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  2. The list of Jon's successes, especially successes in leadership, is pretty short. One could argue that Tormund and the wildings are so easy to take him as a figurehead because he really lacks the capability to be more. We complain about Dany not listening to her advisors. What of Jon? Letting the wildings through the wall, going to Hard Home, seeking Dany for help... time an time we are shown where he disregards the advise of those around him. By the way the whole going to Dany for help? What did it gain him. An ice-dragon as an enemy capable of tearing down the wall.
  3. Adam Yozza

    So where would you live ?

    The Summer Islands. Far far away from the wars of Westeros, Ironborn, Mountain Tribes, Dothraki and probably not too threatened by slavers either. But in Westeros...I don't really like warm weather too much but the North seems too far to the other end of the spectrum. The Riverlands and Vale seem best climate-wise but the Riverlands gets boned in every war and the Vale involves lots of hiking and dealing with tribesmen. So maybe White Harbour would be best?
  4. valgrel

    Moral of each characters story?

    There is some difference between Freys an KLs slaughters. Arya gathered not all the Freys, but only those she thought had a part in RW (they all cheered when she reminded them that moment). And she didn't poison women and children. Of course there are probably some innocents who died then, but not so many. If Dany had burnt the red keep only after the bells rang, it could be compared. But she decided before that to burn alive people she knew were innocent (children had no part in Missandei death)
  5. DanteGabriel

    U.S. Politics: You Didn't Think It Would Be So Easy, Did You?

    And by principled federal judges, though of course they're feverishly stocking the judiciary with Federalist Society test tube lawyers, like Kavanaugh. I bet we see that Sandmann kid smirking from a federal bench in fifteen or twenty years.
  6. Born 282 AC, murdered 305 AC. her story starts in 299 AC.
  7. 13 in the book. The show has it (according to a Quora article I read) 17 years since Roberts Rebellion so there is a noticeable age difference.
  8. They used Robert's Targaryen ancestor as an excuse to the IT though, the line wasn't broken actually.
  9. This is true, but does NOT prove BR is the 3EC. The appendices can be and are misleading at times in order to not give away future events.
  10. Heartofice

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    What is the point you are trying to make with this?
  11. Of course she had a right. the Targs forged the Iron Throne and everything that revolved around it. It was her right to bring it all back under her family. She just didn't have THE right. Jon would need to be formally recognized as a Targ, and then formally abdicate for her to have THE right. But since everything relating to this happened behind closed doors, him saying in private that he doesn't want it is as formal an abdication as we were going to get given the circumstances. This is all irrelevant though. Once Robert took the Iron Throne by conquest from the Targs, the line was broken forever. Therefore unless you were a Baratheon, the only right anyone had to the throne after that was by Conquest or marriage into Robert's line.
  12. Aldarion

    Ships in Westeros

    I had remembered references to war galleys in Westeros while doing some research on warships and other ships for my own purposes (making a setting based on Byzantine Empire, except there is no inner sea such as Mediterranean in there). At any rate, Stannis apparently commanded from a large war galley. But historically speaking, galleys were predominantly used by navies with Mediterranean tradition. Problems with galleys are primarily twofold: they do not handle heavy seas well, and they have very limited endurance. As such, they have to coast-hug. Now, galleys were used on the west coast of Ireland apparently, and birlinn was used in Scotland. But these would likely have had significant differences from Mediterranean galleys, though they were apparently similar to xebecs. Relevant: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?3142892-16th-century-west-coast-Irish-galley-1-24-scale-scratch-built
  13. In the first season she was closer to a kid than an adult. You can see the difference each season. I don't remember seeing her age mentionned in the show. So the closest thing we have is the book.
  14. Tygett Lannister

    Aegon VI

    Myrcella is going to KL and Tommen might die. But possible I guess. Or it is just their hair colour.
  15. People wanted Jon, but she would never let them make Jon king as we know she burned Varys for it. Jon didn't want to be the KitN but he had to accept it in the end, it would be the same if Dany didn't threaten people by burning them. Yeah, it's right of conquest, because she had no right without conquering it.
  16. JagLover


    I think she also said that he had left unhurt her face and what she needed to produce a baby (from memory). But if there is the slightest doubt than that makes Arya's decision even more a betrayal of her family.
  17. Tyrion1991

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    He wandered around a few castles going “please!” on his knees and only convinced a few of them. Then he almost gets the whole army killed by suicidally charging and abandoning his position. He only had an army because of Tormund and because he tried (strong emphasis on the word tried) to help them out at Hardholm. He is a bungler, like a drunk floundering from disaster to disaster. He never once achieved anything without being bailed out by somebody else. A pig could have become King of the North if Tormund and Sansa had backed it. Hes then King of the North for like a handful episodes before leaving for Dragonstone. It was never a big deal for him. He never cared about being King of the North. So it’s not a huge sacrifice to give it up. Especially not when the Warden of the North is King in all but name. Dany becomes nothing if she gives up the Iron Throne. Dragonstone? It’s not remotely equivalent and the idea that Jon expected her to spontaneously support his claim as soon as he mentioned it is beyond arrogant. Jon kept all the power but just scratched out the title. Dany does not have that luxury. He never sacrificed anything. I think choosing your leader based on his disinterest and apathy is a bad idea. If you don’t care for the power people invest in you then you obviously don’t respect them. Jorah was part of a conspiracy to kill her and her child. That’s a big deal. Dany did not kill him but exiled him. Now in a normal story, her coming to forgive somebody who did that would mean “well Dany is capable of mercy”. But no, despite having met Jorah it seems Sam does not put two and two together.
  18. martianmister

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    Why does it matter that he can't have children, if we're talking about an elective monarchy? Doesn't that make him an even better choice?
  19. Techmaester

    Why Did the Show Turn on Jon?

    Its all about them(maybe including Martin) subverting our expectations for any competent action on the part of the protagonists. Stories can't have good(or even believable) endings because the writers expect their viewers to be a mix of emotional masochists and staunch supporters of the status quo.
  20. RFL

    Why Did the Show Turn on Jon?

    And who confirmed and then insisted that Jon be told about it? This is why I reject the idea of a neutral Brann who just happened to fall into the throne
  21. RFL

    Tyrion and Sansa...

    That (virtually) every male in the north was not sterile through a series of STDs is somewhat surprising. The diseases that had to pass through brothels had to be prolific. Perhaps the importance of exercising restraint was not lost on Ned and was past on to Robb and his brothers.
  22. Sir Hedge of Hog

    Why Did the Show Turn on Jon?

    What bugs me is that jons heritage counted for for fuck all...if it was not revealed jon and dany would have been happyish, no KL burned and they would have married uniting the realm. Guess this would have been too happy an ending... He just tagged along the whole season. I get the impression kit hated the script
  23. Problem is we want some hero to rule. Heros MIGHT win wars but the do not generally rise to leadership through politics (ask Ned) and they generally are turned on when leading (ask Jon about the mutiny). Jon only rose to King of the North because there was a known enemy and they needed a hero to lead them. Even Ned rules the North because the Starks were well established (he did not rise to leadership) and were supported by a seemingly overwhelming power (the seven kingdoms). Noted above: revolutions are bloody things especially in a world where even the concept of democracy is laughingly dismissed
  24. Jon didn't want the throne, and Dany is actually taking the throne by right of conquest. Her bloodline's claim is just PR spin. You can't steal something that people surrender to you.
  25. Zorral

    Rothfuss XV: Move along, nothing to see here

    It began with the acquiring editors. They were giddy with excitement about the first book. They were so giddy they even sent me the ms, so eager were they to share it with the sorts of people they believed loved this sort of thing (I was doing a lot of writing and reviewing within the field then -- that's how long ago this was!). And it performed even higher than their most optimistic hopes. Then ... the troubles began, starting with a horizon shift in a significant segment of younger Fantasy enthusiasts, who found the primary a ridiculously immature sexist. Then, of course, the enormous agony of getting the second volume, and now -- never the third, it seems, while the field's shifts only grow larger and affect more and more of the previously unexamined issues of sexism, colonialism, racism and the inclusion of many other diversities, in the 12 years (2007) since publication of Name of the Wind.
  26. The Bard of Banefort

    Tyrion and Sansa...

    I guess we'll never know. It is possibly that Ramsay was sterile though.
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