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  1. Goodbye Joffrey, Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion. Y'all dead. It's a Civil War between Renly and Stannis, and the North most definately would back Stannis.
  2. Because if the potential doesn't lead anywhere, it's pointless. Adding pointless details is bad writing, and GRRM is not a bad writer. So he's likely going somewhere with Sansa's warging abilities.
  3. Jon and Sansa: They never interacted directly in the books, but each thinks about the other a few times. It'll be interesting to see how their reunion goes down. Jon and Gendry: How is Jon gonna size up his baby sister's boyfriend? Jon and fAegon: Now there's a bunch of uncomfortable conversations waiting to happen. Dany and fAegon: They'll either try to kill each other, or they'll get to know each other, Targaryen style. Dany and Arrianne: Sparks would fly if these two hot heads ever met. Arya and Davos: Something tells me they'd have a really cute father/daughter dynamic.
  4. We just don't know. The only representative of either camp is Barbery Dustin, and her exact agenda is still pretty murky. We know the Ryswells and Dustins currently support House Bolton, but Lady Dustin is crucial for the alliance to hold, and she hates Ramsay. So what's in it for House Ryswell and House Dustin? Who knows?
  5. That's it? No other comparisons? That's a pretty weak comparison.
  6. I think it's actually pretty likely things play out this way. Like you said, Lord Manderly is a savvy player. It is doubtful he would simply trust Stannis not to savage his men unless they were carrying some sort of proof they were on Stannis's side. It would have to be proof that Davos is alive. And we know he was allowed to write a letter to his wife, so why not one to Stannis?
  7. Lord Walder what? Is a slimy peice of traitorous shit? If so, then yes, yes he is. Best dads in my opinion would be in this ranking; 1: Lord Tarth, Brienne's dad who let his daughter be who she is instead of trying to force her to become someone she isn't. 2: Oberyn Martell, who taught his daughters to stick up for themselves and take shit from absolutely nobody. 3:Ned Stark, who raised his kids with kindness and imparted his values on them as best he could. 4: Mace Tyrell: Did his best to advance his children's interests, and so far none of them are dead. Yet. 5. Rheagar Targaryen: Was not especially present in his children's short lives as far as we know, but didn't mistreat them either. A nonentity as far as fatherhood. 6. Hoster Tully: A great dad for Catelyn, treated Edmure with benign neglect, and was aweful in treatment of Lysa. 2 out of three are marks against him. Bad dad. 7. Robert Baratheon: Physically abused Joffrey on one occaision, otherwise ignored his supposedly "legitimate" children, and largely left his bastard children to fend for themselves. Bad dad. 8. Walder Frey: Allows all his children to live in his house. But then insults them, uses them as pawns, treats their lives with callous indifference, and consigns most of them to aweful fates because of the Red Wedding. Like I said, peice of shit. 9. Tywin Lannister: Emotionally abusive towards Tyrion, including the horrific incident with Tysha. Failed to even notice two of his kids were having sex with each other. Bad, bad dad. 10. Randyl Fuckface Tarly: He chained his son to a wall just to teach a lesson. Among other truly sadistic things. Then treatened to murder said son. The guy can die in a fire. And will.
  8. Lol, says the guy who clearly skimmed the first couple Sansa chapters in AGoT and skipped the rest. It's pretty clear you have no clue what you're talking about.
  9. I agree. Robert strikes me as a man who would rather avoid difficult truths than face them. It is entirely in character for him to know deep down that his "truth" isn't true.
  10. You obviously haven't read her chapters if your takeaway is that she is one dimensional. And her dominant trait is perseverence, not selfishness. Sansa goes through more development in A Clash of Kings than any other character.
  11. They'd be slaughtered. Discipline always beats out wild savagery. The Wildlings got lucky the Wall was so badly understaffed. They broke the moment Stannis showed up.
  12. Rorge and Biter are one-dimensional. And Ser Clayton Suggs.
  13. Except he isn't. He's said he's a romantic, the opposite of a nihalist. I'm inclined to take him at his word.
  14. I think Ned's reputation was based more on what an honorable person he was. And bragging about how he was better than the mighty Arthur Dayne would not have been honorable. Heck, I don't see any indication Ned wanted to be hailed as the man who slew the Sword of the Morning. He seems traumatised by the experience, not empowered by it. Plus, nobody aside from Ned and Howland really knows what went down at the Tower of Joy. And with Ned not telling anybody what happened, it isn't likely people would start hailing him as the next best thing.
  15. That's why George putting his own spin on the ending is important. Beyond that, it's possible for people to have different interpretations of the same ending, or even the whole story. D and D were always nihalistic, even in season One, but George never was.
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