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  2. I have defended Dany many times on this forum and I was wrong. If anything it makes the books more interesting as we will have access to her POV and get know how she thinks and feels as she becomes more of a villain. Grrm has done a great job presenting her as a sympathetic character.
  3. Werthead

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    The Total War one is pretty good, although it's based on Medieval II so a somewhat older game. Still excellent.
  4. Got was bad in places and good in others. Lots of wtf and head shaking that I had watched 8 seasons for this ending. There were a few really good bits in it though that made you remember how good the show had been. My favourite finish to a series is definately Person of Interest. That show is one I keep going back to and it's just as good over and over again.
  5. Yep. The Iron Islands conquered and unified the Riverlands, their king were the Hoares and their capital was Harrenhal. When Aegon I conquered Westeros and exterminated the Hoares, the Tullies sided with the Targaryen, so Aegon made them Lords Paramount of the Riverlands, but he split the Iron Islands from the Riverlands and allowed them to choose a new king among their own... You know, it is funny how so many people who all "Hooray! Independence for the North!" are so in favor of starting a new hegemony with Winterfell at its head... they want Sansa to rule not just the North, but also the Iron Islands, the Riverlands and the Vale, and that makes no sense...
  6. Talking about Faith of the Seven. From Tyrion get two passages of The seven pointed star that seem to be part of the Andal creation myth. This is the first one The girl provided by the Maid matches the description of Tyene Sand whose eyes are also deep blue pools and is described as otherworldy Somehow related: Tyrion takes the name Hugor Hill when he is aboard the Shy Maid
  7. Looks like HBO is anxious to move us on to the prequel. Just noticed they have a teaser out today.
  8. Well, whatever you say. As for me, doing it and talking about it are entirely separate matters. Also, my Daenerys view is a little bit trapped in the books.
  9. In the case of 3) the Yunkish are lobbing incendiary bombs into Meereen and the Great Pyramid. I'm pretty sure I would be saying much the same in her position. In any case, show don't say, is the best way of doing it.
  10. sweetsunray

    Arya the Explorer

    Yes, that is what I infer too. Arya isn't sexually mature yet, nor has she had her menstruation yet. With Arya in Braavos and with the FM, George needed various ways to show that Arya's sexually maturing, but not there yet. He does that through Nym fighting off any wolf trying to mount her, and her fangirly interest in any gossip about the courtesans of Braavos.
  11. Talking about it and doing it are very different things. Threats are just a tool of statecraft. Nuking cities is a tool of evil. Your last paragraph is not about Daenerys, it's about a much broader subject. Too broad for me to be interested in getting into, but I'll just say I think you're giving "means vs. ends" short shrift.
  12. Cmon now, it’s INCREDIBLY APPARENT that she’s already “done it big” in her own mind many times over. 1) Qarth would’ve been ash if she had an army. That’s just obvious. 2) She’s already mentally pictured what will happen to the lands of the individuals who wrong her when telling Jorah, “We will take back what was stolen from me and destroy those who have wronged me; we will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground!” 3) Then she obviously mentally pictured [during the fighting pits scene] what will happen to Meereen should it disobey her— “I will crucify the masters. I will set their fleets afire. I will kill every last one of their soldiers and return their cities to the dirt. That is my PLAN”. Now, obviously a city returned to the dirt implies all of its innocent civilians along with it. Her capacity for madness has been there all along.
  13. ARYa_Nym

    Arya the Explorer

    Thanks. That aligns with the show. They did revisit earlier in Season 8 and then they went on different paths.
  14. Hmm, I also somehow just assumed they are intelligent, since from other stories or mythology they are portrayed as intelligent beings - but why didn't the show emphasize that, is beyond me. Drogon, did, however make an intelligent choice at the end.
  15. sweetsunray

    Arya the Explorer

  16. And, if we get TWOW, I expect that's the way she'll go. I'd expect her invasion of Western Essos to be hell on earth for many of the inhabitants. So, her burning down Kings Landing will be unforced.
  17. OP I am not sure if GRRM fully did his homework on medieval England in the late 15th century. You already had Magna Carta, the rule of law in the form of English Common Law, technically the first Parliament was in 1215. Westeros is absurdly backwards as a medieval Kingdom where every dispute is settled by brigandage and duels. BTW I think people misunderstand that the first medieval parliaments were really just large councils of nobles to advise the king. Later becoming representatives and then a slowly broadening franchise. So they could move in that direction. However the problem with Westeros, IMO, is feudalism and the over mighty subjects. However, readers rightly point to independence and democracy because GRRM is from the 20th century which prejudices him enormously against any kind of centralising state. So he sprinkles this attitude into his novels. However comparing the ramshackle apparatus of an Early Modern absolutist monarchy (what replaces feudalism) to a totalitarian state is a bit of a stretch in my opinion. By modern standards there is no state bureaucracy in Westeros and the result is total anarchy. This is not good. When people’s way of settling disputes is setting fire to things and banditry you know something ain’t right.
  18. Late to the Game

    The "council" was simply a rubber stamp

    Why are we assuming the purpose of the council was to choose a new king/queen? The concept wasn't even introduced until Tyrion told Grey Worm he didn't get to decide what became of Jon. And everyone acted like the thought had never occurred to them.
  19. KingintheNorth4

    What's For Dinner, Take 7

    Rigatoni pasta.
  20. Stick ‘em with the pointy end. Dracarys? And I mean the pointy end and Dracarys of my WORDS, I’m not saying anything more than that.
  21. sweetsunray

    Arya the Explorer

    It was a hearsay tweet: a friend of an alleged gendrya fanfic writer asked George about Gendrya (in some fashion, we don't even know what was asked) and allegedly he immediately shot Gendrya down and said they had different paths. And the fanfic writer was heartbroken. One of the problem is that we do not have an actual transcript of the literal question by that friend. The second is that George is very coy about the fate of almost all his characters, but certainly his main characters, and would say something along the lines of "keep reading". The third is that he hates fanfic. To a Jonarya fan though he mentioned that he would revisit "them" [Gendry and Arya]. At the time she asked, George did not know she was a Jonarya fan, but from the transcript I personally have, it's clear that George initially had the impression that she asked after Gendry and Arya for romance-plot reasons. He smiled and then said he would revisit them. She then went on to ask about Arya's flowering, which he confirmed to occur soon, but also reminding her that both Arya and Gendry are still very young. This fan asked, because she sought confirmation of the hearsay claim you cite above. So, they will be revisited in a romantic sense, but the ultimate outcome of that is left open, and I would highly doubt that George would reveal characters' romantic final outcome after two books of romantic set-up in the way that tweet claimed.
  22. mormont

    UK Politics: Awaiting MV3

    It's perhaps a little redundant, because I think almost no-one who reads this thread is actually going to vote Brexit Party, and so few of the people who vote for awful parties care if they have awful candidates, but perhaps some of you might have relatives who can be shown this to sway their vote: https://medium.com/@SJHolloway/this-is-everything-i-discovered-about-all-of-the-brexit-party-mep-candidates-2a59f8f850c5 It goes on. I didn't realise Paul Nuttall, whose coming was foretold, was now a Brexit Party guy but that makes total sense.
  23. Plenty of opportunities. We could have seen women and children being butchered at Astapor: or she might have made good on her threat in Episode 9 of Season 6 and actually razed Yunkai to the ground; or she could have executed Yunkish prisoners on the spot. On coming to Westeros, we might have seen her conduct a chevauchee into territory held by Cersei, or burning down a town under her control. Each act could have been justified by military necessity, or handwaved away as collateral damage, or for the greater good, but would have been evidence of mounting brutality. Up until the nuking of Kings Landing, she's not been presented as any more cruel than any other of the main protagonists. Then she becomes Adolf Hitler (Emilia Clarke actually says that).
  24. That is just what I was squinting at and rewatching as well. I was like, "dude, that's the solar plexus." Showrunners. What'cha gonna do with them
  25. ARYa_Nym

    Arya the Explorer

    I don't know that Sansa will reject her suitors like Nymeria though. The future of House Stark relies on her now. If she has no heirs the house is done and she knows this.
  26. kissdbyfire

    Arya the Explorer

    That’s in the books, and even there Martin said she will flower “soon”. Show wise she’s had sex and seemed to enjoy it. And I say, good for her.
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