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  1. But he didn’t say that. That may be your interpretation of what he said, and fair enough. Still. I agree though, that this is going round and round in circles at this point. I don’t think there is a puzzle here. There are many details we don’t know about Dany’s childhood, but her parentage and the location of the house w/ the red door aren’t among those. To me it’s more of the same stuff, where some readers must find a hidden meaning/truth in every turn of phrase.
  2. That essay uses as evidence the stuff that’s already been discussed here, so at this point it’s pretty much like beating a very dead horse. Here’s something interesting about the location of the house w/ the red door. Now, I don’t think Martin would swap Tyrosh for Braavos only to have it not be Braavos. Not that this will convince anyone, but I thought I’d just throw it out there.
  3. Yeah, it could create an interesting development. Hard to predict anything, b/c we still know so little. But I find it extremely conspicuous that Robb mentions all his siblings but Arya when presenting his will. I think he may have added Arya in there somehow, more to appease Cat than anything else, b/c he thinks Arya is dead. But he wasn’t going to let Cat sway him from naming Jon... they have that heated discussion about it. And here’s what he says when he presents the will to be signed by those lords in the tent: “Catelyn turned to her son. “I mean no offense to Lord Jason,” she said stiffly, “but if I cannot continue on with you, I would sooner return to Riverrun.” “I left my wife at Riverrun. I want my mother elsewhere. If you keep all your treasures in one purse, you only make it easier for those who would rob you. After the wedding, you shall go to Seagard, that is my royal command.” Robb stood, and as quick as that, her fate was settled. He picked up a sheet of parchment. “One more matter. Lord Balon has left chaos in his wake, we hope. I would not do the same. Yet I have no son as yet, my brothers Bran and Rickon are dead, and my sister is wed to a Lannister. I’ve thought long and hard about who might follow me. I command you now as my true and loyal lords to fix your seals to this document as witnesses to my decision.” A king indeed, Catelyn thought, defeated. She could only hope that the trap he’d planned for Moat Cailin worked as well as the one in which he’d just caught her.” Not even mentioning Arya is very conspicuous...
  4. We all need more Mormont she-bears! Jory’s name is Jorelle, perhaps a nod to Jor-L? I think Aly and Asha ended up developing a real friendship, and I think they care about each other. And yes, I love their scenes as well. Yeah, she is a horror. You and me both. I also think the surprise in the will is going to be Arya.
  5. Yes, I love that bit Martin snuck in there about two more she-bears. The more, the merrier (for me anyway)! There is no mention of Lyra and Jory in ASoS, where Cat interacts w/ Maege and thinks about Dacey, so I’m inclined to think they weren’t there. It’s possible that they were and simply weren’t mentioned, of course. But for argument’s sake, I’m assuming they weren’t. That leaves at least two possibilities: either Maege sent word and had Lyra and Jory meet her somewhere, or Maege has been to BI and left again w/ them.
  6. I disagree. Part of the problem is that a lot of people want more mysteries, more hidden identities, more dead characters who aren’t really dead, and so on. And a lot of people want to “discover the hidden truth” and be that one special snowflake who figured it all out. There are mysteries in the story, sure, but sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
  7. Hit the nail on the head there. Martin doesn’t want us to be “100% sure” of anything until he is good and ready to make the reveal. No, we don’t. But we don’t get a description of anything outdoors when she thinks of the house w/ the red door. Not a one. No, the text doesn’t have to support it. All that is required is to cast doubts on some things. For instance, Martin’s comment about the person asking about lemon trees in Braavos being perceptive does just that, too. It’s a non-answer that keeps the speculation viable, at least theoretically.
  8. The Brave Companions were hired by Tywin Lannister to wreak havoc in the Riverlands, same as The Mountain and his crew. After Tywin leaves, they side w/ Roose Bolton who, at that point, was already betraying Robb imo. And of course the small folk suffered at the hands of both Stark and Lannister men among others. War is always special brutal for those w/ no power. But what the Brave Companions were doing goes well beyond war, and the same goes for the Mountain and his men. I don’t think it will come to Jon becoming KitN b/c of Robb’s will. But if it did happen, yeah, I think he would step aside in favour of one of his “siblings”.
  9. It could be more about going against the Lannisters/the crown than just siding w/ the North. The enemy of my enemy and all that. Sorry, that’s absurd. One issue here is the possibility of a decision regarding the will having to be made before anyone learns Bran and Rickon are alive.
  10. I agree w/ what @corbon said. And I will add that this is exactly the type of misdirection Martin likes to write into plots. Vague, just a hint of something that may cause some readers to follow a false lead. I say false lead because, if you look at the text closely, these leads go nowhere and there isn’t really proper support for them. In a way, it’s similar to the story we get from Meera about the Harrenhal tourney and the bit where Ned, too shy to leave his bench, dances w/ Ashara but only after Brandon asks her to. And that leads some readers to N+A=J, which is, IMO, deliberate misdirection w/ the purpose of casting doubt on R+L=J. We get the same type of thing w/ the house w/ the red door in Braavos. Namely, lemons being associated w/ Dorne, descriptions of an unfavourable climate for lemons in Braavos, etc. And at the same time, Dany’s memories, the fact that her recollections are few and all exclusively from indoors, etc.
  11. We may disagree on whether there’s textual support for Dany being Rhaegar’s daughter, but irt the bold I agree wholeheartedly.
  12. Well, it’s how you phrased it before. You stated that the house w/ the red door isn’t in Braavos. They may not be native, but lemon trees are not impossible to grow in climates where they’re not native, especially for someone who has the means. Winterfell has all sorts of veggies and fruit growing in its glass gardens, even in winter. To each their own, but none of this points to Dany being the daughter of Rhaegar And Lyanna. Or anyone else’s but Aerys and Rhaella. IMO. She’s compared to Rhaegar more often because she’s more like him and less like her crazy dad. Not to mention that it would be kind of offensive to compare her to Aerys... “Hey, Dany, you remind me so much of your psycho daddy who lost the Targaryen dynasty and dragged the family name through the filthiest mud”. Martin leaves lots and lots of things open-ended, and he gives readers lots of red herrings. But the speculation about Dany’s parents is completely unfounded and I don’t see any textual support for it. To put it differently, I don’t consider what you listed to be actual textual support, but rather speculation based a turn of phrase here and there. We will have to agree to disagree on this one.
  13. That’s pure speculation. And that is my point. People take one assumption and run w/ it, making several others along the way and come up w/ “theories” that lack actual textual support. IMO.
  14. Actual textual support is not the same thing as something people claim is textual support. I have never seen anything that I would consider actual textual support for Dany being anyone but who she (and we) think she is, the daughter of Aerys and Rhaella. Timeline doesn’t work, for starters.
  15. Why on earth Planetos would LSH want to kill Jeyne? Or destroy her reputation, whatever that means? If anything, what’s been done to Jeyne Poole, someone Cat knew well and saw grow up as Sansa’s BFF, will serve to fuel her rage and hatred towards Littlefinger. IMO.
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