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  2. Is Obsidian releasing Avowed this year or delaying it finally ?
  3. You’d know better than I, but can you get more repellent than say, Roy Moore?
  4. That’s a very cogent analysis. Trump’s attempted coup somewhat resembles the Kapp Putsch, a ludicrous affair, that still led to something far more serious down the line. It’s hard to describe the degree of contempt which I have for most of the Republican Party.
  5. Based on previous interactions, what texts do you think he's been reading? The unfinished tales? The 13 (was it 13?) History of Middle-earth books? Or something else?
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  7. This is what they'll put sanctions on the table for, huh?
  8. We got some snow last night, not a lot but enough to make everyone drive very slowly during the morning commute.
  9. US to announce ‘major sanctions package’ on Russia following Navalny death The sanctions will “hold Russia accountable for what happened to Mr. Navalny,” the National Security Council spokesperson said. https://www.politico.com/news/2024/02/20/russia-sanctions-navalny-putin-00142183
  10. Still the best series finale I’ve ever seen. Avoid spoilers.
  11. Actually Roose should have had same problem bc lordlings have tendency to marry children of other lordlings. So there should have been at least some people among his followers who were ordered to kill their relatives. Or those people either disobeyed those orders or they became kinslayers.
  12. 100% Say it again for the people in the back.
  13. Curious: are Youtube videos autoplaying for you, even with the autoplay option set to off?
  14. Pizzalotto is drumming up some chaos by passive-agressively liking X comments that are savaging Night Country. What an egostical ass. I'm not a fan of the show either, but is a little professional conduct too much to ask for? Apparently. And it is rather bold of him considering that the first season of True Detective is the only thing in his career that he has produced that is worthwhile. His book Galveston is awful, and The Magnificent Seven remake is one of the movies I most regret letting my dad drag me to. Not to mention the dire quality of season 2 of True Detective (I'll concede that season 3 was serviceable). Anyway, shame on him.
  15. All true. I've found, over these part few years, Wisconsin Republicans to be especially repellent. Worse than Southern ones? They're in the running.
  16. I like imdb as a general guide to shows that I may end up liking, because there are so many shows out there, and a filter is helpful. Beyond that, who cares what others think as long as you like it? I think The Witch and Hereditary are absolutely fantastic movies, but they have fairly low ratings on imdb.
  17. Been chilling at the last light inn for a couple of hours, so far it’s all buttery smooth. The biggest bug I encountered in the entire game still is just the bugged out Zhentarrim hideout in Act 1 which wasn’t fixed in the latest patch unfortunately. Great to see all the decisions I made out in Act 1 have changed a lot of potential quests and NPCs in Act 2.
  18. After Alabama declared embryos are children -- https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2024/02/20/alabama-supreme-court-ivf-embryos/ We know what it means. They've been telling us for a very long time what all this means. Getting rid of birth control is a key GOP agenda item for the second Trump term -- Heritage Foundation and Project 2025 (on the xitter so no linking) -- https://www.lawyersgunsmoneyblog.com/2024/02/getting-rid-of-birth-control-is-a-key-gop-agenda-item-for-the-second-trump-term
  19. What do we know (and by "we," I mean "people with much more expertise than me" (not that that's a high bar)) about the actual history of knighthood here on Earth? I seem to recall a documentary stating that the institution evolved as an extension of feudal society, based on the idea that lords (landowners) had some responsibility to protect their subjects, as well as to fight for their own liege when called to serve. If that's correct, then perhaps knighthood in Westeros followed a similar course.
  20. While I was watching that video I reflected on the weeks long anti-vax, anti-mandate occupation of Parliament grounds here in 2022. In some ways it marked the beginning of the end for the current government (though it was mostly inflation), so some people might argue that protest was effective and many at the protest would say they achieved what they wanted by helping to get rid of the govt. But really the protest only changed the govt, it did not change the political status quo. We have a new govt, but they continue to shit on the small folk and look after the 1%, including big pharma which was the pretext for what the parliament occupation was all about. If the occupation actually was about the real harms that big pharma has been doing for decades I would have been sympathetic towards the occupation, but vaccines are one of the few things big pharma does that I'm yet to see any serious downsides. Instead it was about sheep dying because someone who was COVID vaccinated stood next to it and other nonsense.
  21. Sandy Hook families sick of Alex Jones's shit; "The families of Sandy Hook school shooting victims voted overwhelmingly in favor of a plan to wrap up Alex Jones’ bankruptcy proceedings by liquidating the right wing talk show host’s assets. Jones’ general unsecured creditors—comprised mostly of Sandy Hook families holding about $1.5 billion in defamation judgments against the famed conspiracy theorist—voted 100% in favor of a Chapter 11 plan that would methodically liquidate and redistribute his property and cash, while preserving potential legal actions against parties affiliated with Jones and his Infowars program." Alex Jones Estate Liquidation Gets Sandy Hook Families’ Vote (bloomberglaw.com)
  22. Sounds like Letitia James don't play. "Four days after a judge ordered former President Donald Trump to pay $354 million in his civil fraud case, New York Attorney General Letitia James told ABC News that she is prepared to seize the former president's assets if he is unable to find the cash to cover the fine. "If he does not have funds to pay off the judgment, then we will seek judgment enforcement mechanisms in court, and we will ask the judge to seize his assets," James said in an interview with ABC News' Aaron Katersky." Letitia James says she's prepared to seize Trump's buildings if he can't pay his $354M civil fraud fine - ABC News (go.com)
  23. Holy cow. I haven't thought of NHAW in years. Fun times! I can imagine those were confusing times for new visitors to the forums, but not nearly as confusing as the World Cup random country assignments or the "Become Another Boarder Week."
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  25. Oh, dear. The only thing I can contribute is that yearly, there was a "Naked, Hatted Avatar Week." It was left to the poster's discretion as to whether it was a sly looking back over your shoulder bust shot, or a full-length shot with a hat covering the naughty bits. As to how to embed pictures currently, I'm afraid I can't help you. It was a lot of fun and it boosted people's post counts dramatically! ETA: Duh. You had to actually change your avatar picture temporarily.
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