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  1. Yup. Ned just isn't a cruel guy. Tywin Lannister might have done something like this. But not Ned.
  2. I basically agree with this. Sansa has always been more sappy than savvy. I say this as someone sympathetic to Sansa. She's not stupid, of course, but she isn't yet all that quick on the uptake either. She's no Arya.
  3. I don't think anyone is meant to be the main villian. But the closest thing to such a person is assuredly Littlefinger. He, we learn, is ultimately responsible for the War of the Five Kings. Varys may not be much better, morrally, but we also need to look at results, not just intent.
  4. Will the real GRRM please stand up? Take a bow please and let us know if you plan to ever finish these books? Thanks, signed Everyone
  5. What reality check? Are we even reading the same books here? Because it seems pretty obvious to me that Sansa was always going to remain in denial about Joffrey and Cercie until she was being physically tormented by them. It took Joff ordering her father's execution right in front of her to knock some sense into Sansa's head. Sansa chose to blane Arya and Ned for Lady's death. The only thing Ned giving Cercie Lady's pelt to wear would have accomplished is to give spoiled, self-absorbed Sansa another reason to be angry with Ned and Arya.
  6. Do you own any pets? Have any kids who own and love their pets? I can tell you that Sansa losing Lady was an awful enough experience without her father somehow making the thing worse by offering the skin of her pet to Cercei. Sansa was 11. The only lesson she would have taken from seeing Cercei wearing Lady's hide is that her father, in addition to killing Lady, skinned her made her pelt a gift to the queen. I'm frankly baffled about what lesson you think Sansa would be meant to understand by that action. I think it would certainly be Ramsay level sick to subject your daughter to watching Cercei flounce around wearing her pet's skin.
  7. Frankly, Ned isn't a sick fuck. And letting Cercei wear your daughters dead pet's hide after killing it is a twisted thing to do. Like Ramsay Bolton level psychological torment. Ned loved his daughter, regardless of how childish and immature she was at the time. And you don't subject people you love to gruesome reminders of their beloved pet that you killed.
  8. Even the whacko religious nutjobs who are putting on the mummers farce of a "trial" for Margaery have said that there is little evidence for the little queen's alleged transgressions. She's certainly not guilty of what Cercei says she is.
  9. I don't think Dany will end up going mad like in the show. Or if she does, it'll be over her obsession with having the "taint," as Barristan said about Aerys. We already have a mad queen in Cercei, so we have an idea of what red flags to look for in a potential future Mad Dany. I don't think we have seen anything so far that indicates erratic behaviour.
  10. I'm genuinely curious about this. They are all reffered to as male, and there are only these three that we are absolutely certain exist in the Martinverse. Since dragons are back in the world, I have to ask; is this a permanent change? Will the boys find some way to reproduce? Or are dragons doomed to go extinct, once and for all?
  11. Yeah, "she failed" implies that everything was settled at the end of the last book, and that Dany already lost and admitted defeat. Nothing of the sort happened. It seems to me that GRRM is setting events up for Dany's allies in Meereen to defeat the enemy army in the Battle of Fire. Things are pretty far from over. And the overall situation in the slave trading world is that slaves are getting restless, like we saw in Volantis. There's a lot riding on the movement Dany started to win this battle, but a victory will be a huge blow to the slave powers and a major boost to the freedom movement. So it's very premature to say that Dany has failed.
  12. Even a chicken can make quick work of a flower, it must be said.
  13. House Tyrell. Seriously, a golden rose? Way to strike fear in the hearts of your enemies and bannermen alike, guys.
  14. He's definately getting more vengeful. It is important to note that when he mistook Rorge for the Hound because of the dog's helm, it was after the butchery of Saltpans which everyone attributed to the Hound. Anyways, Gendry was always a bit of a grouch. And the last few years of wandering through a warzone and then ending up with outlaws led by a revenge zombie would be enough to make anyone an unforgiving misanthrope.
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