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  1. Nothing is accidental with her. I was once bending over in the bedroom naked, and she flicked my bumhole really hard. it was so fucking unpleasant. She laughed for days afterwards.
  2. I'm good friends with the wife of one of the charlatans running the club into the ground. I feel really sorry for her, she's had a terrible few years, doesn't need this. Also he got in trouble for dodgy dealings in his time as a solicitor so this is no surprise at all.
  3. Just when you thought they couldn't get any more cringe, Jake Berry 'when the going gets tough, the Truss get going'. Do they not have people they pay to avoid this sort of nonsense?
  4. I didn't fuck up my proposal but my wife didn't react in quite the way i was hoping for 'shut the fuck up' were the first words out of her mouth.
  5. Is anyone currently remortgaging can confirm if the figures being bandied about are real or exaggerated for sensationalism. Who the fuck has an extra 500 quid a month on top of everything else?
  6. Previous BP trailer was much much much better than this one. It didn't land with me at all.
  7. Depends if Newcastle are allowed to spend their money, and whether Howe is able to go head to head tactically with Pep (I still think he is over rated though).
  8. It was a very obvious joke, but it was just sat there and I couldn't help myself.
  9. We had to ration ourselves, it was too harrowing. But remarkable tv. I'm guessing @Ran is referring to Keely Hawes tour de force acting performance?
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