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  1. Some great points have been made here. What one must remember above everything else is that marriage is a contract and as such contract law applies to marriage as well as to any other contract you may enter into. Marriage law precedents go back to at least the Romans so any attempt to play with the concept will go about as well as discarding germ theory, and sanitation practices that have also been around since Roman times.
  2. Did you not try and get an HVAC mechanic to try and repair your fridge? I suspect that it was just a motor capacitor that went. I used to work with HVAC guys a lot and even replacing a compressor is easy to do.
  3. I suppose that the EU wants to be treated as the UN would be treated,
  4. I keep thinking that Trump will be true to form and refuse to pardon anyone. If he can't pardon himself, then fuck everyone else. If they can't help him, he won't give them anything.
  5. Someone at th new Vaughan hospital has a sense of humour. Today's Globe had a photo of Ford touring the hospital, looking at a patient bed. Problem is that that particular bed is designed to be used by the morbidly obese, or those who weigh more than 500 lbs.
  6. I imagine the slow restart is due to the fact that the Russian intelligence service guys still move their lips when they read.
  7. I hope it works out for you. Before I retired I never stuck at a job for more than 12 years. As a millwright managers liked seeing a bit of movement on your resume as it meant that you had different experiences and had a chance to learn more about the trade.
  8. I have a brother in the military and the stories he tells me... I really could never figure out why Hillier was hired also. 3 nurses could do an entire hospital of 3000 employees in less than a month.
  9. That reminds me of a bit from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy wherein one planet sent all the people doing useless stuff, such as dirty phone handset cleaners, off on a spaceship. Those that stayed back all died off from a disease spread by dirty phone handsets.
  10. Irish breakfast tea was my go to tea for years. Another fave was Russian Caravan tea. If you can find Lapsang Soushong tea, Rocksniffer might enjoy that too.
  11. For Canadians avoiding violence is simple. We go to Cuba when we want to travel, and avoid the US.
  12. I have always maintained that Trump would signal the death of thr Republican party. His entire career can be summed up as a book title: A Song of Loss and Failure.
  13. It seems Antifa has managed, judging by some comments, to infiltrate not just the rioters but the Republican party, the Republican caucus, and even the Trump inner circle and family.
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