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  2. mermer

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 802?

    Never thought I would post a comment again. The Stark reunion I have been craving for years has been lackluster but the rendition of jenny of oldstone by florence and the machine is awesome (i have watched it like ten times in a row with the rendition of rains of castamere by the nationals). I didn´t like the arya scene but it links her to her humanity. Sansa and Theon, little not shireen and Brienne and Jaimie, even Bran. As I have always hated Dany, and her chapters are the most boring ones, this episode has been on character. And after all those years of the R+L=J I am bored of Jon Snow.
  3. Rose of Red Lake

    Jon faction VS Daenerys faction

    Yeah, that was nice. I want majority-Stark content now after this though.
  4. nyser1

    Bran: Who says there's an after? Jamie demise or Bran?

    We have no proof that Bran can see the future. Given what he knows about what they are facing, it appears that he knows the odds are against them.
  5. Rose of Red Lake

    Sansa -- "What of the North??"

    Jon's word doesn't really mean anything. Just saying someone gets this kingdom is meaningless if Dany can't hold it. Dany should see the writing on the wall that the North is ready to resist her (like Dorne). Jon's new title also throws this into flux because he could grant the North their independence once the fighting is over anyway. But its still in flux since no one actually holds the throne yet.
  6. Every Last Chicken

    Bran: Who says there's an after? Jamie demise or Bran?

    The valenquar portion of the prophesy is not mentioned in the show to my knowledge. Per the script of the Maggie the Frog scene: MAGGY: Three questions you get. You won’t like the answers. CERSEI: I’ve been promised to the prince. When will we marry? MAGGY: You’ll never wed the prince. You’ll wed the king.CERSEI: But I will be queen?MAGGY: Oh yes, you’ll be queen. For a time. In comes another. Younger, more beautiful, to cast you down and take all you hold dear.CERSEI: Will the king and I have children? MAGGY: No. The king will have 20 children, and you will have 3. CERSEI: That doesn’t make sense.MAGGY: Gold will be their crowns. Gold their shrouds.Maggy starts laughing. Cersei’s thumb starts dripping blood.
  7. T and A

    Bran: Who says there's an after? Jamie demise or Bran?

    Maggy only tells the first part of the prophecy in the show, that she will have three children, and that they are going to die. The part with the valonquar is not mentioned in the show
  8. King Jon Snow Stark

    Jon faction VS Daenerys faction

    At least they had one shot of them together during the war council.
  9. nyser1

    Order of deaths to come.

    For the next episode: Expected to die: Grey Worm, Beric (heroically, this is his fight), Edd, Pod, and Lyanna Mormont, Good chance to die: Yohn Royce, Theon, Missandei, Gilly, Brienne, Davos and Tormund Possible but unlikely: Jon, Bran, Arya, Gendry, Dany, Jaime, and Jorah. Safe: Sansa, Tyrion, and Sam
  10. SeanF

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    One minor comment I'd make is that (to me) Gurcu is a mix of Mehmet II and Suleiman the Magnificent, given that his armies have conquered the entire (fantasy) Balkans. In the same way that I saw Leontius as a combination of Belisarius and Leo III (the Iconoclast).
  11. honeyed chicken

    TTTNE 475 - for the Honour of Greyskull!

    Those are gorgeous Buck! Much nicer than anything we ever did or tried to do.
  12. gibberish

    Sansa -- "What of the North??"

    'hey your dad burned my grandfather and uncle alive and started this mess how about you throw us a freakin bone and show everyone you aren't a crazy too?'
  13. maiden of tarth

    The Crypt

    In the books, I’m sure Osha says that there is a tunnel from the crypts to the wall/beyond the wall. Or it might have been Ygritte. It was one of them, I’m sure.
  14. After rescue Yara takes their remaining ships to sail back to the Iron Islands, while Theon goes on to Winterfell (evidently via 7 League Boots or something). She says their fleet is so depleted, and it can't get to Winterfell anyway, so she's preparing the Iron Islands as a bolt hole for the coalition of the living in case the Dead are not stopped. Theon tells Sansa the same thing, and really, Jon, because Jon told him he was also Stark. So he's a Stark in a real sense too, and thus he's there for them particularly, not particularly for Daenerys -- though like everyone else he and Yara are on Team Human Life and know that many and maybe all will die against Team Everybody Dead. In other ways though, it did seem as though Sansa and Theon hadn't been so close before. But honestly I hardly watched anything that happened at Winterfell in seasons 5 and 6, so there seems to be far more there than I saw, since I honestly couldn't bear to watch the large number of the prolonged torture scenes, of so many kinds with that one whose name I neither type nor speak. So then -- what does my totally squeamish self know. When Sauren was taken out, Sauraman still had mischief to commit. But of course, I don't know anything, so I'm just speculating.
  15. T and A

    Jenny of Oldstones by Florence + the Machine

    I have artistic issues with this scene. It is a straight copy of "Return of the King" where one of the other two hobbits (can't tell the two apart) sings in the halls of Minas Thirit.
  16. nyser1

    Jenny of Oldstones by Florence + the Machine

    It is moving every time I re watch the scene.
  17. Zorral

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    An obviously unintentional error, which matters not in the least to anybody because none of this is about you.
  18. C.T. Phipps

    Jon faction VS Daenerys faction

    I'm kind of glad they're not ignoring incest is not a solution to anything.
  19. Sansa doesn't really have a relationship with the Iron Islands, though? That's more of Bran's thing, seeing as he's the one who had to flee Winterfell when Theon took over. They have a close relationship, sure, but that's mostly because of the Sansa Marriage Strike plot. And I don't really know how much importance the Isles are going to have at this point. Besides, Dany already let the Isles have semi-independence in Season 6, so she's not as bothered with what they're doing as with the Northerners, apparently. But that still makes her a secondary villain -- she prolonged the fight, but it was giving way for the NK to cause more death. The effects of her choices cause more death, but it isn't death itself. Surely it'd be quite... underwhelming? If it was truly a race for the throne at the very end of the show rather than life vs death, humanity vs its destruction.
  20. T and A

    Jenny of Oldstones by Florence + the Machine

    Then something must be wrong with your bells. My Dany/Sansa/Jon alarm is quite still. Just as still as my Sam/Jamie/Night King alarm bell.
  21. LynnS

    Heresy 220 and the nature of magic

    I'm confused about why Euron is later called the blood eye. I've always thought his eye was black like a crow. Thus the name Crow's Eye. The smiling eye is blue. I thought the eye was covered by a patch (alternately a red or black patch) because the pupil was always dilated from injury caused when he fell off the cliff as a boy. I'm not sure what has changed to be called blood eye now. But I did notice that his personal sigil in the wiki has been changed from a black to a red eye. My crackpot is that he wears the red patch when he is being used by another entity. But in tWoW he no longer covers his eye at all.
  22. nyser1

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Where is the rest of the Vale army? Why did Varys become useless after Pentos? Arya is not enjoyable to watch anymore.
  23. gibberish

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    Just when I thought Bran and Tyrion were going to have a proper chinwag, they cut away.
  24. nyser1

    Meanwhile Back at King’s Landing . . .

    I suspect Cersei's scheming is done off screen for a more shocking effect. Since most of the vale, riverlands, stormlands, reach, and dorne troops disappeared into thin air: The Golden Company has a straight march.
  25. tws1978

    Sansa -- "What of the North??"

    Except there is nothing left to discuss. Dany wants a Seven Kingdom which includes the North. Jon agreed with that when he kneeled. The independence is no longer on the table. Sansa and Dany should have a heavy conversations about taxation and representation and how the kingdom should work after the war, not this Northxit nonsense. Especially, when North is this close to be destroyed and will need a lot of help and support from the rest of the kingdom to rebuild.
  26. C.T. Phipps

    "F*** Tradition" - Breaking Patriarchy

    I disagree because if Danny did it, it's women knighting women while this is a joining of men and women in mutual respect. As for Daeny's claim, Jon's claim depends strongly on the recognition of polygamy in Westeros.
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