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  2. Ckram

    Board Issues 4

    Whenever I come to the forums, chrome starts to use a lot of RAM memory. It started to get like this this month. No problem like this with any other sites, even social networks.
  3. Darth Richard II

    You ever been banned from a forum? Did you deserve it?

    Haha well, I remember someone a long time ago went ape shit on spockydog and started screaming about how stupid his avatar was.
  4. DireWolfSpirit

    New Matrix movie in the works

    Just realized it was John Singleton (Boys n da Hood, Director) who died a while back and that Lawrence Fishbourne is still very much alive.
  5. Ramsay B.

    Video Games: Keanu Re3ves Is Breathtaking

    This young dude I work with said he didn’t enjoy The Witcher 3 because, “it wasn’t worth $60”. I thought he was just trolling, but sadly he wasn’t. I was gonna wait until the Switch version to replay it but defending its honor has lead me to forget that notion. I didn’t play Gwent on my original run so I am now, and I find myself obsessed with building my card collections up. A couple of characters just have too good of a set for me to beat them now but it’s really fun. I’m starting to understand all the strategies also. I usually use the my Northern set and make my opponent use most of their big cards in the first round, then get those 2 extra cards for the last round and drop the hammer. I did have to get used to the funky controls again though. Geralt feels like he’s on ice.
  6. DireWolfSpirit

    Japan Travel Suggestions

    My sister lived in Osaka for many years and Osaka Castle along with the park and gardens surrounding, will surely be worth your while.
  7. karaddin

    Game of Star Wars: The Final Hope

    Gonna spoiler tag this
  8. Ramsay B.

    MLB 2019: The Good, The Bad, and The Mets

    Another quality start and Judge heating up. I like it.
  9. I'm intrigued by the Eternals film. They don't have a popular fanbase and aren't as well known in the Marvel canon. Which explains the hiring of some really big names (Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Kit Harington) to ensure that the film has enough publicity and popular appeal to get bums on seats. It's the opposite strategy to what they did with GotG, another lesser-known franchise, which wasn't filled out with stars and was more of a sleeper hit (Chris Pratt was relatively unknown at the time in film, and was basically just known as the Parks and Recreation guy). Also interested to see how they bulk up the Celestials mythology with the Eternals movie. They've already sort of introduced the Celestials in the MCU through Ego and the Collector's history of the Infinity Stones.
  10. Iskaral Pust

    Japan Travel Suggestions

    Sounds like a blast. I hope you both have fun. I know someone who visited Japan earlier this summer for a couple of weeks with her brother. They were in Tokyo and also spent a couple of nights in both Kyoto and Osaka. She raved about the food when she got back. I couldn’t name any specific restaurants, but I think a lot of them were just casual spots or impulse decisions. They saw the usual sights in downtown Tokyo, like Akihabara. She said there were also some beautiful parks, and they just enjoyed walking around and soaking up the experience. My wife has suggested a trip to Korea and Japan next summer. It’s still under consideration for now, especially with the humid summers there. It’s such a pity to have travel restricted by the school calendar.
  11. The concept of banning someone related to their face is kind of funny to think about. "On account of your face, you are hereby banned!"
  12. Today
  13. DireWolfSpirit

    What should be done... about climate change

    Geezus he"a such an idiot. Smh.
  14. karaddin

    New Matrix movie in the works

    I'm willing to give it a chance because I don't think Lana and Reeves would be on board for it if they didn't have a story they wanted to tell. Whether it will be a good story executed well or not is a different question, but I don't think it will be a cynical cash grab.
  15. avenge me

    You ever been banned from a forum? Did you deserve it?

    a gentleman never asks, and a lady never tells
  16. Scott_N

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Midsommar Night Blues

    Heh. Yeah, that's when I turned it off as well.
  17. Yeah I think they definitely need to do something like this. The Magicians had someone do something similar with the hand gestures it used for spell casting and I think having it created properly really adds the necessary consistency to feel more real. Speaking of hand gestures, I realised I have no idea what level of hand gestures, if any, are associated with weaving - are the books clear on this?
  18. briantw

    NFL 2019 Preseason: Hard Knockin on Gruden's Door

    As a fan of a team who finally has a QB after two decades of searching, I have zero sympathy for Indy fans who went from one of the greatest QBs of all-time in Peyton Manning directly to Andrew Luck after one year of tanking. That's especially true since their team wasted both guys' primes with horrible mismanagement.
  19. FictionIsntReal

    R+L=J v.166

    It means Bran expected him to say more, as Bran only "wished he had asked him what he meant". I've seen that phrasing used elsewhere when a person declines to ask further. Bran didn't personally know anyone who died in that incident and has no need to press his father on something he can tell makes Ned sad to talk about. If Ned didn't want people to know about Arthur Dayne fighting him and Howland he might have just declined to mention that, but the lives and deaths of the kingsguard are a matter of public record so it might have been pointless to try hushing that up as he did with Ashara in Winterfell. Do you think Ned thought he could tell Bran but not any of his other children? And do you think he told Barbrey Dustin but not any other relations of his companions? The bit that the World of Ice and Fire depicts as a rumor rather than fact is that Eddard killed Arthur in single combat. And indeed the exact manner of Dayne's death would be something far fewer people would know about than the fact that he did die after being absent for every battle of the rebellion proper. Similarly, it's hard to handwave away the fates of Oswell Whent and Gerold Hightower, which is why I don't think it's a mistake for the work to treat their deaths alongside Arthur's as facts. Why does Ned "need" to hide that the remaining Kingsguard died alongside Arthur Dayne and opposite the similarly late Willam Dustin, Ethan Glover, Martyn Cassel, Theo Wull and Mark Ryswell? Particularly when people already know that he left Storm's End at the end of the rebellion, headed to Dorne, found his sister's dead body and brought the late Sword of the Morning's blade to Starfall? Howland did tell his kids about the Harrenhall tourney, including some of Ned's interaction with Ashara. They're surprised Bran hasn't head the stories, but we know from Catelyn that Ned forbid any mention of Ashara's name, which is why Arya finds herself similarly ignorant to Edric Dayne's surprise when he discusses her, even though Arya knows Arthur was the Sword of the Morning. Servants in Winterfell gossiped about Arthur Dayne, but Ned didn't forbid any discussion of him. Treating the deaths of the kingsguard knights as a secret is assuming your conclusion while attempting to argue for it. And within Winterfell, some of that story is actually forbidden to speak of, whereas we get no comparable edict of Ned forbidding discussion of the three kingsguard. You cut off the quote right before Bran notes he wishes he had asked another question rather than Ned refusing to answer him. Barbrey wasn't satisfied with Ned's explanation, she was angry that Ned got her husband killed and then didn't even send the body back. Merely saying the magic word "honorable" isn't a satisfactory answer. I'd expect that Ned would have felt he owed more to a woman he was trying to pay his respects than what he freely offered Bran without prompting. In the section where Catelyn recalls the one time Ned scared her, she recalls that the servants were gossiping about Ned's interactions with both Arthur and Ashara. And then only the latter is forbidden to speak about. And as I just pointed out, Bran remembers failing to ask a follow-up question rather than Ned refusing to answer one. So if Ned just admitted to killing Arthur Dayne between Storm's End and returning Dawn and Lyanna's body to their homes nobody would think twice but the addition of the remaining two kingsguard whom everybody knows were absent from the battles but now dead would be the straw that broke the camel's back? And people are interested enough to gossip about it, but a man's bastard is not really considered a topic for polite conversation among the nobility and people just attribute Jon to various women Ned could have slept with. No, Bran didn't ask rather than Ned refusing. There's no contradiction and I don't have to ignore any text. It's not political suicide for Ned to talk about fighting the kingsguard. Everyone knows he took Dawn from the late Arthur around the time he found his dead sister. He went back to Robert and their shared grief over Lyanna is what ended the enmity over Rhaegar's children. Blaming kingsguard loyal to Rhaegar for keeping Lyanna prisoner until she died fits well with Robert's preferred narrative. Wylla is a peasant whose word counts for less, but considering that both Ned and Edric refer to her as Jon's mother, I think there was some arrangement of a preferred story that happened at Starfall. Edric attests to that based on Wylla being his wetnurse as well, so there's a decent probability that some of his knowledge comes from her. We've got knowledge of what happened, and then we hear Barbrey's perspective. When she only relays that Ned got her husband killed in Dorne and buried the body there rather than returning it, that makes sense because that's who she cares about. She's not narrating an encyclopedia entry to Reek and has no reason to ramble on about dead men she doesn't care about. Agreed. There were no battles in Dorne, although Cersei does admittedly accuse Ned of burning some peasant holdfasts there. And Barbrey is still pissed. The Riverlands have been the most frequent battleground in the war of the five kings. As noted, Dorne was free from battles in the rebellion. The Lannister regime in the present day is also on shakier ground than the widely popular and regularly victorious Robert Baratheon, who removed the Targaryens from Kings Landing but left the other Lords Paramount in charge of their realms. The White Book records lots of details of the knights of the kingsguard. It doesn't just say "He was honorable. He died honorably during the reign of King Soandso". Those knights, particularly Arthur, were quite famous, and Gerold was even Lord Commander. They are a public marker of respect for the dead, which is inconsistent with an attempt at secrecy. Tearing down the tower might be part of an attempt to destroy evidence, but marking the dead afterward was not.
  20. I guess mostly because China tried that and walked away from it because their people turned out to be despicable fucks who made girls disappear. Then again, in the long run a two-child policy might be a good choice to curb our explosive growth. For some time it seemed that increasing urbanization naturally creates negative population growth, but I personally suspect that that's just because of economic anxiety preventing people from making children and therefore not really all that fair either.
  21. I did see speculation that Madden's character is going to be one of/the touted gay character so who knows? I loved Gemma Chan as Minn-Erva so happy with her getting to play 2 different MCU characters.
  22. RavenousReader

    Bowen's next decision

    Who stabbed Jon Snow other than Marsh and Whittlestick? Let's look at the quotes below: Shield Hall, before Jon announced he is riding south: To his left he [Jon] saw Marsh and Yarwyck. Othell was surrounded by his builders, whilst Bowen had Wick Whittlestick, Left Hand Lew, and Alf of Runnymudd beside him. ~ADWD, Chapter 69, Jon XIII Shield Hall, after Jon announced he is riding south: Yarwyck and Marsh were slipping out, he [Jon] saw, and all their men behind them. ~ADWD, Chapter 69, Jon XIII My guess is that... If you reread chapter ADWD Jon XIII, you see Yarwyck, Marsh and their men slipped out BEFORE Jon left the Shield Hall giving them precious minutes to set up their ambush. Othell Yarwyck and his men stirred up Wun Wun as a distraction and Bowen Marsh, Wick Whittlestick, Left Hand Lew and Alf of Runnymudd stabbed Jon Snow. Because Wun Wun was stirred up, Jon didn't see the knives coming until it was too late. Othell Yarwick and his men are part of the conspiracy. Known builders at CB that are still alive at this point are: Othell Yarwyck, Albett, Alf of Runnymudd, Halder, Kegs and Spare Boot. Known stewards at CB that are still alive at this point are: Bowen Marsh, Arron, Bass, Clydas, Cuger, Dannel, Donnel Hill, Hareth, Three-finger Hobb, Jeren, Mully, Owen the Oaf, Rudge, Satin, Tim Tangletongue, Ty and Wick Whittlestick. Note: Edd Tollett is at Long Barrow and Sam Tarly is on his way to or arrived at the Citadel so they don't count. “Three,” Jon told them. “Black Jack, Hairy Hal, and Garth.” Alf of Runnymudd let out a howl loud enough to wake sleepers in the Shadow Tower. “Put him to bed and get some mulled wine into him,” Jon told Three-Finger Hobb. ~ADWD, Chapter 31, Melisandre I - This could have been the moment Alf turned against Jon. Alf considered Black Jack a good friend and his death, because Jon ordered him beyond the Wall, could have Alf blaming Jon for Jack's death and now he seeks vengeance. Besides this is the only other mention of Alf of Runnymudd I could find in ADWD outside the appendix so it is significant. I have no idea what Left Hand Lew has against Jon as I didn't find any evidence in the text. He may just be someone willing to do as ordered or someone who just got caught up in the conspiracy (mob mentality). Maybe a stretch...Septon Cellador could be a conspirator but not a knife wielder. He is anti-Jon Snow as well and not just because of the wildlings coming through the Wall but also because Jon worships the Old Gods and he too strongly objects to Satin as Jon's steward and Leathers as the master-at-arms. And he really doesn't like the corpses in the ice cells. At Eastwatch is Ser Glendon Hewett, is/was a supporter of Janos Slynt and Alliser Thorne. Hewett was left in charge of Eastwatch when Cotter Pyke sailed for Hardhome. I'm not sure if he is a conspirator or not...likely not given the distance. IF Ser Alliser Thorne had been at the Wall instead of out ranging, I'm sure he would have been a conspirator and likely a knife wielder.
  23. Argonath Diver

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Midsommar Night Blues

    One more lot to toss into the Baywatch Fucking Sucked pile. Put it on one silly late night, where lots of cans and bottles were around, ashtray full of roaches kind of night with several of us. I think we collectively made it like 10 minutes before we sloppily agreed that even off our tits, that movie was one of the absolute worst I've ever seen. Ever. It was aggressively bad. We had people of both persuasions watching, and the eye candy was not remotely close enough to justify how terrible that script and film in general was. On a happier note The Righteous Gemstones was funny as hell.
  24. BigBoss1

    Rhaegar wins alternate history scenario.

    You're right, maybe what he wanted was to break the 7 kingdoms
  25. Rose of Red Lake

    Dany and child murder

    A rescue mission? The majority of the drama and internal monologue in those chapters is about Jorah kissing her, how to win Westeros, and the dilemma of buying slaves, not how they need to be freed or how to help them transition out of slavery. Barristan warns that if she stays, her “heart will turn to brick,” with bricks representing an empire built on blood and cruelty. Arguably these chapters set her on the road toward losing her humanity because Catelyn had similar line that foreshadowed Stoneheart. The Unsullied have to have some irony, something like Dany ends up killing children anyway because Westeros sees her as a slaver because she brought them there. A tidy war is very charmed. Well, I’m not using the phrase you used, “child sacrifice” because that’s just creepy. There’s no authority here, she just took what she wanted. She acted like the khals who hang around threatening to attack. “What would Viserys and Rhaegar do?” is discussed but in taking the city she isn’t like either. She’s now more like her husband. Another contradiction that suggests things aren’t as simple as “liberation!!!” is that Irri is pleasuring her as a bed slave while she is considering the trade. Dany knows that Irri is acting in that role because she has to remind her that she freed her, but Irri is just doing the same thing she always did. She robotically repeats that it “is an honor to please you.” Irri is not truly free.
  26. karaddin

    What should be done... about climate change

    Because dispersing radioactive material into a storm system that will scatter it over half/your entire country/half the world (I'm sure its somewhere in this range) is an excellent idea. Even if it worked.
  27. ThinkerX

    What should be done... about climate change

    Trumps anti-hurricane strategy: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-floated-nuking-hurricanes-to-stop-them-from-hitting-us-report/ar-AAGjFxv?ocid=ob-fb-enus-580&fbclid=IwAR34j_J8UQhWRJ7rnrkFtp744ix1SBxV8PR4YdheHYzQ1v1yHyi03xneNfo
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