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  2. Muldoon fits into Jurassic Park all right...
  3. Why not? Mance Rayder challenged all of the laws of the Nightwatch and had the audacity to attack the wall with his wildlings. Jon let him go unchallenged. Why do you think he did this? Because he remembered the story of Bael the Bard and if anyone can get his sister it was Mance Rayder. Jon threw justice aside to serve his own needs. A commander be harsh or lenient as long as they apply the standards fairly across the board.
  4. I thought Robert Muldoon was the Aussie from Jurassic Park...
  5. Martell Spy

    U.S. Politics- SCOTUS 2: The Election Strikes Back

    Yes, Normal Republican Elites Are a Threat to Democracy http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2018/07/yes-normal-republican-elites-are-a-threat-to-democracy.html
  6. I get the feeling that history will be kinder to Muldoon than it is to Lange. Which is not to defend what went on between 1975 and 1984, or its implementation, but some of the stuff feels ahead of its time.
  7. Annalee

    Was Tywin Lannister a villain?

    Do you have proof of this rape? And it was Cersei and Jaime's idea to get him on the KG. Tywin himself didn't have problems. He had stupid kids. Cersei, Jaime, and Tyrion were his problems.
  8. Altherion

    July '18 Reading - What We Read in the Shadows

    I just finished reading Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik. She does a good job of taking Eastern European fairy tales and mythology and converting them into novel-length stories. If you liked Uprooted, you'll probably like this one too (although they're completely independent from each other).
  9. Annalee

    Danys the good guy?

    Don't let the show fool you. That's the work of Dan and Dave, not George Martin. They created their own fan fiction. The character of Daenerys in the book is a very smart young lady who used her wits to turn a bad marriage to her advantage. She defeated men like Kraznys (sp?) and the titan's bastard while losing only a few of her men.
  10. Annalee

    Danys the good guy?

  11. chrisdaw

    Danys the good guy?

    She's good but too much heart, not enough brain. Those looking at the series through a feminist lense are going to crack the shits when the primary female character is struck out for being too emotional.
  12. Evil and bad? We don't need to go there. But I know this. Jon was not cut out for and should never get another chance to lead. His inability to separate himself from the Starks will always compromise his judgment.
  13. RedEyedGhost

    Upcoming TV Series of 2018 - Your most anticipated shows

    No joke! I'll be really be really disappointed if that doesn't happen.
  14. This is the damning evidence against Jon Snow. He was looking for an excuse to murder Slynt. I might understand why a nobody like Arya can entertain thoughts of revenge but this is unacceptable from an officer of the NW who has a duty to unite the brotherhood. Bernie Mac. Thank you for quoting this passage.
  15. We kind of had that for a while. The Development Finance Corporation (set up by Robert Muldoon's National Government and state owned) was an investment bank and venture capital corporation which was basically a lender to ventures that were deemed too high risk for private venture capital / investment banks. A lender of last resort if you will. It was the investment bank that helped bring the world the wonderful product Sylk, the kiwifruit-based vaginal lubricant, which was about to win an innovation award until the award organisers realised Sir Robert himself would be announcing and handing out the award, so they quickly gave it the silver medal instead. It was a very successful investment bank. During the time it was state owned it never made an annual loss. But then the '84 Labour govt came in, went on a big govt company / asset selling spree and sold DFC as part of that. Without really realising what DFC was or did and how it's lending and business model could not survive in the private sector (and just after the '87 crash). About 6 months after DFC was sold it collapsed and died. Tower group pretty much stripped it of any assets and talent and left the rest of the company to rot. Almost drove my father to suicide that sorry episode. Actually it did drive him to suicide, but he hit the brakes before getting to the edge of the cliff (literally, not figuratively).
  16. Are you trying to imply Age of Mythology copied Warcraft 3 since it came out after it with that last sentence? Which would be baffling since they came out 3 months apart and they wouldn't have been able to copy anything of value in that short of time.
  17. Stallion That Mounts Texas

    Most Powerful Houses- what evidence?

    The conversation was between Nestor and Little Finger. Each lord declarant brought 1k men to the foot of the Eyrie and laid siege. It was LF who raised the overall capabilities fo the Lords Declarant, mentioning that he was powerless to stop them from removing him as Lord Protector, as he only has 20 guardsmen compared to the 20k that they could muster. There are few with more knowledge in the realm than LF and he was speaking specifically of these six, as the rest of the Vale was not so hostile to his intentions.
  18. Today
  19. Stallion That Mounts Texas

    Most Powerful Houses- what evidence?

    The Hightowers are definitely the single most powerful non-ruling house in all of Westeros. As wealthy as the Lannisters and capable of fielding a huge army on their own, they chose to bend to knee to the Gardeners and then the Tyrells so that they can focus on trade and infrastructure. The only time that they really troubled themselves with the wars of the realm was during the Dance of the Dragons, as Queen Alicent was indeed a Hightower. They are actually pretty autonomous, having ruled their sizable portion of the Reach for thousands of years. To me, the Lannisters are likely the strongest single house in the Kingdoms. In addition to their limitless wealth, the seem to have the strongest castles and keeps and are naturally defended by a mountainous region.
  20. A True Kaniggit

    World Cup 2018: Celebratin' Your Nation.

    This post makes me sad. I was hoping for a definitive conclusion to the 100 years war. Next time I hope.
  21. Varysblackfyre321

    The execution of Janos Slynt was personal and it was not justice.

    True to a degree. Probably another reason why Tywin was so adamant about not turning over the moutain to Dorne. Slynt was corrupt but he had apparently serviced House Lanister's interests. Sentencing him to the watch sends the impression House lanister will punish you for following the orders they give you-how can followers work effectively if they're constantly wondering if they'll be sold for doing what their masters wanted them to do? Though LF could bribe Slynt(for he was corrupt), but honestly Tyrion could have easily outbid Baelish and taken Slynt's sons as wards at Castely Rock thus putting Janos firmly in the hand of House lanister-instead of relying on Bywater whose allegiance is probably more to Varys than Tyrion and who no one apparent that can be used by Tyrion to insure good behavior.
  22. People don't live like that though, a person who does not know the punishment for j-walking is not going to expect to be executed for doing so. In the previous five books there was zero indication that insubordination carried a death sentence at the Wall. What exactly is the threat in that quote? Is having friends now grounds for execution? could well be, but as I said, there has been zero indication in the previous five books that it was a crime worthy of death, the fact that the people seemed shocked at the punishment backs this up. And then there is Robb thinking of the actual punishments he should be giving Slynt, but him not liking them because of who Slynt was rather than the crime he had just commited. exactly, he was looking for any excuse to end him, and that is just Thorne, Slynt was the man who executed his father, his hated of him far exceeded that of anyone else. You do understand that Jon, quite logically, hated Slynt more than he hated Thorne, right? Thorne was not given a mission at that point, it is only after he has murdered his father's killer does he give Thorne a mission. By that point no one is going to take the chance that insubordination would not mean them losing their head Not that we are aware of. By all means list all of his fantasies in ADWD. This is literature, Jon fantasizing about killing someone he kills a few pages later is not some kind of random coincidence. We are not talking about what he may do, we are talking about fantasies the author actually told us about. It is an important distinction, GRRM has not just randomly included it. eh? I'm not seeing your point. no, he makes it clear he executed him because he was scared that he would one day plot against him —and confine him to an ice cell, he might have said. A day or ten cramped up inside the ice would leave him shivering and feverish and begging for release, Jon did not doubt. And the moment he is out, he and Thorne will begin to plot again. —and tie him to his horse, he might have said. If Slynt did not wish to go to Greyguard as its commander, he could go as its cook. It will only be a matter of time until he deserts, then. And how many others will he take with him? who has claimed that? What people are pointing out is that Jon's punishment was not justice, that he fantasized about killing him and jumped on it the first chance he got. Most other brothers would have likely not faced death for insubordination that morning, but Slynt, due to being the man who chopped his father's head off along with the fact that he was one of the favorites to become LC, was executed. Jon did not offer justice with that sentence as all brothers crimes and past deeds are supposed to be forgotten when they take the black, jon, in his own words, could never think of Slynt as a fellow brother. Is anyone really disagreeing with this? No one is arguing that Slynt was smart for doing so, they are pointing out that it was not justice, the punishment did not fit the crime. This does not mean that Jon is evil, or bad, it makes him fallible like every other human who has ever lived. He had the man who killed his father and was a possible future threat to his leadership murdered for a crime that did not warrant murder as a punishment. You do realize that everyone here is aware of the situation, you are not offering any new information here. Totally agree. That does not mean it was justice, which is what this thread is about.
  23. briantw

    Professional Wrestling: Smark I

    Holy shit was that show bad.
  24. Ownership isn't the same as control, but the distinction is subtle and can be erased altogether if the owner cares enough to do so. It's true that your new "shareholders" would care about more than maximizing profit, but what they'd care about instead is staying in power and gaining even more. Entrepreneurs who do not serve this cause would be removed regardless of their other qualities. As to salaries: yes, they'll be capped... but in a command economy, they're no longer a very interesting measure of anything. For example, the salary of China's Politburo Standing Committee members (the highest level of their government) is only about twice the per capita GDP, but don't be too worried about the Politburo members and their families -- they live as well as the elites of any other nation.
  25. Well the way things are looking it seems the USA will turn to fascism before socialism and enact even worse economic policies than the plutocracy it already is. Karistocracy was it? So it's a bit of a difference without meaning imo. I'd be happy enough to have propagandist hate organs like fox news outlawed, get money out of politics permanently (by both a part of the budget reserved for campaigning). I don't have a good solution to the way the government whores itself out to corporations by the revolving door of advisory (unqualified) bribe positions after serving in office, but....
  26. The Anti-Targ

    Marvel Cinematic Universe 9: Returning to the Fold

    Ant Man is not a superhuman, but he's also not a pure tech hero. He doesn't get his power from the suit per se, he gets his power from the Pym particles which are controlled in the suit, which arguably is more like Hulk's power (from gamma radiation exposure). It's just that he uses the suit to turn the power on and off at will with much greater control and not losing his mind. Ant Man's strength is his own muscle power enhanced by Pym particles. Iron Man's strength and power comes from servo motors, jet engines, and beam emiters in his suit, physically he's still the weak-arsed super-brain at all times. I guess you have tech based mundane heroes (Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawk-eye(?)), physics (blasted by radiation) based heroes (Hulk, Ant Man, Captain Marvel(Source of power in the MCU TBC?)), super powered heroes (Thor, Dr Strange, Star Lord(?), Groot, Mantis), biologically enhanced super heroes (Black Panther, Spider Man, Captain America). And coming soon to an MCU movie near you genetically mutated heroes a la the X-men (and inHumans?). And villains all exist in those corresponding categories. Black Widow can work, I just don't think it would work using the current MCU formula. It would have to be like an indie spin-off, which could be brilliant and potentially the best MCU film ever because it breaks free from the formula. But will they give the movie that kind of freedom. In some ways a Black Widow movie could be to the MCU what Deadpool is to the Fox X-men, only less overtly comedic, and probably still within the PG rating zone, because Disney. It would be way better if Black Widow went the route of Atomic Blonde, but Disney will never do that.
  27. Clegane'sPup

    The execution of Janos Slynt was personal and it was not justice.

    This is a bit confusing for me, but as you know that is nothing new, I thought Jon told Mance that Marsh was in charge of CB while Mornont was away.
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