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  2. RhaenysBee

    Pictionary 45: The Last Time I Went Camping

    Yes that was a very good incentive. Scoring makes every game better.
  3. That's a weird political compass. Mike Gravel and Jay Inslee being further to the right than Donald Trump is just... wrong.
  4. dbunting

    Westeros NFL Pick Em

    Yep, this could be another week of holy shit how did I get that many wrong!
  5. Heartofice

    UK Politics: A Partly Political Broadcast

    Farage himself has come out against the deal, and in quite a bizarre turn is defending the Benn act. It seems quite a hilarious act of self harm and I’d say most Brexit voters are pretty happy with Boris’ deal and would disagree with him. Also ‘bored of Brexit’ is trending quite strongly!
  6. Derfel Cadarn

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Thanks My advice for nano is don’t try and write a setting you don’t know much about. A few years ago I started a naval historical fiction for nano but stopped on realising I was losing too much time researching stuff.
  7. Derfel Cadarn

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

  8. karaddin

    DCEU: Killer Clowns from Gotham City

    Don't worry, its unlikely I'll be making any posts saying that about BoP - I have as little interest in it at this point as I had in Joker, but I don't expect that one to be appealing to fuckwits on the internet. I'm sure I'll be rolling my eyes as much at whatever tripe you spout off at that point as you are rolling yours at my choice of wording to explain what I was talking about in 3rd party discussions of this movie.
  9. Today
  10. Anthony Appleyard

    Queries about dragons

    I saw somewhere a suggestion that blood/fire sacrifice to make dragon eggs hatch, derived from a situation that evolved (perhaps way back before Man arose) where each wild mother dragon with eggs killed prey and flamed it so that her hatchlings could eat it. If a wild female dragon had a hatchling, which fell in a hole, I wonder if she would/could pick it up in her mouth gently and rescue it? (since WoIaF/GoT dragons do not have front legs which could be used as arms.) (Compare real mother crocodiles carrying their hatchlings in their mouths from the nest to water.)
  11. Simon Steele

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    This is true, except we're not putting on airs. This is just how it's labeled. We if we do not live in poverty we exist somewhere between low and middle income, often referred to as lower-middle class. It's just another way to pretend things are going great over here, when they're not. But to be fair, I have a lot of college education, I am an educator, and I make about 40,000 a year (and I am a single dad with no support from the other parent). I am classified as doing fine. Here is an article that covers the numbers according to Pew research. My bracket (household size of 2) is counted as middle class. The reason this is problematic is because despite this number flashed around as a sign of success, inflation makes this an impossible amount to live on. 50 percent of my net income goes to rent, and I live in affordable, government rent controlled housing. There is nothing cheaper. I could move to another town, but to find reasonable housing prices, I'd have to move far away from where I am now. I do not believe I am middle class. I believe I am classified as such to promote the cultural hegemony of this country's rulers. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/09/21/how-much-money-the-american-middle-class-earns.html
  12. Simon Steele

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    I shouldn't cheat. My net is closer to 25 percent, my gross closer to 18 percent. But I am middle class according to my meager salary. And if I had to pay 200 more dollars a month in taxes, but zero in premiums (and everything else premiums don't cover), then I'm very clearly saving 400 bucks a month (and a lot more when you factor in all the extra costs of co-pays, deductibles, etc.). And the 200 dollar number is completely arbitrary. I'd imagine someone in my income bracket (who has a master's degree and is working on a PhD) isn't going to gain much tax sympathy.
  13. SpaceChampion

    Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Congrats! It's a start.
  14. Guy Kilmore

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    I once heard someone say that Tom Cruise gives the impression that he is an actor playing a Human.
  15. Triskele

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    Gabbard is also a cult member. And for another example of the difference in not just type but in kind between the voting bases, Gabbard is not popular because she's hot the way Palin was.
  16. Nagini's Neville

    Shouldn’t Robb have been betrothed at least?

    I think they mainly betroth girls so young. Boys have more time. Also Robb has two brothers. But yeah in hindsight, maybe it would have been better, if he'd already produced an heir by 15. But why did Ned take Sansa and Arya with him, why did he tell Cersei about the incest?Let's just blame StarK- naivety
  17. Nagini's Neville

    Why couldn't Robb send a team to retrieve Sansa?

    Could it be that Robb would have perceived it as dishonorable? But they already killed his father...so I guess not? But for some reason I just can't see Robb doing something so "dishonest", even if it goes against the Lannisters. Otherwise wouldn't he have just done it?
  18. DMC

    MLB Postseason: Bat Fight!

    Sucks that's how CC finishes his career. Anyway, this series is over. Go Nats!!!
  19. Paxter

    MLB Postseason: Bat Fight!

    Yanks bullpen has also been pretty dire. Ottavino again couldn’t get an out.
  20. Paxter

    (Spoilers) Mr. Robot final season

    That makes sense. Maybe it’s a new (and unlikely) fsociety of Elliot/Robot/Price/Darlene/Tyrell/Dom teaming up to defeat Deus in the end.
  21. Nagini's Neville

    Gender relations in Westeros

    wow, you said that all perfectly!! I really should have just read you post and agreed, before I tried to to explain my complicated thoughts in my bad english I really don't know enough about the middle ages. Do you really think it wasn't that bad at that time? That never even occurred to me. I feel like George did a lot of research on that subject. If that wasn't the case maybe he just thought it was (usually you also read more about the "sensational cases"), the same thing with the marriage age. We know now that very early marriages weren't even that common. Usually I don't really mind the description of severe violence (even though it's hard for me to read), when I know it reflects the reality (a medieval reality in this case), but than I also think, that the writer should inflict the reality of what it's really like to live with the psychological consequences of severe violence on the reader. There is a lot of sexual violence against women in the series, but we never stay inside a woman's head to find out what life is like for her afterwards. And that upsets me a bit, because the violence then mainly serves the to show how cruel the world is and how evil a villain. It can start to feel voyeuristic, when only ever the violent crime is shown, but never the psychological consequences. We are never really forced to feel the amount empathy that the victim would deserve. A rape becomes a very physical act (we see the victim only from the outside). But in reality the rape itself is not necessarily the problem, the problem is what comes afterwards- and when it comes to that the reader is allowed to walk away again and forget about it. Therefore really only half of the reality gets portrayed. George missed some great opportunities to show this other part of the reality of violence. Dany imo would have been an excellent character for this. In reality she'd likely have experienced some PTSD or other trauma- induced symptoms from the beginning of her marriage with Drogo. With male characters he does that a bit better: Theon, the hound, the broken men come to mind... But in general I think George tried very hard to not be sexist ( create complex multi-layered male and female characters, that's not so common sadly). I don't think he did that on purpose. Writing is hard and I've noticed the same trend with other writers. Would be cool though, if more writers would start to show violence and its consequences in a more complex and realistic way.
  22. Paxter

    Fourth Quarter 2019 Reading

    Haha I’m not sure how I feel about this bromance DRIII. Let me finish the thing first! Half-Blood Prince is a little unusual so far...feels very much like a set-up novel. By contrast the other novels had a lot of rising tension - even Phoenix for all of its angsty flaws was quite gripping.
  23. Okay. So maybe it doesn’t change the math in this game in the least.
  24. Kalbear

    US politics - When the Barr's so low.

    Tulsi Gabbard went on Fox News and used Project Veritas talking points to back her claims. This is essentially the equivalent of any bullshit artist on Fox News.
  25. Platypus Rex

    Pate in Citadel is not dead yet

    Looks like the Alchemist has had some practice impersonating dead fat people. And now he's about to put Sam to bed.
  26. No. I'm sick of considering Tulsi Gabbard with anything remotely resembling legitimacy. She is a joke, a farce, and most importantly - an annoyance. The Dems will have enough problems with people at the podium blatantly and fragrantly lying once the general election debates happen. There's no reason to start the idiocy early. Yet there she is.
  27. Lizard Queen

    Small unworthy things - as you were

    Yeah, that was something good for sure! No bugs :). -------- So, I found a weird note on my windshield this morning at 7 when I left for work. There is a guy next door that I see sitting on his porch often. Lately I've made very brief small talk with him, including yesterday. Here is the note. I censored his name and phone number out... https://ibb.co/5rRqJw8
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