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  2. I mean the boiling reference when used by the wildlings (can't find the Frey quotes). For example: The insults are the abuse of the bones after the boiling.
  3. Cersei is just mean. The Lannister woman is not insane. She’s just a bad person. Do you remember Melara? Arya has killed more and did it with more brutality. Yes, so Arya’s insanity compromises her judgment.
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  5. What was the budget for S1 GoT? It wasn't that much higher than this right? Shows how quickly the baseline can be shifted given that was one of the most expensive shows even even at that starting point. And fair enough on your counters to my ideas, in particular you're probably spot on with the Raych ship bit. I'm mostly just theorising so I at least feel like I'm following lol.
  6. There would be certainly a release clause at least.
  7. Well for one thing, a pie is made out of pastry dough and baked, usually with a top and bottom crust, but there are a number of pies without top crusts. They can be sweet or savory. Pizza is made with a bread dough, not a pastry dough.
  8. Deadfire is wonderful. The main story has been rightly criticised for being a bit confounding and conveying a false sense of urgency, but aside from that, the score, the production value, the design, the sound, the world, it's all just so lovely. A lot of love went into this game and it shows.
  9. Apple is still in a building phase and has picked up a lot of new subs from Ted Lasso, but it was starting from a very low base, so it's still not huge. The viewership needed for renewal is thus far lower than it would be for a show on Netflix or Amazon. As for the budget, I've seen several reports that it's only $4.5 million per episode ($45 million for the season), which is at the upper end of a normal network show budget (it seems to be around what Superman & Lois on the CW has for a budget) and way below The Witcher ($7 million per episode in the first season) or Wheel of Time (~$12 million per episode). That's pretty much chicken feed these days.
  10. I was only thinking about this last weekend and thought you could go with some fun Easter egg changes for book readers that don't detract from the experience for show only viewers. Small things like changing the Mercedes Benz hood ornament for a Tesla and other little things like that. Update the nods to the real world with things that are newer than the books.
  11. While I hope this is true, I'm trying to go in expecting the show pieced together from these clips..less likely I'll be wildly disappointed.
  12. I think what we're seeing is that Amazon's approach to marketing doesn't give them as much resources for custom promo clips so they're chopping up actual scenes rather than really short shots, but the chopped up scenes feel off due to the continuity breaks. I'm pretty confident that most of the Winespring Inn scene will play much less awkwardly in the show. I also half expect that the effects we're seeing still aren't fully rendered and will look better in the final release.
  13. I think the ship was meant to pick up Raych but he decided to switch his place with Gaal; likely an independent act that Seldon could not foresee. The ship kept saying it was programmed to follow Raych's commands, which was why Gaal couldn't make anything work. For the second point, maybe, but the Anacreons seem to have immediately laid waste to the compound and taken out a bunch of the Foundation. Plus any witnesses to the crime will simply give their version of events, and I'm assuming the Empire has superior truth-detection abilities. I'm not sure what the Anacreon game is here. Other key points from Goyer's Q&A: Asimov had several ideas for how the saga ends and told his daughter about them, which they are using to craft the endgame of the series. The show has been a big hit so far and Apple are very happy with things. The action scenes in this episode were a bit shit because they'd booked to film it after COVID began, so the big action sequences meant to be shot across many days with a huge number of extras were instead shot in a day and a half with 60 extras. TV Seldon is not above instigating events himself and then claiming psychohistory gave him the foreknowledge; he knew bringing Gaal to Trantor would trigger his arrest, so psychohistory had nothing to do with knowing that would happen but he knew he could enhance his mystique by suggesting it did. Foundation was proposed as an anthology series when it first did the rounds and all the studios said no, but they would consider it if it was more heavily serialised. That stopped them from following the books 1:1 almost immediately. Season 2 will primarily adapt the first half of Foundation and Empire from the sound of it, and the trader prince stories from the first book. Bel Riose will be a major character. Material from the prequels will appear later this season, and maybe in later seasons. Jared Harris dressed up as Jason from Halloween to entertain the kids of cast and crew during filming last October.
  14. We are going on Sunday… my local cinema only has four showings of Bond. They have 8 of Addams Family 2. They have 7 of Venom 2. And a blue billion showings of Halloween Kills. I guess I should set my expectations accordingly. Taking my son. It will be his first Bond movie. I would like to find time to introduce him via Casino Royale at the very least before we go, but I don’t think we will have time.
  15. True, but I don't think that's because they don't choose to reach a general audience. I think it's because they don't lean into what makes fantasy fantasy. Exactly. Now, how well they actually manage to bring enough of what makes WoT tick to screen is an open question. I'm honestly going to be very lenient with story changes. Frankly, if I have an issue, it with them not using the readily available "it's another turning of the Wheel" reason to justify just whatever they want. It's right in the story. Heck, they can be clever and have call-outs to the books as they are in some scenes where some characters get to glimpse alternate realities. Nah there's no parade. We're all just doing what fans do, spending energy wondering if the show will speak to us and scratch the itch for good speculative fiction on screen. I'd love for WoT to succeed. If nothing, it's success should tell Hollywood that they can safely move past the "Medieval Europe knights riding horses" kind of fantasy and explore the wealth of even more experimental and fun worlds that came after WoT.
  16. Well ,this is awkward....I'm an accountant. But on that note, I, too, read fantasy to avoid thinking about accounting. So there's that
  17. Robert doesn't seem to have been a very loving elder brother, mocking Stannis with the bird and all that ... but that doesn't mean that Robert really had any issues with Stannis. Especially not back when they were children. Robert was a very gifted individual ... and Stannis was not. He had no intrinsic reason to bully him. Rather, one expects that Stannis with his non-existing social skills and his obsession with right and wrong ruined every opportunity the two and their friends had at having fun. And Stannis being only a year younger than Robert means that, aside from the inheritance issue, they would have been pretty much equals - serving as pages and squires together, training at arms together, etc. Meaning that Stannis had little to no reason to really look up to Robert because of his prowess and success. Instead, he would have constantly criticized him for his drinking, whoring, sense of humor, etc. Stannis certainly was jealous of Robert and everything he accomplished. But to Robert Stannis was just the weird/awkward little brother he had to provide for. And that he did. He made him one of the greatest lords in the Realm, even his heir until Joffrey was born. And the only thing Stannis could think of was that Renly had gotten Storm's End. That is very ugly entitlement if you actually think of it. Stannis didn't deserve anything. Yes, Borys Baratheon seems to be basically a slightly darker version of Stannis. Borys coveted Storm's End - like Stannis did. The only difference is that Borys actually turned against his lordly brother while he yet lived while Stannis waited for Robert's death. But in the end, both seem to have similar motivations. Even more so, in light of the fact that, to our knowledge, Stannis has no proof that Cersei's children aren't Robert's. He just believes that to be the case. And the children are still his legal nephews and niece, they grew up viewing Stannis as their uncle, Stannis also viewed them as his brother's children for a very long time, etc. It is also quite interesting that Borys and Stannis both were the presumptive heirs of their brothers for quite some time. Stannis was heir to Storm's End from the day Steffon drowned, Borys was heir to Storm's End and expected to succeed his brother because Rogar's first wife died childless and Alyssa Velaryon seemed to be beyond her childbearing years.
  18. Just trying to stay on track here, you first said that loosely speaking, a pizza is a pie. Then you said "generally speaking, the pizza meets the criteria of a pie", then when I asked what these criteria are you said "we can start with the general definition, which would include a pizza". Help us out here, dude! What makes a pie a pie?
  19. I wonder how much of this plan will be realized. The show is certainly quite expensive to produce but it doesn't seem to have gotten much hype online. On Reddit there is way less talk about it than you'd expect about a big budget show based on a popular sci-fi classic. That AMA Goyer did had only 265 replies which is way less than you'd expect for such a show.
  20. Not sure what you mean by "GRRM intends this". Most of the references to boiling people in the books are indeed intended as insults by the people who make them (mostly Freys and Wildlings). Barristan does not intend boiling to be an insult because he has no intention of doing it. Missandei does not intend boiling to be an insult because the situation has already passed far beyond insult. Thanks for the Mos Teutonicus reference. That was indeed interesting. Note however that the Pope outlawed the practice in 1300 because, well, ... ugh. Imagine Ned chopping up his sister, putting her in a pot, and boiling her for hours. Or maybe he got Howland to do it for him while he was making the cairns. Note also, that it is called the "German custom" partly because the English (and French) were averse to it. Westeros is based on Britain more than on anything else. One can imagine the French and English shaking their heads in disgust and saying "stupid Germans!"
  21. I’m going to say a general definition might need to be pulled from a reputable source and not your ass. Hint: pastry crust versus a dough might be a good place to start. Nah. These would be under the “breaded chicken” category, just colloquial names for the same thing. “Pizza” is in the “pizza” category, doesn’t change into a pie because some simpleton calls it a pizza pie.
  22. I'm kind of in the same boat. I guess I'm being Ms Stick-in-the-Mud because I want this to be good and it's looking to be another disappointing, uninspired fantasy. With fantasy, there are plenty of good books, but very, very few successful adaptations. I really, really want to enjoy this. But so many signs are pointing to it going into the bin of unwatchably campy fantasy. You know, I agree. I don't want another GoT clone either. If you are going to adapt a story, adapt the story. Don't make it into something else. However, the approach that the creators seems to be going with (aesthetic, changes, etc) make this seem like it will be a poor adaptation. But we'll have to see. I guess I need to stop raining on everyone's parade. We're a month away before we have sufficient context to judge the quality of the show. No use fretting until then.
  23. Which is the Westerosi system, yes. Entirely different than what @Aldarion thinks they are.
  24. My attempt to follow what's going on from this episode is that 1) Hari's plan was substantially more detailed than he let on and included his own martyrdom. That was probably an event that was going to happen regardless and earlier on his own terms results in less damage when it happens, so it's the reason Raych did it and why they apparently had this automated ship following along to pick her up. I guess Gaal is his contingency plan, someone who can update his modeling with additional data as the fall starts to happen, but needed to be off the board as events start in motion. 2) The Anacreons plan was clearly to lure an imperial ship and shoot it down, which they've now achieved. It's sufficiently obvious that there's got to be a second layer to the plan and the best I've got at the moment is that they're framing the Foundation for shooting the ship down. The Cleon's immediately assumed the comm relay going dark was done by them after all, and it seems like a fitting first step of revenge for a people who think that's what happened to them - that Hari's followers were behind the attack and set them up to take the blame.
  25. Ah, that's interesting. They do not have the rights to R. Daneel Olivaw, as a character who originated in the Robots series which is under option elsewhere, which meant they had to change Demerzel's character (and make her a separate entity). He also notes that the relationship between the show and the books is more akin to the relationship between the MCU and the comics than a direct adaptation. Plus, the plan seems to be to show the full span of the Foundation and the full 1,000-year history of the interregnum, which Asimov only got halfway through in the books.
  26. We can start with the general definition, which would include pizza. And get the fuck outta here with cake being a pie. Now you're just being ridiculous. Next you're going to say there needs to be a distinction between chicken fingers and chicken tenders based on how old you are when you eat them.
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