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  1. BigFatCoward

    Football: Bernaburned

    Only if the played for the same team in the same position. Like for like stats comparison is daft. Sterling plays with far better players.
  2. BigFatCoward

    Football: Bernaburned

    Apparently England aren't shit anymore. Who knew?
  3. BigFatCoward

    NBA 2019 - Now the Joy in My World is in Zion

    But then you get the pissing the bed problem.
  4. BigFatCoward

    NBA 2019 - Now the Joy in My World is in Zion

    Talking of people being out of shape. Zion looks like he could balloon and be fat as fuck quite easily.
  5. BigFatCoward

    UK Politics: A Third Meaningful Thread

    This why police grudgingly respect armed robbers, but hate street robbers
  6. West won an earlier tournament, he was helping Varuz by sparring with Jezal to get him ready for this tournament. He remarked that he saw winning as the best way to advance himself. He must have been pretty good as he also gave Glokta a surprise in sharp ends.
  7. BigFatCoward

    UK Politics: A Third Meaningful Thread

    They are/were both extremely cunty.
  8. BigFatCoward

    Popular Book series you’ve tried and failed to get into:

    You definitely should, because they also open up the 3 standalone novels which are for me even better. That being said the first law world is in my top 3 series of all time, if you didn't love it first time round you are no more likely to now that I'm banging on about it.
  9. This. Also little Glokta could turn out quite the swordsman (if male). The DNA of 2 champions and possibly the best duellist ever as a mentor.
  10. Going back to a previous discussion, I wonder what Logen was called before he got his finger cut off. Doesn't seem the sort of person that would have had to wait that long to get his name.
  11. Vegas and New York are the two places on my reverse bucket list.
  12. BigFatCoward

    NBA 2019 - Now the Joy in My World is in Zion

    Not saying better, just should be in the conversation, he scored more and was a better rebounder, obviously not as good a defender though. If Barkley was KG size he'd have had 25 rebounds a night.
  13. BigFatCoward

    UK Politics: A Third Meaningful Thread

    I've always been appalled by this. At least in some parliaments they have full on fist fights. That's how I feel in my gut, but in my head I know it's not true. It would not be better at all. Though a tiny part of me hopes the economy tanks and all the stupid people lose their jobs.