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  1. Fragile Bird

    US Politics: Money, Money, Money Makes the World Go Round

    Take some time out of your day and watch CNBC when they discuss Sanders. They may have some discussions posted on their website.
  2. Fragile Bird

    Acrophilia #20: Breakers of Chains

    Ha! I was actually going to start a leftovers thread yesterday but got too busy to do it. Because for once I actually have had leftovers worth posting!
  3. Fragile Bird

    US Politics: Money, Money, Money Makes the World Go Round

    Just a day or so ago I said that Trump is appointing the ambassador to Germany, supreme Trump loyalist, insulter of Europeans, contact man for white nationalists, Rick Grenfell, as interim Director of National Intelligence. Not a boo out of you. Oh, wait, Maguire, the current director, is being kicked out because last week the House Intelligence committee was briefed by the intelligence community that they have confirmed that the Russians once again are actively working to get Trump elected. Trump is apparently absolutely enraged that anyone would suggest he is not going to be elected solely by his own efforts. Too much information, right? It just keeps coming and coming.
  4. Fragile Bird

    US Politics: Money, Money, Money Makes the World Go Round

    Guys. Just nominate Jimmy Carter.
  5. Fragile Bird

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    They sure have gone a long, long way from the original Westworld movie!
  6. Fragile Bird

    US Politics: Money, Money, Money Makes the World Go Round

    Why would anyone limit the number of terms a mayor could have? It’s not like being mayor of NYC or LA or Denver or Austin or Miami or wherever the hell, is the equivalent of being President of the United States. eta: Geez, I just looked at Wikipedia and good grief, what a bizarre system you people have. Term limits are sacred for city mayors and presidents but congressmen and senators can sit forever? Are you people nuts, or what? I never realized, as a foreigner, why ‘term limits’ was such a dirty phrase to Congress
  7. Fragile Bird

    The Magicians Season 4+ [SHOW SPOILER - No Book Spoilers]

    Basically the rescue of Alice from her state of being a niffin, and Quentin and another character, Plum, trying to earn money by stealing a magic suitcase, which Penny, now head librarian, also is trying to steal for the library. The suitcase contains a dagger that can kill a god. Fillory is dying which can only be resolved by the death of Umber, (Ember is dead at this point, iirc) who is killed by Quentin, which leads to the destruction of Fillory, something that turns out has to happen, the death of old gods and the emergence of new gods. But it turns out his special power, which was so ‘minor’ if couldn’t be detected by the professors at the school for years, ‘the repair of small things’, actually means he can repair and recreate Fillory and actually create new worlds, and he and Alice go off hand in hand to explore a new world he has created. It turns out the new world is connected to Fillory, since it’s from a later book in the series, and Quentin and Alice realize they can travel back there through the new world. They thought they were blocked forever. Everyone else lives in the new Fillory, including Julia who is a Demi-goddess and gave Quentin a seed pod he needed to create the other world. Alice was rescued, when, two seasons ago? And instead of Fillery being destroyed and remade, they’ve done this time thing like the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe where every time they return in subsequent books it’s further in the future. Penny’s character is totally different, there aren’t two of him.
  8. Fragile Bird

    US Politics: Money, Money, Money Makes the World Go Round

    I was thinking of white nationalism, anti-semitism, anti-gay sentiment, the enormous gap between the rich and the poor (especially in the depression) and, oh yes, the issue of a woman's access to abortion. How little the world changes. eta: Oh, and cynicism. But not hairy armpits.
  9. In other news, Roger Stone got sentenced to 40 months plus two years of probation. This was what I was expecting after the Paul Manafort sentence. In the meantime, his lawyers were swearing up and down that No siree, they had nothing to do with any political interference.
  10. I have been watching as momentum in the market has created some absolutely cray-cray (a word which I could actually talk about in my words that bug you thread) stock charts. It's something that's really indicative of a late-stage boom market. Look at the stock charts of many companies in the news and you'll see a climb in price that resembles the favourite side of Pike's Peak for rock climbers. Honestly, the last time I saw charts like that was just before the dot.com crash in 2002. Watching Tesla go up by 40, 50, 80, 100 dollars or more in a day looks just like that craziness. Yes, dot.com was crazier because those companies were just ideas with no earnings, but it looks like the day traders have come back with a vengeance. I expect a correction sooner than later, but God only knows, this market has brushed off every single piece of bad news that comes out so far. Maybe the disruption that COVID-19 is creating is finally sinking in. We could have a correction now and then a very ugly September. Septembers can be bad because it's late in the year, and the previous quarter's numbers have come out and the realization sets in that there's no hope of companies making their numbers. That should make for an interesting November. If it happens, Trump supporters could very well once again brush off bad news and blame events in China that Trump had no control over, even while they gave him credit for Obama's 8 years. If you want to see a good example of that, look up CNN's interview with Peter Navarro a few days ago where he harangues the interviewer saying the economy under Obama was a brutal, ugly economy, even while she puts up the job numbers and lists the quarters with +4% growth in GDP.
  11. Heavy, mocking, destructive Trump attacks eventually worked?
  12. It’s funny how you either completely don’t pay attention to what people say, or just invent things! I don’t think there is one person posting here who is a Bloomberg supporter. I was hoping Bloomberg hadn’t done that badly because Trump pounces on any weakness he sees, and it’s in everyone’s best interests not to have Bloomberg’s anti-Trump ads lose credibility. Btw, saying he has a complex set of financial statements to produce is a lot better than just pretending he’ll release them after his audit is over. If Trump gets audited you can be sure Bloomberg does too. I do expect to see his taxes.
  13. Fragile Bird

    Acrophilia #20: Breakers of Chains

    Holy crap! You guys don’t screw around, do you?