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  2. Finished it last night and really enjoyed it. A fantastic new cast of characters. Some very entertaining scenes when the cast of new characters met one another. Orso and Rikke's meeting and convo was hilarious. Some great nuggets thrown in from the other novels as well, such as Bremer asking Leo about his mother. Just enough of older characters in the pages to create a bridge to the new characters and story. Loved the First Law world hitting its industrial revolution and labor unrest( I likened the Breakers/Burners alliance to that of anarchists and socialists in the last 1800s). Nice comparison to the Paris Commune. Could Judge be inspired by Louise Michel? A fantastic ending to set the stage for the rest of the trilogy. I figured Jezal was a goner, but Scale's demise at his nephew's hands was great. I want to imagine Bayaz having staged all of the events in the story to place Savine, as oldest heir of Jezal, on the thrown. Throws in the uprising in Vallbeck and subsequent suppression to harm Orso's reputation in the Union. Starts another war in the North to bring fame to Leo and provide a rival to Orso. Getting Savine under his wing also hurts Glokta. I'm thinking maybe Bayaz is the owl in Rikke's prophecy.
  3. Jeeves

    An Evil Name

    Jon is another baby resulting from a wildling man taking a winterfell maiden to bed. Mance Rayder got Lyanna with child.
  4. Jeeves

    What if elia and children survive

    The difference will be little to none. Their titles would be taken away for sure. They will live as prisoners at best. Robert will still have the throne.
  5. He had no reason to. Catelyn is what, pushing 35 now. She could choose to stay unmarried.
  6. frenin

    Jaime as the Golden Lion

    He took arms against them, the moment he led the siege, how is not take an army into his ancestral seat, taking arns against them?? That's a loophole not even Jaime cares to think about. I din't know, but it's pretty much contradictory your assestment isn't it, or do you think Cat was thinking in possible loophones when he made Jaime swear that oath?? We don't really know in what context was made that oath, for all we know it's an oath of eternal devotion?? Do you really think that oaths are a shield that protects us the our responsability?? Saying that Jaime swore an oath to Cersei therefore he had to keep banging her even with the white cloak up on his arms, is exactly the same Barri B and the rest of white cloacks sycophants did with Aerys. At the end, Jaime keeps keeping those oaths he finds convenient and keep ignoring the parts of those oaths he don't truly like or can't do.
  7. A jealous Tyrion running a knife through Dany's heart is something I would find far more believable than Jon Snow doing it. Given the way that D & D seemed to get a kick out of sniping at Kit Harrington, over his height and penis length, I wouldn't be surprised if this was another of their "jokes".
  8. Rippounet

    What shouldn't be done...about climate change

    It's a ridiculously bad PR strategy. But then, the actual problem is that we're still at the stage where we have to think in terms of PR. It it were me I would consider hitting the current system where it really hurts, but that would quickly be labeled terrorism...
  9. Yeah, I can see that, too. Books he gets extremely bitter when pretty women reject him, and we know he's murdered one already. "There is no sign of" many things until they tell you. And what they did often changes, or why they did it, or even what they did at all. As for stabbing, all I can think of is Juliet stabbing herself because Romeo is dead. And that was just tragic, he wouldn't have wanted her to do that.
  10. honeyed chicken

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    I'm slow on the uptake, what is the "bolded names thing"? If it's about getting sentences and pics in more quickly, I can accomplish that without public shaming by sending a pm.
  11. Red Tiger

    Comics Phase Fourteen

    I don't understand this. Jean gave Emma a beer, other than that I don't see how she's romantically involved with Scott or any of them in this story, anymore.
  12. To be fair Leo doesn't have much firsthand evidence of the obviousness of hw extreme Stour is and is also a bit stupid. I mean, there's a reason Rikke is so angry with him, coz he just dismisses her account coz no-one's opinion matters but his own, especially a woman's. Anyway, I agree with those who think there's more to Stour than meets the eye, even if at this stage it's largely because this is an Abercrombie book so there usually is. He feels like a PoV for book 2, where we'll discover he's actually ragingly insecure.
  13. rotting sea cow

    Harrenhal's tourney, then what?

    Ok, that's make sense Yes. What is true for a king will be also true for a lord. It would open a big can of worms. Certainly true. Aerys was still sane enough to understand power politics. In any case, Rhaegar seemed to show much more promise than Dareon the Good. If the other half are indiferent or do not intervene, half is sufficient. But overall I agree Important statement, see below. fully agree. Having an Aegon V again would have been among the worst nightmares for many a lord. I agree too. If the North (or Vale) wanted to be independ, nothing prevent them to become so. The IT would need to drag half the forces of the Realm to make them bend the knee again. Just see how Dorne resisted for a long time and the Targaryens had dragons then. What certainly the "Southrons ambitions" attemped is to create a power bloc strong enough that certain policies from the crown would be difficult to implement. Basically, prevent an Aegon the Unlikely born again. However, at the same time, the interregional marriages likely weakened the standings of these lords within their respective regions. We see - for example - Lady Dustin resetment because she couldn't get married into the Starks and even Bolton making a crucial marriage to increase his clout. See also Walder Frey and his continuing attemp to marry into the Tullys. Etc. Why not? You need to put this in context. It is not a random tourney we are talking about. It is a high stake meeting that might decide the future of Westeros. Probably all lords present were prompted what was about. They went there knowing that afterwards a new king (or regent as you point out) might be proclamed. They are putting their lands and heads at stake if something goes awry. They were expected to shout for Rhaegar once he crowns his wife and then the prince they are supposed to proclaim does a crazy random act, they certainly started wondering whether it is indeed a good idea and whether Rhaegar is indeed better than his father (see reasons above) ETA: Not for nothing we get that "moment when all the smiles died"
  14. Also like to add I feel that at this point, The Book of Dust is far ahead of His Dark Materials in terms of retaining the overall quality of the trilogy. IMHO, HDM started falling apart in the second book, if not structurally, then thematically.
  15. mormont

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    There's no legal text, it hasn't been approved by the European or UK Parliaments, and the DUP have said they can't support it. But yes, there is a deal.
  16. Today
  17. Aldarion

    George Martin and scale

    Because it is much bigger and much more dispersed than Britain and Europe. There are not enough cities and population density in Westeros to support societal and more importantly technological level we are witnessing there. They have technology of late 14th or even 15th century - sans gunpowder - yet urbanization level is closer to 10th century and population density closer to Dark Ages Europe. And in fact it makes perfect sense for North to have not moved past chain / maille armour for its troops, as it is too sparsely populated to develop enough for plate armour (so any plate armour you see in the North should be imported). Problem is, at urbanization levels we are witnessing, nobody should have full plate armour. 15th century Hungary and Croatia were sparsely populated compared to Western Europe, but they imported plate armour from Germany and Italy. Now, these are just impression, so I am going to check whether I am wrong about the above. Seven Kingdoms have 40 million people at maybe 3 600 000 square miles (eyeballed, but confirmed here). If we remove North, which is some 1,2 million square miles and 4 million people, we get 36 million people and 2,4 million square miles, for 15 people per square mile. England in 1500 had population of 3 million at 50 345 square miles, for 60 people per square mile. Hungary in 1500 had population density of 30 people per square mile - and it was one of the countries which imported plate armour from abroad (Croatian nobles imported it from Italy and Austria, Hungarian nobles from Austria and Germany IIRC). Ottoman Empire had population density similar to Hungary, but it never fielded full-plate armour, and in any case had significantly different societal and political organization (stolen from late Byzantine Empire, it had little in common with European feudalism). At any rate, for a (relatively) highly technological society such as Westeros to function, you have to have cities. Westeros is an early modern society, not Medieval one, yet population density is closer to Dark Ages than to Renaissance. It should have urbanization rate similar to Byzantine Empire at least - 10 to 15% - and more likely closer to higher end of the scale. But highest estimate for urban population I found is cca 3 million, which is much less than 10%. Higher urbanization would actually reduce population density, so it could fall to well below 10 per square mile. If Westeros is similar to England of 1500, then total population should be 144 million people in the south, or 72 million if we take Hungary (which is waaay too low). North should then have 16 million people (or 8 million for Hungary estimate), for total Westeros population of either 160 million or 80 million. This means that standing, professional forces of Westeros should be at least 800 000 for whole of Westeros. So yeah. Martin should be writing about half-naked barbarians fighting against, at most, fryd militia. NOT the half-professional banderial armies clad in plate armour.
  18. Jace, Basilissa

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    So he was basically unemployed then?
  19. Elijah Cummings passed away. Politically, he was the chair of the House Oversight Committee.
  20. Agreed on a lot of points. To add to that:
  21. Heartofice

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    I see White Smoke. There is a deal.
  22. cyberdirectorfreedom

    Jaime as the Golden Lion

    ...no? Pretty sure I made a direct reference to that. Had they not capitulated, he would have done something to break his oath. As they did capitulate, he needn't have taken up arms against them. Oath not broken. Unless you think that Jaime swore to keep the Tully in their ancestral seat. Fascinating. Who knew? Do you truly think that was what Jaime swore to Cersei? That he'd love her forever, in a platonic and brotherly manner? I don't. Or do you think that oaths should be about their exact words, regardless of context and intended meaning? I don't. Is it his duty to go and fight a trial by combat? I think not. Also, it amuses me to note, Jaime only accompanied Brienne because he wanted to assure the safety of Sansa, so as to uphold his oath to Catelyn.: "My lord, you gave me a quest." "The girl. Have you found her?" "I have," said Brienne, Maid of Tarth. "Where is she?" "A day's ride. I can take you to her, ser … but you will need to come alone. Elsewise, the Hound will kill her." He also left with her after his other duties (which is to say, to pacify the Riverlands) were taken care of. Perhaps the argument could be made that he ought to have returned to King's Landing to report back before undertaking other tasks, but it doesn't seem fair to judge him harshly for choosing to go with Brienne. That's hardly a surprise, is it? For decades, she's been the most important person to him, he built his entire life around her. He'd have to be a callous person indeed to completely disregard her. You're saying he should have kept it, then? Jaime didn't steal it, and returning lost property seems a good thing to me, so... I'm not really sure how this doesn't count in Jaime's favour. As to the rest, I am in complete agreement with @Lyanna<3Rhaegar. Which is a surprising turn of events, heh. I agree. It's only a negative if you do it in the manner of, say, King Robert, who is already ruling and therefore lets his kingdom go to rot. Better to have a ruler who actually wants to rule, I'd say. (Well, hopefully they're halfway competent, too. Perhaps King Robert was doomed either way, heh.)
  23. Bittersweet Distractor

    Electric Cars - Advise?

    Sorry to hear about the demise of your trusty Corolla . I’m no expert on the Leaf, Pebble would no doubt be the one to ask as I know she owns one and has been very happy with it. I just wanted to mention there is a new version of the Renault Zoe but I’m not sure if you’re based in the US or Europe as I’m not sure if it’s available in the US. It looks like a really good car with decent range : https://www.renault.co.uk/vehicles/new-vehicles/zoe.html I also agree with Pebble about getting the 7.5 kw charger I’ve had one put in and it charges up my Model S overnight which has a much larger battery than the Leaf without issue. @Pebble thats Stubby I did try to top up at a public charger the other day but didn’t have the right app so decided to head home as I did have 18% charge left. Did you find you needed to register with a few different charging companies just in case?, I haven’t done so yet but think it’s probably a good idea to as a backup. I can use the Tesla supercharger network without issue unfortunately they’re only likely to get used on a road trip as there are none near me.
  24. Jace, Basilissa

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    It's the same wishful thinking that had actual adults thinking/campaigning/hoping that the Electoral College wouldn't vote to empower the orange bastard. People actually sent money. American dollars. U.S. currency! To Jill Stein's recount scam. Never discount the capacity for self delusion.
  25. Enough with the worrying about Pence stuff. It was the same ridiculous thing with Cheney. If the President of the United States is removed or forced to resign from office within a year of his prospective reelection, then his party is going to lose that election. Full Stop. The Senate would be well in play at that point. Everybody seems to be ignoring the ramifications of such a tectonic type of shift in the electorate for such a thing to happen.
  26. Heartofice

    What shouldn't be done...about climate change

    Its a huge misreading of their audience and a very good way to turn people against you.
  27. Wolfgang I

    What shouldn't be done...about climate change

    Disrupting the tube? Wtf. Around here they prefer disrupting non-puplic transport. The Fridays for Future ppl around here avoid disrupting puplic transport, as much as possible for a protest, too from my experince.
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