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  1. BigFatCoward

    NBA 2018: Fear the Deer

    Someone has to explain to me the Butler trade. He doesn't get the team past the warriors (he probably doesn't even get them to the finals), they had to give up decent pieces to do it, there is no guarantee he stays, and if he does it will cost a fortune, he is generally perceived to be an arsehole, and he just about scrapes into the top 5 players available next off season, and because of his age the last few years of his contract are likely to be massively overpaid. How does this make sense for Philly?
  2. I fully expect there to be a modicum of social disorder. I wasn't in the job during poll tax riots but I've heard that it was horrendous, I think that brexit has the potential to trump it.
  3. If I was her I'd resign and work all day every day to get JRM made new leader. Let that prick carry the disaster.
  4. Raab has gone, who's next?
  5. Dexter, house of cards and mad men, loved s1 of all of them. Quickly lost interest after that.
  6. BigFatCoward

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    And a twat.
  7. BigFatCoward

    Buying a television or other stuff - sales are coming!

    With 4k distance less relevant. I have 58'' and it's 140'' from my viewing point, and I wish I'd gone 65''. Even HD is fine. The expert at my local store said about hisense 'it won't be top top quality, but it's a lot of t.v. for the price'.
  8. Cards on the table, take the deal as it mitigates 'some' risks. Or go all in and hope for a second referendum, accepting that hard 'catastrophe brexit' may be the result?
  9. BigFatCoward

    How much do you disagree with my top 50 tv series?

    Someone who is compiling a list if top 50 tv shows without having made the effort to watch many of the consensus choices, hmmm.
  10. BigFatCoward

    Football: Attempting to stay ahead (in your) City.

    You would think Ranieri might have sympathy for someone sacked pretty quickly after performing well the previous season .
  11. Braveheart was about as accurate as Arthur, legend of the sword.
  12. BigFatCoward

    Congratulations brook and karaddin!

    Nice, how many is that now?
  13. BigFatCoward

    Buying a television or other stuff - sales are coming!

    Smash it, smash it, smash it.
  14. BigFatCoward

    US Politics: Dead Pimps Need Not Apply

    Dirty stinking cheat.
  15. BigFatCoward

    R,I.P. Thread

    That man made a fuck tonne of money for a lot of people. I hope be got his share.