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  1. Yeah,like she never plans battles.Like she never planned how to take the Unsullied and Yunkai and Meereen.Right,she just sat in a tent and let the men do all the work for her. Her Dothraki scouts had told her how it was, but Dany wanted to see for herself. Ser Jorah Mormont rode with her through a birchwood forest and up a slanting sandstone ridge. "Near enough," he warned her at the crest. Dany reined in her mare and looked across the fields, to where the Yunkish host lay athwart her path. Whitebeard had been teaching her how best to count the numbers of a foe. "Five thousand," she said after a moment. "I'd say so." Ser Jorah pointed. "Those are sellswords on the flanks. Lances and mounted bowmen, with swords and axes for the close work. The Second Sons on the left wing, the Stormcrows to the right. About five hundred men apiece. See the banners?" Yunkai's harpy grasped a whip and iron collar in her talons instead of a length of chain. But the sellswords flew their own standards beneath those of the city they served: on the right four crows between crossed thunderbolts, on the left a broken sword. "The Yunkai'i hold the center themselves," Dany noted. Their officers looked indistinguishable from Astapor's at a distance; tall bright helms and cloaks sewn with flashing copper disks. "Are those slave soldiers they lead?" "In large part. But not the equal of Unsullied. Yunkai is known for training bed slaves, not warriors." "What say you? Can we defeat this army?" "Easily," Ser Jorah said. "But not bloodlessly." Blood aplenty had soaked into the bricks of Astapor the day that city fell, though little of it belonged to her or hers. "We might win a battle here, but at such cost we cannot take the city." "That is ever a risk, Khaleesi. Astapor was complacent and vulnerable. Yunkai is forewarned." Dany considered. The slaver host seemed small compared to her own numbers, but the sellswords were ahorse. She'd ridden too long with Dothraki not to have a healthy respect for what mounted warriors could do to foot. The Unsullied could withstand their charge, but my freedmen will be slaughtered. "The slavers like to talk," she said. "Send word that I will hear them this evening in my tent. And invite the captains of the sellsword companies to call on me as well. But not together. The Stormcrows at midday, the Second Sons two hours later." "As you wish," Ser Jorah said. "But if they do not come-" "They'll come. They will be curious to see the dragons and hear what I might have to say, and the clever ones will see it for a chance to gauge my strength." She wheeled her silver mare about. "I'll await them in my pavilion." "A Storm of Swords" - Chapter 42 , Daenerys IV Full dark had fallen by the time the Yunkai'i departed from her camp. It promised to be a gloomy night; moonless, starless, with a chill wet wind blowing from the west. A fine black night, thought Dany. The fires burned all around her, small orange stars strewn across hill and field. "Ser Jorah," she said, "summon my bloodriders." Dany seated herself on a mound of cushions to await them, her dragons all about her. When they were assembled, she said, "An hour past midnight should be time enough." "Yes, Khaleesi," said Rakharo. "Time for what?" "To mount our attack." Ser Jorah Mormont scowled. "You told the sellswords-" "-that I wanted their answers on the morrow. I made no promises about tonight. The Stormcrows will be arguing about my offer. The Second Sons will be drunk on the wine I gave Mero. And the Yunkai'i believe they have three days. We will take them under cover of this darkness." "They will have scouts watching for us." "And in the dark, they will see hundreds of campfires burning," said Dany. "If they see anything at all." "Khaleesi," said Jhogo, "I will deal with these scouts. They are no riders, only slavers on horses." "Just so," she agreed. "I think we should attack from three sides. Grey Worm, your Unsullied shall strike at them from right and left, while my kos lead my horse in wedge for a thrust through their center. Slave soldiers will never stand before mounted Dothraki." She smiled. "To be sure, I am only a young girl and know little of war. What do you think, my lords?" "I think you are Rhaegar Targaryen's sister," Ser Jorah said with a rueful half smile. "Aye," said Arstan Whitebeard, "and a queen as well." "A Storm of Swords" - Chapter 42 , Daenerys IV "This challenge must be met," Arstan said again. "It will be." Dany said, as the hero tucked his penis away again. "Tell Strong Belwas I have need of him." They found the huge brown eunuch sitting in the shade of her pavilion, eating a sausage. He finished it in three bites, wiped his greasy hands clean on his trousers, and sent Arstan Whitebeard to fetch him his steel. The aged squire honed Belwas's arakh every evening and rubbed it down with bright red oil. When Whitebeard brought the sword, Strong Belwas squinted down the edge, grunted, slid the blade back into its leather sheath, and tied the swordbelt about his vast waist. Arstan had brought his shield as well: a round steel disk no larger than a pie plate, which the eunuch grasped with his off hand rather than strapping to his forearm in the manner of Westeros. "Find liver and onions, Whitebeard," Belwas said. "Not for now, for after. Killing makes Strong Belwas hungry." He did not wait for a reply, but lumbered from the olive grove toward Oznak zo Pahl. "Why that one, Khaleesi?" Rakharo demanded of her. "He is fat and stupid." "Strong Belwas was a slave here in the fighting pits. If this highborn Oznak should fall to such the Great Masters will be shamed, while if he wins . . . well, it is a poor victory for one so noble, one that Meereen can take no pride in." And unlike Ser Jorah, Daario, Brown Ben, and her three bloodriders, the eunuch did not lead troops, plan battles, or give her counsel. He does nothing but eat and boast and bellow at Arstan. Belwas was the man she could most easily spare. And it was time she learned what sort of protector Magister Illyrio had sent her. "A Storm of Swords" - Chapter 57, Daenerys V Oh right, got them mixed up. In Astapor she came with the idea by herself and while in Meereen Ben Plumm gave her the idea of the sewers,she always takes part in the battle strategy planning but I guess you can't bother much with her chapters.
  2. Plus,let's say Dany intervines and tells Drogo to not kill her shithead brother.I don't know how the other dothrakis would have seen Drogo if he would let Viserys go away.My guess,he would have been seen as a weak khal.Oh,and that forgetting that Viserys broke a sacred rule which is punished by death and that Drogo would care about his child.
  3. One of the big,BIG mistakes that they did with the TV-show was cutting the fantasy away.Whay did they do such a stupid thing?!?It's a reason why Martin's books are a FANTASY genre.Another one was making the Night King,transforming The Others in Evil Lord with minnions.I'm sure in the books the battle against The Others,who will have their reason to rise against humanity,will be the last one and then we'll see how what's left of Westeros will recover.
  4. "You are Arya of Winterfell, daughter of the north. You told me you could be strong. You have the wolf blood in you." "The wolf blood." Arya remembered now. "I'll be as strong as Robb. I said I would." She took a deep breath, then lifted the broomstick in both hands and brought it down across her knee. It broke with a loud crack, and she threw the pieces aside. I am a direwolf, and done with wooden teeth. "You stay here with the horses," said Arya. "I'll get rid of him. Come quick when I call." Gendry nodded. Hot Pie said, "Hoot like an owl when you want us to come." "I'm not an owl," said Arya. "I'm a wolf. I'll howl." I was with an ear-to-ear smile when I read these passages.
  5. I put this arguments amongst the "Flatt Earthers" ones.WTF is happening?!?!Are people making these arguments for the sake of standing out and shock or are really that dumb?Have we found some kind of back travell?
  6. And do they think about the slaves in that gradual emantipation or because they have endured slavery for so long "what's a little more"?
  7. Yeah.That's a dumb decision.Why would anyone care about the well being of the slave owners?? I DID NOT KNOW THAT! That explains A LOT.
  8. While watching that scence I was laughing and wondering what the hell he was doing.Maybe Arya's opportune jump made him believe he killed the dragon by screaming.
  9. Yet still are people claiming she never ment to free slaves.It was always about her power.I think I know from where it comes .*points at D's
  10. This morning I found myself reading when she frees Yunkai (which scene we see here in the video is not correctly adapted from the books).I started to cry when I got reading this : How could they have portrayed her freeing slaves as a downfall in tyranny?How could this be evil?How could a person that does such a selfless act be evil or tyrannical?I'm kinda heartbroken now.
  11. Or only one right answer.The way I see it,when it comes to profecy there are many interpretations and answers and they all can be right if you see it from the right angle.
  12. I'm with you here.When it comes to guessing (not only the AA profecy) we got little information and too many variables.
  13. Ok.My bad.I noticed that line later.I should have seen it sooner.
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