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  2. ARYa_Nym

    Arya the Explorer

    It's Nymeria who kills her "cousins". I doubt she would kill Summer or Ghost. Arya doesn't warg her all the time and the times she did wasn't when Nymeria was killing them for doing that. I would say Nymeria doesn't want them because she's a direwolf and her grey cousins aren't the same as a direwolf. She won't see one as an alpha.
  3. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    Jack Gleeson was pretty good as Joffrey. Overall the show had some great acting in it.
  4. Aldarion

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    Eh, Bran's role is to sit there looking dopey and talk nonsense. Which is quite ideal if you are looking to install a puppet king and do what you want, now that I think about it. Basically, Bran is a figurehead, and you will have seven kingdoms as de facto independent states since King's Landing under Bran's rule will hold no power. </sarcasm> OTOH, is he plays it right, his know-it-all power could also mean that he will be extraordinarily strong ruler. Remember what I said about castle being a base of operations? Holding the castle does not mean just sitting inside it. That being said, if Edmure really was aware that Tywin was merely trying to cross back to Westerlands (as in, away from fighting), then yes, his actions were idiotic.
  5. If it was an accident then that would make Jon Snow appear overly judgemental. They needed to make it look as if Jon and Tyrion are 100 percent justified in killing her. You are being asked to sympathise with a man who murders a formerly beloved character. I think Dany should have only attacked the Red Keep in a fit of rage. Not the people in the city. She forgave Jorah. Dany does understand that people can change and that people can come to love you. I refuse to believe the character would forget this. Then, I think if the show insists on the breaking the wheel part she should have said she would abolish serfdom and give the land to the peasants. This would add some grey to the situation. Are the Starks just reactionary nobles guarding their vaunted status. I mean it really says something that they demonise Dany for having the notion of changing the world. Then make light of a noble comparing the peasants to his dog.
  6. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    Are the starks finished?

    Cley Cerwyn would seem to be the obvious choice for her. But really she needs a second son
  7. Eltharion21

    A proposed rewriting of the last seasons/books

    I take my word back with apology , this would be infinitely better than what we got, insert Planet of Apes Damn you scene here ;(
  8. R. Strongolem

    *SPOILERS* Prophecies fulfilled?

    Which ASOIAF prophecies, visions and prophetic dreams do you think came to really happen in GoT, now that it's finally over? And which ones you think didn't?
  9. I cannot remember that final episode. I remember getting tired of Flint's constant sermonizing about having the only vision and plan that everyone else would just have to follow on faith, and I recall how the various plot points concluded. But I don't recall the final episode itself.
  10. AryaNymeriaVisenya

    Arya the Explorer

    Its always about family. I suspect the whole thing about not being mounted is about Arya's own sexuality, she hasn't bled yet
  11. I can't criticize these primary character actors for refusing to go along with the criticisms of GOT, and particularly the final season. They went through 8 grueling years of making this project, right along with all the technicians and other people who make such project possible. Grueling is probably even a light word to describe what they all went through -- together. Yah. 8 / EIGHT YEARS. That's a really long run for tv, generally speaking. And some of the actors like Sophie Turner were barely into adolescence when they began this extended experience, which dominated their lives for over 8 years. They have BONDED, like people who gone through war and battle together for 8 years. They are not about to turn on their leaders. They naturally feel anger about the criticisms, and, very hurt, which is more than understandable.
  12. Ygrain

    Varys Blackfyre hint?

    Yep, this has been noted. Along with theorising that perhaps Varys was castrated as means to end the male line, and a couple of others, like, Varys actively working on bringing the Targs down.
  13. It’s not even through the heart. It’s more towards the right side, and lower than where the heart should be. Maybe the liver, or the inferior lobe of the right lung. In other words, the hackery and sloppiness is so bad that they don’t even know/try to get right exactly where the heart is.
  14. The problem was not with her turn, or even with the speed at which it happened. The problem was that it was insufficiently justified by the plot. Had it happened when Rhaegal fell, perhaps with Jon on his back, thinking she had lost both, maybe as he did something stupid to avoid hurting civilians, it would make sense. Then when after rather than realizing it was a mistake, she realized that was her true self.
  15. I've been thinking back to Stannis and how his burning of Shireen in the show really mirrors Dany's senseless torching of Kings Landing. Both are events I could imagine playing out in some form or another in keeping with the characters' motivations, but instead of exploring those in the show they were used as hyperdrives for the characters to cross the moral event horizon. Both events were so clearly aimed at the viewers' moral sensibilities rather than rooted in the world that it shatters our suspension of disbelief. Back with Stannis I reasoned it was just D&D's dislike for that particular character, but they have truly applied the same formula to Dany now.
  16. She who must be Obeyed

    Arya the Explorer

    It seems to me they all embraced a new pack. Arya has her ship and crew, like Nymeria and her mini wolves, Jon has the wildlings cause he is one of them. His best days were with them and they will be loyal to him and he to them. Bran has the world as his pack - and a new "family" in the capital, proving some Stark men can successfully navigate below the Neck. And then there is Sansa ------ Sansa has finally gotten the family she wanted ----- people who will bow down and kiss her ass, dress her, etc - and since there must be a Stark in Winterfell it might as well be here lame boring ass.
  17. Tyrion1991

    Dany CAN (And Shall???) Rise Again!!!

    Yes I think this and evil Bran is strongly implied. I suspect this leans into the supernatural element of the story. Dany being Rhollor’s chosen and Bran using the green/ice magic to push his influence out. So Bran drove Dany to madness to make Jon kill her; this preventing the Lord of Light from spreading his influence across Westeros.
  18. divica

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    I knew it! Have you noticed how complicated the new method to choose kings is? No heir of a great house can be king. Otherwise one of his siblings becames the head of the house and the sons of the king become nobodies. Then what happens if a king acts to improve the status and power of his familly? who can stop him? People from diferent famillies that control the kingdoms can t marry otherwise the choosing process doesn t work. If a war happens how can the king trust in the great lords? As long as the king dies their familly can rise. And it is much easier to have loyalty to a familly instead of a random person that changes from time to time.
  19. Daemon The Black Dragon

    Use one word to describe the series finale.

  20. Demetri

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    You don't have the moral high ground when you try to discredit someone's postings by making ignorant claims about their education while acting condescending (and simultaneously childlike in your understand) of the same issue that led you to ad hominem. Nice try. Read back through, I only started insulting after you did and that's because I actually like to make good arguments and not masturbatory assertions.
  21. Angel Eyes

    Are the starks finished?

    Who’s left of the Northern nobles? The Boltons, Umbers, Karstarks, and Mormonts are all dead, Manderlys, Cerwyns, Hornwoods and Mazins are non-factors, Glover is an older married man (that’s if he’s still alive). And... that’s it.
  22. Yes, she was reasonable and sympathetic.... to those who were relatable to her [the raped and the enslaved]. That doesn’t make her sympathetic and compassionate to ALL mankind though, as we well witnessed. The only reason that she seemed “unmad” earlier is bc most of her dealings prior to S8 were with people she could relate to. Initially there were always bad men standing in her way and the enslaved to free. Therefore her predilection toward madness was originally hidden behind the facade that her first million murders were of individuals whom nobody will miss. Not to mention, liberated slave lands represent allies, soldiers, and territories.... people whom would stand behind her. However, Westeros isn’t a “slave territory”. There wasn’t relatable population there for her to empathize with, which meant that everyone was fair game in her ultimate pursuit of the throne. I mean, we’ve witnessed it multiple times where she portrays herself unrelatable to the common man. If Dany HAD an army and 3 grown dragons when denied entry into Qarth by the Thirteen, she would’ve madly reduced that entire place to ash just as she claimed she would. Later she was made aware of an innocent life she slayed and displayed zero remorse about it. Dany was a classic raging Narcissist through & through. Even dating back to S1, she’s always been angry, spiteful, hot-headed, entitled, and self-absorbed.... and routinely displayed hostility in her tone of voice & mannerisms. I have no idea why anyone would want Jon to occupy the throne during a time of peace either. He was mostly just a unifier, a rallier of the troops, and when it came to actual kingly duties, he always preferred to engage in tasks elsewhere. Sansa was the one who performed most of his obligations.
  23. There's nothing wrong with having Daenerys putting Kings Landing to the torch and massacring its inhabitants - if you've established by Season 8 that that is the sort of thing she would do. But, you can't credibly pull that off with someone who until Episode 70 is a flawed heroine, with a cruel streak, but no crueler than the norm for the show's world.
  24. Demetri

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    You're unbelievable. AGAIN, we're talking about FEMINISM in a MEDIEVAL culture. The thread itself forces anachronistic conceptions. Secondly, how dense are you? The real life legal concept it derives from isn't some random act of luck or fortune, it is a system that inherently makes sense. If I really have to explain to you how all the lords and kings of Westeros have always relied on common law then you need to excuse yourself. And I don't need to ask my teachers. I'm the only one, of the two of us, who has any knowledge of the field. The teachers have already taught me this. Furthermore, I have quoted Supreme Court Justices, Supreme Court cases, respected legal scholars etc who all agree with me and my teachers. You're just so wrong that I wonder how you get by in life. Oh, and remember that the point of the thread is a "real life" concept much like common law! I do feel bad that you don't understand it, but you can't find anything at all that agrees with you. I've provided reams of supporting evidence while you repeat assertions in your echo chamber while 7 PEOPLE DISAGREE WITH YOU. And I'm the one with mental illness...Right. You're not the policeman of this thread, and you digressed WAYYY before I did (in fact, your silly posts prompted me to say something). Go be aggressively wrong somewhere else. And please, please, please, actually research the shit you say because you sound really uneducated when you can't find a single authoritative source to support you. It's like talking to an especially dim wall.
  25. I think it makes you question your limits. Her murder of Miri was very grey considering what Drogo did. If Miri should have been killed for her actions then surely Dany should be killed for killing all those people she thought were evil? Why is Dany justified but Miri not? Dany watched her own brother killed when Jorah told her to look away. Again, that was grey. He was her only family. He made huge sacrifices to keep them both alive. He was also abusive. He sold her to Drogo but that is no different that Rickard selling Lyanna to Robert. Women are objects in their world. Then you have the crucified slave masters, at random. No hesitation to get the real culprits, no trials, just random retribution. Then there is the concept of a slavemaster and whether owning slaves is enough to make you a monster. We see a slave who wanted to go back to the family that owned him before. If you live in a world where this is the norm and has been the norm for thousands of years that is your normal. Its very easy to be an outsider and make judgement. That master she fed to her dragons to scare other masters turned out to be innocent. She did not care. She watched. Think of Hizdahr, this woman has his dad murdered, threatens to have him eaten by monsters and then forces him to marry her. These are very grey areas that we reduce to black and white and in the end so does Daenerys. In the final scene she is fetishising Aegon's 'enemies' and thinks of so many killed with delight. We know Aegon's 'enemies' did nothing to Aegon but get in between him and his dream of a united 7 kingdoms. Daenerys' 'enemies' are the same, anyone who contradicts her worldview for she is right in all things.
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