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  2. Well shit, they gotta stop dropping Narcos and the Last Kingdom at the same time. LOL,
  3. Well you are ahead of me, but I'm also watching this. I'm in ep 3. I was not sold on ep 1, but it really caught fire in ep 2. Definitely looks like a usually great Narcos season.
  4. Okay, I'll use this thread, although it is now Narcos Mexico, rather than Narcos. I've seen 2 episodes. I just started ep 3. My advice is to definitely watch it and also give it at least 2 episodes in order to take. I was not completely sold on episode 1, although I was excited by a new season of this show. Episode 2 was great, however. And also the intro to season 3 was great. I loved Tijuana in ep 2 in particular
  5. Bear Claw

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    When I first heard the "speculation" quote, I didn't think much of it, so it's interesting to see this article. I am not sure what to think about it though.
  6. AlaskanSandman


    See i love the world building but i equally love the myth and it's possible bearing on the actual story. I love learning more about his religions and such and wonder greatly about the Valyrians. Being dragon riders and seeming like opposites to the Others and greatly tied to the myths. I very much wish to know more about them. Though i do admit it keeps much intrigue and mystery alive by not giving it and instead giving us the grounded perception and lives of the normal people in his world, and how magic occasionally affects there lives. Its his story so i enjoy it for what he ultimately wants to share, but yes, great curiosity in many things
  7. AlaskanSandman


    Yea i was quite surprised by Saera and Viserra hahaha definitely not what i saw coming hahah some great twist though
  8. Starkz

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    And if he lost and died what would be the reasoning for the Bolton’s wasting time and resources to attack a failing institution that doesn’t oppose them and isn’t a risk to their rule?
  9. Starkz

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    So you imagine Dany is just going to accept the Houses that stood against the Targaryens and instated the Baratheons? That seems like something her character would do when she crucifies and burns people? Killing Jamie just goes to further the point that she is the Mad Kings daughter. Dany marrying Aegon makes the most sense out of everyone and people will expect her to as per the history of House Targaryen. Dany has three dragons and is his Aunt whom also desires the Throne so they’ll have to work together. Aegon will soon learn he needs more men and support and Dany will provide that for him. Dany will also need support in Westeros and Aegon will provide that. Dany cant have children and Aegon being the last fertile Targaryen she’ll need him to continue the line. Furthermore for succession reasons Dany will need Aegon to provide an heir for House Targaryen. There are multiple reasons of why they both need each other saying they don’t is blasphemy.
  10. kleevedge

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    Jon is active Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, leading an army of wildlings and working with the Stannis men to attack the Boltons, all of them coming from the Wall...
  11. Ah, okay, well, that could be revealed in the main series. There could be letters at CB and on Dragonstone, for instance. But I actually think the more crucial guys in prophecy shenanigans will be both Jaehaerys II and Aerys II. They (and Rhaella) would have been the ones feeding Rhaegar's his strange ideas... And Rhaegar changing his mind later on, etc. is going to be brought up by informed people and/or strange visions.
  12. Zorral

    What Do You Think Cultural Appropriation Is?

    Well, in my case, not knowing what to think about this -- one thing I do know I don't think is what you said.
  13. Well I apologize if I misunderstood your posts. As you can tell, we’ve had this account for close to two years and this is the first time we’ve ever commented and we only did because we thought your comments were inappropriate
  14. I'm binging Narcos: Mexico with great satisfaction. Up into episode 7.
  15. But D&E can't really cover that, since both died at Summerhall, when Rhaegar was born. (I was talking specifically about R and A corresponding)
  16. Starkz

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    Jon going to fight the Bolton’s is not the same thing as the NW going to fight the Bolton’s. How would the NW be affected if Stannis and Jon lost? The Bolton’s don’t care about the NW and there isn’t enough men their to challenge their rule. Jon leaving would be the best thing for the Watch, not dying. With Jon leaving you’d assume the Queens men and the Queen would also go with Jon so the Bolton’s wouldn’t assume that Arya or anyone else was at Castle Black. Killing Jon is the worst thing someone with the mindset of preserving the Watch could do. There are thousands of Wildlings and Queens men who support Jon who will retaliate. The best coarse of action would be to let Jon fight the Bolton’s and hope that he wins but most of these characters at the Wall aren’t very smart.
  17. Aemon seems to have more information. Before he died, he told Sam to tell the maesters about everything, including some dream one of his brothers had. Whatever information he was in possession of, his brother's dream might be the what bridges the gap between the old info and all the new information he came across while in Braavos.
  18. I honestly hope it doesn't. I would very much like Vol. II cover Aegon III to Daeron II, ending with the Great Spring Sickness. The rest we should get in Dunk & Egg stories or not at all. There is no chance Dunk & Egg stories will be fun if Gyldayn has given us everything beforehand. And he would have to give us pretty much everything aside from stories of the overall political importance of the TSS. But Aegon III, Daeron I (with as much on Daeron's war as we are going to get on Jaehaerys and Alysanne, say), Baelor I, Viserys II, Aegon IV (with lots of quotes from the autobiography George intended to write), and Daeron II with the Blackfyre Rebellion should be great fun, too. The modern stuff should better be dealt with in the series proper - and then perhaps flashed out some more in another history book. And then there is the idea to have Yandel in Aemon's age write a history of the decades after the series is over. I want to know what the surviving children do after they have grown up. That's the only way to see whether they implemented some lasting changes.
  19. Today
  20. Lord Patrek

    Amazing Book Deals V.2

    Every installment of David Weber's bestselling Safehold series is 2.99$ on Kindle (USA and Canada).
  21. Lord Stannis-The True King

    Who would you say is the ultimate good guy\girl on Game of Thrones?

    Renly was a traitor to the realm. He proclaimed himself King and stole many of the Baratheon bannermen for his cause. By all the laws of Gods and Men Stannis had a Duty to execute him. Not only that, but in doing so he saved countless lives from parishing in a needless conflict. He even went so far as to use his own life force to ensure no collateral damage was had. Renly is at fault here. He wraught is own doom with his treason. Shireen, is another story. Completely innocent to be sure. In this way I always saw Stannis as the foil for Ned Stark. One of my favorite scenes that describes this perfectly is in the season 1 episode Bealor. The conversation between Aemon Targarian and Jon Snow. Maester Aemon asks Jon if he knows why the Night's Watch can have no wives and father no children. "So they will not love. LOVE IS THE DEATH OF DUTY." He says that given the choice most men would prioritize their family over their duty to the realm. He then asks what Jon thinks his father would do. Jon replies that his father would always do what is right. No matter what. Aemon says that his father is "one man in ten thousand". "Most of us are not so strong. What is honor campared to a woman's love? What is duty compared to the feel of a newborn son in your arms? Or a brother's smile?" "We're all human. And we all do our duty when there's no cost to it. Honor comes easy then. Yet, sooner or later, in every man's life there comes a day when it is not easy. A day when he must choose!" As we all know Ned Stark was considered an honorable man. He supported Stannis as the heir to the Iron Throne because he WAS the heir. But when he had to choose between his duty and his family he chose his family. He falsely confessed to treason and proclaimed Joffry the true King plunging the seven kingdoms into a civil war that still hasn't ended. All to save his two daughters. All the lives lost in this conflict to save two people. In the end his love was the death of his duty. Stannis had a similar choice to make. To spare his daughter at the expense of the kingdom or to sacrifice her to ensure it's future and save countless lives in the process. He chose Duty. Stannis Baratheon was that one man in ten thousand Measter Aemon referenced. He loved Shireen. She was possibly the only person he ever loved and he still chose his duty. Why? Because he was King. And a King has a greater responsibility to his people than to his family. A King must be selfless to be effective. And Stannis is the only truly selfless character in the whole series.
  22. Drawing a blank atm... will F&B II cover the rest of the Targ kings, as in, all the way to the Mad King? B/c if so we may perhaps get a bit on Rhaegar's correspondence w/ maester Aemon? Possibility of juicy stuff there...
  23. Annara Snow

    Rank your 2018 TV shows throughout the year

    The Americans (S6) Sharp Objects The Good Place (S2/S3) The Alienist The Expanse (S3) Dietland Jessica Jones (S2) The 100 (S5) Black Lightning Agents of SHIELD (S5) Cloak and Dagger The Gifted Runaways Deception Star Trek: Discovery The X-Files (S11) Yesterday I finished my binge of this show (which I started a couple of months ago). I wrote about the show overall in the 2017 thread and the Watch... thread after finishing S4. The show has its ups and downs. I was told that season 5 was as bad or maybe worse than season 3, which I hated and which was a huge mess, but that wasn't the case. However, it had some really annoying stuff: a return of a very annoying plot point from season 3, which got a lot of attention and screentime, and one of the worst 'romantic' relationships I've ever seen on screen - it has an awful, toxic setup, is 'developed' entirely off-screen and in a lazy way, and has no chemistry whatsoever (also, one half of it is an extremely annoying and badly written supporting character played by an awful actress who can't emote at all). But fortunately, it didn't take that much screentime, as it's really obvious to anyone paying attention that it's just there to create an obstacle, but every time it was on screen, I felt like I was watching a telenovela, and their sex scene felt like one of the sex scenes from The Room. And generally, the amount of stuff that was covered off-screen was this season's biggest problem. But a lot of other things were interesting and compelling - but it wasn't as good as seasons 2 or 4 or even season one. More than anything, it felt like a setup for season 6, which is going to air the next year. I would rank the seasons: season 2 > season 4 (they are pretty close and much better than the rest) >>> season 1 > season 5 > season 3.
  24. Even if she was right about that, those ancient books could have been full of stuff imported to Asshai from Valyria - millennia or centuries before or around the Doom. I'd prefer if there was one original vision/prophecy which influenced other prophetic/religions traditions, but it certainly could also be two or more prophecies about the same person(s)/event. If Daenys were the source then Aemon is either way wrong here, or exaggerating: Before we don't have a clear reference to Daenys as making the promised prince prophecy, it may have been prophecy far more ancient. Although the idea that Daenys is connected to the whole thing would be more satisfying. Have you ever thought about why the Undying seem to know so much about Dany's fate? Is that just arbitrary magical stuff immortal sorcerers do, or is there something more to that? With you telling us that George didn't want to cover Qarth in detail in TWoIaF, and the fact that chances are not that bad that Euron took Dragonbinder from the warlocks rather than going to Valyria, there is actually a pretty strong possibility that Pyat Pree found Dragonbinder in the ruins of the House of the Undying, and that it originally belonged to them - or one of them. The Pureborn and warlocks, etc. may have warred against the Valyrians once, and captured such a horn. But what if those many Valyrian civil wars and power plays caused a dragonlord of great power (or one of those sorcerer princes) to go to Qarth into exile, taking key magical artifacts with him, among them Dragonbinder? As an Undying he could have been right there in the room with Dany, Drogon, and the Others. There is potential there for interesting twists and turns in retrospect. Especially since we don't *really* understand yet what the Undying wanted to do with Dany. They had no interest in the dragons. They wanted her. Drogon saved her, not the other way around.
  25. I would suggest you try to frame your remarks to the material at hand instead of casting aspersions. Out with the old and in with the new. The ASOIAF saga can no longer be discussed as a self contained story. Theories now revolve around material released in TWOIAF, the App, TKotSK and the impending F & B AND HBO's show. Hard core ASOIAF (novels, books, saga) fans can leave the site or embrace the idea martin is telling the story via extra material.
  26. Idk, it's looking like im wrong more about Queen's Crown hahaha i may devolve into madness lol jk. I would say that being wrong in your ideas and theories is equally as fun as being right. I want to be surprised. I personally enjoy thinking he is going one way and being revealed to be wrong, it would be terrible to think we got it right that easy
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