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  1. I have. I think it may have been an alternative spelling of Carrie or Kerry.
  2. Why are you paying bills for someone who treats you like crap? I would cut the ties until behaviour improves.
  3. Annexing Canada when parts of the US become uninhabitable is not that good of an idea. Look at a landform map and see the extent of the Canadian Shield. It is not agricultural land.
  4. By using the time honoured election stealing ploy of having more Biden voters than Sanders voters. The most evil of methods.
  5. The energy required for AC contributes to global warming. The second law of thermodynamics is at play here. Unless you use lasers to radiate energy out into space, the only way to reduce temperatures globally is to use less and use less fossil fuels.
  6. If you read history, much longer than that. Didn't Stokely Carmichael say that violence is as American as cherry pie way back in the 60's?
  7. If you are proud of the shitty way your country treated others in the past, I really think you need an attitude adjustment. Taking down statues that celebrate this history is a good first step.
  8. People are too busy laughing at Trump. I imagine Trump thinks he can be like Putin. Do a term as Prime Minister and then rerun for President. OH, wait! the US doesn't have PMs. The man is a complete moron. No response is needed for moronic comments by Trump.
  9. Under recognized contribution??? Did she help him go bankrupt 4 times or did she avert a 5th bankruptcy?
  10. The people buying into Brexit were buying unicorn shit. Apparently it has the magical property of dispelling logic and facts that are inconvenient.
  11. If I remember correctly, the incidence of adverse reactions to the polio vaccine that set off my brother's TM was about 1 in a million. If it is seen in a small group I suspect that something in the vaccine is setting off a person's immune system into hyperactivity. The virus itself seems to do the same.
  12. When the oceans rise the dolphins will remember. Yes they will remember those who mocked me.
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