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  2. Valheim looks fun as hell. Alas it looks like the fun really opens up with a couple more people, and I don't have any gamer friends really. At least, not a hypothetical group of 5 or so that makes Valheim really shine. As with almost all games except the two or three I sink all my hours in, I think I'll get my kicks out of this one watching Twitch guys I follow.
  3. Shrug. Less powerful than other governors is still a pretty powerful spot to be. I'd much rather the Democrats have it than not.
  4. That is a fair take. The manufacturers of the first vaccines didn't favour the EU. I could wonder why Biontech got involved with Pfizer rather than a German/EU company but this probably comes back Big Big Pharma's disinterest in vaccines. Pfizer being the biggest exception and it got involved very quickly with Biontech. By coincidence, an Irish newspaper had a big article about Curevac today. Very interesting. That's true but I think they are still months away from producing any vaccine for anyone, while they knew they weren't going to have their candidate available for a few months now. I don't want to be too harsh on them though. These sort of deals are probably very complicated (i'm certainly not an expert). And it is great that they (and Bayer as Joanna mentioned) are helping other manufacturers now. I just get a sense that there was a huge focus on developing more supply over the last couple of months. When that happens, its unsurprising that the big manufacturers like Sanofi and Bayer are asked to get more involved. Exactly. That's why AZ seemed to hold more promise initially. True. But I think India and S Korea are contracted to provide COVAX with doses (rather than AZ's other factories). And good news on J&J! I have one new concern though. Suddenly cases have started to go up again! Some countries are still declining (Ireland, Spain, Portugal, UK) from high bases but a 2 out of every 3 country in Europe is now seeing increasing numbers. Germany is only up a few percent but when you see all its neighbours starting to grow as well, I was a bit shocked. Poland is suddenly up around 30%! Even countries that have done very well up to now (i.e. most of Scandinavia) are now up. I'm not sure is this the UK variant taking over. Ireland had that wave back in late December.
  5. I’m still so sad and disappointed both for the state of Wisconsin and the country in general that as fine and principled a Senator as Russ Feingold was given the boot and replaced with a waste of oxygen like Ron Johnson.
  6. I mean, it's what one can expect from a medieval historical book. Not openly writing down things, but refering to it often enough so people easily could solve the puzzle. It was the discrete way to do it, and the right way to do it in the 3rd century AC. Again, if someone wants to wash history clean, he does it properly. Just look at TWOIAF, where Ser Amory or Ser Gregor aren't even mentioned, when the death of Elia, Rhaenys and Aegon comes into discussion (suggesting bullshit, but nothing close to what actually happened). Again, Jaehaerys and Alysanne being open to homosexuality is just a big contradiction to all we know about them. I mean, homosexuality is adultery either way, and we've seen how they treat that. And we didn't even count in the homosexual part. They were pretty devoted and dogmatic. I'm sticking to my idea that they simply avoided such a scandal.
  7. Republic Commando is launching on PS4 in April. Which is odd. It's not a remaster as such, although they've updated the controls. They don't seem to have done much to the graphics.
  8. Northmen still use mail armor when Westermen use plate armor and I assume that their horsemen are poorer=>so they should have fewer spare horses and going to battle or riding tired horse is very bad idea. So men of house Stark has some failings compared to their southern and richer colleagues in south.
  9. Quite likely. Its the McGuffin that drives the story forward.
  10. By the time one gets to be 50, anyone who's been denying that say 25% of their sexual/romantic attractions are to the same gender has been doing it so well for so long that they are probably not likely to be able to recognize it in themselves.
  11. I've never thought this theory made any sense. Why would they think vanishing together would avert a war? Why would Rhaegar take her to Dorne, through a thousand miles of territory where they'd have to avoid Aerys's men (and Robert's if they passed through the Stormlands), when they were in the Riverlands, home to her future in-laws and where her brother and father were at the time (or at least Rickard was on the way)? What was the long term plan here? Furthermore, given that Aerys at this point had no problem publicly executing high nobility and openly demanding the heads of Ned and Robert, why would he keep his desire to apprehend Lyanna a secret the entire time, even after she'd disappeared? I don't think this is as much of an issue as people make it out to be. Lyanna was his sister, and Ned has spent 15 years honoring her dying wish to keep her son safe. It's entirely possible that he thinks she was foolish to run off with him, but nonetheless still loves and cherishes her memory. And we do get evidence that Ned does think Lyanna was somewhat responsible for her fate - he says that the wolfs blood drove both her and Brandon to an early grave. As for Rhaegar, I think people exaggerate how fondly Ned thinks of him. It's true that he doesn't think of him hatefully, but there's no indication of fondness either. Thinking a guy wouldn't visit a brothel doesn't indicate much beyond thinking he wasn't a whoremonger. In recalling the Harrenhal crowning in a dream, Ned thinks about how all smiles died at that moment, and when Ned reaches out to grab the crown, he gets pricked by the hidden thorns and starts bleeding. Which I think fits with him viewing that incident as the start of something that ended disastrously. I think Ned's thoughts are, given his character (not exactly like Robert in terms of constantly and angrily recalling long dead foes), in line with him thinking that Lyanna and Rhaegar were foolish, but still loving his sister and not hating Rhaegar. Setting aside everything else, I think it should be remembered that girls in Westeros don't have the freedom to run off with married men of their own volition. Running off with a lord's daughter without his permission is essentially kidnapping in their eyes regardless of her wishes (hell, it'd be kidnapping by our standards on account of her age). It seems odd to me to dismiss RLJ because there isn't conclusive evidence they were together after Harrenhal and you're not sure why the kidnapping story would have spread, and then go with the theory that Aerys fathered Jon, which no textual support anywhere. Among other things, we know that Aerys was extremely reclusive after Duskendale. The Harrenhal tourney was the first time he left the Red Keep after that, and we have no indication he left it again after he returned. We also have no indication that Lyanna was taken to King's Landing. One of these things had to have happened in order for Aerys to be the father. And despite having two POVs from men who were KG at the time, we don't get any hint of that. In fact, Barristan thinks to himself about how thousands died because Rhaegar loved his Lady Lyanna. If Aerys really was hatching this plot and including KG on it, why would Barristan and Jaime be completely unaware of it?
  12. It is interesting though how little the numbers have moved for older adults though. I suppose after so many years they've either internalized how they identified in the past, or they just don't see it as worthwhile to change at this point. It's also worth noting that this isn't asking "How do you identify to other people?" it's just "How do you identify?" So presumably there would be some people, particularly in earlier iterations of this survey, who were in the closet but willing to come out in an anonymous survey.
  13. I am sure the Texas governor has some powers independent from the legislature, but I know I have been told for years (including I am sure by people on these threads) that the powers of the governor in Texas are way less than that of the governor in most other states, so much so that it's been implied that being governor in Texas isn't as attractive a job to politicians in that state as it is in most others.
  14. Huh? This are fake titles for Spiderman 3, not rebranding the previous movies. This guy is taking those as hints referring to who will be in the movie being filmed right now.
  15. Are there any weirwoods in Dorne? After all the children called Dorne as Empty Land. So Red Mountains might be southern limit of growing area of those woods.
  16. Given the parallels between the ice and fire cataclysms, are the Starks exiled magnars of ice? Bear with me... First we have some elemental lords: the Magnar of Skagos are stoneborn lords, the Magnar of Thenn sound like tin lords and the most powerful nobles of Valyria were dragonlords. Then we have the parallels between the "empire built on blood and fire" and a possible empire built on blood and ice: Ancient source of power: blood and fire -> blood and ice Ancient place of power: Fourteen Flames -> Heart of Winter ("frozen hell reserved for the Starks of Winterfell"?) Ancient realm: Land of the Long Summer -> Lands of Always Winter Cataclysm that they caused: Doom of Valyria -> Long Night Status of ancient realm: scorched, drowned and blighted wasteland -> frozen wasteland Beings created by the cataclysm: demons and the things that attacked Aerea and Balerion -> white walkers and wights Ancient titles: Dragonlords -> Magnar of Ice (maybe) Exiled family: Targaryen -> Stark (maybe) Place of exile: Dragonstone -> Winterfell New realm conquered after cataclysm: Seven Kingdoms -> the North New title after cataclysm: Lord of the Seven Kingdoms (and others) -> King of Winter (probably Magnar of Winter before the Andals) Current situation: deposed and trying to rebuild their power -> same
  17. I don't think this should be a surprise, and in particular I think it should have been expected that as prejudice against minority sexual orientations lessened that the number of people identifying as bisexual would substantially increase. When I was in my 20s it seemed that the majority of men who identified as "bisexual" had at least 50% of their attractions to other men, usually more. It was also quite common for men who were "coming out" as gay to go through a phase where they were more comfortable labeling themselves as bisexual. This was common enough that a lot of gay men 40 years ago didn't believe bisexuality was "real" because they knew so many guys (often including themselves) who had eventually switched their self-identification to "gay" after calling themselves "bi" for a while. A man admitting to being attracted to other men was so culturally frowned on back then that those who often had attractions to other men but who had at least 50% of their attractions to women would never think of labeling themselves as "bi". It would have been too risky in many ways. Today with young people not caring about the sexual orientation of their friends, those who have even 10% of their sexual and romantic attractions to the same sex can label themselves "bi" and not have negative consequences in their social group or for their self-concept. So the % of people claiming that label would of course have increased in Gen Z.
  18. @Werthead going back a few days in time. Thing about Holyhead and the other British ports connecting the UK to Ireland.
  19. It isn't erased completely, but put very much in the background. The erasing happens with the official acknowledgment of such things. Gyldayn never says Rhaena ever had any kind of romantic/sexual relationship with a woman. He just mentions she had favorites and that certain people - like the maester of Faircastle - had certain theories. With Rhaenyra the point of the 'more than fond' quote is that it was (well-)known that her affection for Laena was more than mere friendship. The point here is that the society there is supposed to be - like the real middle ages - not giving much more thought to female sexual agency. What women do in their beds is irrelevant unless it really interferes with their role in life - i.e. their duty to marry and produce children. It is Elissa defying social conventions that angers her brother, not what she does in the bedchamber. But it is, of course, also improper to repeat this kind of lesbian stuff openly, apparently. Else Jaehaerys and Alysanne could have been as open about that as, apparently, Corlys and Rhaenys were with Laenor (whom they clearly permitted to entertain his favorites at their own castle when they could have thrown him out), or, even more importantly, Aegon V and Betha with their son Daeron - whom they allowed to dissolve his bethrothal and effectively live with him like they were a married couple. Which is something not even Renly and Loras dare to do.
  20. Don't think he'd have any impacts on redistricting, but the Governor of Texas has a lot of powers that are independent from the legislature. Winning that office is a big win, beyond just the ability to veto the legislatures terrible ideas (which is itself significant). In addition, Democrats haven't won the Texas governors mansion since Ann Richards in the early 90s, and would be a big sign that things are really changing in Texas. That said, I'll believe Beto can win the governorship when I see it. I personally doubt he'll ever get as close as he did in 2018 to winning statewide office in Texas.
  21. I think that GRRM is never gonna give us a straight answer as to whom the TPTWP is, just leave several possibilities, like Stannis, Jon, Aegon, Bran or Dany.
  22. Okay, I'm an idiot. Once again. I think I recently told you guys that a WW2 planning game I played with one of my classes inspired me to try and get Hearts of Iron 4. Well... I now did. So... given my usual way to start small to get to grips with the mechanics, I started a game as... Brazil. Yeah. My idea is to watch the war on the sidelines while opportunistically throw my lot in with whatever seems best. And indeed I got the idea to turn fascist and go on an expansion spree in South America while the USA is busy elsewhere. Well... right now I'm actually using the game as an excuse to spend time working out, which I am in desperate need of. I keep the game running on the lowest speed in the background while going through my exercises. Probably not the most effective use of my time, but hey, makes me feel like spending the time usefully. I'm still slightly confused though. Right now my focus is entirely on bringing my economy up. I have to build a few military factories because I have so ludicrously little, in order to get some artillery and planes, but other than that I guess civilian factories are the most important thing in order to build faster. Likewise I went now for the construction and infrastructure national foci, which seem especially neat since you also get another research team. In my government I'm also wondering whether Free Trade is worthwhile...
  23. Someone create a deekfake of the Last of Us cut scenes with Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal inserted into it.
  24. Today
  25. If maester Glydayn really wanted to erase female homosexuality, he would've done it properly, not saying how fond she was of other women. On the other hand, we know how religious and devoted to the Faith Jaehaerys and Alysanne were. It's like impossible that they didn't know about Rhaena's 'fond of women'. They likely just wanted to avoid a scandal about all this, but it's interesting, considering how they treated their sinful children (but then again, pretty much let people like Daemon grow into what he became, not that it wasn't Baelon's responsibility too).
  26. Interesting, but even if he were to somehow pull out a win (which is in itself still a long-shot, imo), he would almost certainly have to deal with a Republican legislature, so what could he really accomplish? He might be able to veto some stuff, but would that be enough to get re-elected and/or help the Democrats in other ways? Would he still have an impact on districting maps, or would that already be all wrapped up by the time he'd be sworn in? But still, it's great to see a prominent Democrat potentially eyeing a state-level office, instead of always almost exclusively focusing on the federal level.
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