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  1. A second high school in Georgia is shutting down after 14 students tested positive. More than 900 students and teachers are now in quarantine because of positive students and staff.
  2. We've had them all my life. Boiling water on the stove seems...quaint, to me!
  3. Wasn't I just saying Trump wouldn't be able to resist racist remarks? Perhaps not racist in the traditional words, but when interviewed about US college football opening up, he said, they should open up, unless players were going to kneel, then they shouldn't. Insulting the flag blah blah blah.
  4. Lol, I just heard retired legendary US football coach Lou Holtz say "6 months is enough! When we invaded Normandy, we took casualties!" The allies took 226,000 casualties, including 72,911 dead. I think the US has already done their Normandy...does the US want more Normandy?
  5. Oh dear, I saw 399 and I thought that meant 400 because the OP isn't counted...
  6. Somehow I expect Trump to ratchet up racial issues over the next 3 months. He won't be able to resist.
  7. I figured as much just listening to him, but DMC's explanation of who he is gives needed, for me, context.
  8. Boy, the pictures look dreadful. My condolences to the families of those who died or who were injured.
  9. Any news about the train derailment in Scotland?
  10. I am watching a CNBC interview with Frank Luntz, a ‘political strategist’ who is obviously a Republican, who just claimed that Harris is being protected in the media from her previous comments and actions. He actually warned the CNBC hosts that ‘in this era of cancel culture you need to be very careful about your comments’ about Harris. He also has a duplicate of the Oval Office in his house with various artifacts from past presidents. Trump shipped him a chair. He also has a duplicate Lincoln bedroom, ‘the only Lincoln bedroom where you don’t have to be an intern to sleep in the bed’, and one of his ‘artifacts’ is the cigar box from Clinton’s desk. The CNBC hosts did not go there. He just boasted that it cost him a million dollars to recreate the rooms and now that he’s shown it off in an interview with CNBC he can write it off as an expense. You see some bizarre things on CNBC.
  11. I know that some people in California and elsewhere had sworn they won’t vote for Biden if he picks Harris. They did not like her as AG.
  12. They are saying it is unlike anyone else’s, because they are using two novel vectors which no one is doing. The Russians claim they have created other vaccines using this method, but no one has any data on these vaccines.
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