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  1. Homicide: Life on the Streets was brilliant and original. I miss that show.
  2. Im a hoping all goes well for all.
  3. The drama that changed American TV to become more serialized was Wiseguy from the late 80s. Hill Street Blues before that also made big changes in having an ensemble cast. Lost copied a lot from both of them.
  4. I have signed so many of these as a union exec. Non disclosure agreements are a large part of these. I hope Disney paid through the nose on this.
  5. Not just the 2016 jerkwaddies were responsible. Canada had an early warning system set up for years to follow and track emerging outbreaks of diseases. Our jerkwaddie, Stephen Harper had it dismantled while in power and forbade government scientists from talking to anyone, even their peers in other countries. The man was a complete disaster and we are still paying 6 years from when he lost power.
  6. Because you overhear her telling her little friends that daddy is getting fat because his penis is getting so much bigger.
  7. Why the constant news of the death of Philip? is there a chance he will be reanimated in the near future if enough people believe in him? 10 minutes to announce his death and then get on with life.
  8. Ellison was a complicated man and over the last 50! years my opinion of him as been complicated also. He did help unknown and starting writers but he could also be such a complete asshole. I never met him but I have enjoyed the books so I guess I am on the fence.
  9. The Bush years? What about the Johnson /Nixon years? Not all of us are summer children. That name is a blast from the past. And yes I watched the Chicago Seven movie but I also followed the trial in the news as it was happening and read Abby Hoffman's 'Steal This Book'.
  10. Why the pushback? Are people still pissed at Ellison? Personally, I was in my early teens when the first Dangerous visions was published and I absolutely loved it. It was so... transgressive. it appealed to my teenage anti-authoritarianism. Of course this was the 60s/70s and rebellion was in the air. But the stories were soo good! Writers I had never heard of were in those pages and have given me reading material for a life time. Will a final Dangerous Visions be able to do the same?
  11. Ever since my teenage years I have considered tackling James Joyce. As I near my 65th birthday, I wonder if I ever will. Some days I think the life remaining to me is too short to waste on a book I won't enjoy, but other times I wonder if I am missing out on a really fascinating read. And of course being in this Covid situation leaves me with a lot of time on my hands and a dearth of new stuff to find and read. One day I will make a decision.
  12. I have been horrifying my English in laws for years with my take on the royals. I felt no need to wait until their death.
  13. One aspect of copyright law is that the copyright expires 70 years after the death of the creator. As an AI is not alive one can take any arbitrary date and subtract 70 from it and ask 'was the creator alive after this date?' The answer is no and as such the copyright has expired. Not a lawyer either.
  14. As always with that useless buffoon Ford. Too little too late.
  15. I got the AZ vaccine 2 weeks ago. I had weird dreams too but then I always do anyway. Mostly because I am restless enough to remember them.
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