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  1. Same here. But Londoners are dicks. In my carriage on the tube there were about 15 people, 4 didn't have masks on, that feels about par for the course. My train into london is pretty much 100% compliant.
  2. Like most things in life, neither as clear cut as those with extreme views in either direction want them to be. Is it any good? Enjoyed the others, cant beleive the length of it though. It's like a fantasy epic in page count.
  3. Not once people are on tubes, trains, buses. Once you are on there are very rarely transport employees.
  4. If you were in my position would you use your warrant card every time you got on the tube to tell people to mask up or get off? I really want to but its draining after a while.
  5. Wtf? On socks, they should come with a male and female press stud, so you can stick them together when you take them off and stick in washing basket. Though as I would then buy half as many socks it would be self defeating.
  6. As someone who was actively involved in monitoring public behavior the change after Barnard castle was minimal. And this is from someone who fucking hates him and would love to heap blame and scorn on the tories. There was a gradual decline from not great - pretty poor - appalling. People are arseholes. The problem was always the lack of consequences. The wishy washy messaging didn't help, but ignorance was the driver. Whether we came out of tighter restrictions too soon is unknowable, because a significant minority were not doing what they should have been to allow the return to normality to succeed.
  7. Straight into the world championships. If he brings his tour form it's hard to see past Van Aert for the Road Race. Though Fuglsang had great form just after the lockdown. TT I cant see past Dennis, but Ineos have had a shit month so maybe it continues. in the womens races the Dutch probably win everything, and maybe lock out the podiums.
  8. Orso and Rikke back together? Would put an end to the repetitive wars between north and south.
  9. Doubling the fines isnt going to do shit, there is no will (as far as I can tell) to enforce.
  10. Holy fucking shit. I dragged it out as long as I could, but the last 30% was relentless and I couldnt stop. I'm starting it again tomorrow. A Truly remarkable work.
  11. I live in a pretty rural area, all pubs have huge and well spaced beer gardens so I've risked it a few times.
  12. Or condiments. Bring me my utensils and sauces before my food so it doesn't go cold while I wait. Drives me insane.
  13. You all must have watched a different trailer. That is fucking awful. Like, the worst thing I've ever seen.
  14. Sam Bennett winning on the champs elysee wearing green, beating the world champion in a 2 up sprint. That's about as good as it gets.
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