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  2. Welcome to Tsimikas. Robertson noticeably loses his edge when tired, so hopefully this will allow him some rest here and there. I have some sympathy for Jamal Lewis though. Norwich are absolutely entitled to set the asking price for their players, but Lewis must be disappointed by this opportunity slipping past him. Imagine him watching Tsimikas over the next few years and wondering what might have been.
  3. I don't want to get bogged down in good vs. bad gridlock. I want to talk about a possible future light at the end of the dark tunnel. Arya might be a child in years but she definitely is not a child in any other way. So how the heck is anybody getting a chance to rehab her? An adult man giving her a spanking for bad behavior will get murdered in his sleep. Joffrey will have been hard to reform. Arya is harder still. Remembering she's a Stark is not the correct answer. The Stark kids are not good role models. Her big brother Jon is not coming back in a right state of mind. He wasn't when he was killed. Coming back from death is not going to improve his morals nor his temper. Arya is not going to listen to a tree.
  4. Sounds like SS shot someone. But those are just early reports.
  5. Why is mine 'just in my head' despite exactly fitting all examples and yours, un-evidenced in the text, and literally counter-textual in the Sansa-Mya instance, not 'just in your head'? The only difference between mine and yours is the formal part. For which there is no evidence or indication independent of what fits mine. At least mine works in all cases. No, you just have the name branding system wrong, as shown by @Megorova. See. Out of your own mouth. Your 'system' doesn't actually fit known examples, but its GRRM that is wrong, not your system? I know its most likely you're just going to be more pissed and more snide at my answers, but its just possible you'll actually pay attention and re-examine. Its mostly coherent, you just have it wrong. Like most things 'legal' in Westeros its not entirely consistent and varies from case to case. Oh I didn't say its impossible. Its just amusing that you think it reasonable enough not to surprise you. Of course. You're right or he's wrong. No other possibility exists. There's more to it than that. She looked like him, he'd fucked her mother 9 months before she was born. People have brains. They can 'know' stuff without literal proof. Throwing out stupid straw men examples doesn't help you. Yep, just as predicted. Sansa, who is a social snob, doesn't understand the social customs she uses. But you have a 'system' and its always right, even when its contradicted by the books. The books and the people in them are wrong. Riiiight. Sansa thinks Mya, who is widely known to have a common mother, is unacknowledged, but has a second name anyway. And the implication is that you only get a name if a nobleman acknowledges you. Black is white and white is black. Whatever is needed to keep you 'right'. Well, I admit I left out some other rather obvious bits. I expect people to understand those. Indeed. Because their father wasn't interested in acknowledging them at that time. Taking the Waters name would have implicated a powerful Lord who didn't want to be involved. So they didn't. Thats those flexible customs thing going on. I thought the idea of someone ignoring the other unstated parts (she looked like Robert and Robert fucked her mama 9 months before she was born) was ludicrous. Except it wasn't obvious to almost anyone around Gendry. Gendry wasn't receiving funds himself, he didn't have 'spending money'or anything, Varys was secretly covering him with Tobho Mott and only Varys and Mott knew that most likely, at least until Jon Arryn. Varys wasn't telling and Mott may or may not know exactly who Varys is covering for but also isn't telling. Its not exactly good business to advertise Robert's bastard's with Cersei's range. Its only 'obvious' to noblemen who know Robert personally and have been directed in Gendry's direction. They aren't the people naming Gendry.
  6. @BigD what specifically did you enjoy about Red Rising? I enjoyed it too. I cannot think of any direct comparisons, but some aspects are found in other books. My impression was that the first volume of Red Rising was like a male version of The Hunger Games: a teenage hero a low caste striving in a staged lethal competition with other teenagers under the auspices of a corrupt elitist/hierarchical system that the hero wishes to overthrow. But it was more violent and focused on conquest. Then the subsequent volumes expand into space opera where the youths reject and overthrow the conservative world order, especially their parents. It reads like angsty YA progressive rebellion fiction for most of the time, but the world building is good and there’s lots of melodrama, twists and betrayals to keep the pages turning. If you like the angsty YA rebellion against a dystopian/exploitative world then the Hunger Games or Divergent series might work (I haven’t read either but was subjected to the movies). If you like the teenage messianic space opera military campaign to overthrow a corrupt world order, then Dune might work, although the prose is more purple at times. If you like the violence blended with angsty melodrama then Heroes Die might be a good fit (although I’m one of few here who ran out of the patience with the angsty melodrama in that book). If you like space opera military adventure generally, then perhaps try Star Wars novels; I think the Thrawn Trilogy is the usual recommendation. If you like creative world building with a young band of brothers taking on the evil overlords, then you can find that in Fantasy even more than SF, e.g. Wheel Of Time.
  7. I told them I'll come out of the chimney when there's cookies and milk. Not before, dammit!
  8. CNN is reporting that the White House is locked down.
  9. How difficult is it to reckon that the guy just has us playing better this season than the previous one ? and that's partly because of 1) his tactical choices 2) his signings and how he integrate them into the team 3) the way he makes individuals progress ? I'm not saying he's a very good manager, like the Pep-Klopp tier. But it's an outrageous assertion to pretend that the guy is an obstacle to success, especially when you reckon in the same post that he "improved the club environment", which is kinda the basis to build something solid. And no, those players aren't more than enough to create lots. We are one injury away from seeing Lingard or James in the starting XI. Would Pep have succeeded with one decent XI, rather than signing Mahrez & B.Silva ? I don't think so. Same story with Klopp & Salah.
  10. Fuck me, that was a frustrating game to watch. We fluffed so many great chances there. Had to go through extra time in a game which was one way traffic. Re: a right winger. We need a proper winger to give us width. Greenwood and Rashford are forwards who like to cut inside and our fullbacks aren't good enough creatively in the wide areas although Shaw and Rashford had started to link well down the left after the restart. So we either need to upgrade at fullback or on the wing otherwise we will struggle to stretch teams that defend deep and narrow. Liverpool cope better against this kind of defending because of your fullbacks so having inside forwards instead of wingers still allows you to stretch teams. TAA is the most creative player in the squad and practically plays as a right winger anyway. And while Robertson doesn't have his vision or passing range, he is capable of whipping in dangerous crosses.
  11. He does seem to have trouble sleeping. And while he may not be stressed due to the demands of the job like most presidents, he certainly seems to have had many high blood pressure days since taking office.
  12. Roswell


    I ran across a theory a long time ago which involved Bonifer somehow knowing Queen Rhaella. Oh well.
  13. Welp, The Expanse needs to be re-written from the start, books and show. https://www.yahoo.com/news/dwarf-planet-ceres-ocean-world-150218644.html What's the point of having ships undergoing the dangerous work of hauling ice chunks from Saturn's rings to Ceres?
  14. You could get a lucky break but I doubt it. A Walder Frey point of view would be awesome.
  15. I'm opting out. Thanks though, WJ.
  16. No clue, but it's the Handler who had the bulk of it and who was just horrifically bad. Melody was all wrong, enunciation and stresses were all over the place, it was just like... they gave her the phonetics and no coaching at all. It's really weird, to be honest, you don't tend to see such a botch of a foreign language in productions of this caliber these days. Linda said that the Homeric Greek was all right, by comparison.
  17. Of course, I'm not sure if it would make sense to have characters with 'Schrödinger's cat-like status' in the wiki since, at this point, Raymont Baratheon seems the only one of those (although I guess tweaks and changes made to any sample chapters could create similar conundrums), but it definitely should be mentioned. With Raymont not finding his way back in the new edition of FaB I'd say his chances for him to continue to exist are very low.
  18. Barristan thinks that Jaime is scum - and rightfully so. The man murdered his defenseless king and he, Barristan, doesn't seem to have known about the wildfire plot (if he had, we can be sure that Selmy would have seen to it that there was a proper search for the missing fruits of the Mad King during Robert's reign). Barristan's own views on the matter sort of reflect how a Kingsguard can deal with a case like Aerys II. Don't kill him, but consider standing aside when his enemies are about to be killed. Jaime soiled his cloak and the honor of the Kingsguard by killing his king. It would have been different if he had just not defended him, had yielded to the enemy, etc. It wouldn't have won him any renown, of course, he would have been a kind of second Boros Blount, but he wouldn't have become the living antithesis of the what the Kingsguard stands for. There is a variety of actions one can do between 'doing everything the king says like a robot' and 'murdering him'. A middle ground may also not exactly make you a great person, but it wouldn't make you anathema to all Westerosi laws and traditions and beliefs the way it happened with Jaime. You have to understand how a chivalric order works. There is a collective ideal there, which is reflected and strengthened in turn by the accomplishments of the individual members. If a member of the order soils his cloak then this badly reflects on his knightly peers unless/until honor is restored by punishing the man who dishonored himself and the order. This is why the Kingsguard condemn their fallen peers the strongest - which we see with Lucamore Strong, who his peers want to see dead, which we see with the KG at the tower who condemn Jaime for his deeds (at least in Ned's dream), and which we see, curiously enough, in Jaime himself who makes it clear that he is not going to condone Jaime-like behavior in his own Kingsguard after he has become Lord Commander. I actually don't think Selmy would ever phrase things in this manner - that is a kind of modern 'picking and choosing' and 'I do what I want' way of thinking. And something that's really uncalled for in context. Neither Jaime nor any KG serving Aerys II or Joffrey or any other shitty king can hide behind the fact that he swore other vows earlier down the road. The KG is the epitome of knighthood, and you don't have to join this order. You do so of your own free will. If you do not want to obey the king in all things - including things going against the vows you previously may have sworn - then you simply shouldn't join the KG. Especially not the way Jaime did - who joined a raving madman's KG to be able to bang his sister some more. One could have pity with a young guy joining the KG of Jaehaerys II or Aegon V - who had no idea that he would eventually protecting a lunatic like Aerys II - but Jaime wasn't such a guy. Jaime decided to join the KG of Mad Aerys when the man's madness was plain for all the world to see. Selmy acknowledges he made a mistake with his Duskendale stunt - but he would never turn against a king he has sworn to defend. But what he does from ACoK to ADwD certainly shows the man has a pragmatic side. His lesson from his time with Aerys II is that he will not join a new monarch unless he had the opportunity to first assess his qualities as a ruler - which, if you imagine Selmy could live long enough to serve Dany's son or daughter as Kingsguard, could mean he would such a successor to a similar standard, possibly refusing to serve them if they showed signs of becoming another Aerys II or Maegor the Cruel. Also, Selmy is willing to turn against Dany's own king consort, staging a coup at her court. All that shows the man isn't exactly some sort of blind sheep.
  19. Finished Fragile Things by Kevin Wignall, another of his spy(-ish) novels set in Central Europe. Once again the stakes and action are low and the plot is mostly about tradecraft and personal reflection & growth by the POV protagonist, who is once again a morally grey (dark grey in this case) loner spending a career in the shadowy world. Well written and a good read, despite being far too forgiving of the hero. Started and abandoned The Elven by Bernhard Hennen, the first in a fantasy series. The opening chapter in the Nordic setting worked well (and I think that was the sample chapter that got me to buy it), but the following chapters about the courtly elves were trite at best. I was left with a feeling that the contrast of the coarse Nordic types and the courtly, chivalrous elves was a propaganda allegory for Saxons and Normans. I doubt the author meant it that way, and I probably saw that comparison because of podcast series I’ve been listening to. Regardless, I dropped this book at 10%. It didn’t seem worth reading further, despite high ratings at Amazon. Finished Priest Of Bones by Peter McLean, the first in a new grimdark fantasy series. It’s pretty good grimdark but it was jarringly similar to the story of Peaky Blinders: two brothers and their comrades return from a foreign war to a gritty industrial city north of the more refined capital. Their gangland empire has been stolen away in their absence, despite their tough-as-nails aunt supposedly overseeing it in their absence. They want to rebuild their protection rackets, smuggling and gambling (there was even a race horse), so they start by reclaiming their tavern to build from there. And there’s a beautiful spy who comes to work as a barmaid and be a love interest, and a corrupt official who drags them into government affairs against their will. The older brother is named Tomas, and the younger brother is impulsive, violent, unreliable and nursing some envy and resentment. Everyone has PTSD. After a while I found myself just ticking off the similarities as they flooded by. But it’s a pretty good grimdark with a late medieval urban gang setting. Worth a read.
  20. Can't see a rain why not, at the moment, for the seventh. That is labor day, of course.
  21. No, there is no reason to think a infant would be that aware of his surroundings. If we take Robb, or any child of a noble family, for an example we would expect both mother and child would not be expected to travel shortly after birth. I would guess Robb is something on the order of six months old before he and Catelyn venture out from Riverrun on their way north. I would not expect Robb to remember anything about Riverrun as the place of his birth or of the surrounding Riverlands. He would, however, know as he grows up that was where he was born. Jon is the exception to this rule, if he really is the child of Rhaegar and Lyanna, born at the Tower of Joy. Our suspicions are that Jon, based on the things I've said earlier is born sometime from around the sack of King's Landing to maybe six weeks later. We know, or at least most of us think we know, Lyanna dies at the Tower after Ned arrives. This places Jon age when Ned arrives from a newborn child to less than two months old. A popular theory has always been that Lyanna dies of the "doctor's disease" or puerperal fever. Which, if true, means a birth less than a fortnight before Lyanna's death. The point being, Jon would likely be traveling to Starfall in the company of a wet nurse at less than a month old. The question is then, why does Ned risk taking Jon to Starfall? Obviously, I think the answer is that he knows what reception he will find there. I believe he goes there in an effort to hide Jon's origins and knows he will get help in doing so from the Daynes. One reason I think it likely Ashara is among those who travels with Ned, Jon, Howland, and Wylla there. But none of this means Ned would inform Jon of the place of his birth as he grows older. Far from it. In fact, I think it likely Ned's Northern troops first learn of Jon's existence when Neds returns to them from Starfall - thus the rumors of Ashara - but Ned is also unlikely to tell any of them exactly where he picked up Jon in his journey since he left them at Storm's End. As far as they know, Jon could have joined Ned's party in the Stormlands, the Reach, or Dorne. So, we have no reason to expect anyone to be able to tell Jon anything about the place of his birth other than rumors.
  22. Meh, I just feel there are similarities with the Chelsea situation, where Lampard has come in and the same defence has leaked a ton more goals and suddenly everyone is rubbish and they just need good defenders and then everything will be okay. I'm not saying that Sancho won't improve you, but those players are more than enough to create lots. If you win stuff it'll more likely be despite OGS than because of him. He's definitely improved the atmosphere around the club, and some previously unhappy players are playing better, but considering how bad it got toward the end under Mourinho, Pretty much any manager could have achieved that.
  23. Could be that he, his agent, his PR people, and Daw Books are working in concert to come up with a joint press release or something. Could be we won't get anything. . .
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