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  1. @Rose of Red Lake I also think that she and her dragons are ment to fight the Others,not necesarily to rule and she will need to realise that.I think that Martin wrote her character to be like a shock-wave : meant to change but not to be stable and I think that's what you were trying to say,that she does not offer stability (correct me if I'm wrong).In Essos she is the spark that started the revolution amongst the slaves and in Westeros she will be the flame in the Long Night that's about to come and I think that's the end that Martin has for her : dying fighting The Others.It will be interesting to see her actions in the rest of the story.
  2. I understand your criticism and I agree that she should be more than a conquerer if she wants to rule or at least to have enough cleverness to put capable people that can carry her ideals when she leaves.I think that in her last chapter,her turning towards fire and blood comes from frustration rather than her refusal to put her mind into work for a better future.We can see from the text what's her idea of a good ruler : he/she protects the ones who can't protect themselves.Her peace with the Masters tied her hands to help Astapor,Yunkai started to sell slaves again outside her doors and in Meereen,the freedmen were hierd for a very low price,making their lives very difficult.Also,slaves from Volantis refused to believe that their mother would accept any agreement with the masters. What the show did,was making her character "dirtier".You can see the difference even from her story in Qarth.
  3. You don't have to thank me.It's always great to have a civil conversation and see other points of view.Yes,it would have been great to see her built a new society without war but I will repeat myself: I find that at least almost impossible.People don't give up their way of life just like that,without a war.Plus,Martin had to get her to Westeros.
  4. I understand your point and I agree that using "nukes" is not the response for evey problem and I never said otherwise but giving the fact that Volantis declared war and they won't give up,I don't think she has much of a choice.As I said,we'll have to wait for "The Winds of Winter" to see what Daenerys will find at her return to Meereen and how she will solve those problems.If her only solution will be "burn them all and leave" without any idea or base for a society free of slaves to exist,I will find her very shallow.
  5. @Rose of Red Lake this is the same Martin talking about slavery,in "Fevre Dream" : "You can't just go...usin' another kind of people,like they wasn't people at all.Know what I mean?Got to end,sooner or later.Better if it ends peaceful,but it's got to end even if it has to be with fire and blood,you see?" Also,here is some interesting quote about power from Robert A. Caro : "But although the cliche says that power always corrupts, what is seldom said ... is that power always reveals. When a man is climbing, trying to persuade others to give him power, concealment is necessary. ... But as a man obtains more power, camouflage becomes less necessary."
  6. Your statement is based mostly on assumptions.We clearly need "The Winds of Winter" to see in which situations Dany will be put and how she will respond.As for the Masters,I don't know how you can debate that: slavery HAS to end.Or are you saying it's better to continue this way?Anyway,the slaves are ready for a revolution. Yes,dragons are used for war,not peace but you seem to forget the main theme of the novel : the pitty squabbling over a piece of metal when a higher treat is coming from the north.That's what I think it will open Dany's eyes to realise her meaning and the meaning of her "nukes": they are very useful to protect the living.Wouldn't it be stupid if she would have these three dragons to fight against the Others but she wouldn't know how??
  7. You also seem to ignore the fact that he said he won't pretend that he has the answer.He wants us to think : "Is Dany right to destroy the Masters' "culture"?" and I would say "Yes,they have to go one way or another.".If you expect him presenting her like Hitler,like they did in the abomination show,I believe you will have a surprise.Like I said before,I think Dany is supposed to learn how to use this dragons and yes,it would be an easy temptation to make use of them at each and every turn and that's the obstacle she needs to overcome.She is supposed to find out that their real purpose is to fight the Others.Plus,she won't be able to control all three of them.She will need another two people for that.
  8. A momen of silence for this man's grief.Even c**ts deserve to be mourned.Somebody has to love the Janos Slynt of this world.
  9. Or,bring Janos back to life to chop his head again but he doesn't deserve people to bother that much for him.
  10. No worries for spoilers.I don't mind them.I agree that the Masters became bolder when Dany locked her dragons and when she flew away with Drogon,hoping she would be dead.I would be pissed if Day would make more concessions to the Masters.As Martin said in one of his books,"Fevre Dream" : "You can't just go...usin' another kind of people,like they wasn't people at all.Know what I mean?Got to end,sooner or later.Better if it ends peaceful,but it's got to end even if it has to be with fire and blood,you see?"
  11. As you might read from my comments,I don't think peace was ment to endure.I find it hard to believe that powerful people,so comfortable in a society like Slaver's Bay,would give up their high status just because Daenerys wants so.It's normal that they would fight back to keep their lives as they were before Dany showed up.She just turned their world upside down.Now,their slaves will start a revolution due to her.
  12. You're welcome! I also want you to ask : given the fact that Volantis declared war on Daenerys,whose side do you think the Wise and the Great Masters will be?
  13. Janos Slynt's duty as a sworn brother of the Night's Watch was to obey his Lord Commander.He was given two chances.He did not obey and he defied Jon so he got his head chopped off.
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