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  1. This is interesting, but we are only 42 days away from the election now, and with there now being so much early voting it's still hard for me to believe anything could happen quickly enough to have a major impact on this particular election. Maybe if China's economy collapsed within the next week -- but not if it happens on Oct. 31. How long before Nov. 8 do you think a collapse of the Chinese market would have a real effect on the perceptions of average American voters?
  2. But I don't think the news you mentioned is anywhere near as bad as the 2008 crash. Are many financial experts predicting the possibility of such a thing? The Lehman Brothers bankruptcy was announced on September 15, so we are already 11 days past that anniversary this year.
  3. With the election now only five weeks away (and early voting starting soon in many places) I am not sure there is enough time for any recession to get into people's consciousness before the election. The average person's negative perception of the economy will depend more on their perceptions of inflation, especially gas prices, and their sense of their own ability to get ahead in our present economic system. I heard a pollster a few weeks ago saying that when people are asked specific questions about the economy, after the recent inflation the high cost of housing is what they use as their explanation for why they think the economy is "bad" despite low unemployment. The issue of astronomical rents making it difficult for young families in many parts of the country to save enough money to buy a house like previous generations did was already a problem before the recent inflation.
  4. Obviously people who respell names don't think they are "butchering" them but believe they are enhancing them to promote their child's individuality. I wrote a column on Jack in October 2020: https://omaha.com/entertainment/evans-jacks-reach-has-stretched-from-nursery-rhymes-to-literary-heroes/article_6326a701-6ea9-5f9d-9945-6e89260643d8.html Dick is a medieval rhyming nickname for Richard. In medieval times names that started with R- had rhyming nicknames starting with D- and H-. People whose surnames are Dixon or Hicks had medieval ancestors named Richard, while Dobson and Hobbs go back to Robert and Hodges and Dodge go back to Roger. The huge modern popularity of invented names in the African-American community goes back to the 1960s, when Black Pride led parents to turn the formerly prejudiced idea that "Black people have funny names" (statistically mostly untrue before 1960) into a positive, that "we are the people who give our children unique creative names as a sign of how much we love them." De- and La- were the first popular prefixes because they were abstracted out of French or Dutch surnames such as DeWitt and Lafayette. Black Americans didn't invent this idea -- White Americans had turned Duane into DeWayne and created names like Ladonna well before the 1960s.
  5. Here's the link to today's column: https://omaha.com/lifestyles/cleveland-evans-once-a-rare-name-heathers-popularity-peaked-in-the-70s-and-80s/article_8ae4e332-3aab-11ed-babd-d3a2b5444632.html This one took a long time to research. The index to the USA census recrods on ancestry.com listed many woman in the 19th century supposedly named Heather, but when I looked at the PDFs of the actual census forms almost all of them were misreadings of Hesther or Hattie.
  6. I can't find statistics to back up my impression on short notice, but that impression has been that retirees who have moved to Florida in the last decade are more right-wing than average Americans their age. That partly comes from reading or seeing news reports about The Villages, the amazingly fast-growing community in Sumter County northwest of Orlando. And as the so-called "Big Sort" links politics more closely to lifestyle choices than ever, my impression as a 71-year-old is that people my age who would want to move to Florida, especially to a retirement community where everyone is over 55, are just generally more politically conservative than those of us who don't find that idea attractive. I personally would never want to move to Florida -- too flat and too many bugs-- and don't want to move to a place where there are only old people until I become so decrepit I must move into "assisted living." My sister and brother-in-law, who are much more politically conservative than I am, live in a Del Webb retirement community in Tennessee and are very happy there. I find where they live comfortable but rather sterile and isolating -- I much prefer living in my Omaha apartment which is in a converted elementary school building built in 1910, three blocks from the zoo where I walk at least five days a week. I think older people who like living in urban centers and prefer a change of seasons to year-round warmth tend to be more liberal in many aspects of their thinking. Any way, I have assumed the "problem" with Florida is that its newly arriving retirees are mostly the conservative crime-fearing types from the Midwest and upper South, while more liberal retirees from the Northeast who do move south are actually now more likely to end up in South Carolina or Atlanta instead of Miami.
  7. September 23 was the day last year this thread was rebooted so it must be time to do it this year. Who do knowledgeable people think is in the running this year? Since they gave the prize to an African writer last year, would this be the year to go for Asia? So is Dương Thu Hương a good guess this year? Anyone know of an obscure Asian author who could be a dark horse beating out Hu'o'ng like Gurnah beat out Ngugi last year? The only Latin American woman who's won was Chliean poet Gabriela Mistral back in 1945. Any chance for a Latin American woman prose fiction author this year? Would Isabel Allende or Carmen Boullosa have any chance with the Swedish academy? P.S. After posting the above I saw that there is a major push for them to give the Nobel to Salman Rushdie this year in response to the knife attack on him. Will the Nobel judges pay attention to that, or will they have a negative reaction to being pressured?
  8. Because they really, really believe in this as a policy. And because they've been focused on the primary up until now. Privatizing most government functions, including Social Security and Medicare, is a basic tenet of the Libertarian wing of the Republican party. Because of the Trump MAGA takeover, it's sometimes hard to remember that the Republicans, like the Democrats, are still a coalition of various interests and groups, as is inevitable within a two-party system. And candidates who are themselves more highly educated and who have been involved in Republican politics before Trump are likely to have been influenced in their personal beliefs by Libertarian ideas. Especially before the primary, they are likely to give voice to such beliefs in order to get backing from those non-MAGA libertarian Republican voters who still exist -- at this point the Trumpists probably aren't going to pay attention to what a candidate says about privatization, even if they would themselves be opposed to it as a single issue, because election denial and Trump worship are the only things they care about in terms of who to vote for in the primary, so by saying you are in favor of privatizing SS and Medicare you get some more non-MAGA votes in the primary while losing very few MAGA votes if you still kiss Trump's ass.
  9. In regard to the discussion about Malcolm X, you all might be interested that he was recently elected as the newest member of the Nebraska Hall of Fame, which is rather a big deal as only one person is added to that group every five years. https://omaha.com/news/state-and-regional/omaha-native-malcolm-x-chosen-as-newest-member-of-nebraska-hall-of-fame/article_4679bff6-32ae-11ed-8f0e-dfef54d5c32b.html
  10. Could you give a quote from Mr. Tracey showing that he does believe that about the Shoah? Because the Twitter quote you provided does not imply that to me. And if the quote is incorrect, that would be one thing. But I do not see why it is wrong to share a statement about Hitler's beliefs when they are clearly attributed to Hitler himself. This just shows how horrible Hitler was. P.S. I was writing the above while you were posting the quote from Dr. Beorn that says Tracey did argue that the U.S. entry into the war accelerated the Final Solution. But that was not at all stated in your initial post.
  11. You are probably thinking of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands and her husband Prince Bernhard. https://www.unofficialroyalty.com/wedding-of-queen-juliana-of-the-netherlands-and-prince-bernhard-of-lippe-biesterfeld/
  12. It is definitely NOT true that Trump claimed Queen Elizabeth had secretly knighted him. However, it is definitely true that in one of today's fundraising emails he is granting his supporters the title of "King". (I wonder how many women he's calling Kings there?) -- Just to remind y'all, I've never donated to Trump and have no idea how I got on his email list, so the idea that my "MAGA status is unmatched" is itself a lie.
  13. In addition to the sites already mentioned, there's Biblio, the online site for hundreds of bookstores (mostly used) across the world. Obviously some of the individual stores would be more "reputable" than others. When I buy from Biblio I normally limit myself to stores which have at least three stars out of five in user ratings, and normally have no trouble. https://www.biblio.com/company/
  14. Hey, this is really rather mild compared to a lot of the emails I get from the NRSC or the Trump organization. Just unfortunately got my first email from the Ron Johnson campaign, which blames the Democrats' fundraising success on "radical billionaires." As if there really were any such people.
  15. Gracious, if a "month's pay" isn't "a lot" to you, you are way better off financially than most Americans!
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