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  1. I just saw on CBC news that Britain has allowed visitors from the US, and the EU to enter without quarantine if fully vaccinated, but Canada is excluded. Reasons?
  2. Considering that most of the country is part of the fan base, and 60+% vote for centre left parties, that is an easy assumption to make.
  3. I just saw in the news that Doug Ford had stopped the enforcement of regulations requiring people to have a trade license to do work such as car repair, plumbing, sheet metal work, and hairdressing. These trades all require certification as you work with the public and and such if you screw up, people's health and safety is at risk. In my work as a millwright, with a Red Seal on my Certificate of Qualification, I have seen and heard of lots of instances of people passing themselves off as licensed but either having fake or no credidentials. In fact I now have two C of Qs as I was sent a replacement to replace one that 'burnt up in a fire.' Rather than send it to a different address, the government send it the address where I lived. Somewhere out there is a frustrated fraudster. I suppose that Doug Ford assumes that since he has no qualifications, who else needs them? Considered that plumbers alone have probably saved more lives than doctors, I think that this is an extremely short sighted plan and just one more example of the thickheadedness of Doug Ford.
  4. More likely the countries that have a higher rate of trade probably have more dollar type stores selling schlock.
  5. People in authority have always abused that privilege, regardless of their religion or political leanings. The problems are more disturbing when such a person falls back on a more nebulous authority while taking money from a direct authority. It was just a few years ago that some Catholic school boards in Ontario refused to abide by the Ontario Human Rights Code, while being funded by the Ontario government. You can't have things both ways.
  6. I grew up in the 60s and heard stories about the kids in the Catholic school system. I guess that was one reason they didn't get funded as well as the public system. They would then be under the same standards regarding corporal punishment and teacher qualifications. I was an atheist before my teen years so I really am glad I went through the public system.
  7. Same stuff as comes from your mother's breasts. Not such a leap at all.
  8. Never ever be smarter than your boss. That is a CLM. (Career limiting move).
  9. I guess they learned that from the US. The US also used extrajudicial murder as a tool to repress dissent as was done to the Black Panthers.
  10. Complete bullshit. Cuba was a dictatorship long before Castro took power. The island was run by the American mafia and American sugar companies under Batista. No attempt was made to help the people or help the country. I have been to Cuba many times and travelled through a good portion of it and can tell you as a millwright that the machinery that exists there, the infrastructure and such, dates from the 1920s and 30s. The only railroad was built not for people but to transport sugar cane. The illiteracy rate at the time of the revolution was about 90 percent. Cuba was not rich in the slightest but a feudal state owned and operated for the benefit of Americans companies and criminals with the complicit agreement of the American government. Nothing of value was put into Cuba except to extract money from there. Without the revolution Cuba would be another failed state as was Haiti under the Duvalier regime.
  11. Well here I am in the losers lounge. I always thought I would be here sooner.
  12. I am still waiting for Literature to reach the lofty heights attained by Speculative Fiction.
  13. Not me. I always knew they were hypocrites.
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