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  2. I'm not sure if that's always a reliable comparison though given how differently states are constructed. Use Texas as an example. One county has a population of around 4m while another has something like 15 people in it. If Mayor Pete's goal is to become president, running for the state senate in a red state isn't going to get him there. Now I agree that Democrats should be competing in every state legislative district they can theoretically win, but you have to be realistic about how far most people can get by that path if they have no statewide prospects. This overlooks the fallout from the CRA and VRA and the realignment that followed their passage.
  3. Jon is not picking Val over Arya. Although the wildling girl is not a bad fit. After all, if Jon were to come back as a human, he will replace Mance as the leader of the wildlings. Then he will die and Mance’s son will follow.
  4. Indeed they may die but not before they bind their people to her cause.
  5. Going North of the Wall to practice incest is like going to the Vatican to sleep with a hooker. North of the Wall is where incest is judged more fiercely.
  6. Selyse cannot shelter forever at the wall. The NW must stand aside and let what remains of the Stannis loyalists and the Boltons settle their own differences. Jon left a mess for Bowen and company to clean up. The distance between Winterfell and Castle Black could give him the time to reorganize after Jon’s disaster. A carefully written message to Ramsay and proof of Jon’s death should start the reorganization. Perhaps Thorne could serve as the interim lord commander.
  7. Not really. It's pretty much the same thing with just a few more things allowed to be open.
  8. This is amazing And while I agree on the Occam's Razor part, George cares about science and it's a relevant topic for analysis of at least this series. Chekhov's Gun applies to any and most dramatic writing, it's just set up and pay of, and George does lots of that.
  9. Euron. I think he's a powerful skinchanger and bind to Dragonbinder. He gave it to Victarion in order to capture one of Dany's dragons (most likely Viserion) and bring him to Westeros with his skinchanger's ability.
  10. This is nonsense dude. I'm not saying this things can't be. With time travel, teleportation, telepathy and face changing almost any '''''''''''''''''''theory''''''''''''''''' could certainly possible. But you need to provide a reasoning for people to take it seriously, textual support, arguments, etc, etc, etc. Yes, if you were be right, you would be right. But that doesn't matter. It makes no sense. And regardless of any proof or theory you have I find it impossible that any fan would be right about all of their theories, specially some of the wild ones you propose.
  11. If the NW survives effects of Marshes coup the money will come. Maybe it will even help, if NW spends them before the Others attack. As for problems with paying the loan back - we won't see them. I do not expect "the summer of the instalment plan" book.
  12. Second round of voting in Brazilian elections happened yesterday, continuing the trend of moving away from the extremist candidates and delivering major defeats to both Bolsonaro and Lula's candidates. Among all that, the most Brazilian thing ever happened in the elections of Goiânia, Brazil's 10th largest city- there the main favorite was a senator who was elected comfortably last election (for an American, a senator running for mayor is unthinkable, but that's common in Brazil, with most senators running for the Executive branch, usually as governors, at some point in their terms) facing a guy that was in hospital for COVID for most of the race and spent the last 20 days in a coma. There was just a problem- as I said earlier in this thread, there was a senator in Brazil arrested hiding money in his butt. And this guy decided not only to defend the money in his butt man, saying he's a nice guy, never did anything wrong and he should not be removed from the Senate, but thought it was a good idea to do so in an audio that he sent to a Whatsapp group of senators. Predictably, the audio leaked, the senator spent the rest of his campaign trying to censor it, his opponent's campaign used it in their ads, and coma guy won, without even knowing he made to the 2nd round, let alone winning. So, there you have it, boys: if you want to be a winner in politics, never defend the money in his butt guy. It will make you look dirty (pun intended).
  13. I think the debt would go to the IT, or it could be resolved if Ned's dream for spring comes to be.
  14. I think that Vince Gillian could have pulled off adapting the books’ POV structure. Tyrion’s book persona is the closest to Walt’s, IMHO. Dany’s persona is quite close to that of Kim Wexler, in Better Call Saul, in my view.
  15. Yep, every action is political, wanting to distance yourself from politics is one of the most political actions there are. Especially in a government funded organism like the Night's Watch. Edit: and no one wanted to be neutral, most just wanted to support the winning side (which would be the smart choice if the loosing side didn't have twice their men and was sleeping next door).
  16. I think if anybody beats Aegon it would be Dany, not the locals.
  17. They only invaded 2 other times and each time they faced a united Westeros. Current Westeros is anything but.
  18. @Lord Lannister @TheLastWolf Jeyne Westerling, and I think he explicitly said she wasn't the POV but that we would see her in the prologue. My guess is that the POV is some Lannister/Frey soldier taking the hostages to the Rock when they are attacked by the Brotherhood. But George has also said that we would see the Rock, so maybe she's already there?
  19. Moreover, Lannister soldiers have their "Rome" in Lannisport so they wont be so devoted to defend KL (they even sacked it once), just like the Crown Landers may be reluctant to support the lion's candidate on the Iron Throne. The westerosi armies are already tired and demoralised, some time has passed since the red wedding. In every war losers were deprived of land by the winners. They may take Aegons side just to avoid it. There should be enough land after the war to share. The mercenaries never seen their ancestral lands so it should not make much difference to them.
  20. OP Well, I don’t want it to happen because he’s going to be the one who kills her. But aside from that. George has really messed up his pacing. This was clearly meant to be THE big slow burn romance of the series where he ultimately does a tragic love vs duty thing. Now, there is zero chance they meet in Winds and Dream will be a very busy book. There is no way George can do that in the time he’s given himself. Basically Dany has to meet Jon, fall in love with him in a way that gets some emotional connection and then have a dramatic anime betrayal in a book loaded with other characters, plot lines and epilogues. Plus, he’s a corpse. It would demonstrate ridiculous bias if he’s conveniently still able to do anything without leaking everywhere. Never mind why the Watch didn’t take the time to mutilate his face or private parts. Or that frostbite on the corpse hasn’t done that damage anyway. Although it would be funny if Dany would rather screw a zombie than Jorah.
  21. Congratulations, Theda! Well done!
  22. Anyone else able to see the Pit-Bal game now scheduled for Tuesday? I made my pick last week but it is gone now.
  23. Golden Company has failed every time when they had invaded Westeros. So I disagree with you how effective force they are. Besides many bannermen of Tyrells are holding lands that belonged supporters of Blackfyres and so those lordlings would not be very happy if Tyrells would endanger their or their heirs rights to own those lands. Or if Tyrells would turn their cloaks there might be a possibility of rebellion by those lordlings who would lost some of their lands if victorious (f)Aegon would return all lands that supporters of Blackfyres lost.
  24. Hmm, I still to feel the other way round about 13 Assassins. I don't think I really enjoyed the first half, which just seemed a little too dark and unpleasant, and possibly a little dull. I did however enjoy the action of the second half and thought it was visceral enough to keep me happy. I do however think it is a very good entry in the Seven Samurai genre of movies.
  25. Yep, annoying but hopefully it's not too much longer. Ox should hopefully be ready to play again in a couple of weeks too.
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