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  2. Ylath's Snout

    What if renly killed in king landing

    I assume that they would want Robb on the Iron Throne then? I wonder what their justification would be. other than right-by-conquest. Maybe that Ned was Roberts "true" brother or that Stannis can't insure religious freedom with his "holy places" toasting?
  3. Ylath's Snout

    Smarter mace tyrrel

    ( @John Suburbs Not gonna quote your whole thing, even thiugh it is well written.) Those things makes sense if Joff can be considered "rational" with his abuse. He may assume "should" beat on his wife thanks to his dirtbag wife-beater of a father. But the Tyrells might have been willing expose Marg to a risk of that.. I will always be doubtful of Joff in pretty much any situation as he seems to be a mix of untreated mental issue (not that he is alone in that in ASoIAF), bad/neglectful parenting and being put in a stressful situation he unread for. Anyone put into the place Joff start off as king: with one end of the country in rebellion and two uncles prepping take you out based on claims of your mother fucking her brother. Might crack, Joff has some pretty big fault lines from the start.
  4. Mosi Mynn

    Unpopular opinions

    That reminds me : I don’t like any of the child actors in the HP films (except for Luna), they are all awful.
  5. Corvo the Crow

    Should the giant population have replenished sooner?

    Agreed but it can be a lot of things. Karstsarks' sigil and words are "The Sun of Winter", a pun of them being Sons of the King of Winter. Umber sigil could be something of that sort too. Umbers are also the best candidate for previous owners of Karstark lands, so they may have rebelled, the rebellion is put down and they lose lands but got better terms than they did like Dornish did so they have become "unchained".
  6. Ylath's Snout

    Ned wasn’t a true Stark

    I'd state is more as: Robb lacked discipline so he lost his honor.
  7. Universal Sword Donor

    Did Grey Wind warn Robb about Theon?

    I'd tell you but I ain't no narc
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  9. C.T. Phipps

    The Rhenwars Saga by M.L. Spencer

    I'm going to recommend these books for being a Deconstructor Fleet (thank you TVtropes.org) to fantasy tropes without being grimdark. They really are exceptionally well-written stories that take pot shots at a lot of common storytelling elements. The premise of the books is, 1000 years ago (they have a prequel called Darkmage which details it), an epic band of misfits tried and failed to save the world. It turned out all of their dysfunctional angst-ridden personality flaws resulted in them screwing up and dropping the ball at the last minute. The world is thus divided between the Light and Dark Portions of the world with the latter always pushing against the former. Our protagonists are given the task of preventing the bad guys from taking over the world. And prove completely inept at the task, in small part because they sympathize with the foreigners or simply don't think heroes are enough to turn the tide. I think most people here would really enjoy these books.
  10. I just went back to this show as a friend recommended and I have to say, for a Walking Dead show it's surprisingly not bad. Bit of a shame they killed off Nick he was the one character from the old cast that didn't irritate me. Like the addition of Al, John and Laura, and the latter's episode together which actually felt like it had a bit of soul, something I would never say about Walking Deads. I nearly always enjoy Garret Dillahunt's stuff, a criminally underrated actor. I'm guessing Laura has to be alive or what's the point. Hopefully Madison is dead, the most annoying character since Rick's wife but i'm sure she's also fine.
  11. The Ned's Little Girl

    Sansa and Cognitive Dissonance

    Not sorry enough to refuse to forcibly marry her.
  12. Errant Bard

    The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang

    There are hints that gods are not gods at all, but rather an innate character trait that you can choose to push to the extreme, and thus have some control over reality with magic, while you have less control of yourself. It's in a way a metaphor for drug use: you don't control the craving, in exchange you feel good, but it destroys you. I read it recently, and while I know it's a debut, I felt that some elements were still making it less enjoyable than it could have been: First, it's not surprising. Sure, asian inspired stories change from the Olde England setting, but if you compare this and the Black Tides of Heaven, the Poppy War will prove to have lifted most of its setting from history, with a few renaming. Mugen is basically a Japan/Taiwan mix, for example, and not to spoil, but the rape of Nanking was obviously an inspiration at one point. Secondly, the story structure is uneven. There is a Training Montage in the first part where two years can go by in one sentence, and you feel the story prepare for something epic and then... the scope shrinks. It becomes more a psychological Sub-Hunger Games study than anything. I felt like this book could have been flashbacks to explain where the characters were at the start of the story more than a part of the story itself, at one point. Thirdly, and the worst problem for me: a lot of events in the second part are contrived. You know it has to happen to offer a choice to the main character, but it feels more like a RPG where the only people you meet in Hamlet X are old friends then you click on the "travel to Mnt Doom" button and you're there in the next chapter. All this being said, it is a debut, and the saving grace is the direction chosen for the protagonist, well away from the usual good guy behaviour, though of course Abercrombie among others has been using this idea before. Still, I think I will check the sequel to see if we enter the epic story hinted at.
  13. I hope not. "Everyone is a host" is approaching "everyone is a Targaryen" levels. I do think the fourth episode heavily suggested there is a host-Ford out there, and I suppose it's entirely possible Arnold gave him that red superball earlier and they're messing with the timelines. But, I think if the explanation for Maeve's new abilities is anything tangible (as opposed to her just being Neo), I'd hope it'd be something like "she unwittingly was able to hack into Ford's code that he used to control hosts and used it through the mesh network." In that case, she'd simply be using the same thing human Ford did to ensure absolute control of his creations.
  14. Brad Stark

    Heresy 209 Of Ice and of Fire

    Beric, Catelyn, Coldhands, and maybe Patchface - do we know anyone else resurrected? Beric came back relatively normal, but not the same person. He seems drier, a little more mission oriented, maybe a little more robotic and less human, and certainly a little scrambled, but if we didn't know who he was before, he'd seem like a normal character. Catelyn is completely different. Instead of a warm loving wife and mother, she is solely focused on revenge and would not seem like a normal person, even without her wounds. We probably haven't seen Coldhands before he died, and if we did, we don't know who he is so we can't make comparisons. But Stonesnake, Halfhand and Gared all remind me of the strong silent type and Coldhand's personality seems to fit right in. We don't get a lot of description, but he seems to be a competent fighter who can still move quickly and skillfully. Patchface is a mystery, and what we know of what he was like before is very different. Nimble and clever seem to be the best descriptions and since we've seen him, he is the opposite. Unlike the others, Patchface doesn't seem to be goal oriented or driven towards any specific purpose. So it seems everyone brought back is somewhat less warm, human and nuanced - and the degree of change varies quiet a bit. From GRRM's comments and the example of Cat, we'd assume the more horrific death and the longer ago they died, the greater degree of change, but I suspect that isn't true. Coldhands probably died horribly (and almost certainly violently) and was probably dead far longer than any of the others, but comes back in shape to fit right in with the rangers. I think we also need to ask how any of them were brought back. We have Beric and Cat,we know were brought back by Fire (GRRM told us) but Thoros was hardly the powerful sorcerer or priest we'd expect to resurrect people, and he did it in a cave of Children of the Forest surrounded by wierwood roots. We don't know who or what brought Coldhands back. I suspect Bran (probably future Bran) did it, but it could be Bloodraven, and if not, likely was someone working either on the same side or with the same powers. Patchface again is a mystery, with no clue as to whether fire, ice or water brought him back, who did it, or why.
  15. Lee-Sensei

    Did Grey Wind warn Robb about Theon?

    I guess it's because he wasn't planning on betraying Robb.
  16. But the real question there was, is Ford a host in that scene, are they showing us Maeve doing this as a clue? How else could he tap into the hosts without speaking, looking at them or moving?
  17. dbunting

    Unpopular opinions

    Ok so what the hell brought this thread to life?? Unpopular opinion. Couldn't care less about Harry Potter, never read a book or saw a single movie. Thought Lord of the Rings was way over rated. Did see the three main movies and thought the first one was one of the most boring movies I had ever seen. The only one I actually liked was the third one. I don't like Mt. Dew in a can.
  18. Altherion

    U.S. Politics; Who Watches the Watchers?

    The attitude towards guns in the US certainly plays a part in this, but given that this aspect of our culture does a decent job of protecting itself, it might be worthwhile to look at other things. For example, rather than the place-based comparisons with the rest of the world (which is actually not that similar, although the differences are not in the quote you mention), we could look at our own country throughout time. Gun ownership rates today are lower than they have been in the past half century, but school shootings are much more common. It would almost certainly be more productive to focus on why such students do what they do rather than on guns.
  19. Yeah my brother yelled the same thing at the TV when this happened - "how can they hear him?!?" This does jive with Ford repeatedly emphasizing the hosts needed to suffer in order to evolve in the first season.
  20. dmc515

    U.S. Politics; Who Watches the Watchers?

    If Clinton had won and the Dems taken the Senate, they would have gotten rid of the filibuster if only because the GOP would have forced them to. They refused to even meet with Garland, obviously they would have filibustered any nominee. No matter how the election shook out, the cloture vote for SCOTUS nominees was a dead-procedural-rule-walking once the GOP refused to vote on Garland. Really, it was inevitable once Reid killed it for lower-court nominees in 2013. As for Dems refusing to play "hardball," I don't think that's necessarily true. Not only was Reid the first one to actually activate the "nuclear option," but barely anybody knew what reconciliation was until the Dems used it to pass part of the ACA. The problem is the Dems tend to wring their hands about playing institutional hardball, and look guilty afterwards because of it.
  21. dbunting

    Deadpool 2 (SpoilyourbreechesstupidautofillAway)

    Saw this today and wasn't disappointed at all. As I said in a different thread, May will have been an amazing month of movies for me as long as Solo doesn't bomb, and I have heard it's pretty good. I was a little surprised when they killed Vanessa off right at the start, though I should have known better since DP can't be happy. The killing off of the X force was fantastic. And I was like, man, was that Brad Pitt as vanishing man or what ever his name was. Domino obviously held her own and has to be in any future movies in this franchise. And yes, DP called Cable Thanos at one point, only reference I caught. I missed Stan Lee but thought a bust looked familiar.
  22. Rhom

    NBA playoffs 2018 - Raptors over Cavs in 6

    And then losing in 5 to the Warriors.
  23. Rhom

    NBA playoffs 2018 - Raptors over Cavs in 6

    Adam Silver’s script has them losing game 5 in Boston, winning a tight one in game 6, then LeBron tearing out the C’s hearts in game 7.
  24. Jeor

    Football - To Russia with Löw

    I have to say I'm quite surprised by Emery as his name was not in the initial list of candidates. However, I suppose they did want someone to be appointed early and it would have been a drawn-out saga to get Allegri or many of the others. So from that point of view, it's good that (if the rumours are true) they've settled on a successor fairly quickly and painlessly. Low was never going to be available early enough with the World Cup coming up, Ancelotti would only be a caretaker choice, Allegri would have needed some persuading and it could have been a long drawn-out affair, and Jardim doesn't have big-time experience, Arteta even less. So on that I could see why they went for Emery. I don't know much about Emery's footballing style, but at least he has some experience with managing star players and he has winning experience. The question mark is how much that winning experience translates to a much more competitive and crowded Premier League. I don't see the English language as too much of a problem. If anything that might help him keep the press away (like Poch) and concentrate on the football. Emery will start with a lot of goodwill since he isn't Wenger, and it's an attractive job because I don't think the expectations are sky high. I think most Arsenal fans would be more than happy with a top 4 finish next season. The main thing we'll want to see is some progress with the defence and some signs of being able to win big games, preferably both at the same time...
  25. It makes sense if Stannis values his own safety over that of his duty to the monarch and elder brother. Renly left when Robert was dying knowing full Cersi would have his head. . Stannis left, knowing full well his king is in a nest of vipers to which he may be bitten any day. Stannis' fleeing is worse since it was done when he could have at least tried to warn his brother; with Renly it was simply too late for him to do anything for his brother. I honestly don't see it; he'd allow Stannis to burn the seven,and decided to stick by him after he'd seriously pondered burning Edric Storm; and both cases the thought of abandoning Stannis never sprang up; why should Shireen be his breaking point?
  26. Slurktan

    NBA playoffs 2018 - Raptors over Cavs in 6

    Wilt, Kareem, Rodman I think are it besides Ray Allen.
  27. John Suburbs

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    I don't see how you can see it that way. If anyone is a Mama's Dragon, it's Viserion. He is always climbing on Dany, clinging to her, throwing a tantrum when she pushes him away. Drogon pretty much flies off on his own, returning only when he hears the fighting.
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