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  2. I never thought about this before! This makes a lot of sense - Cersei probably reacted the same way to Sansa as she does later on to Margaery.
  3. I simply find it amusing that its often the very same people screaming about Boris Johnson and his evil greedy Tories who are determined to destroy labour standards and bring us back to some victorian workhouse era with children up chimneys, are more than happy to sit and defend a system that has openly exploited the desperation of workers from abroad. The determination to defend the EU and hate on Brexit can cause some very conflicted thinking.
  4. honeyed chicken

    Acrophilia #20: Breakers of Chains

    "Promise me Ned" I underthunk the Joffrey clue. It never occurred to me that could be anyone but Cersei - color me sexist. It takes effort for not assume "beautiful" must apply to a woman. Which meant #5 was Joffrey. Was Robb really underage? In Westeros the age of majority is 16 I think.
  5. kairparavel

    MLB 2020: This One’s For Kobe

  6. Your concern for low paid foreign workers is admirable if very new. But as ever, the picture is more complicated. The fact is, for many of these jobs the actual rate of pay is not the issue. Replacing the existing migrant workers with domestic ones isn't about offering another 20p an hour. They're in sectors where there's a shortage already, despite the large number of EU citizens moving to the UK to do them, and that's normally for a good reason. We didn't start importing labour for these jobs simply because business owners are greedy. Many of these 'low skilled' jobs are actually jobs that require a fairly decent amount of training: care work, for example. It will take time to train (and in some cases, conduct associated processes like criminal records checks and registrations on) replacement staff. It should also be noted that not all currently unemployed - excuse me, 'economically inactive' - UK workers would be capable of completing that training etc. Other jobs are in geographical areas where there is not enough local labour - tourism being one. The fact is, there are only a certain number of UK workers able, let alone willing, to relocate for this type of work. Doing so may require, for example, giving up family caring responsibilities - effectively requiring another low-paid job to replace the one just filled. In a similar vein, not all economically inactive UK workers are able to take temporary work, which a lot of these roles are. Of course, the government aren't necessarily relying on replacing these workers with UK workers - they're blathering about 'automation', but not all of these jobs can or should be automated. Just another 'technical solutions' gambit from Johnson, the man who sees the word 'technology' as the answer to all objections. Let's not forget the 'lump of labour' fallacy - the fact is, the presence of low-paid immigrant workers creates and supports higher-paid jobs in the economy. Then there's the fact that in the long term, we need to import these workers not just to do a job in the short term but to maintain our population. UK society is greying, and cutting low skills immigration will only make that worse. Against that, the argument for cutting low skills immigration is... er... well... there isn't really one at all.
  7. Werthead

    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    Blackbird Interactive have announced their new game, Hardspace: Shipbreakers, which is a revisit of their old Hardware: Shipbreakers idea (before it morphed into Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak). It's now a first-person survival sim set in space in a dystopian future where you cut up old ships and salvage wrecks in order to pay off an enormous debt, apparently accumulated from just being alive. Looks pretty cool, like Subnautica in space but with a lot more spaceship wrecks to explore and a lot less fish.
  8. Yes it's very upsetting for those business owners who've been able to get away with exploiting cheap foreign labour for so long *tiny violin*
  9. EvanSol919

    Targaryen dragon regulation?

    You have to factor in the children's personalities. Daella was terrified of dragons and Gael was described as simple. After Saera tried to get a dragon, it was probably decided to keep Viserra away due to her personality and I don't blame Jaehaerys for that decision. Maegelle became a septa who seems to have stayed in KL and Vaegon an archmaester in Oldtown so they didn't exactly need dragons to travel. And neither seemed to express any interest in having a dragon.
  10. The new immigration rules are, as anticipated, highly impractical. If enacted as is, the hospitality, food prep, adult care and fruit picking industries would be devastated. Not because of the "British people are too lazy to these jobs" myth, but on the simple level that the wages on offer in these industries are impractical for people living in the UK full-time. These jobs suit seasonal workers living in countries with a lower cost of living. These industries could raise their wages, of course, but this would make them unsustainable or impossible to compete with overseas rivals.
  11. The Anti-Targ

    Wuhan Coronavirus

    Can't remember who linked him initially, but here is Dr Campbell explaining as a man of few words why it's stupid to think this virus is a man made bioweapon at about 5 minutes. If anyone wanted to produce a bioweapon "they could do a better job than this". He is speculating that it could be being spread in the air because of the Diamond Princess situation. As it's a heavy virus it won't spread far in the air, but if the ship's AC system is pushing it around, then limited airborne spread is a possibility. So that's not great.
  12. Consigliere

    Football: winter break over

    Liverpool only lost 1-0 with possibly their worst performance of the season - Atleti should be the ones disappointed for failing to capitalise more on a poor performance that is very unlikely to be repeated in the 2nd leg. Atleti need to score an away goal or two to have any hope at all and that is far from a given since scoring goals has been a massive problem for them this season. Liverpool are still overwhelming favourites to go through.
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  14. Heartofice

    Football: winter break over

    It's every fans right to criticise their team and manager... but right now if I was a Liverpool fan I'd probably be making Klopp shrines out of household items, naming my children after him and getting a tattoo of his grinning german face on my chest.
  15. Castellan

    ASOIAF/GOT Riddle Game

    If anyone can write a riddle please take my turn
  16. BigFatCoward

    Football: winter break over

    You certainly should bow down before him. He's had you to 2 CL finals and won a league title and been second when any other year they would have won, all with minimal net outgoings, and a pleasing manner. You should accept that he knows more about football than all of you combined and probably has valid reasons for his decisions, and knowledge of his squad that you dont.
  17. Marc Rich's wife Denise made a number of contributions to the Clinton library and the Clinton defense fund. I'm not suggesting there is evidence of an explicit quid pro quo but the Riches were extremely skilled at working the system from a number of angles. And yes, Clinton regretted it because of the damage it caused to his reputation and because it caused (in those quaint days) a media firestorm. He was hoping it would escape quietly. And even though you would think the blowback would be a salutary lesson, once the line is crossed it opens the door to Trump's further massive ugly behavior. Trump is issuing these pardons because his supporters have petitioned him on behalf of their relatives and friends, and because he has been establishing a precedent of extraordinary use of his pardon power to justify his pardons of Flynn and Stone once the presidential election is over. Even so any whataboutism is damaging and wrong. First because any abuse of power is wrong including the Nixon pardon by Ford, the Iran-Contra pardon by George HW Bush and the Marc Rich pardon by Clinton, and because these abuses of power are dwarfed by the daily abuses of the Trump administration. P.S.: Trump's claim that he is the chief law enforcement officer is straight out of the unitary executive theory playbook pioneered by the Scaliaites. The idea is all executive power is vested by the Constitution in the President, including the power to override any determinations or decisions by the Attorney-General.
  18. red snow

    Star Wars The Clone Wars [Spoilers]

    Now you say it i can weirdly even see some resemblance. Talk about biased pattern recognition. I think i might just leap into this season. I keep trying to watch the original series but whenever i encounter a "silly" episode i get derailed and there are a lot of silly episodes. I should probably find one of those "essential" lists.
  19. mormont

    Football: winter break over

    I think it's absolutely valid to remind the Liverpool fans here that you are watching what is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best Liverpool team there has been in my lifetime and almost certainly the best Liverpool team you will ever see in yours. Like any great team, it can't go on for ever. You can certainly spend the blessed time while it does endure complaining about the midfield selection in away games if you want, but as a neutral I just try to enjoy it while it lasts.
  20. Welcome to Heresy 230, the latest episode of the long-running thread taking a slantwise look at the Song of Ice and Fire. The thread began just a few months after the publication of A Dance with Dragons, under the title The Wall the Watch and a Heresy. It questioned the true nature and function of the Wall and the Nights Watch and above all the Heresy lay in questioning the true role of the Starks and above all questioned the popular assumption that Jon Snow is really the lost heir to the Targaryen crown and the Iron Throne, and that as the legendary eastern hero Azor Ahai he will ride the RTAF [Royal Targaryen Airforce] to victory over the horror from the north. Discussion here is still open and free-ranging, covering many different aspects of the story and where it could really be heading, but essentially we still question the Lost Targaryen scenario and remain focussed on GRRM’s declaration that this story revolves around the children of Winterfell, and therefore we concentrate on what may really be going on, and the real significance of the mystery of the Musgrave Ritual that is Winterfell and its crypts, and ultimately the Stark connection to Ice. Its hard to summarise nearly a decade of discussion into a single post, but those who have been part of it need no reminders, and if you’re new to Heresy, although the heady days when we got through 200 posts in 48 hours are long gone, you’ll find that it still remains the premier thread on the board if you want to delve below the superficial. So just plunge in. Currently we’re looking again at where the children of Winterfell are bound. Jon, not climbing to the Iron Throne after a guilt-free resurrection, but rising as the Winter King of death, while Bran is destined to be the Green King of Spring and renewal – and Sansa of the Snowflake Communion will restore Winterfell and the Stark bloodline.
  21. Gaston de Foix

    Rothfuss XV: Move along, nothing to see here

    Or stubbing your toe on a stone door every day.
  22. Soylent Brown

    Football: winter break over

    Right, sorry, I forgot - Klopp is infallible. I should bow down before him lest he smite me down. *YNWA* ALL HAIL JURGEN! *YNWA* He doesn't make many mistakes but he does make some. I get the feeling that sometimes he values earnestness over ability a little too much, for one.
  23. Eternally_His

    ASOIAF/GOT Riddle Game

    Your turn @Castellan
  24. Haha the also he’s a ninja bit cracks me up every time
  25. BigFatCoward

    Football: winter break over

    I'm pleased my 25 1 0 team doesn't have a manager that doesn't know what he is doing.
  26. Castellan

    Acrophilia #20: Breakers of Chains

    I thought he fit, just wasn't sure how exclusively and couldn't be bothered checking the wiki to work out who was considered underage. Thought Robb probably was because I seemed to recall he was only 14 at the books start. Joffrey, I presume was underage, otherwise he wouldn't have had a regent, and he was younger than Robb. Viserys was a less plausible candidate and if you read the clue a different way it could have been Ned. Bit I thought it was most obviously Robb.
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