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  1. I don't drive at work. And its an operational role that I'm unfamiliar with so its my excuse already lined up if i fuck up.
  2. I couldnt care, it will be like posh cunts going clubbing in boujis, let them think they are having the best time. Everyone else is with their mates in O'Neills having a laugh and drinking shit beer on sticky carpets.
  3. Shocking English on my part. First jab this coming Friday morning, then that afternoon I'm working a shift operationally.
  4. Got my first vaccine this coming Friday morning. But I'm working 1400-2200 operationally that afternoon, so hopefully no side effects or it could be a shit shift. Only 4 deaths in the UK today, so that's good news.
  5. The shang chi trailer was worse than the mortal combat one. I'll watch, but that was a weak as shit sell.
  6. All after his injury. And/or in limited appearances. Prior to his injury he scored 133 in 169 for Blackburn and Newcastle. After he scored 123 in 272. Massive difference. Kane's best 4 year run was comparable, but not quite as good, 105 in 139.
  7. @Chataya de Fleury that is one spectacular and deliberate misinterpretation of what the therapist said. It sucks, but always better to find out the truth about people.
  8. Shearer at Blackburn was unstoppable. He was never as good for Newcastle after his injury.
  9. My daughter is seeing her nana for the first time in nearly a year (and I get to see my mam). We are both very chuffed.
  10. As expected the bank holiday weekend last week screwed with my plans. But I am still way below by previous consumption. From start of May I'm giving up until the baby comes so that if i need to drive to hospital etc I'm able to do so. Baby is due 5th June so I'm hoping for a good month off the booze and see how I feel after.
  11. I mean I have an ok sized house for the UK but 7200 sq ft is just mind boggling. I have a friend who has a house that size but he is absurdly rich, owns 11 companies and employs 200+ people. Land in the UK is very expensive.
  12. It sounds like you could play actual tennis down there.
  13. I've been to a few calls in my time with young children and its the only thing that's ever affected me. Even before I had my daughter.
  14. I never worried a day in my life until 2018, I haven't spent a day since without overwhelming terror.
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