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  1. kissdbyfire

    On Janos Slynt

    This, x 1,000. The degree of mental gymnastics required to try and justify Slynt’s behaviour is staggering. Another thing that is often disregarded or dismissed is that Martin could have left the whole thing a lot more dubious. For instance, he could have had Jon give the command, Slynt refuses, and Jon executes him. But nope, he made Slynt disobey and insult his commanding officer in a very nasty way, and not once, not twice, but three times. And w/ plenty of time for Slynt to think between Jon giving the order the 1st time, and Slynt’s head coming off. It’s a no brainer.
  2. kissdbyfire

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    Not sure I follow... is it b/c Nymeria dragged Catelyn’s body out of the water?
  3. You mean Summerhall, right? At any rate, I don’t think he needs to finish all D&E before ADoS... because whatever we learn about the prophecy in Dream won’t spoil anything in the D&E stories b/c we still won’t know what Aegon V thought or tried to do or anything. Only that whoever tried whatever it was, it went terribly wrong (or not!), and we already know that.
  4. There’s a bit on that in the link I posted up thread. George noted that he had identified 12 possible stories/episodes from Dunk & Egg's life that could be expanded into short stories, including the 3 already published, so that's 9 potential further stories for the duo. From previous interviews we know that the next two - "The She-Wolves" and "The Village Hero" (both working titles) - are planned in some depth and "The She-Wolves" is partially or even mostly written, but GRRM wasn't sure what order to publish them in. Both are on hold until TWoW is done. I don’t understand why you think he should finish all the D&E before ADoS?
  5. It is shocking, and fucking disgusting. Sadly, I can’t say I’m surprised.
  6. kissdbyfire

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    He does think about Sansa. I posted a quote, you posted another, for instance. At any rate, we’re derailing this thread. If you want, start another one and we’ll bring this discussion over there.
  7. kissdbyfire

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    Or it’s just that he does get her, thinks about her at times but not much b/c they’re not that close.
  8. kissdbyfire

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    He does think about her. Just not as often as he does about Robb, Bran, and Arya. And yes, there is a reason. They’re not close, never have been. ADwD, Jon XIII “He thought of Robb, with snowflakes melting in his hair. Kill the boy and let the man be born. He thought of Bran, clambering up a tower wall, agile as a monkey. Of Rickon’s breathless laughter. Of Sansa, brushing out Lady’s coat and singing to herself. You know nothing, Jon Snow. He thought of Arya, her hair as tangled as a bird’s nest.” .
  9. kissdbyfire

    Was Robert's Rebellion justified ?

    Are you really not understanding what I’m saying? It’s NOT about the rebellion being justified or not. It’s about your claim that Arryn should wait for Aerys to die, and then Viserys would have been king etc. Which doesn’t work because if Arryn waits for Aerys to die, it means no rebellion, which means Rhaegar doesn’t die, which in turn means Viserys is never King, Rhaegar is, and then his son Aegon.
  10. Wow. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/emilia-clarke-game-of-thrones-nude-scenes-dax-shepard-daenerys-a9208471.html
  11. kissdbyfire

    Was Robert's Rebellion justified ?

    I’ll make it easier for you. Here, these are the points I’m referring to, the ones you never addressed:
  12. kissdbyfire

    Was Robert's Rebellion justified ?

    I already knew you disagreed, as I said in my previous reply. And I’m now officially giving up on you addressing the points I made a couple of posts up thread. I get it, there’s no reply you could possibly give besides, “yeah, I was wrong, that doesn’t really work at all”.
  13. kissdbyfire

    Was Robert's Rebellion justified ?

    Well, Aerys had to be stopped. Also, no Lord will feel safe w/ a capricious king who makes crazy demands. And who’s to say he’s not going to continue down the path of making crazier and crazier demands? But I get it, we disagree, and that’s fine. Still, you didn’t address the points I made in my last reply to you.
  14. kissdbyfire

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    I know. And I’m pointing out that cousins marrying is not nearly as gross as siblings. It wasn’t too uncommon irl, and is practiced even today. Yikes, but true. Siblings, though, is way beyond gross.