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  2. SeanF

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    The thing is, if we get TWOW, I think she will do some atrocious things in Essos. In ADWD, she's spent an entire book trying to conciliate the upper classes of Meereen, and she concludes at the end it's all been a waste of time. She remembers her house words, Fire and Blood. But, in the show, we're left having to fill in the blanks.
  3. Interesting interview from Mike Schur by Sepinwall. Worth a read.
  4. The show might have done something interesting if they showed how Cersei was mercilessly killing anyone who dissented and spending her time quelling riots while Dany was obsessing about her battle strategy, e.g. Cersei will appear more powerful from the outside, and a more realistic aftermath of the sept would have also given Lena something to do as an actress beyond stare out the window. Then it would turn out that beating Cersei was really easy, and Dany, being frustrated that the battle is over so quickly torches the city.
  5. Lady Rhodes

    Heresy 222 vindication

    How interesting. What a connection! Great question. If we continue with this line of thought, I am thinking that Jon (who either Ned or Lyanna's has Stark blood) may be doing it. If it is linked to emotions, his feelings toward "Arya" being married to Ramsey Bolton may be causing it. What would be interesting, and we really didn't get to explore in Dance, is if at the beginning of Winds, does the storm dissipate since Jon is dead? Will it resurge if he is resurrected? Interesting. I took it to refer to the pyramids in Meereen. It is so sad when this happens. It is no secret that I am more conventional than most here, but I always try to disagree respectfully. I would argue that both sides (heretics and conventionalists, for lack of a better descriptor) have tendencies to disregard textual support that may be counter to their own theories. Though certainly not all posters fall in these categories. I have always found you delightful to discuss with, even when we disagree! Interesting thought! I would agree with @Feather Crystalas well that iron is some sort of ward. I think it will be of importance later that Bran, Hodor, Rickon and Osha took some swords from the crypts. I can only speak for myself, but I am of the opinion that some of those plot points will happen, but in different ways or in a different order. For instance, I think that the battle against the Others will occur after the burning of KL - which I don't think will be because of Cersei, but Daenerys attacking Aegon and Arianne.
  6. sologdin

    Scott Lynch's Thorn of Emberlain is Completed

    kickass. good for him.
  7. You missed the point according to your previous sayings: and actually Jon replies to you: So he insisted in going despite the fact that she tried to stop him. She made her effort. What else do you suggest that she would do? Put him in a dungeon and chain him for the rest of his life?
  8. Wolfbynature

    The "Val" Option, Jon´s alternative to the Iron Throne?

    Sorry Freerider, but your "evidence" is based on metaphysics. There are no concrete signs that things are going in this direction. And what should a Stark - Stark alliance be good for? Either Sansa marries someone for love or for power. The union with Jon would server neither purpose.
  9. A Horse Named Stranger

    UK Politics: Awaiting MV3

    It's the elections for the EU parliament. So basically which Brits are going to sit there. The election span over several days. The UK is voting today. Germany will be voting on Sunday. Results are announced on monday. If you are interested what the EU parliament actually does. Are your question(s) answered to a satisfactory level?
  10. Lord Stackspear

    Jon killing Dany doesn’t work for me

    With all respect, I think you’re connecting the dots that the show did not connect. They could have, but they chose not to. The questionable/debatable moral decisions Dany made over the seasons are no more brutal, ruthless, or megalomaniacal than actions taken by Jon, Arya, or Sansa over the course of the show. Give me a single decision Dany has made over the course of the show (or books) the provides any support for the idea that she has struggled with or been tempted to commit anything close to being considered mass genocide of thousands of innocent people, particularly after having just achieved a victory and fear of the people (as was her stated goal). I just don’t see it. As a result, the only logical explanation you can come up with for her decision to commit mass genocide followed by the the principles she exhorted to Jon before her death, IMO, is a psychotic break. According to the show runners, it is largely because of her genetic lineage that she has been unable to escape. There are many ways D&D could have told a story where Dany turns in a grey manner - heck, just have Rhaegal or Missandei live until the bells are rung, and then one of them die, and then she burns the city - still evil and wrong, but you can make sense of it in some way other than a psychotic break. I still don’t think that would have been the best story, but I could buy it.
  11. Jeyne Jeyne

    Gendry King's Landing King

    There's another one of Gendry's ancestors who married above his social class. The one who married a god's daughter. A combination of Gendry's name meaning and those two distinct ancestors of his point to Gendry eventually marrying above his social class as well or maybe becoming legitimized.
  12. Jon when north of the wall has things going pretty well for him. The more south he gets the worse things go. Excepting that whole killed in a mutiny thing. Jon Snow (Stark?, Targaryen, whatever) - Jon of the many last names is back. Jon, want to be Lord Commander? Again? So you can all stab me in the back? Nope. I'm a ranger. I'll be ranging.
  13. rotting sea cow

    Population of planetos after the events of ASOIAF

    Well, it would depend of different events. - Euron has taken a big fraction of the male population of the Iron Islands to war. Very few will ever return. - Will King's Landing go kaboom when Dany attacks? then proportionally Crowlands will lose a very high fraction of the population. - Will JonCon greyscale trigger a plague in the Stormlands? - Which other catastrophes awaits to other regions in Westeros? Otherwise, yes, the North and the Riverlands will continue to shoulder most of the population losses In Essos, yes, Slaver's Bay will decline severely and Dany will take a big fraction of Dothraki to Westeros.
  14. The Baelish Mockingbird

    Anyone Going To Watch The Prequel Series

    I'm almost 100% certain that everyone who actively decided to make an account on this site specifically designed to talk about A Song of Ice and Fire will probably watch the show, even if they didn't like the 8th season.
  15. KuwabaraTheMan

    Varys Blackfyre hint?

    Yes, I'm not saying that the Targaryens actually know anything about the secrets. I'm saying that the line is a hint from GRRM that Varys has Targaryen heritage. Not because there any actual connection between the two, but as a kind of subtle little hint of throwing that line in the very same chapter we meet the one character in the main series who seems to know everything about the secrets of the Red Keep.
  16. JNR

    Heresy 222 vindication

    We can only wait and see. However, he has a much stronger motive to finish TWOW now than he's ever had before. This is presumably not a situation he wants to have to endure for one day longer than he has to: people literally laughing at the piss-poor quality of a show they are also confident spoiled all the important points of his last two books. Really, some of us have been laughing all along. Back in season four, many were awed when Night King touched a baby's face with a fingernail. But I was objecting that a newborn baby would never, ever survive weeks of travel to the uttermost north, cradled as it was next to a Popsicle, never being breastfed, exposed directly to the elements, etc... all to reach a Dark Lord who simply does not even exist in the books. So GRRM, I am sure, would like to redeem himself and his work from the connection to that kind of trash, because the world has finally realized it's trash. We'll see if he does.
  17. How was Jon going to leave? Of course he needs her permission. Did you forget that Jon had been under house arrest since he got to Dragonstone and Dany took away his weapons and ship? He had no way of leaving unless she allowed it. Was he going to swim to the wall? Why is Sansa always blamed for the decisions of others? And I blame Dany and Tyrion equally, just for the record. Tyrion's divided loyalties put in motion a sequence of events that resulted in mass casualties and it started in S7. And I blame Bran/3ER way more than either Dany or Tyrion. The real Little Finger in the last 2 Seasons was Bran/3ER. Jon, even if legitimate, doesn't come before Sansa. Do you even know the rules of succession? The male line comes before the female line. Jon only gets Winterfell if all of Ned's children are dead. Look it up. Sansa is aware of those rules, hence the first thing she tells Bran is that he is Lord of Winterfell. He abdicated so Sansa was next in line. Plenty of people cared in S6. Neither Sansa nor Jon could get the Northern houses to join them because the Boltons in the show were actually good liege lords. They drove the Ironborn out of the North and helped them get back their castles and lands. So why wouldn't they see Roose and Ramsey as the true Lord? I'm sorry but you really don't know how it works, do you? King Robb died, his reign ended with him and he had no successors. In the books there is a will that makes Jon Robb's heir, so if Jon becomes King then Edmure is bound to Jon. The will is not in the show, Robb had no heirs in the show. When the North voted for Jon to be King, that started a new line of succession and Jon was only made King by the North. Edmure was in prison so no way for him to swear fealty to the new King. He is no longer KitN (bend the knee to Dany) but Sansa would have supported him as such again should he not get any punishment. Bran is not his heir because Bran is neither Jon's child nor did Jon make a will that proclaimed Bran his heir. And Sansa was the figurehead in the North in both S7 (Jon made her Regent) and in S8 they seemed to have kept that going probably because all the action took place in WF. It wasn't just the Unsullied. Since you apparently didn't pay attention, Yara wanted his head too. So probably did the Prince of Dorne and anyone else that had sworn themselves to Dany. The Unsullied were only a part of the problem.
  18. Tywin et al.

    U.S. Politics: You Didn't Think It Would Be So Easy, Did You?

    Say what now BIRD!? I’m going to have to pay even more for my sweatshop Jordans? This is absurd! This is America damn it! Tell those other kids with them pumped up kicks that they better run, out run my gun!
  19. I agree w/all of this. When she locked up her dragons and basically forgot about them, never tried to seek any information on how to train them, never visited them, is when I finally turned against her and started rooting for Drogon to eat her or for her to otherwise fail at her quest. She was never fit to rule.
  20. Tywin et al.

    U.S. Politics: You Didn't Think It Would Be So Easy, Did You?

    It seems you got what you wanted. Every media source I frequent has panned Trump for his obviously staged performance.
  21. The old thread is closed so I'll start this one. Per Scott's Twitter account: IMPORTANT NOTE. Please read. *Ahem.* Yes, I have completed a draft of THORN which will now go to my editors for consideration and planning. This is not a formal announcement of a release date. There will not be such an announcement for a while yet. Please stay tuned!
  22. Actually, now that you mention it, I think it was, kinda. Didn’t strike me then but there was a black flag with the three headed red dragon hanging on the wall I think.
  23. Ooops… Damn I feel dumber than Dumber himself now…
  24. He was going through a Holden Caufield phase then flying around the Dothraki sea. Torching KL was his 'nam tour of duty, now he's gone full hippie
  25. Yeah, my first thought when Martin mentioned unicorns was instantly that he'd going to flip the concept on its head and their gonna be mean sons-a-bitches that everyone is terrified of. I had a story I wrote when I was in my twenties where the saying, "the unicorns are coming" would send the commoners running for the keeps because they knew they couldn't stand up to them. And the unicorns would smash down brick walls with ease. Something along those lines should fit right into Martin's universe.
  26. T and A

    The aftermatch of the decision made by D&D

    He is better than D&D, and a fan of the books.
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