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  2. He hanged the folks accused of murdering Rego Draz with their entrails hanging out.
  3. What the fuck ETA: Ha ha, posted before I read further, I was just that incensed. Carry on.
  4. Fertilizer / fertile Lysa I know I should get a life, but this one just came to me. Jon Arryn said that the seed is strong, but seeds are useless unless they land on fertile soil. So clever, that GRRM. We know that Jaime Lannister was once betrothed to Lysa Tully. One strong motif associated with Jaime is the "shit for honor" symbolism - a privy built on the place where he knelt to join the kingsguard; a bucket of waste tipped over in his dungeon cell at Riverrun. Tywin, too, is associated with stench and the "he shits gold" joke. There was a thread a few years ago wondering whether the "moon door" at the Eyrie alluded to the traditional crescent moon opening in the door of an outhouse. It makes sense that Littlefinger would push Lysa out of a moon door if she represents manure fertilizer.
  5. Addendum to the above: One of the most ugly things in ASoIaF we can read is how Jaehaerys I acts after the murder of Rego Draz. Not only does the great Conciliator issue one of the cruelest sentences in the books so far (one imagines that Maegor did something like that as well, but if that's the case then we were not told) but he basically acts out of anger and passion and not with a clear head. And while it is possible that the young girl told the truth there ... she could have also lied (for instance, if he was an abusive father she hated). We don't know. The other culprits were found by way of torturing the guy the girl pointed out, and we do know that torture is most definitely not the way to truth. But the really important thing there is if the great Jaehaerys can do this and still be(come) the great Jaehaerys then there certainly is also hope of Daenerys Targaryen. Because Jaehaerys basically is Daenerys after the conquest of Meereen there, and I don't think that's an accident or a coincidence. It is a commentary on Daenerys' actions, an intentionally created parallel.
  6. Evolett raised some really interesting ideas but my response took us even further away from puns and wordplay so I moved the discussion to another thread. Click on the underlined words to be linked to continued discussion of the symbolism of bridges / dams as two sides of the same coin. But I had another thought on the Damphair set of puns: damp fur. I have mentioned before that I think First Ranger and Fur Stranger comprise an undeclared pun. If the ambiguous "ph" in the nickname Damphair creates a parallel to the German word "Dampfer," might it also allow damp fur as an additional linked meaning? Hmm. Maybe not, though. I just searched on "damp fur" and the author never uses that exact combination. The closest he comes is this: When he arrives at The Twins for the Red Wedding, is Roose Bolton the equivalent of Aeron Greyjoy? There are a couple places where wet fur is mentioned (two, notably, when Bran and Arya are warging their wolves). I guess we'll have to see whether there is more damp fur in the remaining books.
  7. I didn't recognize the four main actors either. I'm a touch nervous about that. A Saga adaptation would be great, but it would probably have to be an animated series though.
  8. I'm sorry but I must push back on this. Three seasons for Feast and Dance is a bit much. A lot of the page content in Feast and Dance (especially in the Tyrion and Cersei chapters) are internal monologue. Two seasons (aka twenty episodes) is more than enough. If there's any runoff, then oh well, there's runoff. You can always expand on plotpoints that happened offscreen or what was briefly acknowledged to make sure everything progresses evenly (aka Loras Tyrell besieging Dragonstone, Hardhome, a more elaborate kingsmoot with more Greyjoy family drama, the logistical nightmare of Stannis' march to Winterfell, Arya's temporary state of blindness and homelessness, Bronn vs. the Stokeworths, more info about the inner workings of the Faith at the Quiet Isle, etc.) I disagree. GRRM is a writer, and an elderly one at that. All writers are wordsmiths and they all -- being wordsmiths -- choose their words carefully. The elderly also tend to choose their words carefully, partially due to age but mostly due to experience. The key words are: I don't 1) think Dan and Dave's ending is going to be 2) that different from my ending, because of the conversations we 3) had. GRRM doesn't know nor does he believe...he only doesn't think. In other words, because he is no longer involved with the he doesn't know what's going on nor does he have enough evidence or faith to develop a belief. It is merely a thought. That different. The qualifying word in that phrase being the word that. This is GRRM acknowledging the fact that there will be differences but he doesn't think (there it goes again) that it will be so wildly different as to make it a different story. Had. As in past tense. As in they no longer had been speaking up to that point. Come to find out that the conversations that he had referred to had happened back in 2013 and 2014. 5-6 years before season 8 debuted. It's also important to acknowledge that GRRM said this before season 8 had aired. GRRM was no longer involved or privy to the show and its behind-the-scenes inner workings at that point; he hadn't been in years. Given his veiled comments about how Avengers: Endgame succeeded where Game of Thrones failed, his body language post-season 8 and what his friends have said, it is not unreasonable that many of the show's endings were something of an unpleasant surprise for GRRM. ? Leak? What leak? The only one I know about is the leak that was absolutely true.
  9. It's kind of the reverse around me. Some of the shittiest racist McJesusites in my corner of Massachusetts are moving to Florida, and good riddance I say. May an alligator devour their Gadsden flags. Yeah, I'm kinda glad my mother didn't live to see all this. This country was her shining light.
  10. Picked Neon White; a time attack platformer FPS is the best I can describe it as. The writing is cringe-y, but the gameplay loop is extremely satisfying. It's a series of many extremely short levels (good times are often sub-20 seconds, if not less) with an almost instant restart feature. I also started a replay of Elden Ring. I really didn't think I would so soon, but the lack of new AAA releases is really getting to me. I started a fresh save rather than NG+ so I could go blank slate. I'm going for a faith build this time, not sure yet if I'll mix Dex, Str, or stay pure. Havent had to decide yet, all my early level ups so far have been to get more health, with a bit of FP and stamina as well. I forgot how little you have at the start. I just haven't gotten sucked in to the FF7 remake the way I hoped. I'm not giving up, but it's just not really doing it for me for some reason.
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  12. That is quite clearly not the case - we hear from the Shavepate that multiple Pahls (the most prominent Ghiscari family in Meereen prior to Dany's arrival) were among the crucified. We can assume that some of the most competent guilty culprits got off the hook, those with the best connections, and with the ability to persuade others. But it was 163 men from the ruling class, and it was they themselves who had to decide who had to die. In what scenario in an oligarchical government are those who deem themselves better than others (even if it is only a mild presumption) spared when they just lost a war and have to submit to brute force? The richer, more powerful masters would have lost most, if not all leeway they once had about their lesser peers. They were no longer ruling the city, no longer controlling law enforcement or military, possibly even lacking the ability to demand back loans they granted in the past (because the new regime would rule on the validity of debts.), etc. Chances are pretty good that the lesser Great Masters banded together and ensured that the most presumptuous of their peers were crucified ... and, of course, also those who came up with the idea to crucify the slave children and supported that stratagem. After all, it would have been their fault, specifically, that 163 Great Masters now had to die. Glib-tongued Littlefingers might have been able to get off the hook, but the Tywins, the Rooses, the Neds, etc. of Meereen would have all mounted the cross (meaning folks who presented themselves or were perceived as arrogant pricks by their peers). And, of course, we would have gotten old men from various noble houses who volunteered to die if that increased the chances that the family would survive and their fortunes remain (largely) intact. In general, this wasn't necessarily the wisest punishment, but one that's perfectly in line - expected, even - for a monarch in Daenerys' position. She herself was insulted by the crucified children, and her honor demanded redress and satisfaction. In this world you can punish actually guilty people (and technically all slavers in Meereen are guilty people, by virtue of being slavers) but you can just as well just take a bunch of people from the enemy camp and kill them to settle the score. That's what various Martell family members consider to avenge Elia and the children, it is how Daemon and Mysaria deal with Lucerys' murder, it is how Aegon I deals with Dorne in the wake of Rhaenys' death (and the Dornish with him), it is how Rickard Karstark avenges his sons, it is, in part, how the Northmen avenge themselves on the Red Wedding, it is how Jon Connington intends to deal with 'the bloodline of the Usurper', etc. Another great example for this kind of thing is the folks Aegon II burns alive as *punishment* for the riots and the Storming of the Dragonpit. Gyldayn claims the poor people chosen for this travesty were the most fervent followers of the Shepherd - but even if this were the case, that doesn't mean they played a key or crucial role in the riots or the slaying of the dragons. In the end, one imagines there were just the unfortunate people the gang in charge picked to stage a show to send the message that 'order had been restored' and 'justice was being done again'. Most likely they were the most foolish followers of the Shepherd, being among the morons who stayed with him until the Stormlanders took the city. You can also compare that to some of the ugly sentences Randyll Tarly gives at Maidenpool. Basically, doing justice in this world is showing everybody that you have a big club and are using it, so that people think hard before they do something foolish (against you). It is never about folks accepting your rule because you actually try to figure out who did a crime and only punish the guilty. They don't have the institutions or the infrastructure for modernist stuff like that. And no need to actually buy the allegiance for the common people. They are, for the most part, only sheep. The idea that any slave master in Slaver's Bay was actually opposed to slavery is, so far, ludicrous. There is no indication that abolition as a concept even existed in Slaver's Bay.
  13. Have you listened to the episode of ESPN Daily where Pablo Torre investigates Rose's claim that he's the first Jalen? Doesn't sound like there's a big market for him on a max deal and his only other option was taking a MLE to go to either LA team. A sign and trade is still very on the table, but it's going to probably require a third team to be included. That said, I really like a small ball lineup of those three and Curry and Harris. Defense will be an issue, but they'll score like crazy. If Kyrie does leave I think Boston should be the most aggressive team pursuing him. Brown, three firsts and a few swaps should be enough given his age and that team would probably be the favorite next year, especially if they can also acquire a more traditional PG and move Smart to the 2.
  14. @Evolett raised some really interesting symbolism and metaphor points in response to some wordplay ideas in the Puns and Wordplay thread. My responses depart even further from wordplay, so I am moving my response here. Many of the ideas in Evolett's comment and in my response are directly relevant to analysis of The Sworn Sword, luckily. So here is a link to Evolett's post and my response: Good thinking. In The Sworn Sword, it's significant that the dam is made of trees taken from Osgrey land - Wat's Wood, to be specific. Ser Eustace later accuses Lady Rohanne of burning down the woods (but she doesn't admit guilt). The fire is a "sun rises in the west" event, signalling a way of starting fresh. I think the many Walders of the Frey family represent a forest or woods - "Wald" means "woods" in German. But GRRM may be telling us that both dams and doors (as well as bridges, ships, pyre wood and shields) can be made of wood. The Stark children were taught how to fight using wooden swords. Tyrion steps over a burning log in the fireplace at the Tower of the Hand. He also helps the Shy Maid to steer around logs that have fallen in the Royne River. Hodor's real name is Walder. Lord Walder Frey can either block people or give them passage. Early in the story, Dunk had compared the dry pine trees in Wat's Wood to Ser Bennis of the Brown Shield. When we meet Ser Bennis, he is standing (or sitting on his shaggy horse) on an old wooden bridge. He rides with Dunk to Webber lands and I suspect his presence is necessary at that point to allow Dunk to cross the stream - Ser Bennis is the rickety old bridge. Later, he hauls up a wooden stairs that is designed to be retracted when the Standfast tower is under siege - ending a bridge. Dunk remembers Ser Bennis as a decent guy, back when he was a squire for Ser Arlan. In the contemporary story, he finds that Ser Bennis is an unpleasant jerk. Ser Bennis tries to teach the small folk how to make a shield wall, but Dunk is able to scatter the men just by galloping toward them on his war horse, Thunder. So the message may be that wood or trees can be good when they are fresh, but it wears out and dries out and becomes weak or a fire hazard. Leaves fall to the ground and create humus (top soil), which is a good thing - only death can pay for life. Stannis and Melisandre burn the old Targaryen masts that had been carved into images of the new gods. Dany burns a pyre but also plants new olive trees. Jon Snow makes a wooden handle for the obsidian dagger. Cersei builds new ships. The dual nature of The Twins (Doh! Dual nature of twins!) is similar to The Wall: With people scaling the Wall to climb over it, taking the well-like Black Gate at the Night Fort, or the tunnel, iron cage and switchback stairs at Castle Black, there are a number of ways to reach the top, to descend or to go under the Wall. Conveniently, there is also a Bridge of Skulls that allows people to cross at one edge of the Wall. At the eastern end, people (or mammoths) can go the long way around the wall at Eastwatch. Like the Frey crossing, it seems The Wall can be a sort of dam but it also offers options to get to the other side. Ser Bennis of the Brown Shield seems to represent the dried out woods and dying pine trees but he is also filthy. I think he represents soil that has not had enough rain (he hates to drink water and drinks only wine). I've tried to work out the brown and green characters - Bronn, possibly Ser Hyle Hunt and Dick Crabb as brown characters; Grenn, the Tyrells, the Green Grace and Gregor Clegane as green characters. House Mudd seems like a set of brown characters that starts out as fertile soil but perhaps becomes exhausted after too many seasons growing crops. So House Mudd falls to a new royal House which begins anew the cycle of growing plants. Actually, I think mud is often used as one material for building a dam. I don't know much about civil engineering, but I've heard of earthen dams. I'm also thinking of the Dawn / wand / Wall wordplay - the German word "Wand" means wall, and comes from (iirc) ancient wall-building techniques using branches woven together and then covered with mud (wattle and daub construction). So the English word "wand" refers to a slender stick used by a wizard and the same root word evolved to mean "wall" in German because slender sticks were part of making a wall. But mud as a construction material requires a lot of maintenance and it can wash away. I don't think Eustace is the dam - I think his deceased son (desired husband of Rohanne Webber) is the dam. I'm thinking that the resolution of that story comes when Ser Lucas Longinch and Ser Duncan the Tall both die in the river, like the two trees used to make a dam. This time, the men don't create a dam; they create a bridge: the rival houses are united in marriage and everyone's problem is solved. Rohanne doesn't have to marry Ser Lucas, Ser Eustace gets to return to his family seat, rain falls to save the crops, the dried out woods has burned, Ser Bennis has absconded. I didn't know the meaning of the name Eustace, but the meanings you cite are perfect for him - he wants to grow crops and he has a stone tower called Standfast. This is a very good question. I don't think we've explored the wordplay on "just" (only or mere) and "just" (fair or appropriate). I bet the ice without the "just" is an ineffective weapon or dam or wall. Will Jon Snow strengthen the Wall by meting out Justice to Jonos Slynt and others who commit crimes? Maybe the many criminals sent to the Wall help to strengthen it because the ice of the wall needs "justice" to maintain its strength. We are told that magic holds the Wall together, but maybe "Justice" is part of the magic. Ice alone - mere ice or just ice - will eventually fall apart. Maybe the Wall has been weeping because Justice has been reduced in Westeros.
  15. The Season of the Flies!!! I liked how the Mexican Cartel apparently took over the Hoover Dam and by the sounds of it most of the southwest in the future. Also thought it was funny that we meet Maeve basically how we leave Wanda at the end of her show - in mountainous seclusion (well, relative seclusion for a robot). I half expected to see another Maeve planning dastardly things. Anyway, other than that, we'll just have to wait and see. Glad Jesse finally settled down and had a kid.
  16. I rewtached S3 not too long ago and it was better than my first impression. That said I'm not entirely sure how this episode is connected. The writers are determined to confusing the audience.
  17. Kyrie opts in for his final year in Brooklyn. He could still be traded, but probably not. They'll probably run it back and see if they can incorporate Simmons. A team with Simmons running the defense and Durant/Irving on offense sounds decent. Probably not good enough to beat the bucks or Celtics, but right on that next tier.
  18. If the prayers were about asking god to protect queer kids from persecution instead of requests to win a football game, he’d be called a groomer.
  19. If it was a Muslim the entire GOP would be talking about the country being taken over by Sharia Law and they're coming for our children.
  20. I've read a great many of things since Covid hit, many of which I'll forget and none of which do I recall the exact year. Off the top of my head: -I "read" most to all of Joe Abercrombie works that have made their way to Audible -Akata Warrior and Akata Witch -The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue -A Thousand Li series -Circe -Gentleman Bastards series -A few books in the Clan of the Cave Bear series -The Prince -The Art of War -A Darker Shade of Magic -A handful of books in the Malazan series
  21. Right up until it comes time to teach HS sex ed. Unrelated, Driving While Black just got a lot worse in Florida:
  22. You know if this was a prayer to anything but the Abrahamic god, conservatives would be screaming Religious matters/instruction should genuinely be left up to each individual set of parents and agar Agents of the state shouldn’t be push them on any child
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