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  2. Kajjo

    Who is Going to Die

    Absolutely. We can only guess and interpret some supposed-to-be foreshadowing. Everything is open, most people simply guess or state the "preferences". All names have been shouted several times so there will be some who say "see, I told you", no matter how random it might have been after all. A big battle make only sense with lot of losses, so I believe the only sure thing is that there will be a lot of losses. They will finish of several character arcs, so to be able to focus on the endgame characters.
  3. Xemi

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    No, man, didn't you see how much focus Aegon Strikcland has been getting? His theories are totally happening
  4. Kajjo

    Arya & Moon Tea

    Right. But we discuss very many things we cannot know anyway. My guess is that Sansa would abort a pregnancy caused by sadistic Ramsay, because the sadism lies in the blood.
  5. Nerevanin

    Arya & Moon Tea

    I'm not American though, I live in Europe in a very atheist country so some religion stuff ain't of no value to me, just to clarify things. I am a woman myself and honestly I don't know how I would react if I was raped and then I found out I was pregnant. But there are women who abort the fetus in such situations and there are women who still keep it and love it. It's just the way it is and there is no way to tell how would book Sansa or show Sansa react to such a thing because it didn't happen in the show and it very likely won't happen in the books either.
  6. Kajjo

    Best line of E01

    SUMMARY Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread! Sansa to Tyrion: It had its moments. Sansa to Tyrion: I used to think you were the cleverest man alive. Sam to Jon: You gave up your crown for your people, will she do the same? Edd and Tormund: He's got blue eyes! -- I've always had blue eyes! Sandor to Arya: You’re a cold little bitch. Guess that’s why you’re still alive. Arya and Gendry: I always knew you were just another rich girl. -- You don’t know any other rich girls. Cersei to Euron: You're the most arrogant man I've ever met. I like that" Bran: I'm waiting for an old friend. Jon and Dany: What if he doesn't want me to ride him? -- Then it's been a pleasure knowing you Jon Snow. Arya and Jon: Have you ever used it. --Once or twice. Cersei: I really wanted those elephants.
  7. State Trooper

    Upcoming TV Series of 2019/2020 - Your most anticipated shows

    The Virtues - A new drama written and directed by Shane Meadows, (Dead Man's Shoes, This is England), and starring the utterly brilliant Stephen Graham. If you like stuff that's dark, gritty and punches you in the gut, this will be right up your street. https://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/2019-04-18/the-virtues-channel-4-air-date-cast-plot-trailer-stephen-graham-shane-meadows/
  8. I'd prefer less resurrections too. Let's say that Beric is a chosen one or simply a freak of nature and so he gets resurrected or more simply is unkillable. I'm not happy about it but I can accept that. Let's say unGregor is a zombie without his own mind, blindly following the orders, and that he was created by dark magic and necromancy. I can accept that too. The wights are perfectly acceptable too. But than you have stuff like Jon (his resurrection didn't happen in the books so far, but it is bound to happen one way or another) and (books only stuff) : I agree that it is already getting a bit over the top. Double resurrection of Jon would be terrible imo.
  9. Kajjo

    Aegon, Warden of the North

    Ha-ha, yes, the worst time after all. After the battle, obviously. The battle is now absolutely imminent. I don't think there is ONE "they" here. We have both Daenerys and the North and the unknown outcome of the battle. It will depends on who survives and most probably they will fight together against Cersei -- the next enemy in line. After destroying Cersei arms (and hopefully killing Cersei) your question will become relevant. Not before that. So we have to wait who lives.
  10. Kajjo

    Arya & Moon Tea

    A very typical American thought. It is very unbelievable for me to "love" the child caused by sadistic rape. All these women keeping children after rape. For me it's nonsense and does not make any sense emotion-wise. But maybe people really tick differently in different countries. In Westeros world with Moon tea for abortions readily available, abortions seem to have been quite a normal thing then. I am sure Sansa would not have kept Ramsay's pregnancy. That is almost absurd. The Boltons are evil and sadistic and that surely runs in the blood. Ramsay was not even raised or educated by Boltons, but the bastard is sadistic anyway. Yes, in Westeros an abortion would have been the normal reaction to something so horrible.
  11. Deminelle

    Who is Going to Die

    I get confused with so many different POV's here, it could go either way with most characters in the next episode. Any of them wearing read shirt?
  12. House Cambodia


    Wasn't my theory, I was just passing it on for consideration. But I do think she has a Faceless assassination in mind. Wight bodies don't shatter; how about she impersonates a Wight to get close enough to take out a white walker?!
  13. red snow

    Book of the Ancestor trilogy by Mark Lawrence {spoiler thread}

    He seems to like that approach. He did the same with king and emperor of thrones. Audiobook has arrived so i'll be starting this one soon.
  14. They don't explain it in the episodes. On DVD there is a "Histories & Lore" special explaining it. I quote the relevant part in #3.
  15. red snow

    TIAMAT'S WRATH - Book 8 of Expanse (SPOILERS)

    It might be a solution. Weren't they implying that transition through ring space was what physically harms the aliens? If so, a truce could be had by ceasing to use the gates then maybe a caesefire could be found? But this obviously requires a form of communication. My hope is the series concludes via a peaceful solution than humans finding a weapon to strike the aliens with. The closing of the gates would certainly be a conclusion to the series. Maybe they'll find a way of using the gates or an alternative that doesn't piss the aliens off?
  16. Kajjo

    So Now We Know...

    ...because they were banned north of the wall and couldn't pass. By the Azor Ahai the first time, with his sword Lightbringer, then by all forces of the Living joining to build the wall and the Children of the Forest using the magic to make the wall safe. The 3ER seems to have been protected by the Children of the Forest and their magic very well. It's a little bit absurd story, yes, but we are supposed to believe that. Yes, something has caused the awakening. WW have not been seen for a very long time and in S1E1 Ned Stark doesn't believe the deserter's reports. So yes, they have somehow been not so active and now they are. Why, we don't know yet. I feel the same as you. I sincerely hope they will provide better explanations to his whole WW-NK-Bran-Children-Storyline, but I am afraid we won't get proper answers. We will just get enough to make some sense. Only the books will reveal the true connections.
  17. Nerevanin

    Arya & Moon Tea

    Well yeah but in my mind she wouldn't abort the baby. I imagine it as at first she is horrified when she realized she is pregnant with Ramsay out of all people but eventually she decides to keep the baby and she loves him/her. It would be a nice character developement imo, instead of "Sansa is the smartest girl on the planet". But now we are getting a bit too far from the topic. :) (the books won't depict this in any way because in the books it isn't Sansa who marries Ramsay. But there is an abortion by moon tea in the books.)
  18. Completely agree. I don't like the resurrection stuff at all. But we have seen it with Beric and Jon now. It's part of the world. Agreed. I would have preferred death to be death and no resurrection possible. Too much for me anyway. But it's the way it is.
  19. Well, since normal weapons can be used (in the show) to chop wights into little harmless bits (which is relatively easy with the skeletal ones), I don't know any reason, why wildfire cannot burn them to ash (normal fire works wonders against them). The White Walkers are immun against fire and so probably against wildifire too. But well, they could try and fling a pot of wildfire onto some White Walkers and see what happens. If they had any wildfire that is.
  20. Kajjo

    Dany Fleeing After Jon Reveal

    I am sure these two situations are intended to show that Jon avoids Daenerys -- because Jon has his problems at the moment, considering the implications of his parentage revelation. This is not about Daenerys, she just senses that he avoids her in times she would like to be close to him. Yes, she is much more alone in the North than she expected. Formally the respect her, but emotionally she is alone. And now even Jon seems to avoid her somehow. That's not impossible anyway. Inconvenient times about such confessions are extremely real-life. We don't really know how much time has gone by since boat sex. Probably not too much. So yes, there might be a pregnancy revelation in the next few episodes.
  21. I didn't mean it like "once you start resurrecting characters, the story is bound to have a sad ending" or something like that. What I meant is that when you introduce the possibility of resurrection into the story, the death stops to being so definitive, shocking and sad because if one (or multiple) characters can be resurrected, why not the rest too? It imo more or less ruins the story. I don't know if you've seen American Horror Story Coven but in that series basically everybody could be immediately resurrected because one of the characters had resurrection powers and so basically no viewer cared when someone died because there were so many resurrections going on. GRRM managed to handle the resurrections relatively decently (like that they are exceptions under very specific conditions) but another resurrection of Jon would be a bit too much imo.
  22. He does make mistakes now that he didn't before. Second goal last night is his. I actually wouldn't blame him for the first - it's a hard shot, well placed, and Bernardo pulls the trigger fast.
  23. I'm slowing beginning to appreciate just how good the new apparat album is. These new puritans latest LP has be retrospectively wondering why i didn't love them previously. American football is like some emo/prog rock hybrid. As if Jimmy eat world and pink Floyd were the only bands they ever listened to.
  24. Kajjo

    Arya & Moon Tea

    Well, considering moon tea is primarily a means of abortion and not contraception, Sansa most probably would have aborted a pregnancy caused by Ramsay Bolton. It would have made no sense at all to carry out a pregnancy if abortions are possible by means of moon tea. My guess is that the TV show didn't dare to show abortions due to the high sensitivity of American watchers regarding this topic. In Europe that would have been possible, but not in the US. You might commit massacres, rapes, mass murders, but a simple abortion is too much in the US. So that was not an option after all. Maybe the book depicts this differently, we will see.
  25. Haskelltier

    So, if Jaime can be forgiven . . .?

    Which could have happened coinsidentially (its the same when people pray for very ill persons; sometimes these persones get over it; but does that prove that prayers help ill people). On the other hand burning a child did cost Stannis a lot of men and horses and made and unfavorable battle into a hopeless one. So the red god must really favor Stannis for that to happen... Did he? I remember that his best friend Illyrio Mopatis sold Daenerys to a Dothraki horselord to please him and make favorable business. Then he let our diplomatic genius aka Viserys travel with him until he gets his promised army. The chances for that to end well (with Viserys and a big army behind him) were small to non-existent. And Robert was not a good king. Okay, he wasn't as bad as other kings, but he clearly wasn't good at ruling.
  26. red snow

    Favorite Anime and Cartoon openings?

    Drawcabi drops the mike with non anime opening tunes. Also in firm agreement with rippounet on the ones I'm familiar with on that list. Yoko kanno tends to do well with the music for openings. What i like about the 80s/90s cartoons was that their openings told you everything you needed to know about the show going in. Gargoyles was pretty epic too
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