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  2. NonoNono

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    It was all what it was supposed to be so that the BR could be king.
  3. How in the fuck did Tyrion, in shackles, and about to be executed, nominate Bran for king, get to vote and then proclaim him King of mother fucking Westeros?!?!
  4. Tom8983

    The Wall

    Because only a small section of it was destroyed, at Eastwatch. There's a few hundred miles of it that wasn't destroyed.
  5. I know, all put together, the ruling and governing arrangements just seems off, weird.
  6. Here is what happened in a nutshell... D&D messed up and made it seem as if Jaime raped Cersei so to wash their hands of that they gave her human emotions and a few bricks as the valonqar D&D messed up and had Sansa raped and tortured as her primary arc, to make up for that she is the Queen in the North D&D had no fucking clue what Bran's entire arc was as well as the whole other existential threat, so to make up for that he is the King of everything. D&D thought "It's always Jon, it didn't feel right" so they left him with nothing The End hope you enjoyed wasting 8 years of your life for this shite
  7. Toft

    EasterCon 2019 - Heathrow

    (Are you going to MCM Expo or something? That's where I'll be later on during those evenings.) Basically, my plans wouldn't have had me here this coming weekend but they've been adjusted and so if you feel like meeting up then let's do so! I have watched the episode and in the spirit of this forum, I offer no comment. BUT I WANT TO COMMENT :-p So to anyone else in London who wants to just sit and chat about all that has happened: do join in.
  8. They might unfuck back again. And it makes no difference because Jon gives up his birthright as king when he joins the NW. Bran knows full well that he has in fact made Jon King beyond the wall. I thought the previous goodbye strongly suggested that it would not be the last. All the Starks got an opportunity for a spin off you mean. Yup. I have been predicting that for a while. The tell was 'why we don't know'. The gift is south of the wall and they are going north. Well there is the whole doom of valyria to sort out... Greyworm can't do anything without orders. There is no nights watch left. Jon is the only member. That is because it would be a spoiler for the book. Try Aegon Sand. Brandon Stark's son. A Dayne/Stark, not a Targarean at all.
  9. TheFirstofHerName

    [Spoilers] Episode 806 Discussion

    That is the way I interpreted the scene too.
  10. Plot holes bigger than our pot holes here in WV. That's impressive. This finale just doesn't feel like a finale. Sigh....
  11. Unsullied and Dothraki multiplied to do a feminazi salute. Notice the subtle Nazi imagery. The dialogue was absolutely terrible. Dany wanted to break the wheel but now there are 2 wheels on the throne. So being a cripple is a better story than diyng and being ressurected? And leading humanity against Death itself? I challenge you to name all the people in that counsil of Lords. The Unsullied will all die in Naath because of the butterflies. Why didn't Davos just call him Greyworm? Lol "Go to the Reach and start your own House", he said to the Eunuch.
  12. Either that, or the show shows how Jon plans to deal with the unsullied and Dothraki after he has assassinated Dany.
  13. StoneColdJorahMormont

    Discussing Sansa - The Last One: Queen In The North!!!

    Well that's what I was saying..she would marry and the man would take her name ? Bran has shown that despite being a non feeling robot he is still willing to do what is best for Westeros and the people, so im sure he could be convinced to marry and have a child. Jon is obviously not sticking to the play book and is roaming about north... and it never stopped him before with Ygritte so im sure he will meet a nice wilding girl and have a kid... He is Stark right ? Did the Stark kids legitimize him ? or is he still Snow.
  14. Queen‍‍‍‍‍‍ Alysanne‍‍™

    Praise without Repercussion, Final Edition

    Sandra's ending seemed good
  15. The white horse from 805!!! LOLOLOLOL Another thing that was gonna be another super duper awesome shocking twist, because Bran was skinchanging or whatever yadda yadda yadda... Nope. Just stupid plot armour w/ a pretty horse, and nothing. Nothing.
  16. Lord Varys

    As much as some hate how this season has played out...

    I felt physically sick watching the last couple of episode, and it was much worse back during season 6 and 7. I thank the non-existing gods that this travesty is over and I do hope that the entire ASoIaF adaptation franchise dies with it. Let's move on to something that has some depth. Star Wars, say ... oh, wait a minute!
  17. of man and wolf

    I’m going to miss this show

    I'm gonna miss it and will always go back to it. But they did so well in the first 4 seasons taking the time to properly develop everything and then rushed the whole point of the series in the last 2 seasons. That's backwards as heck. I blame the showrunners there. But I enjoyed all the seasons, its just the ending fell flat. There were things I liked about it obviously it's just how it was written.
  18. If Jon was going to kill Dany, it would have made more sense for him to know that he was sacrificing his own life in the process. Even Caligula's assassins were put to death by the Praetorian Guard. Unless a coup comes from within the army, they're going to react very badly to their commander in chief being murdered.
  19. This has nothing to do with succession. She will have to marry to have an heir succeed her and unless a Lord is willing let his firstborn take the name of their mother then the Stark line will end with her.
  20. That petition is going like 300 signatures in every 15 seconds
  21. Bronn should have been executed. And I am Bronn fan, but he betrayed and threatened Tyrion’s life. Wtf
  22. I’ve cancelled my HBO subscription. The end. Goodbye. Ok, some ranting, one last time: A totally unsatisfying conclusion. There was no point to Jon Snow’s parentage, from absolutely no perspective, other than, as some have said, to create a wedge with Dany. I really have no idea what he was doing at the end. And Ghost should have eaten his face. And we never got an answer as to why the White Walkers kept making that round symbol. Because whatever, who gives a fuck, amaright? What is the purpose of the Night’s Watch now? Against whom are they guarding the Wall? I wonder how people will explain “the foreshadowing” that Arya was going to become an explorer, and she decides to go WEST. Once again, the show doesn’t care about book lore. Goodbye Arya, it was nice knowing you. The Great(ish) Council was a terrible joke: Davos is apparently a great lord of Westeros; Brienne is apparently a great lady of Westeros, except she’s then the LC of the Kingsguard. Sam is a great lord of Westeros, except he’s then a maester. So he didn’t marry Gilly? Arya is a great lady of… you get my drift. Hey look it’s the Prince of Dorne, and a bunch of other great lords the show has no time to even introduce. Let’s make one last mockery of Edmure Tully instead. So the Iron Throne is gone, the North is telling everyone else to fuck off, but all the other great lords of the rest of Westeros are just wanting another monarch to rule over them. The Iron Islands is fine with this, Dorne is fine with this, the Vale, the Westerlands. And they go with Bran, whom they acclaim as Bran the Broken, because it has a nice ring to it. Barely a debate was necessary. I don’t dispute the merits of giving the rule to someone with magical abilities than can literally learn from the past and, presumably, impart that knowledge. But, yet again, the show has no time to give us any meaningful dialogues, because instead we get a scene of Tyrion arranging chairs followed by some truly awful dialogue. (If anyone needed any more proof about what hacks D&D are) I suppose it makes sense for Bronn to be lord of Higharden, when, apparently, the Reach, the most populous region, is entirely devoid of people!!! WTF. Is Oldtown ok? What happened there? When Sam unveiled the book’s title, I nearly threw my drink at the TV. Those words have no business appearing in this show. Ever.
  23. Honestly, goodish ep until drogon flies away. After that it is puré garbage...
  24. Tyrion wants Jon to kill Dany because Dany kills people, and killing is bad. Tyrion wants Jon to kill Dany for the good of humanity because Dany kills people for the good of humanity. Tyrion is sure that killing Dany will create a better world order because Dany is sure that killing people will create a better world order. Dany’s problem is that she never questions that her own actions are in everyone’s best interest, so she needs to be killed for what Tyrion never questions is everyone’s best interest. Hmmm...
  25. The voting thread is closed for some reason so I suppose I'll post here. I feel like a reoccurring theme for D&D is to start the episode out strong & then let it fall flat. Do they get bored part way through & just start doing random stuff? Anyway what I liked: - Tyrion finding Jaime's hand. I still don't buy into Tyrion giving two shits about Cersei but he loves Jaime. - Tyrion throwing off his hand pin. About time someone stood up to that maniacal bitch. They have been pussy-footing around with her for too long. - Tyrion & Jon in the cell. Tyrion's pep talk was on point. Almost like the Dinklage of old. - Jon killing Dany. I thought that whole scene was done well honestly & my heart broke right in two when Drogon whined & nudged Daenerys. Melting the throne was a nice touch also. - Arya & Jon's farewell was emotional & sad. - Arya telling Yara if she talks about killing her brother again she would alit her throat. Pretty much after Dany died the episode sank. There were a few moments that I enjoyed but other than that it didn't make a lot of sense. So Jon kills Dany & the unsullied lock him to wait for... What? For all his family to get there? Why wouldn't they just kill him? They have to sentence him to the NW bc the Unsullied say so but then the Unsullied leave so why doesn't someone like, I don't know, HIS BROTHER the King pardon him? Or HIS SISTER the Queen in the north? Makes no sense Tyrion: you have to go to the NW Jon: there's still a NW? Tyrion: yeah, cuz reasons. Jon: ok, sounds legit. What in the world do they need a Nights Watch for? They made nice with the wildlings & the others are gone! Also the damn NW is gone! There is no one left. Hey Jon you just go be the NW alone m'kay? Bran gets to be King because he knows the history & tells stories & stuff. Got it. Sam get to be Grand Maester because ... Well just because. Sansa : yeah, yeah Bran will be a great King for you all but the North can't bend the knee anymore because we fought the NK! Everyone else: Yep, makes sense. WHAT?! why would everyone not have said they all want to rule themselves?? Arya is an explorer now. Why not. All the wildlings waited at the wall for Jon? I mean of course they did, how else was Jon going to finally get Ghost? Ok then. Andtricked ya! Actually Jon isn't going to be in the NW at all, he is going to be part of the free folk. The Kings council was absurd. Brienne being KG makes sense I suppose & Davos is the man so I won't bitch about him being there but why does Bronn get to be a member of the KC? Just silly. Honestly, all in all, it wasn't as bad as I expected. It wasn't great but I quit expecting greatness from this show long ago.
  26. “The topic of the thread is discussing things you liked about the episode. It is not a place to throw insults at one another or to act as if the normal rules of the forum do not apply. Discussion of why people liked something is permitted, but remember the topic at hand -- this is not a debate thread, it's a discussion thread specifically about episode details or events that posters liked.”
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