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  1. I mean,it's a fantasy story where magic,although it's little used, plays an importan rol so I guess it has to be something more to them then just "nukes".Martin switched pyrokinesis with dragons.Basically he found another way to introduce fire.That's why I think it's not only about "nukes" because if he would have maintained the original idea that comaprison would not exist.
  2. But where would the fantasy/magic meaning of them fit?After all,this is a fantasy story although it has a medieval background.
  3. I always thought the balance between ice and fire is the key.If you think about it when the ice took over,"The Long Night",it was pushed back and the same with fire (Valyria).
  4. She will get there...sooner or later...and I think it will be the latter.We'll still have to wait for her a little while until she settles things in Essos and depending what plans will she have for Slaver's Bay.
  5. Oh God. Maybe he was just very impressed by something.
  6. Oh!I see it.I'm very curious to find more about Lyanna and Rhaegar's relationship.Did she also knew about the profecy,or it was just about the pact?It was also love???I remember her being all dashed about him.I doubt she was forced,as I trust Ned knowing her.Maybe Rhaegar liked her too.I NEED ANSWERS MARTIN!!!!
  7. The good thing is that he seems to be on a roll with TWOW.
  8. How it was fulfilled with Jon's birth when so many years passed?Didn't they arrange marriages in a nearer future?
  9. Oh!I have to re read FaB. I know they weren't the only ones who visit the North.Not that they had many visits from kings.
  10. Yeah!!! I've heard that on Alyssane and Jaehaerys' visit to the North the dragons may have layed eggs there.It would be interesting if you theory is correct.
  11. Maybe ADOS will be easier for him because most of the pieces will be put where he wanted to be.
  12. Those crypts seem so solemn and also creeped me out a bit.I wonder what is with that place.Will something happen there???And if so, what???
  13. But I also want FaB part 2,more Dunk & Egg stories,the prequel of "Fevre Dream" (granted,I haven't read "Fevre Dream" yet but I still want it) and other stories he has in mind that I don't remember.
  14. I started to read his other works too and I really,really,really hope he succeeds in wiriting as many books and stories as he has in mind.Plus,I have another 10000000000 books to read and some fewer to re read.
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