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  1. Well on the one side you seem to have a super power. I am sure there are occasional uses for it.
  2. I think I speak for all of us in hoping he rises to the occasion.
  3. Raccoons may be cute but not in Toronto. Here they are bold enough to ride the subway and the night before garbage day is when they show off their skill at opening animal proof locks.
  4. Good thing the subject of Sweeney Todd's pies rarely comes up in Texas.
  5. Quebec is investigating hundreds of fake Ontario vaccination certificates according to CTV news. You can buy them online for $500 and as a pdf, there is no way to determine if they are fake. QR code ones are being released today bu paper ones will still be accepted in Ontario. I suppose Quebec will not accept anything other than QR code ones from Ontario now.
  6. Red shirts always died on the otiginal Star Trek.
  7. I look at my vaccination certificate and it is so easy to fake that I don't have high hopes. I would have waited til a reasonably difficult to fake certificate was available.
  8. Lots of news about venues opening up but still with no rhyme or reason to decisions. Also the story of teachers threatened with suspension for wearing N95 masks rather than regular surgical masks in York Region is a mind boggling display of bureaucratic stupidity. Doug Ford can relax as Ontario has a new paragon of stupidity.
  9. Why would the police complain about legalization of cannabis? Here in Canada they were for it as it relieved them of work that meant nothing in the long run.
  10. I always thought - 30- marked the end.
  11. Pumpkin pie is an easy one to make and has a heavenly taste.
  12. Crap does happen in othe peoples lives and some of us just aren't into giving excuses that sound lame due to shyness or embarrassment. Sometimes things are just what they seem. She may feel bad for not keeping in touch and deals with it by avoidance.
  13. I think the only way forward in this argument is to separate the system of government from the economic system in place. No economic system is invulnerable to gaming. Give me any economic system and I can show you how to win the 'game'. The only way to prevent me and others like me, well not really me as I do try to be ethical, from gaming any system is to have a strong constitutional democracy that does not favour any one system but has very strong protections of human rights. Easier said than done but this is what we should be aiming for. I do realize that any system of government can be gamed also but separating the control of the economic system from government may be the way forward. Before anyone thinks I am advocating unfettered capitalism, I consider unfettered to be the absolute right to unionize to be one of the most important features. Only people can regulate other people in any kind of consistent way.
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