they have seen several fields of war after a battle. Thousands of deaths, of amputated limbs, of unbelievable suffering. They are mostly shocked by the turn of events and the snapping of Daenerys. Tyrion trusted in her, Jon was in love with her. They are in shock. Of course. Jon reacted mainly to (1) Arya telling him "I know a killer when I see one", meaning his own life to be in obvious danger, and (2) to Daenerys announcing to "the war is not over ... free all the people of the world ... from Winterfell to Dorne" which is a clear threat towards Sansa, and of course (3) Tyrion analysing Daenerys's violent nature. Jon kills Daenerys because she is a threat to the realms of men, to Sansa and his family, and to him personally. I don't understand what you mean. Her brother is King of the Six Kingdoms, her sister is Queen in the North. Jon is savely in the North. What should she worry about? It's fine that she tries to find her own happiness somewhere, to go on adventures, to rest her vengeance.
  15. Who is Val? First of all, she is a wildling and a woman. She is the sister of Mance Rayders wife Dalla. But above that, G. R. R. Martin has her equipped with the finest set of qualities. She is smart, she is able, she is well respected among the wildlings, she knows how to fight and how to survive, she is loyal, she is of striking beauty, she takes care of her people, she has wit, she fancies Jon Snow and don´t cares about his constant rejection and above that, is beholden to him. She ist fierce and lovely. Val is like an Ygritte on steroids. This set is breathtaking and unreal. She is far far beyond beeing a regular Person. She is not even a person, she is a promise. Its like George Martin speeking directly to Jon snow "listen son, if you want to have a great life, you don´t need to sit on the iron throne. Take that wife, she is everthing good the north has to offer and more than that. Together with her, you will have the best live a man can wish." She is an alternative to... whatever comes up to jon in the south after fulfilling the quest. She is a reason for him to come home. Maybe, he will finally realise, but until then, "you know nothing Jon Snow".
  16. All the great tragedies have you sympathising with the villain protagonist, even as you recognise that they have to die, or that if they win, their victory will be completely hollow. And while it's not a tragedy as such, I can remember tearing up inside as I saw Ian McKellen playing Richard III, at the Globe Theatre, and just before the battle of Bosworth he's lamenting the fact that no one will mourn for him - but then says "And, wherefore should they?" as he runs through the crimes that have brought him to this point. At the end, he is at least prepared honestly to acknowledge all the evil he has done to get to where he is. Macbeth still has his courage at the end, and Othello his honour. Michael Corleone ends Godfather II winning all he wanted and losing his soul in the process. Daenerys's end in this series is more like a Jacobean splatterfest, - such as 'Tis Pity She's a Whore" where characters just slaughter each other for the evulz.
  17. When you sell your intellectual property, you are expected to support the work of the buyers... otherwise, you would be destroying what you already sold, and, who would buy another intellectual property from you again...? Yep. I could have been great, if they had bothered to tell the story, rather than going "SURPRISE! LOL! YOU DIDN'T EXPECT THIS, DIDN'T YOU!"
  18. You scratch the surface of annoyance and absurdity. -The sequence was interminable. Though I suppose it doesn't matter too much considering how many threads the episode left dangling. -There was none of the production value we've come to expect. Just some rocks and dust tossed over the set. Which was looking very set-like. -Tyrion makes it through the archway that doomed our couple last episode, so there was no reason Jaime shouldn't have tried to get out. Cersei at least must be narrower than Tyrion. -While it appeared the whole Red Keep caved in last episode, we now know the love twins could have saved themselves by sidestepping the bricks with a few paces. They were both crushed to death from above by a collapsing roof, but a dwarf can locate and uncover their corpses by rearranging a couple bricks.
  19. To be enforced by what? The Targaryen's took the throne and united the seven kingdoms by force of arms. Baratheon took the throne by force of arms by uniting enough of the great houses. Cersei took the throne by political maneuvering and force of arms. Daenarys would have taken it by force of arms and a dragon. Brann was granted it because there was a northern army camped outside the gates. So from this point on really means until someone amasses enough political and military power to take (and possibly hold) it. Considering Brann didn't bother to warn anyone about the impending destruction of Kings Landing what makes you think he is going to suddenly become this great strategist and spy master?
  20. venusboy

    GRRM's (Brief) Thoughts on the Final Episode

    I'm really wondering whether the endgame was indeed the one intended by GRRM... It's been about seven years since I reread the books, so I've sort of forgotten the feeling of the books. Is it true, then, that GRRM had revealed to D&D how it would end? Or was it only who would rule? Or that Dany would perish? Regardless, I try to see myself in a potential future where I'm reading the last book of ASoIaF, and the main decisive moments of the show's last episodes are the same. Let's say we've got amazing character development, amazing main stories, details, side stories, expanded lore, and so on, will I be able to feel the same as I did when I first read the Red Wedding? Gasping, in pure shock, had to put down the book, needed a few hours break before continuing haha. Somehow, I hope that the final plot points will be changed... Because I still want that surprise, the feeling you get when it's just you and the book, and not the whole world has already seen it happen in the show. If the endgame moments are exactly the same (Bran, Jon, Dany, Sansa, Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion, Arya), despite stellar journeys to those points, I wonder if it was a mistake to spill the beans to D&D. Here's to hoping that the characters that didn't make it into the show will alter the course of ASoIaF history so that we can still be awed by GRRM's amazing creativity, imagination and world-building.
  21. Ser Hedge

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    I'm completely ok with Dany turning into an antagonist, but it has to be told in a way in which viewers/readers can follow the development and mourn the turn of events, while fully understanding why it has happened. This is not what we got here. If the producer of the show needs to go all the way back to S1 where she was almost killed by her brother and was only left with the option of seeing him killed instead and have that retconned, "see she crazy all along", then the story telling has failed. The execution of the Tarlys is maybe a better example, and you can add the random Master in Mereen burned (show inventions) and add the crucification of the Masters, but they are all Lords/Masters. The deliberate killing of the small folk had no build up/insight. It was not even clear if it was coldblooded or if she became temporarily deranged. It was too late in her arc already by that time, but at least even at that point it should have been delivered better cinematically - flashbacks, her facial expressions while she was burning, something ....
  22. sifth

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    Robert Baratheon was basically the Hugh Hefner of kings. Compared to Joff and the monster Dany becomes in the end he was rather great. Renly would probably have been a great king as well.
  23. Wolfbynature

    Please Delete

    Please delete
  24. Erkan12

    No one really cares about KL massacre

    I doubt that's the only reason, Jon understood that Dany isn't going to forgive anyone, and continue to burn everyone and even execute the surrendered prisoners all the same. But I agree if you say Arya, Sansa and the North was the most important reason, but surely not the only one.
  25. Bernie Mac

    Two Questions about this Episode

    The guy murdered the last woman he slept with and watched the first woman he ever slept with murdered by his own men. I don't imagine Jon's libido will be concerned with women for quite some time. Sure there is. Jon will likely become the Lord Commander again, if not one the top men. There is plenty to do. Training, rebuilding defences, dealing with the dead. Except not really. They were allies when it was humanity against the White Walkers and the Dead. But the Wildlings are many, many different tribes, not united under one. Their way of life, that no one owns anything and its there to be taken, contradicts the way of life of Westeros. This alliance is not going to last long. The Others were not the reason Jon joined the Watch. They were believed to be a fairy tale, or long dead thousands of years ago. The fact that they are now known to exist means the Watch is now more important than it has been in thousands of years. Will they return? No one in Westeros knows. Are there more out there? No one in Westeros knows? What part of beyond the Wall did they come from? No one in Westeros knows? The Nights Watch will be asking and finding out these questions. They will be funded heavily by both the Crown and Winterfell because hoping for the best is not a deterrent. Not really. You think if Earth was invaded by aliens and we killed all the Aliens the world powers would give up on Space defence? It would become more important, not less.
  26. Mordant Jester

    GRRM's (Brief) Thoughts on the Final Episode

    I thought he was talking about scarlet Johansson at first and i was confused
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