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  2. Varysblackfyre321

    Glass-is Shymalan back?

    Just saw the movie yesterday. I give it a meh. Maybe an eh.
  3. broken one

    What are you least looking forward to?

    Ive read all the books several times exept for the ironborn chapters, which I've read maybe ~twice, so I am not interested too much in new things about krakens. Just hope Barristan kills Victarion once he gets to know the gentelman and his plans I'am also not a big fan of Dothraki.
  4. ljkeane

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    So Edinburgh will have a home quarterfinal and, in the process, have ensured that Glasgow will be in the knockouts of the Champions Cup too. I think that's the best performance for Scottish teams in Europe I can remember, not a bad way to lead into the Six Nations. Speaking of the Six Nations this is the England squad for the start of the tournament. Overall it looks pretty strong although Ireland away is a very tough start. With that in mind Underhill's a loss, his defence would be pretty useful in Dublin, but Curry, Wilson and even Earl aren't bad options at openside.
  5. Bernie Mac

    How powerful are the Royces?

    I said by the end the Boltons have the upper hand The Ryswells and the Dustins had surprised the ironmen on the Fever River and put their longships to the torch. That was worse. And now the Bastard of Bolton was riding south with Hother Umber to join them for an attack on Moat Cailin. "The Whoresbane his own self," claimed a riverman who'd just brought a load of hides and timber down the White Knife, "with three hundred spearmen and a hundred archers. Some Hornwood men have joined them, and Cerwyns too." Ramsay is actively commanding Hornwood men, Wyman is not. That implies a certain level of command over the land, not an overall victory but the upper hand. No they fled because their homeland was a battlefield. You claimed "they lost" , this is demonstrably false given Ramsay is commanding Hornwood troops before his father even reaches Moat Cailin. Ramsay had been running loose long before Roose was made Warden "Them as have no other place to live. Smallfolk from up the White Knife, most o' them. Hornwood's people too. With that Bastard o' Bolton running loose, they all want to be inside the walls. I don't know what his lordship means to do with all o' them. Most turned up with no more'n the rags on their backs." Can you provide evidence that they only fled once Roose became Warden? Nope, I'm really not.
  6. I have become critical and severely dissappointed with the series in books 4 and 5 but my comment further above was not meant as dismissal. The first 3 books are very good, no question for me about that. It's just that the world building is not remarkable at all. (Same goes for Tad Williams and Abercrombie whose worlds are probably even more clicheed and for what I have read of Hobb's (first two books only.) as well. But this is not why I became disappointed, I think it has a lot of advantages sticking to the mostly standard tropes. One major disappointment in retrospective, however, was the realization that there was a book that did the odd seasons far better and in a scientifically plausible fashion, namely "Helliconia". But again, the main failure of GRRM is NOT that somebody did it before and better but that we have to hear "winter is coming" for four long books until it becomes a little relevant, but still not quite.
  7. Lord Varys

    Renly winning would have been a disaster.

    No, we have evidence of Renly saying stuff. He does not show any indication that he was actually doing stuff. That is what I said - or didn't you realize I wrote 'pretty much' above there. Loras was Renly's closest confidant, the Lord Commander of his Rainbow Guard, the guy he was spending all his time with, not Margaery. Sure. I'm merely not buying your idea that Renly most definitely wanted to have children - because all we have about that is talk. And words are wind. Stannis, too, is never going to have a son by Selyse because it has been years since he has been sleeping with Selyse. He can want sons all day long, he won't have them if he is not sleeping with his wife. And on what do you base this claim? Do you think Tywin cared whether Cersei's children were Robert's seed? The important thing is that the daughter is the queen, not that the king is the actual biological father of the children. If the king acknowledges them as his children, they will succeed him - and that's what both Tywin and Mace wanted. Bastards are born outside of wedlock. If nobody knows who to the true father is then the children are the seed of the husband by default. Which is why I wrote 'another bad precedent'. Again - another bad precedent. You do realize that repeating things makes them even more 'normal' than just a one-time occurrence, right? The latter can be construed or declared as an aberration or an exception. But if Renly had followed Robert the 'Robert way' then this would have set a very strong precedent that brute strength and ambition are the principles governing Baratheon succession, not birth order and primogeniture. In fact, we see how Maegor's successful usurpation is seen as a one-time exception. Nobody says that the Iron Throne should go to the guy who has the strength to claim it when the Old King is dying. Nobody during the Dance justifies their claim with the size of their army or their dragons. Such a thing cannot really be made to go away completely. It would be part of history how Robert and Renly took the throne. And Renly's personality does not imply he cared much about being a good king. He liked to shine. He wanted the glory that came with being king, and her certainly had the ruthlessness and the charisma to get there. But there is no indication he had the talent or the ability to be a good ruler. Oh, I know that quote - but 'dealing' with somebody does not necessarily entail killing them, does it? It may have been enough had Cersei been able to disgrace Stannis and Renly, causing them to lose Dragonstone and Storm's End. Without a power base of their own they wouldn't have been that much of a threat to her children.
  8. Bernie Mac

    Renly winning would have been a disaster.

    We have textual evidence that he planned on having a child very quickly. "Oh, I expect I'll get a son on her within the year. Pray, how many sons do you have, Stannis? Oh, yes—none." He's not praying every night. Renly laughed. "Loras, stay and help me pray. It's been so long I've quite forgotten how. As to the rest of you, I want every man in place by first light, armed, armored, and horsed. We shall give Stannis a dawn he will not soon forget." But yeah, the hours before his first ever battle he wants comfort. And you claiming that he had no intention of having children also does not make it so, you realize that right? Right now Renly claims he had every intention of having children, that Mace's support came from the expectation of legitimate grandchildren. No, they'd be bastards. That precedent already existed when Robert became king. Sure, just like Robert becoming king encouraged Renly to become King, the precedent had already existed. Robert didn't really do anything to stop this, he was a pretty poor father and mediocre king who thought little of the future. Now Renly may be the same, he may not. But there was possibly many decades to rectify the precedent he and Robert had made. It is a problem that can be managed, acting like Roberts inactivity towards grooming his heir is the norm is incorrect. Yeah, we do. Eddard Stark took up right where Arryn had left off; his meddling had forced her to rid herself of Robert sooner than she would have liked, before she could deal with his pestilential brothers.
  9. broken one

    Songs that Make Us Think of A Song of Ice and Fire

    "1000 eyes" by Death reminds me of... guess guess XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjnP7Zut94M "soul on fire" by Danzig makes me think of the whole series because of the hot and cold stuff in the lyrics Angels fall to earthWorld heats downCoolNow your heart is coldWaiting on the summerOf my soul etc etc
  10. red snow

    Cartoons you'd like to see remade?

    Most of them have been several times over so I'm struggling to think of any. There are also a lot of cartoons that can be simply watched over again instead of being remade eg gargoyles and samurai jack and avatar. Older cartoons might need remastering first. Then there's the issue of people who are 30+ wanting a childhood cartoon remade so it fits with their adult perspectives. Maybe they just need to let that go as the original cartoon was never that in the first place. Eg wanting a He-man cartoon where he's struggling with drug addiction and has to wrestle with the fact he's basically assaulting cringer everytime he turns him into battlecat against his will. Whilst trying to stop skeletor commit genocide. Because that's not a remake - it's fan fiction. But despite it being just as easy to watch the originals the following are ones I'd contemplate being remade (assuming they haven't already) Mysterious cities of gold Exo-squad Jayce and the wheeled warriors Prince Valiant Visionaries Reboot (although i know they rebooted it recently and didn't care for it) Raccoons Shadow raiders. Pirates of dark water Most of those i haven't seen since i was a kid so they might be crap on a rewatch/not worthy of a reboot. As i suspect most people want adult cartoons when they want remakes of kid's cartoons then at least several of the above had relatively complex characters and storylines (several of them had character deaths and relatable villains) that could be aged up and still in the spirit of the cartoon. I guess some of them would be considered YA cartoons if the term existed back then. Again gargoyles is a great example of a cartoon with complex storylines and characters that could be remade for an older audience and maintain the spirit of the show. Or we could just watch gargoyles again and listen to the awesome theme tune over and over again
  11. Today
  12. A Horse Named Stranger

    US Politics: Shutbound & Down

    I agree with you about Dubya and Obama (with him it was most obvious imho); however I think Clinton aged quite well in the office; especially compared to his successors. But I agree with you on the bigger point that age should be a factor when you pick the candidate.
  13. Granted, I've only read the first three books of the Realm of the Elderlings so far but I can't see much correlation between the characters of Tyrion and the Fool. Casually equating fool with dwarf seems like somewhat lazy stereotyping. I was worried I might have been a bit mean (as a recovering book snob myself). I think well-reasoned criticism is fine but it's never okay to make someone feel small for liking a book series - especially when they are posting on a site dedicated to the series and were probably hoping for friendly encouragement.
  14. Lord Varys

    Renly winning would have been a disaster.

    If you guys don't have any textual evidence that Renly did consummate his marriage to Margaery Tyrell then don't pretend he did. If he truly cared to father an heir why is he then hanging out with Loras 'praying' pretty much each night in the camps rather than spending every night with Margaery - at least until she is pregnant? Renly telling Stannis that he is going to have a son soon is not going to make it so, just as Renly telling Catelyn that Dorne will join him doesn't make it so. Like Laenor may have done, Renly could have another man father a child on Margaery. That would be then his son, too. If Renly had won the throne it wouldn't have been a bloodless affair making him a very unpopular king from the start - but even if it were, if he had succeeded at sending Stannis to the Wall and make Joffrey and Tommen maesters or septons, and Myrcella and Shireen septas or silent sisters - then this would have still set another bad precedent that basically anyone (with the flimsiest of claims) could claim the throne. That would have encouraged any of Renly's children and grandchildren - assuming he would have had any trueborn children of his own body - to think of themselves as the rightful heirs to the throne, never mind the birth order or other factors. This wouldn't have helped unite the Realm at all. As for Renly's overall justification for his rebellion: We don't see any indication Cersei or the Lannisters wanted to kill him. He cites the mercilessness of the Lannisters when he tries to convince Ned to stage a coup, but that's all the evidence that we have that Renly's life was in danger. He and Cersei were certainly not friends, and he would have likely lost his place on the council and other privileges after Joffrey's ascension, but there is no indication that Cersei wanted to kill him - especially not if Renly had assembled an army of Stormlanders to assist his royal nephew in his fights against Stannis and the Starks/Tullys. In fact, we have no clue what Renly's ultimate goal was when he talked to Ned on the drawbridge. Did he truly only want to ensure that Ned Stark become Lord Regent and Protector of the Realm? Or did he want his men to control Cersei and her children so that he could remove the main obstacles on his way to the throne right then and there? We don't know. The fact that Renly never thought Stannis would claim the throne - and imagined he would support him against the Lannisters - indicates that Renly originally thought he would just have to remove Cersei and her children on his way to the throne. He could have done that rather easily if he had helped Ned to seize power in the Red Keep and subsequently put his men among the guards keeping the royal family prisoner. If Renly had not wanted the crown it is very odd that he actually proclaimed himself king essentially as soon as he had fled the capital.
  15. HelenaExMachina

    A question to capitalists; how much should we fear AI?

    As I’m running the gamut of Training Contract applications right now, I’d also point out that AI puts pressure on certain higher skilled jobs. Not so much making theme entirely obsolete as reducing the workload. Good for staff, in some ways, as it saves them doing tedious and repetitive tasks nobody really enjoys. At the same time, less work to do generally means a small staff is needed. So, pros and cons I guess
  16. BalerionTheCat

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    It doesn't matter if the boat could carry horses or not. In any case they can get some at White Harbor. They arrived in KL from different places, at different time. But they all left at the same time, for the same place. Their home now for Jon and Brienne. Make sense to travel together. This is one meeting I expect a lot. My view is Bran now sees the larger threat/plan. Bottom line: Jaime started him on his journey to become the 3-Eyed Raven. Each one did what was his purpose in the plan. What matter is what comes next.
  17. HelenaExMachina

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    Ha, Uber giving a shit about it’s employees and whether they may be sued, good one Bit more substantive response. In answer to your first question, yes, I i,Aline there is a great deal of pressure to get the trip done quickly. It’s what differentiates them from local taxi firms over here, where the driver is more likely to assist with things like loading bags/shopping into the boot, assisting elderly to and from the car etc. Uber riders have targets and expectations to meet and can’t afford this luxury. In terms of legal, until recently in the U.K. Uber drivers were categorised as self-employed contractors so Uber would escape liability there. And there has been sufficiently bad press that I imagine “Uber driver drives off while passenger is seatbelt less” is small potatoes to them. Plus, I can hear their spokesperson already. “Uber is committed to the safety of its customers and prides itself on the highest standards of safety training for Uber drivers. The reckless driving of this/there persons is not condoned by Uber and we will be taking full disciplinary action on the individuals concerned.”
  18. Varysblackfyre321

    Cartoons you'd like to see remade?

    Me personally I'd like Gargoyles given another go.
  19. Erik of Hazelfield

    A question to capitalists; how much should we fear AI?

    AI is still nowhere near human level as far as I've seen. They've been talking about it forever but nothing ever happens. Maybe that's the way things go with exponential progress though. Nothing, nothing, then everything. Who knows? What I do see happening in the next 10 years is self driving cars, buses and trucks. That's not a small thing - the workforce employed in driving those vehicles is enormous, and I don't think they can get new jobs that easily. The old idea that the mundane and repetitive jobs taken over by machines will be replaced by new and more highly skilled jobs simply won't be true in this case. What demand is there for millions of people (mostly male) with a low education level and whose only experience is in a field that doesn't exist anymore? So right now is actually a pretty good time to start thinking about these issues. Basic income is an idea floated every now and then. I'm not entirely against it although I'm not sure it's politically possible. It tends to lead to absurd consequences when it comes to comparison between basic income and low wage jobs. You can't have the basic income be too low or people wouldn't be able to survive on it, but on the other hand you can't raise it too much or no one would want to work unless the pay was really good or the job really fun. Apart from the impacts on jobs, I definitely see the problem of a few AI owners raking in all the money without even having to pay any employees. That's the stuff of dystopian sci-fi novels right there.
  20. Vaith

    New Wiki Editors

    Hey all I am Vaith, someone who's had a lot of time on their hands to go through F&B and create pages for the new characters, locations, houses, etc. That will probably be my main focus, though I have already began to make little edits to pages concerning the main novels too, and have made some new categories etc. I have some experience in wiki-editing (mostly over at the Doctor Who wiki) and am already fairly confident about how stuff works. Nice to meet all of you
  21. I'd get rid of the private health stuff because private health insurance is a scam. If it was actually covering more legitimate medical expenses I might feel differently, but its just subsidising a bullshit industry and I'd rather invest all that money directly into the public system. I've seen a piece recently indicating that more people are dropping it and once you've been out a while, the penalty that Howard introduced basically guarantees you aren't going to pick it back up anyway so even this system is going to fall apart.
  22. I remember that when TPATQ first came out, a lot of the Greens had dolldivine images. If those are accepted, I am sure I could make a lot of fan art of the new F&B characters
  23. karaddin

    US Politics: Shutbound & Down

    I think this is a very reasonable consideration given how badly the job aged Clinton, Bush2 and Obama. I think the electability factor shouldn't be discounted either, I was looking at the ages of Presidents when first elected (I know I've seen someone else mention this previously) and the only Dem that has succeeded at being elected POTUS when over 50 since JFK is LBJ and he had some pretty extenuating circumstances. So all the 'young' contenders that have put their hand up so far are actually old by this standard except for Beto and Gabbard (46 and 37 respectively). When many of the major issues of the time boil down to "people who are going to be alive long enough to see these problems erupt" vs "I just want to maximise my money, I'll be dead before things go to shit" you really want someone young who will be a better representative for this first group.
  24. HelenaExMachina

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Art of the Rewatch edition

    Started the new season of grace and frankie. My god RuRaul is a guest (in the first episode at least, dunno if he will be recurring) and the scene is just spectacular
  25. dsjj251

    Renly winning would have been a disaster.

    You can make the same argument that Robert was 4th in line to the throne at the moment of his rebellion behind only Rheagar, Viserys and Aegon And yes, children of the female line are eligible (See Leanor Velaryon) so all of those count the same.
  26. I really am hoping Galactus appears. He really can be a facisnating villain. He is neither good or evil, and oddly easy to sympathize with given his dilemma of having to devour worlds or starving to death.
  27. dsjj251

    How powerful are the Royces?

    Manderlys fighting Bolton men means exactly that, fighting, not having the upper hand as you claimed. And the reason those people were fleeing Hornwood is because Roose was now Warden and his son was now proclaimed Lord of the Hornwood. It has nothing to do with who won(which by all accounts seems to have been Manderly) You are conflating Ramsey killing Donella and Roose becoming Warden with a battle that happened between those events.
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