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  1. Wait, when did the US release 60 M AZ doses? I must have missed that. These would have been made at the Emergent plant? We received 300,000 doses of J&J made at the Emergent plant that still have not been released because no one is yet sure if the doses aren’t tainted. I can’t imagine that testing was completed on all the batches of 60 M AZ doses!
  2. I’m “going on” about what I quoted. ie: for clarification, your saying 3000 years of Arab Muslim governments pushing out Jews. Or are you going to tell me that there were 1) Muslims around, 3000 years ago, and 2) Arabs around, 3000 years ago? Eta and before you get on my back, while there were Arabic people, there were no “Arab governments” pushing out Jews 3000 years ago.
  3. I was unaware of the fact there were Muslim governments 3000 years ago, I didn't think the religion even existed back then. My education must be horrible.
  4. The news here is full of stories about how American politicians are demanding that the Canadian border be opened. Not asking, demanding that the border be opened. Chuck Schumer and other NY politicians are leading the charge. They want the definition of essential travel expanded and they want fully-vaccinated Americans to be allowed into Canada. First the US blocks exports of vaccine to get it's citizens fully vaccinated, and now it demands that their citizens be allowed to go wherever they want. There was talk here that the borders should not be opened until "vaccine parity" is achieved. I hope the Canadian government won't be bullied. The idea that we'll see Americans prancing around Canada because they're fully vaccinated makes me want to vomit.
  5. Today is the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amCeBhkNo50 Here's a very brief piece on Leonard Thompson, the boy in the Heritage minute. The work on insulin started in 1921, it wasn't until January of 1922 until there was insulin that could be used on a patient. Sadly, he caught pneumonia at 26 and died. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonard_Thompson_(diabetic) And here's a piece on a more famous early patient, Elizabeth Hughes Gossett, the daughter of the governor of New York. Her parents heard about Banting and Best's work and brought her to Toronto, begging them to add her as a patient. She fully recovered, married, had children, and lived to be 73. But as she grew older she hid her diabetes and destroyed the early records about her treatment. Sad. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_Hughes_Gossett
  6. Holy smokes! Congratulations! I’m glad mom and son are doing fine, right? Did you go to the hospital afterwards, did an ambulance arrive?
  7. You should watch CNBC starting at 6:00 am every morning the way I try to do. Omg, the howling that goes on about the threat of increased taxes! Biden is going to destroy America! Every good thing about the USA will be ground to dust under the heel of socialism! The injustice of it all is unspeakable! So many things can be done rather than killing the goose that lays the Golden eggs. User fees! Private/public partnerships! Infrastructure bonds to raise the funds needed! Raising taxes is just wrong, wrong, wrong!
  8. Lavazza was founded by Luigi Lavazza in 1895 in Turin and the company is run by 3rd and 4th generation members of the family, so definitely Italian, as I thought.
  9. Lavazza is Israeli coffee? Geez, and here I thought it was Italian. Is Lavazza a Hebrew word?
  10. I’d point out that Moshe Dayan, a fierce and ruthless defender of Israel, was an atheist. After his death one of his sons said he regretted saying the prayers for the dead over his body because his father hadn’t had a shred of faith in him.
  11. Update May 7Fr 8Sa 9Su 10Mo 11Tu 12We 13Th 14Fr BC 722 596 605 558 515 600 587 494 AB 1980 2042 1633 1597 1449 1799 1558 1433 SK 195 269 177 147 186 183 223 227 MB 502 488 532 502 329 364 560 491 ON 3166 2864 3216 2716 2073 2320 2759 2362 PQ 919 958 960 662 660 745 781 838 NB 8 8 6 11 2 9 16 5 NS 227 163 165 121 118 149 110 117 PE 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 2 NL 7 6 5 3 15 10 7 6 North 2 7 5 10 26 10 13 12 Total 7829 7401 7304 6326 5373 6189 6615 5987 Doing some quick math, the 7-day average for Canada was 6,456 yesterday, last Friday it was 7,670. Manitoba, Alberta and Nova Scotia are still struggling. In other news, I saw a story this week about the secretive nature of Covid-19 numbers in BC, which rather startled me. I can look at the Toronto's public health website and get detailed information about where the outbreaks are, and so can people in their communities across the country. Not, apparently, in BC, where the information is tightly controlled. Weird. The stuff hit the fan when somebody leaked the breakdown of numbers a few days ago. The numbers in Manitoba have exceeded their worst case scenario. The public health official says lots of people have admitted getting together with other people, contrary to the rules. Vaccination doses. We administered 436k on Thursday, I wonder if we did better yesterday. Our 7-day rolling average was .91 per 100 people, which is, indeed, the highest in the G-20. The US is now all the way down to .58. I think Bahrain and Uruguay are ahead of us. I believe both countries are using Sinovac. While typing this Ontario's number came out, 2,584. Disappointing to see it go up. In other, shocking, news, Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin, the person doing the logistics for Canada's vaccine distribution plan, has had to step down because of an allegation of sexual misconduct prior to 2015. I'm very sad about that, for months he's been like a steady rock, calm and straightforward no matter what happened. And patient, responding to all questions, no matter how aggressive or stupid.
  12. Omg, Pebble just posted a story on Facebook about a animal rescue place that got an urgent call from a hospital needing help because a lizard was in a man’s leg and they didn’t know what to do. They assumed they misheard the caller, but they went anyway. In the emerg room there were 8 people standing around looking at a blood splattered man with a lizard poking it’s head out of one of his legs. The twit went camping. Didn’t like lizards. Saw one in his tent and started stabbing at the lizard with a knife. Missed the lizard, did not miss his leg. This kind of lizard really likes to hide in holes as a method of protection. After five minutes of discussion about what to do, animal rescue guy sticks his finger in the face of the lizard, lizard clamps it’s teeth into said finger. Animal rescue guy pulls lizard out of hole in leg. I think this story fairly sums up why in the animal v man scenario, man is generally a loser.
  13. I gather from news reports that the Irish hospital system has been taken over by hackers. In the middle of a pandemic. Holy shit, they should track those fuckers down and test them against the animals at the top of the list in the other thread.
  14. I could have sworn that I heard that children had to be 12 at the time they were receiving the vaccine, unlike the way they were rolling out adult vaccines, that, for example, if the age was 45 it was anyone turning 45 during the year. Well, you'll find out. Glad you got bookings!
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