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  1. Fragile Bird

    U.S. Politics: Next-ennials vs stamps

    This. Just saw a meme on Facebook, about 30 year old male memories of being assaulted by a priest = horror and outrage, while 30 year old women's memories of sexual assault = lies.
  2. Fragile Bird

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    I've managed to get a few nice Luckies, and hot damn, is it ever fantastic to power them up for half the points! I need to find someone with a bunch of Larvitars for trade to see if I can get a good Lucky one. Just in case you didn't know Mewtwo will lose Shadow Ball at 1:00 pm PDT or 4:00 pm EST, so you might want to use your TMs to change your charged move to Shadow Ball if your Mewtwos don't have it. It becomes a Legacy move. I used up most of my charged TMs on something else and my last 4 charged TMs did not change the Mewtwo I used them on to Shadow Ball. Other friends used only one and got the change, it's a crap shoot that I lost.
  3. Fragile Bird

    U.S. Politics: Next-ennials vs stamps

    Maybe they could mine the Mediterranean and sink the boats they come on. Tough on shipping, of course.
  4. Fragile Bird

    U.S. Politics: Next-ennials vs stamps

    Lany, I had a very, very similar thing happen to me when I was in first year of university. I had had a beer and then a rye and coke and no one had ever told me about not mixing drinks and I too had kissed a cute boy. Then I realized I wanted to throw up and went to the bathroom. Much to my surprise he had followed me, closed the door, and had me on the floor and was on top of me trying to pull down my pants. The only thing that saved me was being able to yell I need to throw up! That happened 44 years ago in September and I remember many details, but I couldn’t tell you where the party was. It was at a somebody’s house, that’s all I remember.
  5. Fragile Bird

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    Got my Kangaskhan from you, thanks!
  6. Fragile Bird

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    Yup! And Farfetch’d, Tangela and Mr. Mime. But Lots of Diggletd and Meowth too.
  7. I totally disagree. You are not lowering any standard here, he's not been charged with a crime and is not in court. He is being considered for a life time position in the highest court in the land. All aspects of his character are being examined. He wasn't a 15 year old, he was a 17 year old. He was in the last year of high school, about to go to university. In my experience guys who were grabbing younger girls and assaulting them while drunk in the last year of high school didn't clean up their act in the summer before university. They went on to be frat boys in university who pulled girls on a bed and piled on top of them there as well. Many judges have not made the cut because of decades old skeletons in their closet.
  8. SJ, do you think if when you were 15, two shit-faced slightly older guys grabbed you, pulled you into a bedroom, locked the door and tried to pull your pants down to while piling on top of you and putting hands over your mouth preventing you from breathing, you'd remember that for years? eta: And that you might be just a bit traumatized about a near-rape?
  9. I don't see in any story how the letter got to Feinstein, if Eshoo gave it to her or if it was leaked to her. But what part of confidential do you not understand? Sharing it with other Democrats on the committee is not keeping it confidential. While stories have played up the idea it was a unilateral decision made by Feinstein, the truth actually seems to be the letter clearly stated Ford wanted to keep the matter confidential. That's her right.
  10. After reading all the attacks that were made by some of you against Senator Dianne Feinstein, about how she obviously wasn't going to take the letter she received from the accuser against Kavanaugh seriously, how she should be castigated and drummed out of her seat, it turns out the accuser asked that her letter be kept confidential. Prof. Christine Ford was apparently extremely reluctant to go public because she was, reasonably, afraid of what would happen next. Only when reporters started showing up at her door because of, Washington ya know, leaks, did she decide to go public. Did you all think Feinstein should have said 'fuck you, I'm revealing this anyway'? And I see that there's an undercurrent of 'boys will be boys' going on. I see Kavanaugh was 17 and Ford was 15. When you're teens, that's a huge age difference. Kavanaugh was a drunken little predator. And we all knew drunken little predators when we were teens, didn't we? And, of course, many states have laws saying that these two couldn't even have a consensual relationship at that age without committing a crime. All summer I have been watching these damn pro-Kavanaugh ads running on CNN (I don't watch Fox, I might throw something at the tv) and all of them show women saying what a great guy he is. I have always assumed they were being run because of Roe v. Wade, but now I am deeply suspicious that the Republicans had heard rumours about not just Ford but about other women as well, and the ads were a preemptive strike. eta: Two things, I see that the other guy involved is saying it didn't happen. And that Kavanaugh was basically a teen alcoholic. How did that fact not get revealed before? And CNN has been quoting Kavanaugh's memos to Ken Starr, about how no leniency should be shown to Bill Clinton in questioning him about his sexual conduct. Man I hope karma bites him in the ass real hard.
  11. Fragile Bird

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    I added LordSweetson and I hope some of the rest of you have room for another friend too! There are a number of players in my neighborhood who show up with young sons and daughters and I get a real kick out of the pleasure they get catching Pokémon! They go on raids too, although it’s usually mom or dad who does that catching. And, I guess because Niantic wants to encourage young players, they have a high rate of shiny catches!
  12. Fragile Bird

    My new daughter

    Congratulations! May the next, oh, 18 to 20 years go smoothly!
  13. Fragile Bird

    Moving Right Alolan - More Pokemon Go!

    Level 40 hit with your ultra friend points, even though no egg was on!
  14. Fragile Bird

    Hurricane Florence etc.-- stay safe!

    I saw the most recent predictions and it doesn’t look too bad for you guys in Columbia. Keeping my fingers crossed, for you and all the others in Florence’s path.
  15. Did you see a 12 year old in Iowa went to school with a gun and tried to shoot his teacher, but the gun didn't fire? Just imagine the teacher with a gun shooting the kid dead. The boy actually told his classmates to drop to the ground first. He didn't realize the safety catch was on. The female teacher wrestled the gun away from him. https://www.washingtonpost.com/education/2018/09/11/pistols-safety-catch-may-have-stopped-year-old-shooting-his-teacher-face-report-says/?utm_term=.f0c2e0077510