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  1. kissdbyfire

    Will Arya end up marrying Jon?

    Someone please tell Martin that he is to stick to that outline. You know, the one where he said he was making shit up.
  2. kissdbyfire

    Dark Sister

    I don't really see how he could or why he would keep that a secret for almost 20 years? Not only that, but among the men who joined when he and maester Aemon did, several were from the Raven's Teeth, so it's not like he was the only one w/ that knowledge.
  3. kissdbyfire

    Dark Sister

    True. But... IMO, the answer is yes, he would most definitely take the sword, regardless of this being a regular ranging or if he knew he'd never return, or any alternative option. Because it doesn't really matter, the pretext or the truth, the "story" is, he was going ranging. And it would make no sense, again, IMO, to do so w/o the sword. As @bent branch said, even if the ranging was just an excuse to go do whatever - research, join the CotF, etc - he wouldn't want to make others suspicious.
  4. kissdbyfire

    Will Arya end up marrying Jon?

    He's not. He loves her very much, as his little sister. It's so Martin... to make the best big brother - little sister relationship in the books be one that's not between actual siblings. Just like have real siblings - and twins! - in the most toxic and nasty relationship ever. Brilliant. Again, same thing with having the embodiment of chivalry and knightly honour be the defining traits of Dunk and Brienne, who are not "actual" knights.
  5. kissdbyfire

    Dark Sister

    Well, Martin says otherwise. I might also add that Visenya is the most likely of the two to garb herself as a warrior, and when so garbed, she would wield the Valyrian longsword Dark Sister, whose slender blade is designed for a woman's hand
  6. kissdbyfire

    Suggestions for must reads?

    "Learning to Lead", all iterations. Re-read sub. Awesome superb reading.
  7. kissdbyfire

    Dark Sister

    I find it super hard to believe Bloodraven would have gone ranging w/o it.
  8. kissdbyfire

    Dark Sister

    It says you quoted me but not really!
  9. kissdbyfire

    Which Lady regent most interests you?

    If not for the restriction I'd say Black Betha Blackwood. And Nymeria, of course.
  10. kissdbyfire

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    I Definitely agree we will see warging like we haven't seen yet. Can't wait. Regarding the Varamyr prologue, I don't believe giving info on warging is its sole purpose. For instance, it also teaches us a bit on skinchanging another human... Yeah, I think he'll be out for a while, but not too long? Based on nothing but gut feeling, I'd say the first 1/3 of TWoW. I like the idea of fArya coming and going before Jon is back. I also agree he will put the NW back together, but it will be harder than Humpty Dumpty. But... the end result will be much closer to what the Watch was back in the day, just after the LN, and also much truer to its real purpose. Agree. My head canon tells me he won't be KitN but rather KoW, uniting the Free Folk and northerners and acting as regent for one of his siblings/cousins. My take on that was totally different. Yes, to the hilt, and here's where the layers upon layers of clothing play a part. I'm not talking about mail or plate that could keep a blade from entering the body. But a dagger is described as a short blade. If a short blade has to go through wool, more wool, fabric, leather, etc, only the tip is going to go in proper. Add to that that there's more harmless spots than fatal for this tip to hit and there you go. As to the stab between the shoulde blades, also not necessarily fatal. Martin was vague enough so as to keep all possibilities open IMO. But as I've said, I am aware I could be totally wrong here.
  11. kissdbyfire

    If the Starks did the RW to the Freys?

    This is a very iffy what if you present. I'll call it, 'what iffy'. Short answer is, it would be a completely different story. Because from what we know of these characters makes it virtually impossible for them to pull a RW on anyone. And no, I'm not at all saying they're too nice for that. But just that this type of thing is really not how they operate. And the worst of the RW is not even the deaths of those at the feast, but the common soldiers being trapped in their tents to burn alive? Nope, really don't see it. Guts hanging from a heart tree? Hell yeah. The RW is something altogether different. It's not for nothing that we are told about the Reynes and Tarbecks.
  12. kissdbyfire

    Dark Sister

    Nope. The Dragonknight BR's uncle - he is Aegon IV's brother, BR is Aegon IV's son. 'd by @bent branch
  13. kissdbyfire

    The role of Jon Snow in TWoW

    I could be so dead wrong, but I really don't think Jon will die die, but will rather have a near-death experience. There's got to be a reason for all the descriptions we get on all the numerous layers of clothing they wear in the North... there's also the fact that all the mutineers [we've seen] used daggers.
  14. kissdbyfire

    Dark Sister

    Did I tell you I love you today? Well, I do, I'm not knowledgable in weapons of any type, but the only ones I have ever looked up are the daggers because of the assassination attempt made on Jon in his last ADwD chapter. When he was... "marinated"? No... what's the word you always use? Damn it, can't remember but it's good. I still think it's totes doable, maybe even more so now that you've done this research. The fact that VS is lighter than regular steel is important. I did a quick and shoddy research, but could find nothing more specific about the weight os VS, or better said, how does it compare to regular steel. Is it three times lighter? Ten? No clue. But because this is a story w/ magic, VS will be as heavy or as light as Martin wants it to be. So, going back a bit... I do think Bloodraven took it when he went ranging and vanished. Yes, the heart tree bow was his fave weapon but you go ranging north of the Wall, you take your bloody sword too IMO. I fully believe BR knew that the WWs/Winter were about to become a threat again, and I fully believe he was onto "stuff" long before he actually met any of the CotF/Coldhands. But how much he knew, or in how much detail, I have no idea. So, he goes ranging, maybe even using a random "ranging" as a pretext to meet someone or try to learn more, carrying DS. Ends up in the cave one way or another, and still has the sword. I mean, if he was taken against his will - and I really, really don't believe this at all - the sword was on him. If he went willingly, I don't see him turning to any crow and saying, "oh, and by the way, please take my sword back to CB". So, yeah, I think DS is in the cave. And why make such a fuss about these famed and named swords if not to use them and have them play a part? Following that line of thought, the sword must be taken out of the cave so it can be used and play a part. Of the candidates we have now, Meera (who is small but very athletic) is the perfect choice, again, IMO.
  15. @Varysblackfyre321, as I've said before, I find the debate and discussion interesting, even when i feel frustrated w/ certain arguments made. The blind and infantile hatred, otoh, is tedious as can be.