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  1. I do wish it was easier to find out the vaccination status of people who are dying. If 95% of people who are dying are those who have chosen not to have the vaccine I'd like to know.
  2. Also the pressure on Olympians is so different for one cycle every 4 years, especially someone like Biles. It's not like Messi or Federer or LeBron who to a certain extent don't know any different.
  3. And yet daily deaths at 131. None of this makes sense to me.
  4. I'm more interested in the freedom to choose than the act itself. My wife would kill for a smoke though. Biles has pulled out citing MH rather than injury.
  5. Police now investigating an allegation of blackmail against Rooney. Obviously nobody deserves to be blackmailed, but in his place he should not be putting himself in a position for that to happen.
  6. Biles is out if team competition, no confirmation if bad enough to keep her out of individual events.
  7. Only had it on in the background but that was some comeback.
  8. I never even got that far. But agree, the trailer has me interested.
  9. I don't even know what you are talking about with your first point? If nobody was discussing it does that mean it shouldn't have been discussed? I didn't ask could you remember the start of the thread, I asked why are you still banging on about it?
  10. Should anyone care? Yes, we shouldn't be using vulnerable people for publicity. Why you still talking about the start of the thread? Do you not move on with your life?
  11. When I manage staff and they return from a period of sickness I don't give them a massive important project. Medical proffesionals tell me not to. Especially one like lighting the Olympic flame, with the eyes of the world on you, during covid, when over half your countryman didn't think the games should be going ahead. How is that mean?
  12. Britain's gold medalist in the pool today had covid twice, fair fucking play.
  13. No more natural than you being a sanctimonious prig. Wtf you on about? She has self identified as having mh issues and finding intrusion into her life a problem. Putting extra stress of having the eyes of the whole world on top may not have been a good idea.
  14. I wouldn't count out Dennis, though that wouldn't affect ineos current run of form.
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