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  1. If a dog bites 20 + different people, who the fuck would want it?
  2. Quite. If he'd had it put down after 5 the other 15 couldn't have happened.
  3. It's 20 different incidents. The dog is clearly a twat.
  4. You don't stand in front of a stove getting hot oil spitting on your junk. Learned that lesson early. Hanging your hat on it as ppe would seem prudent.
  5. Bidens dog bit secret service more than 20 times, hilarious, why wasn't it put down?
  6. Those 2 things aren't mutually exclusive. His reputation on leaving Bayern and delivering the absolute bare acceptable minimum was less than his reputation when he left barca. Anyone arguing otherwise is delusional.
  7. A very simple Google search of 'did peps reputation suffer for not winning the CL at Bayern' says otherwise. Literally hundreds of articles discussing this very thing.
  8. Ratcliffe can fuck right off. New national stadium in the North as a replacement for OT and wants government funding. Necky billionaire cunt.
  9. It was established no criminal offence had occurred, not that he hadn't done what was alleged, not the same thing. You can be a vile cunt and not a criminal.
  10. Maybe a mini tournament of the 6 divisions against each other. 7 players per team (4 bigs,3 guards) 15 games of about 8 mins. It's a lot of all stars though.
  11. Naked and hated Spockydog week incoming.
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