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  1. maarsen

    R,I.P. Thread

    Dick Dale, king of the surf guitar died. Another of the greats that changed the music we listen to.
  2. I am using a Samsung Note 3. I use an iPhone for work and I would much rather use the Note 3. I just find the iPhone annoying to use.
  3. maarsen

    Terrorist Attack in the Netherlands -Trams

    Thanks for the update. I have a lot of family in the Netherlands and I hope they are all safe.
  4. maarsen

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    Sounds like Britain is comfortable in dealing with the EU as long as they don't have to deal with foreigners.
  5. My experience is with Canadian universities and as just about all are publicly funded there is not as much that can be done to ensure that your kids get into the 'right' school. Canada does not have sports scholarships so lying about athletic ability is useless. Admissions are not based on SAT scores as again we don't do that up here. The universities all will swear up and down that your high school marks are what they look at for admission. As for writing an essay for admission, am I ever glad that we do not do that here also. When I was a teenager, I was great at finding creative ways to suggest that what they were looking for in the way of answers in exams and essays was a load of bullshit. Yeah, a few times I was called on it, but usually they were cool with the fact that I had the courage to do so. The original point is that a meritocracy doesn't work if it is privately run as there is every incentive to cheat and no real disincentive to doing so. The people you want to keep out, don't have the money to get in and would probably do better at public universities. There is an upside to all this and that is the reputation of the 'elite' schools is taking a real hit as knowledge of how easy it was to game the system comes out. Khaleesi, I want to address your comment. If you are following the UK politics thread, I think you can see what the result is of having a so-called elite upper class, aka the Conservative Party, whose parents spent well but not wisely.
  6. If the industry is a multi billion dollar one I suspect that the buy in from the middle class is pretty complete. US society is not the meritocracy that it claims to be and parents understand that fact. Getting your child a step up the ladder is not just a matter of working harder and being smarter but of using a secret elevator made of money. I have been a reader of science articles and of the history of science for many years. One thing I always did was to look at where the author of the article went to school. More often than not they came from small unknown universities or colleges. Once they make their mark the upper tier universities hire them on as faculty so that they can justify their reputation and keep building the myth that paying to get into that elite school will make your kid the next great thinker. Going to a higher ranked school does not make anyone smarter by osmosis. All it does it get you into the circle of people who like to consider themselves the ruling class. Parents know this and know that this is the best way to get ahead.
  7. maarsen

    The Umbrella Academy

    I just finished watching and found it absolutely charming. I grew up with 5 siblings and the family dynamics really resonated with me. The best part was the sets. I am familiar with some of the locations but 5's desk job is in a place that I am really familiar with as I volunteer there as a telescope operator trainee. I got quite the thrill out of seeing it.
  8. maarsen

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    The point of a representative democracy is that we the people elect one amongst us to represent us in Parliament. Referendums are not the basis of our type of democracy. Scrap the first one as it was a complete clusterfuck, ditch the thought of having a second one and get your elected representatives to do their damn job.
  9. maarsen

    US Politics: compromising positions

    Well the really fucking stupid part seems to be genetic in that junior could not get in on his/her own. Plus this has just put another nail in the IQ as a determinant of success theory.
  10. maarsen

    International thread 2

    Just think of the CIA as omnipotent bumblefucks as all becomes clear.
  11. maarsen

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    Having poor taste in boyfriends or husbands is not a crime. Doing criminal acts with them is different. So far all I see is bad taste in men.
  12. maarsen

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    How many people were threatened with loss of citizenship for fighting with the International Brigades during the Spanish Civil War?
  13. maarsen

    UK Politics: Time Marches On

    The stupid part was going through with the negotiations after the referendum. The proper thing to do is to declare that the previous PM was an idiot, we have a representative democracy, and that Parliament will deal with the issue as it comes up.
  14. maarsen

    US Politics: compromising positions

    Birdie I am surprised that you are surprised. Just look at Dubya. Has anyone ever thought that he got into Yale and graduated on his own?
  15. maarsen

    US Politics: compromising positions

    I think the answer for TrueMetis is in his name.