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  1. My brother in law is from Burnley. Its backward as fuck. They have women wrestling in gravy at his local. And blacked up Morris dancers called 'the coconutters'.
  2. Just been given night shifts for the coronation. What a big eared, sosig fingered wanker. 6000 officers on duty, we should threaten to spoil it and all go sick unless we get a pay rise.
  3. £6 for a deodorant, you have got to be kidding me. No chance, i'd rather stink.
  4. I can't stand Paltrow, but suing someone for a crash on a ski slope is f'ing bullshit. Unless there is video evidence of someone doing something obviously dangerous (or if the crash is between a skier and a snowboarder and then you know the snowboarder is to blame).
  5. There was also the rather creepy old woman/young woman storyline where she tricked Nathan into sex. I assumed that's what you were referring to initially. Misfits was awesome, for the first 3 years at least.
  6. Absolutely. That was horseshit, maybe they wanted to join the real police and this absolute farce was their audition to be idiotic stormtroopers.
  7. The person with an axe to grind about the police by any chance? It could be something as simple as he hasn't even arrived at a custody suite yet, so they can't tell her where he is. Or he isn't disclosing his details so the station are having issues with informing parents. In custody you literally can't move on until you inform the parents. And it's all on camera. Either way, I'm telling you this is bollocks.
  8. I'm calling bullshit on 'won't tell her where he is'. First thing you have to do on detaining a juvenile is inform the parents. You can't progress it until the appropriate adult arrives.
  9. it is also a bit daft that finishing the season strongly has such an impact. Embiid is on a major tear, but has he been this good all season? Not quite.
  10. Of all the rumours in all the world, the one i most want to be true is the pegging love triangle.
  11. To be fair, that's like how football managers don't criticise their players in public. If he loses the dressing room he has no chance of turning it round.
  12. Oh dear, that's not very good reading. Racist, homophobic and sexist.
  13. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night with less than a 5 year fix (ive currently got 7 years left at current rate which was fixed at bottom of market).
  14. I can't say i fully understand advanced stats, but Jokic is top in every single one last time a checked, that has to count for something. Interesting to see that the top 6 players in PER are not American, it would be much better if the ASG was USA v Rest of the World. Is that just an statistical anomaly, or is it a feature of how the rest of the world plays the game?
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