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  1. Just like in 2008? Back in the 70s a Canadian politician, David Lewis, had phrase that should be in the lexicon. 'Corporate welfare bums'.
  2. If you want to increase government access to capital without nationalizing just about everything, change inheritance laws so that on the death of anyone with more than let's say 10 million in assets, the government taxes the estate at 90+%. If you want to be an entrepreneur type of guy go ahead but you just can't take it with you.
  3. maarsen

    U.S. Politics: Kraving for Kavanaugh

    I have no doubt that it was a political move. The question is who initiated the touching. Ms. Daniels has worked as a stripper for a bit and is aware of the rules according their lawyer. Someone is trying really hard to punish her. I keep waiting for Trump to be led away in handcuffs for groping, but it seems only women get punished for this kind of stuff.
  4. maarsen

    U.S. Politics: Kraving for Kavanaugh

    I just saw, on CBC news that Stormy Daniels was arrested for letting a patron at a strip club touch her. Apparently this is a misdemeanor charge. She was on video being led away in handcuffs. No word on the guy who touched her I am so glad we are being protected from strippers. That was irony. Americans are so silly about sex.
  5. maarsen

    What was the last time you had your "mind blown"?

    In physics class in high school, we were taught that length, volume and such are scalar quantities, velocity and acceleration and momentum were vector quantities. These can be added using the proper rules. Things like temp or percentage cannot be added because they are not quantities but a function of something else.
  6. To feed a troll is one thing but sometimes one needs to dose the feed with bit of humour. SweatPee doesn't have an appetite for that.
  7. maarsen

    International News Thread

    I have been following this all morning. I hope all goes well.
  8. Yes it was. I think she was allergic to facts though.
  9. maarsen

    Vacations Destinations

    Cuba, always Cuba. It is the biggest island and has the most to see and is probably the safest for a tourist to wander about on. Beautiful beaches, very nice people and about as an unspoiled place as this world has.
  10. And how will cutting government revenue help reduce the deficit? The last government to actually make any real deficit cutting was the federal Liberals under Chretien by the simple exercise of taking more in and paying out a lot less to the provinces. Then we ended up with Harper who promptly ran the deficit back up.
  11. That rubber duck made money as it travelled around. Margaret Atwood is known for being smarter than Ford, and more successful too. At least she can count to three when counting library branches. Dougie couldn't manage that. Makes you wonder how he ever made a go at it as a drug dealer. .
  12. Why go back 15 years? Remember Frank Miller? The man that managed to end 42 consecutive years of Conservative government by trying to close hospitals back in the 70's. Underfunding health care started with the PC's. The Ontario Hydro debt has its origins going back to the same time. Waving a wand and wishing both problems away will not help. Neither will building a Ferris wheel as he once suggested for Toronto or closing libraries.
  13. Ontario spends the least of any province on health care per capita. Taking 6 billion dollars more out of healthcare is really a stupid promise. If you think hospitals are overcrowded now, wait till Doug Ford makes things worse. Mike Harris made the same stupid promises also and had to backtrack in a big way since he found not hiring or giving decent wages to healthcare workers was a really stupid thing to do. Does Doug have the ability to learn? From past experience I doubt it.
  14. Doug Ford did not just have a dalliance with pot. He was a dealer. I know people that bought their pot and hash from him. He is a liar when he denies it. Randy Ford, while going through a divorce, had to file financial statements that are on the public record. These support the claims made by Renata. Being a drunk does not make you a liar. Doug Ford made stupid promises and the height of stupidity is hoping he follows through on them.
  15. Prehistory as a subject is just like studying the human brain as a subject. Every 20 years or so everything you thought was fact turns out to be not so much a fact anymore.