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  2. I don't claim to be qualified to say what terminology is offensive and what is not. I do suggest that, while one may understandably want to make a point in defence of one's own understanding of the situation, belabouring that point carries a risk of being offensive to someone who has made it clear that they consider the term offensive, requiring as it does repeated and frequent use of the term that they have said they find offensive. This is, to say the least, insensitive, and not a little rude. ETA - it would obviously be different if this was, say, Fury and TrueMetis arguing among themselves, but coming from people outside the group it reads another way. To me, anyway.
  3. Again, as I've noted, there are people who also find Native American offensive. The issue is that there is no universally accepted term, but there are two that have wide usage which the majority of Native people use without any particular offense: Native American and American Indian. It's not just the AP. Here's what the Native American Journalists Association posted in November of 2018 (PDF link):
  4. Coming so soon after the Scottish election, there’s suspicion it was an attempt by Westminster to flex their muscles in Scotland. If so, it backfired
  5. Call me generic if you will, but Ned Stark would have to be that character for me. He's a compelling protagonist, and I never thought that he'd get killed off as soon as he did. He's built up as a loving father, a veteran warrior, and a hero of two different wars in the name of his best friend, King Robert (though I didn't much like Robert as a person, even when he was filtered through his best buddy's perspective). Obviously after the first book, my attention shifted to Stannis's storyline; I used to think it was odd how GRRM kept Stannis out of the first book, but it makes sense to me now. He's one of the most interesting characters in the whole story, and we're introduced to him through the eyes of other characters. People with cause to fear or oppose him, like Tywin and Varys, or Ned, who's trying to put together the mystery of why Jon Arryn was killed. It hypes up Stannis before his actual entrance.
  6. I know right? Sadly I get the feeling that our current Home Secretary would dearly love it if they had.
  7. This argues @Ran and my point perfectly; without any direct experience to guide them, how could the writer of the piece know which term to use? If so little exists online about the offensiveness of the term, if the AP declare it an ‘acceptable term’? How can this be used as evidence of bias? I’ll say one last time and drop it, this... ...is not what’s happening. Nobody is advocating its use, nobody ever was. I can’t help but refer back to the irony HoI was talking about: all those pages ago the point was that people don’t know which terms to use for fear of offending people: you then proceeded to get offended by a term that you yourself seem to argue is difficult to understand without direct experience.
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  9. You got an extra few million around for Lake of the Isles? I live a few blocks away and it’s like another planet of rich aliens over there
  10. Feels so wrong seeing you compliment Liverpool
  11. I don't think anyone (here) disagrees that disproportionate buildup for purposes of defence is bad (well, maybe one person). It's using that disproportion to exact disproportionate retribution that everyone is currently having a problem with. I mean, I know you know this and have voiced your criticism of Netenyahu multiple times here and elsewhere, I just feel the need to throw that clarification of where (I think) we all stand out there before someone slides in with 'see! Tywin supports apartheid and genocide!!!' again on the back of that line.
  12. There's another further into the city also right next to a WF. The one I mentioned is associated more with the lakes, but there is a WF there too just like there's one right by the one on Hennepin. And sure, but the house I want to buy is on the Lake of the Isles. (And yes the Hopkins one is good too, plus it's empty every time you go to it)
  13. That’s the one by Whole Foods. And if you can learn Danaerys Targaryen you can get used to Bde Maka Ska. the Hopkins one is also good
  14. hahaa.Really? character assassination and slander? That's the classic Israeli playbook.If non-Jewish call critic anti-semite and and holocaust denier.If critic is Jewish, also add 'self-hating Jew'. Professor Finkelstein's scholarly work on the Israel-Palestine conflict is well researched and thorough.His work has been praised both by non-Jewish and Jewish scholars as well.
  15. Go to the one between there and SLP, on the opposite side of the lakes*, where the .1%ers shop. It's always better. *I need to stop calling it Lake Calhoun, but it's so ingrained into my youth.
  16. Hi all, I just came here to say that I'm more of a low-key ASOIAF fan here and on twitter and I am also from Israel. Let me just say that this was probably one of the more depressing weeks being on twitter, seeing a lot of misinformation thrown around, seeing Israeli people being regarded as a monolith in ways Chinese or the US won't because of their government and their government's policy. I guess the most disheartening things were seeing the way the word "Zionism" has lost its original meaning, and the way people attack the IDF, in ways they never do something like the US army (which people join voluntarily). This was coming from people I had a lot of respect for bit I jad to unfollow many of them because they just spread misinformation (even if it's only by retweeting or liking other tweets). Despite not really being a prominent member or in the "in-crowd" it still felt very alienating, like I can't voice how complicated this whole thing is because the slight support of Israel will turn people against you (look at what happened to Gal Gadot). I'm glad to see a more level headed and informed discussion here. I do want to clarify that most Israeli do not support Netanyahu or his policy, most people do want to get along with the Arabic population (both Israeli and Palestinian). Israelis' issue is not with Palestinian, but with Hamas. Do people actually think we rejoice at the idea that innocent people die? On both sides (yes seven Israeli people died this week, including a five year old boy and an immigrant Indian woman, but somehow their lives don't matter in twitterland)? it’s kind of bewildering to me how some people scream and cry about oppression and colonialism while shamelessly expressing support for a fundamentalist, right wing military organization, who doesn't care for its people and whose goal is to destroy Israel. The irony is not lost on me. I think Israel really wanted a solution in good faith back in the 90's, mainly after seeing how the peace efforts with Egypt and Jordan had good results, but then the Intifada happened. Israel withdrew from Gaza in hopes that that would lead them to build themselves up, instead Hamas took over and use their resources, their money (which is given to them by Israel) to further develop their terror infrastructure, whether it's for more developed missiles or digging up more tunnels into Israel territory. Something that Israel don't want to repeat itself in the West Bank. I also think it's disingenuous to blame the failure of peace agreements solely on Israel, I think the two states solution was really popular in Israel back in 2013-2014 (back when Tziporah Livni was a member of the Israeli government and pushed for this to happen), but the Gaza War pretty much nullified it and Abbas was unwilling to accept any offer presented to him. To me it seems that this whole conflict is perpetuated by Netanyahu, Abbas and Hamas in order to have much stronger grasp at power. And I do feel sorry for Palestinians because overtime it does seem like there's indifference to their plea, either from Israel, or neighboring countries, or the international community, but most importantly, their own government.
  17. Tyrion is probably the first character that really drew me in. His wit, humor appealed to me and I have a thing for underdogs, which he most assuredly is in this game of thrones. Over time, my favorite character shifted to Jaime. While it definitely wasn't my first impression of him(I literally cringed when I saw he got his own POV), over time I've grown to think of him as a tragic character and possibly one of the most heroic, marred by the fact that he fell in love with the worst possible person ever. Nearly all of his negative actions and traits stemmed from his relationship with Cersei. A man who had all the good intentions in the world, slays the wicked(Aerys), defends the innocent(people of King's Landing) and weak(Tyrion) and champions his love and does whatever it takes to protect his children and his family. I think the crippled knight rescuing Brienne from the bear pit was one of the most utterly heroic things I've read in fiction. The inner thought Jaime had about himself in my signature was one of my favorite lines. He wanted to be the literal knight in shining honor, and it went to shit along the way.
  18. The one on Hennepin in Uptown is garbage. The one by Whole Foods is the best Chipotle. The St Louis Park one gave me e. Coli once and has made me wait for an hour more than once. It was on my way home from work though, and so was very hungry. This contributed to how angry I became
  19. I definitely need to read the book at some point (and the rest of Ellroy's LA books). I do think I'm been putting them off because I doubt this one would compare to the film. The only one I've read of his is The Black Dahlia, and that book was much better than that shitty movie they made from it. You really should. It's second only to The Expanse in my rankings of shows that are currently running.
  20. Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons by Pixies. Damn beautiful.
  21. Funny, I went there a few weeks ago and there were like 25 people waiting for their online orders while I just walked in and was out in a few minutes. It felt like I was in the real life version of The Birds. ETA: Why are you going there over the two in Uptown? Both have better service, at least pre-pandemic.
  22. In that context it is. You had some ridiculous example of a person who buys a new product line and makes a loss subsequently. It's not the case for a sport team. It's more like a landlord who has a management team buy certain properties that are entered annually in a design competition. The management team hires a lead designer and renovations could take years. Also, all participants in the competition are subject to occasional meteor strikes and there is limited mitigation. The properties themselves may or not make a profit as it is still let out through all this, but while placing well in the competition helps your occupancy rates, those in prime locations have more space, are able to charge more and have higher base occupancy rates anyway. That's how far you have to go for an analogy, and the landlord has so much separation from it that it is hard to blame him for not winning the competition even if he does provide input. As your example is an open and shut profitability case, your analogy fails. Firstly, you're judging them on performance in the competition. Secondly, teams in big markets will tend to make profits anyway. Despite losing. Third, you're basing it on the performance of the GM or maybe CEO in that example. Are you going to blame the majority shareholder instead of the CEO? Well, as Wilbur put it so nicely, even blind squirrels can make it once in a while. And as you so helpfully pointed out, the owners of the Wizards didn't change the GM for quite a while after they bought it over. And there's the Kings, who are making a good case for both sides of the argument. Which brings me back to this. That's all I have to work off of. If you have a case bring it instead of moving the goalposts all the time. You have this best idea but you haven't even established how its going to work? Same as above. You put out the system and we'll see where it lands. And no, that's horrific. You'd be encouraging people to buy the team to sell it back to the league for a quick buck. No risk, high return. If you want to expel an owner, just be done with it. Maintaining the value of a franchise is one thing, but this is putting the cart before the horse. You'd be better off with an indifferent owner or bad owner that tries to win. Do you ever think things through? It was a jibe. I put it back in. I wonder why you didn't feel it important. Seems like a simple way of sorting out our differences.
  23. Go to the one on excelsior and hwy 100. I placed an online order because the sign said online orders only and had to wait an hour during which they made burritos for people who ignored the sign. I have no idea what is happening at Chipotle lately
  24. Wait a minute. Are you saying, that your police department has a copy of the Pee tape from that hotel room in Russia?
  25. The marketing facade is crumbling. Let’s cut through all the PR BS. Why can Israel do what it does? Because they have the full backing of the US. That’s it. The EU is divided on the issue, formally they will always declare support for Israel and the „peace process“, informally they know what they are dealing with in Netanyahu. Especially since he became best anti-Muslim buddy with rightwingers/protofascists in Poland and Hungary. Again, let’s cut the BS. There are enough official reports of EU missions or AI or HRW out there. Israel successfully established an Apartheid regime, and the Westbank and Gaza became their Bantustans. Funnily enough Israel was a former informal ally of Apartheid South Africa and are basically at the same point South Africa was at the end of the 70s. You know when that regime was doomed to fail? As soon as they lost US (and UK) backing. For the last 20 years, since 911, Israel has had „carte blanche“ from the US in their dealings with the Palestinians. But the international mood is shifting, even in a country like Germany. Of course Israel has a right to exist but we left that stage at least three decades ago and users who insinuate something else are Trump level. This is not about Israel fighting for survival, this is about Israel going full-blown mini-British Empire. Can things get better? Yes. As soon as Israel is forced back to the negotiation table again. Israel has become what its founders never wanted it to become, a militaristic conquering colonial power. Again, this is not the 60s or 70s anymore where Israel was driven by self-preservation and very rightly so. At last, when your biggest fans are American alt-rights, crazy Evangelicals, Polish/Romanian/Bulgarian/Hungarian proto-fascists then you should start to realize that something went terribly wrong along the way.
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