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  1. Certain names sound Valyrian ("ae" somewhere in the first syllable, "ys" somewhere in the name, etc) Ghiscari names tend to have a lot of zs and qs. Dothraki names tend to be short, and end in a vowel Westerosi names seems to be closer to european names than Essosi names. Other than that, I can't think of any differences. I do think there are naming patterns in certain families: Greyjoys like "-on" as a last syllable for men. Martells seem to like the "n" sound for the end of their men, and a vowel sound for the end of their women.
  2. For all we know, Jon is already dead, and is in his second life in Ghost right now. It's not crazy to think that Arya will meet her end sometime soon.
  3. I don't really buy the whole Jon and Arya end up together thing. I don't think there will be any romance between them... at least not in their first lives. However, I could see Ghost and Nymeria becoming mates. Nymeria is the last female direwolf, and Ghost might become the last male direwolf, if Shaggydog and Summer die. We are also told that Nymeria is some sort of Queen of the wolves, and we have that quote from Varamyr about how a second life in a direwolf would be one worthy of a king or something. Seems like a match.
  4. I thought that this would be an interesting take for the tv show to go, but could also work extremely well for the book series itself: Melisandre brings Jon back to life (but we don't get any POVs from him). Jon seems more distant than his usual self, but he still seems like Jon. He rallies a bunch of northern lords to declare him a king, and then they ride off to fight the Boltons/rid the north of Stannis. After a brutal battle where a bunch of soldiers die, it is finally revealed that that was Jon's plan entirely: to get a large enough amount of dead people so that the white walkers could raise a huge army of wights. Melisandre didn't actually raise Jon from the dead, the white walkers just used her as a way to sneakily raise the night's King without anybody realizing, in the body of someone who others will call a king. Then we get a POV from Jon explaining that he warged into Ghost, and so his mind and spirit is still alive, just in Ghost, where it will remain for the rest of the series.
  5. Lysa Threatening to throw Sansa out the moon door, only to get pushed herself Cersei and Ned's talk in the garden Tyrion having Pycelle arrested
  6. That's a pretty good Crackpot Theory! Some more Evidence for it: If you cut all the hair off of Regina George, she'd look like a british man (0:19)
  7. If I could change which POVs were in which book, without changing any of the actions that happen in the series, here's what I would do: AGOT: Cersei would get POV chapters in AGOT, so that the first book isn't too Stark-heavy, and so that we can see what she is like before her descent into madness. Plus plenty of scenes could be great from her perspective, (Ned confronting her in the garden, Ned getting arrested, Robert's death, Sansa coming to her, etc). Sansa wouldn't get any chapters, since her arc in that book is just to establish the fact that she starts out the series as naive and believing in fairytales, which can be done through other POVs. All of the action that does happen in Sansa's chapters could get told through the POV chapters of Arya, Ned, and Cersei. Finally, Daenerys would lose her last chapter, and it would be replaced by a Mirri Maaz Dur epilogue, where the last sentence is "and as Mirri Maaz Durr screamed from the fire engulfing her, her voice was joined by the sounds of dragons" or something like that. ACOK: Bran wouldn't get any chapters since what he does in this book is pretty much just waiting around in a castle. Most of his storyline in ACOK could either get moved back to AGOT (his first couple of visions) or to ASOS (meeting the Reeds, like in the tv series). The rest of his story could be told from Theon's chapters, and a Maester Luwin epilogue. Also, Robb gets a couple of chapters about his time in the Westerlands which would help us get to know his fellow northern lords more (making the red wedding even more devastating) and also to give us more insight on the Westerlings. ASOS: Jaime Loses his POVs and his story is told from Brienne and Cersei Povs. Personally, I think it was too easy for me to start sympathizing with Jaime once I started reading his POVs. I think he should have remained more mysterious and aloof. Part of his characterization is that everyone judges him for his looks, family, and his past actions, without ever getting to know the real him, so the reader should be put in the same situation (and as Brienne would grow to realize that he's not a one dimensional monster, so would the reader). AFFC/ADWD: Arys and Areo's chapters go to Arianne, to condense the Dornish chapters into one person, so that we can get to know Arianne better. Arya's chapters from AFFC move to ADWD, and Cersei/Jaime/Areo's chapters from ADWD go to AFFC, so that story lines are kept complete.
  8. Tyrion is, in my opinion, way to politically poisonous to ever gain much control again. The common people despise him thanks to Tywin and Cersei, and the commoners are just mistrustful of dwarfs in general. Even the people who know Tyrion well and trust him will want to keep it secret that they're getting his help. He'll never be hand again, just a secret background adviser if that.
  9. In the case of house Estermont, Arianne's friend Sylva Santagar was just recently married to the elderly Eldon Estermont. I could see Sylva making a play to take control of Estermont (by finding a way to dispose of all the remaining estermonts at Greenstone) and declare for Aegon.
  10. Pretty much the title. We are told in ACOK by Tyrion, (who I think we can say has a decent grasp of history) that: " Once theirs had been a powerful guild, but in recent centuries the maesters of the Citadel had supplanted the alchemists almost everywhere." ACOK Tyrion V. Which would imply that the alchemists' guild is very very old and used to be the main source of "wise" counsel that Kings and lords throughout Westeros received, but the newer order of the maesters who relied more on rational thought and not magic began to become more popular as magic started to disappear. However, we are told that the maesters are also a very old order, dating back to the first Hightower King, way before the Andals (and thus even written language) arrived. So the alchemists are either even older than that, or the maesters were for the vast majority of their history not widespread or powerful at all. It also seems weird that the alchemists who were very interested in Dragons and Fire suddenly grew less powerful once the Targaryens arrived in Westeros.
  11. I don't think they're actually going to be able to take Storm's End.
  12. If Jon Snow warged into Ghost before "dying", would Bran be able to have a conversation with Jon?
  13. Really, Really Crackpot Theory that could solve this: Barbrey Dustin was pregnant with Brandon Snow's baby, (but was planning on telling the world it was Willam's), but once Willam died and the baby was born (and looked like a stark), she went to Ned and tried to convince him to support the baby's claim, but Ned knowing that it is a bastard and wanting to protect the honor of his brother and Barbrey, decides the right thing to do is to take the bastard and raise it as his own, naming him Jon. In return he allows Barbrey to keep the seat of Barrowton, as long as she doesn't tell anyone about what transpired, thus making her hate Ned with a fiery passion (but for a reason she in no way could share with Theon, or the Boltons could find out). I know. Really, really crackpot. But just thought I'd throw out another possibility for Jon.
  14. Definitely an interesting scene. It makes all the more sense when you look at it in context and see that they are talking about littelfinger's scheme to poison Joffrey (its in ASOS actually, Sansa VI, if anyone wants to look at it). Another scene involving Sansa and blood oranges though that might back this up is the scene in AGOT: The blood orange ends up staining her dress. Maybe this scene represents a future interaction between Sansa and Arya.
  15. Another thing worth mentioning is that Big Walder's father, Jammos Frey, is the brother of Lothar Frey, who is commonly known as the smartest Frey. I wouldn't be surprised if the Freys descended from Alyssa Blackwood (including Lothar and Big Walder) were all slightly smarter and more cunning then the rest.