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  1. Not sure what you mean? But I'm gonna leave it at that b/c we are totally OT and hijacking the thread.
  2. Oh definitely. And Bloodraven did everything, caused everything, and skinchanged into everyone!
  3. What do you mean? FTFY. Maybe, but that's not time travel. Yeah, I don't know what happened there. A few theories out there, some interesting, others insane. I'm not married to any, it's not a hill I'm willing to die on.
  4. Not sure what you mean w/ teleportation and time travel. But yes, it's a fantasy so the argument often is, pretty much anything is possible. But the thing is, it isn't. And there are tons of stuff that haven't been officially revealed yet, and Martin likes to plant red herrings and leave things ambiguous until he's good and ready to make a reveal. But again, that doesn't mean anything is possible just because it isn't impossible.
  5. Thanks. And I definitely think that if Ashara had a fling w/ a Stark, it was Brandon.
  6. Yeah, they are terrible. Their "Cat is the worst person in the universe" series of vids is actually painful to watch.
  7. Yes, and the Jaqen=Aegon dead horse is still being beaten mercilessly! I agree w/ you. And you know, there's something else... I have a problem w/ any "theory" if the strongest argument for a it is, "you can't say it's impossible".
  8. Oh I see. Any specific reason why? Or, what led you to this in the first place? Maybe the fact that we're not sure of Ashara's baby's fate (or even of she really had one?), and the idea that it would be interesting to have this child appear on the page? No idea really, just curious and throwing possibilities out there.
  9. This is so absurd it's actually funny!
  10. Agree w/ everything except the first part.
  11. Brandon may very well be the father of Ashara's baby, if she really had a baby. And it's fine to ignore the baby's identity as long as we keep in mind that said baby can't be Jon. Because Ashara conceiving Jon with Brandon while he was a prisoner in KL is far-fetched, but more importantly unsupported by the text. And we all have our own ideas about the timeline, but Harrenhal doesn't work for Jon's conception. Mostly b/c the age difference between Jon and Robb becomes such that no one would ever believe Jon is younger than Robb. Just curious, are you suggesting that Meera is Jon's twin sister?
  12. You read the bold and the underlined goes w/o saying. Exactly. And just, please, please, make it stop b/c it's hurting my brain. Ned Stark did not marry two women. If he had, we'd get something, anything, to clue us in. And we don't. Not only that, but the utter and complete lack of thoughts for wife #1 Ashara is a huge tell, given who Ned is.
  13. So the solution to avoid giving too much away is to do an asspull? Because that’s what it would be... what you think are clues supporting N+A=J aren’t proper clues. Yes, there are a few things, red herrings imo, but not the ones you keep bringing up. Where is the textual support for Ashara having travelled to White Harbour with Ned? What about Ashara having spent many months there, in the Wolf’s Den and giving birth to Jon there? And no, the meaning of some words from a Gaelic thesaurus don’t qualify. So, are you saying that, as soon as Robert dies, Ned should have told him the truth? Jon wasn’t immediately safe just because Robert died, you are aware of that, right? But let’s leave that for now. How should he go about that? He was in KL, so I suppose he sends two ravens, one to CB and one to Winterfell, where he informs everyone that, “hey, FYI, Jon is actually the son of my sister Lyanna and crown Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, and not really my bastard son”.
  14. Edric says that and in the same convo tells Arya that he is Jon’s milk brother b/c he was nursed by Jon mum, Wylla. So, Edric doesn’t really know what he’s talking about imo.
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