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  1. Rafa is back on the market. Let's ditch that shovel faced fool.
  2. 1350 deaths today, thats very high indeed for the weekend. However we have vaccinated over 5m people now. So we have done 'something' well.
  3. Just seems a bit tenuous, why not just write an original story in that case? It's probably 20 years since I've read it, was the old house relevant other than some incident when the main character was young (was there a reason head vampire bought it in particular)? I should re read, I do remember it being one of the few King books to not suffer from 'shit ending' syndrome.
  4. Fat Sam has also been used without comment many times.
  5. That basically is nothing like salems lot. I'm so confused.
  6. If you are going to quit on hannibal, before the start if S3 is the time to do it.
  7. My sister lives in Oslo, one case of UK variant and it looks like they are shutting everything down. Imagine being looked after by proper people, just imagine.
  8. R rate below 1 for first time since early December apparently (0.8-1).
  9. The new system for regularly testing those who cant work from home is pretty good. Booked test at 1100 for 1300 test, strolled along from work (about a 5 min walk). Took test. Result due any second.
  10. Ouch, just seen liverpool's next few games. Man Utd in cup then Spurs, West Ham, Brighton, Man City, Leicester, Everton.
  11. Does every police officer know what weed in plant form looks like? No Does they all know what it smells like? Yes Do we give a shit about one plant that we could pretend we hadn't noticed when a law abiding citizen is helping us with our enquiries? Not really.
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