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  2. sologdin

    Overlaps, Based on True Events, and Historical Fictions

    heh. who is unfamiliar with what? doubtful that anyone here disagrees with the parallel studying of history and literature, to the extent the limits of either category is determinable or that they are distinguishable. fairly sure that indoctrination is unavoidable.
  3. Nictarion

    NFL Offseason 2019: Gettleman Browns all over the Giants

    I can. Vontez Burfict. I watched him cost his team for years being undisciplined, selfish, lazy, and just all around a waste of potential. He was a 1st rd talent that went undrafted because of it. I’m not comparing Oliver to that level, but there are red flags for a team using such a high pick on him. Also, I feel even better about my stance since you’re on the other side.
  4. longest night

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    On the Golden Company showing up to Winterfell, it does happen. There were set leaks last year of people in armor trying to break down Winterfell's gate while chanting. The only people that could possibly be is the Golden Company and there are only two circumstances I could say justifies it and that's either the GC thinks Winterfell won, or Winterfell actually won. I think the former is more likely than the latter which puts weight that the India leak is real. In the episode 3 trailer we also get Jon saying, "the Night King is coming", and Daenerys saying "the dead are already here" which I think adds a little more weight. We also see Jon on foot with no enemies in sight, but lots of small pockets of fire around, running towards something.
  5. A Horse Named Stranger

    US Politics: It’s Not A Crime If Your Feelings Got Hurt

    Ted Cruz.
  6. Count Balerion

    Calling all Picts! : Pictionary 44 : A Nightmare of Spring

    I already drew one. I'll wait a little longer. As for Sunday, I'll go with that, and if Sniffer comes back from holidays before that, he can still take his turn. Does that sound good? (And if Sunday comes and we still don't have 7 pictures, then I'll draw one -- but only for this round.)
  7. Corvinus

    WHEEL OF TIME tv show: Go on,tug my braid!

    That could be, but it would be hilarious if they came to this site for WoT commentary.
  8. Jace, Basilissa

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    Teresea's teacher Colonel... Illich ( or something?) and Duarte's body man. ETA: All the soldiers on the Tempest knew about the spot, and I know the Governor of Medina and his replacement Admiral Whats-her-Face knew, but all those dudes are dead and I don't think the Laconians have an leak problem.
  9. unJon

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    Man I need a reread.
  10. Jace, Basilissa

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    The consciousness void thingy that appeared on the Tempest after it fired the Magnetron gun (or whatever) in Sol.
  11. Corvinus

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    The thing that appeared on the Tempest when it fired its antimatter gun. I'm drawing a blank of who you're referring to, but I thought the black spot thing was common knowledge. Anyway, if it's out there in the Sol system, how would you see it? If it doesn't have any gravitational pull, then it's pretty much invisible, no? Unless it emits some kinds of rays/energy/whatever.
  12. 21st Century Moose

    The forging of Lightbringer

    I think people looking for a forging of NewLightbringer are reading far too much into things, and will probably end up disappointed. OldLightbringer was forged three times, and tempered in water, a lion and Nissa Nissa before it was complete. If we look at what the prophecy actually says about NewLightbringer, it doesn't say any of that. All it says is that a warrior is going to draw it from a fire. That's it. No water. No lion. No Nissa Nissa. None of that is prophesied for NewLightbringer. So, the probability is that NewLightbringer already exists, possibly that it's one of the Valyrian Steel swords. At some stage during the battle there will be an incident involving that sword and fire. Perhaps dragon fire? Someone's going to pull the sword out of the fire and that will be it - NewLightbringer will be complete. Valyrian Steel tempered in dragon fire? Sounds about right to me - I can easily imagine that having an effect on the NK that normal VS wouldn't.
  13. unJon

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    What’s DarkSpot?
  14. Yes! Having Jon be resurrected by the NK, or the NK tries to bring him back as a soldier but something about Jon's special circumstances having already been resurrected causes something to go not-quite-right seems a distinct possibility and could actually lead to some interesting story dynamics. Jon doesn't seem to be any less himself after the first resurrection, which may be a failure in the writing or acting. But we've seen zero consequences for his resurrection. There's no reason to believe if he is brought back again it will have any affect on him other than making him brood even more than normal because someone didn't heed his request not to resurrect him again.
  15. Hippocras

    Who is Going to Die

    I agree, the way to look at it is who is still probably needed. A power game has been established between Sansa and Dany. If Sansa died, I suppose Arya is still around to step in as LoW but seems unlikely. Similarly, Dany can’t be gone yet if the whole fire and blood magic part of the story is still on slow burn. Brienne is needed for Sansa’s power games in the endgame so I doubt she would go, but her story needs some tragedy and that will be Pod. Dany is going to lose both of her trusted advisors at some point, so one of or both Jorah and Tyrion will very likely die, while the other will soon turn against her. My money would be on Jorah dying but I know many will disagree. As for Arya and Gendry, I rather expect one of them to be a fire wight by the end of the episode, via Beric passing on his last life.
  16. Jace, Basilissa

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    Last I knew. To be fair, no one but Trejo even knew about it right? Maybe whats-his-name-teacher-man and the bag bunny right?
  17. Jace, Basilissa

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    I'm on like my 6th playthrough with the same basic routine.
  18. Jace, Basilissa

    NFL Offseason 2019: Gettleman Browns all over the Giants

    I knew there was a reason I kept you around like my own personal Oscar. Tywin has the right of this. You absolutely make exceptions for your best players. Don't ask me, ask Bill Belichick. The trick is knowing to pick your battles. Lawrence Taylor can bust curfew and stumble hungover into the locker room a half hour before kickoff because he's the best player on your goddamn team and it isn't worth dying on that hill if he can play. The kid wanted a fucking coat! I don't care what stupid ass rule you may or may not have to assert your dominance (a sign of weakness, having to assert strength) you don't tell your Lawrence Taylor equivalent he can't wear a coat when he's cold. That's just stupid. Unrepentant idiocy, full stop. Now the kid might also be a fucking headcase, in which case taking a stand over a coat looks even more ridiculous. But some of the great talents are weirdos. You have to decide if your HC can manage a strong personality. It isn't the kid's fault if a grown ass man can't figure out how to get a twenty-nothing-year-old to play a game for a lot of money. I mean it is, the kid should put in some effort and not be a prick, but the whole job of a coach is to COACH talent. I can't think of really anyone off the top of my head other than maybe Jamarcus Russell or Albert Haynesworth who was just completely irredeemable from a talent/effort perspective.
  19. MinscS2

    Mysterious Missandei

    This pretty much. Them making plans where essentially the shows way of them saying "I two days till retirement". I expect either or both of them to die next episode. Can't really say I'll miss them. They've barely tertiary characters and have taken up way too much screen time as it is. Missandei being a FM sounds like a crackpot theory and would come out of the blue. That's because he's never been to Naath, he says so himself. Missandei has claimed she's from Naath since she first met Daenerys. There's nothing suspicious about it.
  20. The most under the radar nutso thing about the modern NBA is the Jazz, one of the best defensive teams in the league, has decided that the only way to defend Harden is to have Ricky Rubio play behind him. Like literally give him a 15 foot runway to the hoop on every single play. I'll be curious how the Warriors play him (assuming they get their heads out of their asses).
  21. DMC

    Going to Weddings

    I've thought about bringing weed, but I'm getting too old to risk smuggling it on a plane even if I use the trusty shampoo trick, and I don't know where to get any in Tampa. Grandma would not be impressed with a flask. Not sure a bullet would be helpful, I don't do coke anymore so if I did I'd probably all of a sudden be REALLY interested in what the groom's parents have to say for no particular reason. Grandma, and most of my family, would like the nicotine gum, but that's never worked for me. Just makes me want cigarettes more.
  22. bolded made me spit out my lunch lolz Agreed none of it makes sense. Like where are all the lords of the Riverlands? Did everyone in High Garden just drop dead after Olenna was killed? Did everyone in Dorne drop dead when Poison Lips and Bad Pussy were killed by Cersei? are there no humans left anywhere? how are the people of KL doing? are they upset that their Vatican blew up? sigh
  23. Corvinus

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    I was wondering, but apparently no one character seemed to have time for it. Was it still on the Tempest when it blew up?
  24. 8/10 Not because I didn't love a lot of it, but because of this artificial time constraint they put on themselves (I know - "budget" - but I'll bet HBO, Warner and now AT&T could have found a few more bucks if asked nicely). I hate the rushing because I want to spend more time with the people all together that I've watched being separated over the years. We know half or more will be dead next week, then we have three episodes to rush down to King's Landing, fight the Golden Army and maybe the rest of the dead if the Night's King flew south, then resolve everything before the screen goes black for the last time. This episode had to cram in all of the "people" moments for the 2488 characters, as the final 4-5 hours will mostly be fighting, then running and hiding before more fighting. So, 10 out of 10 for what we did get during this episode, but 8 out of 10 for not making it at least another half hour longer to give everyone more time and dialog together.
  25. Therein lies the weakness of the show's later seasons. Cersei is literally sitting in the Red Keep waiting for her close up, she is doing nothing, has done nothing, she's still in the show waiting for her final set of Big MomentsTM So, the show will never even think about, let alone bother about trying to set up, even with a handful of throw away lines, any kind of realism...she and Q talking about riots, or the Faith or a small council or anything but her bwahahaha Ima kill enemies, and then guzzles some more wine. Same thing up at Winterfell, there's a visionary, a faceless man master assassin, two dragon riders, the former spymaster, a Dothraki horde [oh no Dothraki in the war council, roll eyes, and the unsullied. No one's sharing any info, there is no sense that any of these skill positions are taken into consideration. Because most of those people and groups don't belong at Winterfell in the first place and are there marking time until the show can make a clean sweep and kill off most of them to get to the final set of more Big MomentsTM
  26. Yea I know. I didn't mean to imply if the series will ever be finished or not. I was just saying that it will have to be 9 books in total.
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