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  1. I don't think it's likely. Sansa took Sandor's bloody cloak with her, dyed it green to mask the blood, and shortened it to add a hood. It is currently the green hooded cloak she fled Kings Landing in.
  2. I trust George R. R. Martin. Admittedly, some of his scenes, the Dany/Drogo scenes specifically, have not aged well at all, but he can hardly be blamed for that. GRRM is a master at portraying the vastly diverse sea of humanity in his novels as people, first and formost. The kinds of people who are likely to get the most upset have probably never read anything Martin wrote, so I'm not particularly interested in their bad faith input.
  3. There's a problem with your math. Euron has 900 longships total, with around 23 of them accounted for in The Forsaken. The whereabouts of the other 867 longships are unknown to us, but presumably not to Euron. Additionally, while the Iron Fleet is made up of the best warships, they are not the totality of Euron's fleet. We also know that Euron is sailing close to the Arbor, probably at the Isle of Pigs. You might assume that Euron is trying to avoid being destroyed by the Redwyne fleet, which is admittedly much stronger than his. But I do not believe that. He wants to be seen. He is using his meager 23 longships and assortment of captured merchant vessels as bait. He is not escaping a trap, he is setting one up. Yes, he will use blood magic. He will become the storm. And he will destroy the Redwyne and Hightower fleets. That's a better use of magic than jetpacking to Slaver's Bay. Wrong. Euron has made no secret of the fact that his real interest lies in taking the Iron Throne. He wants Dany for her dragons, but he does not need them immediately. As for the Shield Islands, those idiots are all former Victarion allies, so it serves a useful purpose to Euron in setting them up for defeat. Again, we already have Victarion in Slaver's Bay. We do not need Euron there. We already have a fleet in Slaver's Bay for the purpose you ascribe; the Iron Fleet. Plus, the Volantene fleet is on its way, made up of mostly slave soldiers who will likely be sympathetic to Dany. She will have more than enough ships to ferry her hordes to Westeros. She doesn't need Euron's help for that. Yes, I suspect Euron will use blood magic, or at any rate, blood. One of his large merchant vessels seems to be filled with blood. But he isn't going to use it for transport, or a means of retreat. I think that would be politically treacherous for Euron anyway, since his captains all expect blood, battle, and spoils. No, he is using blood magic as a means to win his battle with the Redwyne/Hightower fleets. As for Victarion, yes, he is that stupid. Namely, he is stupid enough to realize all Euron's gifts are poison, without comprehending that this applies to the dusky woman. She is Euron's creature, and they are almost certainly linked in some way. He is keeping an eye on events in Slaver's Bay through her, but this does not mean Euron is going there himself. Euron going to Slaver's Bay is redundant, because him going there doesn't advance the plot. It simply replaces Victarion with Euron. The narrative purpose of Victarion's fleet in Slaver's Bay is to supply Dany with ships to sail for Westeros. That in itself progresses the plot far more than Euron showing up in Slaver's Bay does. And Euron defeating the Redywne/Hightower fleet progresses the plot more than Euron retreating to Slaver's Bay does. So my money is on Euron staying right where he is. Well, it does seem like "to go forward, you must go back" means Dany returning to Vaes Dothrak, and eventually Pentos, where her story began. Qarth is actually East of Vaes Dothrak. Who knows? Dany could take her hordes there to sack it. Which could satisfy those parts of Quaithe's "prophesy." Dany has a dragon that she doesn't know how to control, and who listens to her commands when he feels like it. That's the whole reason she's out in the Dothraki Sea. If Drogon were completely under her command, she could absolutely do as you say, and that is ultimately where she is headed, but it isn't going to be that simple. It's still up in the air whether Drogon will just fly off, leaving Dany at Khal Jhago's mercy. George does not like to make things easy for his protagonists. Dany saved the lives of Tyrion and Penny without ever being introduced to them. That does not qualify as "meeting" in my book. Again, where's the payoff? George didn't show us how restless the Volantene slaves are getting for shits and giggles. You know who is aware that Illyrio is Dany's enemy? Tyrion. You know who is Illyrio's sworn enemy? The Tattered Prince, who intends to take Pentos. Once Dany learns Illyrio sent her out into the Dothraki Sea to die, while raising fAegon in relative safety, she isn't going to be enormously pleased with Illyrio. Dany's original plan was to sail back to Pentos, before she got sidetracked in Astapor. Now she will, with an army. She already has ships. Ships she will use to subdue the rest of the slave cities, like Volantis. She doesn't need Euron for any of that. Like the House with the Red Door. Like Vaes Dothrak. Like Illyrio and Pentos. Like the probable slave uprising in Volantis. The Essosi plotlines are important enough on their own merits to warrant a conclusion. I believe TWoW is meant to resolve those plotlines. True. Also true. What has changed is Sansa's realization that she can use the spectacle of a tourney to her political advantage. It's actually an example of Sansa using her own idealsim as a useful tool in getting something she wants, like protection for Sweetrobin. Okay. This doesn't mean that Sansa isn't learning valuable political skills from Littlefinger. No more so than being the Kindly Man's trainee, or Bloodraven's trainee. All the Stark children have dark mentors whom they must choose to morally reject. Fair enough. My apologies if I implied you were doing so. My argument was simply that Sansa has grown as a character and as a political actor. And that she probably would not have done so to this extent if not for her learning from Littlefinger. That Sansa loves and wants to protect Sweetrobin I have no doubt. But I think Sansa is done with fleeing.
  4. I must disagree on all these points, though I admit I can be a little flexible. For starters, I cannot see either the logistics in how Euron gets to Meereen in the plot-required timeframe, or the narrative purpose in him doing so. We already have Victarion in that setting, and The Forsaken puts Euron closer to Oldtown than Slavers Bay. Given that the Iron Borne have been causing problems for the Reach, and the Hightowers, Redwynes and Tyrells are all mobilizing to meet the threat, we have the setup for a major confrontation. Let's say Euron does suddenly head off to Meereen. Where's the payoff? If there is no payoff, after all that setup, it's just bad writing. Now, Euron doesn't necessarily need to attack Oldtown. If George upends our expectations, he could have Euron attack Kings Landing, which would shake up the story in interesting ways. But Euron going to Meereen is not only redundant, it's also logistically impossible in a short time frame. The problem with your Dany prediction is that it only resolves one problem; getting back to Meereen. The reality is that Essos has a host of plotthreads that need to be resolved. Dany must confront Quaithe's "prophesies" by going back to Vaes Dothrak. She must convince the Dosh Khaleen not to force her to become one of them. She does need to resolve things in Meereen and meet up with Tyrion, but then there is Volantis to deal with. And Illyrio Mopatis has much and more to answer for. Dany can't simply bring fire and blood to Meereen and then head straight for Westeros. Otherwise there is no payoff to all the other plotlines circling around her story. In AFFC, Littlefinger does more than titter and boast. He plays the Lords Declarent against each other. He isolates Bronze Yohn Royce by buying out the other declarents. He consolidates his power in the Vale. And he does it all with Sansa in the room, watching and listening and learning. In the Alayne sample chapter, we learn that the tournament is Sansa's idea. AGoT Sansa would have simply been blown away by the spectacle of a tourny. In TWoW, Sansa understands that the spectacle can be used to mask political ends, in this case, finding a group of protecters for Sweetrobin. She is no longer entirely passive in the sample chapter, but taking a more active role. She has come a long way. It would be a disservice to her character to reduce the whole event to a means by which she can be rescued by a mystery knight.
  5. I too hope to see what happens with Jeyne Westerling. I agree that she will try to avenge Robb and Raynald, but maybe Raynald never died at the Twins? I don't think they ever found a body. Unfortunately, I think Lady Stoneheart will have Jeyne killed along with the rest of her family, treacherous and noble alike. This is what I see happening. Jaime is going to be forced into action when Cersei orders the wildfire stash to be lit. There was enough to predict that I figured it should have a thread of its own. Dany only had six pov chapters in ASoS, and that was an explosive ark. This time around, she has more to get done, though some of that may be accomplished on her behalf by someone like Tyrion. And yes, Dany is going to return to Westeros at some point, likely in A Dream of Spring. Winds is all about resolving all the Essosi plotlines. Lady Stoneheart gave Brienne a choice; sword or noose. She will give Jaime a similar choice; Cersei or noose. Jaime will choose to live without immediately choosing to kill his sister, but I did say he would be on a mission to do so. Brienne I think will find herself in the Vale, with Sansa. My feeling is that Winds intended role is to resolve the various plotthreads before we get to Dream. This book will be George manuevering to his intended conclusion. But there are so many important threads that he simply can't abondon, so they need attention and some sort of resolution. The Essos plotlines are such that I do not see Dany heading west until her final chapter. As for Sansa, she is being tought to become a player, by the master player himself. Littlefinger is a dark mentor for Sansa, in the same way the Faceless Men and Bloodraven are dark mentors for Arya and Bran. Sansa will learn the skills she needs to survive from Littlefinger, but must resist the temptation he offers to become as nihalistic and cynical as he is. Sansa can be a good player without losing her idealism and empathy.
  6. I guess its possible. Not likely, though. Littlefinger winning everything would be rewarding him for his nihalistic, zero-sum philisophy. It would imply that backstabbing allies, grooming Sansa and subjecting Jeyne Poole to sexual slavery and murdering children like Sweetrobin is all justified if it means you get to become King. Even if one subscribes to the idea that George is a nihalist (I do not), an ending that rewards Littlefinger for his evil deeds would likely be much to bleak and upsetting for most readers.
  7. No. Arya is not mentally ill. Her behaviour points to her being a child soldier, which is not coincidentally how George R. R. Martin describes her in interviews and Q&A's. Of course, labeling women and girls with atypical interests, behaviours or personalities as "mentally ill" has a rather long and ugly history, while this particular thread seems to imply that people who suffer mental illness are violent and dangerous, when they are, for the most part, neither of those things. One should always tread carefully when discussing intensely personal and internal matters like mental illness. I do not blame some commenters here for becoming upset or defensive. Beyond that, as another commenter pointed out, Arya behaves peacefully when she finds herself in stable and friendly environments, she doesn't lose touch with established reality at any point and she takes actions that are based on rational assesments and logical conclusions. One of her guiding principles is literally "look with your eyes," i.e, "don't let your own biases affect your judgement of reality." Would an insane person be able to do this? Probably not. Arya's behaviour makes more sense as a child soldier, attacking people she understands are enemies. That's not mental illness. So, no.
  8. I figured I would post my own predictions for the upcoming Winds of Winter. So here it goes. The Winds of Winter will have 12 Danearys pov chapters, split between her rise to power in Vaes Dothrak and her ongoing anti-slavery crusade. She will sail to Westeros at the end. The Winds of Winter will see Tyrion become an even darker and more villainous character. He will worm his way into Dany's court and become an enabler of Dany's worst impulses. The Winds of Winter will be the most Sansa heavy book yet, both in terms of character development and plot progression. Her rise to power begins here. Davos will find himself leading Rickon, Osha and Shaggydog through the icy hellscape of whatever is happening at Hardhome. This will be the horror setpiece of the story so far, leaving even The Forsaken in the dust. Stannis will take Winterfell, which will soon prove a Phyrric victory once his momentary alliances with the Northern lords become politically fraught. He will ultimately do what his banner suggests and set his heart on fire by sacrificing Shireen. His fall and end will come in this book. Arya's journey away from the Faceless Men will be precipitated by a chance encounter with Jeyne Pool. She will make her way to the Riverlands and be confronted with her biggest test yet, Lady Stoneheart. Bran will graduate to Meera-paste before he discovers Bloodraven and the Children's duplicity and escapes south. His powers will continue to be revalatory. Marwyn the Mage will not be getting to Meereen anytime soon. In fact, he and the Cinnimon Wind will be captured by the Iron Borne as they sail out of Oldtown. Speaking of Oldtown, Sam's new duties as a student and acolyte of the Citadel will be rudely interrupted by Euron's invasion and sacriledge. His journey as a true hero will continue as he guides Gilly, Alleras and the baby out of the city. Meanwhile, Euron will find the source of knowlegde he seeks at the Citadel, and will use it to acquire a dragon, most likely Viserion. Jaime will return to Kings Landing with a cruel mission: kill his sister Cersei. He will struggle over this decision until Cersei's paranoia over the Tyrells and Aegon's succesful campaign forces his hand. Aegon/Young Griff will become a popular new ruler, but will make boneheaded youthful mistakes with regards to Elia Sand. As with his "father," these will be the seeds of his downfall. Arriane will be a power in Kings Landing, even as her cousins complicate her father's plans and make House Martell unpopular with the common people. We will meet Willas Tyrell, and he will be a genuinely nice guy. Jorah Mormont will get a well deserved sword in the belly (or maybe worse) for disobeying Dany's directive to never return to Meereen. The matter of Quaithe's real identity will remain more interesting then Quiathe is. Jon Snow will not only return, but will never have died at all. We will not learn this until fairly late in the opening act.
  9. I agree with this. I would add Davos as a main character as well, since his contributions have so far been essential to the plot, particularly in ASoS. I do not see Tyrion dying any time soon. I suspect he will worm his way onto Dany's council and become a devil on her shoulder. Perhaps he might even serve as a dark mentor figure to her, in the same way the Stark kids have dark mentors.
  10. It was part of setting the scene. I don't think there's much more to parse than that. GRRM wanted to paint a picture of how frightening and surreal the whole experience was for Sansa and everyone else. ETA: If Sansa was more complicit in Joffrey's murder than previously shown, surely there would be more solid clues than a brief encounter with Lady Tanda to go on? That's a massively important plot detail with huge implications for Sansa's story going forward. It would just be unlike GRRM to have a twist like that without doing extensive setup, and I don't think there is any setup in this case.
  11. There is very good reason to think this plan won't happen simply because George spelled it out for us in the text. When he shows us a character's plans for the future, the plan almost always goes awry somehow.
  12. It's not odd at all. I don't think Sansa and Lady Tanda were the only ones fleeing the scene of Joff's death. There was a whole crowd of people who wanted to be far away from the horrific event, because political assasinations are inherently unpredictable, dangerous situations. Plus, watching someone die as awefully as Joffrey did is traumatizing. I don't think it is out of place at all for Lady Tanda to flee somewhere safe.
  13. Sure, that's plausible, but there's no textual evidence for it. In fact, it is just as, if not more likely, that Drogon behaved like any other wild dragon would and ate the child because dragons eat meat and don't distinguish humans from lambs.
  14. The most disturbing thing about your comment is the impliation of multiple Theon Greyjoys.
  15. Honestly, I'll leave the grand epics to more seasoned writers. My story is about the marriage between Alys Karstark and the Magnar of Thenn.
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