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  1. kissdbyfire

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Ditto. The hubris and pride of Tywin Lannister would never ever have allowed for Robb to get away with capturing Jaime. Jaime later is released, and what? Tywin doesn’t strike me as a “forgive and forget” kinda person. And Robb did pose a relative threat to the crown. won some battles angsinst the Lannisters, and captured Tywin’s golden boy, and Tywin sees all of that as personal insults and insults against his house. Maybe he feels people are not as respectful towards him anymore, and hey nothing like a lil Rains of Catamere II The Mission to remind people that House Lannister is as strong as it ever was under his rule.
  2. Course he is. /s After all, most threads that broach certain topics must invariably turn into a Jon/Stark hate thread. And that’s fine. Dull as watching paint dry, but to each their own. Have at it for now, we’ll talk again once TWoW is published. Only that’s not a very good argument. Yes, wanting to save (f)Arya from Ramsay definitely plays a part and is a motivator. But first, that’s just as it should be. Anyone who knows of a child - any child - that a sadistic nutjob psycho is raping and torturing repeatedly and does nothing is a world-class PoS. Let’s also remember that said sadistic nutjob psycho is the son of the man who basically killed all your loved ones. Second, Jon wants to take out Ramsay; saving Arya is the cherry on top. And the author made that very clear and easy for the reader to understand, because he gave us Jon’s words, Jon’s actions, and even more importantly, Jon’s thoughts on the matter. ADwD, Jon XIII “I will send for ale,” Jon said, distracted. Melisandre was gone, he realized, and so were the queen’s knights. I should have gone to Selyse first. She has the right to know her lord is dead. “You must excuse me. I’ll leave you to get them drunk.” “Har! A task I’m well suited for, crow. On your way!” Horse and Rory fell in beside Jon as he left the Shieldhall. I should talk with Melisandre after I see the queen, he thought. If she could see a raven in a storm, she can find Ramsay Snow for me. Then he heard the shouting … and a roar so loud it seemed to shake the Wall. “That come from Hardin’s Tower, m’lord,” Horse reported. He might have said more, but the scream cut him off.” If you want to try to argue that Jon was lying to himself... well, good luck with that. And finally, for the 124,789,965,453th time, Mance was Stannis’s prisoner. Yes, Jon tried to convince Stannis to spare Mance, but that’s because Jon is not an idiot. Mance is without a doubt someone I’d want on my side come the LN. And Stannis sees it too. ADwD, Jon I “Just once you might try to give me an answer that would please me, Lord Snow,” the king grumbled. “I would hope the truth would please you, Sire. Your men call Val a princess, but to the free folk she is only the sister of their king’s dead wife. If you force her to marry a man she does not want, she is like to slit his throat on their wedding night. Even if she accepts her husband, that does not mean the wildlings will follow him, or you. The only man who can bind them to your cause is Mance Rayder.” “I know that,” Stannis said, unhappily. “I have spent hours speaking with the man. He knows much and more of our true enemy, and there is cunning in him, I’ll grant you. Even if he were to renounce his kingship, though, the man remains an oathbreaker. Suffer one deserter to live, and you encourage others to desert. No. Laws should be made of iron, not of pudding. Mance Rayder’s life is forfeit by every law of the Seven Kingdoms.” “The law ends at the Wall, Your Grace. You could make good use of Mance.” And then Mel does the switcheroo, with or without Stannis’s blessing. When Jon learns that Rattleshirt is in fact Mance, there’s not much he can do without alienating Stannis and co. And alienating Stannis, given the state of affairs at CB at that point, would be incredibly stupid.
  3. That's for the Daynes to determine. I would imagine that different Daynes from different periods would have different standards. I don't expect to learn that there's a checklist with, say, 10 items and only someone who can check at least 8 will get the sword and title.
  4. kissdbyfire

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Erhm... there's nothing subjective about it.
  5. kissdbyfire

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Preposterous argument. Had Karstark released two prisoners, then yeah, one could make the case for “same crime same punishment”. But what Karstark did was infinitely worse than what Catelyn did.
  6. He could. But I thought this recent post of his was very much in keeping w/ previous ones, even ones done after the show went off the rails. I also see no reason whatsoever for Martin to not bask in the show’s success tbh. I mean, what’s done is done, and enjoying the success of the show is one of few positives he can take out of it, truckloads of cash another. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the show was a success because of him, because of his story. It turned to shite once David and Dan started to believe they were super duper awesome, but still, it only got there because of Martin and his story. IMO.
  7. Most definitely! Sorry to hear I won’t be seeing you there, but otoh very happy that you’re happy and things are good. And congrats on the upcoming nuptials!
  8. He is not praising GoT. He made a few statements (most acclaimed, record awards noms, etc) that are correct. But nowhere does he say, "GoT is awesome, fantastic, superb and deserves all its accolades". ETA: seriously, what would you expect him to say??? He uses facts, but never gives an actual opinion.
  9. Anyone has tickets for the coach tour and/or Feast (TitanCon) that they’re not gonna use? I was unsure if I was gonna be able to take time off work to go until recently. Now that I know I will go, there are no more tickets available for either event. And I’m looking for 2 tickets for each, so if anyone has them, please PM me and I’ll buy them via PayPal or transfer. Cheers.
  10. Meaning, they're still gonna fuck up Star Wars before running Netflix into the ground?
  11. So now Netflix will have to endure David and Dan's "reverse" Midas touch, YIKES. I suppose I can use this as an argument when the hubby brings up signing up for it again. And if I may ask, what happened to their SW project?
  12. kissdbyfire

    Who is Quaithe?

    Well, I don’t know you. The Jon fans I do know aren’t too keen on the idea of magic incest babies, let alone magic incest babies marrying dead foetuses.
  13. kissdbyfire

    Who is Quaithe?

    Granted, I don't speak for all of us Jon fans, and I don't know all of Jon's fans either... but out of the many I do know, not a single one wants Jon to hook up w/ Dany and make incest babies.
  14. kissdbyfire

    "And not just the free folk"

    Have you read this essay by @sweetsunray? If not, what are you waiting for?