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  2. And I agree with GRRM here. Lord of the Rings is not emotionally gripping because emotions are mostly absent. Live is about love and social interaction. GRRM portrays that very nicely in A Song of Ice and Fire.
  3. Robert Strong yes Dragon no
  4. Totally agree. They should show us something, even the slightest hints of smiling, teasing, embracing.
  5. Proudfeet

    NBA 2019 - Now the Joy in My World is in Zion

    What? First, you're assuming at least a 33% ring rate considering Harden only spent three seasons with the Thunder. And if we consider development time for all four players, it really is only one season, so a 100% rate. They weren't MVPs from their rookie seasons in case you are forgetting. Secondly, being second isn't all that bad. Considering that their opponent was a super team with extra motivation from their loss the previous year and that they arguably choked more than they were beaten. But no, second place is worthless and is equivalent to a first round exit in which case it is better to tank and get a number one pick. Third, you're comparing Harden then and saying Harden now. In that case, I much prefer the more recent and relevant one Chris Paul injury away from winning version. Fourth, Westbrook and Durant aren't much less ball hogs anyway. Its a consequence of the roster, or did you forget how Westbrook got his MVP? Anyway, my opinion on this is that it is whether people prefer the effective (Giannis) or productive (Harden). I prefer Harden, but well, its the MVP. You could define valuable as most shirt sales or something.
  6. polishgenius

    By Everam’s will; a re-read of the Demon cycle:

    Not just Berne.
  7. You have seen how to do that with Margery all the time. You have just seen Arya exchanging a flirtations turning and smiling when leaving. Generally, smiling, teasing, embracing, relying, touching are accepted means to show involuntary or even open interest. They could embrace longer than necessary for departures or welcoming. They could smile more often at each other, they could just exhibit particular well-feeling with each other. Very harmless beginnings at least. And no, I did not imply that they should "make out" with each other in the current state of affairs.
  8. Kajjo

    Thoughts on Bran’s character development

    While Varys, Theon and Grey Worm are castrated, Bran is paraplegic with only the legs involved. There is no reason to assume it would be impossible for him to father a child. Maybe it is unlikely, but certainly not impossible. In the show it seems he retained the control of bladder and that would usually mean he could ejaculate, too. I agree that Bran's fertility is no issue here and he will not father children. But comparing a plaraplegic with castrated men is just offending to all paraplegic in the world. Get real.
  9. Glokta always felt like a tyrion to me. Mainly because they are both shunned/despised for their physical appearance and because both are feared for their ruthlessness. Although with Tyrion that turns out to be less deserved than it first appears (daddy issues aside). I hadn't thought about Jaime comparisons before but i think there's a level of similarity with redemptive arcs as both realise they've been cogs in a cruel game. Although until the new trilogy is out I'd say there's more chance of Jaime becoming a hero than Glokta. Actually, Joe tends to favour characters turning out worse over time while GRMM either has them bad from the start or becoming less evil.
  10. SpaceChampion

    Star Trek Discovery #3 [Spoilers] - It's A Wonderful Spock!

    32nd century I think. Showing empty space and nebula wouldn't be interesting so they'd have to go somewhere, which would be costly to develop a whole new 32nd century design aethetic for, plus have a solid idea of what story they want to tell without tying themselves to something on a whim. I wouldn't be surprised if at the end of season 3 they've returned to the 23rd century, or a 24th or 25th. Michelle Yeoh said the Section 31 show would be after Discovery third season is filmed, so she at least will probably return to the 23rd.
  11. Impmk2

    UK Politics: The Edge of Destruction

    And it completely disenfranchises anyone who votes for a smaller party. Again, why not just use instant run off? It's simple, people just rank their choice in order. And it stops the need for tactical voting. Ie, you could vote for a smaller remain party confident that even if they don't get a seat your vote will still count, and go towards someone who isnt ukip2.0.
  12. Kajjo

    Thoughts on Bran’s character development

    Bran wargs in Hodor the first time in the farmer's tower when attacked by the wildling group with Ygritte and Jon. Hodor was lamenting the loud thunder and threatened to give them away, Bran succeeds to warg into Hodor and shut him up. Jojen comments after the thunder that no one can do that or at least it es very rare. Bran wargs into Hodor the second time at the lake by the raven's weirwood treen, when the wights break through the ice and kill Jojen. Bran wargs into Hodor and uses Hodor to save himself (Bran). The third time Bran wargs into Hodor for the "hold the door" exit scene. This time is special, because three things come together: Bran uses greensight into a past scene including Hodor, Ban wargs into Hodor in present time and Hodor is dying in present time. This constellation creates a timetravel paradoxon of the young Hodor somehow being influenced by his own death, turning the young, vivacious boy into a mentally retarded one.
  13. MostlyMoody

    ASoIaF character poll

    1. 23 2. Male 3. Sansa 4. Damphair
  14. Bittersweet Distractor

    Remorseful Jaime, Unrepentant Dany

    Yeah I agree about Jamie, his character has changed so much and I’m glad he walked away from his sister, he’s one of the characters I most want to survive. I feel kind of conflicted about Dany because I want her house to be back on the throne but I’m not liking her that much at the moment, she’s nowhere near as awesome as her ancestors like Visenya, Baela or Daena.
  15. Bittersweet Distractor

    Remorseful Jaime, Unrepentant Dany

    I never got into the whole emo thing tbh, I do love both those bands though, a couple of my friends sarcastically call me little miss sunshine for my music taste . Now I just want to see Angel and Spike battling the night king complete with dragons , maybe hold the dragons, they don’t like fire much either, undead celebrity death match!.
  16. James Arryn

    NBA 2019 - Now the Joy in My World is in Zion

    See, this is a legit argument.
  17. James Arryn

    NBA 2019 - Now the Joy in My World is in Zion

    No, the stats I’m quoting are attempts to consolidate value. For example Win Shares can be broken down into Offensive and Defensive Win Shares. So Giannis’ overall Win Shares of 14.4 is comprised of 8.9 Offensive Win Shares and 5.5 Defensive Win Shares, whereas Harden’s 15.2 Win Shares are broken down 11.4 and 3.8, respectively. Similarly with the other stats, they are all attempts to measure overall impact. Interestingly, players are actually pushing for more (not less) emphasis on the offensive with high usage because of how hard it makes defenders work, thereby lessening their energy on O, ie the old ‘play D by making them play at the other end’, or since we’re on MJ, what happened before Pippen.
  18. Sir Cheese

    Untangling Meereenese knots, Gordian style

    From like book 3 I stopped believing she will never go to Westeros...
  19. DireWolfSpirit

    NBA 2019 - Now the Joy in My World is in Zion

    Plus I mean come on the guy is linked to one of the Kardashians ffs, that should disqualify anyone from accolades shouldnt it?
  20. AncalagonTheBlack

    Upcoming TV Series of 2019/2020 - Your most anticipated shows

    The Boys - Uncensored Teaser Trailer: “Spank” | Prime Video SWAMP THING Official Teaser Trailer When They See Us | Official Trailer | Netflix four part limited series
  21. Rose of Red Lake

    Theories about the LOOK Drogon gave Jon?

    It was scary so its likely foreshadowing. Also opening your eyes while kissing is a bad sign. he cant let go and enjoy the moment. It looks like he can't be trusted.
  22. DireWolfSpirit

    NBA 2019 - Now the Joy in My World is in Zion

    Im a Pistons fan, we hate Jordan even more than Harden, but you are correct that Harden has anti-fans so to speak lol. Giannis is still more efficient than Harden with either FG % or EFG % isnt he? Anyways have no need with goalpost moving, im okay with anyone that thinks Harden is their MVP, I just feel Giannis is better.
  23. AncalagonTheBlack

    Rain- Netflix apocalyptic series

    The Rain: Season 2 - returns May 17th
  24. I assume all of the advanced stats you're talking about are offensive, yeah? You can't ignore half of their games. I understand that offense is (and rightfully should be) weighed heavier in the modern area of the NBA, but also, the disparity between the two is huge.
  25. AncalagonTheBlack

    Good Omens, Mort and The City Watch

    Good Omens - Behind The Scenes
  26. James Arryn

    NBA 2019 - Now the Joy in My World is in Zion

    See what I mean? People don’t like him. FWIW, Michael Jordan missed over 1000 FGA’s on 5 seasons, over 950 4 more seasons, was prevented by injury from a few more and on none of them was as efficient as Harden was this year (or any other...his career TS% was .569, which Harden was only below in his rookie year. Jordan’s highest TS%...by a significant margin...was .614. That’s the only year he beat Harden’s career TS% of .609. Edit: and Harden was within a Chris Paul injury from winning one last year. And even with that injury the Warriors required an 8ppg advantage from the refs (not according to me, according to the league’s own released statement on officiating review) to get it done. Now I suppose the goalposts will move to the other end.
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