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  1. Opinions may differ but the facts don't. Keep that in mind.
  2. I guess he didn't alienate enough of Alberta to be a real conservative.
  3. Look it up and follow the math. This is not just the UK but across all societies.
  4. There has been research done on how and why some people end up with a huge proportion of the wealth and others end up either so much less. It comes down to random chance. When you look at the distribution of wealth it tends to follow a power law, just as the distribution of smaller and larger earthquakes do. There are many other physical phenomena that also follow the same distribution. This very strongly suggests that random chance or luck has more to do with gaining wealth than anything else.
  5. I was born in 1956, 11 years after a war that changed both of my parent's lives in a huge way. At 5 I was well aware of who the Nazis were, as were just about every kid my age. Parent's talked, comic books carried war stories, older siblings may even had memories of the war. Never underestimate how much a 5 year old knows.
  6. No it doesn't seem to be. There is a YouTube channel by Becky Smethurst. Look for Dr. Becky. She is an astrophysicist who will be getting time on the JWST at some point for her research. She went through the list of the top 20 targets.
  7. I just read online that Ukraine intelligence is saying a coup against Putin is in progress now. BTW, did anyone else notice Putin seems to be on steroids?
  8. Considering that the JWT is designed to mostly collect infrared light I doubt very much they are raw images. We don't see in the infrared part of the spectrum.
  9. I always thought McCain was a dipshit from even before his choosing Palin as a running mate. There was always something off about him.
  10. The parties themselves decide how long of a campaign to run. Candidates who are not well known want a longer race so as to have more time for extra media coverage. The guy in the lead wants a short race before his past catches up to him.
  11. Is there some new version of the upper class twit of the year contest that is being played here?
  12. I refused to adopt social media early on for just the reasons given in the article. Given that Elon Musk has just agreed to buy Twitter, I think this is even more relevant. I have long thought that Gresham's Law has a corollary that applies to information and as such I find social media to be a geometric progression to stupidity. Once you are a wit, twice and you are a halfway and then on down from there. I do think Musk has made the biggest mistake of his life in buying Twitter because as Greshham's Law says 'bad money drives out good money'. Bad speech will drive out good speech, along with advertisers.
  13. I just have to quibble here. Your link to the Nivelle Offensive was informative but infuriating also in that there was not a single mention of the Canadian Corp and the greatest general to serve in WWI, General Sir Authur Currie.
  14. I suppose, considering their age, that they could have been ex Stasi agents whose files Putin has access to, and is pressuring.
  15. Judging by the play it gets in the media even here in Canada, I imagine they are as numerous in per capital terms as Trump supporters. Media outlets do know their audience.
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