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  2. There are two governing bodies of taekwondo, the International Taekwondo Federation (the original) and World Taekwondo (formed by South Korea after the ITF founder had a disagreement with the government and moved himself and the ITF to Canada). The Olympics is run under World Taekwondo rules, which aren't the same as ITF rules.
  3. I'll tell you why; they had good onscreen chemistry (better than Jon and Daenerys) in that season, and Sansa gave Jon purpose; he tried to raise an army and fought that battle for hers and Rickon's safety, otherwise Jon would have buggered off to die alone.
  4. Cersei is a contender for a single season (the last season). She pretty much does nothing for one episode except drink wine and complain about no elephants, then more drinking and staring out of windows, then breaks down as rocks get dropped on her head.
  5. Is Peebs the same guy that texted you 30 times in one day?
  6. I meant that Rhaegar crowned and ran off with Lyanna after the knight had vanished. Even after the events of RR nobody makes the connection to Jon. Why would it matter if she was in a tourney once, how does Rhaegar meeting her before crowning her make any difference? It could be infatuation either way. The text doesn’t even say Rhaegar found the knight. He only searched for the knight and found a shield. Please give me a quote where it says Rhaegar was anywhere close to finding the knight.
  7. Uuuurg, Peebs called and he’s feeling neglected. He actually unfairly brought up my past when he said “surely you aren’t just working all the time, you told me that you’ve been with a number of guys and you can’t be either working or sitting at home” (yes, I can. And it’s none of his business anyways, I didn’t promise exclusivity, but for the record, I’ve had one date.) I’m actually PISSED OFF about that. I suspect this is not going to work.
  8. Why are you surprised about the lackluster response when you also highlight that the film has so many problems?
  9. Less ridiculous than at least five other things that happened in Casino Royale. One day I'd like to play a high stakes game that has those million dollar tokens, but I haven't played cards in nearly a decade after losing around $1k at Blackjack in a minute or so.
  10. I didn't realize the second season started. Yay! Velt, with the first season, I think I saw about half of it at once then the rest weekly. I'll stress the 'I think' coz I can't really remember...
  11. I'm really in doubt about watching this on a weekly basis or just waiting for it to be done and binging it. Does anyone have any experience with waiting for this on a weekly basis during the first season?
  12. Exactly the scene I was thinking of. So ridiculous.
  13. Because only Bond can win on a suited inside straight.
  14. I'm actually interested because this is possibly the worst pro team we've ever sent to the Olympics, hence the title. Only two of our top ten players are on the team, the roster overall is really weird and backed with shit players and the European style of play is problematic for guys used to NBA rules.
  15. I finally saw Godzilla v. Kong yesterday. I had only recently discovered Kong: Skull Island which was an absolute blast, so I was hoping to get another surprisingly good blockbuster out of this franchise. After all, if Disney - with the surprisingly excellent Cruella - is able to put together a live-action remake that is actually good, anything is possible. Unfortunately, it is more a film along the lines of the 2014 Godzilla than a Cruella or Kong: Skull Island delightful summer blockbuster surprise. I can only say that it was a real letdown. In every way imaginable, this was a step down from Kong: Skull Island. There was almost zero humor, the VFX was somehow worse than Kong and the film was almost entirely lacking in directorial flair (no Tom Hiddleston cutting his way through a pack of flying lizards with a katana). Even the often praised arc with the little girl did nothing for me. Then there is the world-building that was just insanely stupid and left so many questions unanswered. I also didn't feel like the villains were very well thought through, in the sense that their plan didn't seem particularly villainous. The worst aspect of the film was definitely the subplot with Paper Boy, Deadpool 2 kid and that chick from Stranger Things. Every second of that was excruciating. Particularly the fact that the conspiracy theorist turned out to be right across the board was such a tone deaf move from the film makers side. In the age of anti-vaxxers and Trump shills that is just plain irresponsible. Next up I watched Blood Red Sky. I am surprised on the lackluster response here as I thought it was pretty good. Certainly not a master piece as there are to many logic fails, but it was still a fun ride. I think a lot of people were perhaps thrown off by the fact that it wasn't the vampire equivalent of Snakes on a Plane. It was a good action thriller. I liked the creature design, the acting was serviceable and they made some good use of the setting. I also really liked how bleak the film was willing to go. Definitely not something you'd see in a Hollywood film. A list of some logic fails and/or inconsistencies like: The biggest distraction for me was the structure of the film. I didn't mind it but I felt like they left some pretty substantial questions unanswered.
  16. The trend continues, 29,000 cases, down 39.5% on last week. If this holds into the middle of this coming week I’ll start getting excited.
  17. Ugh. Everyone always go for the royal flush reference. Why not just say he is a straight over trips? That is far more likely to happen.
  18. Claims here that have no textual evidence: Marwyn thinks Pate is Pate. The reader only knows Pate isn't Pate because of the prologue. There is no indication that Marwyn has knowledge otherwise and it is not "obvious." It isn't "ridiculous" that Marwyn would have Pate around for the conversation. Of Marwyn, "People said that he kept company with whores and hedge wizards, talked with hairy Ibbenese and pitch-black Summer Islanders in their own tongues, and sacrificed to queer gods at the little sailors' temples down by the wharves. Men spoke of seeing him down in the undercity, in rat pits and black brothels, consorting with mummers, singers, sellswords, even beggars." This indicates that he would be willing to spend company with a smallfolk boy like Pate. Further, Pate isn't necessarily half-witted. Actual Pate knew folk knowledge from the smallfolk, which can be important, and is the type of company that Marwyn would keep. Further, if they were "in league," then the Faceless Man would not have needed to hire Pate to steal Walgrave's key and sneak into the Citadel. Every Archmaester has a key, which means Marwyn would as well. There's no need to steal Walgrave's if they can just use Marwyn's for their supposedly-mutual plots. Actually, it isn't Qyburn who considered the rest to be sheep. It's Marwyn who he is quoting. From AFFC, Cersei II: "The archmaesters are all craven at heart. The grey sheep, Marwyn calls them." But just because Marwyn thinks they're craven, again, does not immediately apply that he was partaking in the same dark arts as Qyburn. Your comment about queer gods is taken out of context. It's stated in Pate's Prologue that "People said that [Marwyn] kept company with whores and hedge wizards, talked with hairy Ibbenese and pitch-black Summer Islanders in their own tongues, and sacrificed to queer gods at the little sailors' temples down by the wharves." While rumors can frequently be true, there are also rumors spread throughout FeastDance that we know are not, from Daenerys bathing in the blood of children to Viserys Plumm's six-foot penis. You can only put so much credence in rumors. Oldtown is the former center of the Faith of the Seven, home to the Starry Sept. It's beyond unlikely that they would allow human sacrifice to go on under their noses. In Braavos, they keep temples to all the gods and we learn about the gods beyond the old and new. But there's no indication that whatever gods Marwyn is worshipping accept human sacrifice, just because they're considered "queer" to Pate and the other "People" of the Seven's greatest city. Everytime warlocks are referred to in ASOIAF, it's the warlocks of Qarth. It's not indicated that their magic is evil, just different from what is expected. And it seldom works, like when they were used to try and make Sam less a craven at Horn Hill. There's no indication that the shadows bound by Melisandre have anything to do with dead people or necromancy. In fact, the shadow assassins are implied by Melisandre to be born of sexual intercourse, not necromancy. All that said, yes, Marwyn is interested in dark magic, but there is little to no textual support for you to make these claims as if they are fact as @Springwatch has said.
  19. Pretty surprised that the Met were content to just allow this whole thing to happen actually. Yes, the speakers are all loons but what they're doing is dangerous to the UK. The audience is essentially comprised of conspiracy theorists (verging into the far right), akin to what we saw in the US on January 6th in fact.
  20. Bet you pleased you missed it now. Not the strongest team USA line up ever. But they really should beat France.
  21. Our incidence level is fairly high at the moment, which means some of these people are certainly going to end up in the hospital. Going to be interesting conversations for us medics when we run into them, that's for sure.
  22. Today
  23. They're not innocent children who can't read and believe in Santa because their parents told them so, they're grown-ups with full rights and freedoms, they can and do vote. If we decide to pity them as ignorant and brainwashed, then we also have to take their rights away from them, because in such a case they would actually not be sensible adults but mentally deficient humans. Right-wing loves to talk about personal responsability; well, then let's apply it.
  24. There are at the very least some public order offences from those speakers. I'm not suggesting we should walk through and drag people off stage, but they should very much be dealt with.
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