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  1. @Lord of Oop North i looked at those numbers and decided to look at them on a weekly basis. I see the weeks mainly start low, with more tests as the week goes on, with Thursday, Friday and Saturday usually being the biggest days. I went back a couple of more days to have complete weeks. The numbers ebb and flow, so I think you have to look at more than just individual days. From Mon. Oct. 27 to Sun. Nov. 2, 237,545 tests were done, for an average of 33,935 a day. Nov. 3 to Nov. 9 it was a tiny bit less, 236,011, average 33,715 a day. Nov. 11 to Nov. 16 it was 266,294, 38,042 a day. Nov. 17 to Nov. 23 saw 280,450 in the week, or 40,064 a day. And for the four days of this week, the average has been 42,185 a day. So we have been creeping up. I also remember Ford complaining at press conferences 6 or 7 weeks ago that not enough people were coming out to be tested. He kept saying, come on folks, get tested. And he kept promising that Ontario’s capacity for testing would keep going up.
  2. I’ve just sent friend requests from my two accounts, FB and B1954! With this horrible year with nothing to spend money on, I’ve spent way, way too much on Pokémon. But I don’t spend on anything else, so, what the hell. But lots of people (including me, before) spend as little as possible on the game. Big hint: place Pokemon in gyms as much as possible so that you can earn 50 coins a day. Make sure you spin a gym once a day to get a free raid pass, and use that pass everyday, because they don’t accumulate. Walk and catch and earn dust and candy. Check the values of your Pokémon, and throw out everything that isn’t at least a 3 star unless it’s your first one of a type. The big pressure will be to buy more bag space and more storage space, so if you can avoid the habit of hoarding it will go better for you. Check out WhatsApp for a local Pokémon group to join and make friends with. We will get past this damn virus, and you’ll join your friends at raids and on community days and then go out for beers and burgers! I’m sure there are many other helpful hints folks can come up with.
  3. Hey, $1,500 to get the vaccine seemed like a good idea... Maybe in addition to a stimulus cheque? $200 as Larry said?
  4. Oh lordy, lordy, lordy! Trump has tweeted today that Biden can only enter the WH if he, Biden, can prove his 80 M votes weren’t fraudulent.
  5. John Delaney, one of the Democratic candidates for the presidential nomination, was just interviewed on CNN. I jcaught him by chance. He made a very interesting suggestion - pay people $1,500 for getting the Covid-19 vaccine. I really think that could work. You get the vaccine out and you get stimulus out at the same time, and I sure bet you encourage more people to get vaccinated.
  6. I think you jinxed us, Ontario just reported 1855 cases, about 266 more cases than the previous high. Actually no. I was shocked to see we tested 58,037 people yesterday. I don’t check every day, I think the highest I’d seen before was 45,000 or 46,000.
  7. What amazed me about that press conference was the idea that this is what the orange one did for Thanksgiving Day. I had seen the Bidens give their very gracious and concerned TD message earlier in the day, and the contrast is as huge as you could possibly imagine. Listening to Trump bitch about Biden daring to pick a cabinet was grotesque. Yet I also imagine a shocking number of Americans agreeing with him.
  8. Who wants to do some Azelf raids? I want to do some Mesprit and Uxie! We have a guy with friends in Uxie territory who organized a WhatsApp page for raids and I just got raids done with both of my accounts! It’s fantastic that we can do these raids! Come on, guys! I’m happy to set up raids with my two accounts so I can invite ten people who want Azelf.
  9. I caught some of Power & Politics tonight and the consensus is that the attacks on the vaccine delivery are all about deflecting criticism away from Conservative premiers who are under attack for their lousy response to Covid-19. And it wasn't exactly rocket science to figure out that vaccines were going to be delivered first in the countries producing the vaccines. Conservatives are prectically demanding vaccine doses be delivered to Alberta on Dec. 15. And I heard the comment made by that (unflattering description) Michelle Rempel, mouthy little thing that she is, saying vaccine won't be delivered until 2030. Honestly, what a first class bitch.
  10. Wow, I just caught Trump's press conference on replay on CNN and the guy is stark, raving mad, saying that hundreds of thousands, not thousands, of phony ballots were submitted in various states. And he easily won every state in dispute. "No way could Biden get 80 M votes. He couldn't beat Clinton and I creamed Clinton". This shit is going to go on and on and he is going to try to overturn the election.
  11. So much happened under the Cons I can’t keep track of it all. What did they do?
  12. Update Nov. 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 BC 762 538 516 913 626 594 941 AB 730 1105 1155 1336 1584 1549 1115 SK 132 98 153 439 236 235 175 MB 400 475 438 387 243 543 476 ON 1417 1210 1418 1588 1534 1589 1009 PQ 1179 1207 1259 1189 1154 1164 1124 Atl-4 14 5 17 36 20 29 44 North 10 5 13 25 21 10 10 Total 4644 4643 4967 5713 5418 5713 4894 I had so much to say over the week, but I think I've forgotten most of it. Let's see, that record day in Ontario was actually a mistake, apparently they usually release numbers in a set 24 hour period and by mistake someone went outside the time, so there were fewer cases on the 23rd and more on the 24th, for what it's worth. Quebec this time around is doing better than Ontario, but I think stronger rules were put in place earlier. I looked at the numbers earlier this week, the record 5713 on the 21st, and it took more than a month, 30 days, to double the number of daily cases. We hit 2,786 on Oct. 22 and hit 5,713 on Nov. 21. On Oct. 25 we hit 3,010 cases, let's see when (if?) we hit 6,020. In terms of total cases, we had 347,466 total cases as of yesterday, and half that total, 173,123 on Oct. 7, 49 days ago. I always look at the States, mainly because we are so close, and it took them longer to double the total, Sept. 5 they had 6,569,109, hitting 13,138,219 yesterday (Worldometer numbers). I think I pointed out in an earlier post, maybe in the Covid thread, that our case growth was almost 70% while US cases grew at about 50% since mid September. Of course, we had a much lower base. eta They doubled daily cases in a bit more than two weeks, 82,066 on Oct. 28 and 188,185 on Nov.13. Hopefully cases don't double again. Alberta finally put in stronger measures this week, but holy hell, casinos are still open! Someone was recording all task force meetings in Alberta and released tapes to the CBC and it seems pretty clear Kenney ignored medical advice because, like Trump, he thought keeping the economy open was more important. And now, of course, Conservatives are attacking Trudeau because he didn't negotiate Canada standing at the front of the line to receive vaccine doses! Like, guys, every country producing vaccines locked up the first millions of vaccines for their own countries. But no, it's Canada's fault that no pharma company in Canada has produced a vaccine and the ones who have won't manufacture some here. We are in the top five in line to get vaccine doses, but that's not good enough.
  13. Ummmm, I think you need to check your math? Give me a second, I’ll triple check... Sorry! Right! eta 2: I actually came here to say I heard there were concerns that the amount could go as high as a billion dollars.
  14. It amazes me that 4 members of the same family held jobs in the IT department. This has been a long-standing issue, decades long, with the hiring practices of the Ontario government. Get a job in the government and all of a sudden your brothers, sisters , your children, your cousins, all find it easier to get a job. Or work on the election campaign of an MPP. I guess every province has the same issue, but it's galling in a big province like Ontario. I understand that happens in PEI and NB and other small provinces, but with 14.5 M people surely we can hire people unrelated to each other.
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