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  2. I can see that now that you mentioned it. Makes sense.
  3. #CooperRush4President !!!! I think the Dallas D will keep the Rams under 20 like they did against all their opponents this year, including the Bucs. Question is can the Dallas O score over 10 pts or not. I actually hope they keep Dak on the bench for 1 more game. Rush has more than done his job. You hope a backup can play at .500 until the starter comes back, but he's 3-0 this year. Play Rush this next game and have Dak ready for a real important game vs. the Eagles the following Sunday night.
  4. @Werthead’s reports have been better than anything I’ve seen in mainstream media.
  5. I don't know much about this fallacy, but its cousin, the two cock fallacy, is certainly one to consider. Because one person is being a cock, it means the other person can also be a cock. Bollocks! Sorry.
  6. I think it's another example of Cersie fulfilling Maggie the Frog's prophecy. In Cersie's efforts to prevent herself from having any of Robert's children, she's been ingesting moon tea to either prevent or end her pregnancies. Given what moon tea seems to have done to Lysa Aryn, I think it's pretty likely that Cersie has rendered herself sterile at this point, ensuring Maggie's prophecy ends up correct.
  7. Medieval European societies were a lot more violent than their modern counterparts, because the typical inhabitant was a 19 year old who carried a weapon, or had access to a farm implement that could be used as a weapon, and who could easily obtain alcohol. That violence would permeate down to younger children. Far from being banned, such societies usually required men (including serfs) to carry weapons and undergo military training. They didn’t need standing armies, because the population was militarised.
  8. Who had "Tory wants to bring back slavery" on their bingo card? https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/oct/03/treasury-minister-universal-credit-claimants-forced-work-for-dole-chris-philp
  9. Loved the episode! Big fan of young Aemond! Love all the characters, their motivations and interactions. I've enjoyed reading the show discussion here very much. I just wanted to add I liked the parallel between Rhaenyra and Cat. They were both cut by the same dagger protecting their children.
  10. That's definitely what I think. But there's still a magical basis....greensight and warging. There just doesn't appear to be any equivalent in the Fot7. Maybe the lack of magic is due to the religion having developed in a land that really didn't have any genetic or magical ties to either the GeotD or the Children, and so their culture simply didn't have ANY magic, which then got reflected in their religion?
  11. Black and minority bloggers I was reading were entirely hyped about BP and repeatedly discussed the strength of feeling about it in their communities, particularly after the trailers. They at least were absolutely confident of it being a smash hit. They were right.
  12. Some rumours that Russia is preparing to test its "nuclear drone" in the Kara Sea off its north coast.
  13. Could be world-building issues, although I think it's more likely that the reasons are present in the text. With Valyrian steel being so sought after, and the Free Cities being former vassal/orbit states of Valyria, they may be extremely hesitant to let any of that stuff leave their lands. If impoverished Westerosi houses won't even give it up, why would rich lords across the sea? So that's one possibility. Or, maybe the prices across the narrow sea were simply much higher than in Westeros, which leads into the second possibility.... In my opinion, the more likely option is that House Lannister, having lent massive amounts of money to the Crown to essentially hide the national debt, doesn't actually have any money to send across the narrow sea. They're completely dependent on the Crown repaying all those loans, and thus cannot really do commerce with nations who are not involved in the debt/loan scheme that has overtaken the finances of Westeros. While they can shuffle some money around in Westeros, or obtain promises of payment from the Crown, they can't pull the same nonsense elsewhere.
  14. Marijuana use is different because it's so widespread. Laws making it illegal are so widely ignored, and worse, selectively prosecuted, that they really do present social policy issues that other drugs do not. Making it a class A would be insane. So naturally, I expect the Home Secretary to be enthusiastic about the idea.
  15. The first 3 books were the petty war for the Iron Throne. Between Baratheon and Lanniser. With Starks for casualty. This war is done. The Lannister won, but collapsed afterward. This war was to setup the stage for the next part: The Long Night and the fate of humankind in balance. The next two books have barely started this part. GRRM was still at world building. A much larger and complex world. Whence the time and difficulty to write TWoW. To have this part finally engaged for good.
  16. Oh forgot to say, in a rare win for common sense, Labor is apparently looking at backing away from the Stage 3 tax cuts. It would constitute a broken promise, but meh. Obviously the right thing to do, economically, financially and morally, if not always politically. Truss’ failed tax cuts are probably proving an inspiration(!)
  17. It's far from perfect, but I think it's as good as a show based on a few hundred pages of background material to a fantasy series can be.
  18. This was the best episode so far for me in the sense that almost nothing annoyed the hell out of me. Craft: The camera-work in the middle-of-the-night scene was unnecessarily confusing; I lost all sense of geography (which white-haired shadow is watching what and where?) – that was poorly done. Plot grinds to a halt in the copulation scenes; I still don’t know who the audience is for that crap. The final Laenor–Qarl–Deamon plot was again very confusingly shot, as if the writers don’t trust the story itself and feel the need to add some cross-cutting. In-universe nonsense: Almost nobody acted completely insane except for the Kingsguard when Alicent draws a knife and threatens the heir to the throne(!). Their behaviour makes zero sense, and adds another notch to the writers’ we-have-no-idea-about-social-roles-in-this-setting stick. Budget: Clearly the series has money for many seconds of well-animated dragon CGI when it plays no role for theme or plot – we get to see a character we don’t yet care about get a lot of screen time on Vhagar (rather than her merely circling the tower twice) entirely for his entertainment purposes. The writers don’t get why dragons are useful in-universe – all they can think of is to script a scene that would be emotionally satisfying if we cared for Aemond (which we don’t), and in the middle of one of the few small plot arcs that is already interesting enough in itself and doesn’t need an extended, cool dragon scene. If only they could spend that money on Daemon or Rhaenyra using their dragons for travel, or to display their power to the realm. Dialogue: Actually some good dialogue! Still too many scenes and directions of the form “Shot of Deamon looking brooding.” No, Matt: incline your head more! Still, this was way less incompetently done or deliberate in its denigration of the story’s characters than previous episodes. 7/10
  19. Morphine and fentanyl are also essentially medicines, so it's not all that compelling an argument against prohibiting weed as a recreational substance. I basically disagree with people who's sole focus is on marijuana law reform. All recreational drugs need law reform. If the reform of marijuana is a stepping stone to a sweeping reform of all drugs then I can get behind it, but if reform ends with marijuana then it is not fixing much at all.
  20. Felt this too. I think the pacing is all over the place, and it's true for multiple episodes. As an aside, read this from an AV club review of the show and I think it really gets to my frustrations with this show when compared to some of my favourite ones You particularly feel this with the scene between Corlys & Rhaenys, who cannot seem to have a scene exploring who they are as opposed to just conversations about her being passed over.
  21. Interestingly Matt Easton just did a video about how everyone carried knives in the Middle Ages.
  22. What an incredible episode. This show has got me hook, line and sinker. It can do no wrong in my eyes. To think people were so unenthused about it beforehand.
  23. Every place has gods. They have different names. But some seem the same: the god of death: The Stanger, the Lion of Night, the Great Other, the Black Goat, the Many-Faced God. Even the Drowned God? Then, there are other gods. They seem different of this death god. More like life gods: The Maiden-Made-of-Light, the Great Shepherd, the 7 (minus the Stranger)...Maybe the Old Gods are these same gods. Or they are not gods, but CotF's spirits, still living in weirwoods Except the Old Gods, they seem inactive. The 7 at least, seem to exist just in men's imagination. R'hllor seem different. More Shadow than Light. More Fire than Life.
  24. So, are we still blaming society of USians writ large?
  25. An official video using Edgerunners. This is such a great song for cruising around Night City. I've heard the claim that CDPR tweaked things in the game so it plays a little more often on the in-game radio. Also, in time with the release of the video (and I guess a fresh release on streaming), the song is #1 on the Top 50 Viral Global chart on Spotify. Pretty crazy, but cool. ( I do miss the fact that Trigger didn't choose to have at least one of the Samurai songs in the game. "Black Dog" would have been perfect near the end.)
  26. I watched a few things over the weekend, but the best was probably Minari (2020). It’s an A24 film about a family of Korean immigrants who move to an Arkansas farm in the 1980’s. Steven Yeun was excellent in the lead role.
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