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  1. Sisters other half is a Burnley fan. Bet that's a cosy house tonight.
  2. They should dock them 3 points for the pitch invasion. Fucking attention seeking wankers.
  3. Everton are shite. Fat Frank should never get another job ever again, he's just a hot Steve Bruce/Robson/Strachan etc.
  4. You probably can't support any football team on earth then to be fair.
  5. On paper it is, their 5th best player was an all star starter.
  6. I'm alright with telling kids to not get into cars with strangers, not ok with false kidnapping scenarios to prepare them. The risk/reward is skewed wrong. I meant if an active shooter incident happened. You train the teacher to respond appropriately, they instruct the children if it ever occurs.
  7. From the news it would seem that almost every school shooting in America is a high school one? Why are 5 year olds getting trained when a) they are phenomenally unlikely to need to be and b) why wouldn't you just train the teachers and have them tell the kids what to do? I know 5 year olds, they are either going to do what the teacher says or not, training for scenarios is pointless.
  8. Because she pointed out that the person who said it hadn't actually heard it, so couldn't possibly know if it was mischaracterisation or not.
  9. It's not that strange, they are mostly cretinous cunts.
  10. BBC reporting rumours we might try and get Jose, I'll put up with murdered journalists and the away shirt being in Saudi colours and sport washing, but I'm not having that. The evil bastards
  11. You give them a hell of a lot more credit than I do.
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