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  1. Zabz, do you like beets? Or kohlrabi? Beet greens are better than spinach. I've become very fond of dahlias. You have to dig them up and store them over the winter, which I can't bother to do. I buy a bag of them at Costco, they sell them with two colors, sometimes shades of the same color, sometimes a white and a color. If what I plant this year turns out to be beautiful, I'll try digging them up for replanting. I have gotten into the habit of planting one cherry tomato plant. It seems like all the varieties end up with zillions of cherry tomatoes on them and they are good until very late in the season. Sauce made with cherry tomatoes is very nice, full of bright flavors! And different kinds of lettuce, over the years. Recently leaf lettuce has been my favorite. Sprinkle some seeds early and add more every month.
  2. I just checked the 2 biggest drugstore chains and Costco Canada, and none of them carry oximeters. A medical supply outfit has them on sale for $99. However, I see Walmart has them, and so I’ll order one from them. On sale, $36 instead of $59.
  3. I think the prices have come down a lot. Back in 2005 trade with China was relatively small, trade grew mainly after 2010, and it looks like almost everything on Amazon comes from China. Remember Trump getting a rise out of his crowds by talking about how everything needs to be made in the US again? Think about $150, or more, for that oximeter!
  4. Like, guys, pulse oximeters are a fabulous invention, but they have an error margin that can be a couple of points either way. Don’t take the numbers you see as gospel. Know your range so that when there’s a deviation you can react. Fifteen years ago I bought one for my mother, for $150 or $250, I’d have to find the receipt, if I still have it. My jaw dropped when Chats said $30, I had to go look at Amazon and see. I tried to buy one this time last year and they were a) a lot more, and b) sold out. I’m not sure I’d have a lot of faith in the accuracy of a $30 one, but keeping in mind that they have an error range, it would still be a fine tool to have. I will pick one up now, the old one died.
  5. But how many people has the UK sanctioned? Or the EU? Canada hasn’t yet, we are “studying the issue”. We complained about the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia a couple of years ago and the Saudis sanctioned us, ordered students studying in Canada out of the country, and tried to drive down the Canadian dollar by dumping stocks and currency. They cancelled all kinds of contracts, the national joke was all about tens of thousands of bottles of maple syrup ready for shipping with Arabic labels on them. They also cut the price of oil, remember, with the purpose of wiping out oil production in Canada, not the sole purpose, but comments made by Saudi officials made it clear that was part of it. Before you bitch about the US, which won’t be hit by that kind of retaliation (although it hit US oil producers pretty hard as well), let’s see what the UK does. Will the UK be willing to take the cancelled contracts and the students withdrawn from UK universities and sanctions in diplomats? Will Boris risk that?
  6. You are confusing me with your “we”. Are you angry that the UK is selling the Saudis weapons? Is the UK sanctioning a single person in this matter? How many times had any country sanctioned the leaders of a country? Has Putin been sanctioned? Is his travel restricted? Will Putin be arrested if he shows up in the US? Get real.
  7. Biden confirmed yesterday that he will not help out either Canada or Mexico with vaccine doses until all Americans are vaccinated. On the bright (?) side of things, he has also announced Merck will start making the J&J vaccine.
  8. Well, nice to see Biden confirm today that there will be no vaccine doses for either Canada or Mexico until all Americans are vaccinated.
  9. For more than a week now I've been meaning to ask if anyone had heard whether or not Trump got vaccinated. What a scumbag, gets the vaccine and doesn't use his power as president to encourage others. Or former president, if he got it at the end of the month.
  10. I posted the other day about a clinic at a university in Texas that refused 14 people even though they had confirmed appointments to receive the vaccine, because "vaccines were only for US citizens and legal residents". This is apparently not true and the university had to reach out and apologize to everyone who was turned away, saying the clinic workers were misinterpreting instructions. I thought that it wasn't just Texas, it's all of the US, because the federal government is providing the vaccine, not the state. In fact, the Governor of Nebraska (I think it was that state) said undocumented workers in meat-packing plants would not get the vaccine. The plants are centers of transmission! He had to walk back his statements because he was not allowed to take that position, but the jerk then said "they'll be last in line behind American citizens and legal immigrants". I don't think he has the authority to do that either, if the vaccine is for everyone.
  11. Back in the spring I joined a Dr. Fauci fan group on Facebook, I don’t know why, maybe because I thought all the latest about Covid would come up. After a while it really got taken over by Trump haters and attacks on Trump were regular fodder. Those people seem to have drifted away and the group has been taken over by ReTrumplicans. Attacks on Biden, Fauci, the CDC and anyone not a Trump supporter just roll on and on and on. Biden is being manipulated by Satanic forces, he has dementia, he can’t answer a simple question from reporters. Fauci and the CDC have had patents on the coronavirus since 2002 and they are the ones who spread it. Americans are just fascinating. So many live under rocks. It’s like watching news from that crazy man up the street who sits on his porch all summer screaming at passers-by whenever he’s out.
  12. This seems like a good time to revive this thread. Even while vaccines are being rolled out, people are still getting Covid, and are stressed and worried.
  13. I have been meaning to comment to tell you to take care of yourself and not over worry but I understand your anxiety. Remember, I started that thread in the spring when I thought I had Covid, but back in the spring there weren’t enough tests and you couldn’t get one unless you travelled or were in contact with someone confirmed to have Covid, or you were having breathing problems. I was very, very stressed, especially when I had back pain and was worried I had pneumonia. And omg my stomach issues. But looking back it is best to try not to over worry. Take deep breaths. Distract your mind if you can. Read a good book. Do you have a coloring book, as is the fashion now, or do you knit or crochet? You can still monitor your temperature. Write it down every hour, that may help with the urge to be compulsive. And your sister. Can you get your mom or your dad to call her or text her regularly? Does she have a close girlfriend who would be willing to help? Hourly texts that she is going to die would aggravate an angel, but perhaps if she had more people to unload on, her stress will go down too. Blocking her is a tempting idea, she is being really unreasonable, but I think that’s extreme, and done as a last resort. Can you ignore her texts for hours at a time? If things take a real turn for the worse, she can use the phone to call you or your parents, right? You are worrying and internalizing your worry, she seems to be dumping her worrying on you, but to be fair that could be on top of internalizing her worry just like you. I have friends who I grew up with, four sisters who have fought over the years and some of them have had very long memories of those fights. Some of those wounds took decades to get over, let only heal, they haven’t healed. Covid is hard enough without the idea of life-long scars. My thoughts are with you, get better, stay strong, you have friends here who love you!
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