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  2. Matrim Fox Cauthon

    US Politics: Sing us a song, you're the Tariff man

    If it makes you feel any better, at least he's not your representative. You will get no counter-argument from me.
  3. Jordan La Cabra

    Football: The art of lowering expectations

    Maybe 16/17 Conte, but certainly not 17/18, where he had the Chelsea XI back off Man City and watch them set passing records without even trying to tackle. What was most impressive about the victory against Man City was that Sarri finally showed his tactical flexibilty as a coach. In every game prior to this, we basically had the same approach, same system, same team, and within games, Sarri's substitutions were predictable and always like-for-like: Morata for Giroud, Willian for Pedro, Barkley/Loftus-Cheek for Kovacic or vice versa. I thought playing without a recognised striker was a risk - it certainly didn't work in the first half. At times in the first half it would have been good to have had an option to go long to to relieve pressure, but we continued to play our way out to decent effect. In the second half, when we started to get more possession, the decision to play without a striker looked a wise one. The obvious stand out performances came from Azpilicueta, Rudiger, Luiz and Kante, but I have to give credit to Alonso, who showed a defensive discipline I have rarely seen from him. Kovacic had one of his best performances until his injury. These types of games against opposition who press really well may suit him better. Due to his excellent ball control, he was able to wriggle or dribble his way out of trouble when Man City players were pressing him. It's games where we expect to dominate the ball that Barkley or Loftus-Cheek might prove the better options, as they carry more of a goal scoring threat, which is something we clearly lack. For all the talk of Kante not playing in his best position, it was against the best opposition that he had his best performance in his new position - and it was his work on the ball that really impressed me. The problem isn't that he can't play as a box-to-box midfielder; it's more that Jorginho is limited in the holding role.
  4. red snow

    MCU - X

    I guess this is really establishing him as cheerful. I guess his daughter might have survived which would be something for him to be happy about. That or he is in possession of info meaning he knows they aren't dead, dead. It feels like avengers 4 will need to spend sometime with Scott resolving his post credits scene. It'd be nice if he has a key role given he was one of few characters not to appear in last film (likewise for hawkeye)
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  6. Isis

    December 2018 Reading

    You do seem judgy.
  7. Ralphis Baratheon

    Will Jon be Dany's heir

    Don't see why Rhaegar would have bothered showing up to fight at the Trident if Aerys had disinherited him. Are you saying Aerys disinherited Rhaegar after he died? IIRC Aerys didn't even disinherit young Rhaenys or baby Aegon, he just named Viserys his heir, placing him ahead of them in the line of succession. The line of succession could all be moot if (f)Aegon and Daernerys are both unmarried by the time Daenerys gets to Westeros, they should just marry and combine their forces for the good the realm and it's people. Even if Aegon may be a fake he'll still have an army and will most likely be the current ruler of King's Landing if he survives long enough for Dany land in Westeros with her army.
  8. The Winged Shadow

    Cricket 33: ODIs Still Aren’t Proper Cricket Edition

    I don't think anyone saw that pitch coming, which explains Ashwin's improved performance. It was a lot closer than I thought it would be. I thought India would comfortably win, but it was a lot closer.
  9. A bit of research online brings to mind a couple of useful antecedents. I had started by wondering about Boccacio's Decameron, which had some erotic passages, and which was widely copied in Italy in the 14th and 15th century. This led to then looking at the Wikipedia article on manuscript culture and it discusses the rise of secular book-copying workshops, and also the development in Italy of a system called pecia which was used by universities to make pieces of manuscripts readily available... but also provides a model for how rapid reproduction could be done. To me, workshops like this would explain the (relatively) wide availability of a popular, obscene text in Westeros. It seems hard to imagine mass production of the Caution for Young Girls by workshops of scribes could happen under the Faith's nose in Oldtown, but perhaps one or two such groups could do something there, failed students and acolytes alike, hidden away in some nook and keeping it on the down-low. But the Free Cities seems a likelier place for it, not least because they appear to be more secular (Norvos excepted) and also more broadly literate. So, yeah, I think Gyldayn's reference to "hired quills" accounts for the majority of the copies, and if workshops were turning it out they were doing it on demand from clients or speculatively on the assumption they'd be able to make a profit.
  10. RhaenysBee

    TTTNE 474 - The Thread That Never Dies But Rises Stronger

    I didn’t get a dragon
  11. RhaenysBee

    Acrophobia 34A&B: PART B starting soon - SIGN UP

    Thanks for the heads up, looking forward to continuing the game in the new year! Happy holidays and a manageable December to you, Gabe!
  12. Gorn

    International News Thread

    Yeah, one thing that really surprised me was how badly Macron handled the PR on this crisis, especially considering that his image was one of the major things that got him elected.
  13. Amris

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    There are different ways of interpreting text, Platypus. What you are doing is interpreting the text according to its strict wording. That's an accepted method of interpretation and often used. So no one can fault you for believing Summer saw a real winged snake. However: Realize that there are other means of interpreting text. Means that are as valid and as accepted as the interpretation by strict wording and are often used complementary to it. An interpretation by context indicates no real live dragon was seen by Summer. (The context being Bran not mentioning it or reacting to it in any way, other witnessess surely watching the fire but not reacting to a 'dragon' either nor even anyone mentioning having seen one there later on. Furthermore us having spent lots of chapters in Winterfell before the scene - and many chapters later too - and no dragon ever appearing then either. Also a dragon was not at all needed to start the fire since we know Ramsay started it.) We can also apply a so-called teleological interpretation (that's an interpretation asking for the meaning of something). What would be the meaning (for the story) of Summer seeing a real live dragon at the Winterfell fire? None that we know of. In fact a real live dragon at the Burning of Winterfell scene would be counterproductive to the on-going story in the North at that point which is about the Stark-Bolton rivalry and Ramsay being a general asshole and burning down his rival's seat Winterfell in that context. What would be the meaning (for the story) if Summer did not in fact see a live dragon at the Winterfell fire? It would be foreshadowing and setup for a dragon-related later event. Does that make sense? Absolutely! We know the story has a hidden Targ (Jon) who was raised at Winterfell, who likely will have more Winterfell scenes to come in the future and whose secret as a Targ will definitely at some point be exposed. Exposing a formerly hidden Targ (Jon) at Winterfell would be like a metaphorical dragon rising. Furthermore we also have reasons to suspect something dragon-related (or at least Targ-related) may be hidden in the crypts and my later be found (items belonging to Rhaegar for instance). If we don't like any of these possibilities we at the very least can expect a real live dragon (Dany's) at some point over Winterfell in the future. So context and meaning indicate no real live dragon was seen but rather that Summer's vision was foreshadowing for a later dragon- (or Targ-) related event. How do we decide which interpretation to stick to when - like here - interpretation by wording gives one result (live dragon) and interpretation by context as well as interpretation by meaning gives a contrary one (no live dragon). We have to look if the wording is so unambigous that is leaves no room for context and meaning or if there are clues that the author did indeed setup 'wiggle room' in his wording for the reader to look deeper than the strict wording. No surprise: We all know GRRM did just that: Summer's vision was clouded. The wiggle room is not only there. It is clearly spelled out.
  14. DaveSumm

    MCU - X

    Totally. There’s no current reason to think anything other than what we’re shown is happening; Scott somehow gets out of the quantum realm (which, while an explanation would be nice, isn’t that unlikely - all he needs is for someone to go up there and hear him talking on one of the headsets, pick it up, Scott says “oh hey press x, y and z will ya” and bam, he’s out), while Cap and BW and Thor fly back to Avengers HQ Scott drives there, probably leaving them enough time to see which Avengers have checked in, oh hey Scott and Shuri and Peter haven’t they must have been snapped OH SHIT Scott’s at the door? Is this an old message? “No” confirms Black Widow, it’s the front door. 2018 Cap, 2018 Black Widow, 2018 Scott. Scott comes in, says “so what the fuck”, Black Widow explains about Thanos. Certainly not ruling out time travel, but if that happens it’ll be Scott bringing the McGuffin that enables it.
  15. Unilateral revocation of Article 50 would be legal, it seems. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-46481643
  16. Darth Richard II

    MCU - X

    Yeah that’s defiantly the same van. You guys are waaaaaaay overthinking this.
  17. It has been edited now
  18. Of course there is going to be wood, Robb was just in the North, the biggest wooded area in Westeros. There will have been woodlands within 100 miles of the Twins, Robb simply did not want to do any other option. His most convenient option was to go through the Twins, but he had other options. eh? My post stated that there was other plausible options, which there clearly was. He does so when he was pretty much at the gates of the Twins. He put himself in that situation. At Moat Cailin his only option was not to marry a Frey to cross that bridge, there were many options. Look I have the whole of December to buy my G/F a christmas present, if I do nothing till 4:45 on Christmas Eve and then have to overpay for a present that is on me, not the person I bought the present from. I, like Robb, will have had plenty of options, choosing to leave it to the last minute and watching the other options either become less desirable or disappear is my own fault. So you agree, other options were available. That was my whole point. No correspondence is information. In ASOS Robb complains about the lack of replies from the Vale, he's able to figure out what that means in terms of her opening the Bloody Gate. Clearly Robb, now 16, has learnt from his past as he just does not turn up at the Bloody Gate. He plans ahead, actual growth in his role as a leader. 15 year old Robb, naturally, made mistakes. One of them was just turning up at the Twins expecting passage from a Lord he barely knew. lol what is the point here? Robb trying to get more information is good. Your argument that he should not even bother because they might not even reply is incredibly short sighted. Did they? Citation? The post I replied to was not edited.
  19. AncalagonTheBlack

    Upcoming TV Series of 2018/2019 - Your most anticipated shows

    MIRACLE WORKERS Teaser | Daniel Radcliffe, Steve Buscemi Series The Umbrella Academy |Teaser| Netflix John Malkovich is Poirot in tense new Agatha Christie adaptation | Trailer - BBC
  20. The Mother of The Others

    Imaginary swords for swordless characters

    Fat Walda. Queef Swatter Hot Pie. Oregano! Penny. BlandStorm Lollys. Who-What-Where! Sansa. Tongue Taker Shae. YouThinkYou'reBetterThanMe? Doran. Sepsis Melisandre. The Hilt (she overcompensates with an all-hilt magic sword she CAN grab) The Reader. Mean Violence Ramsay. Intimacy Petyr. Ultra Hyper Phallus Jr. Tommen. The Power Of Greyskull! (He watches He-Man reruns at the mummer shows) Darkstar. God Spanker Current Frey lord of Riverrun. Ewww, Nasty! Dolorous Edd. That Figures. Reznak Mo Reznak. Belinda random Yunkai'i master. Taste the Circus Selyse. Askance Glance Varys. Nut Quester Patches. Loon Slewn. Little Walder. Boogers of Lys. Arianne. Tight Swipe. Xaro Xoan (etc.) Say My Name Daario. Thruster Ghost. Awooooo! Ygritte. NowYouKnow Podrick. When Gods Cry Tears of Fate Renly. The Lack of Urgency Davos. Renly Is Not Right! Cercei. Lady Killer. Ghost of High Heart. And All My Dreams Torn Asunder (JMS) Green Harpy. Camel's Embrace Sweetrobin. Swords Are Dumb Dontos. Mommy! Princess Myrcella. Oh No You Didn't Meera. Whisper On The Wind Sam Tarly. Let's Talk This Over The Red Viper. No More Waiting The Faceless Man. A Blade Has A Name lord Manderly. FreyFeaster Illyn Payne. ..... ........ ......
  21. So, I got into the Anthem closed Alpha that went on this weekend, so that was pretty interesting. Don't know I can really say much about it, as you had to sign an NDA to get in, and apparently a streamer got his Origin library blocked/deleted for breaking it.
  22. HoodedCrow

    Imaginary swords for swordless characters

    Sansa’s would be Lemoncake, Courtesy or Tattler cersei Crazy Lion 0lenna: Lady thorns Craster: Polygamy Alayaya: piety or the joy of sex Shae: For a price Tommen: Pounce Myrcella: Cyrvasse Arianne: impulse Dolorous Edd: Eyore Theon: Redemption
  23. Please see my edited post again. It was edited about an hour before you posted your reply.
  24. NFC now has only six teams with winning records, and that could drop to five tomorrow night. AFC has nine. The drop off in teams like the Packers, Falcons and Panthers is pretty incredible. But Panthers and even (remotely) possibly the Packers are still in the hunt for a wildcard.
  25. The Great Unwashed

    Trailer Thread V

    Not sure if this has been posted, but looked really good: Brightburn James Gunn produced super hero flick.
  26. Im assuming the edited stuff was completely superflous and doesn't ruin the mystery or foreshadowing of anything. Sometimes I feel it is too bare, and there is more of a story to tell. I'm assuming there is a lot more "go figure out what I mean by this" GRRM mystery. The tawdry rumors of a ruined noble women is great. Ive read up on those manuscripts in actual history.
  27. That’s incredible that the Bears defense was able to beat the Rams despite Trubiskey throwing three interceptions and only 110 passing yards. That’s even better than the Broncos carrying Peyton Manning. I saw the second half of the Cowboys-Eagles game while I was in the gym. That really came alive in the fourth quarter. Both defenses were well on top through three quarters but it was difficult to tell how much that owed to quality defense or shabby offense. The Eagles secondary didn’t look like much. Cooper made some nice catches — silencing all the doubters — and now Cowboys look favorites for the division title.
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