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  1. maarsen

    US Politics: Get Tested or Get Bested

    I always figured a tell for him lying was his mouth moving.
  2. maarsen

    Who Pays the Coronaman? - Covid #8

    I saw this video on how the virus spreads. Extremely informative.
  3. maarsen

    What's for Dinner part 8.

    Actually the show was one of the funnier takes on a global pandemic killing off almost everyone in the world.
  4. maarsen

    What's for Dinner part 8.

    A freezer full of bacon? Wasn't that a plot point in The Last Man On Earth?
  5. maarsen

    US Politics: Get Tested or Get Bested

    And the Berlin Wall was to keep people from sneaking into the DDR.
  6. maarsen

    UK Politics: Life in the Johnsonian Dystopia

    Losing medical staff who actually treat those who are ill would be worse for the country.
  7. maarsen

    So What Do You All Think of Zack Snyder?

    The creators were Jewish boys. One from Cleveland and one from Toronto.
  8. maarsen

    Will We Stand The Corona Test of Time? - Covid #7

    I am retired from a hospital. I have seen it all, working there and as a union exec there. A complete racket.
  9. maarsen

    UK Politics: Life in the Johnsonian Dystopia

    As someone second in line and a long line forming behind him, his perceived importance is negligible. His actual importance is even less so. Visiting hospitals and getting in the way is not a reason for getting tested.
  10. maarsen

    The world after the pandemic

    We have had a lot of different diseases over the centuries cause mass epidemics. The unknown plague that just about killed off Athens during the Peloponnesian War certainly changed Athens but in the long run Athenian culture is still the basis for much of western civilization.
  11. maarsen

    So What Do You All Think of Zack Snyder?

    Making a v with your first two fingers was first done by Churchill and meant victory in war, not peace. The symbol for peace was the symbol of an inverted v with a perpendicular line through it and came from nuclear disarmament. In the 60s the upright v became a peace sign in response to the war in Vietnam. Wonder Woman predates all this. Read a bit of history before spewing all this crap.
  12. maarsen


    Canadian Tire in Barrie was 67.9 cents/litre. No line up at all. And then just a mile or so from home in Aurora, 63 cents. I was just cleaning up my tools and such now that I am retired and found my old respirator i used when weld noxious metals. It is an N99 respirator. Welding and safety suppliers should have these and the replaceable filters. I used to have a cartridge respirator when I worked with noxious gases but I got rid of that when the cartridges expired and I changed jobs. I have a box of dust masks but they are rated for nuisance dusts only.
  13. maarsen


    So now eating from the hoard becomes eating the horde.
  14. maarsen

    Plague Lit...

    Judging by the speed at which it kills, Poe could be describing Ebola. Especially the bleeding from all orifices.
  15. maarsen

    UK Politics: Drawing Priti Patterns

    In a pinch one can use cabbage leaves to wipe but one cannot eat the TP