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  2. Lannister: Jaime. Fascinating character. Goes from very hateable to almost a decent human being. Tully: Catelyn. Great parent. Raised a brood of solid citizens. Even Arya, who would be a lot worse without Catelyn's influence. Martell: Sarella Sand. Continue your studies and do great things. And help Sam; he deserves it. Mormont: Lyanna. "The King in the North is named STARK." Yes, he is. Frey: Perwyn. Practically the only decent one left. I have a soft spot for Elmar as well. Royce: Myranda. I think she and Sansa might be good friends. And I see her shaking things up by telling Sansa stuff Baelish won't. Greyjoy: Asha. Has some good ideas about the Ironborn future. Less raiding, more trading. Plus, she's the only one I can stand.
  3. I believe we’re seeing a parallel for this with the great sentinel from the prologue as the mother direwolf, analogous to Cerberus. Sentinel meaning to guard is what Cerberus is to the underworld. And Will, symbolizing Bloodraven, lost amongst the needles (the direwolf pups) with sticky sap on his cheek, like the winestain birthmark Bloodraven has. The dirk he put it between his teeth to keep both hands free for climbing is figuratively Ghost. The mother direwolf carried Ghost in her mouth through the Blackgate. This makes Ghost, like Jon, a bastard.
  4. I first heard about this case on Democracy Now a few days ago. Nichols' mom spoke at a press conference. It was devastating. I Can't watch it. I've been seeing way too many police brutality stories lately and this one'll put me over the edge. "Indisputable with Dr. Rashad Richey" does a lot of great reporting on this stuff.
  5. Agreed, but despite the outcome of Baratheon rule, the rebellion itself was justified. It makes me hate Aerys even more, because despite Rhaegar’s “kidnapping” of Lyanna, I think Rhaegar would’ve been a great king. But because of Aerys actions, and Rhaegar’s absconding with Lyanna, it justified a rebellion that ultimately damaged Westeros immensely. I also think Rhaegar would’ve prepared for the Others.
  6. A Shih Tzuh/Yorkie mix aka Shorkie female pup has come to takeover my living room. Our adult Calico cat preferring the loft much more since Mia's arrival. Anxious for spring as both will have the pet door to green pastures in our rural area. The Shorkie looks similar to this one-
  7. What's the significance of an arbitrary top x number? KAT may or may not be top 15, but what should matter is whether he is clearly a tier behind the top players at his role or his contract. I mean, does anyone think less of Embiid because he's the odd man out for awards? Or Klay might not be anywhere close to being a first option at his peak, but his value as a second/third option would rank over many first options. I think KAT is quite unfortunate with his career. He hasn't had a consistent defined role with his constant change of teammates/coaches. Maybe part of it is that he isn't good enough, or that his skills are an awkward fit, or plain incompetence on the Wolves, but he hasn't been put in the best position to succeed. I'm not sure how we came to this conversation or what top 15 is supposed to signify, but if we look at Wiggins who has been in the same situation, and compare his reputation from when he was traded to after he won with the Warriors, I think there is a chance that KAT can look better than what he's shown. I'm pretty sure that Wiggins was known as a bad defender when he was on the Wolves too. Think Gobert's reputation as a defender is taking a hit this season as well.
  8. In earlier drafts of AGOT, GRRM intended to have the House with the Red Door in Tyrosh instead of Braavos. Tyrosh is way south of Braavos and experiences warm weather. Ideal conditions for lemon trees to grow. Braavos as you know is cold, grey and trees only grow in the homes of the wealthy (like the sealord). How does this house being orignally in Tyrosh in earlier drafts impact Dany's childhood? Is Dany just misremembering and that she actually grew up in Tyrosh? She even has a Tyroshi accent.
  9. Pedro's accent seems to be a little...uneven? It might just be me though
  10. I don’t think it’s controversial to assert that the overall consequences of Robert’s Rebellion were not good. The Baratheons were a weak dynasty, who tore themselves and the country asunder, and made themselves dependent upon the most selfish of all the Great Houses, the Lannisters.
  11. No, they're not. The populist anti-establishment thing is a red herring you're buying into because you don't understand American politics. Granted, you're not the only one by any means, but it's pretty funny you're so naive.
  12. I worry about over zealous vets that have a pill as answer for every dog moment. https://wagwalking.com/condition/kidney-toxicity-drug-induced Just as with humans, sometimes the meds are worse than the malady.
  13. Inspiration doesn’t mean it’ll be sure to happen the same way though. Just look at Braavos for comparison, I can’t consider it to be “inspired” because it has too much Dune stuff crammed into it, tleilaxu face dancers/faceless men, nation full of islands, sword masters of Ginaz/ water dancers, it feels like straight out ripoff.
  14. Today
  15. Bernie and Trump are closer on a lot of things than most of Congress. Different on a lot to be sure. At least on the insider/outsider axis. Whether it's McConnell or Pelosi wetting their beak, it's not good for the regular folk.
  16. Yeah I get that. Other than this site though I'm not really "online" enough to care.
  17. I just really really hate ads. My closest friends are all Canadian and we had a long whatsapp back and forth about places to visit Canada, a day later all my spotify ads were about 'visit canada' and I hated my life.
  18. Really was just venting, don't care that much. But I'm happy I got advice from both you and @Raja. It's like receiving support from both Bernie and Trump.
  19. Bunch of talk on offence, some hint that they like him better than Embid. No talk about defence. Yeah going to have to pass on that view.
  20. First of all, I picked Barzini over Sonny and that was proven at the causeway. Second, oh thee internet, why must you engender these silly trash talking ways? I've been frequenting bars for just about twenty years now. In person, I've had countless discussions with countless drunks about my favorite sports teams - and theirs - and literally NEVER has it gotten to the point it so often gets on the internet about "fandom." I'm talking Red Sox v Yanks 2004 shit. Face to face, never a problem. On here though... Anyway I know it's often if not almost always meant to be good natured, but in written word it comes off a lot more hostile than if you're just fucking around in person. Third of all, if I made a list of the 15 best players in the NBA right now, I'm fairly certain KAT wouldn't be on it. But that doesn't mean he isn't in that range-ish. Fourth of all, the Magic lost to the Bulls tonight. BAD loss for the draft picks. Orlando sucks at the second end of back-to-backs, now 1-9 for the season. Moseley left in the second team because the starters were raising the white flag. Pretty disappointing. I can kinda understand with Fultz given his injury history, but these guys need to figure out how to show up two days in a row. Banchero is decidedly in a midseason slump.
  21. Heard a lot of good things about the haunting of hill house and even though i spent most of the first episode being like 'wait, there's *another* sibling?!', the first episode was alright and i'll keep watching. I need to not watch it at night though
  22. IDK, maybe try a few different browsers and see what works best right now. Always a bit of an arms race.
  23. Precisely which is why he won’t attack nato because that has a strong possibility of leading to nuclear war which he’d be dead in. Those people would probably act more if they thought Putin was going to kill all of them and their families with a nuclear war.
  24. Is that on a mobile device? Haven't seen it. Running Brave with some adblocks for my lap top browser.
  25. Well I cooked a nice dinner tonight and realized I was almost out of wine while arguing with some floob in the upper threads. So I picked up a box from the neighborhood joint. I think I've been very well behaved so far.
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