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  1. BigFatCoward

    Scott Lynch's Thorn of Emberlain is Completed

    i'm going to have to do a re read before this comes out, I have no f'ing clue what you are on about.
  2. I only frequent 2, I guess some of you are on shedloads. And I've been banned from the other one. I'm sure i'll get used to it but I feel rather lost at the minute, I used to spend at least 45-60 mins a day on there, I have a lot of downtime at work at the minute and i'm at a loose end. its a cycling forum, I was banned for making a comment that a cyclist who's nickname means 'bullet' in Spanish should have used that bullet on himself when he got caught doping. Not a particularly nice thing to say but deserving of a lifetime ban? The worst thing is you can't even sign out and lurk, the whole thing is locked to me. So, have you ever been banned, what did you do, did you deserve it, or where the mods being dicks (our mods would never be dicks). caveat, if it was here and it was a temporary ban, I don't think it would be helpful to rehash that.
  3. BigFatCoward

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    I only ever wear the same pair of trainers, normally they last me about a year, then start a new pair. However they aren't released regularly so whenever they are I always buy shedloads, I think I have 5 unworn pairs in my wardrobe currently waiting to be cracked open. Trainers, like jeans are a pain, they reach perfect wearability and comfort, about 3 seconds before they fall apart.
  4. BigFatCoward

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    I love it when a new crackpot turns up.
  5. What would be the cost? Return tickets, car hire, hotels, I really can't see it being that much?
  6. i'm not sure, there has to be a reason for him to be silent and brooding, would a lisp or stutter not serve as well? They could show him with horrific scarring and injuries to his body in a few scenes, that would be covered up in most situations.
  7. BigFatCoward

    The Boys (Amazon)

    Finished, loved it. The accent was ridiculous but it was so comically bad that I don't think it was a massive problem. I was often watching in the background so a few things escaped me, the main one - the deep, what were his actual powers, talking to animals and swimming? Seems utterly shit, far too weak to be part of the 7. Also, Gus Fring has aged badly, he looks like he has been using too much blue meth.
  8. BigFatCoward

    Exercise & Fitness: Summer Bodies (TBD)

    Back on the bike after accident earlier in the summer, its amazing how sore your ass gets when its not used to it.
  9. BigFatCoward

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    He is currently being unsuccessful as he isn't waving his arms around enough.
  10. BigFatCoward

    Cycling - La Vuelta - last chance saloon for the b list.

    La Vuelta starts on Saturday, it is always a bit 'wild west' with people riding into form for the worlds, the second tier GC men giving it a blast, and people trying to rescue their season. Difficult to see anyone other than Roglic, Carapaz or Lopez winning, though it would be nice if Esteban Chaves put his bad few years behind him. With the long TT Roglic has a lot of a theoretical headstart. He seemed to go into the Giro overcooked, and suffered at the end, hopefully he will have put this right. If either Roglic or Lopez won it would be the first time for a while that we had 3 first time winners, if Carapaz wins it would mean South Americans were holding all 3 Grand Tours. Also, Dumoulin has gone to Lotto Jumbo, Dumoulin and Roglic would be a strong TTT by themselves. With Kruisjwijk to also keep happy they will have to juggle their leaders, but sky/ineos have shown it can be done.
  11. BigFatCoward

    Football: A New Hope

    8.5 million for a years rental of someone like Coutinho seems an absolute steal.
  12. BigFatCoward

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    it rings a bell. edit, just read up on it, we did discuss it. What a prick, but giving that defence a run deserves some credit for the nerve.
  13. BigFatCoward

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    How much walking do you all do, I've never had a pair of shoes worn through the sole before the uppers were fucked. My work shoes normally last about 5-6 years. Though come to think of it my wife always wears her soles though, do women walk differently or something? TBH if they have worn through in a year, you might want to try some different ones?
  14. BigFatCoward

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    Both have the same maximum sentence. However the actual sentences do reflect this in most cases. To be honest its often easier to just go for the manslaughter, as proving intent is a pain, but the maximum sentence can still be applied.
  15. BigFatCoward

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    This takes me back to Hendon, mens rea and actus reus, nothing better than teaching a classroom full of bored, working class (predominantly) police a bit of latin.